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Vow of Silence

Written by: Bruce Kalish
Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Kelly Curtis (Carolyn Plummer), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Brandon Maggart (Brother Marcus), Lawrence Pressman (Brother Jeremy), John Pleshette (Brother Christopher), David Mitchell (Brother Anthony), Trevor White (Brother Timothy), Michael Puttonen (Brother Joseph), Frank C. Turner (Brother Frederick), Robert Rozen (Brother Michael), John R. Taylor (Brother Theodore), Alex Bruhanski (Grossman), Gavin Buhr (Carl).

Summary: When Ellison seeks a rejuvenating weekend getaway, Sandburg takes him where there is plenty peace and quiet - an ancient monastery secluded in the mountains. Although feeling hoodwinked by Sandburg and his idea of a "New Age" retreat, Ellison is stranded with no choice but to spend one night in the austere surroundings. Then, one of the resident Monks is found murdered and the outsiders, Ellison and Sandburg, are suspected of the crime. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

Trivia: Yes, Brandon Maggart is Garett's father.

This episode was originally broadcast on July 17, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In all tribal cultures every village had a sentinel. Now, a sentinel is chosen because of a genetic advantage -- a sensory awareness that can be developed beyond normal humans'. Your time spent in Peru has got to be connected with what's happening to you now. I've got hundreds of documented cases of one or two hyperactive senses but not one single subject with all five. You could be the real thing."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. A man with a green duffle bag enters a bus restroom and goes to the sink. Someone in a black hooded sweatshirt comes up behind him and kills him. Then the man goes into a stall and drags the duffle bag in with him. A bit later, there's another man at the sink, combing his hair. A toilet flushes and a man in a long hooded monk's outfit exits, then leaves the room entirely. He has the green duffle bag with him.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair, standing next to Jim's truck on a country road. Day. Jim is taking a bag of golf clubs from the back.~

Blair: Uh, Jim, what's with the clubs?

Jim: I haven't, uh, used these since I got them about years ago. Figured I'd break them in on the links out here, put in a couple rounds. Where is the course?

Blair: The is no golf course, Jim. This is, uh...this a quiet contemplation sort of place.

Jim: No golf, huh? So, uh, when you said "retreat", you meant more like a spa -- massage, you know, mineral baths, that kind of thing?

Blair: No. I said "simple." I probably even said "spartan."

Jim: Sandburg, where are we going with this? What are we doing here?

Blair: Simon tells me that you haven't had a day off in over a year. Your energy level's way down, man. You've said yourself that your sensory skills seem to be getting a little dull. So I did some reading, some checking up. The tribal elders, they used to send their sentinels out once year on a retreat to sharpen their senses.

Jim: So you're talking about, uh, solitude, long walks in the forest, primeval communing with nature... No civilization? (puts club back in golf bag) That's beautiful. I can deal with that.

Blair: Right, right. Think of it as a place to get back to your spiritual roots.

Jim: You know if you're roping me into some sort of new age community, workshop-type deal...

Blair: No, no, no. This is no new age workshop, Jim. This is... very, very traditional.

Old school bus that says "St. Sebastian's Monastery" pulls up and stops next to them. Doors open and a monk looks out at them.

Christopher: Hop in, guys.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in bus as it rumbles down road.~

Jim: Okay, Chief, this whole monk thing they do -- it's an act right? You know, like when you go to Caesar's Palace? You know the guy in the toga taking your bags isn't really a Roman.

Christopher: I'm afraid you may have been misled, Detective Ellison. What exactly did, uh, Brother Blair tell you about our little resort?

~Cut to Jim and Blair exiting the bus in front of a monastery. Another monk meets them.~

Christopher: Here we are.

Jeremy: Welcome to St. Sebastian's, Brothers. I hope your ride wasn't too bumpy. We only send the bus out twice a month. Brother Christopher's driving suffers from a lack of practice.

Christopher: He always kidding me about my driving.

Jeremy: Who's kidding? Nice to see you again, Blair.

Blair: Brother Jeremy. It's a pleasure to be back. This is my friend, Jim Ellison. Jim, this is Brother Jeremy, the abbot.

Jim: It's nice to meet you. But when Blair suggested a retreat, the last thing I expected was a monastery. No offense, gentlemen. I was wondering when I could expect a ride, uh, back to my truck.

