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Destiny Awaits
by Becky
March 1997

... and woke with a start, gasping for breath, clutching at her chest as she jerked up to a sitting position. Her wide eyes darted around her, and she slowly realized that she was still in the field where she had fallen asleep in the late morning sun. All she could see were lush green trees, tall grass, multi-colored flowers, the occasional bird flying overhead. Nothing wrong, nothing to be worried about, nothing that could hurt her. She pulled her legs in, knees bent, wrapping her arms around them, hugging them to her body tightly. She shuddered once, breathing deeply as her heart stopped its pounding against her chest wall.

The same dream, always the same dream. It's never changed. Always the same.

Until this time.

Oh, he still died, putting her life before his in a split second decision and action. He still was gone, forever. After she saw him die, again, she usually woke up and then stayed that way for some time, remaining quiet, not wanting to disturb anyone near her.

However, this time the dream had continued into something different, something new, something oddly disturbing. The last scene had faded into blackness and then reformed. She had watched as if high above a plain of darkness and destruction. She had seen fire and smoke rising from former homes and shops. She had heard the terrified screams of people as they ran from the oncoming masses of enemy soldiers intent on killing any who would oppose them. She had seen swords swinging down, taking lives indiscriminately as the native army troops fought vainly to hold back the enemy and protect the innocents around them.

She could feel only numbness and shock from the horror of what she had seen. She had finally averted her eyes and then had seen the palace beyond her. Suddenly she was there, next to a high parapet, floating. A man had stepped out of a side door and stood at the edge, overlooking the carnage below. He hadn't seemed to notice her as a small smile had played on his face.

This is the battle, the invasion, the one that changed my life, that changed everything.

And he is the one responsible. He must be stopped. This cannot go on.

The scene had suddenly vanished, and a bright light had flared into existence, whiting out all else and temporarily blinding her. A low-pitched, booming voice had spoken, echoing all around her. "You are the one for whom destiny awaits. Take up the sword and learn. For the time approaches for all to be set right." The brightness had flared hotter for a moment, then coalesced into a long, glowing, pulsing swordlike shape in front of her. Knowing somehow that it was meant for her, she had stepped forward and reached for it. Her breathing and heartbeat had picked up in anticipation, in the feeling of rightness that the new addition to her dream had given her. Her fingers had only just touched the edges of the light, searching for something solid to grab onto, when . . . .

. . . . when she had awakened to find herself still in the forest, heart pounding with adrenaline.

She stared out over the green field, absently following the movements of a butterfly as it flitted along the tops of the grasses. What did it all mean? Destiny? A sword? Sighing, she rested her forehead on the top of her knees. I'm not a scholar. I don't understand. But I can try. I must.

A masculine voice reached her ears from somewhere behind her. "Kasi? Where are you?"

She lifted her head and called back. "Up here, Father."

Her father, Patric, appeared over the small hill a few moments later. He jogged over to her and smiled gently down at her. "Your mother said you were up here. Lunch is ready if you're hungry."

She smiled up at him, a rare thing she knew. It had been four years since Terel was killed, but the happy child she had been then had died with him. She stood, brushing off leaves and grass from her pants. "I'm starved."

As they began to walk back to their small home at the edge of the village of Getha, Kasi said softly, but determinedly, "Father, I need to learn to use a sword."

- The End -

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