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This page lists quotes by Marjorie in the various roles she's had...or at least in the roles that I have access to. Quotes will go up as I work through my various tapes.

Have a quote you think should be here? Send it to me (please indicate show, episode, character, etc.) and I'll add it with credit.

Rescue 77 | Becker | Babylon 5 | The Sentinel | Space Rangers | Deadly Games | Star Trek: Voyager

Rescue 77 ~ Kathleen Ryan -- firefighter/medic

From the pilot episode: the one-minute lesson in paramedics...
Doctor (after Bell returns from chasing a 57 paramedic): Can't you guys order a new one? *pauses* Uh, I'm new here.
Ryan: Let me give you a little one minute lesson in paramedics. See, in Vietnam, the U.S. experimented with a corps of medics more highly trained than before. It was Los Angeles that first put those medics in civilian firestations, creating paramedics.
Bell: The problem is, as medics, we've never been accepted by the institution.
Ryan: We're still guests at the station.
Bell: That's because chiefs don't come from medics, so they don't understand us.
Ryan: We've been part of the department for 30 years. We're now 70 percent of their calls, and we're still last in line for money and equipment.
Doctor: Given that speech before, haven't you?
Ryan: Is it getting any better?

From The Wedding...
Ryan: Everything we are and know and love and learn doesn't just disappear. It's like a river. It's got to go somewhere.

From Remember Me, Part 1...
Ryan's mother: You look tired. How about some tea? I brought some.
Ryan: Sure. (pauses) Oh, w-wait. It's real tea, right?
Ryan’s mother: Yes, darling.
Ryan: None of those weird alien herbs brewed in goats’ bladder you’re always trying to force on me. I hate that.
Ryan’s mother: (hands a teas cup with plate) Let it cool a moment.

{Rescue 77 quotes provided by Babs , website: Rescue 77 Quotes}

Becker ~ Imm-Oral Fixations ~ Amanda, former model/former roommate of Reggie

Talking to Jake (the blind guy) in the coffee shop...
Jake: I'm blind.
Amanda: And yet you're still staring at my breasts.
Jake: Sorry. Creature of habit.

{from TKTV's Becker site; link courtesy of Ben}

Babylon 5 ~ Number One/Tessa Holloran, Mars Resistance Leader

To Dr. Franklin after he sends a coded message back to Babylon 5...(Lines of Communication)
Number One: Well, that was good and cryptic.

To Phillipe who bombed a hotel without telling her...(Lines of Communication)
Number One: Mars is my territory and you don't pull this kind of crap without authorization.

To Phillipe who said there was no time to call...(Lines of Communication)
Number One: A call takes ten seconds. Do you know what I can do to you in ten seconds? In ten seconds, I could cripple you for life. In ten seconds, I could break open your skull and scoop out your brains for cat food.
Number One: I don't care what you do back home, but here, you answer to me. You don't do anything. You don't breathe. You don't move. And you don't blow things up unless you check with me first, clear?

As Number One is walking away...(Lines of Communication)
Phillipe: Tell me...Is this how you treat all your former lovers?
Number One: As a matter of fact, yes.

To Dr. Franklin after successful talk to rest of Mars Resistance in reference to his sudden knowledge of the bombings...(Lines of Communication)
Number One: I think we can trust you -- even if you are a liar.

On Lyta (a telepath) helping the Resistance...(The Face of the Enemy)
Franklin: I put my life in her hands.
Number One: Fine. That's your choice. But when it's my life, I'd like to have a thing or two to say about it if it's all the same to both of you.

To Franklin after altered telepaths brought in...(The Face of the Enemy)
Number One: Mister, you got a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

To Garibaldi after he tells "Bester did it" story...(Between the Darkness and the Light)
Number One: Yeah, and a dog ate your homework.

On whether or not to shoot Garibaldi before finding out the truth...(Between the Darkness and Light)
Franklin: What if it was one of your people? After all that's happened, wouldn't you want to give him the chance to prove himself?
Number One: (pulls a gun with barely a pause) No.

After scanning Garibaldi...(Between the Darkness and the Light)
Lyta: It's true. What he told us...it's all true.
Number One: Like that means a damn. How the hell do we know what you saw. Why the hell should I believe anything you have to--
Lyta turns and shows dark "Vorlon-enhanced" eyes and shows her the truth.

To Franklin as they make plans to rescue Sheridan with stretched-thin members...(Between the Darkness and the Light)
Number One: If you have a problem with that, you can go somewhere else, but that's my final offer.

As telepaths are being loaded as cargo and Earthforce officer unsure if she can do it...(Endgame)
Officer: I guess...
Number One: Don't guess.

The Sentinel ~ Poachers ~ Elaine Walters, Fish and Game Warden

As Jim Ellison puts Elaine under arrest, not knowing she's undercover...
Jim: You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent and the right to counsel. Anything you say may be used against you.
Elaine: Well, I've got something to say all right, you damned idiot cop! Who the hell's in charge here?

