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Written by: Peter Lance
Directed by: William Gereghty
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Mia Korf (Akiko Keno), Leon Russom (Mike Hurley), Henry Hayashi (Kenji Kadama), Barry Pepper (Kurt Hessman), Stefan Arngrim (Rory Hessman), Jerry Wasserman (Killibrew), Marilyn Norry (Bomb Squad Sergeant), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Warren Takeuchi (Club Manager), Derek Hamilton (Buster).

Summary: Ellison tries to gain the trust of a female attorney/advisor to the Japanese Yakuza, who are threatening a bloody gang war in Cascade. Ellison shadows her, learning that she is a deep cover FBI agent. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on October 2, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Club. Day. People dancing, talking, and laughing to music. Many are Japanese.~

~Cut to outside to a man on a motorcycle, dressed in black. Face covered as well.~

~Cut back to club, then back to motorcycle as it stops outside of club. Biker drives the motorcycle through the glass doors, shattering them. People scream and move out of the way. Biker pulls out a gun and fires on the three men at the front of the room (all Japanese), killing them. He also shoots up a great deal of the club.~

~Cut to next day. Police investigating the shooting at the club. Jim, Blair, Simon are outside of club, as well as Mike Hurley, an older uniformed officer getting close to retirement.~

Man: Gutierrez, give me a hand here.

Simon and Mike come over to join Jim and Blair.

Mike: Hey, Jimbo, what's this about you having a partner? I thought you worked solo.

Jim: The captain's here trying to keep me on a short leash. This is Officer Mike Hurley of the Gang Unit. Probably the main reason why the Bloods and Crips have been kept out of Cascade.

Blair: That's funny. I thought it was 'cause they couldn't get the Lakers on cable? (nobody laughs)

Jim: Blair Sandburg. He's working with the department. Mike here is old school. Only one in the Gang Unit who still wears his blues.

Mike: I got to set an example; keep the young ones in line.

Jim: Mike, what are you still doing on the force? I figured you'd be up in your mountain retreat fishing for bass.

Simon: Come one, Mike, 30 years. It's time to go.

Mike: I'm going to die with my boots on. They think maybe a biker gang shot this place up.

~Cut to inside club. Jim is examining tire tracks on floor.~

Jim: Pirelli Supersports.

Simon: We had multiple rounds fired but only three were hit.

Jim: So the shooter definitely knew his target.

Simon: (to someone off-screen) You have that tape ready from the surveillance camera?

Surveillance tape plays. They all watch it.

Jim: That's a Harley Electraglide. Original shovelhead. It's a '79 or '80.

Mike: That's Race Peters' bike.

Simon: Who?

Mike: Race Peters. He's a bottom feeder. He rides with the Void.

Blair: And the Void would be..?

Jim: The jackasses on bikes in black leather. They run meth labs and worship the ghosts of Sid Vicious.

Simon: So what was Peters doing here?

Jim: Probably rousting the competition. (goes over to look at body) Let me see this body for a second. Missing digit on the left hand. What do we have here? Now, isn't that nice? (show tattoos on body) See these tattoos? Cancel your lunch plans, gentlemen. It's going to be a long day.

Blair: What is it?

Mike: He's Yakuza.

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Simon, Jim, Blair, and Mike.~

Mike: Briefing package from Customs. The Yaks moved into Hawaii about ten years ago, running grind-joints and extortion rackets on Oahu. Now they own half of Waikiki and the feds say they're moving east like a bullet train. The tattoos are a Yakuza trademark.

Blair: Ooh, what's with the missing pinky?

Jim: It's called yubitsume. When a Yak soldier disgraces his boss or oyabun, as they call him, he has to offer a piece of himself in return as tribute.

Simon: I like that. Take a note of that, Sandburg.

Blair: Duly noted.

Simon: How are they making their money here?

Mike: Gambling, white slavery. And they make a fortune importing methamphetamine to Japan. They call it "the awakening drug."

Jim: There's the connection. Biker gangs have moved speed here since the '50s.

