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11/15/01 -- Two bits of news.  First, UnCommonCon has been cancelled. Second, a new Starlog Magazine interview that includes Marjorie.  Thanks to Elizabeth for the article and accompanying photo. {This site also gets an actual mention with the URL in the Fanlog listing on page 18. ~grin~}

10/27/01 -- I managed to get a copy of The Osiris Chronicles movie, so now I have screen caps for it. Personally, I thought the movie was pretty good, but then, that's just me.

10/1/01 -- Several pics from Dragon*Con are available on the appearances page, courtesy of Marcus. Thanks!

9/20/01 -- Found a site with a convention report -- report (look for Gateway 3 entry) and pics (Marjorie is on pages 1, 2, 4, and 6)

9/16/01 -- A few new links, including a Yahoo!Club. Also, because I know firefighters hold a special place for Marjorie, I'm including a link to the NY Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund. This is *not* something Marjorie asked me to do, but I'm fairly sure she would approve.

9/14/01 -- Announcement -- With Marjorie's permission and blessing, this site is now The Official Marjorie Monaghan Website.  (Thanks to Robyn for altering the opening graphic.)

9/9/01 -- Marjorie sent me information about a few upcoming cons she'll be at:

9/1/01 -- Added image of the regular Women of Star Trek Voyager Freya card to Voyager gallery.

8/30/01 -- Added summaries for most of gallery pages; added high school filmography to bottom of bio page. Also added image of the Women of Star Trek Voyager Marjorie Monaghan as Freya autograph card to Voyager gallery.

8/27/01 -- eBay users will note that Marjorie's "Women of Star Trek Voyager" Freya autograph card is showing up quite a lot.  If you want one, now's the time to get one as the set was just released and the cards will probably show up more often now than later. Just search for Marjorie's name.

7/20/01 -- I added a scan of a trading card from Heroes and Demons on the Voyager Gallery page.  I used to collect the card sets until they became *way* too expensive and complicated; I'd forgotten I had one of the Voyager sets (season one, series two) until last night. ~grin~

7/19/01 -- A new address to use for fan mail for Marjorie is available on the FAQ page.

7/12/01 -- New promo shot up on the Babylon 5 gallery page.

7/9/01 -- Another new (and last minute) convention appearance -- Shore Leave 23 -- Baltimore, Maryland (Marriott's Hunt Valley Inn); July 13-15, 2001. Marjorie is not listed on the site, but she said she will be there. (See also 7/5 entry for an update to Comic-Con.)

7/5/01 -- New convention appearance -- Comic-Con 2001 -- San Diego, California; July 19-22, 2001. Marjorie listed under "Professionals" guest listing. Marjorie said she will be there Friday afternoon and Saturday. [The site lists her as being in AA 7 (presumably the autograph location) on the following dates and times: Friday, 2-5pm, Saturday, 11am-2pm, AA 7 Sunday, 1-4 (or 5) pm.  (Also Richard Hatch will be showing the Great War of Magellan trailer on Sunday at 11am in Room 6CDEF....)]

Also, more sites with pics from FedCon 9 and Utopia (see appearances page) as well as a few more assorted links.

7/4/01 -- I found a few other sites with pics from FedCon 9 (see appearances page) as well as a site that offers a signed Marjorie photo (see merchandise page).  A few assorted new links here and there. And a new thing to look for Marjorie in.

Several weeks ago, someone told me that their friend had been to a convention that Marjorie was at; Marjorie commented during her time on stage about doing a movie which was "the three musketeers in space." Very intriguing. Yesterday, someone wrote me to say they'd visited the set where Richard Hatch (of Battlestar Galactica) was filming a trailer for a movie he's hoping to do called The Great War of Magellan. Marjorie was there and apparently she is actually *in* the film, so now I'm wondering if this is what she could be referring to. I've seen tidbits around that Richard Hatch is showing this trailer at conventions. If anyone happens to see it, I'd love to hear what they've got to say about the movie, Marjorie, whatever...

7/3/01 -- New/old article on Rescue 77 courtesy of Lou Angeli.

6/21/01 -- Screen captures are available for Marjorie's role on the 1994 TV movie, Jack Reed: A Search for Justice.

5/11/01 -- And one more final Enterprise news item -- final because it looks like Marjorie has not been cast. :-(

5/10/01 -- Not *really* Marjorie-related, but....  News about Series V, now officially named Enterprise.

5/3/01 -- Links to a con report and pics (thanks to Marcus!) from the Chiller convention can be found on the appearances page under past conventions.

4/29/01 -- A new design for the site. Much thanks and a great many kudos to Robyn!

4/28/01 -- I decided to type out the 1997 5 Times Magazine interview (Babylon 5).

4/21/01 -- Screen captures for the rest of the episodes of Rescue 77 are now available.

4/18/01 -- Screen captures are available for the first episode of Rescue 77.

4/16/01 -- The move is complete. Please let me know if you find any errors. I've also added a guestbook.

4/15/01 -- Some more pics of Marjorie from FedCon (check appearances page under past conventions). Also, rumors about Marjorie and Star Trek series V. Thanks to Marcus for the pics and thanks to Chris and Amol for the news about the rumor.

4/12/01 -- A pic from Marjorie's appearance at FedCon in Germany -- listed on the appearances page as well.

3/20/01 -- Snappies up for Marjorie's 1996 guest shot on Deadly Games. Thanks to Paul for the copy of the episode.

3/6/01 -- Here are my two Gallifrey convention pics -- Marjorie by herself ~ Marjorie and me.

3/4/01 -- Two new pics -- one is another still shot from Marjorie's guest shot on The Sentinel; the other is a still shot from her guest shot on Voyager that she signed to me when I got to meet her at the Gallifrey con this last weekend. Four pics (three close-ups and one with the other Babylon 5 women) of Marjorie from the recent Gallifrey convention are available on the official Gallifrey gallery site (partway down under "SF Television Guests").

2/25/01 -- I went to Gallifrey and got to meet Marjorie! Here's my (brief) report.

2/19/01 -- Snappies up for Marjorie's 1997 guest shot on JAG.

2/7/01 -- Snappies up for Marjorie's 1991 guest shot on Murder, She Wrote.

1/10/01 -- And another convention appearance: Chiller Theatre -- East Rutherford, New Jersey (Sheraton Meadowlands; across from Giants Stadium); April 27-29, 2001. (Listed at  The Globe Conventions and Events Page.)

1/1/01 -- A few Marjorie quotes from Rescue 77 added to the Quotes page. I've also added a new Space Rangers signed photo on the Space Rangers Gallery Page and 3 promo stills from Marjorie's guest shot on The Sentinel.

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