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Written by: David L. Newman
Directed by: Danny Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Robert Knott (Garrett Kincaid), Ken Earl (Taggart), Drancy Jackson (Daryl Banks), Kendall Cross (Rhonda), Brent Stait (McBride), Sean Campbell (Southern), Susan Bain (Vera), Jarred Blancard (Nolan), Anna Hagan (Governor Matthews), Sonny Peralez (Goldfeather), Jon Cuthbert (Walters).

Summary: It is a baptism by fire for the unlikely new partners Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg when The Patriots, a gun-wielding paramilitary group, take over the Cascade central police department and Sandburg winds up trapped, hiding inside the building. As Captain Banks - whose visiting teenage son is among those held by the group - begins tense negotiations to exchange hostages for prisoners, Ellison attempts to use his hyper-senses to isolate the enemy's sounds, then stealthily enter the building and thwart the take-over attempt. The stakes get higher when an increasingly impatient Garrett Kincaid, the crazed leader of the group, launches a tow missile into a city building. Just as Ellison inches closer to a rescue, Sandburg is discovered and is used as collateral when Kincaid and his henchmen make a spectacular helicopter getaway - with Ellison on their tail. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on March 27, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In all tribal cultures, every village had a sentinel. Now, a sentinel is chosen because of a genetic advantage -- a sensory awareness that can be developed beyond normal humans. Your time spent in Peru has got to be connected with what's happening to you now. I've got hundreds of documented cases of one or two hyperactive senses but not one single subject with all five. You could be the real thing."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Outside of Cascade PD. Cut to garage where Jim and Blair pull up in Jim's green F-150 and park near the gas pumps. They get out of the truck and walk toward the doors that lead inside the building.~

Blair: Trust me.

Jim: It's still not working. Let's just go over it again.

Blair: Again?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: What's the problem now?

Jim: You got to drop that "thin blue line" routine, okay?.

Blair: Oh, no, no, no, no. That's some of my best stuff, man.

Jim: I'm telling you, drop it.

Blair: Look, I may be a rookie in your little dirty harry world here but I'm telling you, man. When it comes to thesis speak, I am a pro.

Jim: In anthropology. The trick is to convince the captain that you're studying police science.

Blair: I will dress up in an evening gown like J. Edgar Hoover if you thought it would help. I want this partnership...

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop right there, Chief.

Blair: Yeah, I know. I'm never to refer to us as partners.

Jim: That's right.

Blair: I'm strictly the observer.

Jim: Right. This sentinel stuff stays between us. I don't want anybody finding out what's going on with me.

Blair: Okay, fine!

Jim: All right?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim pauses in garage, looks around.

Blair: What's up, man?

Jim: I thought I smelled blood.

Blair: Oh, ho-ho! Man, you are good! I sliced myself cutting a bagel this morning.

Jim: Oh.

Blair: Man. That is great!

Jim: Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with sharp objects?

They continue on toward the entrance passing a uniformed officer who joins another one as he takes something out of a trunk of a police car. The body of a police officer is seen inside which they cover before shutting the hood and walking back towards the entrance.

~Cut to the Major Crimes department and then to Simon's office with Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Blair: The central hypothesis to my dissertation is how the quality of evidence gathering at a crime scene can affect the capture of a perpetrator and ultimately the outcome of the trial.

Simon: And you're requesting full access credentials to observe Detective Ellison on the job?

Blair: Yeah. He is the best on the force, isn't he?

Simon: (to Jim) Did you tell him that?

Jim mouths the word "no".

Simon: (to Blair) Look, Mr....Sandburg, is it? You don't seem like the law enforcement type. What got you interested in this field?

Blair: Well, I've always been fascinated with the concept of the thin blue line. (Jim's mouth drops open.)

Simon: The thin blue line.

Blair: It's that slender thread that separates the lawful and the criminal elements of our society. It's a concept that dates back...

Simon: (holds up a hand) I'm familiar with the concept. Could you excuse us a moment? I'd like to talk to Detective Ellison alone.

Blair: Yeah. Sure. No problem. I'll be right out here, man. Thanks. Great. (leaves the office)

Simon shuts door and turns around to face Jim.

Simon: Jim, when you first told me about this guy I was expecting an academic not some neo-hippie flower child with time on his hands now that the Dead have broken up. Frankly, I'm having a hard time buying that you want him on your tail.

Jim: Yeah, I hear you, Simon. This is a family thing.

Simon: Family?

Jim: Yeah. Blair's my cousin's kid. They've been supporting him through college for the last seven years. They figured if he finally got his doctorate he'd go out and get a job.

Simon: And all this talk about you only working alone?

Jim: Look, even my mom called and begged me on this one. As far as I'm concerned he's just another ride-along. Anything happens to him, it is my responsibility. I take the heat.

Simon: All right. Have him go over to Personnel and start the paper work. If he can pass the security clearance, I'll sign off on him.

Jim: Terrific. I appreciate it.

There's a knock on the door and Rhonda steps inside.

Rhonda: Excuse me, Captain. Daryl's here.

Simon: Oh, great. Send him in. Thanks, Rhonda.

Rhonda goes back out, leaving the door open.

