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The Killers

Written by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Constance Marie (Beverly Sanchez), Ken Pogue (Mickey O'Toole), Kevin McNulty (Juno's Lawyer), James Parks (Tommy Juno), Michael Andaluz (Danny Choi), Eric Keenleyside (Ray Kaminski), Susan Astley (Judge Perlman), Hiromoto Ida (Sushi Clerk), Peter Hanlon (ICU Doctor).

Summary: Ellison's sentinel-like vision enables him to identify the rooftop assassin who killed his longtime friend, an undercover police officer who had infiltrated an organized crime ring. After the detective reports his eyewitness account of the late night murder to Captain Banks, notorious hitman Tommy Juno is arrested and Assistant District Attorney Carmen [(sic) -- should be Beverly] Sanchez brings charges against him. When Juno presents an airtight alibi and questions how a normal human being could make a positive identification from over 200 yards away - in the dark, Ellison is accused of manufacturing evidence. While the trauma of the murder leaves Ellison with sporadic sensory block-out, Tommy Juno is released and Captain Banks warns Ellison to leave the thug alone. After the vengeful detective pursues the case anyway, a furious Banks takes Ellison off the streets and revokes Sandburg's access to the police department. Ellison begins to doubt himself when he prevents another assassination attempt by the same evasive hitman and is then told that Juno has been lying near death in a hospital for several days. (sic) (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on April 3, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In all tribal cultures every village had a sentinel. Now, a sentinel is chosen because of a genetic advantage -- a sensory awareness that can be developed beyond normal humans. Your time spent in Peru has got to be connected with what's happening to you now. I've got hundreds of documented cases of one or two hyperactive senses but not one single subject with all five. You could be the real thing."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. Jim and Blair in the F-150 in an warehouse alleyway.~

Jim: All I'm saying is that it would be nice to know that if I got into a jam, that you can cover my back.

Blair: Uh-uh. No way, man. I'm not going around packing. My deal is that I'm here strictly -- strictly -- as an observer.

Jim: (hears something) Somebody's coming.

(Motorcycle comes around corner and parks in front of truck.)

Jim: It's him. (gets out of truck, goes to biker who takes off his helmut) Does your mother know you look like this?

Danny: Screw you.

(They look at each other for a moment, then start to laugh and then hug.)

Jim: Good to see you, Danny.

Danny: Good to see you, too.

Jim: So, O'Toole took over another waterfront trucking firm?

Danny: S.K.B. Freight, run by a guy named Ray Kaminski. Word is he told Mickey O'Toole to drop dead. Then one morning he walks into his four-year-old daughter's room and finds that somebody's cut the heads off all her stuffed toys. So now Kaminski's got himself a not-so-silent partner, twenty-five percent of his business profits, but he gets to sleep nights and not worry about his kids.

Jim: Yep. Got it. You okay?

Danny: I'm cool.

Jim: Did you double back on your way over here?

Danny: Yeah, yeah.

Jim: No calls home, right?

Danny: Look, you're not my big brother anymore. I can take care of myself.

Jim: All right. (they hug again) I'll talk to you next week. Watch your back. (turns back toward truck)

Danny: Always do. (turns back to bike and puts on helmut, then starts off)

Jim sees something in far window in a warehouse, follows it with his sight to see a shooter. Turns back around to see laser sight on Danny's back as he rides away.

Jim: Danny!

A gunshot rings out, hitting Danny, who falls off the bike. Jim runs over, grabs Danny and drags him behind a dumpster as another shot pings the side of the dumpster. He looks back around and sees the laser sight going across the truck front window towards Blair who is still sitting there.

Jim: Blair, get down!

Blair ducks and gets out of the truck just as the bullet hits the window, shattering it. He runs to where Jim is. Jim spots the shooter and gets a good look at his face.

Jim: (turning back to Danny to feel for a pulse) It's going to be all right. Come on.

Blair: Oh, god...

Jim: (starts CPR) Call an ambulance. Come on. Come on, buddy. Call an ambulance!

Blair: (takes Danny's pulse) It's too late, man.

Jim: It's not too late! Now call an ambulance! Come on!

Blair: He's gone, man.

Jim: Come on, buddy!

Blair: He's gone.

Jim: No! Not him! No!

~Cut to Cascade PD, and into Simon's office. Jim enters office to find Simon and Beverly waiting for him.~

Simon: Jim, I think you know Assistant D.A. Beverly Sanchez.

Jim: Yeah. We've met.

