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Written by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Directed by: Danny Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Kai Wulff (Carl Reischer), Raoul Trujillo (Spirit Guide), Eli Gabay (Rosario), Megan Leitch (Kimberly Ashe), Richard Yniguez (Sandoval), Ken Earl (Taggert), Drancy Jackson (Daryl Banks), Oscar Goncalves (Vasquez), Kendall Cross (Rhonda), Michael Sicoly (Pilot), Cesar Munoz (Indian Boy), Marites Pireda (Indian Girl).

Summary: Captain Simon Banks mysteriously disappears while attending an anti-drug conference in Lima, Peru. When it is suspected he has been left stranded in the Peruvian jungle, Ellison and Sandburg set out to find him, confident that Ellison's "sentinel" abilities will lead them to their lost captain. When their search fails to turn up Banks, Ellison comes to a deeper understanding of his gift and of himself. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on September 4, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cascade PD, Major Crimes. Day. Simon, Jim, Blair, and Joel coming out of Simon's office into bullpen.~

Blair: When you're in Peru you've got to go to Cusco and see the remains of the Temple of the Sun. It's 400 miles from Lima -- absolutely beautiful. And of course you've got to go to Machu Picchu, the lost ancient city. And if you go north from there...

Simon: Sandburg, I'm only gonna be in Lima for three days. Most of my time will be spent at the anti-narcotics conference.

Joel: Simon, I'm surprised you're taking Daryl along. You know, with the political situation in Peru, don't you think it's kinda risky?

Jim: Nah, things have changed a lot down there in the last few years. Totally turned around. The government has virtually won the war against the guerrillas.

Blair: Hey, what's Daryl going to be doing while you're at the conference?

Simon: I got a guide to take him around to show him the sites. After the conference is over, I've chartered a helicopter to take us up to Lake Incacha -- one of the most spectacular fishing spots in the world.

Blair: Wait a minute, wait aminute. You're going to a country with all the cultural heritage of Peru and you're going fishing?

Simon: He'll see the sights, then go fishing. Plus. It'll give us the chance to spend time together -- you know-- talk. Ever since the divorce, Daryl's been having a real rough time.

Joel: He must be excited about this trip, though.

Simon: He's 14. He don't get excited. It ain't cool.

Daryl enters the bullpen and comes towards them.

Blair: Hey, there's the man now.

Jim: Hey, Daryl, pumped about going to Peru?

Daryl: It's all right. Keeps me out of school, anyway.

Simon: Not quite. I've talked to all your teachers and gotten your homework assignments. You'll have plenty to do.

Daryl: Oh, man.

Simon: All right, guys, I'm staying with a friend from the Lima P.D., Captain Ernesto Sandoval. If you need to get in touch with me, Rhonda should have the number.

Rhonda: Your car's here, Simon.

Simon: Thanks, Rhonda. All right, guys, this is it. See you next week.

Jim: Have a great trip.

Simon: Stay out of my coffee. (to Daryl) Come on.

Simon and Daryl head out of bullpen, heading toward the elevators.

Joel: (to Jim and Blair) See you guys later. (walks off)

Daryl: Homework?

Simon: Look, I don't want you falling behind. This'll give you a chance to practice your Spanish and maybe improve on that "C" minus from last year.

Daryl: Yeah, but come on, Dad...

Simon: Daryl, this will be the best vacation of your life.

Elevators open and they go inside.

Jim: He's got his hands full.

Blair: Ah... they're going to have a great time.

Jim: They're going to kill each other.

~Cut to outside scene of helicopter sitting on a grassy hill. Day. Simon and Daryl waiting for pilot to fix a problem.~

Daryl: Man, this really sucks. Three days in Lima, and all I do is go to museums and do homework. Now, look. Now I'm stuck in the middle of a jungle a zillion miles from nowhere. I'd rather be in school.

Simon: I hope you don't talk to your mother like this. Look, son, I'm sorry. I didn't exactly plan for the helicopter to break down. As soon as he gets it fixed, we're on our way fishing.

Daryl: Yeah, right.

