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TS Mary Sue Litmus Test

Modified from the Mary Sue Litmus Test on the Angel Fanfiction Resources Page


Keep in mind that not every original character is a Mary Sue. For each of the below traits that apply to your original character, award one point. The score will tell you whether or not your character crosses the line.


Sentinel and/or Guide (add 2 points if either is part of a "bonded" pair; add 1 point if Guide is also a Shaman)

Is a future descendent (i.e., time travel) of Jim or Blair or Simon (Daryl doesn't count)

Rules that apply to others are bent or broken for her (more so than for Jim or Blair)

Is often maverick or unconventional (more so than Jim or Blair)

Is able to accomplish something single-handedly that all of Major Crimes has not been able to accomplish together, or has only been able to accomplish at great cost (i.e., take down really nasty villain, rescue Jim or Blair or a passal of victims in peril, save Cascade from impending doom)

Excels at everything she turns her hand to or conversely, fails at everything she turns her hand to, but is forgiven

Is connected to a series regular, either through familial or psuedo-familial ties (i.e, long-lost sibling or cousin, unknown child, adopted child or sibling) or through a romantic relationship

Steps in to give one or more of the characters a piece of her (aka, the author's) mind on certain topics (S2, TSbyBS)

Is inserted into a canon episode that readers know she wasn't in

Receives more "screen time" than the series regulars

Is assigned by Simon to Jim and Blair as another observer

Is allowed to stay at the loft for an extended period of time

Is unusually physically attractive

Unusual eye color (violet, amber, pale grey, etc.)

Her hair is mentioned repeatedly (down to her waist, fell in blue-black waves, luscious dark blonde curls, etc.)

Unusual name (including spelling variations of common names involving y or e, nicknames, fantasy names, etc.) or is named after a nickname you use (or similiar to your own name) or after a close friend or relative

Is immediately accepted into Major Crimes inner circle without question (add 2 points if she is told about Jim's sentinel abilities)

Is a better Sentinel than Jim (more control, range is further, etc.) or a better Guide than Blair (knows more guide techniques, etc.)

Has uncanny or supernatural abilities and skills (i.e., telepathic, telekinetic, psychic)

Is unusually accomplished for her age (i.e., younger than Blair with superior IQ; made army captain or detective very early on)

Is miraculously spared by every bad guy she meets rather than be killed on the spot

Has a particularly traumatic past

Is universally liked and/or respected

Has an excellent singing voice

Shares a hobby or passion with one of the main characters

Dies a heroic death and is mourned by all


How to read your character's score:
0-5 Pass
6-10 Needs work
11-15 Needs major work
16+ Beyond help


Written by Becky, 3/01