Beverly, We got one hell of a mess, guys. Two months' worth of undercover work with Mickey O'Toole where we wanted him but without Officer Choi's testimony, our case is dead.

Jim: In case you haven't noticed, Miss Sanchez, there's a lot more that's dead here than your case.

Beverly: I'm sorry. You're right.

Simon: Well, the good news is we have a positive I.D. on the shooter -- Tommy Juno.

Beverly: You're kidding. You know how many times Juno has walked without so much as an arrest?

Simon: Yes. He always has an ironclad alibi.

Jim: But not this time. The man I saw was definitely Tommy Juno and I'll swear to it.

Beverly: This changes everything. O'Toole must have hired Juno to hit Danny Choi. We nail Juno, tie him to O'Toole. We could still make our case. Hold on. (picks up a phone) Lisa, wake up Judge Perlman. I need a warrant.

~Cut to night, outside a club. Juno gets out of a fancy car along with a woman. Jim appears on the scene with a gun.~

Jim: Juno! Put your hands in the air.

Police cars pull up.

Juno: What's this all about?

Jim: It's about you being under arrest for murder.

Juno: You're wasting your time. I spent the whole evening at a benefit party. I've got witnesses.

Jim: (to woman) Ma'am, I'd get out of the line of fire if I were you. (walks around to Juno's side) Against the car.

Juno: Take it easy, now. This car's a classic.

Jim: Get this creep out of here.

Juno: At least put the top up. It's going to rain.

Jim: Good. (goes over to join Simon and Beverly)

Beverly: Nice job, gentlemen. (Jim walks off.) Did I say something wrong?

Simon: Danny lost his dad when he was a little kid. When Jim was in college, he became his big brother. They were real close. Jim was the one who helped Danny get into the academy.

Beverly: Excuse me a minute. (follows Jim to his truck) Detective, I didn't realize you had a history with Officer Choi. I know I was a bit cold earlier. I'm sorry.

Jim: It's no problem.

Beverly: I'd like to make it up. Maybe I could buy you a beer.

Jim: It's getting kind of late.

Beverly: Some other time.

Jim: Uh... maybe a beer would be a good idea.

Beverly: Okay. You pick the place.

~Cut to the loft. Jim and Beverly.~

Jim: Sandburg's always trying to get me to take up meditation or some such thing, but I figure with this place who needs it, you know? Carolyn never seemed to like it though. She thought it was too quiet.

Beverly: Oh, that's the best part.

Jim: Yeah.

Beverly: Who's Carolyn?

Jim: My ex, Carolyn Plummer -- head of the forensics and tech lab.

Beverly: It must be hard working with her down at the station.

Jim: Sometimes.

Beverly: My ex was a cop, too, back in Tacoma. He was a good guy. So why the hell didn't it work out?

Jim: I asked myself that one a few times.

Beverly: Must be great on Sunday afternoons watching all the boats out on the bay.

Jim: Yeah.

Beverly: What is it?

Jim: I was just thinking about Danny, how much he loved to sail. He used to say there were two things in life that made him feel really alive -- sailing and being a cop.

Beverly: I should go.

Long pause while they look at each other.

Jim: Right. (Jim leads Beverly to door.) I'm really glad you came.

Beverly: Me too.

Jim: Good night.

Beverly: Good night.

They kiss.

Beverly: What's wrong?

Jim: It's just not really a great night.

Beverly: I understand.

Jim: I'm sorry.

Beverly: Maybe some other time. (leaves)

Jim: (picks up drink and sips at it) This sure lost its taste.

Beverly comes back in; Jim doesn't hear her.

Beverly: Jim? Jim? Jim..? (touches him and he jumps)

Jim watches Beverly get her coat, then leave again, not able to hear anything at all.

~Cut to Jim and Blair next morning, entering precinct.~

Blair: You should have called immediately.

Jim: For what?

Blair: For what. You lose your sense of hearing and taste for almost an hour and you don't think it's any big deal.

Jim: I'm fine. Would you just lighten up?

Blair: No. We got to go get you checked out ASAP. This could be some side effect that we don't know about.

Jim: Would you just forget it? I am not going to be some human lab rat for you to prod and probe every time something goes wrong. You got that?

Blair: I'm just trying to help.

Carolyn: (coming in from behind them) Jim!

Jim: (to Blair) We'll talk about it later.

Carolyn: Hi.

Jim: How are you?

Carolyn: Good. (shows Jim a paper) Got this in this morning's mail. It's from the I.R.S. Apparently, we owe a penalty on some back taxes from when we were married.