Simon: Are you saying the Yakuza are trying a Japanese takeover of the crank business?

Jim: If they are and they start a gang war this whole city's going to go explode.

Brown bursts in.

Brown: Captain, there's been a report of shots fired at First and Water.

Mike: First and Water. There's a place there where the Void fix their rides.

Jim: Let's move.

~Cut to Jim, Simon, Mike, and another officer breaking into a darkened building. Light streams in behind them.

Simon: Go! All right. Check the back! Go! Go!

They find three bodies hanging from the ceiling.

Jim: Three Yaks dead at the club and four bikers here. It looks like they've upped the ante.

Simon: Mike... any of these guys Race Peters?

Mike: No, but it doesn't matter anymore. Now the Void will have to strike back. There's going to be blood in the streets.

Jim: How do we handle it?

Simon: Like they do in the mideast. We call a summit before this thing breaks out into open war.

~Cut to an empty building where police are checking out bikers as they enter, taking away weapons.~

Officer: Clean. Clean. Move along. I've got him.

Kurt: What, no cavity search? (walks away)

Female officer: Smart...

Male officer: Right over here.

Biker moves away. A few Yakuza come in, then the leader, Kadama, enters, lighting up a cigarette.~

Simon: There's no smoking here. Put it out!

Kadama drops the cigarette, then Simon puts his cigar in his mouth. Mike gestures to gun that other officer holds.

Mike: You better have a permit for that.

Akiko enters.

Akiko: These men are all fully licensed to carry concealed. They're part of Mr. Kadama's executive security detail. The .45 is his own.

Jim comes over.

Jim: And what are you carrying?

Akiko: Just this. (hands Jim a card) Akiko Keno, chief counsel to Kada Corp., North America.

Simon: All right, let's get down to it.

~Cut to a bit later. Opposing gang members sitting at table. Officers and Akiko standing.~

Kadama: Tell the geijin pig, I paid four million -- that's US -- in taxes last year. And if he thinks he can send his piece of dreck into my club to get me, well, he's wrong.

Kurt: That's a lie. You whacked your own and made it look like we did it.

Jim: For what reason?

Kurt: Sounds to me like he wants a war.

Kadama: So, what you're saying is...I killed my own men.

Kurt: That's exactly what I'm saying, Mr. Moto

Kadama and Rory both lunge toward each other.

Jim: All right! Settle down. Just back off. Both of you. Now, we can conduct this here in an orderly fashion, or we can take it downtown into a holding cell. Now what's it gonna be? It's your choice.

Jim: (to Kurt) Sit down.

Kurt sits.

Akiko: (to Kadama) Kenji san...

Kadama sits.

Akiko: Now, just consider what happens if you go to war. Kadama Corp. has extensive real estate holdings in little Tokyo. (goes over to make coffee) A big stake in downtown. There's urm...recreation... (sets down a drink in front of each leader)

Mike: Is that what you call those grind joints?

Akiko: On the other side, the Void has certain volatile labs. They would surely be sensitive targets if the violence continues.

Jim: Wait a minute, lady. We did not call this meeting so you could divide up the meth market. As of this moment right now, you are out of the speed business. Anybody crosses that line and you're all going down.

Akiko: Sounds non-negotiable, gentlemen. What about it?

Hessman: Ah, excuse me. Just where do you get off telling us how to run things?

Simon: Shut up! The only reason any of you are sitting at this table is because I don't have enough evidence to run your asses in -- yet.

Akiko: Kenji?

Kadama: Okay.

Simon: What about you, Hessman? We're waiting.

Hessman: Just don't bring her along to the next meet. She'll be after the pink slip on my bike.

Hessman and Kadama toast each other and drink up.

Hessman: Let's go.

~Cut to Yakuza, bikers, and police exiting building. Kadama talking to Akiko.~

Kadama: All right. I want this situation taken care of immediately. Don't waste any time on it. Okay. Just get it.

They stop at Kadama's limo.

