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Quotes and Taglines: Season 1
Last updated July 26, 2002

Switchman || Siege || The Killers || The Debt || Cypher
Night Train || Rogue || Love and Guns || Attraction || Vow of Silence


To Jim...
Simon: This is all about you being scared.

Blair: I am not cutting my hair.



Blair: This isn't, like, a typical day for you, is it?
Jim just laughs.
Blair: Well, is it?


The Debt

While sitting on the couch watching TV at Blair's place...
Jim: How about a can of beer or something?
Blair: Oh, yeah, sure, they're in the fridge.
Jim: I'll take one.
Blair: That's great. They're in the fridge.



Blair: An earring would be nice, something tasteful, maybe a small silver badge.


Night Train

Blair: Don't you think we should have a secret password or something?
Jim: Why don't you say 'who is it?' and I'll say 'Ellison'. And then you open the door.



To Jim who picks up a chile off the loft floor to taste it...
Blair: Oh, Jim, c'mon, you don't know where that's been!

Jim: Slipping is one thing, but this was like a 100-story drop.


Love and Guns

Jim: Maybe we should get you home.
Blair: Now I know what it feels like to be you! I mean not the enhanced senses part, but that reptilian brain, that primal man survival of the fittest! Yahhaa!!! (while pretending to shoot a very large gun)
Jim: I'll drive, Conan, gimme the keys.



Blair: Trust me.
Jim: You know, coming from you, those are the two scariest words in the English language.


Vow of Silence

Praying at the dinner table at the monastery...
Jim: Thank you, Lord...uh...for all you do...for the great chili...Amen.

Jim: I was gonna get Brother Theodore to bless my dice .... or maybe my pool cue.