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Guide to pictures available from Ohlinger's
Last updated November 18, 2000

I have no affiliation with Ohlinger's. In other words, don't ask to order from me! See store info below.. This is a simply an expanded list to help the OWW picture seeker add to their photo collection. It includes the text from the OWW photo list, with comments by me as I identify the picture for the OWW viewers and link to the picture I *think* it is. Email me if anything needs to be corrected.

Store info:
Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Materials Store, Inc.
242 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011
(212) 989-0869


Page maintainer's notes: I am presuming that all photos listed are color. Actual text (though with names spelled correctly) in list will come first, followed by my notes or corrections.

One West Waikiki (some of these appear to be black and white...)

TV-43361 FPMS -- Richard Burgi in tank top and colorful shorts by Cheryl Ladd in dress; arms folded both looking at you by window behind them -- picture (same as TV-46651?)

TV-43363 FPCU -- Richard Burgi in shirt with suspenders biting end of pen (sic -- actually red licorice) by Cheryl Ladd, she with arms folded looking at you with palm leaves and sunset in bg -- picture

TV-43981 FPCU -- Richard Burgi in lab in jacket looking intensely, pointing at tweezers that Cheryl Ladd is holding -- picture

TV-43982 FPCU -- Richard Burgi in suit jacket leaning against wall with Cheryl Ladd; she is holding briefcase; both looking off -- picture or picture

TV-43984 FPCU -- Richard Burgi in shirt with suspenders, arms folded, glancing at Cheryl Ladd as she looks at you with palm tree in bg -- picture

TV-46651 FPCU -- Richard Burgi in blue surfing shirt and colorful shorts by Cheryl Ladd in blue dress with arms folded by window both looking at you -- picture (same as TV-43361?)

TV-46653 FPCU -- Richard Burgi in tan shirt standing with Cheryl Ladd both smiling at you -- picture

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