Simon: Daryl, you love fishing.

Daryl: No, Dad -- you love fishing. (walks off)

Simon: (to pilot) How much longer is this going to take?

Pilot: Not long, senor. It looks like there was some dirt in the fuel line.

Simon: Oh, there, Daryl -- You see, it's just... Daryl! (to pilot) It's safe around here, isn't it?

Pilot: Your son should not wander off, senor.

~Cut to Simon heading down a small hill to the edge of a river where he finds Daryl.~

Simon: Daryl!

Daryl: I'm over here, Dad!

Simon: Boy, how many times do I have to tell you not to go wandering off?

Daryl: I just wanted to have a look around.

Simon: Yeah? You should have brought your pole. (pause) Look, I'm sorry about all this, Daryl.

Daryl: Nah, that's okay, Dad.

Simon: No, it's not okay. I want to spend time with you, and I planned this whole trip and never once asked you what you wanted to do. I guess I haven't been listening very well, have I?

~Cut to pilot at helicopter. He sees a jeep full of men approaching. He mutters to himself, then closes up the helicopter panels in a hurry.~

Simon: As soon as the helicopter's fixed, I'll have the pilot take us to Lima.

Daryl: You sure?

Simon: We still got two days. We can do whatever you want.

Daryl: Cool! Can we go scuba diving?

Simon: Sure! Why not?

Daryl: Yes!

They hug.

Helicopter starts up in the distance.

Simon: Hey, it sounds like the helicopter's fixed. Wait...

They see the helicopter flying away over the river.

Daryl: Uh, Dad...

Simon: Hey!

Daryl: Dad, um...where's he going?

A man hidden in the trees fires a missile at the helicopter. Helicopter blows up.

Simon: Come on. Let's get out of here. Go!

~Cut back to Cascade, to the loft. Blair is on the phone when Jim comes in.~

Blair: That's terrific. Thanks a lot. Absolutely. No, no -- thank you. Thank you so much. I'll get back to you, ok? Bye-bye. (hangs up) All right!

Jim: Some girl must have said yes.

Blair: Do you know who that was? Dr. Eli Stoddard's secretary.

Jim: And who's that?

Blair: Eli Stoddard -- one of the world's greatest living anthropologists and just happens to be my mentor -- got funding for an expedition to Borneo to study the effects of modern civilization and what it's done to the indigenous people that live there. And he asked me to go with him.

Jim: Congratulations. You going to do it?

Blair: I told him I needed to think about it.

Jim: What's to think about? Go.

Blair: You really think I should?

Jim: Sure. You kidding me? A couple of weeks in Borneo sounds like a blast.

Blair: Jim, we're not talking about a couple of weeks here. I mean, this kind of study involves a major commitment of time. At least... a year.

Jim: A year? What about, you know, our project -- this, uh, sentinel thing?

Blair: Jim, I know, but...but this kind of opportunity...

Jim: Then you should do it.

Blair: Are you upset?

Jim: No.

The phone rings. Blair goes to answer it, but Jim snatches it away from his hand.

Jim: Yeah?.... This is he.... Oh, Captain Sandoval..... What?.... Do they know where?.... Well, what about a rescue effort?

Blair: Jim, what's going on?

Jim: Could you let me know as soon as you find out anything?.... Thank you. (hangs up) Simon's helicopter went down somewhere in eastern Peru.

Blair: Oh, my god. Do they... do they know if there're any survivors?

Jim: They don't even know where it went down. The pilot must have been off-course.

Blair: Jim, what the hell are we going to do?

~Cut to a bit later. Jim is coming downstairs with a duffle bag. Blair exits his room with a backpack.~

Blair: All right, Jim. I'm all ready.

Jim: Forget it, Chief.

Blair: What are you talking about? I'm your backup. You need me.

Jim: This is a potentially volatile situation, okay? Besides, the jungle is no place for you.

Blair: Jim, I have been in the jungle before.

Jim: This is not some anthropological expedition.

Blair: Well, Simon's my friend, too, you know and I'm going.

