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Teleplay by: Harold Apter and Steven Baum
Story by: Stephen A. Miller
Directed by: Greg Beeman
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Michael McGrady (Dave Becker), Sydney Walsh (Peggy Anderson), Lou Myers (Billy Cates), Réal Andrews (Deputy Laneer), Garry Chalk (Art Sturges), Jason Gray-Stanford (Deputy Matthews), Danny Wattley (Deputy Rogers), Nicole Oliver (Kerry Lance).

Summary: Simon is suspected of murder when an old schoolmate is killed with his gun. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on September 25, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim, Blair, and Simon in the F-150 driving along country road. Day. Jim driving, Simon in passenger seat, Blair sorta behind Jim. Blair looking at a yearbook.~

Blair: Ooh! Check out the bow tie. "If not us, who? If not now, when?" Oh, man, I thought I was a geek in high school.

Jim and Simon: Was?

Simon: Give me that. (takes back yearbook, then pulls out cigar)

Jim: What are you doing?

Simon: Three hours in the car with him? I need something to help me relax. I've been dying for a smoke ever since Cascade.

Jim: Not in my car.

Simon: You know, I could order you to let me.

Jim: We're off duty, sir.

Simon: Well, if we're off duty, quit calling me "sir." Ever tell you how much I hate that?

Jim: Yes, sir.

Simon: Puff, puff. (puts away cigar) Oh, I tell you, man, this is sure brings back memories. Twenty years -- everybody's going to be so old. You know, Jim, if it wasn't for Peggy, I don't think I'd go.

Blair: Peggy? Who's Peggy?

Simon: Nobody.

Blair: Who's Peggy, Jim?

Jim: Simon's first love, but he never told her.

Blair: Uh-huh. Now I see why you're nervous.

Simon: Give it a rest, will you? We were friends, okay? Geez. Very good friends. We were considered the campus radicals. Led demonstrations, championed causes, even got suspended for it a couple of times. We were going to make the world a better place. Oh, she was really something.

Blair: She in there? (referring to yearbook)

Simon: Right there. (shows yearbook)

Blair: Wow, Simon, she's a babe, man.

Simon: Yea, well... people change. I mean, look at me -- campus radical to cop. I probably won't even recognize her.

~Cut to Canyon Lake Paper Corp. Peggy leaving in her car. Another car pulls out, following her on the back country roads. She looks at a memo that she has on the other seat. Other car pulls off on another road. Peggy looks relieved. Then car turns and comes around to follow her. Peggy, while driving, goes around a construction vehicle. She tries to make a cellphone call, but the reception is bad. She stops on a bridge to make the call.~

Peggy: Hello? Hello. Hi. Um... Kerry Lance, please. Well, ... When will she be back?

Other car comes zipping toward her.

Peggy: Oh, my god..!

She jumps over the hood of her car to get out of the way. Car door taken off. She back up, then runs back down road. Construction vehicle comes into view and she ducks underneath it, lying flat between the tires as it rolls over the top of her. Other car smashes into it. She gets up, panting, but okay.

~Cut to truck pulling up in front of hotel. Still day.~

Simon: You know, guys, I haven't been kayaking in a long time. I mean, we could still...

Jim: I'm sorry, sir. We only have two kayaks.

Simon: We could trade off, you know. All right, how 'bout this? How 'bout you guy come in for a drink with me? One drink? I'm buying.

Blair: You know what, Jim? I believe that our otherwise fearless captain...I think he's afraid to go in there alone, man.

They laugh.

~Cut to inside hotel.~

Simon: You know, I got my first job in this place as a bellhop when I was 16. It was the worst summer of my life. You know, guys, the reunion's not till tomorrow night. I still think we can make...

Jim: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, we only have two tents or else we'd love to have you with us.

Simon: I could sleep out under the stars.

Jim: Well, maybe you can do that on your balcony.

Simon sees Billy in the distance talking to a couple customers.

Billy: I know. You requested room 736...

Simon: I'll be damned.

Billy: ....but that's being redecorated. The clerk who took your reservation made an error, and I'm very sorry but how about a suite, no extra charge.

Simon: Still like to overbook them, eh, Billy?

Billy: (joins them) Simon Banks. Always figured you'd turn out bad. Well, I guess I was right.

Simon: You still managing this place?

