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Comments about Jydan and Blaen
(See also special disclaimer.)
as written on May 6, 1998

A few comments recently have made me realize that I need to clear up some things about two of my characters in these stories. This wasn't something I had ever wanted to do, but I don't want there to be any misunderstanding about Jydan and Blaen, their relationship, and who they are. If you have no problems with the way I've written them, then never mind, you probably don't need to read this unless you're interested. For all the others, read on....

(1) Jydan and Blaen are NOT homosexual. Granted, I have been told repeatedly that the stories and the characters can be interpreted as such, but that is not, has never been, and will never be my intention. This is not because I am homophobic or anything like that, it is simply the way I choose to write them.

(2) As I am a female, I do not claim to know how guys think or act in any situation. Therefore, I do realize that my interpretation of Jydan and Blaen is probably way off.

(3) Because Jydan and Blaen are based on Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg of The Sentinel (to whom I owe my inspiration for these characters and Natanael's), because I read nearly all the fan fiction available, because I write fan fiction as well, and because I like hurt/comfort stories and smarm, my writing of Jydan and Blaen is heavily influenced by these factors.

Those things said, let us continue.

(1) Jydan and Blaen are true brothers in every sense of the word, nothing more, nothing less.

(2) Jydan is 11 years older than Blaen and first meets him when Blaen is only 19, only a few years after Blaen has lost his entire family in a tragic incident. In Silver Cords, as Blaen is finally coming to terms with both that and the traumatic things that have happened to him in that story, he is in need of comforting. Jydan provides this -- as a friend, then as a brother.

(3) Jydan has a strong sense of loyalty and commitment. He cares deeply for Blaen, sees him as the family he never really got the chance to have. Blaen sees Jydan as someone that filled the need in his life for a family as his was taken from him. Granted, Jydan is also somewhat of a role model for Blaen, at least when he is younger and still vulnerable. Jydan is happy to provide that.

(4) As these two men got to know each other, a bond developed between them, a bond that they solidify by becoming tayaerra -- soul brothers, as Jydan defines the word sometime later. Their friendship and the instinctual bond between them has made them closer than friends, closer than family, closer than brothers, as close as any two people can get without being sexually involved with each other.

(5) In a sense, they are soulmates. Platonic, yes, but soulmates, nonetheless. They definitely do love each other (as brothers), though I will probably never say such in the stories themselves.

(6) And, yes, they each will eventually find a woman to love and to marry. Eventually. After all, love and romance is part of the basis of my stories. :-)

In the end, I do realize that only the reader can determine what he or she thinks about my characters and who they are. But I started this story out for a friend and it developed from there. I try to keep things fairly tame and family-oriented. There are things I think about doing, that I sometimes want to do, but don't because of this. But making Jydan and Blaen homosexual was never one of those things.

In any case, I just wanted to make myself clear about this. Sorry if I bothered anyone by this or by the stories themselves. And now back to your regularly scheduled reading....

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