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Written by: Paul B. Margolis
Directed by: Tim Van Patten
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Meredith Salenger (Amber), Udo Kier (Klaus Zeller), Nino Caratozzolo (Max Vaughn), Stephen Dimopulos (Bernie), Kate Luyben (Candy), Laurie Murdoch (Hank).

Summary:  Jim and Blair protect a prostitute after she witnesses the murder of her pimp by a terrorist who's searching for one of her clients. (Source: TV Guide Online episode blurb)

This episode was originally broadcast on October 30, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hotel bar. Night. Amber sits at the bar, talking on a cellphone to Max who is in a hotel room with a video camera.~

Amber: Max, I thought he was supposed to be here a half hour ago.

Max: Give him another 15 minutes, then head home.

Amber: Okay.

Max: What's your schedule like for the rest of this week?

Amber: Booked. I have a chemistry midterm on Friday, but I'm free for the weekend.

Max: Perfect. There's an executive coming in from Belgium looking for diversion after business hours.

A man walks into bar, popping a stick of gum into his mouth.

Amber: I think my 8:30 just walked in. I'll talk to you later. (hangs up)

Man walks over to Amber.

Karl: Amber?

Amber: Karl? Welcome to Cascade.

Thy leave bar. Shots also of Max with the camera looking out his window.

~Cut to Karl and Amber walking down a hallway.~

Amber: So, you're from Munich? I've never been to Europe. I've always wanted to go.

Karl: You should go. It's very different from America.

They go inside a room. Amber sits down on the bed.

Amber: So, Karl...what would you like to do?

Karl: Talk. About my brother.

Amber: Your brother?

Shots of them being watched a camera lens.

Karl: Yes. That's why I'm in America. I'm looking for him. I have his picture. (shows Amber a picture)

Amber: He's your brother?

Karl: Yes. You recognize him, don't you? I understand he is a...regular customer of yours.

Amber: How do you know that?

Karl: I ask around and that's what people tell me. It is very important that I find him. You see, years ago, my brother had a falling out with our father. They never spoke again. Then, a few months ago, our father died and left half of the family business to my brother. There's a lot of money involved. Of course...there is a reward...for your help.

Amber: Well, the only problem is I don't know how to get in touch with him. He calls me to set up appointments. (gives him the picture back)

Karl: How often does he call? (puts picture in his coat pocket)

Amber: Once every couple of weeks. I should be hearing from him any day now.

Karl: Great. So I'll leave you a number and you can call me.

Amber: Sure. Whatever you'd like.

Karl notices the camera on the balcony, then hits Amber across the face, knocking her onto the floor.

Karl: Bitch!

Karl pulls a gun and shoots through the balcony windows several times, killing Max. He goes outside, retrieves the recording tape from the camera, then hears the door of the room slam behind him. He goes back inside to see Amber has gone.

~Cut to a bit later. Still night. Police teams are looking through the room. Jim, Simon, and Blair are looking at the body.~

Simon: Name is Max Vaughn. He's a... rather, he was the manager of a fancy strip club downtown. Club Pigale.

Blair: Oh, hey, that's that one down on Sixth Street. (Jim and Simon look at him oddly.) I go past it on my way to school. Just past it.

Simon: Yeah. Well, Vaughn also manages a string of call girls on the side. Now Vice has suspected him for months of running a little blackmail scheme. You know, he brings the clients in with the girls, videotapes them, then makes them pay to get the tape back. They've just never been able to get any of the johns to testify.

Jim: So, how'd he get here?

Simon: Hotel bartender says that some knockout was down there with a businessman about an hour ago. They charged the drinks to this room. We found this on the balcony outside. (shows him the camera) Of course, the cassette was missing.

Jim: So you figured he tried his scam on the wrong guy, and the john killed him.

Simon: Well, that's what it looks like.

Blair: What happened to the girl?

Simon: There's no sign of her.

Blair: Any chance that she was in on the killing?

Simon: Anything is possible.

Jim zooms in to see a pearl earring under the wood holder in the fireplace.

Jim: I don't think so. (goes over to the fireplace)

Simon: What's up?

Jim picks up earring from beneath fireplace with a handkerchief.

Blair: What do you got, Jim?

Jim: It's a woman's earring. There's a smudge of blood on it. (puts earring in evidence bag) I'd say the john was here with the girl, spots Vaughn on the balcony and figures he's been set up, smacks her around a little bit and pumps a couple holes through the door.

Blair: Why didn't he kill her too? Where's her body?

Jim: Because he goes to check on Vaughn and somehow, the girl manages to escape.

~Cut to Club Pigale. Same night. Jim and Blair walk in. Lots of girls dancing on a stage.~

Jim: You sure you're ready for this, Chief?

Blair: You think I've never been to a strip club before?

Jim: This is a little more than a strip club.

Blair: I was in Malaysia once and I spent a month with this tribe that believed that sex was a religious ritual and had to be performed six times every, uh... (finally looks at the stage and just gapes) Oh, my God!