They shake hands.

Billy: What do you suppose? I'm going to retire? They'll have to drag me out of here with both feet in the air just like a racehorse.

Simon: Billy, I'd like you to meet my friends. This is Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg.

Billy: Jim, how are you doing?

Jim: Nice to meet you. How you doing?

Blair: Pleasure to meet you.

Billy: Are you checking in?

Jim: No. We're actually going kayaking.

Simon: And I'm still deciding.

Becker (local sheriff) walks over.

Becker: That's not like you, Simon. You were the most decisive man I ever met.

Simon: Dave Becker. Hey, how you doing?

They shake hands.

Becker: I can't complain much.

Billy: I've got some business to take care of. Simon, I'll see you later. (walks away)

Simon: Okay. Later, Billy. (to Becker) Yeah. I heard you were the law around here now.

Becker: When Jenkins retired, he passed the baton to me. So, I heard you made captain. Way to go.

Simon: Well, that was four years ago, but thanks.

Becker: Part of your troops?

Simon: Oh, sorry, Dave. This is Detective Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg.

Becker: You guys must do a lot of undercover work, huh?

Jim: Blair's actually a special consultant to the department.

Becker: Oh. Well, here in Rossberg we got two kinds of cops -- deputies and me. It's a much simpler way of doing business. Of course, we don't have all the murders, robberies, carjackings, and gangs like you guys do.

Simon: Guess that's why people move to small towns.

Becker: Yeah. We're pretty good at handling what we do have. (sees Leneer waving to him from across the way) Well, listen, I got to go. It's good to see you guys.

Jim: Nice meeting you.

Blair: What's his story?

Simon: We were in high school together. He was captain of the football team. I was captain of the debating team. We were both very popular, but coming from very different directions. Had kind of a friendly rivalry going on. Guess you could say we still do. (sees Peggy entering hotel)

Blair: That must be her. Peggy --

Jim and Blair: The one that got away.

Simon: Say, uh, Jim, you know about that drink -- you think we could save it till you guys pick me up on Sunday?

Jim: You sure?

Simon: Yeah, I'm sure.

Jim: Maybe we should stick around in case you decide to leave or you need some...

Blair: Back up.

Jim: Back up.

Simon: Get out of here.

Jim: Very good. If we hurry, we can catch some dinner.

Blair: Sounds like a plan.

Jim: Beautiful.

Jim and Blair leave.

~Cut to bar inside hotel. Peggy talking to bartender.~

Peggy: Her name is Kerry Lance, and...I'll... I'll be right over there. Thanks.

Simon: Peggy!

Peggy: Simon? What are you doing here? (they hug) I...I...I forgot. It's the reunion...this weekend.

Simon: Well, isn't that why you're here?

Peggy: Me? No. I live here, remember? I hardly want to be hanging out with people that I see every day. It's great to see you. I hope you have fun at the reunion. (sits down at a booth)

Simon: Peggy? Is something wrong?

Peggy: No.

Simon: I mean, I was hoping we'd have a chance to talk. You know, catch up. (sits down with her)

Peggy: I'm meeting someone.

Simon: Oh. (sees her looking at Becker over his shoulder) You and Dave Becker are still friendly?

Peggy: He stopped me for speeding a few months ago. I haven't seen him for years. He let me off with a warning. He said it was on account of old times.

Simon: Yeah, that'd be Dave.

Peggy moves back out of view. Simon looks back to see another man joining Becker.

Simon: Who's that?

Peggy: Art Sturges. He owns Canyon Lake Paper. I work there.

Simon: Peg, is something wrong?

Peggy: I'm sorry, Simon. I've really got to go. (stands up)

Simon: Peggy, look, if there's a problem, please...let me help you. (stands up)

Peggy: Can we go someplace else?

~Cut to Simon just finishing checking in, then joining Peggy at the elevators.~

Simon: This is us.

They get in elevator. As doors close, scene switches to Laneer watching them.

~Cut to Peggy and Simon entering Simon's hotel room.~

Simon: Come on.

Peggy: Look, maybe this isn't such a good idea. I-I-I should go.

Simon: Peggy...come on. Just relax, okay? Look, this because I'm a cop? I mean are you doing something that's illegal?

Peggy: No. Yes. I don't know. I'm doing something important, okay?

Simon: Well, if...

