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Spare Parts

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Paul Abascal
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Jay Acovone (Gary Hendrickson), Kathleen McClellan (Francine Berry), Leigh Taylor-Young (Naomi Sandburg), Jim Crescenzo (Tony Deluca).

Uncredited: Michael Tomlinson (Bill Petrie).

Summary: Ellison thinks he's solved a series of violent carjackings until a trap he's set for the killers snags Sandburg instead. Sandburg's mother is visiting him and gets caught up in the action as well. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on November 13, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Black Ferrari speeds down wet road; silver BMW chases after it.~

Driver of Ferrari: I think we caught ourselves a fish. Looks like she's trying to push me into the north end of Bradford alley.

(over speaker): Ellison here. I'll head 'em off from the other side.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in Jim's F-150 truck.~

Blair: Why don't we go in after 'em?

Jim: They'd just run off.

Blair: So why don't you call for backup to catch them?

Jim: No. Until they actually take the car, all we can charge them with is attempted robbery which they'd plea bargain down to nothing. They drive the car away, then we can nail them on grand theft auto.

~Cut to Ferrari still being chased after by BMW. They go through a construction zone and into alley way. Ferrari stops, trapped by semi truck at other end. BMW pulls in behind it. Blonde woman gets out of car with a gun. Dark-haired man walks down semi-trailer ramp with big gun. Both converge on driver's side of Ferrari. Driver rolls down automatic window, holding hands up.~

Man: Get out of that car.

Driver: Take it easy. Take it easy!

Man: Get of the car! (yanks open door) What are you, stupid? (pulls out driver) C'mon, man, let's move. Move. (shoves driver against side of car)

Driver: Okay, take it easy.

Driver's jacket opens, reveals wire. Man pulls wire off driver's jacket and holds it up.

Man: This guy's a cop.

Woman: Let's get out of here.

Man hits driver across face; driver goes down.

~Cut to F-150 going along road. Voiceover...~

Jim: Yeah, this is Ellison. I've got a carjacking in progress. Bradford alley. Requesting backup.

~Cut to man and woman getting into BMW.~

Man: Move!

BMW speeds off.

Jim and Blair pull into other end of alley in F-150 as carjackers are leaving. They are blocked by semi.

Jim: Damnit!

Blair: What? Did they get away?

Driver of semi gets out of cab and runs.

Jim: Not completely.

Jim gets out of truck to catch semi driver; "clotheslines" him to knock him over.

Semi driver: My arm. I'm gonna sue.

Jim pulls driver up by collar.

Jim: Right. And you'll just tell the judge you were out for a Sunday drive. Let's go.

~Cut to outside view of Cascade PD, then into Simon's office. Blair sitting in chair; Simon sitting on edge of his desk; Jim pacing.~

Jim: Thirteen carjackings within the last 6 months. Each car worth no less than a hundred grand. Three people in the hospital. And our guy blows the set-up.

Simon: He didn't exactly blow it, Jim.

Blair: We got the driver, man.

Jim: Yeah, his name is Tony DeLuca. He's out on parole for bank robbery. We nail him on this, he goes away for 25 years under the three strikes law.

Simon: Good. Let's use that. Maybe we can get some information out of that putz.

Simon stands and goes around desk. His phone rings.

Simon: Excuse me. (answers phone) Banks. ... Who? ... Look, can't this wait? Just tell her to call him...

Jim is now seated on conference table, talking with Blair.

Simon: Wait. (puts down receiver) Sandburg!

Blair: Yeah?

Simon: Do you know someone named Naomi?

Blair: Yeah.

Simon: In the future I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use this phone number for your personal calls!

Blair: Simon, I didn't give out...

Simon: Just tell your lady friends to call you at home, all right?

Blair stands and goes to Simon's desk.

Blair: She's not one of my...

Simon ignores him, lifts receiver back up.

Simon: All right, Rhonda, put her through.

Simon hands receiver to Blair. Jim is making apologetic motions.

Blair: Thank you. (into phone) ... Mom.

In the background, Jim's head snaps around at Blair's greeting.

~Cut to bullpen. Jim is at his desk. Blair stands in front of it.~

Blair: It will only be for a couple of days. She's coming in from L.A. on her way to a spiritual retreat.

Jim: Don't you think she'd be happier at a hotel? (stands up)

Blair: No.

Jim: I mean, a couple of guys going around belching and throwing their underwear on the floor... I just don't feel like monitoring my behavior in my own home. (They walk through bullpen.)

Blair: You don't have to! She's very open, totally new age. One of the original hippies. She even used to date Timothy Leary. Well, not date ... actually more like live with. In fact, I always thought he might have been...

Jim: Your father? (They enter hallway.) Well, knowing you, that doesn't surprise me, Chief.

Blair: Well, I did have a lot of candidates to consider. Seemed like every man Naomi met would fall in love with her. She never stayed with any of them for very long though.

Jim: Well, that's too bad.

Blair: What? Are you kidding me? It was great! I went to three World Series, five NBA playoff games. Beautiful.

Jim: I meant for her.

Blair: You don't know my mom.

~Cut to Jim questioning Tony DeLuca in interrogation room. DeLuca seated. Jim pacing.~

DeLuca: C'mon, man, I'm already down for the count here, huh? And I ain't looking to be unfriendly.