A rather scantily-clad woman walks over to them.

Candy: Welcome to Club Pigale. I'm Candy.

Blair tries to pay attention to Jim and Candy, but his attention keeps getting dragged back to the stage.

Jim: Hi Candy. My name's Jim Ellison -- Cascade P.D. Who's your manager?

Candy: Max is. Max Vaughn. But he's not here tonight.

Jim: Actually, Max is dead.

Candy: (shocked) What? What happened?

Jim: Somebody shot him. That's why we need to see his records and personal files.

Candy: I-I don't think I can do that -- not without a warrant or something.

Jim: Max was with a young woman last night. We need to find her. It's possible she got a glimpse of the killer. Now, if we get a warrant, we're going to lose our lead. If you cooperate and allow us to see these files...well, that is, of course, if you want us to find out where Max's killer is.

Candy: I guess it'll be okay.

Candy heads off, Jim following her. Blair doesn't notice. Jim comes back and grabs Blair by the hair and ear to haul him along.

Jim: Come on, Darwin. You need a cold shower?

~Cut to Max's office. Blair at the computer. Jim standing behind him. Candy is with them.~

Candy: Look, I got to get back to work. Just close the door when you're done, okay? (leaves)

Jim: Thank you.

Blair: Thank you. (continues to watch after Candy and Jim uses his hand to push Blair's face back to the computer screen) Right, right. Okay, what have we got? (pages through some files on the computer) Liquor inventory, food inventory -- that's got to be all stuff for the club. Uh, wait a minute. Here's one called "Max". That might be it. (clicks on file)

Lots of pictures of women go by.

Blair: Oh, man, would you look at all these women?!

Jim: The bartender's description of her was, uh, dark hair, blue eyes, full lips...

Blair stops on a picture of Amber.

Jim: This one fits the description, huh, Chief?

Blair: (looks closer at the picture) Oh, man.

Jim: You got an address on her?

Blair: No, just a phone number.

Jim: Probably voice mail. Maybe we can track her through that.

Blair: Yeah. Jim, I know this girl. I mean, I don't know, but I've seen her before.

Jim: You been holding out on me?

Blair: No, no, not from here. From the university.

~Cut to Rainer University campus. Day. Amber walking along pathway. Jim and Blair come up to her.~

Jim: Excuse me, uh, Miss Larkin? My name's Jim Ellison. I was wondering if I could I have a minute with you?

Amber: Actually, I'm late for my psych class.

Jim: It's about Max Vaughn.

Amber: Who?

Jim: Your home video director.

Amber: I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about. (to Blair) Do I know you?

Blair: Blair Sandburg. I'm a grad student in anthropology.

Jim: We've got you tied to Max Vaughn about ten different ways so you can drop the act.

Amber: Okay, so maybe I've done some occasional escort work to pay for school.

Jim: How about blackmail or murder? You ever done anything like that? (gestures to bruise on her face) That's a nice makeup job, but I can still see where the killer smacked you around.

Amber: What killer? I walked into a door, okay?

Jim: Tell me about last night's client. Why did he kill Max?

Amber: Look, I was at home last night studying for finals, all right? If I'm a suspect, arrest me. Otherwise, I have a class. (walks off)

Blair: Let me try, man. (chases after Amber) Amber. Amber, wait up. If you witnessed a murder, you could be in danger too.

Amber: (stops) I don't get this. Are you a grad student or a cop?

Blair: I'm a consultant to the police department.

Amber: And you're going to protect me, right?

Blair: We will if you let us. I know you're scared but if you trust me, I won't let you down.

Amber: Look, I was home last night. I didn't see anybody kill anybody, okay? (walks off)

Blair: Yeah.

Jim comes up behind him.

Jim: Get that typed up, Chief?

Blair: What's that?

Jim: Oh, her confession.

Blair: No.

~Cut to Amber walking on the street in residential area. Same day. Karl watches from above in her apartment as he puts another piece of gum in his mouth.~

~Cut to Amber entering the building. She gets her mail from her box, then goes upstairs.~

~Cut to her apartment where Karl is putting a silencer on his gun. He looks up as Amber unlocks door.~

~Cut to Amber entering apartment.~

Amber: Debra, are you home yet? Debra?

Man comes in behind her.

Bernie: Amber.

Amber: (spins around, startled) Geez. Bernie.

Bernie: A package came for you from UPS. It's down in my apartment. I can bring it up.

Amber: No, Bernie, that's okay. Let me put down my things and I'll come down and get it in a second, okay? Debra?

Bernie: I saw her come in about half an hour ago.

Amber: Well, maybe she went to the store, Bernie. (walks down hallway)

Bernie: I don't think so. I can see everything from my front room window.

Karl is hiding further in the apartment, behind a wall, listening and waiting.

Amber: Debra? (comes to a stop at the end of the hallway and sees her roommate, dead, on the floor)

Bernie: Maybe she went out when I was in the bathroom.