Phone rings.

Simon: Excuse me a second. (to phone) Hello.

Phone: Mr. Banks, please.

Simon: This is Mr. Banks.

Phone: We have a fax for you.

Simon: Can you have somebody send it up?

Phone: Not right now, sir.

Simon: What?

Phone: I can't do it right now.

Simon: Let me talk to Billy Cates.

Phone: He's gone home for the day. I'm sorry about the inconvenience.

Simon: All right. All right. No, I understand. I'll be right down.

Phone: Thank you, sir.

Simon: (hangs up) Sorry. That was the front desk. A fax just came in from the department for me. They say it's urgent. I asked if they could have somebody send it up, but they've got a lineup downstairs and can't spare anybody. I got to run down and get it. Shouldn't take more than a minute.

Peggy: Go ahead.

Simon: I expect you to be here when I get back.

Peggy: I will.

Simon: Good. (leaves)

~Cut to main reception desk downstairs.~

Simon: Billy, you still here?

Billy: Oh, Simon. Leaving that pretty lady up there all alone.

Simon: You still think you know everything that goes on in this hotel, don't you?

Billy: Eyes in the back of my head.

Simon: Hey, look, somebody called upstairs, said there was a fax down here for me. Also said you'd gone home for the day.

Billy: Well, you're talking to me, so I guess I must still be he. And there's nothing come in for you.

Simon: Peggy... (leaves desk in a hurry)

~Cut to Simon re-entering hotel room.~

Simon: Peggy?

She isn't there. He gets his gun from an ankle holster and heads toward the partially closed bathroom door. Someone knocks him out before he can get too far. Scene fades.

~Cut to a bit later. Simon wakes up when someone starts knocking on the door. His room is a disaster.~

Simon: Yeah. Just a minute. Oh...

Simon stands and opens door. Becker, Matheson, and Laneer enter.

Becker: Simon, we had a report of gunshots.

Simon: Gunshots? you see, somebody broke into my room And... ow...

Matheson opens bathroom door.

Matheson: Sir?

Becker goes and looks.

Becker: Sweet Lord. Simon?

Simon: Yeah?

Becker: Is this yours? (holds up a gun)

Simon: I don't know. I'd have to check the serial number. Looks like it though.

Becker: You son of a bitch. (hauls Simon over to the bathroom to make him look)

Simon: Dave! What..?!

Inside, Simon sees Peggy lying dead in the bathtub, shot.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Becker uprights a chair.~

Becker: Have a seat, Simon.

Simon: (sits down) Man, this whole thing is crazy.

Becker handcuffs Simon's arm to the chair

Simon: Is this really necessary?

Becker: Matheson. Come on! (handcuffs Simon's other arm to the chair as well)

Simon: Come on, Dave. You know me, man.

Mathson: Sheriff, he's a cop. Maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Becker takes Matheson aside.

Becker: This man was discovered at a murder scene. Apparently, the victim's been shot by his gun. See if Laneer's gotten a hold of the coroner.

Matheson: Yes, sir. (leaves)

Becker: Go.

Simon: Dave, listen.

Becker: Shut up! (hits Simon across the face)

Simon: What the hell was that for?

Becker: Just you and I having our difference, Simon. Just like old times.

Simon: Oh, come on, Dave, we were kids.

Becker: Yeah, that's right. Now, we're all grown up and you're a prisoner attempting to escape. Oh, I'm going to enjoy the hell out of this.

Simon kicks Becker, then stands and falls backwards on chair, breaking it. They fight, then Simon gets up to hurriedly leave the room. Becker pulls out a gun and Simon yanks the door closed, attempting to get out of the way. Becker fires and the bullet goes through the door and hits Simon in the leg. Simon forces himself onward, hurrying down the hall and into an elevator. Becker comes out firing his gun.

Becker: Damn! (into radio)This is Becker. We got a code six emergency. Laneer, do you copy?

Laneer: Are you kidding? He got away?

Becker: No joke. Make sure all the exits are covered. (sees blood on the ground) I hit him. This man's not getting out unless it's on a stretcher.

~Cut to Jim and Blair standing outside the truck looking at a map on the side of a mountain. Day.~

Jim: You're telling me we're lost.

Blair: No, no, we're not lost. Just 40 miles in the wrong direction, that's all.

