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Love and Guns

Written by: Bruce Kalish
Directed by: Tim Van Patten
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Geno Silva (Hector Carasco), Issabela Camil (Maya Carasco), Fawn Reed (Drennan), Mike Moroff (Vargas), Hiro Kanagawa (Furukawa), Rosanne Hopkins (Blanca), Jed Rees (Sal), Linden Banks (Locb).

Summary: When thugs fortified with military assault weapons pull-off a string of assaults on armored cars, Ellison's investigation leads to an international delivery service supplying rocket launchers, machine guns and automatic weapons to street gangs and organized crime. To obtain information on this crime ring's activities, he asks Sandburg to get acquainted with a fellow student, Maya Carasco, the daughter of the cartel's patriarch, Hector Carasco. The plan works well until Sandburg falls in love with her and accidentally reveals about Ellison's case. Meanwhile, Ellison is all business and only annoyed by Michelle Drennan, a beautiful, arrogant ATF agent who is assigned to work with him. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 15, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In all tribal cultures every village had a sentinel. Now, a sentinel is chosen because of a genetic advantage -- a sensory awareness that can be developed beyond normal humans'. Your time spent in Peru has got to be connected with what's happening to you now. I've got hundreds of documented cases of one or two hyperactive senses but not one single subject with all five. You could be the real thing."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Blair in Corvair driving along road. Traffic is slow due to road work.~

Jim: Let's get some pizza.

Blair; The pie of death? No way, man.

Jim: All right, how about Mexican?

Blair: Why don't you just shoot the lard straight into your veins? Come on.

Jim: Hey, Sandburg, do you notice a sudden drop-off in the amount of people that will eat with you?

Blair: I can't believe this. Why do they always pick the busiest time of day to work on the streets. I'm going to e-mail the public works commissioner. Just tell him night work only, run by insomniac road crews. That's the only solution, right? I can't believe this. The middle of the day.

Jim starts to notice that the road work guys are pulling out huge guns and bazookas.

Jim: Oh, shoot.

Jim grabs Blair and pulls him down on the seat, leaning over him as one of the men shoots a mini-missile over their heads and into the armored truck parked on the side of the road. Jim and Blair get on the car and head for another car for cover. Jim hands Blair his cellphone.

Jim: Get me some backup and get your butt off the street.

Blair: It may not be in that order. (takes off)

Jim: Police! Drop your weapon!

Exchange of gunfire between Jim and robber. Blair's car gets shot-up in the process, as well as several other cars. Police cars arrive. Blair gets to the side of the road. Lots of gunfire as more cops arrive. Jim sneaks around taking care of shooters. Blair gets a hold of a fire hose, turns on the water, and takes out two of the shooters with the high-pressured water just as more cops arrive. Blair runs over to look at his car.

Blair: My car! My car. (goes over to join Jim standing on the side of the scene)

Jim: Nice hose job.

Blair: Think my insurance agent's going to call this an act of God?

~Cut to Simon and Jim looking at a huge stack of guns and ammo, still at the scene.~

Simon: This was all for a bank robbery? Come on. Look at all this stuff. They've got machine guns assault rifles, rocket launchers.

Jim: Yeah, MP-5, assault pistol, right here. This is Army Special Forces issue. And check this one out here.

Simon: Armor-piercing bullets.

Jim: You know, Simon, you put this kind of weaponry in the hands of a paramilitary or terrorist group, they could take down an airliner.

Simon: Or level a city block. (walks off)

Jim joins Blair at the side of the road where Blair is sitting on a car.

Jim: Hey, Chief. There's no reason to be ashamed if you're feeling a little queasy, all right? Shock is your body's way of protecting itself.

Blair: Shock?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: I am way beyond shock, man. I am like, energized! (stands)

Jim: Say what?

Blair: It was the wildest thing, Jim. There I was, all alone. Me against those bank robbers. And the next thing I knew, I just got into action. It was so wild.

They walk towards the Corvair.

Jim: Maybe we should get you home.

Blair: Now I know what it's like to be you. I mean, not the enhanced senses part, but that reptilian brain, that primal man, survival of the fittest.

Jim: I'll drive, Conan. Give me your keys. Come on.

Blair makes gun-shooting noises.

~Cut to Jim entering Simon's office.~

Jim: Simon, the getaway driver we collared made a deal. He claims they bought the guns from a guy named Armando.