Akiko: Go on.

Kadama gets in and Akiko waits for Jim.

Akiko: It's good to meet you, Detective. You don't approve of me, do you?

Jim: I was just wondering why would a good lawyer with a lot of clients to choose from would work with Kenji Kadama?

Akiko: Legal system says everyone's entitled to legal counsel.

Jim: You didn't answer my question.

Akiko: You're right. I didn't.

They shake hands.

Kadama: Akiko.

Akiko gets in car.

Jim walks over to join Blair and Simon, standing among the bikers. Simon goes over to talk to Hessman.

Simon: Hey. You better make this work, Hessman.

Hessman: Yeah. Well, we'll see...Banks.

Hessman starts to choke and have a hard time breathing.

Kurt: What is it? Rory, what is it? Hey! Rory! What is it? Rory!

Hessman falls and starts to convulse. Biker goes down with him, holding onto him. Jim and Blair run over to them.

Jim: All right, get back. Get him back!

Mike and Simon haul biker back.

Kurt: No, don't you touch him!

Jim: (to Blair) Keep his passageways opened. Just hold his head like that. I'll get a medical kit. Let's get a paramedic over here. (runs off)

Hessman convulses once more, then goes still.

Blair: He's dead.

Kurt tears away from Mike and Simon and drops down next to Hessman.

Kurt: No! Rory! Rory! Rory!

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same scene a bit later. Coroner is taking away Hessman's body.~

Kurt: You know, I told him not to do this. I knew this was wrong.

Simon: Kurt, I'm sorry about your brother.

Kurt: Get away from me, man. You don't think I know what happened here? He's was whacked.

Jim: Whoa. Slow down a second. Your brother was wearing a medic-alert bracelet. Said he had a septal defect.

Kurt: Yeah, it was a damn heart murmur. He's had it since he was a kid.

Blair: Well, was he on any medication?

Kurt: Hey, he was breathing when he walked in there. That bitch served him coffee, and now he's dead.

Jim: Easy, easy. We don't need that kind of talk here.

Simon: Look, things are really hot right now. Let's wait until all the facts are in before we jump to any conclusions.

Kurt: Hey, the fact is there's going to be blood for this. All right.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim walks through bullpen to Simon and Mike.~

Jim: Captain... excuse me. Toxicology report came back on the coffee cup. The kid was right. There was traces of strychnine. And guess what?

Simon: Don't tell me.

Jim: Aside from the victim's prints being on the cup, the only other set lifted were Akiko's.

Mike: Any poison on the cup she gave Kenji?

Jim: No, it was clean.

Simon: We better bring her in for questioning.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck driving along road. Day.~

Jim: All right. I'll bite. What's up?

Blair: Nothing.

Jim: Nothing?


Blair: All right, there is something. I mean, we work together every day, right? I'm staying at your place and still you're like this enigma.

Jim: Enigma?

Blair: Yeah, an enigma.

Jim: What do you mean?

Blair: That thing with the bikes today, the Harleys. You're an expert.

Jim: I was into bikes in high school.

Blair: Why didn't you tell me?

Jim: You never asked. This was supposed to be a academic relationship. Next thing I know, you're gonna want the pin number to my ATM.

Blair: 3840. Your parents' birthdates, remember?

Jim: See? My point exactly. A man's got to have little privacy, okay? Just a little bit.

Blair: Look, Jim, if I'm ever going to construct a valid sensory profile of you, I'm going to need everything, the whole mosaic.

Jim: What did you just say?

Blair: I need to know everything.

Jim: Everything.

Blair: From the moment your mother had that c-section. (holds out a tape recorder)

Jim: I'll have to give you a raincheck on that. There's the club.

They pull up and stop next to the club.

~Cut to inside club. Phone rings and a man answers it.~

Man: Hi. Kobe Club. (calls over Akiko in Japanese)

Akiko: (on phone) Yeah, hello. (scenes go between Akiko and Jim)

Jim: This is Detective James Ellison.