Jim: I haven't seen Daryl in years. How old is he now?

Simon: An impossible 14. He's been having a pretty rough time ever since Joan and I broke up. You know, plus the usual teenage B.S. (takes gun out of a drawer, checks it, then puts it in his holster) I figure this fishing trip, we might be able to work some things out. (Daryl comes in) Hey, there's my boy! (Simon hugs Daryl.)

Daryl: Mom wants me home for Sunday dinner.

Simon: Yeah. Okay. Daryl, you remember Detective Ellison.

Daryl: What's up?

Jim: I hear you guys are going to have a hell of a weekend.

Daryl: Yeah, the weekend of the dopest party of the year.

Simon: Hey, all right, Daryl, we've had this trip planned for quite a while.

Daryl: No, you've been planning so you don't have to go guilt-trippin' about the divorce and so Mom will get me off her back for the weekend.

Simon: That's enough. I was hoping to get out of here by noon, but I got a call this morning about a lunch meeting at the mayor's office.

Daryl: You mean I got to hang here?

Simon: Don't worry about it. I got you a copy of "Assault Force II." (hands Daryl a copy of a video game) That ought to keep you busy.

Daryl: I already beat that game, Dad.

Simon: Yeah, well, this time, try it without the cheat mode, okay? I shouldn't be too long.

Jim: I'll see you, Daryl.

Simon: You be good.

Both men leave and Simon closes door. Daryl sits at Simon's desk and picks up one of the papers on the desk to read.

~Cut to Jim and Blair walking down the hallway.~

Blair: You're telling me that my "thin blue line" rap didn't put this thing right over?

Jim: I'm telling you that if you had listened to me I wouldn't have had to shovel the captain more bull than even you could dish out.

Blair: Wait a minute, you didn't give him that "cousin" story, did you?

Jim: It was a last resort.

They stop in front of a door marked "Personnel."

Blair: And he bought it?

Jim: Yeah, for now. But from now on when I tell you to do something, you do it; when I tell you to say something, you say it, the way I tell you to say it, okay? Are we clear?

Blair: Yes, we're clear.

Jim: Very good. (starts to open the door)

Blair: Hey, wait a minute, man. Time out.

Jim: Problem?

Blair: Yeah, that, uh, 16-ounce cafe latte I had kinda banging at my bladder.

Jim: All right. Right down here. (points him toward the restroom)

Blair: Uh, I think you can trust me to handle this mission on my own, Jim.

Jim: You sure?

Blair: Yeah. Thanks for the offer.

Jim: It's a tough one.

Jim enters Major Crimes while Blair heads off to the restroom.

~Behind Jim, two uniformed officers enter the communications room. They just the door and pull the shades. Then both pull out guns and shoot everyone in the room with guns that have silencers on them.~

~Cut to Major Crimes where Jim is at his desk working on some files. Carolyn walks by and Jim gets up to talk to her.~

Jim: I tried calling you. Where you been?

Carolyn: Stuck in a deposition all morning.

Jim: Ah. So where's my lunch?

Carolyn: You don't have to be so damn smug about it.

Jim: (laughs) I just knew your sister wouldn't go through with the wedding.

Carolyn: Right, now on top of canceling her shower tomorrow, I have to buy you lunch?

Jim: It wasn't my idea to bet on it.

Carolyn: My afternoon is packed, but if you can be ready in five minutes, I know a great new Indian place.

Jim: No, no. That's too spicy.

Carolyn: I seem to recall from our married days that you loved Tandoori.

Jim: No, I still do, but this afternoon I just kind of feel like...

Carolyn: We're not going to Wonderburger.

Jim: My choice. That was the deal.

Carolyn: (sighs) Meet me downstairs.

Joel: (walks into Major Crimes and passes Carolyn as she leaves) Hey, Carol.

Carolyn: Hey.

Joel: How you doing?

Carolyn: Good.

Joel: Good. (walks over to Jim) Hey, Jim, did you hear about Alton and Morrison? They were just convicted for the ferryboat bombing. Life sentences for both.

Jim: That's only two of them.

Joel: Yeah, but the way Garrett Kincaid disappeared maybe the Sunrise Patriots are gone for good.

Jim: Yeah, and maybe the sun won't rise.

~Cut to communications room where a man is working in a fuse box. Another is typing on a computer and looking at the monitor.~

Man at computer: Okay... let's do this.

~Cut to Personnel room with Jim, Blair, and Vera (a clerk).~

Vera: You're required to read the manual, fill out the application materials, and sign the consent form.

Blair: Great, great. When I'm done with all this, I should qualify for a license to kill, huh?

Jim: We've got a couple of hours here, Chief. So I'm going to be leaving you in Vera's capable hands. All right?

Blair: Huh-uh.

Jim: (starts to leave, then pauses) Vera, is that White Shoulders that you're wearing?

Vera: It's not too much, is it?

Jim: No, not at all. It's just that whenever I smell White Shoulders, it reminds me of my grandmother.

Vera: Your grandmother?

Jim: Right.

Vera: Don't you have someplace to go, Detective?

Blair is shaking his head and trying not to laugh.

Jim: Right. Um, good luck.

