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Last updated July 17, 2000

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Mack and Holli watching dancers Mack talking with Victoria Mack talking with Victoria Mack getting injected Mack finding Victoria dead Mack running to Holli Holli listening Holli taking a sample of Mack's blood Holli watching Mack leave Mack leaving Holli talking to police someone taking pictures of Mack note Mack with taxi driver Holli examining sample Holli not liking what she finds Mack with another note and case of money Mack returning on ferry Mack and Holli Holli has bad news Mack suspected Mack staring out window Holli talks and watches Mack and Holli Mack and Holli Mack and Holli Holli talking to doctor Holli talking to Mack at racetrack Mack trying to listen Mack and Holli with another note Mack and Holli hearing gunshot Mack and Holli in refrigerated plant Mack and Holli Mack and Holli Mack looking at incriminating pictures with bad guy Picture of Mack and Holli at racetrack Holli with taxi driver Mack mostly unconscious Mack unconscious again Holli comes in with big needle to save him Mack smiling Holli glad he's okay Holli stroking Mack's head Mack dancing Mack dancing Mack dancing Holli laughing Mack dancing Mack finished with his dance Holli smiling

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