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Second Chance

Written by: John Vorhaus
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Issabela Camil (Maya Carasco), Carlos Mantilla (Francisco Rivero), Tony Perez (Gustavo Alcante), Geno Silva (Hector Carasco), Joseph Pascual (Pascal), Fabricio Santin (Rojas), Bob Morrisey (Warden Fowler), Dan Zukovic (Guard Supervisor), Peter Bryant (Check-in Guard).

Summary: Maya Carasco, Sandburg's love interest from Love and Guns, is kidnapped to put pressure on her father, who is in jail but still controls millions. Maya's criminal uncle offers Ellison his assistance. Ellison later develops a grudging respect for him. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on November 20, 1996.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. Jim and Blair, both dressed nicely, walking down sidewalk towards the loft.~

Blair: Now, that was a party -- nice food, good wine, a little music.

Jim: Joe Kramer was on the force for 30 years. Well, I thought it was just a good thing to do give him a decent send-off.

Blair: "Decent" would be an understatement.

Jim: Yeah, you were the one who thought cops didn't know how to take care of business when it comes to partying.

Blair: Hey, I stand corrected, all right? There's one thing I got to know though -- how in the world did you get that horse to ride up in the hotel elevator?

Jim: Quart of maple syrup.

Blair: Ah, sugar rush... No wonder it kicked out the window.

Camera pans to the front sidewalk of the loft in front of Collette's, where a woman exiting the store. A van screeches to a halt in front of the sidewalk and a man gets out, attacking the woman. Jim and Blair see and start to run over.

Jim: Hey! Hey! Police! Let her go! Police!

The man knocks the woman to the ground, then gets back in the van, which then screeches off. Jim (with his gun out) watches the van take off. Blair runs over to the woman to help her.

Blair: (crouching beside woman) Hey. Hey, you okay?

Woman: Oh...

Blair: You all right? Take it easy.

Woman lifts her head to look at Blair.

Blair: Maya!

~Cut to loft. A tea kettle whistles on the stove. Blair pulls it off to make tea and comes over to join Maya at the table.~

Blair: (as he pours tea) This is pau d'arco tea. It'll make you feel better. The Brazilian Indians, they use it to, uh... (stops and laughs) Eh, listen to me, trying to tell you what South Americans like to do.

Maya: It's okay. I don't mind.

Jim comes over to them, talking on the phone.

Jim: All right, Simon, I'll talk to you in the morning. (hangs up) Maya, are you sure you've never seen those guys before?

Maya: No, never.

Jim: And you haven't a clue as to what they might have wanted? I don't mean to scare you but unless you say otherwise, I have no reason to believe these guys won't want to come back again. So why don't we start at the beginning?

Maya: At the beginning, you arrested my father and put him in jail.

Jim: You know why that happened.

Maya: Yeah, I know. For gun smuggling and murder, hmm? Well, after that I went back to Chile to start my life over again and forget that I was Hector Carasco's daughter. As if they'd let me.

Blair: Who?

Maya: The cartel in Santiago -- the one my father worked for. A few days ago, I got word that they intended to kidnap me. I tried to contact my Uncle Gustavo who is the only one I really trust, but I couldn't find him. He is out of the country, I came here. I thought that if I ran far enough they wouldn't find me.

Blair: Well, you'll be safe here. Isn't that right, Jim?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: You can stay in my bed.

Jim looks at Blair.

Blair: Alone, of course.

Maya: That's okay. The couch is fine for me.

~Cut to later that night in the loft. Maya (in her slip) is sleeping on the couch, afghan half off her. Blair comes out (in a t-shirt and sweat pants) and picks something up from the coffee table. He pauses a moment and just looks at Maya. Then he turns to go back to his room.~

Maya: Am I that interesting?

Blair stops and turns around.

Blair: Mmm...yeah, you always were.

Maya: (sits up) What are you thinking?

Blair: (sits on the arm of the couch) Well, I was just wondering if you still hated me.

Maya: For what?

Blair: (throws whatever he'd picked up back onto the table) Lying to you, using you to get information about your father.

Maya: I don't hate you, Blair. It's my father I hate. All my life, I thought he was the greatest man that ever lived and then I found out that he was a gangster, a killer. I feel dirty, like there's this stain on me that I can't get off.

Blair: Maya, that's your father. That's not you.

Maya: No, but it's my family. (stands up, wrapping the afghan around her) You're not Chilean. You wouldn't understand. (walks over to the windows)

Blair: (walks over to Maya) Well, I want to understand. I want to help you.

Maya: Look, I remember what we had before, I do, but it's just that right now I don't know how I feel about anything or anybody. I'm sorry. (goes back to the couch)

Blair: There's nothing to be sorry about. It's okay. Good night. If you need anything, let me know. (goes back to his room)

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Simon, Jim, and Blair are standing in the office talking.~

Simon: Safe house is all set up. There's a two-man protection team waiting.

Blair: Okay, great. Count me in.

Simon: No way, Sandburg. No can do.

Jim: I agree, sir.

Blair: Why not?

Jim: Well, number one, you're not a cop. You're a civilian observer. And number two, you're personally involved.

Blair: Why does that never stop you?

Jim: This is not about me.

