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Quotes and Taglines: Season 2
Last updated July 26, 2002

Flight || Out of the Past || Deep Water || Reunion || Payback || True Crime || Iceman || The Rig
Spare Parts || Second Chance || Black or White || Blind Man's Bluff || Hear No Evil || Light My Fire || Secret
Dead Drop || Red Dust || Smart Alec || Private Eyes || Vanishing Act || Pennies From Heaven || Survival
His Brother's Keeper || Sleeping Beauty


As they prepare to go to Peru...
Jim: Do what I tell you when I tell you, no questions asked.
Blair: So what else is new.

To Jim...
Blair: Tell me what's going on. I'm your partner.

To Jim...
Blair: This Sentinel thing, you know, it's more than just a research project. It's about friendship. I just didn't get it before.

Blair: Welcome home, partner.


Out of the Past

To Pam...
Jim: Usually if Sandburg says something ... it's true.

Jim: It still hurts.
Blair: Come on, man, you've got the attention span of a gerbil. Close your eyes, relax. Now journey to that part of the brain where your senses converge.
Jim: What is this, Fantastic Voyage?



To Simon...
Jim: The way Sandburg navigates, we'd be lost and mauled by a sasquatch or two.

Tag...referring to Simon's broken cigar...
Blair: It's broke.
Jim: That's attractive.



To Blair, giving him reasons why he can't drive the truck..
Jim: $1000 dollar deductible on my insurance, you left the bathroom a mess this morning, and the Mariners lost to Texas...


True Crime

Tag...after Jim makes a date with Wendy...
Blair: Just be careful.
Jim: Of what?
Blair: You know, date at eight, news at eleven.


The Rig

To Blair who is trying to talk her out of handcuffng him...
Maggie: You're cute, honey, but not that cute.

To Blair...
Jim: Now I'm ready for the really big challenge .... housebreaking you.

Jim: And I'm also thinking about getting some of those plastic covers for the furniture.
Blair: What?!
Jim: Well, maybe not, but .....


Spare Parts

Jim: Next time we'll have some esophagus.


Black or White

Jim: Obfuscation.


Hear No Evil

Trying to teach Jim to meditate and relax in doctor's office...
Blair: I am ... relaxed.

Trying to explain Jim's sight...
Blair: He eats lots of carrots. Simon after losing $1 bet...
Blair: I need that for books, you know.



Simon: Revise this! It's Captain Banks to you!
Blair: Yes, sir, Captain.


Dead Drop

Jim: Hey, Simon, is it just me or is Cascade the most dangerous city in America?

Jim: I'd have that thing reappraised, but this time...
Blair: Take the stairs.


Smart Alec

Jim: Why don't we grab some lunch?
Alec: Hey, great idea, I'll drive.
Jim: Over my dead body.
Blair: The way he drives, it will be.


Vanishing Act Simon...
Jim: Sandburg inhabits a rather strange and confusing world .... Do you want to go there?



In the woods...
Blair: Cold and wet is my world. he's being hauled away by helicopter lifeflight...
Blair: Jim! Get me down....!


His Brother's Keeper

Arguing about whether Blair knew about the award...
Jim: You knew.
Blair: But I didn't lie.
Jim: But you knew.
Blair: But I didn't lie. Steven referring to the rest of the MC group singing...
Jim: All of my friends aren't like this you know.