Jim: $4,000.

Beverly: (coming from other end of hallway) Jim -- Good morning.

Jim: Hi, Beverly. Good morning.

Beverly: How are you?

Jim: Fine. How are you?

Beverly: Great. Nice tie.

Jim: Oh... Thanks.

Blair: Uh....I'm Blair Sandburg.

Jim: Oh, I'm sorry...

Beverly: Beverly Sanchez, Assistant D.A. Nice to meet you.

Blair: You too.

Carolyn: Lieutenant Carolyn Plummer.

Beverly: Oh, of course. Plummer. Well, I guess I should be going. Nice to meet you both. Jim, I'll see you at the arraignment later?

Jim: Great. Yeah.

Beverly leaves.

Carolyn: So, about the I.R.S. penalty?

Jim: Right. Uh, a lot of money. I guess the only fair thing to do would be to split it.

Carolyn: Look, as far as I'm concerned I'm not paying for your screw-ups anymore. (leaves)

Jim: Whoo! What..? What was that about?

Blair: You know, for a guy with hyperactive senses you can be pretty dense.

Jim: Meaning what?

Blair: Anyone can tell there was enough heat between you and Miss Beverly Sanchez here to incinerate a football stadium.

Jim: Oh, that.

Blair: Yeah, oh, that.

Jim: Carolyn and I have been divorced for nearly two years.

Blair: It doesn't matter. Anthropologically speaking a relationship never terminates and homo sapiens resist change.

Jim: Thank you for the science lecture, Teach. What's the short version?

Blair: The short version? Carolyn's jealous. And you're dead meat.

~Cut to courtroom.~

Beverly: Based on the evidence, your honor, we ask the court to bind Mr. Juno over for trial for the murder of Officer Daniel Choi.

Defense Attorney: What evidence, your honor? The prosecution has no weapon, no motive, no opportunity.

Beverly: We have a witness, your honor. Detective James Ellison of the Cascade P.D. saw the defendant commit the crime.

Defense Attorney: If it pleases the court, I have here a copy of this morning's Cascade Tribune. May I approach?

Judge: You may.

Defense Attorney: On page 7 of the arts and entertainment section, there's a story about a benefit last night at the Cascade Art Center. The caption to one photographs reads "Among last night's black-tie partiers was Samantha Parks and Mr. Thomas Juno."

Beverly: Your honor, that benefit started at 8:30. Daniel Choi was shot and killed at 11:15. It would have been simple enough for Mr. Juno to have his photograph taken and still have ample time to get across town and shoot Officer Choi.

Defense Attorney: I have statements from no fewer than 11 witnesses establishing that Mr. Juno arrived at the benefit at 8:45 and did not leave until 11:45.

Beverly: Detective Ellison has positively identified Mr. Juno as the man who shot and killed Officer Choi.

Defense Attorney: Your honor, I'd like to ask Detective Ellison a few questions.

Judge: I'll allow it.

~Cut to defense attorney questioning Jim.~

Defense Attorney: Now, Detective Ellison, Officer Choi was shot and killed at 11:15 p.m. in front of the old Delmonico Cannery on Grand Boulevard, between 10th and 12th streets, is that right?

Jim: That's correct.

Defense Attorney: And where was the killer when he fired the shot that took Officer Choi's life?

Jim: At an abandoned warehouse down the street -- Koppelman Van and Storage.

Defense Attorney: Tell us exactly what you saw.

Jim: I saw the shooter at a third-story window. He had short dark hair and wearing a black turtleneck. I identified the shooter as Tommy Juno.

Defense Attorney: Anything else?

Jim: He was armed with a knight .30 caliber sniper rifle, starlight night-vision scope with laser sight. He used it to shoot and kill Danny Choi.

Defense Attorney: And you're absolutely certain that the man you saw shoot Officer Choi was Tommy Juno?

Jim: I'm absolutely certain. I'm well aware of who the defendant is.

Defense Attorney: Earlier you described Koppelman Van and Storage as being "down the street." Exactly how far down the street?

Jim: I...don't remember.

Defense Attorney: You were able to describe the clothes Mr. Juno was wearing, the color of his hair, the weapon he was using, but you're not sure how far away he was?

Jim: Not exactly. You see...

Defense Attorney: Detective, are you aware that the distance between the Delmonico Cannery and Koppelman Van and Storage is over 200 yards?

Jim: Uh, no, I was not aware of that.