Jim: You want to go along for the ride?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: Then you do what I tell you, when I tell you. No questions asked.

Blair: So what else is new?

~Cut to Simon and Daryl looking around helicopter crash site.~

Simon: We're looking for anything we can use to help us: medical supplies, a flashlight. We got a pretty long hike ahead of us. Also try to keep quiet. Whoever shot down the chopper may still be around.

Daryl: Yeah, well, don't you have your gun?

Simon: Yeah, I have my gun. My gun isn't going to save us, Daryl. Using our head is going to save us.

Daryl: I don't know why they did this, Dad.

Simon: I don't know either, son. The important thing is, we get to safety. Come on.

They look around site. Daryl finds the pilots's body. Simon sees and goes over to him, blocking his sight of the guy.

Daryl: He's dead?

Simon: We're going to be all right, son.

Soldiers appear at the top of the hill overlooking crash site. They start to fire down on them.

Simon: Let's move, Daryl.

Simon and Daryl run. Soldiers chase them.

Simon: Come on, son, go! Move!

They come to an edge of a cliff and stop.

Simon: Whoa!

Soldiers surround them.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Plane. Day. Jim, Blair, Sandoval, and the pilot, Vasquez.~

Jim: I appreciate your arranging things, Captain Sandoval.

Sandoval: It is the least I can do. Simon is a good man. The rain forest is a big place to search, senor. If the military couldn't find you friend's helicopter what makes you think you could?

Jim: 'Cause I know where to look. A friend at the Defense Department got me this. (spreads map against plane wall) It's a military satellite photo of the region. Now, you see this right here? According to the Pentagon analysts, it's the remains of a jet ranger helicopter.

Blair: The same kind Simon and his son were in.

Jim: Right here's a clearing where we can land. Probably where they were headed before they crashed. It's called the Almaguas Valley.

Vasquez: The Almagus Valley?

Jim: Right.

Vasquez: Nobody told me we were heading there.

Blair: Is there a problem?

Vasquez: It is swarming with guerillas. You wanna fly there, you find yourself another pilot.

Sandoval: Calmate!

Vasquez: Estas loco!

Sandoval: Calmate!

Vasquez: No!

Sandoval: Nos llevas o centro america existe para ti! Nos llevas o te llevo a la carcel. Decidate!

Vasquez: Si.

Sandoval: Our problem is solved. Vasquez will take us happily to the Almaguas Valley. Won't you, Vasquez?

Vasquez: Si.

Sandoval: I had to remind him that I'm aware of certain unscheduled flights that he makes occasionally to Central America.

Jim: You mean he's a smuggler?

Sandoval: No. Blue jeans made in our factories to look like American designer jeans.

~Cut to Reischer's camp. Day. Soldiers bring Simon and Daryl into camp in a truck. They get out and go to Reischer, the leader of the camp. Reischer is talking to Simon and Daryl while looking at Simon's ID.~

Reischer: You're an American policeman.

Simon: Yes.

Reischer: You're a long way from home, Senor Banks.

Simon: My son and I were on our way fishing. Our helicopter was shot down by some kind of rocket. Your men almost killed me and my boy.

Reischer: Forgive my men. They didn't understand your situation, Senor Banks. Your helicopter was probably shot down by guerillas. This whole area is swarming with them. They killed a couple of my men and they've tried to steal our jeeps and equipment. I'm Carl Reischer.

Simon: Right. This is my son, Daryl.

Reisher: Hello.

Daryl: What's up, man?

Simon: What is this place?

Reischer: We're with the Calvera Lumber Corporation. We're setting up a camp to harvest the trees. Why don't you and your son get cleaned up? I'm going into the jungle for a few hours. We'll talk at dinner, yes?

Simon: Well, I'd like to get a message to my friends in Lima.

Reischer: We have a radio here. Give your message to Rosario.

~Cut to airplane.~

Blair: So, Jim, how's it feel to be back in the jungle, man?

Jim: Got other things on my mind, Chief.

Blair: It's just that we'll be near the area where you developed your heightened senses, right?

Jim: I got other things on my mind.