Blair: Why is there one set of rules for you and a different one for me?

Jim: This is not open for debate.

Simon: Hey, hey, hey. Hey! Sandburg, you're out. Now, let's just get back to work.

Blair leaves. Simon sits down at his desk with coffee and a danish. Jim pauses a moment.

Jim: What-what kind of danish is that?

Simon: Pineapple.

Jim: I hate pineapple.

Simon: Yeah, I know. (smiles and bites into his danish)

~Cut to safehouse. Still day. Jim, Blair, Maya, and two officers. Jim is talking to Maya.~

Jim: Now, this is Officer Lawton. He speaks fluent Spanish if you need him. This is Officer Spence. Two of the best men in the department. We'll be checking in by phone, all right?

Maya: Okay.

Jim: Everything's going to be all right. Gentlemen, we'll see you in a little while. (motions for Blair) Chief. (opens door of safehouse)

Blair: Yeah, I'll be there in just a minute.

Maya: Blair, thank you.

Blair: I wish it could be more. If you need anything, let me know?

Maya: You take care of yourself, okay?

Blair: You, too.

Jim sorta smiles and leaves the house. Blair and Maya exchange a quick kiss, then Blair leaves, closing the safehouse door. He joins Jim outside.

Blair: Don't say it, all right, Jim?

Jim: (smirking) All I was going to say was I could use some breakfast.

~Cut to a busy sidewalk with Jim and Blair coming out of a restaurant. Still day. Jim is messing with a fortune cookie.~

Blair: Only you could have Chinese for breakfast.

Jim: Fried eggs, poached eggs, egg foo yong. What's the difference?

Blair: I know you're thinking -- she's got me using my heart, not my head, right?

Jim: Actually, I'm thinking what's it mean when your fortune is blank?

Two men walk up on either side of Jim and Blair.

Blair: Whatever feelings I had for Maya in the past they're just that. They're in the past.

Jim: Uh-huh.

Blair: You don't believe me?

Jim: I don't think you believe you.

Blair: Maybe I got some feelings left for her...

The two men poke hidden guns at Jim and Blair.

Jim: I got the feeling I got a gun in my side.

Man: You're going to come with us. Get in the car.

~Cut to a shadowed iron-working warehouse. The two men push Jim and Blair over to one side, holding them there with guns. An older man approaches them.~

Older man: Que tenemos aqui?

One of the men hands the older man Jim's wallet.

Older man: You're a policeman, huh? Bought and paid for, no doubt. Whatever they paid you, I'll double it. Just tell me where Maya Carasco is. (gives Jim his wallet back)

Jim: Who?

Older man: You damn stubborn Americans. Everything is a pissing contest. (picks up a iron mesh, like for a gate) Beautiful, isn't it, huh? Made by my cousin. A true craftsman. Even something as hard as iron will bend like clay...when fire is applied. Eh? (pats Blair on the chest) Take that one.

One of the men hauls Blair over to a table and forces his hands down. Another man fires up a torch. Jim looks away.

Older man: I'll ask again, Senor. Where is Maya Carasco?

Jim: Touch him and you're a dead man.

Older man: Of course. Talk, Senor. Your friend is getting warm.

Blair: (struggling to get away from torch) Jim, don't do it. Don't say a thing!

Jim attacks the man next to him, fighting for his gun. Older man pulls a gun and holds it at Jim's back, stopping him.

Older man: Ah! Ah-ah-ah.

Man: (holding his gun at Jim's chest) You want me to kill him now, Senor Gustavo?

Blair: Gustavo? Uncle Gustavo?

Gustavo: (glancing at Blair) Only one person calls me "Uncle Gustavo."

Blair: You are Uncle Gustavo, the one Maya said she trusts.

Gustavo: Let them go.

Blair is released and the gun is pulled away from Jim. Blair goes back over to Jim.

Gustavo: So you have seen her?

Blair: Seen her? Yeah. We're protecting her.

Gustavo: Why didn't you tell me so?

Jim: I don't feel very comfortable talking with a gun in my side.

Gustavo: (laughing) Forgive me. I was concerned for my niece. I am Gustavo Alcante. (holds out his hand)

Jim: (ignores the hand) I should bust you for attempted murder, Gustavo.

Gustavo: By all means, Detective, bust me, but first, take me to Maya.

Blair: She did say she wanted to see him.

Jim: We're not going to compromise her position.

Gustavo: Ay, dios mio. Here, here. Then blindfold me, huh? (holds out a blindfold to Jim) My men will stay here. Come on. Yo me voy con los dos aqui al capiande. Vamanos.

Jim takes blindfold and gets his gun back.

~Cut to Jim driving Gustavo's Jaguar down a street to the safehouse. Still day. Gustavo in passenger seat; he's blindfolded. Blair sits in the back.~

Jim: It's a nice car you have here, Senor Alcante.

Gustavo: You like my Jaguar? I have a friend who can sell you one cheap.

Jim: No, thank you. Driving a hot car wouldn't be good for my image.

Blair: Exactly what do you do back in Chile?

Gustavo: I'm retired.

Jim: From what?

Gustavo: From what I did before.

Jim: That clarifies things.

Blair: So, Maya...she must be pretty special to you, huh?