Defense Attorney: It was 11:15 at night. The killer is the equivalent of two football fields away and there are no lights on the streets. How could you possibly make a positive identification of Mr. Juno, the way he cut his hair, the clothes he was wearing, the weapon he was using, or in fact anything at all?

Jim looks at Blair who is sitting in the back of the courtroom, slowly shaking his head. Jim doesn't answer the question.

Defense Attorney: I'm waiting for your answer, Detective.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Outside of courthouse. Defense Attorney talking to media. Jim and Blair off to side.~

Defense Attorney: Judge Perlman's decision to dismiss the case should come as no surprise. My client never should have been arrested in the first place. The charges were total nonsense and the authorities knew it.

Reporter: Are you suggesting they conspired to manufacture evidence?

Defense Attorney: What I am suggesting is there should be an investigation into the conduct -- or should I say misconduct -- of Detective James Ellison whose testimony in court was so obviously fabricated. It's cops like him who give our police department a bad name.

~Pan to Juno going over to taunt Jim.~

Juno: Tragic! Your friend, dying in your arms like that. All you could do was watch. That's a real sad story. Wish I could have been there.

Jim starts to attack Juno, but Blair grabs him and pulls him away, well aware of all the media and cameras watching them.

Blair: Come on, Jim. Not here. It's not worth it.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim is sitting on the edge of Simon's desk, talking to Simon.~

Jim: He's standing there smug and I grab his...

Beverly: (comes in to office) Unbelievable!

Jim: I know what you mean. I mean, how the hell does he manufacture these alibis?

Beverly: I am talking about you, Detective.

Jim: Me?

Beverly: You don't think I know what happened? A cop gets killed. You don't have a case so you decide to help it along.

Jim: What are you saying?

Beverly: Only you got caught. And now you've made the entire police department looks bad.

Simon: Just one damned minute! I vouch for the honesty any man on my team so don't you just come in here...

Beverly: What he saw was impossible! Unless you're trying to tell me he can see things nobody else can. (Jim and Simon exchange a brief glance.) I don't buy it.

Jim: Well, why don't you buy this? Tommy Juno is a stone killer. Now, I say we put him under 24-hour surveillance and we nail him.

Beverly: Juno's attorney is already threatening to sue for false arrest. I am not going to give him ammunition for charges of harassment. I want this department to leave Tommy Juno alone. And that includes you, Detective. You so much as go near him and I will personally go to the Chief on this. (leaves)

Simon: Why the hell didn't you tell me Juno was 200 yards away?!

Jim: I didn't realize it. You've got to understand with this sentinel thing, I can see things other people can't. We're not going to let Juno walk on this one, are we, Simon?

Simon: There's not much we can do about it, is there? Even if you came forward and told the truth, no one would believe you.

Jim leaves.

~Cut to Juno talking to O'Toole.~

Juno: What do you want from me, O'Toole? I've got an appointment with my auto mechanic.

O'Toole: Maybe I wanted to congratulate you on a nice piece of work.

Juno: You could have left that on my voicemail.

O'Toole: How'd you manage to be at the art museum at the same time you whacked Choi, anyway?

Juno: Trade secret.

O'Toole: Okay, I got another job for you. Someone who's been giving me a lot of trouble lately. (hands Juno a newspaper with Beverly's picture on it)

Juno: This one I'll enjoy. (walks off)

~Cut to Jim in truck, listening a tap on Juno's phone and taping.~

Boyle: Stanley Boyle.

Juno: It's me. How you doing?

Boyle: Tommy! Been trying to get a hold of you.

Juno: I had some business to take care of.

Boyle: Is everything okay?

Juno: Yeah, sure. Everything's fine.

Blair: (gets into truck) Hey, man, got your message. What?

Jim lets him listen in on ear piece and to conversation.

Boyle: Did you think over what we talked about?

Juno: Yeah. I don't want to press a lawsuit for false arrest. (hangs up)

Blair: You're recording Tommy Juno's phone calls?

Jim: You got a problem?

Blair: Without a warrant? It's illegal.

Jim: Only if he finds out.

Blair: Jim, this is way, way over the line, man.

Jim: Oh, listen, boy scout. Juno killed Danny. And he's going down for that.

Blair: Yeah, but Banks said not to...

Jim: This has nothing to do with Banks. Now, either you want to be involved or there's the door. Your choice.

~Cut to Juno driving along the warehouse/docks; Jim and Blair following. Juno goes into a warehouse.~

Blair: What's he doing?

Jim: I don't know. But we're going to find out.