Jeremy: Tomorrow morning.

Jim: I see.

Blair: Don't worry about it, man. This place has everything you're going to need.

Jim: Really? Do you have a satellite dish?

Christopher: No.

Jim: Television?

Christopher: I'm afraid not.

Jim: Indoor plumbing?

Long pause.

Jeremy: Scared you, didn't we?

Everybody laughs.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, Jeremy, and Christopher going down hallway of monastery.~

Blair: I see you got electricity.

Jeremy: Actually, we just put in a generator. In fact, we've a single light bulb in every cell. We find it useful for reading at night. (opens a door to a room) This is your cell.

Christopher: It's, uh, what we call our rooms.

Jim's cellphone rings. He answers it.

Jim: Excuse me. (into phone) Ellison. Hey, Sharon. I'm, uh .. I'm out of town. Yeah. Well... We'll pick it up where we left off. Ah. 7:00 sounds good. Uh, I can't really, uh.. Good-bye. (hangs up)

Blair: Jim, did you just make a date in a monastery?

Jim: She called me.

Jeremy takes Jim's cellphone.

Jeremy: I'll give this back to you. There's one in the office for emergency calls only. No cellphones are permitted. And I'll also take your gun.

Jim: No. I need my gun. I'm a cop.

Jeremy: I understand. However, guns are not necessary at St. Sebastian's.

Blair: Give him the gun. This is a monastery. It's the last place on earth you're going to need one. Jim, come on. Give it to him.

Jim gives Jeremy his gun.

Jeremy: Thank you. Brother Christopher. (leaves)

Christopher: Excuse me. He... he's really okay once you get to know him. It's just that, um, he hasn't been out of here for 20 years. There's really quite a story to it -- a mystery really.

Jeremy: Brother Christopher...are you coming?

Christopher: In a minute. You know, I read a lot of detective fiction in my personal hours. It's just we have no TV, and, well what else is there to do? Also, I'm kind of author, and, uh, I was wondering, um... I'd really love it if you would look at my stuff. I mean just check my police procedures and all?

Jim: Sure. Whatever you need.

Christopher: Oh, thanks. Well, I'll...I'll see you later. (leaves)

Blair: Later, Brother. (closes door) I love that -- "Brother." I love that. Jim, I swear to you you're going to get to really...really appreciate this place.

Jim lays down on his bed and puts on headphones.

Blair: Vow of silence -- you're already getting into it.

Jeremy comes back in and takes Jim's headphones and radio.

Jeremy: No radios either. Sorry. (leaves)

Blair: Maybe he's a sentinel monk.

~Cut to a young monk, Timothy, sneaking around halls. He goes into a cell and starts looking around. He finds a green duffle bag under the bed and unzips it. He hears something and stuffs it back under the bed, then hides behind door as another monk, with their hood up, comes inside. Monk gets a book from the table, then sees a crucifix necklace on the floor. He picks it up, then leaves the room. Timothy leaves shortly afterwards.~

~Cut to Blair entering glass workshop. Two other monks are inside working on stain glass windows. One speaks to him.~

Marcus: Well...

Blair: Brother Marcus...Hello.

Marcus: I remember you. The young man who promised to write to allow me to vicariously enjoy his exploits in the real world.

Blair: You know, time...gets by you sometimes.

Marcus: Well, I forgive you, but then...

Blair: You have to!

Marcus: I have to!

They hug, then part.

Blair: You look great.

Marcus: I've missed our talks. Do you think we could have some time while you're here to have a talk?

Blair: You can count on it. If you don't mind me being around where you're working.

Marcus: Well, part of our work is sharing it. That's why we welcome visitors.

Bell rings in the distance.

Marcus: Oh, there's dinner. Better hurry. There won't be anything left.

Blair: Leave that on. Let's go.

Marcus: Oh, it's good to see you.

~Cut to dinner table. Jim, Blair, and the monks all around it. Jeremy beings to pray.~

Jeremy: Dear Lord. We are blessed with the bounty we are about to receive and for the presence of our brothers, Blair Sandburg and James Ellison...

Timothy comes in late and sits down quickly. Jeremy continues.

Jeremy: And thank you for bringing them into our midst. (pause) Brother James? Would you care to complete the benediction?

