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Moonridge Animal Park Report
for June 1, 2002
Charity Show with Celebrities
in San Bernardino, CA mountains in Big Bear
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Becky's notes:

The event started earlier this year, at 10am instead of in the afternoon and it was a bit longer, going from 10-4. Robyn and I got there at the start and wandered around a bit, talking to the few people we knew. Garett arrived sometime around 11 and, of course, a line promptly formed where his table was, next to the wolf enclosure. This year, the Moonridge staff did some thinking ahead and put the tables under a covering tent, which kept the celebs covered.

The Moonridge folks also had a *ton* of promo photos of Garett and various animals that I'm guessing were taken the day before or earlier that morning (I'm guessing the day before). There were a lot of really nice photos, but for $7 a piece, I could only afford to get a couple, which I did (see bottom of pics page). The only bad thing was that you were supposed to buy the photos themselves at the front gate and by time they got them out, most of us were at Garett's table, so one of the staff went around with a pile to sell them to the more-than-happy-to-buy fans. ~grin~

Garett was in a great mood, goofing off and smiling and laughing. Always a good thing. I thought he looked very good in his short hair. He oblinging signed lots and lots and lots of photos, t-shirts, scripts, and who knows what else. Some of us were probably in line several times. He was a great sport as usual. It helped that all us TS fen were well-behaved and didn't crowd him. Good show!

During the animal auction, Garett held several of the animals, including a very large snake which kept trying to get away from him. He also held the baby wolf, Navarre and an adorable albino hedgehog that kept peeking over the blanket he was inside. I'm really hoping some of the professional photos or some really good fan photos show up eventually of these moments.

By 3, it didn't seem Richard (who was supposed to be there) was going to show. I didn't think he would be coming so late since he had a play to be in that evening back in LA. So Robyn and I left. Alas, Richard showed up at 3:30, so we missed him. :-(

It was good to see Garett again. Maybe they'll do this again next year and Richard will consider coming and maybe showing up sooner.