Jim and Blair go into warehouse after Juno. It's pitchblack. Blair bumps into something.

Blair: Ow! I can't see a thing.

Jim: Don't worry about it. I can. (opens sight to see in dark as they walk; sees a red light and aims his gun at it)

Blair: What is it?

A bunch of lights come on, blinding Jim. Media pours out.

Defense Attorney: It's not enough that the police arrest my client and falsify testimony now against him, they're stalking him like he's some kind of animal. On top of that, they're bugging his private telephone without a warrant.

Reporter: Is this true? Does the police department have a personal vendetta against Tommy Juno? Detective, we need an answer.

~Cut to Simon's office. Simon is chewing out Jim and Blair.~

Simon: (to Jim) You violated his civil rights, for God's sakes! You know what that makes this? A federal case! (to Blair) And you. The only reason your ass isn't in jail is I don't want to waste a cell.

Jim: It's my fault, sir. Blair had nothing to do with this.

Simon: Damn it! I know you haven't been thinking straight since Choi was killed, but this... I can't cover for you. Pending an Internal Affairs investigation, you are off the streets until further notice. All your cases are re-assigned. (to Blair) And your access to this department has been revoked. Give me your credentials. Now! Get out! You really let me down on this one, Jim.

Jim: This is exactly what Juno wants. (leaves)

Simon: And you played right into his hands.

~Cut to outside Cascade PD. Jim and Blair walking along sidewalk.~

Jim: Don't say it.

Blair: Say what? That you're an arrogant, self-destructive schmuck? I say it to you I got to say it to me too. I mean, I went along with you.

Jim: But you're going to have to find another thesis subject.

Blair: Says who?

Jim: This thing is not over until I get Tommy Juno locked up. (pulls keys out of his pocket, drops them, and can't pick them up again)

Blair: What is it? Jim, what's wrong?

Jim: It's my hands. I've lost all the feeling in my hands.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cut to Jim and Blair walking down hospital corridor.~

Jim: That was a big waste of time.

Blair: Just 'cause the numbness went away doesn't mean it's not serious. At least now we know it's not some traditional medical problem, which means it's probably some sentinel thing that I don't understand.

Jim: In other words, we spent half a day trying to figure out what I already know: you haven't got a clue.

Blair: I don't know. Maybe it's related somehow to the "zone-out" factor -- you know, when you get so focused on one sense that the others get tuned out? No... that wouldn't explain it. Maybe it's got something to do with your diet. You been eating anything weird lately?

Jim: Well, I have had these cravings.

Blair: Yeah?

Jim: Last night I ordered pizza -- pepperoni and 30-weight motor oil.

Blair: Oh, come on! The only way we'll figure this out is if we go at it scientifically.

Jim: Not now. Too busy.

Blair: With what?

Jim: Nailing Juno.

They get into an elevator.

Blair: Oh, man, are we back on that again?

Jim: We never got off of it. We just took a brief detour to the Sandburg zone.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the truck at night on a neighborhood.~

Blair: So who is this guy?

Jim: Ray Kaminski. Danny told me that Mickey O'Toole was using threats against Kaminski's family in order to strong-arm him into making O'Toole a silent partner.

They stop at a house and get out of the truck. A man and his little daughter are in the driveway.

Jim: Good evening.

Kaminski: Pauline, listen, you go inside and wash up for dinner, okay? (daughter leaves) Can I do something for you guys?

Jim: I'm Detective Ellison, Cascade P.D. This is Blair Sandburg. We'd like to ask you a few questions.

Kaminski: I'm kind of busy right now.

Jim: We know of your involvement with Mickey O'Toole.

Kaminski: Well, if you do then you also know why I decided to cooperate. That means there's nothing you can threaten me with that's going to make me talk to you.

Jim: You want to spend your life under the thumb of Mickey O'Toole? You cooperate with us, we can make sure he gets put away some place where he can't hurt you or anybody else.

Kaminski: This morning, Mickey O'Toole came to see me to get his... salary. He asked if I'd heard about the undercover cop being killed. Then he says I might read in the paper tomorrow about somebody else who got in his way and thought she could make trouble for me.

Jim: Did you say "she"?

Kaminski: That's what he said, yeah.

Blair: "She"?

Jim: Beverly Sanchez!

They run and get back into truck and take off.

Woman on phone: Beverly Sanchez' office.

Jim: Is Beverly in?

Woman: Sorry, she's gone for the day.

