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Written by: Laurence Frank
Directed by: Michael Vejar
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Dennis Christopher (Dr. Anthony Bates), Kelly Hu (Christine), Greg Rogers (Don Haas), Tom Heaton (Ernie Lash), John MacLaren (Priest).

Summary: After police department brass receive taunts from an elusive serial killer who adopts the identity of each victim, Ellison is assigned to the case. He is quickly prepared to make the big arrest until Sandburg, unaccustomed to undercover policework, accidentally tips the suspect off and enables a quick escape. Frustrated, Captain Banks questions Sandburg's involvement with the department. He then receives assistance from FBI forensic psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Bates, who provides invaluable insight into the killer's thought process. While Sandburg tries to redeem himself, he becomes the killer's next target. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on April 24, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In all tribal cultures every village had a sentinel. Now, a sentinel is chosen because of a genetic advantage -- a sensory awareness that can be developed beyond normal humans'. Your time spent in Peru has got to be connected with what's happening to you now. I've got hundreds of documented cases of one or two hyperactive senses but not one single subject with all five. You could be the real thing."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. Jim and Blair in F-150 in traffic.~

Jim: I wanted to leave at the two-minute warning. We were up 20 points, but you had to stay till the end.

Blair: Who cares, man. We won. Whoo!

Dispatcher on radio: Code 2-4, Victor 12. 609 there now -- screaming woman. 3328 Anthol Street, Apartment B. Reporting party at location.

Jim: (into radio) One-zebra-one, show me handling the call. (turns on siren and goes around traffic)

Blair: What's a 609, anyway?

Jim: A prowler.

~Cut to apartment. Jim and Blair enter through open front door and walk through apartment.~

Jim: Police! Anybody home?! (goes to stairs) Hello? (hears dripping and goes back down stairs to enter bathroom)

Inside is a drowned woman in bathtub, a yellow scarf around her neck

Blair: (come to doorway) Oh... Oh, man. (leaves room)

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Simon, Carolyn, and Jim.~

Simon: Is there any chance this victim was strangled?

Carolyn: No. The medical examiner reports no signs of trauma to her neck. Hemorrhages in her lungs indicate drowning.

Simon: What about sexual assault?

Carolyn: No.

Jim: Check this out. Susan Frasier was dead at least 12 hours before Sandburg and I found her.

Simon: Then who the hell made the 911 call?

Jim: Got me.

Simon: All right, look, your report says that her picture frames were empty, jewelry box rifled, garments removed from her closet...

Jim: Trophies from the kill.

Simon: It's the same M.O. -- yellow scarves, trophies, drowned in the bathtub. Third victim in three months.

Jim: (looking at case folders) Adam Walker -- age 36, known dope dealer, confined to a wheelchair.

Carolyn: Billy Bright -- age 20, underground musician.

Simon: No witnesses, no suspects. All right, look, until we get more information on this I want a total media blackout. Right now, we don't even have a profile on our killer. Let's not scare the hell out of everybody. The last thing we want on our hands is a panicked city.

~Cut to loft. Night. Blair and Christine (not wearing a dress) making out on the couch, lying down..~

Blair: You're so beautiful.

Christine: Took you long enough to notice.

Blair: I'm noticing now, huh?

Christine: Mmm...

Blair starts to flash on memories of Susan Frasier.

Christine: What is it? Did I do something..?

Blair: No. No. It's just, uh...

Christine: Just what?

Blair: Um... See, the other night I, uh... There was this woman, and she...

Christine: Look, are you seeing someone else?

Blair: No.

Christine: Yeah, right. (stands up and pulls on dress) Who was it, an ex-girlfriend? I knew this relationship was a mistake. (walks toward door)

Blair: Chris, wait. (sits up) You don't understand. She was dead. She was murdered -- drowned in her tub, and... it was awful. Her mouth was open. It looked like she was screaming and her eyes, man... I'll never forget those eyes.

Christine: (comes back and sits next to him) That must have been horrible for you.

Blair: I... I didn't even know her. Can you imagine what it would be like if it was someone I knew, cared about?

Front door opens only to be stopped by the chain lock. Both look up.

Blair: Uh, Jim. (gets up and goes to door)

Jim: Sandburg, what the hell's going on?