Gustavo: Maya is my late wife's niece. We haven't seen each other for the last couple of years, but we are close. There. Are you satisfied? You Americans. You think everything is a talk show.

~Cut to them exiting car at the safehouse. Blair helps Gustavo out, then removes his blindfold. Jim walks around car and looks at the door of the safehouse -- it's scratched and open.~

Jim: We got trouble.

~Cut to Jim entering the safehouse, gun first. He pauses just inside the doorway, looking inside at the floor, then continues on. Blair comes in after him and looks inside at the floor as well.~

Blair: Oh, my god. Maya! (runs after Jim)

Gustavo: No. No puede ser. (looks at the floor)

Jim: She's gone.

Jim and Blair rejoin Gustavo in the front room. Camera shows the two officers, face down on the floor, dead.

Gustavo: I know who did it. The bullet holes through the hands are his signature. His name is Francisco Rivero -- a warlord who once worked with Hector Carasco and if he has Maya, it's only a matter of time before he kills her.

Jim turns to look at Blair.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene a bit later. Police crews have arrived. Jim and Blair are outside, leaning against a car.~

Jim: I know what's going through your head, Chief, but you're wrong. If you'd stayed with her, you'd be dead too.

Blair: That supposed to make me feel better?

Simon and Gustavo come over to join them.

Simon: Believe me, Mr. Alcante, we are doing everything in our power to locate your niece.

Gustavo: Of course, "to protect and to serve," huh?

Simon: Right now I'm more interested in how they hell they found our safe house.

Simon's celllphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: (to Gustavo) It's possible that...

Simon: (into phone) Banks. What? (hands phone to Blair) Sandburg...

Blair: (into phone) Yeah. This is Sandburg.

Maya: (on a phone somewhere unknown; sounding scared) Blair? It's Maya.

Blair: Maya! (gets others' attention)

Jim walks off, pulling out his cellphone.

Maya: Listen...

Simon: Keep her talking.

Maya: They came in the house and the policemen tried to stop them, but...I tried to get away.

Blair: Who? Who took you?

Jim: Yeah, this is Ellison. I need a trace initiated on Captain Banks' phone...

Blair: Just tell me where you are.

Maya: I can't!

A hand comes over and pulls phone away from her. Camera pans over to a young man (Rivero).

Rivero: Enough. (into phone) Now listen carefully to what I tell you. If you don't follow my instructions exactly, I'll kill the girl. (to Maya who is sniffling) Shut up. (into phone) Now pay attention. Get her father's access codes or she's dead.

Blair: I don't understand. What... They hung up.

Jim: All right. Thanks. (hangs up)

Simon: Get it?

Jim: No good. It's too quick.

Simon: What did they say, Sandburg? Sandburg!

Blair: They're holding her for ransom.

Simon: All right, how much money do they want?

Blair: They don't want money. They want numbers.

Jim: Numbers?

Blair: Hector Carasco's bank account numbers. Access codes.

Gustavo: So that's what they were after. Hector keeps his money in Swiss bank accounts.

Blair: We're supposed to meet him at Granite Beach Park by noon with the codes.

Gustavo: Oh, no, no. That's impossible. Only Hector knows what the code words are.

Blair: Well, if we don't get them, she dies!

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Gustavo entering Simon's office. Simon is on the phone, sounding a bit peeved.~

Jim: (to Gustavo) Your brother-in-law's at Chinook Federal Prison. Captain Banks is arranging a meeting now.

Simon: (into phone) Then I suggest you find someone who can authorize it! Damn it, man, the girl will be dead by then! (hangs up) Mr. Alcante, I'm afraid we've hit a little snag. There's a million dollar contract on Carasco's life. The feds won't allow anyone near him. Now the only guy who can lift that order won't be here until next week.

Blair: What do we do now?

Gustavo: I know the account numbers. Those will not have changed, but without Hector's access codes the numbers are useless.

Jim: Well, maybe we can fake them.

Blair: Nah, they'll check them out first chance they get.

Gustavo: Which they can't do until the Swiss banks open tomorrow.

Simon: Well, wait a minute. That's not until after 1:00 a.m. in Cascade.

Jim: Well, that buys us a little time at least.

Blair: These guys are smart. We gotta make these codes must be believable.

Gustavo: Usually, chooses words that have special meaning -- you know, easy to remember. Hector and I grew up together. I should be able to come up with something.

Simon: Good. You come up with that list, Mr. Alcante. Jim will take it to the kidnappers.

Gustavo: No, no. I must go with him.

Simon: Out of the question. This is police business.

Gustavo: The same police business that put Maya in a safe house? No, my niece is far too valuable to trust to you. I will go with him.

~Cut to Granite Beach Park. Day. Jim and Gustavo are walking. Blair is sitting on the arm of a bench.~

Jim: I'm curious, Gustavo. How it is that you know Rivero?

Gustavo: Our paths have crossed over the years.

Jim: In the cartel?

Gustavo: Yes.

Jim: What was your job in the cartel?

Gustavo: I moved cash around.

Jim: Oh, a little money laundering, huh?

Gustavo: (laughs) What do you want, my resume? I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of. Five years ago I made a promise to my wife. She was dying. I swore to her that I would leave my old life behind and I did, but it hasn't been easy. Old habits die hard.