Vera: Now, Mr. Sandburg, the department requests all incoming personnel to submit to a drug test. I hope that's not a problem for you.

Blair: Oh, come on! Do I look like that would be a problem? (pause) Don't answer that.

Vera: We need a urine sample.

Blair: Now, that actually might be a problem you see, 'cause, um... I just went.

~Cut to Jim and Carolyn entering the garage going to Jim's truck.~

Carolyn: Would you lighten up on yourself, Jim? You got two of them put away for life.

Jim: We nailed foot soldiers, Carolyn. Garrett Kincaid is still out there.

Carolyn: You're not responsible for every lunatic on the loose.

Jim: Says who?

~Cut to Jim and Carolyn leaving the garage in Jim's truck. As they leave, camera pans to a white semi-truck and focuses in on the cab and onto man in passenger seat.~

Kincaid: All right. This is Kincaid. We are standby.

~Cut to communications room.~

Man: Well, that takes care of the gestapo in the field. Now for the ones in the building. Attention, all field units at central. Attention, all field units at central. This is an emergency mobilization. (announcement airs over PA system) Repeat: this is an emergency mobilization. An airliner has crashed into the Wiseman Water Reclamation Plant just south of the airport. All field personnel in the building report to Sergeant Howard at the crash site immediately.

Officers run into garage and get into vehicles and leave the building.

White semi-truck enters garage.

Man in communication room: Start the lock-down.

Gates close in the garage. Men with weapons exit semi-truck. Kincaid shoots a few officers that are left in the garage.

Kincaid: Gentlemen let's move out.

Kincaid and men move from garage into building.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Inside Cascade PD building. Kincaid's men herd people down hallways. One enters a room.~

Man: Get your hands up. Quietly leave the room through this door. Follow this man. Keep your hands where I can see them! Move it. Move it!

Blair crosses hallway unnoticed from Personnel to restroom with urine sample cup. More of Kincaid's men come around corner a few seconds later with Rhonda and Daryl.

Daryl: Man, anything happens to me, and you're smoked. My father's the...

Rhonda: Daryl, please, let's just try to cooperate.

Rhonda and Daryl are pushed through the Major Crimes door.

~Cut to another hallway with Joel and others. Joel attacks one of Kincaid's men, gets away, but gets shot in the leg before he can get too far. In the restroom, Blair looks up, having heard the shot. He goes over to the doorway and peeks out. He sees Joel being supported by two officers and one of Kincaid's men in front of him.~

Man: Back off. If you weren't a captain, you'd be dead right now. Let's go.

Blair closes door and goes across room to stall. One of Kincaid's men comes in and checks under stalls, but doesn't open doors. Blair has propped himself up above the toilet. Man doesn't see him and leaves.

~Cut to communications room. Kincaid enters.~

Southern: Commander.

Kincaid: Mr. Southern. McBride.

McBride: Sir.

Kincaid: Is our building secure?

McBride: Every entrance sealed and guarded. Elevators disabled, sir.

Kincaid: What about the cops in the field?

McBride: All units diverted.

Southern: Jammer's operating. We got their communications completely shut down.

Kincaid: Looks like we've got the whole city at our feet.

~Cut to Jim and Carolyn in Jim's truck, driving along road. Carolyn is trying her cellphone.~

Jim: Anything?

Carolyn: It's not just my voicemail, the whole phone system's shut down.

Jim: The backup network should have kicked right in. Try 911.

Carolyn: (tries, gives bad tone) Disconnected.

Jim: Something's wrong here.

Jim makes a U-turn and heads back to the station.

~Cut to station garage entrance. Jim pulls to a stop in front of it.~

Jim: Why is the gate closed? What the hell is going on here?

Jim sees with sentinel vision a man aiming a gun at them from inside the garage. He pulls Carolyn down.

Jim: Carolyn, get down.

Bullets ping off the truck and Jim backs up, tires squealing.

~Cut to Major Crimes.~

One of Kincaid's men tears off a piece of duct tape for a roll. He pulls up Vera from where she is tending Joel's leg on the floor. Daryl sits on the floor next to Joel.

Man: Get up. Let's go.

Kincaid walks in.

Kincaid: Good work, gentlemen. For once we can say that justice will prevail.

Joel: Score one for the psychopaths.

Kincaid: Captain Taggert, I can see that that bullet hole in your leg hasn't taught you any manners. (steps on Joel's injured leg)

Joel groans.

Rhonda: (standing up) He needs a doctor.

Kincaid: Shut up!

One of Kincaid's men shoves Rhonda down

Man: Sit down.

Daryl: (standing) Rhonda..!

Kincaid grabs Daryl and yanks ID badge from around his neck and looks at it, realizes who Daryl is.

Kincaid: Where's your daddy, boy?

Daryl: Getting ready to kick your ass.

Kincaid pulls his gun and holds it in front to Daryl's face.

~Cut to outside of Cascade PD; Jim and Carolyn in Jim's truck; Jim talking on radio.~

Jim: David 152 to all patrol units. We have a field emergency. Central is under siege. Unknown number of suspects with assault weapons. Any unit respond code 3. (fuzz and static) They've jammed all the channels.