Blair unlocks door and Jim enters.

Jim: What are you doing with the front...? (sees Christine) Hello, there. I'm Jim Ellison. I live here. (goes into kitchen)

Blair: Uh, Jim, this is Christine Hong. Chris, this is Jim, my roommate.

Christine: I thought you said you lived alone.

Blair: No. I said we'd be alone. He was supposed to be working tonight.

Christine: (gets coat from rack) You know, maybe we should just call it a night. Things are getting way too complicated here.

Blair: Come on, Chris, you said... let me explain.

Christine: I'll call you tomorrow. (leaves)

Blair: Bye. (shuts door) Great. Thanks a lot, Jim. (sits back down on couch)

Jim: I'm just not used to knocking at my own front door.

Blair: I'm sorry I snapped. It doesn't matter. This whole night was a disaster anyway. I couldn't stop thinking about Susan Frasier.

Jim: Murder victims tend to get the best of us. You got to learn to separate yourself.

Blair: Oh, yeah. Right. Just check my humanity at the door?

Jim: Whatever it takes to stay present. What if the killer had still been at the scene, hmm? If your emotions are in the way, you're useless, potentially dangerous. Now, if you're going to hang with cops, you got to learn to do the right thing 'cause your life and the lives of many others are going to depend on it.

~Cut to outside of Cascade P.D. Day. Jim and a reporter (with microphone and camera crew).~

Hass: Detective Ellison, Don Hass, KCDE News. What can you tell us about the murder victim you found Tuesday night?

Jim: So much for the blackout.

Hass: My sources say it could be the work of a serial killer.

Jim: Since your sources seem to have all the answers, why don't you go ask them?

Hass: Detective Ellison, what about the murder victim's 911 tapes? Are you going to be releasing them anytime soon?

Jim stares at him a moment and enters P.D.

Hass: Don Hass, here, reporting live from outside the Cascade police building.

~Cut to Carolyn and Jim in forensics listening to audio tapes.~

Carolyn: This is the 911 call made from Susan Frasier's phone the night she was killed.

Woman: Emergency 911.

Woman 2: Help! Help! There's a man here. He's trying to get in. Please, help me! help me!!

Carolyn: And this is her answering machine message.

Susan: Hi, everybody, it's Susan. If I could come to the phone, I would, but since I can't, I won't, so please leave a message, and if you don't I won't call you back.

Carolyn: The 911 call is so distorted, it's almost impossible to tell if it's the same voice.

Jim: Play the 911 call one more time.

Woman: Emergency 911.

Woman 2: Help! Help! There's a man here. He's trying to get in. Please, help me! help me!! Oh, my god! Oh, my god! Here he comes! (screaming) Oh, no, he's trying to get in!

Jim: Those are two different voices.

Carolyn: How can you be so sure?

Jim: I... I can just tell. They are.

Simon enters with paper.

Simon: Hey, have you seen this? I have every news wire in the world wanting a statement. We got a leak here somewhere, Jim, and we got to plug it. Now, who else knows all the details besides us?

Jim: Just Sandburg.

Carolyn: Well, could it be him? I mean, he is new at this. Maybe he doesn't understand. It--

Jim: He understands fine.

Simon: Well, just have a talk with him, just in case. All right, what do you guys got?

Jim: The 911 caller's our killer.

Carolyn: We'll have to run a voiceprint analysis to verify that.

Jim: With Susan Frasier dead it's our only possibility.

Simon: Which means the killer we're looking for is a woman.

~Cut to outside of a church where Susan Frasier's funeral is taking place. Jim and Blair exit truck and walk toward church.~

Jim: She could be in an open casket. You going to be okay with that?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine, really.

Jim: Serial killers often like to stay around, hang out, and admire their work, sometimes even taunt you to catch them so stay alert.

Lots of reporters are in front of the church.

Jim: Just keep moving.

Hass: Detective Ellison? My sources report that it was actually the killer who placed the victim's 911 call. Any comment?

Jim: Yeah. I'm late for church.

~Cut to inside. Jim is in balcony. Blair is below with rest of congregation.~

Minister: Let your light shine forth that thou may glorify our father who art in heaven for God has blessed thee, forever thy throne. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall dwell in the kingdom of God forever. Blessed are they who hunger for righteousness, for they shall be filled with thy love. From everlasting and to everlasting. Amen.