Amber: Um... Bernie? (goes back to the front of the apartment) I just remembered I have an appointment that I have to get to. I completely forgot to meet someone. (she and Bernie both leave apartment and head downstairs)

Bernie: What, what about your package?

Amber: Um, don't worry about it. I'll get it later. (leaves building to stand on sidewalk outside)

~Cut to inside apartment where Karl aims at her with the gun for a few moments, then pulls back. He watches as Amber runs down the sidewalk.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Amber's apartment building. Same day. Police teams there. Jim, Blair, and Simon in Amber's apartment.~

Jim: It was Amber Larkin's roommate. The apartment manager found her when he came in to deliver a UPS package.

Blair: Says she came home about 4:00, then took off without any explanation.

Simon: Probably found her roommate and panicked.

Jim: It appears that the killer came in to wait for Amber to show up. When the roommate came in unexpectedly, he shot her instead. Nine-millimeter automatic, like Max Vaughn.

Blair: Now, wait a minute. If the killer was here waiting, why doesn't he stick around and shoot Amber too?

Jim: That's a good question. We've got to find her to answer that though.

Simon: We'd better find her before this guy finds her first.

Jim and Blair head out of the apartment, stopping when Jim smells something.

Jim: There it is again.

Blair: What?

Jim: That scent -- I smelled it in the hotel room. It's like somebody's eating candy -- like mint candy.

Blair: I don't see any candy around the apartment. Maybe it's something the killer eats.

Jim: Whatever it is, it's got a weird odor like some chemical is mixed in.

~Cut to Jim and Blair exiting building.~

Jim: All right, I'm heading over to that Club Pigale, see if any of the girls there know anything. I want you to go to the university, talk to some of her friends. Maybe one can give us a lead.

Blair: Right. Hope she's okay, man. She needs our help.

Jim: Listen to me, Lancelot, none of this would have happened if she'd come clean in the first place.

Blair: She didn't trust us. I was talking to her the other day at the university. It sounded like she had a problem with trust.

Jim: Oh, man, I don't believe this.

Blair: What?

Jim: You've got a thing for her.

Blair: Come on. No, I don't. She's cute, she's just not my type even if she wasn't a...

Jim: ...a hooker?

Blair: See there? That word -- it has a definite connotation to it. Did you know that in ancient Egypt, prostitutes, they were...venerated!

Jim: Well, I don't see any pyramids around here. So, let's keep it professional, okay, Chief?

~Cut to Blair entering the loft. Same day. He's carrying two bags of groceries. Leaving the door open, he goes inside and puts the bags on the kitchen counter. Then he turns to go back to close the door. Amber is standing there.~

Blair: Amber.

Amber: You said I could trust you.

Blair: Come in.

~Cut to a bit later. Still at the loft. Amber is sitting on the couch; Blair sits on the coffee table in front of her..~

Blair: How did you find out where I lived?

Amber: A friend of mine at the university works in the admissions office. She looked up your address.

Blair: Why me?

Amber: I didn't know what else to do. My, um... my roommate, she...

Blair: Yeah. I know. We found her.

Amber: I lied to you about Max. I was there when he was killed, but I did not know he was on the balcony. Your friend said something about blackmail. Is that what he was talking about?

Blair: Yeah. Max Vaughn had this scam going. He videotaped the customers with his...girls...and he'd make them buy the videos back.

Amber: I wasn't part of that. I swear.

Blair: Yeah. Why don't you tell me about the man who killed Max.

Amber: I didn't really see it happen. I mean, he hit me, and I got knocked down, and... and then I heard shots, and when I looked up...first Max, and then Debra. Debra would never hurt anybody. I've been wandering around all day. I keep looking over my shoulder, expecting him to be there with a gun. I didn't know where else to go.

Blair: It's okay. You came to the right place.

Amber: Can I use your bathroom to clean up?

Blair: Yes, of course. It's back there. Hey, you hungry?

Amber: I could eat an elephant.

Blair: Elephants we're out of. I can make a sandwich. (heads into kitchen)

Amber: That would be great. (goes into bathroom)

Jim comes in.

Blair: Jim.

Jim: No sign of the girl but I think we've got a break on the shooter.

Blair: I want to talk to you about...

Jim: Remember that smell I picked up at the hotel and at her apartment?

Blair: Yeah, it was mint with some chemical smell.

Jim: So I remembered she met the killer at the hotel bar. So I went back to the hotel and rummaged through the trash. And I came up with this crumpled wrapper that smelled like that. It was a European brand of nicotine gum.

Blair: Smoker's gum.

Jim: Exactly. I ran it through the FBI. It came back zip. Called a friend of mine at Langley...

Blair: The CIA? What...

Jim: Right, and they ran it through their database... Why am I smelling perfume here?

Blair: That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

Jim: Wait a minute, you're supposed to be doing police work and you're dilly-dallying around with some girl? Where is she?