Jim: Uh...Well, I, um...

Jeremy: It's traditional to include one of our guests.

Blair motions for him to do it.

Jim: All right, I'll give it a shot. Thank you, Lord, um... Um... for all that you do...for the great chili. Amen.

All: Amen.

Christopher: A little wine?

Anthony finds his crucifix (that he dropped earlier) under his plate.

Jim: I hear you make that here.

Christopher: Yes, we do.

Blair: Want some bread?

Jim: Yeah.

~Cut to basketball court outside. Still day. Jim, Blair, and a few of the monks playing.~

Jim: Nothing to it. Oh, we got the web on "D". We got the web. That's rig, pass it off, Junior. I hear the fat lady. I hear the fat lady. Oh, nice rebound.

Blair: You ain't got nothing though, Jim.

Jim: It's looks slippery, but he's working it. Come on. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He's racking them. (monk steals ball from him) Come on, man. Yeah! What about "thou shalt not steal"?

Blair: You'd better be careful, Jim. People might think you're having a good time, man.

Jim: Yeah. Well, it's not too bad.

Blair: Give me the ball.

Jim: How 'bout a rematch? Come on, rematch.

Timothy motions towards bell tower, then leaves.

Marcus: We're going to have to count Timothy out. He's got to ring the bell for vespers.

Jim: He's a pretty quiet guy.

Christopher: He's taken a vow of silence.

Jim: You guys actually do that?

Christopher: Oh, it standard every morning from 4:00 to 6:00. But sometimes, as in Timothy's case, we do it for up to two months. It's, uh... it's tough, but the effect can be quite cleansing.

Jim: Uh, well, Anthony, come on, baby. How 'bout you? (throws ball to Anthony) Sorry, babe. Let's see your jump shot. Come on.

Blair: We know you got one.

Jim: Nothing but cotton.

Anthony throws a major air ball.

Jim: All right, he's on your team.

Blair: What?

~Cut to Anthony entering the bell tower and ringing the bell with flashes of the basketball game being played outside.~

Jim: Yeah, perfect crowd.

~Cut to Anthony tripping and falling down the stairs. Everyone stops at the noise.~

Monk: What was that?

Blair: Oh, man, come on.

Monk: Check in the bell tower. Hurry up!

They all hurry into bell tower. Jim checks Timothy, then stands up.

Jeremy: What happened?

Jim: He's dead.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. Jim and Blair with Jeremy in Jeremy's office.~

Jim: Forgive me, sir, but something doesn't set right here. I mean, Timothy was young and athletic. You saw the way he moved the basketball court today.

Blair: Jim, don't you think you're jumping the gun a little? I mean, this isn't some back alley in Cascade.

Jeremy: I don't understand. What are you saying?

Jim: This might not have been an accident.

Jeremy: You're saying this was a murder? Here at St. Sebastian's? I don't believe that.

Jim: Sir, I'm saying the death might be accidental. But with no witnesses, there's got to be an investigation if only for your protection. Now, I'll need to use your phone. (picks up receiver)

Jeremy: Must you bring more outsiders here?

Blair: Brother Jeremy, a man has died. At the least, we're obligated to report it.

Jim: Your phone's dead. (hangs up receiver)

Jeremy: It's an old phone with old wires. It wouldn't be the first time it was out of order.

Jim: That's great. I'm going to need my cellphone and my gun while you're at it.

Jeremy opens a locked drawer and finds it empty.

Jeremy: They're gone. Your gun and phone -- I put them in this drawer. It was locked.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Christopher in chapel where Timothy's body is laid out in an open casket. Jim goes up to casket to examine body.~

Jim: You don't have to stay.

Christopher: I'm as anxious as you are to find out who killed him.

Blair: So you think he was murdered too? Why?

Christopher: Wherever mortals gather, there is evil. I don't remember where I read that.

Jim: It's broken between the third and fourth cervical which is consistent with a violent fall. Excuse me. (moves to end of body and looks at Timothy's feet) I was right.

Christopher: What can you tell just by looking at his ankles?

~Cut to bell tower. Jim and Blair on steps.~

Jim: Let me have your flashlight for a second. Stand on this step.

Blair stands just on stop step in front of Jim.