Jim focuses in with his sentinel sight and sees a woman dressed in black (including heavy veil) with a yellow scarf.

All: Amen.

Minister: I invite you to approach our dear departed so that she may make her final journey in peace.

Woman goes up to casket. Blair also sees her and is trying to get Jim's attention, motioning toward woman. Jim doesn't notice him. Woman turns around and does notice, sees Jim on balcony coming down to chase her. Woman leaves quickly

~Cut to outside where reporters are waiting. Woman exits from side door and runs to her car, getting in as reporters near her.~

Hass: What the hell? Roll the camera. Get some footage of this. Lady! Keep it rolling. Keep on the car. Stay with it. Keep rolling.

Jim comes out of church and goes to his truck, following woman as she takes off.

Blair comes out of church and sits down on steps.

Blair: Damn it!

~Cut to chase scene of Jim trying to catch woman as she tears through rainy streets. Eventually they end up at a bridge where traffic is backed up. Woman gets out of car and runs. Jim chases her on foot.~

Jim: Police! Hold it right there!

Woman jumps off bridge into water far below. Jim leans over edge but doesn't see her. Finds yellow scarf on ground.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cut to Simon's office. Next day. Jim and Simon.~

Simon: She escapes you at the church. You lose her at the bridge, and she's what, a high-heeled woman?

Jim: I didn't see anyone in the water, sir. You know the stretch of that river there. The currents are deadly. I didn't think she had a chance.

Simon: Well, Harbor Patrol dragged the river all night long. And they did not find a body. And until they do, this case is still open. Now, what's this I hear about Sandburg tipping off the suspect at the church?

Jim: I'm the one who blew it, sir. It was my responsibility.

Simon: Look, I know the kid helps you with this sentinel thing, but he is not one of us. Maybe it's time you should think about cutting him loose.

Jim: No, sir. I have to disagree with that call. Blair understands what I'm going through.

Simon: You really trust this kid?

Jim: Yes, sir, I do.

Simon: Look, I've had to call in some help on this case.

Jim: Simon, I can handle this case.

Simon: What you and I know about serial killers wouldn't fill a coffee cup. Now, we need some expert advice.

Jim: Sir, if you would just give me a couple of days. I know we can crack this case.

Simon: Jim, for once in your life will you leave your pride at the desk? If this woman is out there, she's dangerous.

Door opens and a man enters, handing Simon a paper.

Bates: This is a wash.

Simon: Thanks. Dr. Bates, I'd like you to meet Detective Jim Ellison. Jim, this is Dr. Anthony Bates.

Bates: Tony, please. I read your report.

Simon: Dr. Bates is with the F.B.I.'s San Francisco office. He's one of their top forensic psychiatrists. All I ask is that you work with him.

Bates: Your forensic investigation was thorough enough, Detective, but I think we need to focus on the signature of the killer.

Jim: The yellow scarves.

Bates: Yeah, but that's just one of the elements. We really have to analyze the rest so we'll be able to reconstruct the precise psychological dynamics and infer a profile of the suspect. Uh... a kind of psychological composite drawing so we know what we're dealing with here. Um... what I'm really interested in, Detective, is the exact murder ritual.

Jim: The victim is drowned in a bathtub. Personal items are missing. A yellow scarf is left behind. As to the victims themselves, it appears that... Well, she has no pattern in her selection. Right now, I'd say it's random.

Bates: Hmm. Detective, in cases like this, nothing is random.

~Cut to loft with Jim and Blair sitting on couch getting read to watch a video. Evening.~

Blair: Did we really promise this Don Hass guy a hot tip in return for this video?

Jim: Better he gets it from us on our terms than from his source. You know, the captain is pretty worried about this leak.

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: He thinks it might be you.

Blair: Come on. You don't believe that, do you?

Jim: All I'm saying is I don't want you to talk about this case to anybody.

Blair: This is because I screwed up at the church the other day, right?. Now you're all pissed off at me.

Jim: I'm not pissed off.

Blair: Jim, I promise you nothing like that will ever happen again. (turns on tape)

Hass: (on tape) What the hell? Roll the camera. Get some footage of this. Lady!