Jim: So you're a new man now.

Gustavo: Just a tired, old one...but a man of my word. You don't believe me.

Jim: I've met a lot of criminals who have said they've been reformed but very few have actually stuck to the program.

A black car pulls into the parking lot.

Blair: Hey, this must be them.

Blair stands up to join Jim and Gustavo. Car doors open and loud South American music pours out. Rivero and two other men get out. Rivero and his men come over to them.

Rivero: Which one is Sandburg?

Blair raises his hand hesitantly. Rivero walks over to him and looks him over.

Rivero: You don't look like much. (walks over to Gustavo) And where did you dig up this old crook?

Gustavo: I'm warning you, Francisco.

Rivero: Don't worry. Nothing will happen to Maya as long as I get the codes.

Jim hands Rivero the codes.

Blair: All right, now let her go.

Rivero: (walks back over to Blair) Not until I know these are good. I'll, uh...keep in touch as you say.

Rivero and his men get back in the car and drive away. Jim waits a moment, watching them go.

Jim: All right, come on, let's go.

They all run over and pile into the Expedition -- Jim drives, Gustavo in front passenger seat, Blair in the back. They reach the top of the hill out of the parking lot and Jim stops the truck.

Gustavo: What are you doing?

Jim: (lifts a hand) Sh-sh-sh-shh. (listens and finally hears the music from Rivero's car)

They take off again. Jim following the music.

Gustavo: This is stupid. When Francisco sees you, he'll snuff Maya like a candle.

Jim: He won't see us.

Gustavo: If he does, I'm holding you responsible.

Jim: Would you just please be quiet.

Several police cars come by, sirens flashing and blaring, knocking out Jim's hearing. He loses the car until they pass. Then he listens again, camera "following" his hearing as it finds the car -- open and deserted, music still playing. Not knowing that, Jim follows the sound.

Jim: This way.

They take off again, finding the abandoned car down an alleyway.

Blair: They must have had another car waiting.

Gustavo: Of course they did. Did you think you'd catch him so easily?

~Cut to Rivero and two men walking onto the docks and up into a large yacht. They go inside and Rivero hands the codes to another man.~

Rivero: Pascal? Here are the codes. Load them into the launch program. I want them ready to send the instant the banks open.

Pascal: Si, senor. (leaves)

Rivero walks across the room to where Maya is laying on a couch, reading a magazine. She smiles at his approach, stands, and they kiss.

Rivero: We got the codes.

Maya: That's wonderful.

Rivero: You don't look very happy.

Maya: I don't like to lie to my friends. I don't like to use them.

Rivero: That was the only way. You know that. still have feelings for him.

Maya: No, that's not it.

Rivero: Are you sure?

Maya: Yes.

Rivero: Te quiero mucho, Maya.

Maya: Yo tambien.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Rivero's abandoned car. Police crews are there. Jim, Blair, and Gustavo.~

Gustavo: We already know who we're after. Why do we need fingerprints from a car that I'm sure was stolen?

Jim: We're just checking for fingerprints, anything we can, a clue to find out where they could have taken Maya.

Gustavo: Look, in a few hours Francisco is going to know the codes are faked and kill her.

Jim: We're doing the best we can here. Just give the guys a break.

Gustavo: Powders, lights, photographs. How is this going to help to find her?

Blair: Give these guys a chance. They know what they're doing.

Gustavo: Chance? Idiotas, su sabe. Idiotas! (walks off in a huff)

Blair: Idiot? Man.

Jim: He should try and find himself a longer fuse before he blows a gasket, man.

Simon drives up and gets out of his car, joining Jim and Blair.

Simon: Jim. Where's Gustavo?

Jim: He's cooling off down there somewhere. What's up?

Simon: This just came in over the wire. Check it out. (hands paper to Jim) We had Interpol do a search on Francisco Rivero. He's connected to Carasco's cartel -- very well connected as it turns out.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Simon: Check out his full name.

Jim: "Francisco Rivero Alcante." Alcante?

Simon: He's Gustavo's son.

Blair: No way.

Jim: Son of a... (looks down to where Gustavo had walked)

Simon: Let's bring him in.

Blair: I don't see him.

Jim: He's gone.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Jim and Simon walking into the bullpen.~

Jim: I'm telling you, Simon, they're in it together.

Simon: The whole thing makes no sense. Why would Gustavo kidnap his own niece and then give fake access codes to his son?

Jim: To force us to come up with the real codes. We're talking millions of dollars here, sir.

Simon: The whole thing sounds pretty convoluted to me. Until we know what's going on, let's keep digging.

Blair comes up to join them.

Jim: Dig where? Gustavo's vanished. Francisco could be anywhere. I mean, we're at a total dead end here.

Blair: Uh-uh. When you agreed I heard him say something to his men in Spanish about meeting at the Andes Café.

Jim: I've never heard of it.

Simon: It's a Chilean club on Alvarez Street.

Blair: Right, that's the one. I bet anything he's down there right now having a cold one, waiting for his pals.

Jim: All right, it's worth a shot. Let's go.

Simon: Hey, try not to lose him this time.