Jim: Yeah. Just what I thought. There's a small hole on each side of the step. I can feel a little moisture in the sawdust here which means it's pretty recent.

Blair moves around behind him.

Jim: Probably a metal eyelet was screwed in on either . Then a wire or a piece of monofilament was stretched across the step.

Blair: So that's what made the cuts on Timothy's ankles.

Jim: Yep. He was murdered.

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering kitchen. Jeremy is sitting at table.~

Jim: Excuse me, sir. Brother Timothy was murdered. And I have the proof.

Jeremy: But why would anyone want to kill him?

Blair: We don't know that yet.

Jeremy: What do you know?

Jim: Timothy rang that bell at the same time every day. The killer must have been aware of his routine and set a trap.

Jeremy: Are you...are you suggesting that one of our monks is a murderer?

Jim: Yes, sir, I am. Sorry.

Jeremy: Oh no, no. No, that's not possible. Someone must have come in from the outside. Perhaps a thief trying to get at those stained glass windows we're restoring. Some of those windows are very old and quite valuable.

Jim: Timothy died in the tower, not the workshop. Besides, that tripwire had to have been rigged between the time that he rang the bell for dinner and when he went back to the tower to ring the bell for vespers. A stranger on the premises would ve been noted immediately. Now, I want all of us to go into town together. I want you to wake all the men. Right now.

Jeremy: Is that an order, Detective?

Jim: Well, if it has to be, yes.

Jeremy: You come barging into my world with your cynicism and your radios and your guns and your phones and now you're giving orders.

Jim: Brother Jeremy, a man has been murdered. Now somebody has to take charge of this situation and deal with it, we can't deny that it happened.

Jeremy: You don't like me, do you, Detective? You think I'm an anachronism. That our order serves no purpose.

Jim: I didn't say that, sir.

Jeremy: You didn't have to.

Blair: Guys, guys, let's deal with the subject at hand here, okay? We're all going to be a lot safer once we get out of here.

~Cut to everyone in a large room.~

Jim: Brothers, I apologize for the inconvenience but getting you out of here tonight is the only way that I can assure your safety. I promise I'll do everything I can to get you back here as soon as possible. Now, Blair is warming up the bus. So at any moment...

Blair comes rushing inside and goes to Jim.

Blair: All four tires on the bus have been slashed. (whispering to Jim) Jim, somebody really does not want us to get out of here. What are we going to do?

Jim: (whispering) We ask for a volunteer to take a walk into town. If I was a murderer, I'd want to get out of here. I'd be the first one to raise my hand. (to everyone else) Gentlemen, we're going to need a volunteer to make a walk back to town.

Nearly all the monks raise their hands.

Jeremy: I think that Brother Theodore can be trusted with that job.

Jim: Brother Theodore. Do you think you can handle this?

Theodore: I've walked 15 miles three times a week for 40 years.

Jim: In the middle of the night?

Theodore: Would you care to put a C-note on it? Which, of course, I would turn over to the church.

Jim: I'll take that bet. When you get into town, would you notify the authorities and apprize them of the situation?

Theodore: I understand. I'll just stop and get few supplies and I'll be on my way.

Jim: Terrific. Thank you.

Jeremy: Well, Brothers, I suggest we retire to our cells, lock ourselves in and maintain silence for the rest of the night. Try to sleep if you can. And please, remember, Brother Timothy in your prayers.

Jim: Thank you, gentlemen, for your cooperation. Thank you.

Monks file out back to their cells.

Jim: I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Brother Jeremy.

~Cut to Jeremy entering a cell and going up to an unshown monk.~

Jeremy: Brother, I think we have a problem.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Next morning. Jim is walking over to small garden area next to monastery where Anthony and Michael are working.~

Jim: Good morning. Brother Anthony, I know this is a bad time to be asking questions, but I really have to. I was wondering if you could shed some light on Brother Timothy's background.

Neither man talks to him.

Jim: Maybe another time. Thanks anyway. (walks off)

Bells ring and Anthony steps out of garden and goes to Jim.

Anthony: Detective. I'm sorry. We observe a two-hour period of silence every morning. It's to help us remember our vows.

Jim: I'm sorry.

Anthony: The bell rings to let us know when we can speak.

Jim: Right.