Jim: Freeze it right there.

Blair: What? What is it?

Jim: Look at the hair.

Blair: Susan Frasier.

Jim: Right. The killer drives the victim's car. Has the same hairstyle. Play the tape.

Hass: Get some footage of this. Keep on the car.

Blair: Damn, if we could only see her face.

Jim: Freeze it right there. Now back it up a little bit. Right there. You see it?

Blair: What?

Jim: How many women you know that have Adam's apples?

Blair: You know, I think you're right.

Jim: Which means our she is a he.

Blair: Wait a minute. So now we're looking for a guy who likes to dress up as a woman?

Jim: We'll have to reexamine the first two homicides. If our killer's a transvestite, maybe somebody saw something. I've got to get this tape over to Carolyn for some frame blowups. (takes tape out of VCR) Now, tomorrow we gonna pay a visit to Adam Walker's old neighborhood. I'm gonna to check into this Billy Bright here. He used to play in a band at a place called Club Doom.

Blair: (laughing) You're going to Club Doom.

Jim: You got a problem with that?

Blair: Well, the Doom's an underground club. And you are like clearly labeled "cop." I could go in there and ask a few questions...

Jim: No, no way, not without me.

Blair: Jim, I can blend in. You can't.

Jim: I said, no way. It's too risky.

~Cut to outside Club Doom. Night. Blair and Christine in Blair's car.~

Blair: Chris, I'm really sorry about the other night.

Christine: Well, prove it. (they kiss) But from now on be straight with me, okay?

Blair: Absolutely.

Christine: So tell me, what are we doing at the Doom ten minutes before they bolt the door?

Blair: I'm investigating a murder.

Christine: What?

Blair: You remember my roommate? Well, he's a cop and I'm sort of working with him.

Christine: Is this about the dead body you saw?

Blair: Exactly. I want to go inside and help him out and try to find a clue about who the killer is. You've got to promise me that you're not going to tell anybody about this.

Christine: Scout's honor.

Blair: All right, then, let's go.

~Cut to Simon's office where Jim, Simon, and Dr. Bates are watching a news report. Night.~

Hass: In the latest twist in Cascade's brutal and mystifying female serial killer case, confidential sources report that the police are no longer looking for a woman, but a transvestite.

Simon: Can you believe that...

Blair barges in and closes door behind him, leaning on it.

Blair: Okay, I've got this whole thing figured out.

Simon: Don't you knock?

Blair: Right. Sorry, Simon. (knocks on door behind him) Um, you see, the killer's deal is is that he trades identities with his victims. I just had a talk with Billy Bright's band over at Club Doom. And it turns out that the night Billy was killed he bought some dope from a guy in a wheelchair -- that guy. (points at a picture)

Jim: Adam Walker?

Blair: Right. Murder victim number one. Only Walker had been dead for almost three weeks.

Bates: Remarkable. I'm Tony Bates.

Blair: How you doing? Blair Sandburg.

Simon: He's an advisor to the department.

Jim: An advisor who doesn't do what he's told to.

Bates: I think you're right on the money about this.

Simon: What?

Bates: Well, we may be dealing with a suspect who has such a weak sense of self that he fixates on a person, kills them, and then assumes their personality.

Jim: He kills Walker and assumes the identity of a dope dealer in a wheelchair, and then he kills Bright and assumes his identity and then Susan Frasier.

Bates: Exactly. Think of it as a process of psychic ingestion.

Blair: Right, right, right. Like Aztec warriors used to eat the heart of their enemies because they would believe it would enhance their prowess in war. (off Simon's look) It's true.

Bates: What we may be facing here is a similar psychological belief. Only our killer is hardly a warrior. I believe that he's an abject loner. From a broken home. History of severe neglect possibly child abuse.

Jim: That's all theory. Nothing but theory. I need some suspects.

Simon's phone rings and Jim picks it up.

Jim: Yeah. Thanks. (hangs up) We have ourselves another prowler. This time at the Maritime Museum. It's a female. She fits the description of our killer.

~Cut to Maritime Museum. Night. Police vehicles pull up, sirens blazing. Jim goes inside to talk with a woman.~

Jim: Are you okay, ma'am?