Vasquez: Senores! The valley.

Jim looks out the open door.

Jim: All right, according to the satellite photo, the crash site is at the north end of the valley. That's the clearing right there. The wreckage should be a little to the west.

Vasquez: You want me to land in the clearing there? Impossible.

Jim: Why?

Vasquez: And there's not enough room. No se puede.

Sandoval: No se puede?

Vasqeuz: No se puede.

Jim: Guys, guys!

Vasqeuz: I don't care what you threaten me with. I'm not landing there.

Jim: Let's make a fly-by and I'll parachute in.

Blair: Parachute?

Jim: Yeah.

Vazquez: Over the jungle? You're crazy, senor.

Sandoval: How will you get back?

Jim: On foot if I have to. But I'm not leaving my friends.

Vasquez: I doubt that they're alive.

Jim: Then I'll bring back their bodies. Take us back over the south end of the valley.

Vasquez: One pass.

~Cut to a bit later as Jim is preparing to jump.~

Sandoval: Good luck, senor!

Jim: Thank you. (looks over to see Blair putting on a parachute as well) Sandburg, what the hell are you doing?

Blair: I used to go skydiving with a friend of mine. I was actually pretty good at it.

Jim: This isn't some weekend lah-di-dah here, Chief. It's the jungle out there. You come in wrong, you could get hurt.

Blair: I'll take my chances.

Jim: I'll see you on the ground! I hope. (jumps)

Blair: I can't believe I'm doing this!

Sandoval: God be with you, senor.

Blair: That's great. Right now, I can use all the help I can get! (jumps) Oh... my... god! Jim! Jim! Jim, where you going? I don't know how to steer this! I've only jumped tandem!

Jim: Sandburg!

Blair: Oh, my god! Help me!

Jim: Pull on your right!

Blair: Help! I don't know how to do this! I was just kidding! Don't leave me!

Jim: Sandburg! Pull on your right!

Blair: Jim, don't lose me! Don't lose me. Watch where I'm going! Come and get me, please! Help me! Oh! (lands in a tree; hangs suspended there) Oh, great. Really great. Oh, please, please, please, please, please. (pulls a strap and falls from tree, rolling down hill) Oh. Oh... goodness. (stands and pulls leaves off him, then starts dancing around)

Jim arrives, ready to go.

Jim: All right, Tarzan, it's time to move out.

Blair: Oh, wait a minute, Jim. I got something in my pants, man.

Jim: How exciting.

Blair undoes his pants and pulls out a lizard which he sets back on the ground, then redoes his pants.

Blair: Whoa! Oh, my god. You see that thing? Look at him. (redoes pants)

Jim looks past Blair and sees a flash of a black panther in the distance. Blair notices.

Blair: What is it? You all right, man? What is it?

Jim: Nothing. Let's go.

~Cut to Reischer's camp. Still day. Reischer, Simon, and Daryl are eating in a tent.~

Reischer: Rosario tells me your radio message has been sent.

Simon: I appreciate it. Any idea when we'll be able to get back to Lima?

Reischer: A helicopter's coming in the morning. You can fly back with them.

Simon: Terrific.

Reischer: Your message was to a Captain Sandoval of the Lima police.

Simon: Well, yes, we were staying with him while I was at the anti-narcotics conference.

Reischer: Oh, yeah, I think I heard something about that.

Daryl: Why do you cut down the trees?

Reischer: It's my job.

Daryl: Yeah, well at the museum in Lima they said over 800,000 acres of Peruvian rain forest are destroyed every year. And if it keeps up, there won't be any trees left at all.

Reischer: You're right to be concerned, Daryl, but not all lumber companies are bad. The fact is every time we cut down a tree we replace it with two new ones. After all, if there aren't any trees left, my company would go out of business.

Daryl: What about the animals and the Indians who live in the places where you do cut down those trees? I mean, they've still lost their homes.

Reischer: If we stop harvesting trees, pretty soon we'll have no more wood for building houses or making paper or printing books. Now, what about that?

Daryl: I don't know.