Jim: You don't have to worry about that.

~Cut to Rivero's yacht. Rivero talking to Pascal in the communications room.~

Rivero: There must be some way you can check the codes right now. Call one of our friends in Geneva. Get him out of bed if you have to.

Pascal: Even if we do verify the codes, we can't get the money released until the banks open.

Rivero: I know that, but try anyway. I don't trust that old man.

~Cut to Andes Cafe. Gustavo is inside, talking to a barmaid.~

Gustavo: Gracias.

Jim and Blair come inside and go over to Gustavo.

Gustavo: Well, if it isn't my two American friends.

Jim: We need to talk.

Gustavo: As you can see, I'm already involved in a conversation.

Jim: It's too bad you'll have to cut it short 'cause you're under arrest.

Gustavo: (to barmaid) Hablamos despues. (to Jim) For what?

Jim: Aiding and abetting a felon.

A man behind the bar picks up a phone and dials.

~Cut to Rivero's yacht. Rivero is on the phone with the man from the bar.~

Man: Gustavo's with that cop.

Rivero: I see. Where are they now?

Man: Anything in it for me?

Rivero: Si, of course there would be a reward. (hangs up)

Maya: What is it?

Rivero: A minor problem.

Maya: What are you hiding from me?

Rivero: Nothing, I...

Pascal comes down the stairs from above and goes over to Rivero, handing him a paper.

Pascal: Senor, I reached Geneva. I think you should look at this.

~Cut back to Andes Cafe.~

Gustavo: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jim: Oh, really. When were you going to tell us about Francisco being your son?

Gustavo: Oh... that.

Jim: Oh, that.

Gustavo: All right, Francisco is my son, but in name only. He's an animal.

~Cut back to Rivero.~

Rivero: Damn it!

Maya: What? What's the matter?

Rivero: Mind your own business.

Maya: This is my business.

Rivero: Not unless I say so. Santos, get the car! Damn it!

Maya: Francisco!

Rivero and his men leave.

~Cut back to Andes Cafe.~

Gustavo: May he rot in hell. And if he hurts Maya, I'll send him there myself.

Jim: Okay, tough guy. Whatever. You'll get a chance. Let's talk about it downtown, okay?

They exit Cafe and stand on the porch outside.

Gustavo: Look, before you take me to jail, there's something I should tell you.

Jim: I'm listening.

Gustavo: That young woman in the café -- she was a friend of Maya's from school back in Chile. She says this last semester at the university, Maya had a boyfriend.

Jim: So?

Gustavo: His name was Francisco Rivero Alcante.

Blair: No way. That...that'd be her first cousin.

Gustavo: No, not by blood. Francisco's the son of my first wife.

Blair: Well, why didn't you warn her about your son?

Gustavo: As I told you, Maya and I had not seen one another for a while. After her father went to prison, she was obsessed with guilt. She used to say she wanted to give all of his money to the people of Chile to make up for the crimes that he had committed, and...I think it's possible that...Francisco and Maya hatched this...kidnapping scheme together.

Blair: No way. That's crazy. No, no.

Gustavo: Francisco wanted Hector Carasco's money to strengthen his position in the cartel and Maya is very vulnerable. He probably told her he would give all the money to a good cause.

Blair: She wouldn't fall for that. No. I'm going to... (walks off, disappearing around the corner of the Cafe)

Gustavo: I know Francisco. Once he gets what he wants, he'll have no more use for Maya and he'll kill her.

Jim: It's quite a charming son you've got there.

Gustavo: When I walked away from the criminal life...he felt I had betrayed him.

Jim: He picked up where you left off with a vengeance.

Gustavo: In my day, we had a code. Violence was for a reason. With Francisco, I think, to release his rage.

~Cut to Blair walking by the side of Cafe. A black car pulls up. One of Rivero's men gets out and grabs Blair. Rivero gets out of the car as well.~

~Cut back to Jim and Gustavo. Jim starts to hear the South American music again.~

Gustavo: He knows that I love Maya like a daughter. He will destroy...her to get at me.

Jim: Quiet.

~Cut back to Blair. Rivero is holding a gun to Blair's face.~

Rivero: Where's the other cop? Where is Gustavo Alcante?

~Cut back to Jim.~

Jim: You wait here. (runs around to side of Cafe)

~Cut back to Blair.~

Rivero: Tell me, damn it.

Jim comes around the corner and pulls out his gun.

Jim: Let him go.

Rivero: How good a shot are you? Good enough to drop me before I blow your friend away?

Jim: Give it up, Rivero. We all know about you and Maya.

Rivero: Really? Huh. Then it's lucky we have another hostage. Metelo en el carro.

The other two men take Blair and stuff him in the car. Jim lowers his gun. Gustavo comes around the corner.

Rivero: (to Jim) Call me when you have the real codes. And make it within four hours or don't bother calling at all.

Rivero walks away and gets in the car. They drive away.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Still day. Simon's office. Jim, Simon, and Gustavo.~

Gustavo: Now two people may die: Maya and your Mr. Sandburg. Our only hope is to get the real codes.

Simon: Which we can't do.

Gustavo: Maybe we can't, but Juan-Carlos Duarte can.

Simon: Who?