Jim slaps hand on table and leans down to stare at DeLuca.

Jim: I need names.

DeLuca: Yeah? And I need a break. And I ain't talking about my other arm, neither. (Jim continues to stare.) Francine Barrett, all right? The babe in the Beemer? (Jim moves away, goes back to pacing.) I'm telling you, man, she is really something. She was recruited by some big Wall Street company right out of college. She was making six figures right off the bat. She's bored. So she hooks up with this race car driver. Joins his pit crew. But that wasn't interesting enough. Somewhere along the line, she meets this guy, Petrie.

Jim: Petrie? (stops pacing) Bill Petrie?

DeLuca: Yeah. I hear he's got crews working seven major cities. You heard of him?

Jim: What did I just say?

DeLuca: What the hell I say, oh, it's none of my business. (Jim goes back to pacing again.) Anyways, Petrie phones Francine. Tells her what he needs. She locates the merchandise, plans how we're gonna take possession. Once we bag it, I drive way out to the boonies, drop off the whole rig with the car inside. Then she uses a stolen credit card and rents another rig.

Jim seems lost in thought.

DeLuca: Hey, chuch. Hey, what am I talking to myself here or what?

Jim leaves room.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim enters from side door. Simon seated at his desk.~

Jim: DeLuca just dropped a dime on Bill Petrie as head of that car theft ring.

Simon: The Bill Petrie? That mob guy that was accused of engineering all those race track robberies a couple years ago.

Jim: The Bill Petrie. It all fits. The perfect planning and execution of the heists. The cars -- nothing less than a hundred grand. The strong arming.

Simon: Even the FBI couldn't pin him down. They send in people undercover, but he always managed to slip away. Now the jerko's got himself a new business, huh?

Jim: I got an idea, Simon. This time we can nail him.

Simon: All right, what is it?

Jim: DeLuca tells Francine that he got away from us and he can't drive because of his arm. He introduces me to her as his cousin.

Simon: (laughing) Oh, yeah, right. I can see the family resemblance there. (stands up from his chair and walks around desk)

Jim: Okay. A buddy from prison. Whatever. The idea is for me to go inside and smoke out Petrie. This time we're gonna be able to nail him.

Simon: You sure you can drive one of those big rigs?

Jim: Yeah, sure, sure, it's a piece of cake.

Simon: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Jim: No, no, you see, sir, I drove a rig a little bit after high school. It's like riding a bicycle. I mean, once you learn, you never forget.

~Cut to police impound lockup. Semi big rig being driven with gears grinding and stripping, brakes squealing.~

Officer in lot: Hey, Ellison, grind me a pound.

~Cut to inside of cab as the truck stops. Jim in driver's seat; Blair next to him.~

Blair: Jim, you lied?

Jim: No, I didn't lie. I...I had a friend of mine who had a rig. He used to let tool around with it a bit, but...

Blair: But what?

Jim: Well, it didn't have a trailer attached to it. This is...

Blair: (chuckling) Different.

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Yeah. Great. (leans over toward Jim) All right, pop the clutch. (off Jim's look) Just do it. See that right there? That's the splitter. It gets you into the next gear level. (returns to his seat)

Jim: Oh, yeah?

Blair: Yep.

Jim: How do you know so much about this?

Blair: I spent a summer driving across country in my uncle's rig. I did half the driving. Want me to take you through the basics again?

Jim: No, I don't want you to run me through the basics again. I figured maybe I could tune into it with my hearing. You know, kind of like tune into the gears a little bit and listen to the mesh. (moves his hands around in circular motion)

Blair: Uh, no, it doesn't work that way.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Yeah, Ellison ... (looks at Blair) Yeah, he's here. (Blair looks over at Jim) ... (covers mouthpiece) How did she get this number? (hands phone to Blair)

Blair: Mom? ... Hi, Mom, how are you doing? ... Yeah, great, just put your stuff in my room for now. (Jim makes motions in disagreement; Blair waves his hands away.) No, no, I don't think that's such a good idea, Mom. I mean, it's Jim's place. He's got the furniture arranged the way he likes it, you know. (more hand motions from both; Blair leans away). Yeah, okay. Yeah, Mom, I know, I know. It's a little out of line with the next harmonic convergence, but I don't think we're gonna be falling into a crack in the earth next Tuesday, okay? (covers mouthpiece and looks at Jim) It's just for a couple of nights.

Jim: I'll pay for the hotel, okay?

Blair: C'mon, Jim, you'll love her. (waves hand at Jim) Stop. (returns to phone conversation) Yeah, it's fine. All right. I'll talk to you later. (closes up phone, looks around a bit; Jim rubbing forehead.) Thanks.

~Cut to the loft and front door opening inward. Jim and Blair enter.~

Jim: (sneezes) What is that?

Blair: (closes door) She's burning sage, man. It's to get rid of the bad vibes.

Jim: Bad vibes. (still wincing)

Blair: Yeah, the bad vibes. Oh, I forgot to tell her about your ... sensitive... (makes hand motions)

Jim: She's also cooking something.

Naomi walks into main room from Blair's bedroom.

Naomi: I'm making Blair's favorite.

Blair: Tongue? (goes to her, they hug; Jim watches)

Naomi: Yeah, tongue.