Blair: She's in the bathroom. You don't understand.

Amber comes out.

Jim: You!

Amber: Hi there.

Blair: That's what I was trying to tell you. You see, Amber -- she came to us for help. (steps closer to Amber) Well, to me, actually.

Jim: She came to you?

Amber: I didn't really have anywhere else to go and I felt like I could trust Blair, and...

Blair: Jim was just telling us he got a lead on Max's killer.

Amber: What is it?

Jim: Uh, I really don't think I should say anything about this.

Amber: Tell me, please.

Jim: Our killer is, uh, a man named Klaus Zeller. He's also known as "The Iceman." He's an international terrorist for hire.

Blair: What?

Jim: We have a picture. It's one of the only ones taken of him in recent years. (pulls a picture partially out of a file to show her)

Amber: That's not the man I saw shoot Max. I mean... there is a slight resemblance, but...

Blair: Maybe he's had his appearance altered some way.

Jim: (picks up picture to look at it more closely) Well, if he did, then you're the only one who knows what he looks like now, which puts you in a little bit more danger than you already are. (lays picture down on counter)

Amber: Oh, my god!

Jim: What?

Amber: That other man -- that's Hank!

Blair: Who?

Amber: Zeller said he was looking for his brother. He showed me this picture, it was of a customer of mine: Hank -- him.

Jim: Where is this Hank now?

Amber: I don't know. I mean, I don't even know his last name. When he wants to get together, he pages me. Actually, I should be hearing from him pretty soon.

Jim: Where's your beeper now?

Amber: At my apartment.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Amber going into her apartment.~

Jim: Where's your beeper?

Amber: Um, I left it over here. (picks up beeper from dresser and looks at it) No messages, though.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Amber in the F-150; Amber in the middle. Night. They're going down a street.~

Jim: Amber, what do you know about Hank?

Amber: Not much. He's really nice to me -- brings me presents, always leaves a big tip. He told me once that of all the things he'd found in America, I was the best.

Jim: By any chance, do you know what kind of car Zeller drives? (looks through rearview mirrors)

Amber: No. Why?

Jim: There's a Mercedes that's been following us for the last mile. (stops the truck and uses rearview mirror to zoom in behind them to see Zeller in Mercedes) Okay, kids. Everybody hang on. (takes off again)

Blair: I hate it when he does this.

Amber: Does what?

Jim does one of his evil u-turns to head back to Zeller who realizes he's been spotted and also takes off.

Amber: Whoa! Are you crazy!?

Jim chases Zeller down several roads and around corners. Blair and Amber hold on to the truck and each other. They approach a train track with a train going across. Zeller keeps going. So does Jim.

Blair: Jim, no! Don't do it! Come on!

Zeller drives straight toward train, goes up a slight incline and jumps train, landing on the other side.

Blair: Jim! Stop!

Jim roars to a stop several feet away from the passing train.

Blair: Thank you.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Simon walking down Major Crimes hallway.~

Jim: ...It's phony.

Simon: Of course. So now we've got Zeller, an international terrorist, leaving a trail of bodies in Cascade looking for his brother.

Jim: Right, but not exactly. See, Hank wasn't his brother. A friend of mine at Langley told me that Hank is actually a guy named Hans Gruenwald, a Dutch middleman who brokers the services of elite terrorists and mercenaries for anybody willing to pay the price.

They go into bullpen.

Simon: And Zeller was Gruenwald's client?

Jim: Right. Kicker is, Gruenwald died in a car bombing in Marseilles six months ago.

Simon: If Gruenwald's dead, what the hell is he doing in Cascade?

Jim: Apparently, Gruenwald made some bad investments using the float of his clients' money. He lost big-time. He died owing millions.

Simon: So you think Gruenwald panicked and decided to just disappear.

They go into Simon's office.

Jim: Yeah. According to my buddy at the CIA, Gruenwald cleared out his numbered Swiss bank accounts the day of the car bombing. He walked away with two million in cash.

Simon: And now Zeller wants it back.

~Cut to loft. Day. Jim, Blair, and Amber.~

Jim: You stay away from the windows. At night, I want you to keep the curtains drawn. No bright colors, all right? Anytime you're here...any room you go of us has to be with you.

Amber: Do that include the bathroom?

Jim: We're just trying to keep you alive.

Amber: Look, I appreciate what you guys are doing. It's just. I'm just not used to being a prisoner, you know?

Blair: Everything will be okay, Amber. We're going to catch this guy.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: (into phone) Ellison.

Blair: We will.

Jim: (into phone) Oh, yeah? All right, I'll meet you there. (hangs up) I got to go. They just found Zeller's car in a parking lot at the Ferry Building.

Jim goes to the door and Blair follows him.

Jim: There's a black and white parked around the corner.

Blair: We'll be okay.

Jim: Anything comes up on her beeper, you call me. (quieter) Remember what I said about keeping it professional?

Blair: Right. (turns to go)

Jim: Hey, hey. I mean the cop way.