Jim: Juan-Carlos Duarte, sir. He's the chief administrator for the department of prisons in Chile.

Gustavo: In other words... me. And my police liaison, of course.

Simon: Have you lost your mind?

Gustavo: If we can get to Hector, he will give us the codes for Maya's sake.

Jim: I know this all sounds crazy, Captain, but we're running out of time.

Simon: Forget it. Carasco is being held in a special security wing of the prison. Even if you scam your way inside, how will you get the codes?

Gustavo: We'll improvise.

Jim: Improvise.

Gustavo: I can be very...imaginative.

Simon: Could you step outside, please?

Jim moves toward the door.

Simon: Not you.

Jim stops. Gustavo moves toward the door, giving Simon a smile. Simon smiles back. Gustavo leaves and Simon shuts the door.

Simon: The guy is craftier than a fox. How can we trust him?

Jim: I don't know that we can fully, sir, but if we don't take this shot, it might be our only chance to get those two out of this alive.

Simon sighs heavily.

Jim: Thank you, sir. (leaves)

~Cut to Rivero's yacht. Maya enters the engine room where Blair is tied up to a post.~

Blair: Maya...

Maya: I brought you some water.

Blair: I don't want any water. Look, I don't know what's going on between you and Francisco...

Maya: Look, everything's gonna be all right. As soon as Francisco gets the codes, he'll let you go.

Blair: No, he won't. He's going to kill me, Maya. Your uncle thinks he'll kill you too.

Maya: He's wrong. You both are. Francisco wouldn't hurt anybody.

Blair: He wouldn't hurt anybody? What about the cops at the safe house?

Maya: What?

Blair: He killed them.

Maya: No!

Blair: Yes, Maya. I saw the bodies.

Maya: Blair, why are you telling me these lies?

Blair: I'm not lying to you this time. I'm trying to save your life. Now untie me, and let's get out of here.

Maya leaves, slamming the door behind her.

Blair: Maya... Maya, where are you going? Damn it...

~Cut to Chinnock Prison. Jim and Gustavo inside with guard (Pete) at the front.~

Gustavo: How long to clear the prints?

Pete: About 30 minutes.

Gustavo: Ah. America... The technology is staggering.

Pete: Go ahead, sir.

Gustavo: Gracias.

Pete opens a gate and Jim and Gustavo step through.

Jim: You know, if your prints are on file in the states, we're screwed.

Gustavo: Actually, in the course of doing business with your country, I've had certain difficulties.

Jim: What sort difficulties are we talking about?

Gustavo: I'm wanted by the FBI, but don't worry, I've taken precautions.

Jim: What precautions?

Another man (Fowler) comes over to join them.

Fowler: Senor Duarte.

Gustavo: Ah, Warden Fowler. Thank you for letting me come on such short notice.

Fowler: Well, I'm always happy to trade ideas with a fellow penologist.

Gustavo: My liaison, Detective Ellison.

Fowler: Pleasure, sir.

Jim: Nice to see you.

~Cut to Rivero's yacht. Rivero in main room talking on phone. Maya comes up the stairs.~

Rivero: Si, no dieron codido facil pero estamos recibiendo...

Maya: Francisco...

Rivero: Desculpe.

Maya: Those men at the safe house -- did you kill them?

Rivero: (looks down) Tengo que llamar luego, senor. (hangs up)

Maya: My god...what have you done? Oh, my god...

Rivero: It was necessary.

Maya: Necessary?!

Rivero: To make them understand that we were serious.

Maya: I can't believe you lied to me.

Rivero: Maya...Maya, Maya. (grabs her as she turns away) Please, don't be naive. Two lives are a small price to pay for all the good we can do with millions of dollars! Surely you understand that

Maya: Yes. Yes, I understand.

Rivero: Mm... good, good. Good.

Maya goes back down stairs.

~Cut to back to Chinnock Prison. Fowler taking Jim and Gustavo around.~

Fowler: We house and feed 2,300 prisoners at an average cost of just over $20 a day.

Gustavo: Very impressive. Tell me, is it true that you're holding Hector Carasco here?

Fowler looks at him.

Gustavo: The reason I ask is because he was a prisoner of mine once.

Fowler: Really?

Gustavo: Until a spineless judge set him free.

Fowler: Oh, I know what you mean -- we lock them up; they let them loose again.

Gustavo: Is there a chance I could see Carasco? It would be quite a last laugh.

Fowler: What the hell. A little gloating's good for the soul. (into radio) Peter, we're going to 322.

~Cut to a communications room in the prison.~

Fowler: This is as close as we get. He's in protective confinement. If you would sit there...

Gustavo sits down in front of a TV and microphone as Fowler sets things up.

Gustavo: He'll be surprised to hear from me. During his time at Quillota, we became quite friendly.

Fowler: Now, he's going to be able to see you just like you can see him.

Picture comes up on the screen of Carasco in his cell, reading a book.

Fowler: Just speak into the microphone.

Gustavo: Hola, Hector. Escuchame. Tiene cuidado, eh?

In his cell, Carasco looks over to see Gustavo on monitor and moves closer.

Fowler: Uh, excuse me. In the interest of security, now you're going to have to speak English.