Simon: Where did the deal go down?

Jim: Old meat packing plant on Mackenzie.

Simon: Great. I'll notify SWAT. We can roll in 15 minutes.

Jim: Well, uh...

Simon: What?

Jim: A couple of transients already found our suspect for us. Shot twice in the head.

Simon: Who is he?

Jim: Armando Escalosa. Forensics went through the place. No weapons -- just this. (shows him a bullet) Nine-millimeter. This is the kind the military uses.

Jim: Right.

Simon: What about the late Armando? Any leads?

Jim: Works for a guy named Hector Carasco. He's a Chilean expatriate who lives on an estate outside of town. Carasco checks out clean, but he's got a federal file. And it's sealed.

~Cut to Carasco's house. Jim and Simon drive up to house, then enter greenhouse.~

Carasco: Close the door. You're letting in the cold air. The slightest chill can ruin my orchids. Can I help you?

Simon: I'm Captain Banks. This is Detective Ellison. Cascade P.D.

Carasco: The police? Is something wrong?

Jim: We're here to talk to you about your caretaker. A Mr. Armando Escalosa.

Carasco: I fired Armando last month for stealing. Some of my daughter's jewelry was missing. If you find him, I'd like them back.

Jim: That's gonna be a little difficult, sir. Mr. Escalosa is dead.

Carasco: I see. How unfortunate.

Simon: Do you know of any relatives that we could notify?

Carasco: None I'm aware of. Sorry.

Jim: Did you file a report? For the missing jewelry?

Carasco: Oh, no. It wasn't worth much. The value was mostly sentimental.

Simon: How about your daughter, sir? Is she here? Can we speak with her?

Carasco: Maya's in classes at the university. But I'm certain she couldn't tell you anything else.

Jim: Nice orchids. Must be difficult to find soil with proper amounts of potassium nitrates and sulfates, huh?

Carasco: Not really. There was a lot of volcanic activity in this area.

Jim: I guess you could mix in gunpowder.

Carasco: I've never heard of that before.

Simon: If there's anything else you can think of that might be of any help to us, please give me a call.

Carasco: Of course. Blanca will show you out.

Simon: Thank you very much, sir.

~Cut to outside of University. Day. Blair goes up to Jim who is waiting for him.~

Blair: Hey, Jim, what's up? We've got to make this quick. My research group meets in 15 minutes.

Jim: I need your help on a case.

Blair: Oh, cool! Ever since that armored car thing I have been so pumped, so flying on adrenaline...

Jim: There's a guy named Hector Carasco, who we suspect supplied the weapons for that heist. If I'm right, Carasco's the biggest illegal arms dealer in the northwest.

Blair: So you need some major-league backup, right?

Jim: Well, actually, his daughter is a student here. We need you to check her out.

Blair: His daughter?

Jim: Yeah, I figured maybe you could get to know her a little bit, chat her up, find out things about her old man... discreetly. She's got a class in the library in a few mines. You could start now.

Blair: No. Jim, you've got to get me into action here. You can't waste my amps interviewing some clueless little exchange student.

Jim: I wouldn't say "clueless" applies here, Chief.

Maya walks by.

Blair: Oooh! Is that her?

Jim: Yeah. Anyway, I can get somebody else on it.

Blair: No, no, no, Jim, Jim. It's okay. I got this one. Got your back. Can't let my partner down, can I?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. Jim and Simon.~

Simon: Three punks armed with a grenade launcher tried to take out a passenger train that they thought was carrying a payroll. Three dead and 13 injured.

Jim: Well, the whole deal just gets more twisted, Simon. The weapons used in that armored car job -- they had their serial numbers removed, but forensics managed to pull one. The F.B.I. reports that the gun was made in North Carolina for the army. The army has no record of it ever being shipped to them.

Simon: All right, Jim, look, I know you're not going to like this, but the Chief just called. A.T.F. is sending down an agent to work with us.

Jim: Oh, no, sir. No. The last thing I need is some glory-minded fed screwing up my case here.

Simon: It's a done deal. Sorry, man.

~Cut to Jim trying to get something from the snack machine in the break room. Drennan (woman) walks in.~

Jim: Can I help you?

Drennan: You're the one who looks like he needs help.

Jim: I'm just trying to get lunch. Maybe we could share it.

Drennan: I don't eat junk food.

Jim: Well, you should try it. It kind of grows on you.