Akiko: Detective Ellison, what can I do for you?

Jim: There's been a development in the Hessman death and I need to talk to you about it. Alone.

Akiko: Well I'm a little busy right now.

Jim: Ms. Keno...

Akiko: Please. Akiko.

Jim: Akiko. The Hessman death is now officially a homicide investigation and you're a material witness. Now, I can go in and pull you out with a warrant, but as an officer of the court, I was hoping you'd cooperate. Ms. Keno?

Akiko: Yeah. Look, I have an office in the Weyrhauser Building. 17th floor, suite 1720. I'll be there in a half an hour.

Jim: Great. (hangs up) Let's just sit tight.

Blair: You know, Jim, far be it for me to tell you how to do your job...

Jim: Uh-huh?

Blair: But if she is a murder witness, didn't you tip her off? I mean, what if you're waiting at her office over there and she's on some flight to Osaka?

Jim: That's why we're following her. But I doubt she'll skip.

Blair: How come?

Jim: 'Cause I don't think she did it. And her boss, she hates him.

Blair: How do you know that?

Jim: Instinct.

They look back through the rear window of the truck to see Akiko walking toward a limo with Kadama. Jim tunes in to listen.

Kenji: Where do you think you're going?

Akiko: Well, I told you. I got to chill things out with that cop. We don't need the heat on top of a war with the Void.

Kenji: Well, I say we hit them today while they're not expecting it.

Akiko: No! Do you want to compromise everything we're building here?

Blair: What's he saying?

Kenji: Look, you little nisei bitch, never, ever raise your voice to me in front of my men. Do you understand?

Akiko: Perfectly.

Kadama: Then apologize to your oyabun, hmm?

She kisses him, then they both get into the limo.

Blair: Hates her boss, huh? Yeah. You're a good judge of women.

Jim starts up the truck to follow the limo.

~Cut to scenes of the truck following the limo to downtown. They stop next to a tall building. Akiko gets out of the limo.~

Kadama: One hour. Hey. No more. Hmm?

Akiko walks away.

Jim: Wait here. (gets out of truck to follow Akiko)

~Cut back to truck as Blair sees a black leather wearing biker go by.~

~Cut back to Jim watching and following Akiko.~

~Cut to Blair watching the biker. And then to Kadama.~

Kadama: Let's go. (closes door)

Limo takes off. Biker follows.

~Cut to Akiko coming out of building. Jim walks by quickly, hiding his face. He ducks around a corner and waits. His cellphone rings and he quicky turns it off.~

~Cut to Blair in the truck.~

Blair: Damn it. (hangs up cellphone)

~Cut to Akiko walking away from building, Jim following.~

~Cut back to Blair.~

Blair: Okay, Blair, make a decision. Oh, god. (undoes seatbelt and climbs over to driver's seat; starts truck and takes off)

~Cut to Jim watching Akiko get into a silver car and the valet giving her the keys.~

Valet: Here you go.

Jim takes out his cellphone and dials. Blair answers. Scenes switch between Jim and Blair.

Blair: Yeah, hello.

Jim: Sandburg, where are you?

Blair: Um, maybe ten blocks away, but don't worry, I've got them covered.

Jim: Got who covered?

Blair: Race Peters, the shooter at the Kobe Club. He's chasing the limo, and I'm two blocks behind him.

Quick scenes of biker firing a gun at the limo.

Jim: What was that? No, don't tell me. You call for backup and stay behind him -- way behind him.

Blair: Right. (hangs up)

Jim goes over to a tow truck.

Jim: Police emergency. I need your vehicle. (drives off with it)

~Cut to more scenes of more exchange of gunfire between biker and limo. Blair still following.~

Blair: Whoo! Whoo!

Biker goes off the edge of the dock. Blair pulls over and looks over into the water.

Kadama: Let's go.

Limo leaves.