Anthony: Anyway, beside the vows... Well...

Jim: What?

Anthony: Some of the brothers are afraid of you and Blair.

Jim: Afraid of us? Well, we're your only protection here.

Anthony: They think you might be the killers. You are outsiders and you arrived the night that Timothy died.

Jim: And what do you think?

Anthony: Oh, I trust in the Lord. If he calls me, I'm more than willing to join him. The only thing I can tell you about Timothy is that he was from Kansas.

Jim: And what about the other brothers?

Anthony: You know, we don't usually talk about our old lives here. Most of us have come here to put the rest of the world behind us for good. And I'm fairly new here, so...

Jim: I'm here to solve Timothy's murder. That's all I want to do right now. Any information, any detail you can give me, regardless of how small, is going to be of great help.

Anthony: Well, uh... Brother Michael -- he's our newest arrival -- he's been unusually secretive about his past.

Jim: And the others?

Anthony: Oh... Marcus, Joseph. They've been here about as long as Jeremy. Marcus was an accountant. Joseph was a social worker.

Christopher can be seen above in the bell tower, leaning over to watch them talk.

Anthony: Um, Frederick was an actor in the movies -- mostly low budget.

Jim: That's why I recognize him. Of course. Now, I hear Jeremy has been here for 20 years or so?

Anthony: Ah, he's very dedicated to his mission. He's a little bit gruff, but he's probably the most decent man I know.

Jim: Yeah. (looks up and see Christopher in bell tower) What about Christopher?

Anthony: Christopher, I believe, was a life-insurance salesman.

Jim: Ah, I see, that would explain why he talks so much. And what about yourself?

Anthony: Well, um. I was a man without direction. Um... different jobs all over the country and then one day walked into a church... and my mission became clear. It was actually as simple as that.

Jim: I wish I could believe like you do. Jeremy says I'm cynical. Maybe I am.

Anthony: Well, in the outside world, it's hard not to be.

Jim: Yeah.

Anthony: I've got to get back to work.

Jim: Thank you for your time.

Christopher appears.

Christopher: Why were you questioning Brother Anthony?

Jim: Why were you watching us from the tower?

Christopher: Well, Jeremy gave me Timothy's duties. I looked out. I saw you. Anthony's a suspect?

Jim: Everybody is.

Christopher: Why would I want to kill brother Timothy?

Jim: Why would anybody? So far, I don't have anything resembling a motive. Until I do, every monk is suspect. It's nothing personal.

Christopher: I understand, but you can trust me. Matter of fact, I'm working on a couple of leads I'm going to follow up on.

Jim: Terrific.

Christopher: I'll keep you in the loop.

Jim: Right. Do that. (walks off)

~Cut to a figure in a cell. He injects something into the light bulb, then leaves the cell. Frederick goes into Jim and Blair's cell to change the bed and finds Jim's gun and cellphone under his pillow.~

~Cut to Blair and Marcus walking among the trees.~

Marcus: Timothy used to come out here every morning. I'd see him sitting right up here on this bench -- sitting there and looking off. I always wondered what he was thinking about. He had, uh...he had good eyes, you know? There was truth in them. I was looking forward to the end of his silence so we could talk. Not many men are willing to choose this life. Temptations of the world are too great.

Jim appears off to the side.

Marcus: When I entered this monastery, I found what I was looking for. It's not for everyone... but it works for me. Now, I'll see you at breakfast. Don't be late. Nothing but crumbs. (leaves)

Blair: All right. Bye-bye.

Jim: Brother Marcus.

Marcus: Detective.

Jim: Did you find out anything?

Blair: You know, Jim... I could never do what these guys do. I mean, the sacrifice, the commitment... I just can't believe that one of them would will another.

Jim: You just got to remember they're flesh and bone, just like you and me.

Frederick comes up to them.

Frederick: Excuse me. Brother Jeremy asked if you'd meet him in your cell.

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering their cell to find it thoroughly searched.~

Jim: Oh, this is great.

Jeremy follows them and yanks the door closed behind them and locks it from the outside.

Jim: Hey. Jeremy, what are you doing?

Jeremy: Brother Frederick found these in your cell. (holds up gun and cellphone)

Jim: Wait a minute. Somebody's trying to set me up! Can't you see? They're trying to get me out of the way! You guys are in even more danger.

