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Deep Water

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Joe Cortese (Jack Pendergrast), Jamie Rose (Sheila Irwin), Dick O'Neill (Warren Brackley), Katherine LaNasa (Monique Brackley), Lori Triolo (Emily Carson), Michael Richard Dobson (Art Landis), Lesley Ewen (Serena Chang), Helena Yea (Housekeeper).

Summary: Ellison becomes a suspect in a murder-for-hire case involving a kidnapping and his former partner who disappeared along with the ransom money. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on September 18, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Old car coming down deserted country road. Night. Car stops. Man inside, Jack Pendergrast, lights up a cigarette. The police radio is on and various transmissions are coming across.~

Radio: Unit 14 clear. Family dispute, 4972 West 21st...

Jack turns off the radio, then opens up a briefcase in the seat next to him to reveal lots of money.

Jack: Who says you guys can't buy happiness?

Another car comes down the road toward him, bright lights on. The two cars flash their lights at each other, then second car approaches Jack's car. Scene fades out and a gunshot echoes.

~Cut to four years later. Day. Simon, Jim, and Blair, as well as other police crew, stand next to the bay as a car is dragged from the river and set on the bank.

Simon: Car went off the road a couple hours ago. It was a freak accident. Driver got out okay, but when the divers went down for the car, they found something else. Easy with that. I'm telling you, that's Jack's car.

Jim goes over to look at car.

Blair: What's up with him?

Simon: A cop named Jack Pendergrast used to drive a car like that. Disappeared four years ago.

A woman gets out of a car and heads over to them.

Blair: Who is that?

Simon: Sheila Irwin, Internal Affairs. Used to be with my unit. Cool it with the eyes, will you?

Jim crouches at the back of the car to look at the license plate -- Jacks Toy. Then he starts to smell something.

Jim: Can you smell that? There's something in there.

Simon: Bring that bar in here. Pop this trunk. Come on, Jim, move. (pops trunk and opens it)

Blair takes one look and walks away.

Simon: Is that Jack?

Jim: Nah. Pendergrast never wore glasses.

Sheila: (joining them) They belong to Philip Brackley.

They close the trunk.

Sheila: So, what's the body of the kidnap victim doing in the trunk of your ex-partner's car?

Jim: Sounds as if you've made up your mind about the answer.

Sheila walks away.

Blair: What ex-partner? What kidnap victim?

Simon: Look, Jim, maybe it's time you stopped protecting him.

Blair: Protecting who?

Simon: If that is Philip Brackley's body in the car, you know I.A. is going to be all over this and you better be damn sure you know where you stand.

Jim: I'm sure, Simon. I've always been sure about this. (walks away)

Blair: Jack Pendergrast was his partner and this Brackley guy was the kidnap victim, right? Am I right?

Simon: The victim's dad was a lumber tycoon. Kidnappers asked for a million bucks. Pendergrast was supposed to deliver the money, but he never came back. I.A. concluded that he probably not only stole the money, but killed the kidnappers and the victim. That didn't sit too well with Jim. I always tried to keep an open mind about it but...that just got a whole lot harder to do.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Night. Jim is at his desk. He looks over at Simon's door, then starts to remember the past.~

~Flashback. Simon's office. Day. Jim enters. Jim is wearing a baseball cap, plus has a mustache and an earring and is wearing rather less than professional clothes.~

Simon: Ellison, my office! Now! I want to know what the hell went on out there this morning!

Jim: I'm not sure what you're referring to, sir.

Simon: Oh? Then let me enlighten you. A high-speed car chase through the middle of downtown at the height of rush hour causing three traffic accidents. Four cars totaled, including the suspect's car. Does that ring any bells, Detective?

Jim: The perp was apprehended and taken off the street, sir.

Simon: Yeah? At what cost?! Do you ever think about what you do?!

Jim: Normally, sir, I just do it.

Simon opens the door and yells out.

Simon: Jack Pendergrast, in my office!

Simon: All right. Here's the bottom line, Jim -- I may be new to this department, but if you think I'm a pushover, you've got another thing coming. You may have been a hotshot on Vice, but around here, you're just part of my dog team! Is that clear?!

Jack comes in.

Jack: Hey, Cap.

Simon: Hiya, Jack. Jim, this is your new partner, Jack Pendergrast.

Jim: Partner, sir? Or baby-sitter?

Simon: Whatever. As of now, you're on probation. You screw up one more time, you'll wish you were back on Vice.