Blair: Right.

Jim leaves.

~Cut to later. Night. Still in the loft. Blair is stoking the fire in the fireplace. Amber's beeper goes off and she checks it.~

Amber: It's not Hank.

Blair: Oh.

Amber: It's this lawyer from Denver. He's probably in town on a case. Guess he'll have to find himself another date.

Blair: Maybe some other time, huh?

Amber: No, there's not going to be another time. I'm not doing this anymore.

Blair: Really? That's great. That's great. (sits down on the other couch) So your boyfriend will be happy to hear that.

Amber: I don't have a boyfriend.

Blair: I'm surprised. I'm sure there's lots of guys... you know.

Amber: Well...most men just aren't that understanding. Would you be? I know you're probably wondering...

Blair: None of my business.

Amber: Well...when I was a kid, I always had two dreams: to go to Rome and to be a doctor. And when I graduated high school, I figured I'd put Rome on hold for a while and I'd pursue medicine and...then in my junior year, I realized I couldn't do it. And then I met Max. He told me I could make a lot of money.

Blair: I don't judge.

Amber: Sure you do. Men always do. Well I guess Rome's not going anywhere.

Blair: It's not too late, you know. To be a doctor, I mean. There's lots of people that put themselves through medical school without becoming a...

Amber: A prostitute.

Blair: It's not what I meant.

Amber: Look, it's late...I'm going to sleep.

~Cut to the next morning in the loft. Jim, Blair, and Amber.~

Jim: Amber, there's something that's been bothering me here. When you found Debra in your apartment, you took off. You left your beeper behind, right?

Amber: Right.

Jim: It was right on the table when you came back, so why wouldn't Zeller take it? He knew it was the connection to Hank. Why would he just leave it behind?

Blair: Because he needs Amber to get the message to set up an appointment.

Jim: Exactly. Which means he's been watching us. He knows that she's here and he's waiting.

Blair: What? Jim, we got to get her out of here now.

Jim: No, no, no, just relax, he's not going to make a move until he gets what he wants. Which is exactly what we're going to give him.

Blair: But he wants Hank. How the hell are we going to give him Hank?

Jim: Young lady, I think it's time for you to go back to school.

~Cut to the university. Day. Amber is walking along a pathway. Her beeper goes off. She goes over to a payphone and dials.~

~Cut to Jim in the truck, talking on his cellphone.~

Amber: Hank, is that you?

Jim: All right, good girl. Now pretend to set up an appointment. Chances are Zeller is watching you with a scope right now. I bet he reads lips too.

~Cut back to Amber.~

Amber: All right, I'll see you in the bar of the Lux Hotel in a half-hour. I look forward to seeing you too. (hangs up)

~Cut to Amber, dressed up, walking up to the bar of the Lux Hotel. Day. She meets a man dressed in black with a mustache and goatee and dark glasses.

Amber: Hi.

They kiss once and hug, then head off to the elevators, passing Jim who is reading a newspaper. He puts down the paper and talks into a radio.

Jim: They're heading up to the room now. I want all units to hold their position and wait for my word. (gets into another elevator)

~Cut to man -- Blair -- and Amber in the elevator. Amber touches Blair's beard.~

Blair: Oh, wait, be careful or it might fall off.

Amber: You look good in a beard.

Blair: Oh, yeah? I grew one once when I was in Sumatra. I woke up one morning and I found out that a couple of spiders had made their nest in it. I've been clean-shaven ever since. (pause) That was supposed to make you laugh. It's a joke.

Amber: I'm sorry. I'm just nervous, that's all.

Blair: Don't worry. Everything's going to be okay.

~Cut to Jim's elevator. It stops on another floor. A woman and her young son get in. The little boy promptly pushes every single button the panel.~

Woman: Kevin, Kevin... Kevin, stop that. (hauls her son to her) (to Jim) I'm sorry.

Kevin looks at Jim and sticks out his tongue. Jim smiles insincerely back at the boy, then gets out at the next floor. He heads into the stairwell (at the 4th floor) and starts climbing.

~Cut to Blair and Amber going down hallway. Behind them, you can see someone on a ladder working on a ceiling lights fixture. They find the room.~

Blair: Oh, here it is, 1209. (starts to unlock door) Doesn't look like Zeller's going to show.

Amber: Where's Jim?

Blair: Don't worry. He's got us covered.

They go inside. Blair takes off the glasses. Before the door can shut all the way, someone kicks their foot inside and Zeller enters. He shoves Amber down onto the bed and turns to Blair, ripping off his beard. He hits Blair, knocking him to the floor on his back. Then Zeller lifts his gun and fires twice at Blair.

Amber: You shot him!

~Cut to Jim (now on the 11th floor stairs). He hears the shots and Amber's screams. He lifts his radio.~

Jim: We've got shots fired on the 12th floor. All units move in now.