Jeremy: Perhaps, but not from you.

Blair: Jeremy, come on, you know me!

Jeremy: I'm sorry, Blair. We can't take any chances.

Jim: Is he serious?

Blair: Jeremy, come on, open the door!

Jim: Jeremy, open this door! Jeremy!

Jeremy and Frederick walk off, disappearing around the corner.

Jim: Oh, these clowns. I've had it with them. I'm going out the window, man.

Christopher appears in hallway and Blair sees him heading the other way.

Blair: Christopher! Christopher, come here! Open the door!

Christopher: I can't do that. But I found something you should see. It's in my room. I'll be right back. (walks towards opposite end of hallway to open cell door)

Blair: No, no! Open the door first!

Jim: (smells something) What the hell is that?

Blair: What's what?

Jim: Fuel oil or kerosene.

Blair: Where?

Jim: Smells like it's coming from down the hall. (uses his eyesight to zoom in to see liquid in the bottom of the light bulb in Christopher's cell just as Christopher reaches up to turn it on) Christopher! Don't go in there! Christopher!

Christopher pulls the light switch on the bulb. Bulb blows up and ignites room in a ball of fire.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Blair in Christopher's destroyed room. Jeremy and Frederick at the door.~

Jim: The killer injected the light bulb with a flammable liquid. When Christopher hit the switch, the filament set it off.

Blair: And he was trying to help us too. Maybe he found something.

Jeremy: I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.

Jim: Well, why don't you tell that to Brother Christopher.

Jeremy: I understand your anger, and I fully deserve it. But from now on you'll have my total cooperation, and that of the other monks. (gives Jim's gun and cellphone to Blair) Please... Please find whoever's responsible for this before another of us dies. (leaves with Frederick)

Jim: Check this out. (hands Blair a burnt picture, then takes his stuff from Blair) Let me have that. Clip's gone. So is the battery. That look familiar?

Blair: Uh... sort of.

Jim: Jackie Kozinski. Ran the midwest unions in the '70s. More of a gangster than a union leader. Racketeering, extortion, you name it. Rumor had it that he ordered several contract killings.

Blair: Didn't he turn federal witness and blow the lid on those mob guys doing his dirty work for him? He disappeared, right?

Jim: Popular notion had it that he was murdered, but they never found the body.

Blair: It was a big, huge national story, wasn't it?

Jim: Did you see that ring? Where have you seen that ring before?

Blair: Um, I don't know.

Jim: Brother Jeremy's right hand.

Blair: What? Brother Jeremy? Well, if that's him in the picture, Jim, what is going on here?

Jim: I don't know, but it's possible it had something to do with the death of Christopher.

Blair: Don't you think that's kind of out there, man? I mean, why is someone going to kill a guy for a picture taken of a man that disappeared 15, 20 years ago?

Jim: Jeremy said that one of the purposes of the monastery was to provide a refuge. So, what Kozinski isn't dead? What if he's here?

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering the chapel. Jeremy is sitting in pew; Jim stands next to and above him.~

Jim: Who is he to you?

Jeremy: Who is who?

Jim: Jackie Kozinski.

Jeremy: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jim: Sure, you do. One of your monks is Jackie Kozinski. (gives Jeremy the picture) Christopher...may have died because he found that picture. That's your ring, isn't it? What happened, Jeremy? Is Kozinski a friend of yours? What did he do? Did he roll over on the mob or something, so you gave him a place to hide. He had a little plastic surgery just to be safe?

Jeremy: You don't understand.

Jim: No, I understand fine. You provided a murdering gangster with a refuge. Then, after all the years, somehow Timothy figured it all out and Kozinski killed him.

Jeremy: No.

Jim: Yes. And then Christopher found out and Kozinski killed him as well.

Jeremy: No, my god, you're wrong.

Jim: No, I'm not.

Jeremy: Get out.

Jim: No, I won't!

Jeremy: Get out!

Jim: No!

Marcus enters chapel from behind them.

Marcus: That's enough, Jeremy. (comes up to them) It's over. I've been responsible for enough deaths. I'm Jackie Kozinski.

Blair: What? You murdered two of your friends?