Jim: Is that it, sir?

Simon: Get to work.

Jack: Thanks a lot, Cap.

Jim and Jack walk into bullpen.

Jim: Lead on, kimosabe.

Jack: You'll go real far in this department, Slick.

Jim: Meaning what?

Jack: Meaning fix the attitude if you want to stick around for a while.

Jim: I got an attitude? (bumps in Sheila, spilling her coffee on her blouse)

Sheila: Oh! Great. I just bought this.

Jim: Send me the cleaning bill.

Sheila: Cleaning bill, my ass. You should buy me a new blouse.

Jim: Why don't you try some cold water?

Sheila: Forget it.

Jim: Maybe a couple of happy pills.

Jack: Look, man, we're all trying to give you a chance here. Right now you think you got all the answers. But in this job, that can get you killed.

Jim: I can handle myself.

Jack: I'm sure that you can, but there's always room for improvement. If you're willing to learn. Your choice, Slick.

Jim: Thanks for the chat, Dear Abby.

Jack: Oh, yeah, one other thing. You want to ride with me, get yourself some decent clothes and lose the earring, will you? I wouldn't want the bad guys to get the wrong impression, if you know what I mean. See you, Slick. (goes into elevator)

~End flashback~

~Cut to Simon, Jim, and Blair entering Forensics Department. Day. Inside is Jack's car. Sheila is waiting for them.~

Sheila: Glad you could make it. The medical examiner has confirmed that the body in the trunk of the car is Philip Brackley's. He was shot in the head twice with this. (shows them a bagged gun) Forensics found it wedged up under the spare tire.

Jim: Just because Brackley was shot with Jack's gun...

Sheila: It's not Jack's gun.

Simon: Then, whose is it?

Sheila: We ran the serial numbers. It's registered to you, Jim.

Jim: It's not my gun.

Simon: There's gotta to be a mistake.

Sheila: No mistake. If I were you, the next call I'd make would be to my lawyer. (walks off)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene.~

Jim:...that we passed on our way to lunch every day, you know the one.

Simon: Fourth and Main.

Jim: Yeah. Jack had his eye on this Walther for the longest time. For his birthday, I bought it for him and gave it to him as a present. Jack disappeared two days after I gave it to him, and I never changed the registration. So I just reported it missing.

Blair: So you're off the hook

Simon: Just because he reported it missing doesn't mean anything. I.A.'s conclusion will be he could have used it to commit the crime.

Blair: Isn't that circumstantial?

Jim: Wake up, Chief. Most murder convictions are based on circumstantial evidence.

Simon: We'll have to reopen the case. Reinvestigate all the old leads. And maybe this time we can both keep an open mind about what really happened. Wherever Jack is protecting him is only going to hurt you.

Jim: Simon, Jack is as innocent as I am.

Simon: From where I'm standing, he's still the most likely suspect.

Jim: No. I'm sorry.

Simon: I never should have hooked you two up together. You never wanted to see the great Jack Pendergrast for the way he is.

Jim: How was Jack Pendergrast? I really don't care how people perceived him. Jack taught me a lot. I thought he was a great man.

Simon: Jim, I'm sure he did, but the reason you're a good cop is because of what you've got up here and in here. Jack had the same thing, but he had a gambling problem. He had a ton of bad debts. You know he would look the other way if a hood slipped him a 50.

Jim: Come on, Simon, that was never proven.

Simon: Nobody had to prove it, Jim. Look at the way he dressed. Look how much money he poured into this car. I'll tell you right now -- I lay you even odds that he is sitting on a beach with a blonde on his arm and a million bucks tucked away in a bank.

Jim: Fancy story, but you're wrong.

Simon: If I'm going to keep you on this case, you are going to have to maintain your objectivity.

Jim: Maintain my objectivity, huh, sir? Like you have? (walks off)

Simon: Sandburg!

Blair: Yeah?

Simon: You keep an eye on him.

Blair: You got it. (walks after Jim)

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the F-150 driving along road. Day.~

Jim: Will you cut that out.

Blair: What?

Jim: Those concerned glances -- like somebody's lost puppy dog. Everything's going to be okay. We'll find out what happened to Jack. It'll all unravel. You know, it all started with the Brackley case. It was twisted right from the beginning. The kid's own father thought it was a hoax.