Blair: Jim, you like tongue?

Jim: I usually make it a point never to eat anything that comes from the head of an animal.

Naomi: Look at this hair. (holds Blair's hair) It's so 60's. You look beautiful. I am not letting you out of my sight for two whole days.

Blair: I hope you don't. Mom, this is Jim Ellison.

Naomi: It's nice to meet you. (holds out her hand)

Jim sneezes again.

Blair: Jim...he's allergic to the sage.

Naomi: Oh, that's awful. How do you stay clean?

Jim: I shower.

Naomi: Oh, no, I mean, how do you get rid of the negative energy?

Jim: I shower.

Naomi: Oh, I hear that.

Jim: All right.

Naomi goes into kitchen; Blair rejoins Jim; Jim looks puzzled.

Blair: Oh, she's saying she's willing to accept what you say without judgment.

Jim: Oh, great. (Blair walks away; Jim notices furniture has been moved around) Sandburg?

Blair: Yeah? (returns to Jim) Oh, hey, know, I kind of like the couch there. (pause) I'll put it back when she's gone. (goes back to kitchen)

Naomi takes the tongue out of a pot and starts to cut it.

Blair: Mmm.

Naomi: Mmm. Looks good, huh?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim comes up behind Blair and watches.

Naomi: Oh, I'm a vegetarian unlike him. But it makes him happy.

Blair: Mm-mmm. Oh, Mom...

Naomi: Oh, sweetie, here. Taste it. (hands Blair a piece of tongue)

Blair: Okay. Great. Jim and I, we just came by to say hi. We've got to go somewhere in a couple minutes.

Naomi: Oh, cop stuff?

Blair: Yeah. (pops tongue piece in mouth)

Naomi: You know, Blair's been telling me all about the work you've been doing together for his research on ... what? local subcultures?

Blair: Mm-hmm

Naomi: You know, it's so ironic. I've spent so much time demonstrating against the tyranny of the pigs and now... oh, I'm sorry. No offense intended.

Jim: I hear that. (his pager beeps; he looks at it) That's DeLuca. Let's go. Come on. (walks to door; Blair follows)

Naomi: I'll get my coat.

Blair: Ma, you can't come.

Naomi: Why not?

Blair: Come here. You see, Jim and I, we had to do a mountain of paperwork just to get the department to allow me to ride along.

Naomi: Oh, well, then we won't tell them. Blair, I haven't seen you in six months.

Blair: Yeah, I know, but Mom...

Naomi: Is there something dangerous about this?

Blair: No, no, it's just research.

Naomi: Well, then why can't I come? I visited you on other research projects. You never had a problem taking me along before.

Blair: I know, but...

Naomi: Jim?

Jim: Naomi, I'm sorry. Not this time.

Blair: Look, Mom, we'll be back soon, I promise. And we'll get together, we'll talk, I promise.

Naomi: Okay. I'll be here.

Jim: Naomi, the sage?

Naomi: Yeah, more sage.

(Jim and Blair leave; go into hallway)

Jim: You know, Blair, Naomi's a very attractive woman. I never would have guessed she's so...young.

Blair: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute. Just keep guessing, Jim. That's my mom! Take a cold shower, man. (they walk down the hall)

~Cut to dark rainy road; F-150 pulling up behind semi.~

Jim: All right, keep the engine running.

Jim gets out of truck, walks to semi. Blair moves over to driver's seat of F-150. Naomi pulls up in her car and watches from a side road. Jim opens driver's door of semi and sees DeLuca.

DeLuca: What took you so long, cuz?

Jim: What the hell are you doing here? Where's Francine?

Cut back to F-150 where a hand opens passenger door of truck; Francine gets in, points gun at Blair.

Francine: Drive. (Naomi watches from distance) Move it! (Blair drives up to semi where Jim is; Francine looks at Jim) You were told to come alone.

Jim: I always have somebody watching my back.

Francine: Well, then let's see how you drive then. DeLuca knows the way. (turns back to Blair, points gun at him) Take off.

Jim watches them leave, then climbs into semi cab. Naomi still watching.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same scene, inside semi cab with Jim and DeLuca.~

Jim: .....she was holding an audition.

DeLuca: You cops slay me, you know that. Like my father always said, "Give 'em a bite and they want the whole cannoli."

Jim starts truck up, jerks away from curb.

Cut to F-150.

Francine: Floor it. Let's see what this thing can do.

Blair floors it; F-150 skids around corners.

Francine: You're pretty good.

Blair: Great. Thanks a lot. I think.

Francine: So who are you?

~Cut to Naomi on payphone.~

Naomi: Blair Sandburg. He's an observer. Ellison. James Ellison. Look, I am not looking for information here, but something has gone wrong, okay? Yes, yes, I hear that. I hear that. Hello? Hello? (she's been put on hold) I'm letting this go. I'm letting this go. I'm letting this go. God, why can't they play decent music?

~Cut to semi truck pulling into warehouse, gears still grinding away.~

Francine, Blair, and male carjacker (Gary) waiting for them. Truck comes to stop. Jim gets out. Francine goes over to him.

Francine: So, what? You gonna tell me you forgot your driving gloves? (to DeLuca) I thought you said this bozo could drive.

DeLuca: He's kinda rusty, that's all.