Drennan: Can you tell me where I can find Detective Ellison? I'm Agent Drennan, A.T.F.

Jim: You're a fed.

Drennan: Don't worry; it's not contagious.

Jim: Ellison...Ellison. I haven't seen him in quite some time.

Jim: Pardon me. (tries to leave)

Simon comes in.

Simon: Jim, good. (to Drennan) I see you found Detective Ellison.

~Cut to Blair's office. Maya knocks on door and cautiously enters. Blair is moving stacks of papers from the shelves.~

Blair: Uh, come in.

Maya: Hi. I'm Maya Carasco.

Blair: Hi, how are you doing? I'm Blair Sandburg. I wasn't expecting you till later. A pleasure to meet you.

Maya: So, I guess I work for you now?

Blair: I'm sorry. Is there a problem?

Maya: No, I'm just not used to being traded from one professor to another like a used car.

Blair: Oh, no. No, you're not being traded. Borrowed, maybe, but not traded. I'm sorry. I didn't think that you'd object. It's just that I needed someone good and Dr. Kingsford said you were his best assistant. But, hey, you know, if you don't want to work for me...I understand.

Maya: No, I just like to be asked, that's all.

Blair: Okay. Then I'm asking. Would you please be my..? (stands and dumps half of the papers he's carrying) Yeah... good. My research assistant?

Maya: All right. Okay. (helps him pick up the papers)

Blair: Yeah?

Maya: Yeah.

Blair: Good. As you can see I'm kind of sloppy, and anything you can do to help me with these files would be great.

Maya: You ever considered filing cabinets?

Blair: Filing cabinet? Whoa! All right, what a concept. Look at that -- you're already irreplaceable.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim and Drennan walking to Jim's desk.~

Drennan: I'll need all of your files and interrogation tapes. Also, names and addresses of any contacts or informants you may have used on this case.

Jim: Let me tell you something, Drennan. My informant file is confidential.

Drennan: I'll remind you this is now a federal investigation. Any bull, and I'll make a call to my boss, who'll call your Chief, who will then call your boss.

Jim: Oh, yeah. This is going to be a lot of fun. Happy reading. (gives her a stack of files)

Drennan: Hector Carasco is one of your suspects?

Jim: Yeah. Why? Do you know him?

Drennan: I know his name.

Jim: Well, then, maybe you can tell why he has a sealed federal file?

Drennan: If I did, it wouldn't be sealed, would it?

~Cut to Blair's office. Blair and Maya.~

Maya: So you spent three months living among the Kombai Tree people of Irian Jaya?

Blair: Oh, yeah... It was really, really wild. You see, I was the first westerner they had ever seen. They thought I was a laleo -- an evil spirit disguised as a white man.

Maya: Well, how did you change their minds?

Blair: See, there they were. They had these bows with these barbed arrows pointed at me, And, uh...well, I freaked out. I panicked, and I turned and tripped and fell flat on my face in the mud. They started to laugh. They figured if I was that uncoordinated, I couldn't be much of a threat, you know? Yeah... but their houses -- They're hundreds of feet up in the sky at the top of these jungle trees so they can see the mountains and the birds and keep the sorcerers away. It was living in the sky.

Maya: Wow. That sounds really beautiful.

Blair: Transcendent.

~Cut to Jim entering Simon's office. He doesn't notice Drennan walking in the open door.~

Jim: Excuse me, sir, I just talked with a friend of mine at the Treasury Department. Check this out. Carasco's real name is Julio Escobon. Apparently he's a gunrunner to the Contras for the C.I.A.

Simon: You're kidding me, right?

Jim: I kid you not, sir.

Simon notices Drennan at the door.

Jim: The other thing I found out was Carasco... (turns and sees Drennan)

Drennan: Your friend just broke federal law, Detective. I'll need her name.

Jim: Doe. Jane Doe. At least that's the name she gave me.

Drennan: Fine. I'll have my office check the phone records for Major Crimes to the Treasury Department.

Simon: Drennan, do you take some perverse pleasure out of pissing people off?

Brown comes in.

Brown: Excuse me, Captain?

Simon: Yeah.

Brown: Ellison, one of your snitches called -- Sal?

Jim tries to quiet Brown, but he doesn't pay attention.

Brown: He says he's got some info on your case. Wants you to meet him at the usual place in an hour. Hi.