Marcus: I won't deny I've done things in the past -- terrible things -- but despite the accusations, I've never been involved in murder. Not in my past... Not here... And certainly not now. Oh, Blair... Come on, you have to believe me.

Jim: If you're not responsible for these deaths, who is? Who killed Timothy and Christopher?

Jeremy: Someone from the world Marcus left behind.

Marcus: See, I'm unfinished business. I gave away their secrets. As long as I'm alive, my crimes go unpunished.

Jim: What are you two suggesting? One of the other monks is a contract killer for the mob?

Marcus: Jeremy doesn't want to believe it, but it's the only logical conclusion.

~Cut to outside. Jim, Blair, Jeremy, and Marcus watching other monks around them.~

Jim: Who are the most recent arrivals?

Jeremy: Anthony and Michael. Michael was a banker from Detroit. No family. Anthony grew up in Indiana. In fact, he was a point guard for his university basketball team.

Jim: Anthony?

Jeremy: Full scholarship.

Jim: From the way he played last night you'd think he never touched a basketball.

Jim stares across front law at Anthony. Anthony stares back, then turns around briefly, whipping back around to face them, a gun in his hand.

Anthony: Looks like you found your man, Detective.

~Cut to Anthony herding all the monks upstairs to the bell tower.~

Anthony: Move! Faster! Get up there! Get up there! Move! All right, here's the drill. (holds a gun on Jeremy) You turn over Jackie Kozinski to me and no one else needs to get hurt.

Jim: I already told you, Kozinski isn't here.

Anthony: I told you, I don't believe you! I'll just start shooting and maybe I'll get lucky. When you see the big guy upstairs, tell him to teach you how to lighten up.

Marcus: Stop it. I'm Jackie Kozinski.

Anthony: Get over here.

Marcus goes over to him. Anthony pushes him down.

Jim: Easy, easy.

Frederick: Wait. I am Jackie Kozinski. (comes forward and kneels)

Monk: Once... I was known Jackie Kozinski. (comes forward and kneels)

Michael: Thank you, brothers... but I'm Jackie Kozinski. (comes forward and kneels)

Jeremy: And Jackie Kozinski. (kneels)

Anthony: All right... you all want to play martyrs. Fine. (gets ready to fire gun)

Jim: How many rounds you got in that gun? One of us is going to be on you before you're through it.

Anthony leaves and pulls shut the hatch, locking them inside.

Marcus: Thank you, Brothers, but I think we've just sentenced ourselves to a mass grave.

Jim: That's not going to happen. Blair, check that door.

~Cut to Jim upstairs in the bell tower, listening to the Anthony talking on the phone below.~

Anthony: Yeah, it's me. Okay, so it took a little longer than I thought. Just get up here, will you? No. It doesn't matter. I'm going to do them all anyway just to make sure. If you get lost, just look for the big light in the sky.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene. Jim looks down from top of bell tower to the Blair and monks.~

Jim: I think I can make it. It's 55 feet.

Blair: Great, Jim. What are you gonna do with two broken legs? Come on.

Jim: How much does this bell weigh?

Jeremy: About a thousand pounds.

Jim: Brothers, I'm going to need your belts.

~Cut to Anthony dumping gasoline all over around chapel.~

~Cut back to Jim who is preparing to go down the side of the building using the belts as a long rope.~

Jim: If you've got a good prayer for this, now would be a good time to say it.

~Cut back to Anthony, still pouring gasoline. He doesn't notice Jim descending the side of the building. Anthony lights a match, but then drops it. Jim drops to the ground and rushes him, attacking and knocking him out. He picks up the match before the leaking gasoline can get to it, snuffing it. Blair and monks cheer him from above.~

~Cut to a bit later. Jim is tying up Anthony with one of the belts.~

Michael: Uh, uh, I seem to be short a belt.

Jim: It's still being used.

Michael: He can keep it.

Cadillac roars into driveway, guns blasting. A few monks are hit. Everyone scatters. Jim and Blair go inside main monastery building. Mob boss gets out of car.

Mob boss: Jackie!

Jim: Let's split up.

Mob boss: Come on out, Jackie!

Blair: What?!

Jim: It's safer that way. Just go. Come on.

Anthony runs over to mob boss to be untied.

Anthony: Will you get this of?

Mob boss unties him.