Jim gets out of the car and crouches down next to front tire; listens to inside of building, hears random voices, mostly Kincaid's men. A horn honks. Jim winces.

Carolyn: Jim, are you okay?

Jim: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Man: Has he given his demands?

Another man: I don't think Kincaid's talked to the outside yet.

Rhonda: You talk to them like that, they'll kill you. These men are animals.

Daryl: If we can just get one of their guns...

Rhonda: Forget it, Daryl. We'll do what they say.

Simon drives up and gets out of car; goes over to join Jim.

Simon: Jim, what the hell's going on? I couldn't raise anybody on the radio.

Jim: Get down! You'll get your head blown off. (pulls Simon down to ground) It's Garrett Kincaid and his men. They've sealed the building and shut down communication. Our cars can't even talk to each other.

Simon: My god! Daryl's in there! (tries to get up and go to building)

Jim: (grabs Simon and yanks him back to the side of the truck) Simon! Simon, he's okay.

Simon: How do you know?

Jim: I saw him at the window. He's in the squad room with the other hostages.

Simon: By now they've got to know that he's my kid.

Jim: Simon! Settle down. He is scared, but he's unharmed and he needs you now. Hang in there.

Simon: You know, in these hostage situations, if you survive the first assault, you stand a pretty good chance.

Jim: Yeah.

Simon: Are you all right?

Jim: Yeah. Sandburg's in there too.

Simon: Picked a hell of a day to get the guy his credentials.

Jim: Yeah.

~Cut to restroom. One of Kincaid's men comes in. Blair accidentally slips from his position propped up between the stall walls and flushes the toilet. Man gets his gun and goes over to stall door. Blair kicks outward and nails the man, knocking him on the floor unconscious. Blair tiptoes around him and sneaks out the door and around the corner.~

~Cut to communications room where Kincaid and men are looking at monitors which shows Jim's truck.~

Southern: I called you as soon as he showed up.

Kincaid: Poor guy's got to be worried sick about that boy of his. That ain't Ellison with him, is it?

Southern: Yes, sir.

Kincaid: McBride, give me that phone.

~Cut to Jim's truck. Simon is on the phone.~

Simon: Yes, sir, I'll be waiting. (hangs up) The mayor's got the fire department doing a full evacuation within a two block radius. He's also going to try to get word to the governor. (his phone rings again and he picks up) Banks here.

Kincaid: Captain Banks, Garrett Kincaid here.

Simon: All right, you listen to me, Kincaid...

Kincaid: No, you listen. Now you've lost six people already. Casualties of war. Unavoidable. (Jim is listening in to conversation.) Your man Taggert is wounded and losing blood fast. And that boy of yours, God love him, needs to learn to have a little respect for his elders.

Simon: I swear if you do anything to hurt him...

Kincaid: Shut up. In 28 minutes a helicopter's going to land on the roof of your city jail. My two men Morrison and Alton are P.O.W.'s there. You will release them. In 33 minutes that chopper will touch down on this roof. If my men are not on that chopper you're going to have a hell of a lot more people to bury.

Simon: We have got to release some hostages.

Kincaid: Sending one out right now.

McBride: (into radio) Go.

~Cut to man who shoots out one of the windows on the Major Crimes floor. Two other men grab Daryl and carry him toward the window.~

Daryl: Hey, wait, wait. Get the hell off me. What are you doing? Get off me! Help me!

Simon: (still connected via phone line) Kincaid, I want those people kept safe up there.

Daryl: Dad, help me!

Jim: (listening) Oh, no.

Daryl: Damn it, let go of me! Get off me!

Men lower Daryl out of the window, head first, holding him by his legs, in full view of Simon down on the street.

Simon: Oh, my god.

Jim, Simon, and Carolyn move from truck's side to stand in the middle of the street looking upwards.

Daryl: Please don't drop me. Daddy! Daddy, help me! Oh, please. Please! Daddy! Don't drop me. Don't kill me. Don't let me die. Daddy, help me, please! Daddy, help me! Daddy! (continues on throughout Simon and Kincaid's phone conversation)

Simon: Kincaid, you still there?

Kincaid: I'm right here, Captain Banks.

Simon: I'll be talking with the governor in a minute.

Kincaid: Good. Now, I don't want any police, SWAT, national guard, Salvation Army. I don't want anybody showing up. Cause If they do, I'll have to start killing more sworn agents of the United States of Tyranny. Am I making myself clear? And I'll tell you something, Captain-- I've got a whole roomful to choose from.

Simon: I understand.

Kincaid: (hangs up and talks to one of his men) I do believe we've made our point.

Daryl is pulled back inside.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim, Simon, and Carolyn in building across the street from PD. Simon talking on a cellphone.~

Simon: You cannot just have them roll in. People's lives are at stake. My son is in there!

Governor: I understand, Captain, and I feel for you. But I must be concerned with the lives of everyone else in Cascade. I have no choice but to call up the National Guard.

Simon: Begging your pardon, ma'am, but Kincaid and his men are stone killers with a reputation for carrying out their threats. If the Guard rolls in, we could have a bloodbath on our hands.

Governor: If six of your people are really dead, I'd say we already do.

Simon: What about the prisoners Kincaid is demanding?