Woman: Thank god you're here. The museum's closed. I was locking up. Then I saw this face. It was leering at me through the window. It was a woman's face.

Jim: Ma'am, could you make your way to the front door, please?

Woman leaves and Jim starts to search unlit building. Sees someone and gives chase. Knocks person unconscious. Jim sees that it's actually a man.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Front of Cascade PD with Jim and Blair and Don Hass (with camera crew). Day.~

Hass: Detective Ellison, any statement on that transvestite you apprehended last night? Come on, you guys. What about our deal? You owe me a hot tip, remember?

Jim: Okay. Since you seem to know more about this investigation than we do, I got a tip for you, Don. (takes microphone) You're under suspicion for three murders. How do you feel about that?

Hass: That's funny. Very funny. (takes microphone back)

Jim and Blair go into PD

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Dr. Bates sitting around table, looking at files.~

Jim: Wayne Underwood, career junkie. He's been up a dozen times or so for using. Claims he was paid to stalk that museum worker by some plain-looking lady.

Bates: Well, that was our killer, and he's obviously taunting you.

Simon: So, there's no chance that this guy is our killer?

Jim: None. Underwood was in a detox tank the night that Susan Frasier died. Take a look at these, Simon. (pushes a file down to Simon) Forensics pulled them from Susan Frasier's Jaguar and we've got a match.

Blair: Yeah, severe head case. Escaped a California mental institution three months ago. His name's David Lash.

Bates: Three months?

Simon: Now that's the same time Adam Walker was killed.

Jim: I've subpoenaed the patient's file form Watsonville.

Simon: Well, good. This may finally be the break that we've been looking for.

Bates: Nice work, Detective. You too, Blair. Very impressive fieldwork.

Blair: Thanks.

~Cut to forensics lab with Jim and Carolyn.~

Carolyn: Beaker one -- water taken from Susan Frasier's stomach. O.5 percent salinity. Beaker two -- tap water from her apartment. O.3 percent. They're not from the same source.

Jim: Susan Frasier was drowned somewhere else and then dumped in her bathtub.

Carolyn: Right.

Jim: And the other victims?

Carolyn: Water in all their stomachs -- 0.5 percent. It's a match.

Jim: He kills them all in the same place.

Carolyn: Trichloroethanol. It's chloral hydrate. The medical examiner found three milligrams per liter in all three victims' blood.

Jim: So, they're unconscious when he drowns them?

Carolyn: Awake. He uses just enough to subdue them. Then he moves them to the kill site. The drug is short-acting. The death, long-suffering.

Carolyn: I'm going to need more on this water. This guy's killing people; it's a game to him. I figure if I can... figure out the game, I'll know what his next move is.

~Cut to hallway. Jim is heading toward Major Crimes, passes Dr. Bates.~

Jim: Dr. Bates, we just got a call. Lash's patient file is just coming through on the modem.

Bates: Great.

Jim: Maybe this time we'll get ahead of him.

Bates: Maybe. I'll meet you in the captain's office.

Jim: Okay. (heads into Major Crimes)

Bates: (passes by Brown to enter restroom) Excuse me.

~Cut to Simon's office with Jim, Blair, and Simon reading a file on the computer screen and waiting for it to come through fax.~

Simon: "Patient exhibits symptoms of multiple disassociative disorder. His primary identity is passive, extremely isolated, depressed. Alternate identities, however, are controlling and aggressive often absorbed from people in his proximity occurring in sudden shifts and for periods of short duration." I don't know, Jim. Bates was right on with Lash's diagnosis. It's all right here in his file.

Jim: What the hell is this? The diagnosis is signed "Dr. Bates."

Simon: Bates was Lash's psychiatrist?

Jim: He's treating the son of a bitch.

Blair: Well, why wouldn't he let us know that?

Ellison: (pulls the last paper from the fax, focus in the picture) Our Dr. Bates is David Lash.

Simon: Ah, Christ! (talks into PA system) This is Captain Banks. We have an emergency. Seal all the exits now!

~Cut to Jim entering restroom with gun out. He bangs open the stalls, but only finds a pile of clothes. Blair enters behind him.~

Blair: Jim, take a look at this. (motions toward mirror) Oh, man.

Jim: Let's go. (they leave)

Focus on mirror to read "Who am I now?" in red lipstick.