~Cut to Jim still following Akiko. She drivers onto a ferry and the bridge starts to lift. Jim runs up and jumps onto the ferry. He walks up to Akiko, who turns as she hears his footsteps.~

Jim: I'm sorry to interrupt your joyride like this, but I've got this thing about keeping my appointments.

Jim looks around and notices that there are men with guns everywhere, all pointed at him. Another man comes out and pulls out an ID.

Killibrew: Lloyd Killibew...special agent in charge.

Jim: What the hell's the FBI got to do with this?

Killibrew: Don't ask, sport. You're in way over your head.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene.~

Jim: So what's a GS22 like you doing in Cascade?

Killibrew: Working on the US/Japanese trade deficit.

Jim: Oh, don't tell me. She's a confidential informant.

Killibrew: Something like that.

Akiko: I'm not an informant.

Jim: Right. What are you?

Killibrew: That's strictly need to know, pal, and you don't.

Jim: Great. Then I'll just borrow her for a little while since she's a material witness to a murder. (takes Akiko's arm) Let's go.

The other feds all pull their guns.

Jim: You better be prepared to use that, Hoss, 'cause I'm taking her in. Now lower the ramp.

Akiko: Tell him, Lloyd.

Killibrew shows a badge.

Jim: She's one of you.

Akiko: Special Agent Angela Kimuru, Berkeley, Harvard Law, Quantico class of '93. (walks a bit away)

Jim: I don't believe this!

Killibrew: Look, in the history of law enforcement, no agency, and I mean, none, has ever penetrated an Asian gang. The Yakuza run the deadliest crime organization on the planet. They make the US mafia look like Disney characters. You can't begin to know the significance of Agent Kimuru's penetration. She risks her life to come here and we're not gonna risk that for some biker boss who sells speed to school kids.

Jim: We're not talking about one biker. We've got about eight stiffs already. (goes over to Akiko) You know, I just gotta know, did you kill Rory Hessman?

Akiko: Are you serious? After what it took me to get inside, the things that I have to do to maintain my cover...

Jim: Since when does working undercover include sleeping with your mark?

Akiko: Listen, Detective, Kenji Kadama pisses ice water and he's this close to blowing. The man now controls half the meth market along the Pacific Rim and he's taken on the most violent biker gangs since the Angels. You don't get close to a man like that by trading business cards. Besides, bed is the one place where I can control him. I got to get back.

Jim grabs her hand and holds up her pinky.

Jim: Before you lose one of these? (releases her) I guess I misjudged you.

Akiko: Yeah, well, you were supposed to. It's how I stay alive. At any rate, you're good. Nobody ever made me before. (walks back and gets in her car; then backs off the ferry)

Killbrew: Nobody can know she's undercover and I mean nobody, including your boss. If she's compromised, she'll be dead in a hour.

Jim: I'll take that under advisement.

~Cut to dockside where Blair, Simon, and others are waiting, as they get the bike out of the water. Jim shows up finally, catching a ride with someone. Blair runs over to him.~

Blair: Whoo! Hi, Jim. I'm finally getting some insight on why you guys do this stuff. I mean, the adrenaline rush. My endorphins are spiking.

They walk back over to join Simon.

Jim: All right, Chief, slow down, would you please? Tell me what happened.

Blair: Check it out. The tires? Pirelli Supersports. Forensics said they match the tracks outside the Kobe Club.

They stop next to Simon.

Jim: What happened to Peters?

Simon: Went into the water with the bike. So far, there's no body, so we have to presume that he escaped.

Blair: What happened to Akiko?

Jim: I lost her.

Simon: So let me understand this. First, your research assistant is involved in a high speed chase, then you...

Blair: Actually, uh, it's teaching fellow, Captain.

Simon: Then you lose a murder suspect in traffic. That's real good, Jim.

Simon's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Blair: You lost Akiko. How? Come on, Jim.

Simon: Yeah.

Phone: We just got an anonymous call about another dead body.

Simon: Yeah. Where?

Phone: 230 Bellview.

Simon: We'll be there in five. (hangs up)

Jim: What is it?

