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Beyond Life, Death, Fate & Destiny
by Becky
June 1997

... a blast of light and sound threw him stumbling back across the body of his brother and friend; darkness and silence descended in a rush and everything, life, colors, sounds, smells, memories, everything ... vanished in the space of a heartbeat ...

... and for a moment, he waited in stillness and quiet, balanced between two worlds ...

... then a voice said gently, "Enter into the Light, Danilon, son of Dariella, and welcome."

Dani blinked a few times and looked around. Near him were Randal and Tayna, holding hands, also looking around in amazement. Trees, flowers, green fields, blue skies, gentle breeze, birds singing. Peace. He felt young and strong again, like he did so many years ago. He blinked again as recognition finally hit him, then smiled.

"The Beyond. Oh."

There were others around them, smiling, greeting them. But he didn't see Andrel, who went before all of them. But then he heard laughter, a familiar tinkling female laughter. His heart recognized it before his mind did.

Gwyna! Sister!

He turned and there she was, standing with Andrel, holding tightly to one of his hands, even as Andrel's free hand, trembling, just touched her face. Dani smiled, deciding to wait for another time to greet Gwyna. Andrel and she deserved some time alone first.

A hand descended onto his shoulder and he turned back to see ... Arven. He laughed out in joy and the two men hugged tightly.

Dani pulled back to look at him. "Arven. It has been so very long. I missed you in our lives, we all did."

Arven smiled a little sadly. "I know. But it had to be. I understand that more now than I ever did then. I will explain more later. Mother is waiting to see you, but first there is someone else here who you need to see." He stepped aside and Dani followed his brother's gaze to rest upon a female figure approaching them.

Dani inhaled sharply. She was just what he remembered. Blonde hair, green eyes, beautiful shy smile, a vision. He breathed out in a rush, his voice choking. "Eliana." He strode toward her and stopped just inches from her. He reached out one hand to stroke his fingertips over her hair.

Clasping his hand in hers, she whispered, "Dani. I love you. I have always loved you."

Dani opened his mouth to speak, but couldn't for a few moments. Finally he said in return, "And I have always loved you. Oh, Elli."

Their embrace was long and hard, filled with laughter and tears, joy and sadness, renewal and regret, but speaking only of love.


Several minutes later, another joined them from the world they had left behind. Someone much too young to even be there, but was nonetheless. His eyes, looking behind him in memory, spoke of pain, knowledge, and sorrow. Recognizing the boy as the finisher of his work, Arven walked over to his side and rested a hand on his shoulder, smiling softly. "Welcome. My name is Arven."

The young boy turned and looked up at the older man. In Arven's eyes, he could see similar feelings, that of love for a sister he had died to protect and give freedom to. He took a breath and forced a small smile on his face.

"Terel. My name is Terel."

- The End -

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