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Not Alone
by Becky
November 1997

The cloaked and hooded figure watched from the shadows of the trees in the clearing as the swordswoman danced intricate and elaborate steps, using the massive broadsword to carve swaths of air as she swirled in a rhythm known only to her. The steps became faster, but the pattern remained smooth and even and constant even as the colors began to blur with movement and the sounds of steel slicing the air overcame all others.

Then, with an abrupt move, she stopped and all was still, frozen in time for a brief moment.

Slowly the woman relaxed, breathing heavily. Not even raising her eyes from her sword as she swung it again a few more times, she spoke. "You can come out. I know you're there."

The figure stepped forward into the dim light offered by the half moon above them in the darkened night sky. A hand lifted and lowered the hood, revealing the figure to be a woman, older than the swordswoman. She pulled her cloak around her body a little more tightly as she walked toward the younger woman. Hesitantly she cleared her throat. "The sword seems to fit you, as if it was made for you personally."

The younger woman nodded, eyeing the sword as she held it up to look at the blade again, the pale moonlight glinting down its length. "Yes, I know. I have ... felt that." She lowered the sword and asked, "Is there something I can do for you, Meg?"

Meg shook her head once, then paused and shrugged. "I don't ... I don't know. I guess I just wanted to see you, to talk to you. It's like I don't know you anymore. I don't know who you are."

"I am Kellessan. That's all you need to know, all that is important." She sheathed the sword and turned away.

Meg took a step forward, pleading in a soft but firm voice. "Who is Kellessan? And what happened to Kasi? What happened to my daughter?" She dropped her voice even lower. "What happened to Linet?"

Kell stiffened and stalked several feet away before whirling back around. Meg involuntarily stepped back from the deep coldness in Kell's eyes. Even the years of moving from place to place, running from Seth's soldiers and black mages had not prepared her for those blue eyes as they locked onto her eyes.

"Linet is dead and Kasi never was. I am Kellessan, daughter of no one." Her voice was steady, almost flat, but laced with an emotion Meg could not quite identify. Desperation? Anger? Despair? A plea to understand? Another moment passed and Kell shifted, looking away. "That is all I will ever be. I must stand alone in this."

Meg gathered her courage and strode across the vast gap separating her and Kell. She stood in front of the tall and distant swordswoman, once and long ago her playful, laughing, blue-eyed child who'd been lost along the way. Kell's eyes stared somewhere over Meg's shoulder, but Meg knew from the tension in her body that Kell felt her presence before her.

Slowly Meg lifted a hand and laid it against Kell's cheek. Kell flinched, but didn't step back. With gentle motions, Meg directed Kell's face down so she could look into those cold eyes.

"You do what you must, Kellessan, daughter of no one, to regain the country of Rillanda for its people." She lowered her voice to a whisper. "But know this, the day you destroy the evil abiding in this land is the day you will have to reclaim who you were and who you still are." She placed her other hand on Kell's other cheek, effectively cupping Kell's face. "And remember, Kellessan, daughter of no one, protector, swordswoman, champion, no matter what you think or feel, you are not alone."

And for a moment, Kell's blue eyes softened with memory and love, and she leaned into the hands that cradled her face so warmly. "I know."

- The End -

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