~Cut to Jim and Drennan outside near the docks. They meet up with Sal.~

Sal: All right, all right, here's the word, man. There's a big supply of guns coming into Cascade this week by boat...Uh, fishing trawler.

Jim: Which trawler?

Sal: I don't know. Okay, okay, I know the name of the buyer. His name is Fujinaka, Fukiro, no, it's not... something like that.

Jim: Did you hear the name Carasco mentioned?

Sal: Uh... uh-u no.

Jim: All right, Sal, give me a call if you find out anything else, okay? Find out what you can, but listen to me: be cool. Don't draw attention to yourself, you got that?

Jim gives Sal some money and Sal runs off.

Drennan: That's it?

Jim: You got a problem, Drennan?

Drennan: Hey, Sal. (goes after Sal and talks to him)

Sal: Hey, hey, hey! (runs off, very happy)

Jim: What was that all about?

Drennan: I told him to find out the name of the ship. I gave $500 as a down payment.

Jim: What, are you stupid? You gave Sal $500? The most I've laid out for him is $50. A guy like Sal's going to self-destruct over that kind of money.

Drennan: Wrong. He'll feel appreciated and work his ass off to get what I want.

Jim: So what happens when I want some information and all I have is $50?

Drennan: I guess you'll be $450 short.

~Cut to Carasco's house. Maya and Blair come in.~

Blair: Are you sure this is okay? I don't want to intrude.

Maya: Don't be silly. I want you to meet my father.

Blair: (sees a painting) Oh, wow... a Benitez! When I was in Brazil, I saw some of his works at an exhibition at the National Museum. He claims he collects plants from the rain forest to make his colors.

Carasco: (appearing from the stairs) And that's why no one has ever been able to match his vibrancy. Not many Americans know Benitez.

Blair: Oh, it's unfortunate. His work is brilliant.

Maya: Father, this is Blair Sandburg. He's a grad student I'm working for at the University.

Carasco: Welcome, Mr. Sandburg.

Blair: How you doing?

Carasco: Tell me what other South American artists do you appreciate?

Blair: Oh, uh... Ceballos, Ramos, Marin.

Vargas comes in.

Vargas: Senor Carasco, we seem to have a small insect problem in the greenhouse.

Carasco: Thank you, Vargas. Why don't you show our guest the rest of the house? Please excuse me. I'll only be a few minutes.

~Cut to greenhouse. Carasco, Vargas, and Sal.~

Carasco: So, this is my insect problem.

Vargas. He was at the docks, asking questions about guns.

Carasco: (to Sal) You're shaking my friend. Are you afraid? You should be. (to Vargas) Make sure he tells you all he knows, then remove him from my house, then kill him. (leaves)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim in hallway outside of Major Crimes. Simon comes out to join him.~

Simon: Jim, our problems just got bigger. Vice heard a rumor that we have a power struggle brewing between the local mob and the Japanese mafia.

Jim: The Yakuza.

Simon: Yeah, the mob warned the Yakuza kingpin, Furukawa, to back off or there would be a damn war.

Jim: Wait a second. The shipment of guns that my informant said was coming in -- the buyer's name sounded Japanese. It's got to be Furukawa.

Simon: If the Yakuza try knocking off the mob with military armaments, Cascade's going to look like Beirut. (leaves)

Jim's cellphone rings.

Jim: Excuse me, sir. (into phone) Detective Ellison..... No.

~Cut to outside on a hill. Police crew and morgue guys are getting a body. Jim's on his cellphone.~

Jim: (into phone) All right, all right. Have him call me back as soon as you can.

Drennan comes up.

Drennan: How did he die?

Jim: He was hacked to a machete.

Drennan: I'm sorry.

Jim: I guess your money made him a little careless. Wrong people, wrong questions.

Drennan: I was just trying to motivate him.

Jim: Well, you motivated him right into a body bag. You happy?

Drennan: And if those guns hit the streets? How many more people in your city are going to die? Look...I'm sorry about Sal, but we need information.

Jim: Right, right. The trouble is, Drennan, I don't see any information. All I see is a corpse.

~Cut to outside the University. Day. Blair and Maya are kissing.~

Maya: Blair, I got to go to class.

Blair: Will I see you tonight?

Maya: Your office at 7:00.

Blair: 7:00?

Maya: Yeah, 7:00.

More kissing as Jim comes up to them.