Jim: Oh, just 40 miles. You were supposed to be navigating.

Jim's cellphone rings. He answers it. Scenes switch between Jim and Simon (in a kitchen storage area).

Jim: Yeah. Ellison.

Simon: Jim, this is Simon. I need your help. Jim?

Jim: Simon, is that you? We must have a bad connection.

Blair: Something wrong?

Jim: (to Blair) I don't know. Maybe we're out of cell range. (into phone) Simon!

Simon: Jim... yeah. Peggy's been murdered, and I've been shot. Becker's got my gun. He thinks I did it.

Jim: Oh, come on, Simon. This is crazy.

A worker goes by the storage area.

Simon: Somebody's trying to set me up. I have no idea why. I can't make it out of the hotel. They're watching all the exits. Meet me in room 736. I heard Billy say It was being remodeled.

Jim: Sit tight. We're on our way.

Blair: What's going on?

Jim and Blair get into truck and take off down the mountain.

~Cut to storage area. Worker leads Laneer and two deputies to where Simon's hiding place.~

Laneer: Banks! Put your hands where I can see them! Now!

They all fire at the corner, destroying food products and so forth. Laneer goes back to check. No one is there.

Laneer: Take a good look around. Check the hall while you're at it.

One of the deputies goes further into the area. Simon drops down from the ceiling and attacks, then stumbles out into hallway. Just as he reaches a corner, Laneer comes into hallway with his gun.

Laneer: Hold it! Right there!

Simon realizes he's about to fire and hurries around corner, running into a freight elevator. Laneer follows, but too late. Elevator goes up and stops a bit later on floor six according to indicator lights.

Laneer: (into radio) Laneer here. He's on the sixth floor.

~Cut to outside hotel. Becker talking to his men.~

Becker: Copy that. Get up to the sixth floor and shut it down. I want every elevator and stairway door covered, then a room-to-room search. Any resistance, shoot him. Let's go.

Matheson watches for a moment, then follows.

~Cut to Simon climbing out of the roof of the freight elevator. He forces open the doors and goes through. He enters hallway and finds a maid's cart. He takes a set of keys, then unlocks room 736 and goes inside.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair parking in hotel parking lot, then walking up to entrance of hotel. Still day.~

Becker: Hold on, guys. What brings you two back here?

Blair: It's the funniest thing. We were going in the wrong direction. I mean, totally off the mark, so we figured we'd come back here...

Jim: What's going on here, Sheriff?

Becker: Your friend, Banks, is wanted for questioning in the murder of a woman named Peggy Anderson. You heard from him?

Blair: No.

Becker: If you're withholding information, gentlemen, I'll consider both of you accessories after the fact.

Jim: Listen, Sheriff, as police officers, don't you think our primary concern here should be finding out who's responsible for this murder?

Becker: Your boss shot that poor woman three times. I can prove it. I've got his gun. Where is he?

Jim: I don't know. We just got here

Becker: I'm going to keep my eye on you, my friend.

Jim: You do that, my friend.

Jim and Blair enter hotel.

Becker: (to Rogers) I want you to keep a watch on these guys. I want to know where they go and who they talk to. Go.

Rogers: Yes, sir.

Rogers follows them in.

Blair: Now what?

Jim and Blair enter a hallway with several sets of doors.

Blair: Where we going? I thought Simon said...

Jim: Shh. Follow me.

They open a door and go inside. Rogers sees and follows after them. A moment later, Jim exits another door and goes across the hallway.

Jim: Let's go, let's go.

Blair starts to follows, but Rogers comes out of another door.

Jim: Go back, go back.

Blair goes back inside the door he'd just exited. Rogers follows Blair. Jim, Blair, and Rogers play musical doors a few more times, then Jim and Blair exit doors and run down the hallway out of sight.

Jim: Let's move.

Rogers comes out and realizes he's lost them.

~Cut to Becker and Matheson in a hallway.~

Matheson: We need to talk.

Becker: Why don't you pack it up for the night?

Matheson: No, sir, no disrespect intended, sir. There's something going on here that just isn't right.

Becker: By whose definition?

Matheson: Mine, sir.

Becker: Come with me.

They go into the stairwell.

Becker: Okay, speak.

Matheson: Banks used to be a friend of yours, right?

Becker: Acquaintance. So?

