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Some Rally Photos
for January 8, 1999
The Sentinel Fan Rally
at the Pasadena Ritz-Carlton
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Here are a few of our photos from the Rally. Nothing that different from other fans' Rally pics, but hey, some of our friends begged and begged, so here they are. Enjoy. These are saved as high-resolution .jpgs and may take a long time to load, although most of them have been cropped quite a bit.

rally_dirtyposter.jpg -- Promo poster on a wall in the Burbank Pet Fly Studios of Jim holding a gun and his face smeared with soot(?). You can see it was an advertisement for the premiere of the show in 1996. It's pretty crooked because I was trying to avoid the glare on the glass frame and had to take it from an angle.

rally_sensitive.jpg -- Now-famous "The Most Sensitive Man in America" poster of a very hunky Richard. Also kinda crooked to avoid too much glare. For a Jim Ellison/Richard Burgi fan, this was nirvana!

rally_bulletinbrd.jpg -- Bulletin board at Pet Fly Studios with RB, GM, and BAY black and white modeling shots -- taken before they were on The Sentinel.

rally_b_bay.jpg -- Becky and the handsome Bruce A. Young. Doesn't he look so Simon? No fair the PR woman wouldn't let me take a picture with BAY.

rally_b_rb.jpg -- Becky and the handsome Richard Burgi. These two should do toothpaste commercials, don't you think? What great smiles. <g>

rally_r_rb.jpg -- Robyn and Richard Burgi. I asked him for one of those special Burgi smiles, and he complied! What a sweet guy. Though I still feel thwarted because I had a cold that day and couldn't smell him... <pout>

rally_b_promo.jpg -- Becky standing next to the promo pic of three handsome guys. This poster was on the stage next to where RB, BAY, DB, and PDM sat.

rally_ritz2.jpg -- Inside view of the Ritz Viennese Ballroom during the Q&A session and after the showing of Murder 101. If you hallucinate you can make out the 4 men on stage. The monitor near the center of the picture is what everyone had to watch the episode on -- there were 3 or 4 of them in the ballroom.

rally_ritz1.jpg -- Another inside view of the Ritz ballroom. RB and BAY have gone to a side table to sign autographs, so now only Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo are on stage. Still pretty hard to make out faces.