~Cut to hotel room. Zeller aims his gun at Amber.~

Zeller: Shut up! (swings his gun back at Blair)

~Cut to Jim exiting stairwell on the 12th floor. He goes down the hallway and into the hotel room. Finding Zeller and Amber gone, he holsters his gun and kneels on the floor next to the unconscious Blair. He leans over to listen to Blair's chest.~

Jim: Sandburg. (rips open Blair's shirt to reveal two bullets embedded in a bulletproof vest) Sandburg! (slaps at his face) Sandburg!

Blair gasps and coughs and wakes up.

Jim: Thank god for that vest.

Blair: Where's Amber? Where's Amber?!

Jim: You're okay, buddy. You're okay. Keep breathing.

Blair: Jim, I blew it, didn't I?

Jim: It's all right. Just breathe.

Blair: Oh, Jim, it hurts.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Day. Jim is wrapping Blair's ribs.~

Blair: Ow, ow. I can't breathe.

Jim: It's got to be tight.

Blair: Oh, man, we're supposed to be helping her. She trusted us.

Jim: Simon's got all available units out. We'll find her. Plus, he's not going to make a move until he hears from Hank.

Blair: Yeah, but when he does..? We gotta do something. Where would he take her?

Jim: Some place to wait for Hank's call which could be anywhere.

Blair: Okay, what do we know? We know that Hank's supposed to have called soon. Amber said he was overdue. I mean, for all we know, he's already called.

Jim: Maybe. The question is where would she take him?

Blair: Right. Amber's a pretty smart girl. She knows we'll be looking for her.

Jim: Exactly. So, when Hank does call, where could she take Zeller that she knows we know about?

Blair: Right. (starts pulling his shirt on) Ow!

Jim slaps Blair on the back as he heads into the kitchen.

Blair: Ow!

~Cut to Club Pigale. Amber is sitting at a table. Candy comes up to her.~

Candy: What'll it be, hon?

Amber: Um, club soda.

Candy: Okay. (walks off)

Amber looks behind her to see Zeller seated at another table. Beneath the table, he holds a gun pointed at Amber.

~Cut to scenes of Jim and Blair in the truck screeching around corners.~

~Cut back to the club. Hank enters the club and joins Amber at the table.~

Hank: Hello, Amber.

Amber: Hi, Hank.

Hank: How've you been? You don't look very happy.

Amber: Hank...

Hank: have always been special to me. I want to do something for you. Maybe the only unselfish thing I've ever done. (hands her an envelope)

Amber: What's this?

Hank: A check. To help cover the cost of medical school.

Amber: But, Hank...

Hank: Amber, please let me give you this. In my life, I...I have not always been the nicest person in the world...

Zeller comes up behind Hank and shoves a gun in his back.

Zeller: I agree...Hans. (comes around to sit in front of Hank) For a dead look remarkably well.

Hank looks at Amber.

Amber: He was going to kill me.

Zeller: Hans, Hans...where's the money?

Hank: If I give it to you, will you let us go?

Zeller: Yeah.

Amber: Don't believe him. He's already killed two people.

Zeller: (to Amber) Shut up! (to Hank) If you don't give it to me, I promise both of your deaths will be a nightmare of pain. You know how talented I am in that regard.

Hank: I'll take you to it. (shoves the table at Zeller) Run, Amber! Run, Amber!

Amber and Hank run for the back of the club. Zeller stands and starts shooting at them. Hank is shot and goes down. Amber goes back to him. Jim comes in.

Jim: Zeller! It's the police!

Exchange of gunfire between Jim and Zeller. Jim goes over the bar for cover. Zeller shoots some more, then runs out. Jim chases him out the back, but Zeller is gone. Inside, Amber is holding Hank in her lap.

Amber: Hank, I'm so sorry.

Hank: It's not your fault. It was my past catching up with me. It's all right. Everything will be all right. (slips a keychain into her coat pocket, then dies)

Amber: No...

Blair rushes in to sit behind her, touching her shoulders.

Blair: Hey, no, hey.

Amber: No...

~Cut to loft. Jim, Blair, and Amber. There's a knock on the door. Jim goes to answer it.~

Jim: Yeah?

Simon: It's the plumber. I've come to fix the sink.

Jim: (opens door) Hey, Simon, come on in.

Simon: Where is she?

Jim: In Sandburg's room, trying to get some rest.

Blair: Anything new on Zeller?

Simon: Nothing so far. We still have all the exits from the city covered. Got another problem though. The feds want to take over this case.

Jim: You've got to be kidding.

Simon: Come on, Jim, you know the drill. Zeller's an international terrorist. That makes it their turf. And they also want to take custody of Amber.

Blair: Come on. No way.

Simon: They're picking her up in the morning.

Jim: Simon, you can't let them do this.

Simon: What exactly do you want me to do? (pause) See you guys in the morning. There'll be a squad outside all night, keeping watch. Oh, look, somebody from the Bureau will call in tonight to make arrangements. Sorry, Blair. (leaves)

Amber comes out of Blair's room.

