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Special Disclaimer regarding the characters of Jydan, Blaen, and Natanael
(See also note about Jydan and Blaen specifically -- Brothers.)
as written September 14, 1998

Due to some recent happenings on a discussion list I belong to, I have felt it necessary to add this disclaimer to my stories, specifically to any of those that include Jydan, Blaen, and/or Natanael.

I began writing The Prophecy long before the UPN show, The Sentinel, was seen on television. However, as I watched the show and fell in love with the characters, I wanted to include them in some way in my own original writing. I didn't want to plagarize the ideas that Bilson and DeMeo had developed, so I deliberately decided not to include the sentinel senses aspect of the characters. Instead, I drew on Jim and Blair (and Simon in a few places) as inspiration for Jydan, Blaen, and Natanael.

Therefore, while Jydan, Blaen, and Natanael are my original characters, I do owe inspiration for their beginnings to Pet Fly, UPN, and Paramount and the wonderfully talented actors that portray Jim, Blair, and Simon on The Sentinel. I do NOT lay any claim on their characters and what I write, either in my The Sentinel fan fiction or in my original characters drawn partly from them, is simply an homage to them and an indication of how much they have infiltrated my life and become part of my own world. And for that, I am grateful. My writing in two different worlds has greatly improved because of their inspiration.

And now back to your reguarly scheduled reading....