Jim: This is Detective James Ellison. Can you tell me where she's gone? It's an emergency.

Woman: She said she was going straight home.

Jim: I need her address.

Woman: 955 Brooksbank.

~Cut to Beverly coming home.~

~Cut to roof of opposite building where Juno is readying his gun.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck. Jim is dialing his cellphone, not really paying attention to where he's going. Blair starts to panic since they are headed straight toward a truck. Jim looks up in time to jerk the truck aside.~

Blair: Why don't you let me dial for you, man?

Jim: I can handle it.

~Cut to Beverly's place where phone rings, but Beverly is in shower and doesn't hear.~

~Cut to Juno still getting ready.~

~Cut back to Jim and Simon.~

Jim: Damn! There's no answer.

~Cut to Beverly coming out of shower.

~Cut to Jim and Blair pulling up next to Beverly's building.~

Jim: (looks up toward the top of the building) Oh, no.

Blair: What is it?

Jim: He's up there. Go get Sanchez. I'll get Juno.

Blair: Right, right. (runs off)

~Cut to Juno.~

~Cut to Beverly who is blow drying her hair. Phone rings. She doesn't hear it at first. Then gets up to answer it.~

Beverly: Hello?

~Cut to Jim who sees laser sight on Beverly from across way. Starts to run.~

~Cut to Blair at Beverly's door.~

Blair: Beverly! (breaks down door and runs inside just as first gunshot goes off, breaking the glass window; grabs Beverly) Get down! (they go to the ground as more bullets fly)

~Cut back to Jim.~

Jim: Juno! (his senses go a little off; loses balance as a shot is fired and drops gun)

Jim and Juno fight and struggle. Juno goes off roof and lands far below on ground.

~Cut to hospital where Juno is in ICU.~

Simon: How's it look?

Doctor: After a fall like that -- four stories -- it's a miracle he's even breathing.

Simon: Prognosis?

Doctor: We've had virtually no brain activity since he was admitted. Combined with his internal injuries; frankly, we don't expect him to recover.

Simon: Look, Jim, uh, I talked it over with the Chief and as of tomorrow morning you're officially back on full duty. Of course, there's still going to be that I.A. investigation about that illegal wiretap, but you should be able to pull through that with a reprimand.

Beverly: I wanted to thank you. I know I owe you an enormous apology. I just hope that you can forgive...

Jim: It's late. I really got to go. (to Blair) We're out of here.

~Cut to Jim at night at an outside sushi bar.~

Vendor: Hey.

Jim: Hi. Uh, spicy tuna hand roll and two hamachi, please.

Vendor: Something to drink? Would you like something to drink? (begins to yell) Would you like, uh... drink? Tea or... pop or some drink?

Jim: No, no. No, no.

Vendor: 5.20, please. Uh, five dollars... five dollars 20... you speak English? Okay. (writes amount on paper) Here. 5.20. (sees car pull up behind Jim and a gun come out; he ducks behind food stand)

Jim turns as gun begins to fire and gets out of the way. He watches as car goes by again and sees Juno in driver's seat.

~Cut to hospital. Jim and Simon going down hallway.~

Jim: I don't know. Somehow he managed to fake his coma and walk out of here.

Simon: Maybe he took some kind of drug that slowed down his metabolism.

They see a covered gurney being wheeled out of Juno's room.

Jim: Hold it. (lifts sheet to see Juno)

Simon: Doctor? (doctor comes over) What happened?

Doctor: Massive heart failure.

Simon: How long ago?

Doctor: Mmm... half an hour.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Breakroom at Cascade PD. Jim is handing Blair a cup of coffee.~

Blair: Thanks, man.

Carolyn sees them from outside and joins them.

Carolyn: Hi. There you are. My forensics team found a blood splatter on the street by the sushi bar. It was fresh, so it must have been from the gunman you wounded.

Jim: Yeah.

Carolyn: So we ran a DNA test and compared the results with DNA from Tommy Juno's corpse.

Jim: And?

Carolyn: The DNA's the same.

Blair: What? No, no. That is impossible.

Carolyn: See for yourself -- the bands are identical.

Jim: There's got to be some mistake. Maybe the sample was mixed up or contaminated somehow.

Blair: Yeah. It's got to be.

Jim: Would you see that it gets run again?

Carolyn: Of course.

Jim: We got to go to the morgue for Juno's autopsy. Let's go, Chief.

Blair: Something I'm really looking forward to.

Jim: Let's go, let's go. Come on.

Carolyn: Jimmy?