~Begin flashback. Jim and Jack in Warren Brackley's office.~

Warren: A million dollars. This is almost artful in its audacity. You know, he will make a good businessman someday...if he ever grows up.

Jack: The ransom note.

Jim: Forgive me for being presumptuous here, sir, but it appears you're taking this whole thing rather lightly.

Monique: He's right, Warren.

Warren: Monique, please. My wife means well, gentlemen, but she did not consult with me before she called you.

Another man comes in.

Arthur: I checked all of Philip's usual hangouts, Mr. Brackley. Nobody's seen him.

Warren: Thank you, Arthur. This is Art Landis. He's been with the company since he was a teenager. He's known Philip most of his life and gotten him out of some rough spots.

Arthur: Kid likes dives. Says it grounds him to the realities of life. Whatever the hell that means.

~End flashback. Back to Jim and Blair in truck.~

Jim: The old man wanted us to go away and leave him alone. Naturally, we couldn't do that. The ransom note made it criminal investigation.. It took a little convincing. Jack was pretty good at that. So finally, the old man gave in and said we could investigate, even call the F.B.I. in if we had to. He said it'd be good for Philip to come home and get arrested, to finally learn his lesson.

They pull up outside Brackley Lumber.

~Cut to Jim and Blair inside the building in main office. Monique and Arthur are there as well.~

Monique: My husband was more ill than he let on. He died almost three months to the day after Philip disappeared. I wish he'd known that Philip was already gone. Who knows? Maybe it would have made things easier for him.

Jim: Mrs. Brackley, I know this has all been very difficult for you, but now that we've found Philip's body, we can start putting the pieces together.

Arthur: What about your friend, Pendergrast? Where is he?

Jim: We don't know.

Arthur: Right. Because he killed Philip and took off with the money.

Jim: Oh, so you have all the answers.

Arthur: We didn't do anything to him. Now you come bursting in here, pouring salt into a fresh wound. What? Make yourself feel better?

Jim: Mrs. Brackley, I wanted to ask you for your help.

Arthur: Mrs Brackley told you everything she knew four years ago...

Monique: I can speak for myself, Art. (pause) You haven't changed a bit, have you, Detective? Still just plowing over anything that gets in the way of your objective -- including people's feelings. I loved my husband very much. Now I spend most of my time behind this desk carrying out the business plans that he drew. You people did nothing to help my family four years ago. You have got one hell of a nerve coming in here now asking me for my help.

Jim: Mrs. Brackley...

Monique: I'm not interested! You know the way out.

Jim and Blair leave the room and head outside. They pass a man who is on his way in.

Man: Hello.

Blair: Who is that guy?

Jim: I'm not sure.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck driving along road.~

Blair: So what now?

Jim: I want to go through Jack's stuff. Maybe we'll find something that I overlooked before.

Blair: All right, sounds like a plan. (pause) What's wrong?

Jim: Uh... Emily was the last one to have the key to his storage locker.

Blair: Emily who?

Jim: Emily Carson.

~Begin flashback. Day. Jim and Jack both pull up (in separate vehicles) in front of an apartment. A woman watches from inside. They get out of their cars, and Jack heads up to the front door.~

Jack: Bring them in, Slick.

Jim: All righty.

Woman, Emily, comes out of apartment.

Jack: Hi, baby.

Emily: Hang on a minute, Jim.

Jack: Come on, honey. We've been talking about this for the past two months.

Emily: No, no, you've been talking about it. I never said you could move in here.

Jack: Why is all my stuff sitting in front of your apartment?

Emily: Because you don't listen. All you hear is the sound of your own voice. And this time, you're not getting your way.

Jack: Don't do this.

Emily: I'm sorry, Jack. It isn't working.

Jack: Look, I...I know I'm an old dog, but I can change. I really can.

Emily: I don't want you to change.

Jack: Well, what do you want?

Emily: I just want to get on with my life.

Jack: Okay, you do that. (walks down to car and takes off)

~End flashback.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair pulling up outside Emily's house.~

Blair: Well, so, did it?

Jim: What?

Blair: Did it work out?

~Begin flashback. Jim now standing next to Emily.~

Jim: It's okay, Em. It'll all get worked out.

Emily: I don't love him, Jim. (plays with his shirt)

Jim: Emily... he's my partner.

Emily: And you're my friend.

~End flashback.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair walking up to door of house.~

Blair: Jim. Jim, hello? Did it work out between Emily and Pendergrast or what?

Jim: No, it didn't.