Amber: Looks like I've been traded to another team, huh?

Jim: This was not our decision.

Amber: I understand.

Blair: This sucks! It's not her fault. It's going to ruin her school and...

Amber: I've been doing some thinking. This whole doctor thing was a pretty stupid idea anyhow.

Blair: No, it wasn't.

Amber: I already have a career.

Blair: I thought you gave that up.

Amber: I changed my mind.

Blair: That's great. (pause) Think I'm going to go for a walk. Get some air. (leaves)

Jim: He'll be all right. You might want to reconsider this decision about school until you've had some time...

Amber feels something in her coat pocket and pulls out the keychain, which has a plastic four-leaf clover on it.

Amber: Where did this come from?

Jim: They're not yours?

Amber: Uh-uh. Oh, my god, look. (gives keychain to Jim)

Jim: What is it?

Amber: I recognize that key. That was Hank's. He must have put it in my pocket.

Jim: Do you know what it belongs to?

Amber: No.

Jim: Smells like talcum powder.

Phone rings. Jim puts the keychain on the table and goes across the room to answer the phone; his back is to Amber.

Jim: Excuse me. (into phone) Yeah?

Jimenez: Hello. This is Special Agent Jimenez.

Jim: Oh, yeah, I was expecting your call.

Jimenez: Is Larkin there?

Jim: Uh-huh, she's here.

Jimenez: Great. Agents will pick her up tonight.

Jim: You want to pick her up tonight?

Jimenez: Yes, is there a problem, Detective Ellison?

Jim: Well, I'd prefer if we could do this tomorrow. I understand it's your case. I just don't see how a few hours...

Door can be heard opening and shutting in the background; Jim doesn't hear.

Jimenez: Don't make this tough, Detective. She's my witness.

Jim: Right.

Jimenez: Wait for my agents to arrive.

Jim: You bet. We'll be ready when you get here.

Jimenez: Thank you for your cooperation.

Jim: All right. (hangs up) That was the FBI...

Jim turns to talk to Amber. She's gone. So is the keychain.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Jim is upstairs on the phone with Simon. Phone conversation switches between Jim and Simon at his office. Blair below sitting on the couch, looking through a phonebook.~

Jim: Simon, all I know is that she was here one minute and gone the next. She even slipped past the uniforms in the squad car.

Simon: Jim, the FBI is on their way here with the paperwork. What am I supposed to tell them? That my best detective lost Amber?!

Jim: Well, to the hell with the feds. (goes downstairs) If Zeller finds her before we do, there won't be enough left of her to fill a lunch box.

Simon: All right, all right. Let's just think for a minute. She must have known what that key was to. You got any ideas?

Jim: No. We're working on it. We need a little bit of time. If the feds jump on this and they spook Zeller, he could kill her.

Simon: All right, look, I will hold the feds off for as long as I can. You just find Amber!

Jim: All right. (hangs up as he stands behind Blair) Any luck?

Blair: I haven't seen a thing with a four-leaf clover on it.

Jim: It's got to be some kind of business -- something with numbered lockers.

Blair: I checked under "Storage companies." I have checked under "Train stations," "Bus stations," I even checked under hotels and motels -- I thought it could have been a room number.

Jim: Maybe there's some significance to that four-leaf clover.

Blair: Right. Like some type of Irish organization. You know, like a social club.

Jim: What would a guy named Hans Gruenwald be doing in an Irish social club?

Blair: Jim, I'm just thinking out loud here, okay?

Jim: I remember smelling...talcum powder on that key. What kind of place uses talcum powder?

Blair: A nursery...a baby shop...

Jim: It's got to have numbered lockers.

Blair: Sporting arena... Race track... Country club...

Jim: Country club, ah. That's it. (sits on edge of couch to page through phone book) Let's see-- "counselors," "counselors," "couriers"... "couriers," "counselors"... "country clubs"... "Woodgate." (points to an ad for a country club with a four-leaf clover design in it)

Blair: Right there.

Jim: With a little luck and no traffic, we can get there in half an hour.

~Cut to Woodgate Country Club. Man leading Jim and Blair into men's locker room.~

Man: Locker 713... Right over here. What are you guys looking for anyway?

Jim: We'll know when we find it. (opens locker -- empty) Damn it! We lost her.

Blair: Did you see a woman come in here -- short, dark hair, blue eyes?

Man: This is a men's locker room. Women aren't allowed.

Man #2: Yeah? Tell her that.

Jim: She was here?

Man #2: Sure as hell was. I was about to take a shower and she walked right in like she owned the place.

Blair: How long ago?

Man #2: 15, 20 minutes

Jim: Was she carrying anything when she left?

Man #2: Yeah... A briefcase. Only she wasn't brunette. She was a redhead. Good thing I was wearing my jock.

Jim and Blair head out.

Jim: She could be anywhere.

Blair: I know where she's going.