Anthony: Oh, man, am I glad to see you.

Mob boss grabs him and forces him to the hood of the car.

Mob boss: You had two months to find Jackie and you didn't do it. You could have killed all of them and you didn't do it. Now I'm going to give you one more chance to atone for you sins, brother. Do it.

Anthony gets a gun and runs back to monastery.

Mob boss: Jackie! Come on out, Jackie! Jackie!

Jim finds Jeremy in the hallway, startling him. Jim takes him to the side of the hallway.

Jim: Shh.

Mob boss: It's all over. Jackie!

Jim: Well, they've got guns, but 've got the man power. Now, we've got to rally the Brothers in order to fight.

Jeremy: No, you see, as part of our vows We're committed to abstain from violence -- of any kind.

Jim: Even if you're attacked?

Jeremy: I'm sorry.

Jim leaves.

~Cut to room in monastery where monks are gathered. A few are injured, including Marcus. Jeremy enters.~

Jeremy: Brothers...the situation appears rather grave.

Michael: We have to do something to help.

Jeremy: I've told Detective Ellison that won't be possible.

Michael: Brother, I really think in this case...

Jeremy: No. On this point there will be no discussion.

~Cut to Blair getting a huge walking stick and going up the stairs. He follows a bad guy who is creeping around the cells upstairs. Bad guy steps looks out window, aiming his gun and shooting at Jim who is moving around the area below. Blair walks up behind him.

Blair: Psst.

Blair knocks the guy on the chin. Bad guy falls the rest of the way out the window and rolls off the roof to fall to the ground below.

~Cut to monks praying.~

~Cut to Anthony walking around outside. He hears something from behind the main chapel doors and goes up the steps. Jim opens the door in a rush and knocks Anthony down the stairs. Jim goes down to check on him. Then he looks up to see the mob boss with a gun pointed at him. Blair exits a side door at the same time. A shovel appears and hits the mob boss over the head, knocking him out. Camera pulls back to show Jeremy. Jeremy stands a moment, then drops shovel to the ground.~

~Cut to later. Police have arrived. Bad guys are being led out in cuffs to squad cars. Jim and Blair are giving their statements to an officer in charge.

Jim: There's no place that's safe.

Officer: I think that's about all we need here.

Jim: God have mercy on their souls.

Officer: All right, thank you.

Jim turns and sees a gurney with a body on it at the side. A sheet is draped over it. Jim pulls away the sheet to reveal Marcus' face.

Mob boss: (from where he is just being loaded into a car) I got you, Kozinski. You son of a bitch!

Blair starts to go for mob boss. Jim grabs him and hauls him back.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy. Come on. Come on. It's all right. Let it go.

Squad car leaves. Blair reaches for and just barely touches Marcus' face when Marcus opens his eyes.

Marcus: No. I got you.

Jim: It's a miracle.

Blair: (to Jim) Why didn't you tell me?

Jim: I didn't want to take any chances.

Blair: (to Marcus) Oh, man. I can't believe this. I'm really sorry about judging you before.

Marcus: I wouldn't blame you if you never spoke to me again.

Blair: Vow of silence? Me? It's not possible.

Marcus: I'm glad.

Jim: Take care, Brother Marcus. (walks away)

Jim goes to see Jeremy and Theodore.

Jim: Here's that C-note, Brother Theodore. I never doubted you'd make it.

Theodore: Thank you. (walks away)

Jim: Thank you. Is something wrong, sir?

Jeremy: I must admit I'm having trouble accepting responsibility for my violent action.

Jim: Well, if it's any help to you, I forgive you.

Jeremy: Thank you, Brother Jim.

Jeremy goes inside, leaving Jim and Blair alone.

Jim: You know, next time we go away for a little peace and quiet, I'm going to choose the place.

Blair: Okay. Where?

Jim: I don't know. Uh... I'm thinking about a little contrast would be nice. Maybe Vegas.

Blair: Sin City? All right, great, but don't tell the monks that. It's sacrilegious

Jim: Oh yeah? Well, I guess then that rules out the favor I was going to ask them.

Blair: What favor?

Jim: I was going to ask Brother Theodore to bless my dice.

Blair: Okay, let's give it a shot.

Jim: Or maybe my pool cue.

~ The End ~