Jim: Actually, if you'd given me a chance, instead of pulling this stunt....I would have told you (goes over to Blair) here's your guy, not me. I mean, you should see how he handles this rig, it's...whew.

Gary: So what do we need you for?

Jim: Well, we're a team. Either you buy both of us or nothing.

Francine: You'll have to split your end.

Blair: Forget about it. Equal shares or we don't do it.

A pause, then...

Francine: Done. You'll start tomorrow.

~Cut to F-150 driving along dark rainy road; Jim, Blair, and DeLuca.~

Jim: What was with the attitude back there, Chief? You almost got us talked out of the case.

Blair: That was the idea, man.

DeLuca: (leans forward from back of truck) Oh, he's right. I know these creeps. They'll eat the little guy for breakfast. If you ask me, you'd better pack it in right now.

Jim: Well, nobody's asking you, huh? (waves a hand back at DeLuca)

DeLuca: Okay, geez.

Jim: Your breath is bothering me.

~Cut to warehouse office with Francine and Gary. Francine sits at desk doing makeup while Gary paces.~

Gary: I don't like it. I don't trust DeLuca and I don't trust them.

Francine: We needed somebody right away and the kid's a great driver.

Gary: (leans on front of desk facing her) I say you'd better tighten things up around here, lady, or we're gonna get burned. Now we got real lucky the other day. We might not be so lucky next time.

Francine: This is my operation, Gary.

Gary: Look, Petrie was really pissed that we lost that Ferrari. He said I'm not doing my job watching your back.

Francine: The driver was a cop. They set us up.

Gary: Yeah. And you walked us right into that trap. (walks away)

~Cut to station breakroom with Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Simon: Look, there is no way I can sign off on this. I mean, what if something goes wrong? Blair doing this kind of undercover...the department could be in all kinds of hot water.

Jim: He'll sign a waiver, sir.

Blair: Hey, man, speak for yourself.

They walk out of breakroom and towards bullpen.

Jim: Blair, this is a...

Blair: A golden opportunity, right, to do some real police work and put some hardcore criminals behind bars, right?

Jim: Wait a second, man, you're usually chomping at the bit to do something like this.

Blair: Yeah, I know. But this guy, he scares me. And I'm gonna be alone in a ten-ton truck with some psycho named Gary with a loaded gun!

Jim: I'm gonna be with you the whole time backing you up. Now I need you on this one. You back out now and the whole thing is over. That's it; it's done. They're gonna figure out something's going on; they're gonna close down shop. Now, sir, I know this is a stretch, but this may be our only chance to get Petrie.

Simon: (sighs) Aw, hell, Jim's right. Look, we didn't expect it to go down this way, but that's exactly the situation. It's still your choice though.

Blair: Good. I choose to live. (walks past Simon further into bullpen)

Simon: Great. Someone else might have something to say about that though.

~Cut to Simon's office with Jim, Blair, Simon, and Naomi; Simon sitting at his desk; Naomi pacing; Blair standing in front of desk; Jim sitting in front of window, watching.~

Blair: I can't believe you actually followed us.

Naomi: Just let me have my say and then I'll go. Captain Banks has already had a earful, but he refuses to come to his senses and see the situation for what he really is.

Blair: What situation?

Naomi: I saw a woman kidnap you at gunpoint. I mean, clearly there's a lot more going on here than simply observing. I mean, the next thing I know you're gonna be parading around here in a blue uniform and jack boots.

Blair: Well, you know what, Mom? If I do, that's my choice.

Naomi: Well, make another choice.

Simon: Mrs. Sandburg--

Naomi: Ms.

Simon: Ms. Technically Blair is still an observer, but he's become much more than that. Your son has helped us solve some very difficult cases and I consider him part of the team.

Blair: Yeah. And they need my help on this case.

Naomi: Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry, but you're not cut out for this kind of work. (walks to Blair)

Blair: Mom... (looks at Simon)

Simon: (pause, then stands up) Well, technically, that's not entirely true. I've gotten to know Blair over the past few months and though we don't always see eye to see, his enthusiasm is kind of, uh, refreshing. And I trust him. Whether he decides to stay or go, I back him up 100 percent.

Naomi: So what's it gonna be?

Blair: I choose to stay, Naomi.

Naomi: Hmm. I hear that.

Blair: Do you?

Naomi: Mm-hmm. (gets things and leaves Simon's office)

Blair: (goes to door, watches her walk away) Mom! Come on, detach with love. (turns back to look at Simon) Thanks for the support, man.

Simon: Let's just get back to work, okay?

Jim grabs both his and Blair's coat; gives Blair his coat, then walks out of door. Blair turns to door, then turns around again to look at Simon.

Blair: Hey, Simon, I just wanted to say...

Simon: (holding up hand) Please, don't. The memory is already too painful.

Blair: (pauses, then moves forward) Come on...

Simon: (waves a finger in air) Eh-eh-eh-eh. Out! Out!

Blair leaves. Simon shuts door, then turns and smiles to himself.

~Cut to warehouse with semi-truck in it. Jim and Gary loading trailer. Blair walks by and heads toward cab. Jim jumps down from trailer to join him.~

Jim: You ready?

Blair: I should've listened to Naomi.

Jim: This is it.

Blair: Okay, when do we call for backup?