Simon: Just got an anonymous call. 230 Bellview. There's another body.

Jim: All right, let's roll.

Jim and Blair head toward truck.

Blair: Hey, how about letting me drive, man.

Jim: Uh, no thanks.

Blair: Why not?

Jim: Because I got a $1000 deductible on my insurance, you left the bathroom a complete mess, and the Mariners lost to Texas. How many other reasons do you need?

~Cut to outside another building. Simon already there as Jim and Blair walk up. Block of cement with an arm sticking out of it.~

Simon: Race Peters.

Jim: Got back at him.

Blair: (reading tattoo) Born to lose? Guess he did, huh?

Jim runs a hand over the cement.

Simon: What's up, Jim? You find something?

Jim: It's a, uh...partial heel print and it a deep one, kind of like, uh...a vibram sole maybe.

Simon's cell phone rings and he answers it.

Simon: Hang on. (to phone) Banks.

Phone: There's been an explosion downtown, Captain.

Simon: What?!

Phone: We think they boosted some C-4 an hour ago.

Simon: When?

Phone: Just about an hour ago.

Simon: All right. Thanks. (hangs up)

Jim: What's wrong?

Simon: Bomb and Arson. There's been an explosion.

~Cut to Bomb and Arson lockup building. Night. Jim and Simon go inside; Blair stands outside, looking in through the hole as Jim examines it. A woman stands in the building as well.~

Simon: Jim, you know Taggert's assistant.

Woman: Detective.

Jim: Nice to see you, Sergeant.

Simon: So, what kind of psycho uses explosives to break into a locker full of volatiles?

Woman: It's worse than that. Last March, ten kilos of C-4 explosives were stolen from a demolition company. Bomb and Arson recovered it and grabbed the booster. It was stored here pending trial, now it's gone.

Jim: Wait a second. This hole was blown out from the inside. What do you think, Sergeant?

Woman: You could be right.

Jim: What's the access?

Woman: Just the one door. Double dead bolt, reinforced steel. Six-digit security keypad. It was locked when we got here.

Blair: It sounds like someone knew the code. Blew it from the inside to make it look like a break-in.

Jim: You're learning, Chief. (stands up) Who else had the code?

Jim: Oh, just a few of the guys from A.T.F. and the Bureau. We have the only volatiles locker in Cascade, so we sometimes store for the feds.

Jim goes outside to look on the ground outside the hole.

Jim: (to another officer) Let me borrow this flashlight for a second here, boss.

Blair: What do you got, man?

Jim: Oh, this print right here is a vibram sole like the one found next to Peters' body. It got a thin wear line on the right fore step.

Simon: So, who has the C-4? The Yaks or the Void?

Jim: I don't know. But whoever's got it has enough explosives to make Oklahoma City look like a truck backfire.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim stands by the bay outside. Night. He walks down the docks a bit. Eventually a car pulls up and Akiko gets out and joins him.~

Akiko: So what's so important that I had to risk blowing my cover?

Jim: We ran the prints on Race Peters. The file came back sealed which means one of two things. He's in witness protection or he's under. Now which is it?

Akiko: You have any idea how crazy Kenji is? Look, there's this Japanese delicacy. Fugu. Puffer fish. The venom inside the flesh is so toxic that death comes in a matter of seconds. The chefs leave just enough in the flesh so your lips tingle when you eat it, so you see that way you know just how close you are to death. Every time he the fish, Kenji makes them leave more and more of the poison in. He walks on the edge of a razor and I am right there with him.

Jim: I understand what you go though. Working with him must be very difficult, but I really need to know the truth.

Akiko: I'm not sure what that is anymore.

Jim: I found a shoe print in little Tokyo. The same print was recovered at the break-in site outside of Bomb and Arson. It's a vibram sole, the kind of shoes that cops wear. A source inside the Justice Department told me that your boss had the access code. Is it possible that Killibrew is dirty?

Akiko: No. No way. I've trusted the man with my life for three years.

Jim: What about Race Peters? He was an FBI agent; he was working inside the Void.