Reischer: Ah, that's the trouble. Nobody wants to give up the things that make their life more comfortable. But don't worry. Wherever possible, we relocate the animals we displace. As for Indians, there aren't any in this area.

~Cut to Simon and Daryl in a tent. Day. Simon asleep -- snoring. Daryl unable to sleep because of the noise. He hears something outside and peeks out to see Reischer's men leading several Indians to a hatch that goes underground. He goes back to Simon and shakes him.~

Daryl: Indians. (pause) Dad. Dad, wake up. Wake up.

Simon: No. No.

Daryl: Dad! Dad, wake up. Wake up. It's important.

Simon: What? Oh, Daryl.

Daryl: Dad, look, Reischer said there were no Indians in this part of the jungle, but I saw some. They're holding them prisoner.

Simon: Whoa, what are you talking about?

Daryl: Look, look, Reischer's men took them to some kind of place.

Simon: What kind of place?

Daryl: Look, you got to come with me now.

Simon: All right.

They leave tent and Daryl takes him to the underground hatch. They go down inside and watch several Indians and men with guns working.

Daryl: What are they doing?

Simon: Making cocaine. They're processing the leaves into paste. We got to get the hell out of here. Go.

Daryl goes back to the ladder than leads upward and pushes open the hatch. Rosario and another man are waiting for them at the top.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene with Rosario and other man taking Simon and Daryl back towards the main part of camp. Simon moves suddenly and gets the gun from the other man. Daryl grabs Rosario's gun from his holster and points it at him.~

Simon: Give me that. (takes gun away from Daryl and gives it back to Rosario) All right. You get in the truck. We're going for a little ride.

They get in truck, Simon in the middle.

Simon: Remember, my gun's going to be pointed right at your side.

Rosario: The men at the gate will want to know why we're going out.

Simon: Tell them we're driving to the helicopter crash site. I told you there was money on board. And don't you try anything. My son is the top student in his Spanish class.

Daryl: Como esta usted, amigo? Se habla espanol? Yeah.

Simon: Remember, anything happens you're the first one to be shot. Drive!

They go to gate.

Guard: Adonde vas?

Rosario: Vamos al helicopter. Dicen que hay dinero escondido.

Guard: Bueno. Esta bien. Abrela!

Rosario grabs Simon's gun hand and they fight for the gun a moment. Gun goes off, shooting the windshield. Simon shoves Rosario out and drives out of the camp. Everyone shoots after them.

Simon: Keep your head down!

One of the men shoots a mini-missile at the truck, hitting underneath the truck. Truck goes up and over, landing partially upside down. Daryl climbs out the broken window.

Simon: You can do it. There.

Daryl: Dad...

Simon: No, I'm stuck. You get out of here.

Daryl: No, Dad.

Simon: Boy, get out of here!

Daryl: No!

Simon: Daryl, I love you. Now get out of here!

Daryl runs.

Rosario: Catch el nino! Gogelo!

~Cut to Jim and Blair at helicopter crash site. Day.~

Jim: Other people have been here. Lots of them. I just can't tell which trail is Simon and Daryl's.

Blair: Just take your time and concentrate.

Jim: I am concentrating. It just feels like my senses are...confused or something.

Blair: All right, close your eyes. Take a deep breath...

Jim: Look, I don't have time for this, man.

Blair: You want to find them or not? You got to work with me. Now close your eyes. Okay. Now don't push it. Just let it happen. You getting anything?

Jim: No...

Blair: Damn. I don't understand this, man. Uh... okay, um... there's got to be a explanation for...maybe it was the parachute jump, the sudden change in air pressure. Or, uh... maybe it's the shock of being back in the jungle.

Jim sees the black panther again.

Blair: What's wrong? What is it?

~Cut to Reischer's camp where he and Rosario are questioning Simon.~

Reischer: I want the truth.

Simon: Okay, here it is. I'm with the D.E.A., working in cooperation with the Peruvian government. We had information there was a drug lab in this area so we decided to check it out. Shooting down the helicopter was a big mistake. By tomorrow, you'll be knee-deep in cops and soldiers. So if you had any sense at all, you'd let me walk out of here now.