Matheson: The way you're treating him. It seems personal.

Becker: What if it is?

Matheson: The way you hit him could jeopardize a successful prosecution.

Becker: Are you kidding me? He shot Peggy Anderson with his service revolver. We can prove it.

Matheson: When we found him, he hardly knew where he was. You saw the welt on the back of his head.

Becker: So what are you saying, Matheson?

Matheson: Maybe somebody else knocked him out and used his gun. Banks is a police captain. If he was going to kill someone, he wouldn't be so obvious with it.

Becker: So you should give him the benefit of the doubt.

Matheson: You should be treating him like any other suspect who is innocent until proven guilty.

Becker: And wait for him to kill again? I don't think so.

Matheson: I'm sorry, Dave. I can't do this.

Becker: Matheson...

Becker knocks Matheson out. A gunshot is heard.

Becker: (into radio) Laneer.

Laneer: (over radio) Laneer here.

Becker: Get up here right away.

Laneer: Roger that.

Becker: Banks just took out Matheson with his own gun.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Room 736. Jim is fixing up Simon's leg wound. Blair is pacing.~

Jim: Simon, what the hell is going on here?

Simon: I wish I knew, man. Peggy was involved in something, probably illegal.

Blair: Jim, the bullet went right through. We've got to get him stitched up. He's losing a lot of blood. If we don't stop it, he could bleed to death.

Simon: Sandburg, will you quit talking about me like I'm not even here. I'm not hysterical.

Blair: We just got to get you out of here. Isn't there some way we can call some outside authority here?

Jim: It won't matter unless we have hard evidence to counter what Becker's already got, Simon's busted as soon as he steps out into the hall. Anything else you got, Simon, you can tell us?

Simon: I don't know.

Jim: Think. Did Peggy say anything that would indicate...

Simon: Look, Jim, I know the drill. Just give me a second to clear my head.

Jim: I'm sorry.

Simon: All right. Peggy and I were in the lounge. She was real nervous about talking at first. Said she was waiting to meet someone. I overheard her tell the bartender she was waiting on a woman. Connie? No, Kerry. Kerry Lance.

Jim: Kerry Lance. You're sure.

Simon: Yeah.

Jim: (to Blair) Write that down. You got a pencil? A piece of paper. (to Simon) Names. What else?

Simon: Uh... we saw Dave Becker in the lobby. He was talking to this guy... Art Sturges.

Jim: Art Sturges? (to Blair) You got that?

Simon: He owns Canyon Lake Paper. Anyway, when she saw those two together, she really freaked. She couldn't get out of there fast enough. When we got to my room, she was going to tell me what was going on, but then I got the call to go downstairs.

Jim: You think the call was a setup to get you out?

Simon: No doubt about it.

Jim: All right, I'm going to check out the crime scene. (to Blair) See if you can get yourself a medical kit, all right?

Simon: Oh, Jim... I left my keys in my room. (gives him master keys) These should be able to get you in wherever you need to go. Guys. Sorry about messing up your weekend.

Jim and Blair leave. Rogers sees them from other end of hall as they enter the stairwell. Rogers finds some blood on the wall.

Rogers: (into radio) Laneer, Rogers. I'm on the seventh floor. I just seen some blood on the wall.

Laneer: Blood, huh?

Rogers: And two of his friends just left in a hurry. I don't know which room they came out of.

Laneer: All right. Stay there. I'll be right up. Let's go.

~Cut to Jim entering Simon's room using the master keys. He searches it with his sight and finds a button on the ground. He picks it up and smells it.~

Jim: Gunpowder

~Cut to room 736. Simon sees Rogers and Laneer and other deputies entering hallway.

Laneer: What have we got here, Rogers?

Rogers: Looks like he's bleeding pretty bad. All right, let's start hitting the doors.

Simon moves around in the room.

~Cut to hallway. Laneer finds blood on room 736's door.~

Laneer: Blood.

They break inside. Laneer finds the open air vent panel with a trail of blood leading inside.

~Cut to Simon crawling along inside the vents.

~Cut to outside the hotel. Night. Blair is heading around the ambulance. Jim comes up behind him.~

Jim: They found Simon.

Blair: They're bringing out another body.

Jim turns into what Bekcer is saying.

Becker: Matheson was a good man. If Banks is armed, don't think twice -- you shoot to kill. If he's not, I'll leave that up to you.