Governor: They stay right where they are. Captain Lomax in Tacoma is sending in a force to intercept the terrorist helicopter at the Cascade Jail.

Simon: If Kincaid doesn't get what he wants, I guarantee he'll react.

Governor: Since you're the only one who has contact with Kincaid, we're counting on you to control the situation until the Guard gets there. We've gotten the local TV stations to sit on the story. The minute people realize the police department's been rendered impotent, the whole city could panic. What is the current status of your force?

Simon: I wish to hell I knew.

~Cut to view of police car computer screen reading: "All field units maintain position. Police HQ under siege. Any sign of units moving or police in area will result in death to hostages." Pulls back to show a sea of police vehicles all parked around the water reclamation plant.

Officer #1: This is crazy. We got to go back.

Officer #2: Not without a command from higher-ups we don't.

Officer #1: What's the latest on the wire?

Officer #2: The same. I can't believe we're going to just sit here.

~Cut back to Simon, Jim, and Carolyn. Simon still talking on phone.~

Simon: We'll do our best, Governor. (hangs up) She wants us to keep things as calm as we can until the Guard arrives.

Jim: In less than 25 minutes, Kincaid will realize that his men won't be freed and then the Guard arrives. Either event is enough to send that psycho off on a killing spree.

Carolyn: Well, what options do we have?

Jim: Well, I can get in the building and take my chances.

Carolyn: With his men crawling all over the place?

Simon: Carolyn's right, Jim. They got that place sealed up tight.

Jim: There's got to be something we can do. This is... (pause) (to man behind a counter) Tom, you have a fax machine, right?

Tom: Who doesn't?

Jim: Carolyn, have Public Works fax over a map of the sewer system in a four-block radius of the station.

Fireman comes in.

Fireman: Sorry, folks. Got a gas leak in the area. We need everybody to clear out.

Jim holds out his badge.

Jim: Police business.

Fireman: Let's go.

Tom: Lock up before you leave. The fax is in the office in the back. Gas leak, huh? Good story. (leaves)

~Cut to restroom in PD. One of Kincaid's men enters and finds other man unconscious on floor.~

Nolan: Nolan here. We got a bogey in the building.

~Cut to breakroom where Blair is hiding behind a snack machine.~

Blair: God... god, please... Please, I promise, If you get me out of this, I will stop lying. I'll stop lying to Denise, And Jill, and, um...oh, yeah, and Ann, and Ann too, right.

Man comes in, puts change in machine.

Man: Exact change? I've got some change. (pulls out gun and shoots machine several times)

Blair: No! Don't shoot! (pushes over machine to land on man, then hurries out of room)

~Cut to street where Jim is levering up a manhole cover while Carolyn watches. Simon is looking in his trunk. Both men are now wearing kevlar vests.~

Simon: I got to clean this damn trunk out one of these days. I know they're in here somewhere... Ah. Here we go. (hands something to Carolyn) Hold this.

Jim: Give me a hand with this.

Simon: All right.

Jim: Watch your fingers.

Simon: Yeah. (they remove manhole cover) I should have took Daryl with me. I should have left him with his mother. Instead, I left him in the middle of this mess.

Jim looks a little overwhelmed with the smell coming from below.

Carolyn: Simon. Those are our friends in there. They'll watch out for him.

Simon: Yeah, as best they can. How do you think your buddy Sandburg's doing?

Jim: It's hard to say. I don't know him all that well.

Simon: Isn't he your cousin's kid?

Jim: Yeah. We just didn't see that side of the family that much, you know.

Simon: Come on.

Jim: Oh man, that stinks.

Simon: You all right?

Jim: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Carolyn: Jim..?

Jim: I know. Be careful.

Simon: Let's go.

Jim and Simon goes down to sewer system. Jim is coughing.

Jim: I don't know if I can handle this, Simon.

Simon: Don't you think you're overreacting a bit?

Jim: Just give me a minute to acclimate, will you?

Simon: Fine. (unfolds map) Looks like we want to head down this way. That should take us to this opening right here in the garage. Come on.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Nolan comes in to talk to Kincaid.~

Nolan: Fifth floor's good.

Kincaid: What's the condition on Van Dyke?

Nolan: Still trying to bring him around.

Kincaid: I want that intruder found, Nolan. Immediately, all right? Now, move it.

Nolan: Yes, sir.

~Pan down to Joel and Daryl on the floor.~

Joel: You hanging in there okay?

Daryl: Man, why didn't my dad do anything?

Joel: I'm sure he's doing whatever he can do.

Simon: Yeah, but he just stood down there looking up at me.

Joel: Wishing he could trade places.

Daryl: But he didn't do jack.

Joel: Don't sell your dad short. I guarantee, you're the only thing he's thinking of.

Kincaid: Hey, shut up over there.

Daryl starts to rub the tape on his wrists (behind him) on the edge of the desk.

~Cut to sewer system with Jim and Simon.~

Simon: There should be a bin to the left right here. Damn! We're running out of time, Jim.

Jim: I smell gasoline. Where's the nearest gas station to here?

Simon: There aren't any gas... The pumps of the garage.

~Cut to garage. Jim and Simon looking up through hatch.~

Simon: We're going to have to move fast, Jim. The security cam is looking our way.