Jim: Yeah?

Carolyn: Listen, the other day, the thing about the tax penalty? I'm really sorry. I guess I got jealous. I know I have no right to be. It's just that, um, Well, sometimes... You know, it's hard. Anyway, I wish you both well.

Jim: Well, thanks. There's no reason for you to be jealous. We're barely on speaking terms.

Carolyn: Her loss. Why is it that we're better friends divorced than we were married, huh?

Jim's cellphone rings.

Jim: Excuse me. (into phone) Ellison. Are you sure about that? All right. I'm on my way. (hangs up; to Carolyn) That was the morgue. They ran a test on fingerprints taken from Juno's corpse through the F.B.I.'s computer, and guess what.

Carolyn: What?

Jim: The dead man is not Tommy Juno.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Carolyn.~

Jim: According to his rap sheet, Tommy Juno was born in a little town in Northern Ireland called Dungiven. In 1967 a woman named Sara Juno died during childbirth at home. Her husband was I.R.A. and wanted by the police, so there was no hospital and no birth certificate. All the locals remember that Mrs. Juno gave birth to identical twins.

Simon: Twins?

Jim: Identical.

Blair: Tommy and Dylan.

Carolyn: It's not uncommon for identical twins to have matching DNA gene strands but they'd have different fingerprints.

Simon: I'll be damned.

Jim: In 1968 Juno's father was killed in a shootout. The brothers were adopted by different families and as adults they tracked each other down. Then they moved to the United States to begin work as free-lance hit men.

Carolyn: But they kept their double identities a secret and Tommy always had an ironclad alibi for his hits.

Simon: So the dead man was really Dylan Juno. That's one hell of a gimmick.

Blair: Yeah, only now the gimmick's history and Tommy wants to kill the man who killed his brother.

~Cut to Juno getting patched up by a doctor. O'Toole comes in.~

O'Toole: (to men with him) Go wait by the door. (to Juno) How you doing, Tommy?

Juno: I'm all right.

O'Toole: Looks pretty messy.

Doctor: I offered him pain-killers. He didn't want any.

O'Toole: That's 'cause our Tommy's a real tough guy, aren't you, Tommy?

Doctor: The bullet tore up a lot of tissue. At least no bones were broken. It's going to hurt for a while but he'll survive.

O'Toole: Take off. (holds out money for doctor)

Doctor: Thanks. (takes money and leaves)

O'Toole: I must admit -- the twin thing took me by surprise. Who'd ever have thought? My sources are telling me the cops are looking everywhere for you and this time you don't have an alibi.

Juno: I don't need one. I got one more piece of personal business to take care of, and then I'm going to disappear.

O'Toole: One problem: it's only a matter of time before the cops connect you to me.

Juno: They'd never get a word out of me, Mick.

O'Toole: Really?

Juno: I'd die first.

O'Toole: I'm glad to hear it.

Juno tries to leave, but O'Toole's men come in with guns.

Juno: You bastard.

Men lead him away.

O'Toole: Sorry, Tommy.

Gunshots are heard outside.

Tommy: I fired your help, Mick.

Juno shoots O'Toole.

~Cut to Major Crimes; Blair following Jim down hallway.~

Blair: Jim, we got to talk about these sensory blackouts.

Jim: Not now. Hey, Doc.

Blair: This all started after Danny's death, right? So what I think is happening is some form of post-traumatic stress.

Jim: In other words, it's all in my mind.

Blair: Danny's death hurt you. It made you feel like you failed. So your emotions are all out of whack.

Jim: My emotions are just fine.

Blair: Right. You broke the law, got suspended -- you're self-destructing and you don't realize it.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, since when did you become my shrink?

Blair: I'm not trying to be your shrink. If I'm right, the only one who can stop these blackouts is you.

Jim: And how is that?

Simon: Jim! I just got a tip there's been a shooting at O'Toole Trucking. Let's roll.

~Cut to O'Toole Trucking at night. Police vehicles roll in, sirens blaring. Jim and Blair head toward building, Simon following.~

Simon: Look, Sandburg, this is a crime scene. I don't want you touching anything.

Blair: I know. I'm an anthropologist. I've been on excavations before.

Simon: On second thought, you stay out here. (to rest of officers) Let's move!

They enter office to find O'Toole on floor.

Jim: We're clear.

Simon: Mickey O'Toole.

Officer: Captain?

Simon: Yeah.

Officer: We've got two more bodies out here. Looks like a couple of O'Toole's guys.