Jim: Sandburg.

Blair: Hi. Uh... Jim... Maya, this is a friend Jim. Jim, this is Maya.

Maya: Hi. Are you a grad student too?

Blair: Uh... no, actually, Jim is a researcher and I'm helping him out with a project on human behavior.

Maya: Oh, that sounds interesting. I got to go to class. Nice to meet you, Jim. See you later.

Blair: See you later?

Maya leaves.

Blair: It's not what you think. Okay, okay, it is what you think, but I did find out about her father. The guy loves his daughter. He collects art and he grows orchids.

Jim: He also has people killed.

Blair: What? That's crazy. Come on.

Jim: This morning, one of my informants turned up dead. We found some soil samples on his clothes. Same type of soil that Carasco uses to grow his orchids.

Blair: So... what does that mean? You can get that stuff anywhere, right?

Jim: If Carasco is involved, it's possible that Maya's involved too.

Blair: No, no, no, that is impossible, man.

Jim: Sandburg, I just don't want to see you put in danger.

Blair: Jim, just leave it alone, okay?

~Cut to Blair's office later that evening. Blair comes in as Maya is lighting candles on a small table.~

Blair: Maya, what's this?

Maya: It's dinner. I made it at home and I warmed it up in your microwave.

Blair joins her at table.

Blair: This is incredible. Why?

Maya: Because tonight is very special.

~Cut to later after dinner.~

Blair: Wow, that was amazing.

Maya: It's not over yet. We still have dessert.

Blair: Maya.

Maya: This is a very special pastry. It's called calle mil hojas.

Blair: Wow, look at this.

Maya: Hey. You can't feed yourself. The tradition is that I have to feed you.

Blair: I've never heard of that tradition.

Maya: Well, that's because I just made it up.

Blair: Okay.

Maya: Here. (feeds him a piece with her fingers)

Blair: Mmm.

Maya: Now you have to feed me.

Blair: Okay. (feeds her a piece)

Maya: You know, the first time that my mother ever cooked for my father, she made this pastry. It's a very special pastry. Like you're very special.

Blair: You never talk about your mother.

Maya: She died. I was very young. In a riding accident.

Blair: I'm sorry.

Maya: I don't remember her very well. But my father says I look a lot like her.

Blair: What did your father do in Chile?

Maya: The same as he does here -- he imports and exports things.

Blair: What kinds of things?

Maya: Tools, machines, stuff like that.

Blair: Why did he leave Chile?

Maya: Why are you asking so many questions?

Blair: I'm curious -- about you, about your family. I want to know everything about you.

Maya: Why?

Blair: Because I think I'm falling in love with you

Maya: And I think I'm falling in love with you.

They kiss.

Maya: Blair...I've... I've never... I mean, you'd be the first and...

Blair pulls away.

Maya: What? What's wrong?

Blair: Um...nothing. I just don't think that this is the right night for this.

Maya: Why?

Blair: Uh...

Blair: I'm sorry. I've got to go. (leaves)

~Cut to Jim and Simon talking as they walk into Major Crimes.~

Jim: Nine commercial trawlers come in to port this week. Tonight the Esmerelda docks. She's of Chilean registry and I wanna go to check her out.

Simon: Well, what does Drennan think?

They go into Simon's office and Jim closes the door.

Jim: She doesn't know -- and I'm not telling her.

Simon: Jim, now you know what our orders were -- full cooperation.

Jim: I understand, sir. But I don't want her to screw this. When I find out something, then I'll bring in.

Simon: All right, but if you're going alone, make sure you have a back-up unit on standby.

Jim: Understood. Thank you, sir. (leaves)

~Cut to docks. Night. Jim checking coffee bags. Stops and smells something in the air.~

Jim: Come on out, Drennan.

Drennan: How did you know I was out here?

Jim: You wear too damn much perfume. Now, what the hell are you doing here?

Drennan: Same as you. I checked the port authority docking schedule and figured that Esmerelda was the most likely subject for our gunrunners. Did you find anything?

Jim: I just started looking.

Drennan: We'll look together. Coffee.

Jim: Yeah. (pulls a bagged gun out of coffee bag) With a prize in every bag. (hearing kicks in and he hears voices) Somebody's coming.

Drennan: I didn't hear anything. (stands to look)

Guns go off and Jim pulls her down. Jim returns fire.