They go up to door. Emily answers it, carrying a little boy.

Jim: Hi, Emily.

Emily: Hi. You look good.

Jim: So do you.

Emily: Thanks.

(long pause as Jim and Emily look at each other)

Jim: This is Blair Sandburg.

Blair: How you doing?

Emily: Hi. This is Peter.

Blair: Hey.

Jim: Hey, Peter. This a bad time?

Emily: My husband called right after you did. He should be home any minute. I never told him about Jack. I didn't think it was a worthwhile thing to do. Here's the key to Jack's old storage locker. I hope you find what you're looking for.

Jim: It looks like you already have.

Jim and Blair leave, heading back to the truck. Emily closes door.

~Cut to Jim and Blair looking through Jack's storage locker (like a really large shed).~

Blair: So, Jim...what's the story between you and Emily?

Jim: There's no story. She was Jack's girlfriend.

Blair: Come on, Jim. I'm not blind. I saw the way you guys were looking at each other.

Jim pulls out a datebook.

Jim: Hey, check this out. This is Jack's datebook. Last entry was March 19.

Blair: Yeah. So?

Jim: So, that's the date Jack disappeared. It says, "Dent. 9:30 a.m."

Blair: Uh, Dent, uh...

Jim: Yeah, d-e-n-t. Dent, 9:30 a.m.

Blair: Dentist, maybe.

Jim: Yeah, maybe.

Blair: Is there any way we can check that out?

Outside shot of a gloved hand striking a match over a bin of paper. Inside, Jim hears it and turns, listening as the paper catches fire. Outside shot of a piece of wood jammed under the doorknob. Inside, Jim goes over and tries the door.

Jim: It's blocked from the other side.

Blair: Well, what are we going to do?!

Jim goes back to middle of room and grabs a car engine (?) hanging from the ceiling by chains.

Jim: Break it down. Get on the other side of this. Push.

They push engine at the door. It breaks the door partially.

Jim: Let's do it again. Again! Come on! Push it again. Watch out!

They push it through again, then run out of room, then down the hallway through the flames.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim in Internal Affairs. Day. Sheila is questioning him. Jim has legal counsel. A three-member panel listens in the background.~

Sheila: Nice story, Jim. (picks up the bagged gun found in Jack's car) Only problem is nobody ever remembers seeing you give it to Pendergrast or hearing him speak about it.

Jim: There was nobody else there. I took him out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. I gave it to him then. I have no idea why he didn't mention it.

Sheila: Oh. And the fire that destroyed the facility where his things were being stored? I suppose you have no idea how it got started.

Jim: All I know is I was just lucky to get out of there alive.

Sheila: Oh, lucky? That fire was deliberately set, Detective. My guess -- to destroy incriminating evidence linking you to the missing money in Philip Brackley's death. And there's only one man who might be able to convince me otherwise. Where's Jack Pendergrast?

Jim: I have no idea.

Sheila: Why are you protecting him?

Jim: I've had enough of this. (stands up)

Sheila: Sit down, Detective!

Jim sits down.

Sheila: On the evening of March 19, Warren Brackley received a call from someone identifying himself as one of his son's kidnappers. During that call, he was told to be at a phone booth downtown at Sixth and Howard at 10:00 with the money. They would call with instructions. Am I on track?

Jim: I guess.

Sheila: Good, good. We finally agree on something. Jack Pendergrast was with Warren Brackley at the time the call came in and agreed to deliver the money himself or with you. But according to Monique Brackley, you were impossible to locate that night. Pendergrast instructed the Brackleys to have you contact him by radio in his car if they should hear from you. Phone company records also show tried to contact you from that phone booth at Sixth and Howard. The same records also show that he did manage to get through. You spoke for 22 seconds.

Jim: My answering machine wasn't working properly. Perhaps he left a message, but I never got it.

Sheila: Never got it.

Jim: That's right.

Sheila: Or perhaps you did. Then the two of you waited for the kidnappers and then you killed them and Philip Brackley. Pendergrast left Cascade, but you stayed behind, choosing to put part of your share of the money into real estate.

Jim: Where is this coming from?

Sheila: Just over a month after Pendergrast and the million-dollar ransom money disappeared, you purchased the residence you were renting. Is that correct?

Jim: Yeah, but...

Sheila: We all know what cops make, especially when they're new on the force. Certainly not enough for a $50,000 cash down payment.