Simon: (offscreen) Jim, I'll take the stairs.

~Cut to Jim going downstairs, then exiting out into the lobby. Simon and Blair come out of elevator.~

Simon: Jim, the stairs clear?

Jim: Yeah. I'm checking the street. (goes outside, Blair follows)

Simon: All right. I want a floor-by-floor lock-down.

Lash is nowhere to be seen.

~Cut to outside of PD where Hass is doing a news report.~

Hass: Cascade's notorious serial killer has claimed a fourth victim -- F.B.I. forensic psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Bates. Dr. Bates, an expert on serial killers, was in town to assist the lead investigator in the case...

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Carolyn are watching report on TV.~

Hass: ...Detective James Ellison. Incredibly, while Dr. Bates lay decomposing in a bathtub for three days, the killer was actually masquerading as the expert conferring with the very officers who were supposedly pursuing him. Makes you wonder who's minding the store. Don Hass, KCDE News, live.

Simon turns off TV.

Jim: He was taunting us. Sitting right there, daring us to catch him the whole time, giving time lines.

Carolyn: Hang on a second. We only just established Bates's time in the bathtub.

Blair: And we're the only ones who know?

Simon: Lash was feeding the information to Hass himself.

Jim: There's your leak. (leaves)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cut to interrogation room with Jim and Blair questioning Lash's father.~

Jim:...Mr. Lash.

Lash's father: Hey, Davey was a strange little egg, I'll tell you. Me and the mama, we could never connect with him, you know? She'd go to hold him, he'd cry every time. I figured maybe he needs a pal or something so I bagged us this little mallard from a lake by where we was living. It was cute. We called it Homer. Davey choked it to death. Kept him in his room for days. Davey's little brother, Jimmy? He was something else. Mama used to say the sun shined in that kid's eyes.

Jim: You said Jimmy. Where is he now?

Lash's father: Dead. On his fifth birthday, found him in his bed. The doc says, "it just happens sometimes." I says, "God took the wrong boy." The damnedest thing after that -- Davey, he starts pretending he's Jimmy.

Blair: Does the color yellow mean anything to you?

Lash's father: Yeah, my wife's favorite color. Everything in the damn house was yellow.

Jim: Where is your wife? Could we speak to her?

Lash's father: She started drinking heavy after Jimmy died. She says everything is my fault. We got divorced. I ain't seen her since.

Blair: So who got custody?

Lash's father: Judge made her take him.

Jim: How'd she treat him?

Lash's father: She'd lock him in his room for days when she was going out, you know, with her friends.

Jim: You mean men?

Lash's father: Yeah, whatever. He'd cry and cry, you know? He started smearing filth on himself. His mama'd punish him something fierce. She gave him hot baths, scrubbing and scrubbing like she could clean him on the inside.

Jim: And you knew about this.

Lash's father: The boy was a devil. I was hoping she would kill him.

~Cut to outside of anthropology building with Blair and Christine. Night.~

Blair: Now, Banks was thinking that the leak was coming from inside the department, and then Jim figured out that it was actually the killer who was feeding this information to this Hass guy. Crazy. You know, for a while there, I actually... I thought the leak... Well, that it might have been you. (long pause) Hey, you want to catch a movie? I heard they got this Italian neo-realist retrospective over at the cine-art.

Christine: Some other time. Taxi!

Blair: Chris... Chris, what's wrong?

Christine: I can't believe you thought it was me.

Blair: I didn't really think it was you. It's just that we've just had so much pressure...

Christine: Look, I was there for you and you never trusted me. And you know what, Blair? It really hurts. (gets into taxi)

Blair: I know. C'mon, Chris, can't we talk about this? Can I call you later?

Christine: Maybe I'll call you. (shuts taxi door)

Blair sees reflection in taxi window that looks sorta like him. Taxi pulls away. Blair turns, but doesn't see anyone.

Blair: (shakes his head) Whoo. Relax. Just relax. (walks off)

~Cut to loft. Blair comes in, locks the door.~

Blair: Whew. Just relax. Relax. Oh, man, just calm down. Whew.

Blair locks all the windows and pulls shades. Then picks up phone and calls someone.

~Cut to Jim working out at a gym, lifting free weights.

