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11/10/02 -- A few screen captures are available from Marjorie's 1993 guest shot on Cheers. (See note on page.)

11/6/02 -- Several pictures of Marjorie from the recent Galileo 7 convention in Germany, courtesy of Marcus, are available on appearances page.

10/22/02 -- Added link to review of Marjorie's episode of Pretender.

9/22/02 -- A few Marjorie screen captures available for the 1990 movie, Bonfire of the Vanities.

9/10/02 -- Two new images (both filched from ebay) -- one is a signed shot of Marjorie with Jerry Doyle from Babylon 5; the other is an agency headshot in the General Gallery (third row, second image).

9/9/02 -- Found a new Rescue 77 cast photo the other day...well, at least one I've never seen before...

9/8/02 -- New convention appearance: Galileo 7 -- November 1-3 2002, in Bielefeld, Germany. (English link at bottom of page after intro.) Thanks to Marcus for letting me know.

8/27/02 -- Added an image of the Holodeck Beowulf/Freya card (H1) from the Complete Star Trek Voyager set to the Voyager Gallery. Does anyone have the set and could tell me if she's on the #014 base set episode card? If so, I'd love a scan to add to the gallery.  Images of singles are harder to find...

8/26/02 -- More CCG and trading card images in the Babylon 5 Gallery. Thanks to Kim for providing them.

8/12/02 -- Added a quote from Becker.

7/31/02 -- Update to Marjorie's filmography.

7/30/02 -- A new convention appearance -- Creation Salutes: Star Trek, Xena, Sci-Fi TV & Film -- October 25-27, 2002 in Dearborn, Michigan at the Ford Performing Arts Center. (Marjorie is listed as appearing.)

Also added an ebay image of the Women in Motion subset "Number One" card to the B5 Gallery page.

7/12/02 -- Two new black and white images: General (2nd row, fifth shot) and Rescue 77 (black and white shot).  Both are the scans from the ebay auctions as I do not currently have access to a scanner. A bit of trivia about the R77 picture -- although it's not readable on the scan, the caption on the photo lists Marjorie's character's name as "Kathleen Harris" though her uniform clearly says "Ryan."

5/7/02 -- A new convention appearance -- Star Trek: Grand Slam on Tour -- July 12-14, 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

5/6/02 -- Link to site with a couple Marjorie pics from ComicCon 2001 and a revised link for the pic from ComicCon 2000; both can be found on the appearances page. {Thanks to Bryan for the pics and links.}

An update to Marjorie's filmography with two older guest shots I came across today.

5/5/02 -- I moved the site (again! sorry!) to my paid-for site, so no more pop-ups or screwy coding from the yahoo/geocities file manager.  New URL: http://www.kelesa.net/marjoriemonaghan/.

4/26/02 -- Added the Down Below Sound Archive to the links page for .wav files for Marjorie's "Number One" character on Babylon 5.

4/18/02 -- Another convention appearance -- Vulkon -- April 27-28, 2002 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Marjorie is listed as appearing.) And an update to the FAQ regarding obtaining autographed photos.

4/13/02 -- Marjorie's Babylon 5 character of Number One will be on another trading card in the new Complete Babylon 5 card set, due to premiere in May 2002, according to the SciFi Hobby site.  Card W15, one from the Women in Motion subset, is labeled "Number One from Objects in Motion." I'm assuming this is not an autograph card. And I don't know if Number One will be appearing on any other cards yet.

There is also a new Star Trek Voyager complete card set coming out in June 2002, but I can't tell from the checklist if Marjorie's character of Freya will be on any of the cards. It's possible that she could be on the "Heroes and Demons" episode card (#014) and/or the Holodeck subset card, H1: Beowulf.

4/2/02 -- Another new convention appearance for this weekend (sorry about the late notice!) -- Marjorie will be at the Creation Salutes Star Trek, Andromeda, Farscape, Enterprise, and Sci-Fi TV Convention on April 6-7, 2002 in San Francisco, California at the Nob Hill Masonic Center. (She is listed on the site as appearing.)

3/30/02 -- New convention appearance -- Marjorie will be at the Motor City Comic Con on May 17-19, 2002 in Novi (Detroit), Michigan at the Novi Expo Center. (She is listed on the site as appearing.)

3/3/02 -- Pictures are available for the The Thirteenth Floor of Gallifrey One convention here -- Marjorie has a few partway down the page.

3/1/02 -- New convention appearance -- Marjorie will be at the Official Star Trek Convention at Star Trek Experience on August 2-4, 2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Las Vegas Hilton. (She is listed on the site; I'm unsure of which days.)

2/28/02 -- Found some news at the Great War of Magellan InfoStream site about Marjorie's role.  There's a note dated Jan 29 that Marjorie's footage has been shot and "looks great." Cool.

2/25/02 -- Small update to the FAQ in regards to getting fan mail to Marjorie.  And a new quote for Marjorie's 1996 Deadly Games guest shot.

2/9/02 -- I finally was able to sit down and listen to those audio files at Radio SciFi.  And I transcribed them and put the proper links to the audio files in the text.

1/22/02 -- New mailing list dedicated to Marjorie -- The Fabulous MM: Marjorie Monaghan.

1/18/02 -- New convention appearance -- Marjorie will be at the 10th Annual Star Trek Grand Slam convention on March 22-24, 2002 in Pasadena, California, at the Pasadena Center. (She is listed on the site; I'm unsure of which days.)

Also, I found something while doing some random searching that leads me to believe that Marjorie has done a radio interview at sometime.  I haven't had the chance to listen to the files yet, but here's where I found them -- Radio SciFi.

1/17/02 -- Updates to merchandise page.

1/12/02 -- New convention appearance -- Marjorie will be at The Thirteenth Floor of Gallifrey One convention on February 15-18, 2002 in Los Angeles (Van Nuys), California, at the Airtel Plaza Hotel. (According to the Gallifrey mailing list, Marjorie will only be there on Saturday.)

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