Jim: I saved the money. So what? Is that a crime?

Sheila: That all depends on how you got it.


Jim: Are we done here?

Sheila: For the moment. But if you want to salvage your career...I suggest you start giving us something other than attitude.

~Cut to Simon's office. Night. Jim and Blair come in.~

Jim: You wanted to see me, sir?

Simon: Come on in. Call just came through. I've been ordered to pull you off the Brackley case and chain your butt to a desk until the Board convenes again with their final recommendation.

Blair: I don't get it. Why don't you let her know where the 50 grand came from? That's one less thing she can hit you with.

Jim: 'Cause there's no record of the payment.

Blair: Why not?

Simon: Look, Jim, there's something you're not telling me here! I need to hear it!

Jim: The money was... The money was military back pay from when I was in Peru. It finally came through that April. The loft was for sale and I figured it was a better investment than throwing my money into some savings account.

Blair: So, what's the big secret?

Jim: I was involved with covert ops, you know, sworn to secrecy. The military would deny any knowledge of my involvement and there's no proof. All the records have been sealed and possibly destroyed, for all I know.

Blair: There's no way to prove where you got the money from?

Jim: Right.

Blair: Oh, great. That sucks! How's he supposed to prove his innocence if he's off the case?

Jim: He's right, Simon. I got to keep going on this.

Simon: Yeah, and if I'm going to be able to clear you at all, we need to do this by the book! Are you sure about Jack?

Jim: Simon, we've been through this.

Simon: Look, Jim! If you were still on the case, what would your next move be?

Jim: I'd like to get a closer look at Jack's car, sir. But in order to do that I'd need to gain access to the forensics garage.

Simon: The only way you'd be able to get in there is with this card, and there's no way I can give you this card. (drops card on desk) I'm going out for a while. Be back in half an hour. (leaves)

Blair: (picks up card) That's right!

They leave.

~Cut to Jim and Blair using the card to get into the forensics garage.~

Jim: Thank you, Simon.

Jim goes to car and starts examining it. He feels over the driver's side door, then goes around the other side and looks through, seeing a bullet embedded in the inside of the driver's side door.

Jim: Jack's dead. There's no question.

Jim comes back around to driver's side door.

Blair: Come on, Jim, I know you're good but isn't that being a little definite?

Jim: Hold this. (gives him a flashlight) Come here. Give me your hand. (takes Blair's hand and runs it over the car door) What do you feel?

Blair: Um, the car.

Jim: That's great. (releases Blair) I feel little bumps here and little bumps here. Right here in the middle, it's smooth. Indentations that came from a shotgun blast. The shot blew out that window, catching Jack dead center.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in Serena's office. Jim is pointing at a map.~

Jim: The car was pulled from the river at this point here. Now, isn't it possible that if a body was in the driver's seat, say a 195-pound man, that the river's currents would pull him from the car and take him downstream?

Serena: Yeah, uh-huh.

Jim: So how far could we expect that body to travel down the stream?

Serena: Well, that would depend a lot on the current wind, what's on the riverbed. Uh, rocks, sunken logs, other things that might snag it. In any case, it would be unusual for it to be more than a few miles.

Blair: Okay, so then, we're looking for bodies that were found within that range.

Serena: Let's see what we got.

They go over to Serena's computer database.

Serena: Uh, there were five unidentified bodies found in that section of the river over the course of the last four years. Two of them were women, there was a young boy. I remember that case. That was very sad. He was probably a runaway. Um, anyway, there was a man in is late 60s or 70s and a young man in his twenties.

Jim: And that's it.

Serena: Well, there was one other. A man in his 40s. But that one was found in a tributary almost nine miles downstream.

Jim: Remember that summer four years ago, all the rains? The rivers were overflowing? Isn't it possible under those circumstances and conditions that a body would be taken further downstream?

Serena: Yeah, you're right. It could.

Jim: It says that the apparent cause of death was severe trauma to the face. That would be consistent with a shotgun blast.

Serena: Absolutely.

Jim pages down the screen, reading the rest of the report. He stops on one line -- "The posterior digit is missing from the left foot."

Jim: That's him.

~Cut to Jim and Blair meeting up with Simon in the Major Crimes hallway. As they talk, they go into the bullpen.~

Jim: Simon, we found Jack's body. It was washed down the river. Found three and a half years ago, but never identified. It's buried in a potters field over at Fountain View Cemetery.