~Cut back to Blair.~

Blair: It's okay, it's okay. Ring! Come on, please!

Door bursts inward.

~Cut back to Jim at his locker, putting on a shirt. His pager at the top of the locker beeps and he pulls it out. Number reads -- 555-1014 911.

~Cut to Jim, gun out, coming in to loft which is totally destroyed inside.~

Jim: Blair?!

~Cut to large warehouse. Blair chained up, gagged, lying on ground. He struggles a moment, then falls back.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene in the loft. Jim on the phone talking to Carolyn, pacing.~

Carolyn: It's not your fault.

Jim: I let that creep slip through my fingers too many times, Carolyn. What about the water? Did you come up with anything about the water?

Carolyn: We found some contamination. It could be waste.

Jim: Like from a sewer?

Carolyn: Maybe. I can't say for sure yet.

Jim: What about Susan Frasier's clothes? Anything?

Carolyn: Nothing.

Jim: I'm gonna head over to her house. Maybe there's something we missed. I'll call you later. (hangs up)

~Cut to Susan Frasier's house. Jim examines bathtub and sees something in drain.~

~Cut to forensics lab with Jim, Simon, and Carolyn.~

Carolyn: It's down.

Simon: What, a feather?

Jim: Down? Carolyn, give me that water in the beaker. Just get it.

Simon: Where you going with this, Jim?

Jim: And break the seal.

Carolyn: I can't, Jim. Oxygen will contaminate the sample. It'll be useless as evidence.

Jim: Sandburg's life is at stake.

Carolyn: What could you possible do with this water?

Jim: Would you just break the seal? Come on, Simon. Please.

Simon: Break the seal. I'll be responsible.

Carolyn breaks seal. Jim picks up beaker and starts sniffing at it.

Jim: You were right about waste. It smells like bird waste.

Carolyn: Bird waste?!

Jim: Duck waste. Down. You got a down feather, right? He's drowning his victims in a duck pond.

Simon: That's a reach, Jim.

Carolyn: Simon's right -- we can't assume anything because you smell it.

Jim: Unless you have any other suggestions, this is all we've got.

~Cut to Lash's lair. He carries Blair (still chained and gagged) over his shoulder down a staircase. Lit candles are everywhere.~

Lash: Careful of the step, man. That's for party-crashers. (puts Blair in a dentist chair and slaps his cheeks)

Blair starts to wake up a little and sees Lash.

Lash: It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay. I'd like you to meet my friends. I only have four of them now, but there will be more. You know, friends are, like really easy to make, dude. There's, uh... Adam Walker. He was really easy. He didn't struggle at all. But I guess it's 'cause he was really stoned. And then there's... Billy Bright. Bright...he was not. But I...overlooked that because, man... (taps drumsticks on chair) 'Cause he had talent. Oh...then there was sweet Susan. She had really good taste in cars, but that hair, those clothes? I mean, what was the girl thinking? You know... I think my finest hour... was getting up into your partner's face. But now... it's time for hairy Blairy and the beautiful...china doll.

~Cut to forensics lab. Jim, Simon, and Carolyn looking at a computer.~

Carolyn: Duck ponds, duck ponds. Here. Hillsborough Park.

Simon: No, that's no good. It's all gated. There's no public access.

Carolyn: Grandview zoo.

Jim: 24-hour security. It's got to be isolated where he can kill unobserved.

Carolyn: Here's the last one. Alfred's Pond -- down by the waterfront.

Jim: Right in the middle of old warehouses and abandoned buildings. He's got to be there somewhere.

Carolyn: Well, wait a minute. Shouldn't we check nearby towns as well?

Jim: No. There's no time. Simon, we got to take a shot now.

~Cut to Lash's lair. Lash putting on a wig while looking in a mirror.~

Lash: Yeah, this is going to really be fun. You have a wicked sense of humor. You know... Kind of hip... With a touch of the nerd. All in all, man... Quite a piece of work.

~Cut to Jim coming up next to the warehouse area at Alfred's Pond. All in black.~

Simon: (over radio) This is zebra one. We're at Alfred's Pond. We just completed a sweep of the entire area. No sign of either of our targets. Looks like there's nothing here but ducks, man. What's your location?