Simon: All right. You'd better call the coroner and the forensics.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Simon: The rest of you guys -- take a look around out there. See what else you can find. Be careful. (to Jim who is at table) What do you got there, Jim?

Jim: It looks like somebody was playing doctor to a gunshot wound. Ten-to-one that wounded man is Juno. Looks like he came here for help and something went sour.

Cellphone ringing. It's O'Toole's. Jim answers it.

Jim: Hello.

Juno: Ellison?

Jim: Yeah.

Juno: Damn you for what you done. (show Juno talking on other end of line)

Jim mouths "Juno" to Simon.

Juno: He was more than just my brother. He was the other half of my soul.

Jim: What do you want, Tommy?

Juno: You say hello to a friend of yours. (pulls Beverly into view)

Beverly: Jim? It's Beverly. I was just...

Juno: Enough. I think you get the point. We'll be in touch. (hangs up)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

Simon: (into phone) This is Captain Banks. I need to put a trace on all calls coming into a cell phone. Number 555-1447. It's registered to Michael O'Toole. No, that's too long. This is an emergency. He could be calling back any minute. (Cellphone ringing) Hold on.

Jim: (answering phone) Ellison. (both he and Simon listen)

Juno: Be at the old fairgrounds on the midway in 30 minutes where I'll trade Sanchez for you. But if I see any cops, she dies.

Jim: Forget it.

Juno: What do you mean, "forget it"? You think I won't kill her?

Jim: I got a different deal for you. There's something you don't know. Your brother Dylan isn't dead.

Juno: I don't believe you.

Jim: We let out that report to force your hand. We've been keeping him in a guarded ward at the hospital. He's pretty banged up, but he's very much alive. Now you want to trade? Your brother for Sanchez.

Jim: You better not be lying to me. And you better not screw with me or what's left of your friend won't fill a matchbox.

Jim: All right, I just need a little more time. Give me an hour.

Juno: 45 minutes. (hangs up)

Jim: He took the deal.

Simon: Great. Now all we have to do is find a way to bring a body back to life.

~Cut to fairgrounds later. Jim arrives, sees Juno hiding in carousel.~

Jim: Juno.

Juno: Throw your gun away.

Jim tosses gun. Juno brings Beverly out.

Juno: All right. Where's my brother?

Jim whistles and waves to the side.

Jim: Bring him in.

A van drives up. Door opens and a wheelchair comes out with Dylan propped up in it. Blair is inside van, operating chair by remote control. Blair also has a tape recorder and microphone.

Juno: Dylan, is that you?

Dylan's voice: It's me.

Juno: Are you okay?

Boyle's voice: (in van) Tommy, I've been trying to get a hold of you all morning...

Juno: Dylan, are you okay?

Boyle's voice: (in van) Is everything okay?

Dylan's voice: Everything's fine.

Juno: All right. You send him over.

Jim: Uh-uh. You send out Sanchez. Then I'll send Dylan over at the same time.

Juno: All right. But just remember, you try anything, she dies.

Wheelchair moves forward. Beverly moves forward as well. Chair hits a bump and Dylan's head lolls forward.

Juno: Dylan! (fires gun)

Jim tackles Beverly, gets her out of way, then takes off after Juno, chasing him through fairground. Lots of gunfire exchanged.

Juno: You know what they say, Ellison -- you can run... but you can't hide.

More gunfire, most from Juno. Jim's senses start to act up.

Jim: Come on, damn it. Not now.

Juno leads Jim into a hall of mirrors.

Jim: No, no, come on. Come on, you can do it. Pull it together. That's it. (hearing kicks in, hears Juno's heartbeat; aims and fires one shot)

~Cut to day at fairgrounds.~

Jim: Well, you were right. It was me. It was the weirdest thing. I was standing there. And everything was a blur. And it was as if I was standing outside myself looking at myself. And I could make myself move and see and hear but it wasn't me. It was someone else.

Blair: The most important thing here is that you took control. You see what I'm saying? (sees Beverly coming) Well, knowing that the faithful companion's most important job is knowing when to get lost I'll see you later, man.

Beverly: You know, that's the second time in two days you've saved my life.

Jim: Yeah, Sandburg's insinuated that I have an addictive personality.

Beverly: Spent the last couple days thinking about you and me.

Jim: And?

Beverly: Well, maybe we should just try being friends.

Jim: Friends?

Beverly: Yeah. What do you think?

Jim: Friends.

Beverly: Friends. (they shake hands)

Jim: With potential.

~ The End ~