~Cut to communications room. Both men ignoring security monitor.~

McBride: Any sign of the bogey?

Southern: No, but he took Van Dyke out with a vending machine.

McBride: A what?

Southern: A vending machine, and Garrett's pissed.

Unnoticed, Simon comes up through the hatch and runs across the garage, out of view of the camera.

McBride: What was Van Dyke doing at a vending machine?

Southern: I don't know.

McBride: Van Dyke -- the boy's an idiot.

Southern: (looks at monitor, sees Jim exiting hatch) That's Ellison! (picks up radio) Jennings, there's an intruder in the garage-- your level.

Jennings: Copy that. I'm on my way.

Jim overhears the last remark by Jennings. Simon is reaching for the door that leads inside.

Jim: Simon! The door!

Simon backs off, tumbling aside. Jennings comes out, gun up and firing. Jim returns fire, but still takes a hit to his vest and falls back. Simon takes out Jennings and then the camera.

~Cut to Kincaid on radio.~

Kincaid: McBride, those better be our guns I hear.

McBride: Yes, sir. That was our ol' buddy Ellison trying to be a hero. Jennings took him out but we lost our video in a fire fight.

Kincaid: That's all right. Good work, Jennings.

Below, Simon, as he is disarming Jennings, picks up radio and answers Kincaid.

Simon: Thank you, sir.

Jim gets up.

Simon: Jim! Looked like a good catch.

Jim: Yeah, right. To the vest. (takes big gun from Simon) Give me that thing.

They head to door.

~Cut to Kincaid.~

Nolan: Commander, I've got Walters on the ground-to-air. We have a problem.

Kincaid: Talk to me, Walters.

Walters: I'm circling the jail, Commander. No sign of Alton, Morrison or anyone.

Kincaid: I can't believe they're messing with me on this. What more do they need to see? Nolan?

Nolan: Sir?

Kincaid: Use the tow.

Nolan: Yes, sir.

Walters: Kincaid, I got company. There's a police chopper coming up on my rear.

Kincaid: Take defensive action, Walters.

Walters: Direct hit, sir. Direct hit. They're down.

Kincaid: Excellent.

Joel: Kincaid... You're insane.

Kincaid: Relative to what, captain?

Nolan: We're ready to launch, sir.

Kincaid: Do it.

Missile launched into next building. Building blows up and crumples in on itself.

~Cut to Jim and Simon at bottom level of building.~

Simon: What the hell was that?

Jim: Kincaid just found out he's not getting what he wants.

~Cut back to Kincaid.~

Kincaid: Well, let's see if that didn't bring them around.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Simon going down hallway toward elevators, kicking in doors and such. Elevator open, but not working.~

Simon: They've killed the elevators.

Jim: We're taking the stairs. Come on.

They get to staircase door. Door is locked. Jim holds hand on door.

Simon: I've got the key.

Jim: No, no. Uh-uh. It's been welded shut. It's still warm. Come on. (goes off)

Simon: (feels door) It's not still warm. Jim! (takes off after Jim)

~Cut to garage where Jim is taking apart a motorcycle. Simon is on his phone.~

Simon: No, Kincaid hasn't called back. My guess is that he's done talking.

Governor: If he does contact you, inform him I'm releasing Alton and Morrison.

Simon: Governor, we could have a chance at stopping this on our end.

Governor: "Could" isn't good enough. The potential for loss of life has become unacceptable. If we hadn't evacuated the area, do you realize how many casualties we'd be dealing with? My god, I never imagined we'd be facing such firepower.

Simon: With your permission, I'd like to continue our efforts here.

Governor: Do what you can, Captain. And good luck. (hangs up)

Aide: Governor, are you sure releasing these men is the right decision?

Governor: I have no choice.

~Cut to Blair in hallway, back to a door, eyes closed, breathing deeply.~

Blair: It's okay. Just do your kundalini breathing.

Blair hears footsteps coming up stairs, runs around corner, down hall, and into an office just before two of Kincaid's men (both with big guns) come down hallway. Blair wanders around office, looking for way out. Looks out windows, sees window washing platform.

~Cut to garage. Jim still working on motorcycle.~

Simon: Maybe if Kincaid gets what he wants, he'll walk away, and this whole nightmare will be over.

Jim: Do you believe that?

Simon: No... not really. (holds out roll of duct tape) Got it.

Jim: (takes tape) Thanks.

~Cut to Blair in office. He throws a chair against the window. Chair bounces off with no affect. He grabs large marble ball and throws it at window. Window breaks. Blair starts to crawl out window to platform below.~

Blair: I don't believe this. I don't believe this! (hangs out window by fingertips) Okay, just picture yourself there. (drops, lands on platform)

Man on roof sees him, aims gun, starts to fire. Blair cringes and dodges gunfire.

Blair: No... no!

Man stops firing and goes back further on roof. Blair finds a hole in his jacket at the shoulder. Man on roof shoots cable. Platform falls. Blair stands and sees two men at window holding guns on him. He stands, holding hands up.

~Cut to hallway outside welded staircase door. Jim and Simon are pushing motorcycle to the door.~

Jim: Did you get the battery?