Blair: What are they saying?

Jim: Now Simon's a cop killer.

Blair: What?

Jim: I found this in his room. (shows Blair the buttom) It's got gunpowder residue all over it. Must have come from the shooter's clothing.

Jim tunes in again, listening to Becker and Laneer.

Laneer: Banks got away. He's in the air duct.

Becker: All right, he used to work here when was a kid. He knows this place inside and out so we got to move fast.

Jim's cellphone rings. He answers it.

Jim: Simon.

Billy: (from inside hotel at main desk) Detective Ellison?

Jim: Yes.

Billy: This is Billy Cates.

Jim: How did you get my number?

Billy: Well, Simon left it when he checked in, in case of emergency. And I guess this qualifies. Listen, son, you can trust me, okay? Now, there's someone here that I think you should speak to. She was looking for Peggy Anderson.

Jim: Is her name Kerry Lance?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, that's it.

Jim: Thanks. (hangs up) Let's go, Chief.

~Cut to a room filled with chairs, set up for the reunion. Room is empty except for a woman sitting near the front.~

Billy: There she is, right up front.

Jim: Thank you.

Billy: Okay. You're welcome. (leaves)

Jim and Blair go up to the front of the room.

Jim: I'm Jim Ellison. (shows her his badge)

Kerry: Kind of far from home, aren't you, Detective?

Jim: Our captain is some here in this hotel. Local cops think he's killed your friend Peggy.

Blair: He didn't.

Kerry: How do I know that?

Jim: Well, you can take our word for it.

Kerry: Why should I?

Jim: 'Cause something is very wrong here and I think you know what it is. Otherwise, I doubt you'd be talking to us.

Kerry: I'm a feature reporter for KRMN. It's a local tv station. I do mostly human interest stuff, but occasionally, I get into bigger issues. Peggy called me a few weeks ago. Said she could only trust me with the story she had to tell. And, of course, I have a big enough ego, so I agreed to meet with her.

Jim: And did you?

Kerry: She said there was a problem at Canyon Lake Paper. Over the past couple of years, there's been an abnormally high incidence of birth defects and immune disorders among the local population. A runoff from the plant into the water supply was suspected, but the government's been slow to act. And, in the meantime, Sturges ordered his own study which, of course, gave his plant a clean bill of health and bought him time to get it cleaned up without having to completely shut it down. Peggy knew the study had been faked. She told me she had copies of documents that would prove it and she was going to give them to me tonight. But there was an accident on the interstate and by the time I finally got here... God, this is horrible.

Jim: What do you know about Art Sturges?

Kerry: He inherited the plant from his father. He runs it like it's his own little fiefdom. Over half the people in this town work for him and they are all afraid of him.

Jim: And what about Becker?

Kerry: Now that is an even scarier character. I did a check on him at the office before I left this afternoon. And I came up with three social security numbers and seven bank accounts. He is also employed part-time at Canyon Lake as a security consultant.

Blair: Security consultant? Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Kerry: Obviously, he doesn't think so.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hotel lobby. Everyone is leaving. Jim and Blair stop Billy.~

Jim: Billy, what's going on?

Billy: Becker -- he's ordered an evacuation of the whole building. (walks away)

Blair: What's he doing that for?

Jim: He's turning up the heat.

~Cut to basement of hotel. Laneer pushes a hotel employee towards a control box on the wall.~

Laneer: Move it, will you?

Man: If I override the automatic climate controls, it'll screw up the entire system.

Laneer: Just do it.

Man: I'll have to get permission.

Laneer: This is a police emergency. (shoves aside employee and does it himself, pumping it over 100)

~Cut to Simon in air ducts -- he collapses.~

~Cut to outside hotel. Becker is on the radio. Jim and Blair off to side; Jim listening.~

Becker: Yeah, this is Becker. Hold your position and keep me posted, all right?

Sturges goes up to Becker

Sturges: Sheriff Becker?

Becker: Stand by.

Blair: Who's that talking to Becker?

Jim: Art Sturges.

Sturges and Becker walk off to talk privtely.

Sturges: I need those papers, Dave.

Becker: Look, I'll find them, all right? Just stay out of my face on this.

Sturges: I'm worried -- two people have been killed over this.

