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Last updated July 17, 2000

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Holli sleeping Holli testifying in court Holli at her desk Holli sleeping Holli distraught Mack eating Mack still eating Mack *still* eating Holli with a plan Mack and Holli Mack and Holli meeting bookie Mack examing Holli's hand Mack and Holli betting Mack chastising Holli on her bet Mack and Holli watching horse race Mack and Holli watching race Mack on phone to Mr. Bob Mack and Holli Holli telling...interesting tales Mack's eyes bugging out Mack and Holli looking at the dead Mr. Bob Mack and Holli watching another race Mack and Holli Holli sleeping Holli with bookie guy Holli playing up to bookie guy Mack holding gun on bookie guy (after Holli's gone) Mack, Holli, and Nui with dead bookie guy Holli with gun Mack with hands up Mack and Holli hug Holli crouching over Mack whose been shot Mack on ground Holli looking concerned Captain Herzog with not-so-good news Holli and Nui listening Holli in Mack's hospital room Mack in bed Holli holding his hand to her face Mack gesturing her closer to give her his last request Holli sad Mack asking again Captain Herzog, Nui, a priest, and a nurse all shocked Mack and Holli in courtroom -- dream? Mack and Holli hugging Mack and Holli hugging; Holli sticking out tongue at someone Mack and Holli looking at each other... ...and kissing Holli wakes up! it was all a dream...~sigh~

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