Jim: Backup?

Blair: Yeah, you know, sirens, flashing lights...whoo-whoo-whoo! (waves finger in air)

Jim: (chuckling) You've got an active imagination.

Blair: What are you saying? You mean, we're really gonna steal a car?

Jim: We can bust these two clucks any time we want. The idea here is to get the drop on Petrie.

Blair: How long is that gonna take?

Jim: No way of telling. Could be months.

Gary (in background): Yo!

Jim turns, sees him wave hand for him to hurry up. Then Jim turns back to Blair.

Jim: You just relax. All you gotta do is drive. (walks off)

Blair gets into truck.

~Cut to white Rolls Royce pulling out of driveway. Francine, Jim, and Gary in the BMW block it. Jim gets out of car and pulls gun as he heads for driver's side.~

Jim: Get out of the car.

Gary runs around, yanks open door, and pulls out driver who falls on the ground.

Gary: Get out. Move. Get out of the car. Come on. Move!

Gary gets into car; Jim notices that driver is in distress and moaning, goes over to him.

Jim: I think he's having a heart attack.

Gary: That's not our problem.

Jim starts to undo driver's collar.

Gary pulls his gun and points it at Jim.

Gary: Get in the car right now. Get in!

Jim: Take off! Go on!

Francine moves BMW; Gary takes off in stolen car.

Francine: (to Jim) What the hell are you doing?

Jim: He's dying. I'm calling 911 (into cellphone) Yeah, we need an ambulance at Chesterfield and Eighth. Guy's having a heart attack.

~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~

~Same day; Blair in cab of semi-truck, looking in side mirror. Blair gets out of truck as Gary drives up behind the truck and stands at the rear of the truck where a ramp is.~

~Cut to Jim and driver having heart attack.~

Driver: My pills. The front pocket. My pills...

Jim: How many?

Driver: Two...two...

Francine: Look, you've done your bit for humanity. Let's go!

Jim: I'll take my chances here. (back to driver) Hang in there, sir. Help is on the way. Just relax.

Francine starts to leave, pulls forward, then backs up again. Sirens approach from the distance.

Francine: Are you ready now?

Jim: (to driver) You're gonna be fine.

Jim jumps into back of Francine's car.

Jim: All right. Go!

~Cut to warehouse.~

Gary: I'll telling Petrie I'm through. I can't watch your back if I got nobody watching mine.

Francine: Just relax.

Gary: He should've let the old guy drop.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm not into killing on the job here, pal. I do a little time, that's an accepted risk. But I'm not doing life.

Gary: That's part of the territory, Jack. Anyway, on this crew, one strike and you're out.

Francine: It is not your decision, Gary.

Gary: Look, he could've blown the whole operation and put us all in the can.

Francine: That is exactly what I was thinking at first, but this guy has got a point. We could have all found ourselves wanted for murder. He did the right thing. You should give him some credit.

Gary: Something is not right with that guy, okay? Something else.

Francine: Like?

Gary: I don't know. I can't put my finger on it right now.

Francine: Well, when you can, you let me know.

~Cut to another city, night, fancy highrise.~

Petrie: (talking on phone) Three words, kid. "Shut it down."

Francine: Up till now, everything's gone according to plan.

Petrie: "Up till now" -- another three words. You ever notice, Francine, how things always happen in threes? Hm? Birth, life, death. Beginning, middle, end.

Francine: Look, I have left room (cut to Francine talking on phone from her office) for every contingency here. I change my base every month, my trucks every job. So what, I had a couple of snags the last time around. My business is sound.

Petrie: Darling, (cut back to Petrie) you are a car thief, not a corporate CEO. There are no contingencies in our business. You either get caught or you don't. My experience tells me that the third act curtain is about to ring down on your neck.

~Cut to Jim and Blair outside of office behind some boxes; Jim getting ready to listen.~

~Cut back to Francine.~

Francine: Petrie, you've invested a lot of money in my operation.

~Cut back to Jim and Blair; Jim is listening. Cut back and forth between the three groups during rest of conversation.~

Francine: Here's the bottom line. You're a good customer. That does not give you the right to tell me how to run things.

Petrie: That gives me every right, darling. Now here's my bottom line. Shut it down.

Francine: I can't.

Petrie: Excuse me?

Francine: Look, the Lamborghini you wanted? I found it. I was gonna tell you tonight.

Petrie: The Lamborghini. That's almost impossible. There's a three-year wait list for that car.

Francine: And that means a hefty profit.

Petrie: I'm aware of that, Francine.

Francine: Look, it's an easy set-up. Nothing's gonna go wrong. I will personally guarantee it.

~Cut to outside of warehouse. Gary leaves. Sees Jim's truck, goes over to it, tries door. It's locked. Sees magazine with address on it inside. Writes address down. Jim and Blair leave warehouse, walk to truck, get in and leave. Gary watches from his car, then follows them.~

~Cut to Simon (in his office) on the phone with Jim (in the upper loft bedroom); go back and forth between the two.~

Simon: I don't like this, Jim. That old man could've died.

Jim: Simon, I made sure he was out of danger before I took off. The ambulance got there a couple of seconds later.

Simon: Yeah, and how the hell did you know if he was out of danger or not? You're no doctor.