Simon: If the body was never identified, how can you be so sure it's Jack?

Jim: The little toe on the left foot was missing, sir.

Simon: No.

Jim: Mm-hmm.

Simon: Jack was always so vain about that damn toe. He used to wear his socks all the time. Even used to shower in them, remember?

Jim: In order to confirm it, sir, we're going to need a court order to exhume the body.

Simon: I can't get that for you right now. Come on inside. (to Blair) You wait out here.

Jim and Simon in Simon's office.

Simon: Look, uh... Jim... I.A. has turned your case over to the District Attorney. He's recommending a full police investigation with a grand jury hearing. As of right now, you''re suspended from duty.

Jim: Oh, Simon...

Simon: I know, Jim. Sorry, man. There was nothing I could do.

Jim: Very good, sir. (gets up to leave)

Simon: I need your shield and your gun.

Jim hands his shield and gun to Simon, then leaves.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Restaurant. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Jim: No.

Simon: Come on, Jim, you got to eat. Look, I'm sorry I doubted Jack. Once I.A. digs up the body, they're going to have to change their tune but if we hope to get out of this with your career intact, you're going to have to be able to prove where you were the night when this went down. Anytime you feel like jumping in with an explanation...

Blair: Come on, Jim. It's not like you to just sit home with the answering machine on and not pick up.

Simon: Who are you protecting?

Jim: Emily Carson.

Blair: What?

Simon: Jack's old lady? Jim...

~Begin flashback. Jim answers the loft door. Emily is outside.~

Jim: (voiceover) She was pretty torn up about what was going on with Jack.

Emily: How are you? Can I come in?

Jim: (voiceover) She tried to break it off with him a couple of times. He just couldn't let her go. That night, she just really got to me, and I...I just wasn't thinking.

Scenes of them drinking and then going to bed together.

~End flashback. Back to restaurant scene.~

Simon: You and Jack's old lady?

Blair: I knew it. I knew it.

Jim: Emily has a new family now. Her husband knows nothing about her past and I want to keep her out of this.

Simon: No. No way. That ends right now.

Jim: Simon, this is my call.

Simon: Jim... All right, second question -- what about Jack's call? I mean, didn't you hear any part of the message at all? Anything?

Jim: I... I had heard some muffled voices coming from the machine downstairs. But, uh... I don't know. I just wasn't paying enough attention to figure out who it was.

~Begin flashback. Jim going downstairs to check answering machine.~

Jim: (voiceover) After a while, I went down to check the messages and it was one of those new digital machines that doesn't have a tape. Somehow, I must have screwed it up.

Jim hits one of the buttons on the machine.

Machine: Hi, it's Jim. Call... Number of messages... zero.

Jim: (voiceover) I went to retrieve the messages and somehow they had gotten erased.

~End flashback. Back to restaurant.~

Jim: The next morning we heard about what went down and the guilt we felt about Jack was...a bit overwhelming. She left and I didn't see her again until the ther day.

Simon: Hell,'ve been carrying around that load for four years? Jim, there was no way you could have known how important that phone call was. I'm no judge here, man. Things happen.

Jim: Yeah, things happen, things happen. This time, a phone call cost somebody their life. How you going to deal with that?

~Cut to loft. Day. Jim is going over files while sitting on the couch. Blair is in the kitchen.~

Jim: Something bugs me about this case.

Blair: What, there's just one thing?

Blair comes over to the couch with a plate of food and sets it down on the coffee table.

Jim: What's this?

Blair: It's food, Jim. You remember that?

Jim: I'm not hungry. (pushes plate aside)

Blair: All right, fine. So what's this thing that's bothering you?

Jim: Why'd the kidnappers kill Jack? Even if Philip Brackley was dead, they could have promised to return him, taken the million and disappeared, right?

Blair: Right.

Jim: Unless...

Blair: Unless what?

Jim: Unless Jack knew who they were and they knew he knew. They'd have to kill him to cover their tracks, but why wouldn't he tell me?

Blair: Well, maybe he tried to tell you when he called. Maybe he had just figured it all out.

Jim: We'll never know.

Blair: I think that there's a way we can find out.

Jim: How's that?

Blair: You see, four years ago you were unaware of your heightened senses, but they were there. You see, I believe that you can reprocess your old memories and separate out everything else and just concentrate on the one sense that you want activated.

Jim: Such as my hearing?