After revealing who she is in Captain Simon Banks' office...
Elaine: Detective, do you have any idea how long we spent setting up Polk and Marshall? Three months! And in ten seconds, you blew the whole deal.
Jim: Well, it would have been nice...
Elaine: Save it!

As they decide what to do after being told to work together...
Jim: I'll tell you what: You follow your instincts and I'll follow mine.
Elaine: Right. We'll maximize our potential and if any of us should find anything...
Jim: We'll inform the other.

After tasting Jim's spaghetti sauce...
Elaine: Mmm. This needs oregano.
Jim: It's got oregano in it.
Elaine: I like oregano. (hands him the oregano jar) See? Inter-agency cooperation. (walks off)
Jim: She likes oregano. (puts more oregano in sauce)

As they work undercover and talk to buyer for poached animals, Tommy Woo...
Woo: (to Jim) Should we make an arrangement, I'll be dealing just with you.
Jim: Well, that won't work. Because we're partners.
Elaine: We're more than partners, we're married. So either you deal with us both of us or not at all. Right, darling?
Jim: (after a second) That's right.

Interrupting as Jim and Woo exchange war-related quotes...
Elaine: I've got a favorite quote, too. It's Coco Chanel and it goes, "As long as you know that most men are like children, you know everything."

After being shown to a one-bed stateroom in Woo's ship...
Elaine: There's only one bed.
Jim: Well, help yourself.
Elaine: Don't quote the code of chivalry on me. I'll flip you for it. (flips a coin and catches it on her wrist) Heads or tails?
Jim: Heads.
Elaine: (looks at coin, then at Jim) Two out of three?
Jim: (laughs) Let's go. Come on.
Elaine: All right.

Still in stateroom, Jim on bed, Elaine on floor...
Jim: Are you comfortable down there?
Elaine: Oh, yeah. I'm in one of my favorite positions. I just can't move to any other positions.
Jim: You want to switch? I don't mind.
Elaine: Forget it. You won the toss.
Jim: God, you are stubborn.

After case is wrapped up and everyone is back at police station...
Elaine: If, um, if you could get some time off, I know a place where the salmon runs so heavy, they'll almost knock you over.
Jim: Where would that be?
Elaine: Well, that's privileged information.
Jim: Oh, I see.
Elaine: You'll have to have a warden to...guide you.
Jim: Oh. Well, actually, the department owes me this Friday through Monday off.
Elaine: Okay. I'll, um...I'll pick you up at dawn.
Jim: But the only thing is...I don't have a tent.
Elaine: I'll bring mine.
Jim: Well, I hope it's bigger than Tommy's stateroom.
Elaine: It sleeps two.
Jim: Okay. I'll see you then.
Elaine leaves.

Space Rangers ~ Jojo Thorson, pilot

While playing a game of chance with a man who thinks he is going to win.... (pilot episode)
Man: I'm gonna own your butt in about ten seconds.
Jojo: Pucker up, buddy. (throws off hooded cloak) As far as butts go, you're about to kiss yours goodbye.

To Captain Boon when he wants to pull her from her just-began leave... (pilot episode)
Boon: Jojo...
Jojo: No way, Boon. I wouldn't suit up for anything less than 50,000 hazard pay.

In regards to Kincaid (inexperienced gunner) after space battle... (pilot episode)
Jojo: If there's anything I can't stand, it's a guy who can't hold his ammunition.

To Kincaid when he wants to follow Boon's order to leave... (Banshies)
Jojo: No woman from New Venus has ever run from a banshie. I am not gonna be the first.

After medic attends her... (The Replacements)
Jojo: I am not made of crystal. (starts to walk away, Kincaid follows)
Kincaid: What's the trick? How do you stop the pain?
Jojo: The trick isn't stopping the pain, kid. The trick is not minding it.

As she settles their ship into orbit around prison planet... (To Be or Not To Be)
Jojo: Welcome to Katraz. No wonder they made this place a prison planet. On a clear day, you can see for nothing.

After punching out Kincaid's new fiancee (actually a con woman)... (Death Before Dishonor)
Kincaid: Thorson, you just decked my fiancee!
Jojo: Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Deadly Games ~ Dr. Kramer ~ Sharon, the Hygienist

Sharon: Your gums are receding.
Lauren: My gums are perfect.

{quote provided by Ben}

Star Trek: Voyager ~ Heroes and Demons ~ Freya, Norse warrior maiden

Freya: It brings on the spirit of the bear and gives us strength to swing our swords.
Doctor: It's more likely to bring on profuse sweating, convulsions and acute delirium. This is a fungus common to sub-arctic climates and, let me assure you, quite poisonous.
Freya: Yes, but those it does not kill it makes strong. A most hearty plant.

{from Jammer's Review}

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