Jim: I've been a medic. Besides, if there was any doubt, I wouldn't have left him.

Simon: Yeah, well, it was still too damn close for my comfort zone. When's this Lamborghini heist supposed to happen?

Jim: (going downstairs) Next couple of days.

Simon: All right, well, keep according to schedule. But you be careful. If there's any question about the personal safety of you, Sandburg, or anybody else, we collect Francine and Gary and leave the Petrie thing over to the Feds.

Jim sees Naomi in midst of living room meditating, continues on into kitchen.

Simon: Now am I getting through?

Jim: Loud and clear, Captain.

Simon: Good. I'll see you tomorrow.

Jim hangs up and stops next to Blair who is making something in the kitchen.

Jim: (glancing over at Naomi) Has she said anything? (Blair shakes head) Well, she's been like that since we came in.

Blair: Yeah, I know. Her personal best is three hours and 37 minutes.

Naomi: Five hours... (stretching) Ah... Last month in Big Sur. (standing and stretching; Jim watching her) And then I saw the most beautiful sunrise. Ah... It was glorious.

Blair hits Jim. Jim looks at him.

Blair: Hey, man, cut that out.

Jim: What?

Blair: Don't do that. (to Naomi) You hungry?

Naomi: Oh, I'm famished. (joins them in kitchen)

Blair: Good.

Naomi: I've been processing my feelings about your police work.

Blair: Come on, Mom. Let's not get into that again, okay?

Naomi: We've always been such great friends. I don't know why I suddenly turned into supermom.

Blair: I don't know either.

Naomi: Well, anyway, I swore I'd never do it and I'm gonna let it go. And I will. I'm gonna let it go.

Blair: When?

Naomi: When hell freezes over.

Blair: Mom...

Naomi: (chuckling) I'm joking.

Blair: Thank you. (they hug)

There's a knock on the door; Jim goes over to answer it. Gary barges his way through the open door with a gun; Francine is behind him.

Gary: We've got to talk, sport.

~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing same scene.~

Jim: Take it easy with that thing.

Gary: You've been watching us.

Jim: You're paranoid, man.

Gary: Better paranoid than dead. You left the warehouse right after we finished the job. And I saw you drive off only a half-hour ago.

Naomi: They were with me. I picked them up. We were all going to dinner and I have the bigger backseat.

Blair: Yeah, if we would have known you guys were hungry, we would have invited you. It'd be nice to get to know you better.

Naomi: Would it?

Francine: Oh, come on, Gary, we're all on the same team here.

Gary: What about her? Where does she fit in?

Naomi: I'm his mom.

Gary: (turns gun towards Naomi) Don't be flip with me, lady.

Jim attacks and takes Gary down to ground, disarming him.

Gary: Well, I guess now we find out the truth, don't we?

Jim: The truth is I don't like people busting into my apartment with guns and bad manners.

Gary gets up. Jim takes the clip from the gun and gives empty gun back to Gary.

Francine: He could have just killed you, Gary. What more proof do you want?

Jim: (holds out hand) What do you say we start fresh, chief?

Gary snickers and leaves.

Francine: Um...look, I'm sorry, guys. Um, we'll see you tomorrow, okay?

Jim: We'll be there.

Naomi: Nice meeting you.

Francine: Yeah. (leaves and pulls door shut)

Jim: How the hell they find out where we live?

Blair: I don't know.

Naomi: You know, that was kinda fun.

Blair: What?

Naomi: (getting excited) Keeping your cool, not blowing your cover. You know what it reminds me of? You know when you used to dress up in that superhero costume?

Blair: Yeah.

Naomi: (laughing) And you'd make me be the foreign evil spy. You remember that, Blair. How you used to drive to the lair in your supermobile. He used to sit on the back of the toilet and flush to make it go.

Jim amused; Blair making "she's crazy" motions.

~Cut to Jim and Blair pulling into warehouse next morning. Francine is inside; Blair waves; she waves back.~

Blair: You know, she is not bad for a car thief.

Jim: Well, maybe you should get to know her better.

Blair: Ah, forget it! We've been down that road before, remember? I'm no good at that seduction stuff.

Jim: Hey, man, nobody's asking you to compromise your high level of standards. It's just that the more information we have, the closer we're gonna be to nailing Petrie.

~Cut to Francine's office; Blair entering as Francine gets stuff out of refrigerator and sits down.~

Francine: Most people lose their appetite when they're angry. I eat.

Blair: You're angry? If I did anything...

Francine: Have a seat, please. I could use the company actually. (Blair sits) Look, I'm real sorry about last night. Gary can be a real hard-ass, you know, but that's also what makes him useful. How's your mom?

Blair: Oh, her? Don't worry about her. She's used to this stuff. My dad used to run contraband from state to state. My grandfather was a rumrunner. There's a rumor he used to work for old Joe Kennedy.

Francine: Kind of a family tradition, huh?

Blair: I guess you could say it's in the blood.

Francine: Hmm. (watches Blair watching her, sorta laughs) What?

Blair: I was just wondering... You don't seem like the type of person to be in this line of work.

Francine: Neither do you.

Blair: Touche.

Francine: You know, it's weird. It's like a rush, you know. It's like driving a fast car, bungee jumping from a helicopter.

Blair: You've done that?