Simon: Yeah. (pause) Let's use the elevator for cover.

They start to string wiring down hallway.

~Cut to Kincaid.~

Kincaid: Are you the mole that took out two of my men? In this militia, that's a capital offense. (holds a gun at Blair's face)

Blair: Hey, man, you don't want to do that, believe me. I'm worth more to you as a live hostage than a dead body.

Kincaid: What makes you think that your sorry ass is worth anything to anybody?

Blair: Banks sent me in.

Kincaid: You're a cop?

Blair: Yeah. Lieutenant Sandburg, Narcotics. I've been teamed with Ellison.

Joel: He's telling the truth, Kincaid.

Kincaid: (turns and fires a shot at the desk next to Joel) Shut up!

Nolan: Commander! Commander... (brings in a portable briefcase phone) It's Walters.

Kincaid: (picks up phone) Go, Walters.

Walters: They just brought out our P.O.W.'s. I'm dropping down to retrieve them, sir.

Kincaid: Good work, Walters. Sometimes all it takes is just a little persuasion. (hangs up) (turns back to Blair) Looks like the execution's off. I guess I could use a man like you.

~Cut to Jim and Simon in the elevator.~

Jim: I think old Officer Jackson will be needing himself a new ride.

They blow up the bike which takes out the stairwell door.

~Cut to communications room.~

Southern: What the hell was that?

Kincaid: (on radio) McBride!

McBride: (into radio) I don't know, sir. It have must been the lobby. Smoke alarm's going crazy.

~Cut to Kincaid.~

Kincaid: Hoskins? Get down there and kill who's ever in my building.

Hoskins: Yes, sir.

~Cut to Jim and Simon.~

Jim: Let's get upstairs.

They start up stairwell, going up several flights. They stop at a door and Jim pulls Hoskins into the stairwell.

Jim: Keep your mouth shut. (they disarm him and take away his radio)

Simon: How the hell did you know he was back there?

Jim: Couldn't you smell him? It's too much Skin Bracer.

Simon: Come on.

They handcuff Hoskins to the stairwell. Jim's hearing kicks in.

Jim: We got to move, Simon. Their chopper's coming in.

Simon: I still don't hear anything.

Chopper flies in over PD.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Simon in stairwell with Hoskins.~

Jim: (hearing copter) Perfect timing.

Radio starts to go off.

Kincaid: (on radio) Everyone report to the squad room immediately. Repeat, everyone report to the squad room immediately.

Jim: (to Hoskins) I guess you'll be missing the meeting.

Simon: Come on.

They pause at the doorway. Jim listens.

Simon: What is it this time? English Leather?

Jim: Shh. (he waits a bit, hearing people walk down the hallway) Clear.

They go inside, crouching down to enter communications room.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Joel and Daryl both break the tape around their wrists.~

Kincaid: This is it. We will evacuate as planned. Mr. Natural here is coming with me. He's my protection.

~Cut to communications room.~

Simon types a message into the computer for all units to return to central.

Jim: They're planning to evacuate.

Simon: You can hear in there?

Jim: Shh!

~Cut back to Kincaid.~

Kincaid: This is victory, gentlemen. Now, we will rendezvous at Camp Liberty as planned. All right? Congratulations, guys. I'm proud of all of you. Now move out. Southern, McBride... you two stay here.

Southern: Why?

Kincaid: Nolan will pick you up downstairs as planned. It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds to execute these hostages.

~Cut to Jim, still listening, who looks at Simon briefly before going back to listening.~

~Cut back to Kincaid.~

Southern: Captain, we never talked about killing the hostages.

Kincaid: This is war. There are no prisoners. There are no witnesses. You know that.

Kincaid grabs Blair and hauls him with him. Southern and McBride look at room of hostages.

~Cut to Jim and Simon.~

Jim: Simon! Let's move out.

~Cut to Kincaid as he hauls Blair into the lobby and then towards stairs.

Blair: Why am I getting singled out?

Kincaid: Don't worry about it, Serpico. You're one of the lucky ones. You're coming with me.

~Pan back to hallway in front of communications room. Jim and Simon crawl out of doorway.~

~Cut to Major Crimes.~

McBride: I want all you people to move to the center of the room! Face the back! Let's do it now. Move! Move! Move!

Southern: Move it! You and you, help him up.

Joel: You know, Kincaid's leaving you here to fry.

McBride: Come on, now!

~Cut to hallway where Jim and Simon creep toward Major Crimes door.~

McBride: Face the window, people. I don't want to see no faces.

Southern and McBride cock guns.

Jim and Simon burst in. McBride turns, gun at the ready.

Jim: Drop your weapons!

McBride: I don't think so!

Joel attacks Southern from behind, knocking gun from his hand and knocking him out.

Daryl: I got him, Dad.

Daryl jumps onto McBride from behind.

Simon: Daryl, no! (moves forward and punches out McBride as the man swings Daryl off and prepares to hit him)

Other officers disarm McBride. Everyone breathes large sighs of relief.

Jim: All right, I'm upstairs. (leaves)

Simon: Daryl! Daryl, come here. (brings Daryl up to him and hugs him) It's all right, son. Shh.