Becker: Yeah, but I'll tell you something -- pretty soon, it will be three.

Jim uses sight and sees missing button on Becker's coat cuff.

Jim: Becker killed Peggy Anderson. My guess is, he killed that deputy too.

Blair: How do you know?

Jim: That button on his sleeve. (gives Blair the phone) Call the F.B.I.

Blair: But, Jim, we don't have enough evidence to clear Simon.

Jim: My first priority is getting Simon out of that building alive. I'm going back inside. I'm going to get to him before Becker does. Zero-four. (leaves)

Jim walks past hotel to a phone. He calls inside. Billy answers.

Billy: Front desk.

Jim: Billy, it's Ellison. I need your help.

Billy: Well, just tell me what to do.

~Cut to Billy coming out of the doors to the policeman on duty.~

Billy: Excuse me, son. Uh, say, what size uniform do you wear?

Jim comes around corner and knocks officer out.

~Cut to Jim (now in the local police uniform) going through the kitchen. He walks under a ceiling vent and hears breathing from it.~

~Cut to Becker, Sturges, and Laneer searching Simon's room again.~

Becker: She didn't make any stops on the way back from the hotel. We checked her car, we checked the table where she was with Banks, and we checked her purse. She had to have the papers on her when she came into this room.

Becker and Sturges go into bathroom.

Becker: She was in here when I grabbed her -- putting on her makeup for the last time. My forensics guy went all over the place. All they found was her makeup a and couple of used kleenex in the trash can.


Becker grabs the kleenex box and rips out the tissues. He pulls out an envelope and hands it to Sturges.

Sturges: Whew!

~Cut to Simon in the air duct, still pulling himself along slowly.~

~Cut to Jim walking slowly down a hallway. He listens under a vent and hears Simon breathing. He keeps walking, then uses the master keys to open a room door. Inside, he rips the vent cover off of the duct and climbs halfway inside. Simon is only a few feet away.

Jim: Simon! Simon! Give me your hand.

Simon stretches out a hand, but can't quite reach. Jim almost gets him when the vent beneath Simon gives way. Simon falls through and lands in the kitchen area, falling first on a table, and then the floor.

Simon: Aah!

Jim drops through and kneels next to Simon.

Jim: Simon! Simon, can you hear me?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Outside hotel. Blair still hanging around ambulance. Old man goes over to paramedic.~

Man: My wife left her insulin in our room. She's having a seizure.

Paramedic: Hold on, sir. I'll get the kit.

Man: It's this way.

Blair goes over, climbs into ambulance, and closes the doors. He starts gathering a few supplies. Then he starts to hear Becker and Sturges talking.

Sturges: I'll tell you, Becker...

Becker: I said get those people back!

Sturges: If this information had gotten out, we'd be finished.

Becker: Peggy always said she wanted to die for a good cause. (into phone) Yeah. Becker. Oh, yeah, yeah. You just made my day. (to Sturges) Somebody called the F.B.I. They're on their way.

Sturges: How long before they get here?

Becker: Well, their field office is in Spokane. About 45 minutes.

Sturges: Damnit, Becker, Banks is a loose end. What if they believe his story?

Becker: They won't.

Sturges: How can you be so sure?

Becker: (to Laneer) We still have those flash bangs in the trunk? What would happen if we set them off in a contained area? Like say, a hotel basement?

Laneer: Probably burn the whole place down.

Becker: (to Sturges) Think about it: No crime scene and our only suspect fried to a crisp.

Sturges: Do it.

Blair: Oh, God. (pulls out Jim's phone and dials)

~Cut to Jim and Simon. Jim answers Simon's phone. Scene switches back and forth between them.~

Jim: Hello?

Blair: Jim! Thank God, you found him.

Jim: Yeah, he's in bad shape. You having any luck with those medical supplies?

Blair: Yeah, yeah, I got them.

Jim: Listen to me. I'm in the banquet kitchen. You find Billy. He's gonna help you get those supplies to me.

Blair: It's too late for that. They're burning down the hotel.

Jim: What'd you say?

Blair: I just overheard Becker. You got to get Simon out of there now!