Blair: Right. So if you can concentrate and focus back to that night with Emily, what sounded muffled at the time may come back clear as a bell. You got to remember that that information is there. You heard the answering machine. It's just scrambled up with the other experiences that you were having that night.

Jim: Well, it's worth a shot. (leans back into couch)

Blair: All right. (goes over and starts pulling the shades) Great. Great. You know the drill. Close your eyes. Start to breathe. Concentrate. Nothing else exists except for that night with Emily.

Jim gets flashes of memories. Of Jack in the bullpen. Of Jack and Emily. Of himself and Emily.

Jack: Thanks a lot, Slick.

Jim jerks back to wakefulness.

Blair: (sits down on arm of couch next to Jim) Come on, come on, come on. It's okay. I know it's hard, but it's... It safe to remember. Now, breathe.

More memory flashes.

Jack: Thanks a lot, Cap. See ya, Slick

Blair: Come on, man. Try it again, Jim. Concentrate. Now, don't give up. Just block out everything else except for that night. It's then only thing that exists.

More memory flashes, then he starts to hear the answering machine.

Jim: (on answering machine) Speak. It's your dime.

Jack: (on answering machine) Jim, Jack. Big stuff going on down here, Slick. I'm in a phone booth on the corner of Sixth and Howard and I got a million bucks ransom sitting in my back pocket. The kidnappers should be calling any minute. If you get this message in the next five minutes, get your ass down here and back me up. Oh, yeah, one other thing -- I saw Sanford Dent this morning. As soon as we get this kid back, you and I got some real detective work to do, partner.

Jim wakes back up.

Blair: Anything?

Jim: It was Jack.

Blair: You're kidding me? What did he say?

Jim: He mentioned Sanford Dent.

Blair: Who?

Jim: That's the guy.

Blair: What guy?

Jim: The other day at the mill. Remember that guy, uh...

Blair: The one who nodded at you.

Jim: That's right. That was Sanford Dent, the Brackley's lawyer. I met him around the time of the kidnapping. His hair's gone completely grey. That's why I didn't recognize him. Oh, man, Jack wasn't at the dentist. He was with Sanford Dent!

Blair: So he must have found something out and whatever that was got him killed.

Jim heads for the door. Blair gets up to follow him.

Blair: Where are we going?

Jim: To get a legal opinion.

Blair: Okay.

They leave.

~Cut to Dent's house. Day. They're at the front door, talking to woman who answered door.~

Jim: I'm Jim Ellison, Cascade police.

Woman: Mr. Dent isn't home.

Jim: Well, do you know when he'll be back?

Woman: I don't know. He just left. You just missed him.

Blair: Oh man, that's great. Thank you.

They walk back down toward truck. Jim stops to look at brown liquid on the ground. He smells it.

Blair: Looks like he's got an oil leak.

Jim: It's brake fluid.

They get in truck and take off, tearing down the road.

~Cut Dent in his car. He realizes he has no breaks as he careens around corners.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck.~

Blair: Oh, this is great. Which way do you think he went?

Jim sees the brake fluid trail and follows it. A bit later, they see Dent's car.

Jim: There he is. Hang on.

Jim pulls out in other lane (two-lane road)

Blair: Jim, what the hell are you doing?!

Jim: If I can get in front of him, we can use the truck to slow him down.

A school bus comes around the corner in the lane that the truck is in. Jim yanks the truck off to the side, skidding through the dirt.

Blair: Whoa!

~Cut to Dent whose car is careening down the road, hitting the side rail. He comes to a construction site.

Worker: Slow down!

Dent's car goes up a metal slant and flies through the air, then lands in a ditch past the construction.

A few moments later, Jim and Blair arrive in the truck. Both pile out and run toward the car in the ditch. Jim listens.

Blair: Do you hear anything? We got to do something.

Jim: (stops Blair from going down) No, no, no, no, no. No, there's no breathing And his...his heartbeat's stopped.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Jim on the phone.~

Jim: It's in a ditch on the side of Cascade Road just south of Roberts Drive and the body is still in the car. (hangs up)

Blair: Jim, what are we going to do? Dent was the missing link.

Jim: Yeah, I know. (looks in trunk of car) Well, what do we have here?

~Cut to Simon's office where Simon answers his phone. Scenes go between Jim and Simon.~

Simon: Banks.

Jim: Simon, I found some documents in Dent's briefcase.

Simon: What?

Jim: There's some things you should know about...

Simon: Jim, do you have any idea how much trouble you could be in now?