Gustavo: Ah, of course. Hello, Hector. It's your old friend Warden Juan-Carlos Duarte.

Carasco: Yes...of course. How have you been, Juan-Carlos?

Gustavo: Good. But my wife has not been well. You remember her...Maya?

Carasco: Maya... Yes, I do. Is her condition...serious?

Gustavo: I have sent for some specialists from Switzerland.

Carasco: Switzerland?

Gustavo: Yes...but they are so expensive. It's almost as though you have to ransom back a person's health.

Carasco: I know several doctors in Santiago who are excellent.

Gustavo: That would be wonderful. Could I have a pencil, Warden, please?

Jim searches his pockets.

Fowler: Yeah.

Jim: (hands a pencil to Gustavo, showing him his watch as well) There, take mine.

Gustavo: What are their names?

Carasco: Well, there's Dr. Zasulo, Dr. Pele...

Carasco: There's, uh...

~Cut to guards (Mike and Pete) in a small room, checking fingerprints on a computer.~

Mike: What's the problem?

Pete: That guy who's visiting from Chile -- Duarte. I just got the report back on his prints. Take a look at this.

Mike: That can't be right. Where's Duarte now?

~Cut to Jim and Gustavo.~

Gustavo: You've been very kind, Senor Carasco.

Carasco: De nada, Senor Duarte. Please, send Maya my love.

Gustavo: I will do that.

Monitor is turned off.

Gustavo: (stands and shakes Fowler's hand) Thank you, Warden Fowler. I'll call the consulate to set up your tour of Chile.

Fowler: Thank you, Warden.

Jim opens the door. Mike and Pete come inside.

Fowler: What is it, Mike?

Mike: Warden, according to the security check this man is actually Gustavo Alcante. He's wanted by the FBI.

Gustavo: But that's ridiculous.

Pete: Tell him the rest.

Mike: The report also says Alcante's been dead for three years.

Gustavo: Obviously a mistake.

Jim: I remember that case. Who couldn't? Alcante's been dead for three years. Warden, I hate to break this up. There must be a computer glitch. We due to see the mayor in half an hour. And we're running late.

Pete: Shall I run them again, Warden?

Fowler: No, it's okay, Pete, thanks. If Senor Duarte's Alcante, he could walk through the walls anyway. Come on, I'll show you out.

They all laugh.

~Cut to Jim and Gustavo in the Expedition driving down the road. Jim's on his cellphone.~

Jim: Yeah, I got the code. (to Gustavo) He wants one for verification. (reads from paper) It's account number 7-4-6-5-3, Zasulo. (to Gustavo) What is "Zasulo"?

Gustavo: The codes are all names of soccer players from our childhood. I never would have guessed. (winces and holds his throat, loosening his tie)

Jim: You okay?

Gustavo: It's just the excitement, amigo.

Jim: (into phone) Of course it's good. You get the rest when I get the hostages. Now, what's the address? Where in the marina? Slip 24? We'll be there in 15 minutes. (hangs up)

Gustavo: (holding a hand to his chest) Ay dios. I can't breathe.

Jim: All right, hang on. We'll pull over.

Jim pulls over. Both get out of the truck.

Gustavo: Ay dios, my chest. I can't breathe.

Jim runs around to the other side of the truck.

Gustavo: Jim...please...

Jim: Gustavo... Hang in there. (grabs Gustavo to hold him up) Stand against the car. I'll call an ambulance.

Gustavo wraps one arm around Jim's back and pulls out Jim's gun. He moves a bit away and holds gun on Jim. He also takes Jim's cellphone.

Jim: What the hell are you doing?

Gustavo: What I must do. Including shooting you if I have to.

Another car pulls up and two men get out.

Jim: How long have they been following us?

Gustavo: Las llaves. Since the prison. I'm sorry...but this is between my son and me.

One of the men goes around to stand behind Jim.

Jim: You've got to let the police handle this the right way, Gustavo.

Gustavo: No, I can't take that chance, not with Maya's life in the balance.

The other man hands Gustavo Jim's truck keys.

Jim: What about Sandburg's life? Are you going to be responsible for his life too? And what about the promise you made to your wife?

Gustavo: It's time Francisco's violence was stopped! (throws Jim's truck keys across the street into some bushes)

Jim: You don't have to do this, Gustavo.

Man behind Jim hits Jim over the head. Jim goes down to lay unconscious on the ground.

Gustavo: Yes, I do. Come on.

The three of them pile into the car, leaving Jim on the pavement.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Jim wakes up and pushes himself to his feet. He stands and looks over to the bushes, using his sight to search for his keys. He sees them, runs over and gets them, then gets in the truck and heads out.~

~Cut to the dock where Rivero's yacht is at. Gustavo is talking to his two men.~

Gustavo: You know what to do?

Man: Wait five minutes, then... move in.

Gustavo: And remember all that matters is Maya's safety.

~Cut to Maya entering the engine room where Blair is at.~

Maya: You were right about Francisco. Come this way.

She unties Blair and pulls him out after her.

~Cut to outside. One man is running along the top deck of the yacht. Camera pans down to show Gustavo coming up alongside the dock.~

~Cut to a doorway onto the main yacht deck. Maya opens the door and comes out, Blair behind her. Rivero is there with a gun pointed at them.~

Rivero: I'm disappointed in you, Maya. I should shoot you both right now!