Daryl: Oh, Daddy.

Simon: They're gone now. Shh. Rhonda. Daryl, I want you to stay here with Rhonda now, okay? I'll be right back. You got him?

Rhonda holds Daryl's head to her chest. Simon leaves.

~Cut to roof where the chopper is waiting. Kincaid is hauling Blair toward the chopper.~

Blair: No! You don't understand.

Kincaid: Shut up, kid.

Blair: I'm not really a cop! I was lying!

Kincaid: Shut up!

Blair: I'm an anthropologist.

Kincaid: Yeah, and I'm the president.

Blair: I was lying!

Kincaid: Get him in there!

Chopper doors shut and begins to lift away from the roof. Jim runs out onto roof and grabs onto landing rung of chopper as it takes off.

Kincaid: What was that, Walters?

Walters: Down draft!

~Cut to garage where Kincaid's men are loading up to leave. Simon appears and hides behind a column.

~Cut to helicopter.~

Walters: Something's wrong. We're pulling to the right.

Kincaid: (looking out a window) Looks like we got ourselves a stowaway, boys. How many lives does that guy have anyway? Lose him, Walters.

Walters: Hang on!

Jim manages to handcuff himself to the rung just as the pilot begins to fly more erratically.~

~Cut to garage. Nolan and other men stand in back of semi. Sirens can be heard approaching.~

Nolan: (into radio link) McBride, you copy? Southern, do you read? All right, that's it! We're out of here! (pulls door shut)

Simon gets into police car and backs it up into semi, making it crash. Police cars pour in, corraling the bad guys.

Simon: All right, down! On the ground! On the ground! Down, down! Get them out of there!

~Cut to helicopter.~

Kincaid: Well, I guess he just doesn't want to let go. (opens door and points gun at Jim)

Jim reaches for gun, but can't quite get it. From inside, Blair knocks Kinciad out the door. Jim grabs onto Kincaid as he falls out. Kincaid holds onto Jim's leg. Blair sees a box of flare guns.

Jim: (to pilot) Take us back!

Kincaid: No! You have to kill me first!

Jim: Have it your way! (starts to shake his leg)

Kincaid: Walters! Get this thing back now!

Walters: He's nuts if he thinks I'm flying into this dragnet.

Blair: (moving forward and pointing a flare gun at Walters) And if you don't, we're all going to die. You hear me? We're all gonna die.

Walters: Yeah, kill me and we all go down, buddy.

Blair: I don't think so, punk. I flew Apaches in Desert Storm. Now turn it around! Now!

Helicopter returns to PD. From garage, Simon hears it coming. Simon is on roof when it lands. Jim undoes the handcuffs just before it lands and jumps to roof below.

Kincaid is hauled past Simon.

Kincaid: This isn't over, Captain! Not by a long shot.

Simon: It is for you! Get him out of here! (goes over to Jim) Hairy ride?

Jim: You don't know the half of it. (working on removing the second handcuff)

Carolyn runs up and half-hugs Jim.

Jim: Hey.

Carolyn: I thought I told you to be careful, you bum.

Jim: I was careful. Wasn't I, Simon?

Simon: Extremely careful.

Jim: Help me with this, won't you?

Blair is being dragged along by a couple of SWAT team members.

Blair: I'm not with these guys! I'm Detective Ellison's partner....colleague.

Simon: It's okay, guys. He's on our team!

Blair: Did you say I was on your team?

Simon: Strictly as an observer.

Blair: Right, right. As an observer. Strictly. Of course.

Simon: Come here, Jim.

Blair: Right. (to Carolyn and holding out taped wrists) Hi. Would you mind?

~Pan to side of roof with Jim and Simon.~

Simon: Okay, what's going on here, Jim?

Jim: What do you mean?

Simon: You were awesome today. I've never seen anything like it. You were hearing things I couldn't hear; smelling things I couldn't smell. I mean, level with me, will you?

Jim: All right. Over the past couple of weeks, I've had these sensory things going on. Things I couldn't control. It turns out I've got what can only be described as hyperactive senses.

Simon: What? You mean like a superman thing?

Jim: No, no, no, it's all perfectly natural, Simon.

Simon: Yeah, and your friend, Sandburg?

Jim: He's really an anthropologist. He's made a study of people like me in pre-civilized cultures.

Simon: Pre-civilized cultures.

Jim: He wants to observe me so he can help me figure out a way to deal with this.

Simon: Too much information right now, all right?

Jim: I can imagine.

Simon: So I'll tell you what. In a couple of days when we get this mess cleaned up and things return for what passes for normal around here, I want both of your butts in my office and you tell me exactly what's going down. All right?

Jim: Yes, sir.

Simon: And now I think I'm going to go give a hug to my son.

Jim: Good idea. (leaves)

Blair joins Jim.

Blair: You told him, didn't you?

Jim: Yeah, I had to.

Blair: What happened? Did he, like, freak or what?

Jim: No. I actually think it's all going to turn out to be just fine.

Blair: Great, great. There's just one more thing I got to ask you.

Jim: What's that?

Blair: This wasn't like a typical day for you, was it? (Jim laughs and walks off.) Well, is it? Come on! (goes after him)

~ The End ~