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Visual Inspiration: Artwork
Last updated May 24, 2011

While pondering stories and ideas and looking for inspiration to write, I decided to do some web-surfing and look for artwork (mostly relating to Kellessan, of course) that could be "Prophecy" type artwork, though obviously nothing I'd commissioned. These are a few links to pieces that I've found visually inspiring.

It seems nearly all female warriors I come across are overly endowed and wearing very little in the way of clothes, neither which impresses me (but since I'm female, maybe that's understandable...of course, I actually like my men dressed and not overly muscled, so...). In any case, there's not a whole lot here since there's not a whole lot out there that I like.

And just to be sure this is noted, these are *NOT* Prophecy artworks, just works that I've found...intriguing. (I *so* wish I could draw....)



From Elfwood