~Cut to airport. Day. Amber (in a red wig) is in line. She is carrying a briefcase.~

P.A.: May I have your attention please. P.S.A. Flight 29 from Cascade to Rio de Janeiro will be boarding in the southern terminal at Gate #4 in ten minutes. Once again P.S.A. Flight 29 boarding in ten minutes.

~Cut to another part of airport as Jim and Blair run through the hallway.~

Jim: Excuse me! Pardon me. Thank you.

Blair: Excuse us.

They go straight up to a check-in counter as Jim pulls out his ID to show to the attendant.

Jim: Excuse me. Detective Ellison, Cascade P.D. I need to see your passenger list for a lady by the name of Larkin, Amber Larkin. L-a-r-k-i-n.

Woman checks computer.

Woman: Uh, she's booked on this flight, but she never checked in.

Jim: Could you see if she made a reservation on any other flight?

Woman: Sure. She made a reservation on a flight to Bangkok, on a flight to Madrid, and to Rio de Janeiro all leaving in the next ten minutes.

Jim: She probably made a half-dozen other reservations on other flights.

Blair: I don't get it.

Jim: She knew there was no way we could check them all. She got us. (to woman) Thank you.

Woman: Sorry.

They walk away to stand near the windows.

P.A.: May I have your attention please. P.S.A. Flight 29 will be delayed indefinitely due to weather conditions.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Yeah?

Amber: Hi, it's me. (at an airport payphone)

Jim: Amber, where are you?

Amber: I'm at the airport. I'm sorry I ran away.

Jim: Amber, listen to me...

Amber: I couldn't go through with it. Do you believe that? All that money and I just couldn't do it. I kept thinking about your friend and what he'd think of me.

Jim: Amber, listen to me.

~Cut to a panned shot of someone near the payphone who unwraps a piece of gum. Camera pans up to show Zeller.~

~Cut back to phone conversation.~

Amber: I'm going to catch a cab to the police station to turn myself in.

Jim: You don't have to do that. We're at the airport. Tell us where you are.

A hand comes around Amber's face, landing over her mouth. She jumps and gasps, but can't do anyting.

Jim: Amber! Amber! Hello! (slams phone shut)

Blair: What happened?

Jim: Zeller.

Jim and Blair run through terminal.

P.A.: P.S.A. Flight 29 now boarding.

Blair: Do you see them?

Jim: Uh-uh.

Blair: Wait! (they stop) There's a way that we could find them. Zeller nicotine gum.

Jim: Ah, man! All these people. Hair sprays, deodorants... aftershaves, this is crazy...

Blair: Dude, come on. Just isolate the different smells one by one.

Jim closes his eyes, breathes, and starts to isolate the smells. Then he opens his eyes and they take off again.

Jim: This way.

They pause a bit later and Jim starts scanning. He spots Zeller and Amber across the airport as Zeller shoves Amber out a door. He also can hear them.

Amber: Where are you taking me?

Zeller: Get in there.

Jim hands Blair his cellphone and takes off.

Jim: Call security.

~Cut to outside the airport. Zeller is pushing Amber along between boxes and crates.~

Amber: Stop. What are we doing?

Jim comes out into the area and pauses, listening for Zeller, hearing him and Amber.~

Amber: Help! No!

Zeller: Shut up, bitch! (hits Amber with the gun)

Amber falls to the ground, unconscious. Zeller looks around, then aims his gun to shoot her. Jim comes around the corner.

Jim: Zeller! (hits Zeller with a suitcase)

Zeller falls back on the luggage mover. The briefcase of money spills everywhere. Jim follows him and they fight for Zeller's gun as the luggage carried moves underneath them. Zeller tries to escape, going up the luggage mover. Jim goes after him. He and Jim fight. Then they slide down onto the baggage claim thing where people start to grab all the money. Zeller gets a hold of his gun again.

Zeller: I'll kill you!

Jim fights for the gun and finally knocks Zeller out and takes the gun.

~Cut to Major Crimes hallway. Day. Amber standing with Jim and Blair.~

Amber: I've never been very good at this, but thank you both.

Jim: Well, you're welcome, for what it's worth.

Amber: I applied for a grant to help pay for my studies.

Jim: All right.

Amber: Still a long way from medical school. At least I won't be working nights anymore.

Blair: I have friends on the scholarship committee. I can put a good word in for you.

Amber: That's really sweet, Blair. I'd appreciate it. (pause)

Jim: I could have sworn I just heard the captain calling. If you'll excuse me. (leaves) Excuse me.

Amber: I didn't hear anything.

Blair: Oh, he's got great ears. You'd be surprised what they can pick up.

Amber: So, Blair, I'm curious...

Blair: About what?

Amber: If you'd...consider going out with someone with...well, someone with a past.

Blair: I don't know. I'd have to think about it.

Amber: Well, think about this. (kisses him) See you around campus. (walks down hall)

Blair: (looking rather dazed) Hmm, yeah, see you.

~ The End ~