Jim: (into earpiece radio) Zebra one, that's a roger. Commencing sweep. Will advise on location. Out.

~Cut to Lash's lair. Blair is trying to speak through his gag.~

Blair: (muffled) What are you doing?

Lash: What?

Blair: (muffled) What are you doing?

Lash: I can't hear you. I don't understand. I need to hear your voice more anyway. (takes off gag)

Lash and Blair: (yelling) Screw you, you head case! Help! Help me!

Lash: You just relax. We're going to see the ducks and then you're going to have a nice-- you're going to have... have a nice bath. Are you ready to die? 'Cause...I'm ready.

~Cut to Jim going up to warehouse, gun out.~

~Cut back to Lash's lair where he is mixing up a drug.~

Lash: Progress report, man. How am I doing? Do I make a good you?

Blair: You suck! Do you think you can be me? When's my birthday? Huh? What was the name of my first girlfriend? How old was I when I broke my arm falling out of Mrs. Danbush's tree? Huh? C'mon, you freak, answer me!

~Cut back to Jim who starts to listen with sentinel hearing, picks up on Blair's voice.~

Blair: You really think you can be me? What's my--

Simon: Come in, come in.

Wincing, Jim yanks out earpiece and focuses on building, spotting light in a high window, still hearing voices.

Blair: You can't be me. Only I think what I think, feel what I feel.

Lash: I can be you! I can be...

~Cut back to Lash's lair.~

Lash: ...You! Me. I...

Blair shakes his head.

Lash: Shut up, man.

Blair: You think you know who I am? I know more about you. Poor little Homer.

Lash: No.

Blair: Your pet duck? Why'd you kill him? Why'd you kill your brother?

Lash: You are ruining this.

Blair: Why'd you rub filth--

Lash: Shut up!

Blair: Why did you make mommy punish you? You know, if you had just been a good little boy -- a good little Davey -- mama wouldn't have had to have scrubbed you in all those hot baths!

Lash climbs up on chair and starts to pour drug down Blair's throat. Jim appears on stairs.

Jim: Police! Freeze!

Lash backs away from Blair as Jim walks down stairs. 'Party crasher' step collapses under Jim, he falls, loses his gun. Lash attacks him. They fight around room, then go through pane glass window, falling several stories. Lash recovers first and runs off. Jim pulls a spare gun from his back holster and chases after Lash. Uses sentinel sight to catch reflection of Lash in glass. Lash hits his gun away, then runs, grabs piece of wood to attack Jim. Jim gets his gun back first and shoots Lash 5 times.

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Everyone watching Hass giving a report on TV.~

Hass: In a daring 11th-hour rescue, Detective Ellison saved the life of a police observer by gunning the killer down moments before he would have struck again. And so, Cascade will sleep easy tonight because of you, Detective.

Simon: Well, I'd say you're guaranteed good press for the rest of your career. Huh?

Carolyn: Just put in a good word for me. This is my best side.

Crowd disperses.

Blair: Hey, Jim, last night when you said I did everything right -- did you mean that?

Jim: Yeah. You kept your head even though you thought you were going to die.

Blair: You know, the Chinese believe when you save a man's life you become his blessed protector and it's your duty to do that for the rest of your life.

They get their coats and go into hallway, heading toward elevator.

Jim: Really? Well, here's today's rescue -- call Christine. Beg, crawl, whatever you got to do.

Blair: I'm pretty good at that, huh?

Jim: Don't ever lie to her. Remember -- trust, commitment.

Blair: Speaking of commitment, I've been thinking about getting a Cascade P.D. insignia tattooed right on my chest.

Jim: Above the nipple ring?

Blair: How did you know about that?

They stop near closed elevator.

Jim: Let me tell you something. You get a tattoo and your blessed protector's going to kick your ass down seven flights to the lobby.

Blair: Whoa, there, tough guy! C'mon, you really think I'd put something on my body I couldn't take off? I was just kidding. (they enter elevator) Although an earring would be nice. You know, something tasteful. Maybe a small silver badge.

Elevator doors close.

~ The End ~

Transcribist's Note: In regards to Mrs. "Danbush" or "Danwich", the CC text says "Danwich" but to my ears, it sounds more like Danbush, which is why I chose to use that in the transcript.