Akiko: What do you mean "was"?

Jim: You don't know? We found Race dead a few hours ago.

Akiko: Race is dead.

Jim: Yeah, that's right. Somebody has enough C-4 to turn downtown Cascade into waterfront property.

Akiko: Why Killibrew?

Jim: Why not? He's a career-path fed. He starts a war between the Yaks and the Void and when it's over, the Yaks control of the greater northwest is cut in half and he's got an office down the hall from the FBI director. Nobody knows, right? But there's one catch. You're caught in the middle. You turn to Kenji, he's gonna slit your throat. And the other side wants their payback from the loss they suffered.

Akiko: So what you want me to do?

Jim: I want you to come out from under.

Akiko: I can't. What if Kenji has the C-4? If I stay in, I can warn you.

Jim: No, too dangerous.

Her beeper goes off and she reads it.

Akiko: It's Kenji. I gotta get back.

Jim: This isn't worth your life.

Akiko: I'm sorry. I gotta do this. (walks away)

~Cut to Jim driving along road. Same night. He stops at a corner and sees someone on a motorcycle, kickstarting their bike. He picks up his cellphone and dials. Blair answers at Jim's desk. Scene switches between Jim and Blair.~

Blair: Sandburg.

Jim: Where's Hurley?

Blair: He called in sick. Why?

Simon walks over to the desk.

Jim: Ask Simon to access his service records.

Simon: I'm right here, Jim. How far back?

Jim: All the way. He transferred in from State Police. I need to know what division.

Simon: It says he started as Highway Patrol.

Blair: Motorcycle Division.

Jim: Meet me at locker in fifteen minutes. Have the watch commander there...with bolt cutters.

~Cut to Major Crimes hallway. Simon and Blair waiting for Jim. Jim comes out of elevator.~

Blair: There he is.

Simon: All right, Jim, let's hear this.

Jim: Race Peters was an FBI agent, which means somebody else did the club. Plus, the Yaks didn't kill him.

Simon: How do you know that?

Jim: The C-4 was stolen by someone with access. Now the shoeprint that was lifted from outside the arson locker? It had a mark on its sole. The type of mark that would be consistent with the repeated use of a kick starter. Now Hurley was the only player in all this who knew both the Yaks and the Void. He was standing right next to the coffee thermos when Akiko gave the cup to Rory.

Blair: You're saying that Hurley started this war.

Jim: I'm saying we have probable cause to pop his locker.

~Cut to Jim opening Hurley's locker. Blair and Simon are with him. Jim pulls out the shoes from the top.~

Blair: Vibram soles.

Jim: It's a matching mark.

Simon: There's gotta be an explanation for this. Mike was one of the good ones.

Blair: Hey, there's a note on this video.

Jim: What does it say?

Blair: "Sorry, Jimmy."

~Cut to Void biker member looking over a box of C-4 that's in a van. He turns.~

Biker: It's all here...except the detonator. What about it?

Mike tosses him the detonator.

Mike: Those Yaks sons of bitches have taken over half of Pacific Street. Do something about it.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. Jim, Blair, and Simon. Simon puts the tape into a VCR and watch Mike on the video.~

Jim: What have you got, sir?

Mike: You're good, Jim, but by the time you see this, it'll all be over. I gave my life to the job. I never had a wife or kids of my own. (puts a picture up to the screen) Just my sister Gail from Spokane and her daughter Tammy. For 30 years, I did my job, I kept my head down, I made my collars. It was bad, but not like this. First, it's crack, then meth and heroin. It's getting worse out there. So a couple weeks ago, I responded to a call from a single-room occupancy room in a hotel. There's was this runaway. She'd bummed a ride to Cascade to find a better life. (shows another picture) Wound up turning tricks for the Yakuza. The meth that she ingested was sold by those animals in black leather. It's Tammy. Jim, she was only 15 years old. Well, soon, it'll all be over. I'm going to take care of them, Jim. One location to take them all out. I just have to go and keep damage down. Now that's my last gift to the department. There'll be some money when you find me. It's the cash for the C-4. Give that to Tammy's mother. Real good money.

