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Quotes and Taglines: Season 4
Last updated July 26, 2002

Sentinel Too, Part 2 || Murder 101 || Four Point Shot || Dead End on Blank Street
The Waiting Room || The Real Deal || Most Wanted || The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg

Sentinel Too, Part 2

To a (mostly dead) Blair...
Jim: Don't you go!

After doing the panther-wolf melding thing...
Jim: I hear a heartbeat!

In the hospital to Blair...
Jim: Chief, I don't think I've ready to take that trip with you.

To Jim about compulsion between Jim and Alex...
Blair: I think you're being drawn back home.

After shoot-out where Jim warned Alex...
Jim: Chief, you all right?
Blair: Yeah, I'm fine, but what is wrong with you?

To Blair a bit after she finds book...
Megan: Sandy, is Jim a Sentinel?

To Jim in dream-vision...
Incacha: What do you see? What do you fear?


Murder 101

Talking to department chair about Blair's ethical code in regards to cheating...
Sydney: Your police world is very black and white. If you spent more time here, you'd realize these hallowed halls are very gray.
Blair: Needs a paint job, Sydney.

Referring to Jim questioning suspect...
Blair: When is he gonna nail him with something?
Simon: Why don't you just shoot him!? (shifts coat to show gun)

Referring to suspect Jim had questioned...
Jim: Why does he bug me?
Simon: Because he called you old and told you, you couldn't hack it with the ladies.

As the helicopter chase begins...
Simon: Keep with him, Sandburg.
Blair: Why did it have to be a helicopter?
Simon: What? Would you prefer a boat? Go!

Discussing how to stop boat...
Blair: How're we gonna stop them?
Jim: Like a runaway stagecoach.
Blair: What're you talking about!?! That means jumping!
Jim: Right.
Blair: Well, that's crazy.
Jim: Right.
Blair: Well, what if they swerve and you miss -- that leaves me.
Jim: Right.
Blair: Don't miss!

Jim: Your face is looking better. How's your head?
Blair: Well, my head realizes that just 'cause you're right doesn't mean you always get what you want. You can't get mad at anybody; you just gotta play the game better than they do. How's that sound, Wally?" (laughs)
Jim (laughs): Well, that's pretty neat, Beav.
Blair: Yeah.
Jim: School was good?
Blair: Principal and I worked things out.
Jim: Hey, that's pretty keen, Beav. (stands up) Well, Dad called and said we've got a body down at Miller's Pond.
Blair gasps.
Jim: We gotta go meet up with Eddie and Lumpy.
Blair: Is it just you and me again, Wally?
Jim: You betcha.
Blair: Where're you going? (in reference to Jim going around the desk the opposite way)
Jim: You know our suspect is Gus the fisherman.


Four Point Shot

As Blair arrives in stadium for charity game...
Jim: Look who's arrived -- the starting guard for the Woodstock All-Stars.

To Blair...
Simon: Spoken like a man who has no children -- that he knows of anyway.

In regards to free basketball tickets...
Jim: No sense in both of us missing the game. I can follow this up on my own.
Blair: Oh, I think I'd feel too guilty -- I couldn't do that......But if you insist... (sneaks back into elevator)


Dead End on Blank Street

Blair: Speaking of money, the 20 bucks you left on the counter? I borrowed it.
Jim: Defense rests.

Referring to Jim being questioned by IA officer...
Aldo: If there's dirt, I'll find it.
Jim: Do you do windows also?

After Simon informs Brown of dirty IA officer...
Simon: Just get on it, Brown. You can gloat later. Blair...
Simon: Sandburg, sometimes you sound like an old movie.


The Waiting Room

After Simon hands Jim a bottle of SenQuil to take for cold...
Jim: Captain, if you recall, the last time I took this -- I fell off a damn train.

Referring to Blair's heightened senses research...
Blair: One of the symptoms of mental disorder is heightened senses.
Jim: I know I'm crazy for putting up with you.

Referring to very large thermometer...
Blair (grinning): This...measures...body temperature.
Jim (wide-eyed): External? Or internal?

Frustrating at Jim and Blair's "ghostbusting"...
Simon: Look, I don't care what you two do in your own time, but I want you to button up this murder case right now, before they take you away for observation.
Jim: You had to say it. (to Blair, referring to saying Molly's name)

Looking at canvas in studio...
Jim: I don't really get modern art. Maybe you do, but this just looks like a big white square to me.
Blair: It is a big white square, Jim. It's a blank canvas.

Referring to Blair's "cure" for Jim's cold...
Simon: Your friend Sandburg here gives you an Indian root, which I had analyzed, by the way, and it contains minute traces of a substance that mirrors the molecular properties of peyote.
Jim: Peyote.
Simon: Exactly.
Jim: That would explain some things.
...and later...
Jim (sounding amused): Peyote.
Blair: Just a trace, like he said.

Simon: There. That covers everything. That's why I'm the Captain.


The Real Deal

Deciding where to eat...
Jim: How about that German place, um, what's it called?
Blair: I can't eat there; they've got animal heads all over the walls. I can't eat with an audience. Come on!

Blair: Hey, what do you think of my image?
Jim: Your image?
Blair: Be gentle.
Jim: Cut your hair, run for president. I'll vote for you. I don't care.
(Blair sorta smirks and bounces a little.)

Blair: Turn east on western.
Jim: You sure it's not west on eastern?

Referring to his raw pancakes and Blair's burnt ones...
Jim: What are we -- the three little bears, Vince?

After Megan breaks a lamp while undercover as lovers...
Megan: Ooh, Anthony, you beast!
Blair: Aroooor!

Still undercover as lovers...
Blair: We've been quiet for quite some time now -- maybe you should scream or something.
Megan: Me? What makes you think Anthony's that talented. I think you should scream.
Blair: Me? I definitely think Anthony could make you scream.

To Jim as they careen over the road in the truck...
Blair: You're supposed to be Carl McQueen, not Steve McQueen.

Tag...looking at movie script which has a cameo spot for Jim...
Simon: I don't see us in here.
Blair: I don't see us either. We need to talk to the writers.


Most Wanted

After being told not to watch Lindsey...
Blair: Oh, I get it. Some of us don't need binoculars.
Jim: Street, Chief!
Blair (mutters a moment): Street.


The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg

Press conference...
Blair: My thesis, "The Sentinel," is a fraud.

To Blair at hospital after press conference...
Jim: You might have been just an observer, but you're the best cop I ever met. And you're the best partner I could have ever asked for. You've been a great friend and you've pulled me through some pretty weird stuff.
Blair: Thanks.

Regarding Simon's office where someone is talking loudly into phone...
Blair: Now is it just the acoustics in that room, or does everyone behind that desk automatically get loud.

Tag...after badge...
Blair: I'm still not cutting my hair. I'm not gonna do it.
Jim: Ho, ho, ho. That's what you think. (hauls Blair to him, locking his arm around his neck) They're gonna love you at the Academy. Captain, I'm gonna make a little Blairskin rug for you here.
Blair: You're not gonna scalp me. Forget it!
Simon: We've got to go down to the woods...
Laughter as credits fade in.