Jim: I'll call for back-up. (pulls out cellphone)

Drennan: We won't make a collar if we wait. We gotta take them now.

Jim: There's at least fifteen of them.

Drennan: (stands up, gun out) Everybody freeze! You're surrounded By A.T.F. agents! So throw you weapons down...

Jim pulls her down as more guns go off at them.

Jim: I guess they called your bluff.

Drennan: I'll try looping around the back.

Jim: No. They're gonna cut you to pieces, now you stay put. (sights and shoots once, hitting an explosive which goes off)

~Cut to Carasco's house. Vargas comes into Carasco's office.~

Vargas: We lost the shipment.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes bullpen. Jim and Simon.~

Jim: You should of seen it. Laws rockets, grenade launchers, machine guns. We even recovered a 40-millimeter anti-aircraft cannon.

They go to Jim's desk.

Simon: Well, just make sure forensics gets a look at it before the feds come in and grab all of it, know what I mean?

Jim: Yeah.

Drennan comes in.

Simon: Captain, I strongly suggest you review Ellison's conduct and procedure on the scene.

Jim: Are you out of your mind, Drennan? I practically saved your damn life and you've got the nerve--

Drennan: You allowed key suspects to escape. I'm filing charges against you for interfering with an arrest by a federal officer.

Jim: You know, Drennan, it's all of a sudden becoming crystal clear why you work alone.

Drennan leaves.

Simon: Jim, look, I know you don't want to hear this, but you want to cut the woman a little slack.

Jim: And why is that, sir?

Simon: I looked up Drennan's record. She's a good cop.

Jim: She's also got a chip on her shoulder the size of a two-by-four and been smacking me with it every since she got here.

Simon: Jim. Drennan lost her partner last year. A shoot-out. Died right in front of her. Even though Drennan was cleared of all responsibility, her boss tells me that she still holds herself responsible.

Brown: Hey, Jim. You're on TV, man.

Simon and Jim get up and walk over to Brown's desk.

Simon: Must be that interview from the other day.

~Cut to Carasco house. Maya's room. Jim's interview is on the TV there as well. Maya is not watching at first, but starts when Jim's voice comes on.~

Reporter: Detective, Isabel Sharp, KCDE News, can you clarify for us what happened here?

Jim: Yeah, a joint operation between Cascade Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms covered an attempt to brings firearms into the city. A firefight broke out. Nine people were arrested. Two people were killed.

Reporter: Any comments on reports that the northwest has been inundated with high-tech military weapons which may come from a single source?

Jim: All I can tell you is that last night's seizure is part of an on-going investigation which we intend to pursue with every resource.

Reporter: Any police or A.T.F....

~Cut to Carasco in his office. He has also been watching the TV interview. He shuts off TV just before Vargas opens the doors and enters with Furukawa and two others.~

Carasco: Welcome, Mr. Furukawa.

Furukawa: We have a contract for the delivery of certain equipment. Obviously, that delivery won't be made.

Carasco: The situation is under control. Soon as we can arrange another shipment, you'll he your guns. Two weeks the most.

Furukawa: Two days. Or I want my money back.

Carasco: It's already been spent to purchase the guns that were seized on the docks.

Furukawa: If a man takes my money, then breaks the contract. There's only one other way to settle accounts, Senor...Carasco.

Carasco: The guns will be delivered by midnight tomorrow.

~Cut to Blair's office. Maya comes in.~

Blair: Maya, hi.

Maya: You lied to me, Blair. I saw your friend Jim on TV today. He's a policeman.

Blair: We need to talk.

Maya: All your questions about my past, about my family... What are you, a policeman too?!

Blair: No. No, not exactly.

Maya: Then what? What exactly are you?

Blair: I'm not a cop. But sometimes, I do help Jim out in a scientific way.

Maya: Oh. So, what was I -- an experiment?

Blair: No. No. I was asked to get close to you in order to find out about your father.

Maya: What did you tell them?

Blair: I told them that he was a great guy that liked to work in his garden. Maya, everything that happened between you and me, everything that we shared, that we said, that we felt, that was real. We can work this out.

Maya: No. No. No, we can't. No.

Blair: Come on, Maya. Please.

Maya: No! (leaves)

~Cut to Jim at his desk. He's on the phone. Blair picks up in his office. View switches between them.~

Blair: Maya?

Jim: It's Ellison.

