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Last updated December 6, 2002

All promotional images belong to Rysher Entertainment.
No copyright infringement is intended.
These pictures are shown here only for the enjoyment of the fans.

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cover of press kit Mack by car Holli by herself Mack in swim trunks at the beach

Holli and Mack Holli and Mack (with raindrops) Holli and Mack with licorice Holli (with briefcase) and Mack

Mack and Holli being casual Holli and Mack being semi-casual Holli looking at beaker bordered version of semi-casual pic

 Mack by himself (black and white)   Holli and Mack (black and white) Holli and Mack looking at tweezers (black and white) Holli and Mack with suspenders (black and white) 

Mack by himself (black and white) Kayla Blake (aka Elsie Sniffen) Kayla Blake (aka Elsie Sniffen) Cheryl Ladd -- signed OWW photo

press kit mockup (black and white)

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black and white press kit picture in fifth row courtesy of Maedoc

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