Reischer: That's a nice story, but I don't think so. I think your arrival here was an accident.

Simon: If that was true, how did I know about the location of the drug lab?

Reischer: Get him out of here. Put him to work with the others.

Simon is taken out of the tent.

Rosario: You believe him?

Reischer: He's lying. He's trying to scare us.

Rosario: Then how did he know where the plant was?

Reischer: I don't know. But if I had the boy, I could question him. Now I want him found.

~Cut to Jim and Blair at a campfire. Night.~

Blair: How are your senses doing, man?

Jim: I get momentary flashes and... then they're gone.

Blair: All right. At least that's one thing. You haven't lost them completely. Look, when you were here five years ago and you first discovered your abilities, did anything like this ever happen?

Jim: Not that I can remember.

Blair: I don't know. Maybe it's something in the food or the water.

Jim: Let's just drop the scientific stuff, okay?

Blair: Jim, if we can find out the cause, maybe we can fix it.

Jim: Sandburg, let it go. Maybe we should just get some sleep, all right?

Blair: Whatever, man.

~Cut to Jim having a dream. He sees the panther, then gets up and can't find Blair anywhere. He runs through the jungle looking for him.~

Jim: Sandburg. Sandburg. Sandburg. Sandburg, where the hell are you?

A panther appears and jumps at him. He falls backwards, then truly wakes up and looks over to see Blair across the campsite, curled up and sleeping.

~Cut to Jim and Blair arriving at the edge of a village. Day.~

Blair: Looks like an Indian village.

Jim: You stay here.

Jim goes into village to scout it out. He comes around a corner of a tent. A woman appears and whacks him with a large piece of wood. He goes down.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene with Jim waking up. Blair is sitting next to him with a woman, Kimberly.~

Blair: Hey, Jim? Hey, buddy. Jim.

Jim tries to get up to fast.

Blair: Whoa! Whoa! Slow.

Jim: Oh, man...

Blair: Yeah. Oh, yeah. (helps Jim sit up)

Kimberly: Oh, god. I'm really sorry I hit you. I thought you were one of the mercenaries who had come back.

Blair: Jim, this is Kimberly Ashe. She's a botanist from U.C.L.A. She's been living here with these Indians doing a survey on the disappearing plant life here in the rain forest. (helps Jim stand) That's it.

Jim: Mercenaries?

Kimberly: Last week, men came to the village to recruit workers for their lumber camp. The chief said no. He thinks that cutting down the trees offends the forest gods. And then three nights ago, the men attacked the village and took all the adults prisoner. I managed to escape with the children.

Jim: What children?

She calls out in quechua. Children come out of the forest to join them.

Jim: What are you still doing here?

Kimberly: I didn't know where else to go. My radio was destroyed, all my medicines and supplies were taken, and the nearest town is a hundred miles to the west through the mountains. I didn't think the children could make it. At night, they cry for their parents.

~Cut to scenes of Reischer's men hunting the jungle for Daryl. He waits till they go by and keeps running.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair at the edge of a river. Still day.~

Blair: Hey, Jim. You okay, man?

Jim: My sentinel abilities are gone. It's as if someone just turned off the switch.

Blair: Well, maybe it's just temporary.

Jim: I never wanted this damned thing. All it's done is screw me up.

Blair: Well, it's also saved your life more than once and the lives of a lot of other people too.

Jim: What good is it if I can't control it?

Blair: You can control it. It just takes time.

Jim: We don't have time! Simon and Daryl need help now!

Blair: Well, damn it, Jim, tell me what's going on. I'm your partner.

Jim: I've been seeing something. I don't even know if it's real.

Blair: What have you been seeing?

Jim: A panther. I saw it when we first landed and ever since, I can feel it watching us and following us. I know it's there, but when I look, there's nothing. Last night, I saw it in a dream. It was more real than any dream I've ever had.

Blair: Well, the Indians would say that the panther is your animal spirit and it's trying to talk to you. And a psychologist would say that it's your unconscious mind trying to speak to you in symbols. Now either way, you just got to quit fighting it and see where it leads you.

