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Last updated October 11, 2001

All pictures belong to Pet Fly Productions, Paramount, and the actors.
No copyright infringement is intended.
These pictures are shown here only for the enjoyment of the fans.

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Original cast, Jim sitting Original cast, Carolyn sitting Carolyn and Simon (first season black and white shots)

Simon patting Jim on shoulder (Blind Man's Bluff) Simon and Jim (Blind Man's Bluff) Jim and Simon (Hear No Evil) Jim and Simon (Sentinel Too, part 2)

Blair and Simon  (Secret) Blair holding gun-mug on Simon (Most Wanted) Simon and Blair in office doorway (Blind Man's Bluff) Blair and Simon (Most Wanted)

Jim, Blair, and Megan looking out window (Foreign Exchange) Jim, Megan, Blair, and Simon hiding behind truck (Sentinel Too, part 2)

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