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Old Myths and Truths
by Becky
July 1997

With ink-stained fingers, the young man smoothed the corner of the old crackling paper again, eyes staring at the words, but not really seeing them. Instead he was deep in thought, considering the meaning of what he'd read, trying to decipher its impact. In his search of the library for references to swords, he'd found an old Bornathian myth, a tale he'd read once when he was a young boy and never again. He'd never given it much thought then, never believed what the story claimed as truth. It was only a story ... right?

But now he'd come across it again and this time the words seem to leap out of the yellowed parchment at him. What do I believe? Is this important to what I'm looking for? Is it relevant? It doesn't seem to be, but ... He sighed and rubbed one hand across his forehead. Maybe it's because of that dream last night -- that glowing sword. The image of the dream sword flashed into his mind -- long heavy blade, thick hilt and pommel, two blood-red rubies set in the crosspieces sparking in contrast to the yellow glow surrounding the sword and the girl. His eyes shifted down to the words, automatically going to the matching description in the story. What if ...?

He sat forward and laid the paper flat on the surface of the table top, pulling his covered candle closer to read anew the words of the old myth from ancient Bornathian times ... before Helv and Seyna ... two hundred years before the years of war that overthrew kings every two generations ... back to the time when the long Land Wars finally ended and Elhanan became the first king of what would eventually be named Bornathia ....


And so it came to pass at the end of the Land Wars, that Elhanan, chief of Clan Bornat, strongest of all clans, rose to power as king of all clans. By his hand the warring and divided clans became united in strength and formed One Clan.

To complete the unification, Elhanan married Daelyn, chief of the Clan Thia, second strongest of all clans. Together they would rule One Clan, passing down the mantle of authority to their children and to their children and to their children for two hundred years before the Wars of Power began and Bornathia faltered.

A symbol was considered necessary to show the solidity of the new union. Breawn, a young seeress to Elhanan, and Iain, weaponsmaster to Daelyn, together created a broadsword that would be that symbol. Two months after the marriage, Breawn and Iain presented the sword to King Elhanan and Queen Daelyn. Long, heavy, made of only the best material, blessed by religious personages of both major clans, it seemed to glow with its own inner light. Two blood-red rubies were set into the crosspieces, representing the blood shed during the past wars and the hope that blood would never be shed again in such a manner.

Breawn, in the act of releasing the sword to Elhanan's hands, prophesied about the sword and the far future. "And it shall come to pass that this sword shall destroy kings and save nations, save kings and destroy nations. Destruction and rebirth shall precede and follow it. It is the beginning and the end of the circle of time. It shall protect and be protected for the one who will protect -- for she who is to come."


The young man pursed his lips in thought. He recognized the sword mentioned in this myth vaguely. It was in many of the very old portraits of early kings and queens of Bornath, usually being held by the king or on the wall behind the thrones. And he had seen mentions of it here and there in the old scrolls. It had been lost sometime during the Wars of Power five hundred-some years ago. The last king to have it was King Lorren before he was overthrown by Eseth, one of the more powerful warlords of the time.

The question is does this sword relate to the 'sword' I'm looking for now. At first glance, I would say no. So why am I hesitant about ignoring this?

He stared at the paper for a few moments longer, then on a whim tucked it into the back of his journal for safekeeping and went back to his searching for the encircled sword and other references to Sulien's prophecy.


Many years later, a young boy named Terel read this journal, the one kept by Arven of Bornath, and found the old myth. Neither did he understand just what the prophecy part of the story was trying to say, but realized it must be important. Years after his death, a female mercenary named Kellessan read Terel's journal and the old myth which he had copied into its pages.

And she understood.

- The End -

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