Child appears and he and Jim have conversation in quechua

Blair: What's he saying? What's going on?

Jim: They found a boy in the jungle. They brought him back to the village. He's got dark skin.

They go back into village and see Daryl.

Jim: Daryl?

Daryl: Jim! (runs over and hugs Jim) They've got my dad.

~Cut to Jim and Blair with Daryl as Daryl draws in the dirt.~

Daryl: Okay, the tent where we slept was here and the entrance to the underground drug factory was here.

Jim: Where'd the men sleep?

Daryl: They slept right here.

Girl comes over, speaks quechua.

Jim: She says your food is ready. Why don't you go ahead? We'll finish this later on.

Daryl: Okay. (walks off with girl)

Jim: There's 20 men or more. Heavy weapons, armored vehicles. All we got is one gun and a couple rounds of ammunition.

Girl comes over, speaking quechua.

Blair: What?

Jim: She says if you're going to bring back the foreign boy's father, could we bring back hers?

Blair: Whew.

~Cut to a bit later. Jim and Blair at the edge of the village.~

Jim: I'm going into the jungle to scout the area. I want you to keep this just in case. Go on. (gives gun to Blair)

Blair: What about you?

Jim: I found these in one of the huts. (shows him crossbow and arrows and blowdarts) This is all I'll need. These darts are tipped with curare. Not enough to be lethal, but they will cause temporary paralysis. (starts to leave, then pauses) Hey, Chief? I'm glad you came.

Blair: Me too.

Jim heads off.

~Cut to Jim going straight into another vision as he's scouting. He follows the panther to an altar. Panther jumps onto and morphs upwards to a human, Jim's spirit guide.~

Jim: Who are you?

Spirit guide: The question is: who are you?

Jim: I don't understand.

Spirit guide: Your return to the jungle was no accident. This is the place you were reborn as a sentinel. You have been brought back to complete the circle.

Jim: Why have my abilities been taken away?

Spirit guide: To remind you of who you were. What you've experienced so far is just an initiation. Now is the time to make a choice. You can go back the way you came and be an ordinary man, or you can go forward, but to do so will require your life and your soul. Are you prepared to make such a journey?

Jim: I'm not sure.

Scene switches to Jim standing at the edge of a really high cliff and looking over it into water far below.

Jim: I'm standing at the edge of a cliff. If I go forward, I'll die.

Spirit guide: Yes.

Jim: Okay, I'm ready.

Vision goes away. All is normal again. No cliff in sight. He hears a loud noise and focuses in to see a grasshopper chewing on a blade of grass. Then his hearing picks up panicked voices.

Jim: The village.

He starts to run back to the village, changing as he goes, stripping down to his "jungle togs" and black face and arm paint as he loads up his bow. Voiceover: "Your return to the jungle was no accident. You have been brought back to complete the circle. To do so will require your life and your soul. This is the place you were reborn as a sentinel."

Jim arrives at village to find it empty. He makes a quick run through it.

Jim: Sandburg! Sandburg!

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Reischer's camp. Day. Reischer and Rosario are walking from a tent, talking.~

Rosario: The one named Sandburg, he's an anthropologist. He said he's here to study the Indians. But his identification says he's from the same city in America as Banks.

Reischer: Step up the processing of the harvest. I want it finished by tomorrow night and then we'll move out. Put the woman and the Indian children to work, but keep the son and this anthropologist separate. I want to talk with them myself later.

Big truck comes into camp. Jim is hanging on the bottom of it. He wait until it moves, then he goes off to hide behind a bunch of barrels.

~Cut to Blair and Daryl in a tent, tied back to back to a post.~

Daryl: Hey, Blair, man, um... You think they're going to let us go?

Blair: I don't know, Daryl.

Daryl: I'm afraid my dad might be already dead.

~Cut back to Jim outside. He picks up on their conversation.~

Blair: Well, you got to stay strong. That's what your father would want.

Jim takes out a guard with a dart, then drags him aside, partly behind a tent. Then he goes inside tent where Blair and Daryl is.