Blair: Hey, Jim. Look, I really don't feel like talking to you right now.

Jim: You told Maya?

Blair: No. She found out.

Jim: I'm sorry. But I'm right about her father. The way we figure it, he's been running guns through South American rebels for the C.I.A. and skimming off the top so he can turn around and sell them back in the States. We're inches away from making our case here, Chief.

Blair: Yeah, that's great. That's great, man, but it doesn't help me out any. I'm falling in love with her, Jim. I got to go. (hangs up)

~Cut to Carasco house. Day. Carasco finds Maya on the couch, upset.~

Carasco: Corazon... Que pasa? Blanca told me you never got to bed last night. What's the matter?

Maya: It's Blair. He's been spying on us. He's working with the police. I didn't know.

Carasco: Of course you didn't.

Maya: Is it true what they say about you?

Carasco: No. It's lies. Lies created by those who disapprove of what I did for our country. Shh, shh.

Vargas comes in.

Vargas: There's a phone call for you, Senor Carasco. The export company... from Japan.

Carasco: I'll take it in the greenhouse.

Vargas: Si, Senor.

Carasco leaves.

Vargas: In the future, you should be more careful about the friends you choose, and what you say to them. You see, my job is to protect your father and to handle anyone and anything that threatens him and that includes your friend. And if necessary, you. (leaves)

~Cut to outside of house. Blair knocks on door. Blanca answers the door.

Blair: Hi. I need to see Maya.

Blanca: She doesn't want to see you. (shuts the door)

Blair: Damn it.

Blair walks around the house, hearing loud voices from inside the greenhouse.

Blair: Senor Carasco.

Carasco: It was Furukawa! He wanted to be reassured the guns would be delivered by tonight.

Vargas: The men you wanted are ready.

Carasco: Good. The police will be watching the waterfront. So have them meet at the warehouse. Que esperas!

Vargas: Senor.

Vargas leaves greenhouse, finds Blair on the other side and knocks him out, then picks him up and walks off with him. Maya watches from above.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Carasco house. Vargas enters. He and Carasco talk. Maya watches and listens from stairs.~

Carasco: Vargas, I have the information. The army weapons convoy leaves Fort Brickman at 3:00.

Vargas: We got a problem.

Carasco: What is it, Vargas? We have to hurry if we're going to meet the men at the warehouse first.

Vargas: But Senor Carasco, we have a situation we must deal with first.

They leave. Maya follows.

~Cut to greenhouse. Blair tied up and gagged.~

Carasco: You used my daughter to get close to me. Well, you're close to me now.

Vargas: Senor Carasco, wait. I understand your anger. But with the police closing in on us and our operation tonight, we may need hostage.

Carasco: All right. You stay here. Watch over Maya. Protect her. If the police come, whatever you do, don't kill him. I reserve that pleasure for myself.

Vargas: Si, senor.

~Cut to breakroom. Jim and Drennan.~

Drennan: It's already been a long day so if you want to talk, let's do it.

Jim: Okay. When I was a rookie, fresh out of the Academy, maybe six months, there was another rookie. His name was Delgado. He was a good friend of mine. One Friday, we were going across the street to grab a bite to eat. When, out in front of the station there was this fender bender. These two guys jumped out of their car, ready to tear into each other. So Delgado and I, we go over there to try and cool things down. What we didn't know was that one of the guys was an escaped felon. So when Delgado goes over to talk to this guy, he pulls out a gun and he shoots him. So I pull out mine and we exchange fire. He misses. I don't miss. But that doesn't help Delgado... Because he's dead. I spent the next few months so pissed off at the world -- angry, confrontational. I did some stupid, seriously stupid things because I kept thinking it was my fault. But I was wrong, you see. Because there was nothing I could do.

Drennan: He was my partner. You're supposed to protect your partner.

Jim: You do your best and if it all falls apart, then hopefully, you can find some forgiveness, and you move on 'cause that's all you can do.

Jim's cellphone rings.

Jim: Excuse me. (into phone) Ellison.

Maya: It's Maya Carasco. I don't know what to do. My father swore to me that he hadn't done anything wrong.

Jim: All right, Maya, slow down. What's going on?

Maya: My father's involved in something. It's something to do with guns. I heard him talking. There's a convoy coming in from Fort Brickman.

Jim: Yeah, yeah, that's an army base north of here. What else did he say?