Francine: I guess you could say I'm what they call an adrenaline junkie. I love that feeling when you're taking the big risk.

Blair: So why don't you get yourself into a legitimate job.

Francine: I intend to one day when I'm old and tired, but for now -- aside from my unfortunate choice of partners -- beans? (offers Blair beans) -- I'm having way too much fun. (phone rings) Oh, excuse me. (answers phone) Hello ... Yeah ...Yeah, the Lamborghini is arriving tomorrow morning ... Pier 37 ... Where's your dropoff?

~Cut back and forth from Petrie and Francine.~

Petrie: That's up in the air at the moment. The buyer backed out. You could say we're doing this one on consignment.

Francine: We've never done a job before without a confirmed buyer.

Petrie: We'll have one soon enough.

Francine: I don't like it. This car is going to be unusually hot.

Petrie: You losing your nerve?

Francine: No.

Petrie: Good. I'll be there in a few hours.

Francine: Wait, you're coming here? All the way from Chicago?

Petrie: Yes, I want to personally make sure your last job is completed without any mishaps. (hangs up)

~Cut back to Francine.~

Blair: Is everything all right?

Francine: It's fine.

Blair: Yeah.

~Cut to outside view of Cascade PD, then into Simon's office with Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Simon: So Petrie's coming into town tonight?

Blair: Yup. That's what she said.

Simon: Somehow we have to find a way to link him with that Lamborghini.

Jim: Right. Petrie doesn't have a buyer for the car, so we'll give him one. Our buyer will insist on taking delivery from him personally.

Simon: Hey, hey, wait a minute. Remember who we're talking about here. Even the FBI couldn't get that close.

Jim: I think we can.

Blair: How?

Jim: He's gonna be in a hurry to unload that Lamborghini. He's gonna want to shut Francine down and get out of town. We'll offer him as much money as he can expect to get anywhere else. Our buyer will be somebody his people already know. I mean, I don't think he's gonna have any other choice but to take this deal.

Simon: Our buyer? Who do these guys know besides you two?

Jim looks at Blair; Blair returns the look, then straigthens a bit.

~Cut to outside some building at night~

Gary walks out onto sidewalk. Jim and Blair run up behind him, grab him and haul him to a van and toss him inside, getting in after him.

Jim: Move! Move!

(Simon is driving)

Gary: What the hell is going on?

Naomi: I'll give you a hint. These guys work for me.

~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene in back of van.~

Gary: I knew you were hinky the minute I laid eyes on you.

Jim: You're a clever guy, Gary. That's why you're here.

Gary: So what the hell is this? Some kind of shakedown?

Naomi: I run an import/export company out of eastern Europe.

Gary: So?

Jim: There's always been a market for hard-to-get items, like luxury cars, parts. The point is...

Naomi: Your boss and I should do business together.

Gary: And you want me to arrange it.

Naomi: You are a clever guy. I'll give you a half million for the Lamborghini.

Jim: Twenty percent wired to your boss wherever he wants as soon as we get the car.

Gary: What about the rest?

Naomi: I'll give it to Petrie personally as soon as I take delivery.

Gary: That'll be for him to decide.

Jim: Not this time. There's twenty thousand in it for you if you can make the arrangements.

Gary: Hm... What about Francine?

Naomi: Well, from what I hear, you're the one who's really in charge.

Gary: You heard right.

~Cut to warehouse next morning. Francine, Gary, and Petrie.~

Francine: I don't like it.

Gary: Nobody's asking you.

Petrie: Relax. You brought these guys in, Francine. Of course, there's nothing we can do about that now. They know our plan. If I don't accept their offer, they may attempt to take the car themselves.

Francine: Not if we get there first.

Petrie: It's too messy. You're a loose cannon, Francine.

Francine: Speaking of loose cannons...

Petrie: And your personal management skills leave much to be desired.

Francine: Are we done?

Petrie: You are. I wasn't sure when I walked in here, but I made my decision. (to Gary) You tell them there's one condition. I want the down payment here tomorrow morning in cash before you pick up the merchandise. (to Francine) You'll get your cut and then I want you to disappear.

~Cut to loft with Simon on the phone.~

Simon: I know it's a lot of money. Look, did I forget to mention that my entire operation depends on that money being here... All right. All right, I understand. (hangs up)

Jim: Simon, we're running out of time here.

Simon: I know, they're working on it. (turns as Naomi and Blair come into main room) Ms. Sandburg, I want to thank you again for all your help last night. If this whole thing goes down smoothly, it'll be your contribution that made the difference.

Naomi: Well, maybe I should stay. I mean, wouldn't it be better for you if I were there when you arrested Petrie?

Blair makes negative motions in the background.

Simon: Oh, I don't think that's necessary. Last night's operation was on our turf and you were completely protected. That won't be the same case when we spring our trap.

Blair: Yeah, and I'll feel a lot better when I know you're safely on your retreat.

Naomi: All right. After that last few days, I have a lot of processing to do.

Blair: You do.

Naomi: Can I tell you something, Blair?

Blair: Of course.

Naomi: I'm proud of you.

Blair: (pause, then..) Thanks. Thanks, Mom, that means a lot. (they hug)

Naomi: Oh... Just be careful, okay?

Blair: Of course I will, Mom.