Simon turns off video.

Simon: So Hurley's going to take out the Void and the Yaks. But where?

Jim: Do me a favor. Run it back to that snapshot of Tammy.

Simon does so.

Jim: Right there. Freeze it. What is that sign outside the window? See, right here? IOY?

Blair: Uh, that's the Shioya. The same building the Kobe Club's in. Down on Pacific.

~Cut to outside of Kobe Club. Day. Mike (in full dress uniform) watches from inside a car as Void members dressed as street workers mill around the street. Scene of inside of workers' van where Kurt looks back to where C-4 lines the walls. Mike picks up a cellphone and dials inside the Kobe Club.~

Man: Yeah.

Mike: You tell your obayun boss that someone outside wants to send you all back to Kyoto... express. (hangs up)

Man inside club runs over to tell Kadama.

~Cut back outside to van where Kurt has the detonator for the C-4.~

~Cut to Mike pulling out his own detonator and activating it. He gets out of his car.~

~Cut to inside Kobe Club.~

Kadama: Get every gun in the place. We end this thing now! Let's go.

~Cut to Kurt as he realizes his detonator is activated. He sees Mike walking toward building.~

~Cut to Mike walking across street as Jim and Blair pull up in the truck. Mike stops a moment, then keeps going. Jim gets out of the truck and zooms in to see the activated detonator. Sirens can be heard in the distance.~

Jim: Mike! It's not gonna work. (walks toward him)

Mike: Jimmy, I got it all figured out. One hit and I do the work of 50 cops. No more dope from these bastards. Now I just need you to back away. This is not your fight.

Other police vehicles arrive.

Jim: You can't do this, Mike. You already killed an FBI agent. You're about kill another.

Mike: Wh-what?

Jm: Race was in the bureau, Mike. Akiko's undercover now.

Mike: Jimmy. No.

Yaks start to pour out of the Kobe Club. Void members start to get out of van.

Kurt: Let's go!

Akiko runs out of Kobe Club. Kurt sees her and aims his gun at her.

Kurt: You killed my brother!

Mike: No! (runs toward Akiko, losing hold of the detonator)

Mike takes two bullets meant for Akiko as he bears her down to the ground. Detonator flies through the air and Blair does a dive to catch it before it hits the ground.

Simon: Let's go. Move!

Officer: Put it down!

Jim goes over to Akiko and Mike. He helps Akiko up.

Jim: You all right? Mike! Mike!

Simon: Get them out of here.

~Cut to a bit later.~

Jim: Nice catch, Chief. You saved a lot of lives.

Blair: Except for one.

Coroner goes by with Mike's body on a gurney.

Blair: I don't know how you guys get used to this stuff, man.

Jim: We don't.

Jim looks at Mike's body and rests a hand on his forehead. He picks up the envelope full of money.~

Jim: What do we do with this?

Simon: (takes the envelope) We make sure it gets to Hurley's sister. (to Blair) Come on

Jim walks over to Akiko where she stands with Kadama.

Akiko: What's it gonna be, Detective. You don't have a charge on my client.

Jim: Not right now.

Akiko: Then release him or I'll file for illegal detention.

Jim: You and I need to talk about Hessman's death. Right now.

Kadama: Make it fast.

Jim and Akiko go around a corner.

Jim: I got a problem with you going back to work for your boss .

Akiko: It's not really like I have a choice. The Void may be gone, but Kenji's still in business.

Jim: I just wish we had more time.

Akiko: I know.

They kiss.

Akiko: This isn't over.

Jim: It hasn't even begun.

Akiko walks back toward the corner of the building.

Jim: Just do me a favor.

Akiko: What's that?

Jim: When you're out dining with Kenji...?

Akiko: Yeah?

Jim: Stay away from the puffer fish.

Akiko smiles and walks away.

~ The End ~