Jim: Oh, for god sake. (hangs up)

~Cut to Laneer setting off flash bombs in basement, then knocking over a few shelves. A fire starts. And he leaves.~

~Cut to Jim and Simon. Simon is more or less out of it, not doing much more than groaning.~

Jim: Simon... Come on, buddy. Come on. Put your arm up. You'll be all right. Here we go. Let's go. Here we go. (pulls Simon up and they walk/stumble slowly out)

Scenes of fire in the basement.

Jim: You'll be all right, partner. We'll get you out of here in a second. Just down the hall here. All right, buddy. Come on.

~Cut to outside. Blair runs to the front of the hotel. Officer stops him.~

Officer: You'll have to move back.

Blair: No, you don't understand. My friends are in there.

Officer: Sorry, but this whole place is about to go up.

~Cut to hallway which is burning. Billy is herding people out the door.~

Billy: Everybody stay calm. Stay to the side. Everybody stay calm. Stay to this side. Everybody out this way. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Jim and Simon come through another door.

Jim: All right, buddy, hang on. Hang on. Come on. Here we go.

Simon: No. Other way. Other way.

They turn and head toward the same exit Billy had used.

Jim: Come on.

Simon: No, I can't. (collapses)

Jim: Simon!

Simon: No, Jim. I can't.

Laneer comes into hallway from the opposite side and sees them. He hides behind the corner and pulls out his gun, cocking it. Jim hears and pulls out his own gun. Laneer comes around corner to shoot; Billy re-enters hallway at the same time.

Jim: Billy, get down! (shoots Laneer; he goes down)

Billy: The whole world's gone crazy!

Jim: Help me get Simon out of here!

Billy: They're going to kill him. And you, too, by the looks of things! (helps Jim bring Simon out)

Jim: All right. Let's just get him out.

~Cut to outside hotel.~

Becker: Back it up. Back these people up. Clear this area.

Jim, Simon, and Billy come out. Becker turns and sees them, and grabs a rifle.

Becker: Shoot 'em! (fires)

The three of them drop to the ground, the bullet whizzing over their heads.

Kerry Lance and her camera crew get between Becker and the others.

Kerry: Those men are surrendering!

Becker: Get that camera out -- this is a police emergency.

Kerry: Not a chance.

Jim stands up.

Jim: I'm a Cascade police officer, and your boss is a murderer. He was paid to kill Peggy Anderson to keep her from telling you why people in this town were getting sick.

Blair: (standing on back bumper of ambulance) Just ask Art Sturges! He's got the proof in his pocket.

Sturges tries to leave. An officer stops him.

Officer: Sir, will you please step out of the car?

Simon gets up and walks toward Becker.

Becker: This is my town.

Simon: Not anymore.

Deputies aim their guns at Becker. Rogers takes Becker's gun.

Rogers: Sorry, sir. Let's get him out of here.

Simon collapses. Jim and Blair catch him.

Jim: Can we get a medic over here?

~Cut to Simon being rolled to an ambulance on a gurney. Billy walks along side it.~

Simon: You're finally going to get a chance to retire.

Billy: Oh, work s just beginning for me. We'll build the place back better than new when they get things straightened out at the plant.

Simon: Forgive me if I don't show up for the opening.

Billy: Don't let me have to look for you.

Simon: I'm sorry about all this.

Billy: Look, Simon, you did a great job, and I'm proud of you. Peggy'd be proud of you too.

Simon: Yeah.

Billy: Take care.

Jim and Blair join Simon as Billy leaves.

Jim: Okay, that's great. (hangs up his cellphone) I've arranged for a medical chopper to meet you at the hospital and take you back to Cascade.

Simon: Knew I should have gone with you guys.

Jim: The way Sandburg navigates, we'd probably be lost and mauled by a sasquatch or two.

Simon laughs, then starts to cough.

Jim: Take it easy.

Blair: You said you were dying for a smoke.

The paramedics lower the gurney to get ready to put it into the ambulance.

Simon: Oh, yeah. Yeah. (pulls out a cigar -- a broken one)

Jim: Where'd you get..?!

Simon: Oh, look.

Jim takes broken cigar.

Simon: Hey, Jim, could you get my suitcase for me?

Paramedics load Simon into the ambulance as Jim and Blair laugh.

Simon: No, no! Come on! I just need one. Come on, guys!

Blair: It's broke.

Jim: Oh, that's attractive.

Simon: Just one!

Jim and Blair walk away, laughing.

Simon: Jim, come on!

~ The End ~