Blair: Jim.

Jim: Shh! (unties them both)

Daryl: Oh, it's good to see you.

Jim: We got to move fast. Any idea where Simon is?

Blair: He's probably in the underground drug lab. That's where they took Kimberly and the kids.

Jim: Let's go. Come on. (they go outside) We're going to need some transportation out of here. You two wait at the motor pool.

Daryl: I want to go with you.

Jim: Daryl, I need you to stay with Blair. I'm going to get your dad. I promise.

Blair and Daryl head to a large tent.

Jim goes into another tent and finds a crate of grenades and another crate of C-4.

~Cut to Blair and Daryl in motor pool tent.~

Blair: Okay, we need some keys. God, can you believe these guys? Who's going to steal a truck in the middle of the jungle?

Daryl: We are, man.

Blair: Right.

~Cut to Jim outside. He finds underground lab hatch and knocks out a guard. Then he goes inside and sees Simon.~

Simon: Hey, you want to mess with somebody? Mess with me! huh?

Jim blows a red-feathered dart into a bag Simon is moving to get his attention. Simon sees him and pauses a moment.

Man: (to Simon) Rapido!

Simon hits guard with bag, knocking him over. Jim jumps down and takes out another guard. Fight ensues.

~Cut to Rosario and Reischer heading toward tent where Blair and Daryl had been held.~

Reischer: One way or the other my questions will be answered.

They see the unconscious guard.

~Cut back to lab.~

Jim: All right, everybody we're getting out of here. Move! Move! Move! Let's go! Move it!

~Cut to Blair and Daryl and the truck. Blair has the hood open as he works to start the engine.~

Blair: Come on. Come on. Come on! I knew I should've taken auto shop.

~Cut to above lab. Jim drops a grenade into lab after everybody's out. It blows up. Men boil out of tents with guns, heading towards the lab area. Lots of gunfire. Scenes of Jim's watch in the explosives tent ticking down from 30 seconds. Blair and Daryl drive out with the truck and stop in front of where Jim and others are. Everyone loads in the back.~

Simon: Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on, Sandburg. Drive! (jumps on the outside of the passenger door.

Daryl: Daddy! (they hug through window)

More gunfire as Blair drives through camp and out the front gate, tearing down the fence. Reischer aims at the truck with a bazooka. Back to Jim's watch in the explosives tent. It ticks down to zero and goes off, blowing up several more tents in the process and knocking over Reischer. Jim puts down his gun inside the back of the truck and jumps out.

Blair: What the..? Where's he going?!

Jim walks along the back side of a tent. He hears something from inside and backs away just a large machete cuts through the material. Rosario comes out and they fight. Jim knocks him out. He goes out with his crossbow, loading it as he sees Reischer aiming his bazooka at him. He releases his arrow before Reischer fires. Arrow hits Reischer. He tilts backwards, then forwards. Bazooka goes forwards as well and goes off, blowing Reischer up.

~Cut back to Cascade to the loft. Day. Blair is listening to message as Jim comes over to hand him a beer.~

Answering machine: This is Janet from Dr. Stoddard's office. Dr. Stoddard needs a final answer about Borneo. If you're still interested, please call us at 555-4678.

Jim: I guess you should call him back.

Blair: Well, actually, I've already decided not to go. This sentinel thing... You know, it's more than just a research project. Uh... it's about friendship. I just didn't get it before.

Jim: Okay.

They go out to balcony. Jim stands totally outside while Blair leans against doorjamb.

Blair: You know, you were really something out there in the jungle, man. I've never seen you so focused, so in control. It was pretty amazing. You never did tell me how you got your powers back.

Jim: They just came back.

Blair: Why do I get the feeling like you're not telling me everything? (walks forward to stand next to Jim)

Jim: Because I just don't have the energy to talk about it right now. We're home. Let's enjoy it.

Blair: Welcome home, partner.

They clink bottles. Jim hears the panther growling and looks inside to see the panther on the upper loft bedroom floor, watching him.

~ The End ~