Maya: He's supposed to be meeting some men at our old warehouse. It's on Stanford and 12th. But, Detective, Blair is here. Vargas took him to the greenhouse. He's unconscious. I don't know what to do.

Jim: All right, listen to me, Maya. Go into your room and lock the door and do not come out until I get there. I'm on my way. (hangs up; says to Drennan) Let's go.

~Cut to Maya going into greenhouse. She finds Blair.~

Maya: Blair.

Vargas appears and knocks her out.

~Cut to Jim and Drennan going into Major Crimes bullpen.~

Jim: They're going to hit a convoy on its way to Fort Brickman.

Simon: I'll notify the army. Where's Carasco now?

Jim: Meeting his men at a warehouse at 12th and Stanford.

Simon: All right, we'll handle that and I'll send backup out to Carasco's house.

Jim: But nobody move without word. We spook Vargas, we get Sandburg killed. All right?

~Cut to greenhouse. Vargas, Blair (still tied up), and Carasco.~

Vargas: What a tragedy. Your boyfriend escapes. I hear your screams and I find him standing over your body with a machete. I kill him, but it will be too late.

Maya: My father will know you're lying.

Vargas: Your father will believe whatever I tell him. He believed me when I told him that your mother was killed in a fall from a horse.

~Cut to outside Carasco house. Jim and Drennan with their guns.~

Jim: Maya said they took Blair to the greenhouse. I'm going to go check it out. Cover me.

Drennan: You sure you trust me?

Jim: Absolutely.

Blanca appears out front door with a huge gun, starts firing.

Drennan: Jim! Look out! (fires her gun)

Gunfire exchange.

~Cut to greenhouse. Vargas distracted by gunfire. Blair rushes him. Vargas knocks him out, then starts chasing Maya through the greenhouse with machete.~

~Cut to outside house. Blanca goes down. Drennan is shot in the arm.~

~Cut back to greenhouse. Vargas still chasing Maya.~

~Cut back to outside of house. Jim runs over to Drennan.~

Jim: Drennan

Drennan: Go ahead. I'm okay. Go ahead.

~Cut back to greenhouse. Vargas still chasing Maya.~

~Cut to Jim outside greenhouse. He listens for a bit, then comes through the side of greenhouse just after Vargas gets a hold of Maya. They struggle, then go through another wall of the greenhouse. As the fall on the ground, Vargas' gun goes off. Jim rolls away and is okay.~

~Cut to Carasco making a deal to get more guns with a group of men in a warehouse.~

Carasco: Where the road bends south, there's a bluff above, plenty of cover below. Move quickly and you'll take them without any trouble.

Miller: Show me the money.

Carasco: The rest upon delivery. After nightfall. Well... anything else?

Simon walks in from behind Carasco.

Simon: No, that should be just enough rope to hang yourself, Julio.

Carasco: Shoot him!

Simon: Shoot me, Officer Miller, you and the rest of your team will be back walking a beat. Cuff him.

Miller cuffs Carasco as Simon looks on.

~Cut to Jim and Drennan (one arm in a sling) in the kitchen. Night. Jim turns as Drennan stands and puts a frying pan on the stove.~

Jim: All right, all right. Admit it. A one-armed woman is of no use in the kitchen. Here. Pour a little bit of the plum wine in the chow mein. Can you handle that?

Drennan: Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. You remember?

There's a knock at the door. Jim answers it.

Jim: Maya.

Maya: Hi.

~Cut to Maya entering Blair's room through the curtained doorway. Blair is laying down. He sits up as she comes in.~

Blair: Maya.

Maya: Hi. I came to say good-bye.

Blair: Where are you going?

Maya: I'm going Chile. (sits on bed next to Blair) With my father in prison, I just don't feel I belong here anymore, you know?

Blair: Look, I don't want you to go.

Maya stands again.

Blair: I love you.

Maya: I love you too. But I hate you too. I just need time. I need to find out who I am and what I feel.

Blair: (stands up) I'll be here.

They hug and then she leaves. Blair sits back down. Jim comes in and leans against the door frame.

Jim: Have you been talking to Drennan? I'm trying to have a little Chinese food here and she's telling me that MSG is an hallucinogen. I think she needs some talking to. Would you straighten her out? Want some noodles?

Blair: Not right now, okay, Jim?

Jim: All right. (leaves)

Blair lays back on the bed and tries not to cry.

~ The End ~