Jim: All right, I'm going down to the warehouse and try to stall Gary. (to Blair) I want you to wait for the money and meet me there. (to Naomi) I hope to see you again soon. (kisses Naomi's cheek)

Blair: Hey, uh, Jim... That's my mom.

Jim: Yeah. Aren't you lucky? (chuckles and leaves loft)

Blair: (chuckles) Mom!

~Cut to street outside of loft. Blair and Naomi walking toward Naomi's car.~

Blair: Next time you come over, I'm not gonna let you hit on Jim, I'll tell you that much.

Naomi: I didn't hit on Jim.

Blair: I think you were, Mom.

Naomi: No, I wasn't.

Blair: Every guy you meet...

Naomi: That's not true.

Car screeches to a halt just behind them. Francine gets out.

Francine: I want to talk to you.

Blair: About what?

Francine: Petrie and I dissolved our partnership.

Blair: Yeah, I heard.

Francine: Well, why didn't you come to me first?

Naomi: Sorry, sweetie, it was my call.

Francine: Well, now it's mine. (pulls a gun and points it at Naomi)

~Cut to warehouse and Jim closing semi trailer doors.~

Gary: What the hell's going on? We should've left ten minutes ago.

Jim: Just relax. He'll be here.

Gary: In thirty seconds, we're leaving.

~Cut to loft and Simon on phone with Jim, then back to Jim still in warehouse.~

Jim: Where the hell is he?

Simon: How should I know where he is? He never came back. He never called?

Jim: I don't know, Simon. This isn't like Sandburg. I think something's wrong.

Simon: Yeah, I know. Look, you keep stalling him, Jim. I'm gonna bring you the money myself.

Jim: It's too late. I got to go. (hangs up)

Jim chases after semi which is pulling out of warehouse, climbs up side of cab. Gary is driving.

Jim: I said he'd be here.

Gary: Deal's off. (raises gun to fire)

Jim jumps off cab, ducking away from gunfire, rolls on ground, then runs to truck and takes off after semi.

~Cut to dock where a red Lamborghini is being lowered. Then to Francine, Blair, and Naomi in another semi.~

Francine: We pick up the car and we're gone before Gary gets here. And then we make our deal.

Blair: Francine, I will do anything you want. Just let her go.

Francine: Not a chance.

Francine gets out of truck and pulls Naomi with her.

~Cut to Petrie standing next to limo who is watching the Lamborghini. He pulls out cellphone and calls Gary.~

Gary: Yeah.

Petrie: Did they show up with the cash?

Gary: Forget it. They're history.

Petrie: We'll find another buyer. Just get me that car. (sees Francine approaching Lamborghini) Hold on a second.

(in distance through binoculars)

Francine: (with a gun pointed at Naomi) In the car.

Petrie: It's Francine. And she's with another woman.

Gary: I knew it! They double-crossed us!

Petrie: Haul your butt here and get me that car now! (gets in limo) Go!

Francine and Naomi get in Lamborghini. Francine sees Petrie's limo.

Ensuing car chase of Lamborghini by limo. Goes by second semi; Blair gets out and chases after cars.

~Cut to Jim chasing down Gary in first semi.~

Lots of gunfire. Chase leads to warehouse on docks. Jim pulls F-150 in front of semi, then jumps out of truck and out of the way. Semi crashes into truck. Gary knocked out.

Jim rolls up to his feet and pulls gun as Lamborghini speeds into warehouse with limo behind it. Petrie is standing in limo through sunroof, firing a machine gun. Jim shoots tire of limo; limo crashes. Jim remains standing in path of Lamborghini with gun aimed. Francine stops, then backs up. Police cars pull in, blocking her. Jim runs up to Lamborghini and opens driver's door.

Jim: Get out of the car. Put your hands behind your back. (Francine gets out and Jim cuffs her)

Blair runs into warehouse, dashes around police cars to passenger side of Lamborghini and opens door.

Blair: Ma! (helps Naomi out of car)

Jim: (to uniformed cops) Somebody get her out of here and read her her rights.

Blair: (to Francine) Was the thrill worth the risk? (to Naomi) Mom, are you okay?

Naomi: Nothing that an hour of meditation and two bottles of wine won't cure. (they hug) Are you okay?

Blair: Me? I'm fine. Yeah.

~Cut to loft in evening. Blair comes in to see candles lit in lower room. Hears laughter upstairs.~

Blair: Mom?

(more laughter)

Blair: Jim?

Naomi: More tongue, Jim?

Jim: I'd love some.

(more laughter)

Naomi: Okay, now, look, here he is. This was his third grade year and he was playing Richard Nixon and for weeks he was running around going "I am not a crook. I am not a crook."

Blair goes upstairs and finds Jim and Naomi sitting on Jim's bed.

Blair: What the hell is going on here?

Naomi: Blair, look! He's eating tongue. He likes it.

Jim: Uh-huh. You hear that?

Blair: Yeah, I hear that.

Jim: Come on, dig in.

Naomi: Have some, honey.

Blair: All right. (takes a piece of tongue) I think I'm gonna need a drink. Give me the wine.

Naomi hands him her glass.

Blair: Great.

Jim: Cheers, bottoms up, huh?

Blair: Salud.

Jim: Next we'll have some esophagus.

~ The End ~