Jim: Listen to the rest of it. Simon, I know who killed Jack and I finally have the proof.

Simon: What proof?

Jim: Warren Brackley's will -- actually there's two of them. One was drawn up right after he married Monique which left everything to his son Philip and practically nothing to her. And this newer one drawn up a couple days after Philip disappeared which left everything to Monique. But there's one codicil. Philip had to remain missing for seven years for Monique to have full control of the assets.

Simon: So that's it.

~Begin flashback of Jack on the road waiting for the kidnappers.~

Jim: (voiceover) Jack had no idea he was walking into a trap but somehow he had found out about the wills. That's why he went to see Sanford Dent that night. Maybe asked too many questions.

Jack is shot, then Philip by a figure wearing all black. Philip stuffed into the trunk of Jack's car. Figure removes mask to reveal Monique.

~End flashback.~

~Cut to Monique's office. Jim and Blair there talking to her.~

Monique: You're out of your mind.

Jim: Really. Sanford Dent warned you that Pendergrast found out about the new will. So you had no choice but to get him out of the way.

Monique: No, you don't understand. That's not the way that it was.

Jim: Then how was it?

Monique: Warren was a prudent man. He knew that he was dying. He was angry at Philip. He thought that he was...playing some kind of a prank. Look, my husband just wanted to make sure that everything would be taken care of if he died.

Jim: And you took care of it very well, didn't you? It's unfortunate you're going to have to lose it all. Dent's, uh... keys to his safety deposit box (wiggles a set of keys) -- they were in the briefcase. And in his box, there was a letter -- kind of an insurance policy. In the event that he died. You see, I guess he suspected that you'd try to kill him.

Monique: Look...maybe we could cut some kind of a deal.

Jim: Deal, huh? For the murder of a cop? We hang people in this state for that. I'd pull the trap door release if I could.

Monique: Okay, well then, at least let me tell you what really happened!

Jim: I'm all ears.

Monique: 'Cause I didn't kill them. I mean, how could I have lifted a body into the trunk all by myself? You see, it was Art. He shot them both. We were lovers. He was very ambitious. He came up from nothing. He had to have it all. My husband was very old and very sick. I was weak. I went along.

Arthur bursts in.

Arthur: Bull! The kidnapping was her idea. So was setting the fire at the storage place and killing Dent.

Jim: But you did the dirty work.

Arthur: Yeah, I admit it. I set the fire, and I did the job on Dent's car, but Monique set him up. Told him she'd up his stock options if he gave her the original wills. That's how she kept him quiet four years ago.

Monique: You're a lowlife.

Arthur: Yeah, well...if this lowlife's going down, he's taking you with him. (pulls out a gun)

Jim knocks Monique out of the way just as Arthur shoots. The Arthur runs out of office and building.

Jim: (to Blair) Keep an eye on her. Call for backup. (gives Blair his handcuffs)

Blair: All right.

~Cut to Jim chasing Arthur through mill area.~

Jim: Police! Stop!

Gunfire exchanged. More chasing.

Jim: Police! I said stop!

More gunfire. More chasing. They get near the water. Jim loses his gun in the water. Arthur runs out of bullets. They hand-to-hand fight on a bunch of floating logs. Jim manages to knock Arthur into the water.

Arthur: I can't swim!

Jim: Give me your hand!

~Cut to funeral scene for Jack. Day. Blair is there; Jim is not.~

Minister: Jesus said I am the resurrection and light. If anyone believes in me even though he dies, he will live.

Sheila: (to Blair) I've been trying to get in touch with Jim. I wanted to apologize.

Blair: I'll give him the message.

~Pan up to hillside overlooking funeral. Jim is sitting on a log, watching. Emily comes over and sits next to him.~

Emily: Why aren't you down there?

Jim: Jack would have hated this.

Emily: I know.

Jim: I feel like I let him down. Almost four years in an unmarked grave. He deserved a lot better.

Emily: And now he has it. And it's time to let go -- both of us. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if things had worked out differently -- if we'd never...if Jack hadn't have been killed.

Officer: Detail, atten-hut!

Emily: Do you?

Officer: Ready... aim...

Jim: Yeah, I think out it now and again.

Officer: Fire!

Gun salute. Scene of Simon (in black dress uniform) by the flag-draped coffin. Then Blair looking up to where Jim watches. Final scenes of Jim and Emily watching.

~ The End ~