A man comes over to them.

Man: Senor! He's here.

Rivero: Your uncle is here. Watch him. Up, up. Vamanos. Vamanos.

Rivero takes Maya and walks further away on the yacht, leaving Blair with the other man.

~Cut to docking area. Gustavo's two men open the trunk of their car and get out guns. Another man, one of Rivero's, appears and shoots them both from behind.~

~Cut to Gustavo walking along dock. Two of Rivero's men approach him and take away the gun (Jim's) he has. Rivero appears on the yacht's deck. He points a gun at Gustavo.~

Rivero: Where are the codes?

Gustavo: Where's Maya?

Rivero pulls Maya over to him.

Gustavo: You let her go. Then I'll give you the codes.

Rivero: Don't bother stalling. Your two men won't be coming. Face it, old man. You're outmatched.

~Cut to Jim outside on the docks. He has found the two dead men of Gustavo's. He searches the pockets of one and finds a cellphone. He dials up Simon.~

Simon: Banks.

Jim: Simon, it's Jim.

~Cut to Rivero.~

Rivero: Now, you either give me the codes or I kill her while you watch.

~Cut to Jim.~

Jim: Slip 24. Better make it quick. Gustavo's taken matters into his own hands here.

Simon: I'll have SWAT out there in an hour.

Jim stands and looks around.

Jim: Uh...

Jim sees a man with a gun in the mirror of truck. He rolls aside as the man fires several times. Then Jim rolls up, takes two shots, and the man is down.

~Cut to Rivero.~

Rivero: Give me the codes now, old man.

Gustavo knocks one man into the water and starts to fight other man. Rivero fires several times, hitting the second man instead.

~Cut to Blair whose guard is distracted by the gunfire. Blair knocks away his gun hand and hits the man.~

~Cut back to Gustavo who is running up the ramp to the yacht. Rivero is still firing.~

~Cut back to Blair who is struggling with the guard, exchanging blows.~

~Cut to a shot of Jim running toward the yacht.~

~Cut back to Blair. The guard gets a hit in, then hits him once more, knocking him out with the gun. Blair falls to the ground, unconscious and bleeding on one side of his forehead.~

~Cut to Rivero hauling Maya further onto the yacht.

Maya: Wait a minute!

Gustavo gets on the top deck of the yacht. Blair's guard turns and shoots at him. Gustavo ducks away and guard goes after him. Jim runs up along the dock near the yacht, pointing his gun at the guard.~

Jim: Hold it right there!

Man turns and points his gun at Jim. Jim fires and the man goes down. Jim runs up on the yacht, stopping to check Blair's pulse. Then he goes further on, stopping next to Gustavo, who was hit by a bullet.

Gustavo: Francisco has her. He'll kill her.

~Cut to Rivero leaving the yacht with Maya. Jim runs above them along the deck of the yacht. He has his gun out, but hesitates. Tucking the gun away, he jumps off the end of the boat, landing on Rivero. They fight. Maya watches them fight, whimpering a few times. Jim finally knocks Rivero out, then cuffs him.~

~Cut to much later. Night. Still at the docks. Police crews and an ambulance are on sight. Simon pulls up in his car and gets out. Jim and Blair come over to join him.~

Simon: Jim! I just got a call from the FBI. Did you know that there was a warrant's out for Gustavo? Evidently a flag went up when they ran his prints at the prison. Couple agents are picking him up.

Blair: Come on, Captain. Isn't there anything you can do?

Shot of Gustavo getting out of the ambulance and Maya running to him.

Blair: I don't know about you guys, but...I've grown to like the old guy.

Simon: Look, Sandburg, I know he's charming as hell, but he's still a wanted criminal. It's my duty as a police officer to turn him in.

~Cut to Gustavo and Maya. Two officers bring Rivero by them. Rivero stops and looks at them both. Gustavo stares back at him. Maya meets Rivero's eyes for a few moments, then looks away. The officers continue, taking Rivero with them.~

Maya: Uncle, for everything that happened...

Gustavo: No, no, no. Sh-shh. It's all right, huh? The glory of youth is to make mistakes and survive them. Ven aqui. (hugs Maya)

Jim and Blair come over.

Jim: (to Gustavo) Can I speak to you for a second? Excuse me.

Gustavo: Excuse us, Maya.

Jim and Gustavo walk a bit away, leaving Blair and Maya by themselves.

Gustavo: I'm going to be arrested, yes?

Jim: Uh, it's the feds.

Gustavo: As long as Maya is safe, I don't mind a few years in prison. Besides, I could use the rest.

A car pulls up next to Simon's and a man gets out, waving his FBI ID.

Man: FBI -- we're here to take Gustavo Alcante into custody.

Simon: Jim! They're here. Bring him on over. He's all yours, buddy.

~Cut to Blair and Maya.~

Maya: So, I guess I'll go to jail now?

Blair: No. No, you're not going to go to jail. The captain thinks that they're going to deport you and, uh...and bar you from ever coming back.

Maya: So, we'll never see each other again?

Blair: Oh, I don't know about that. (they kiss and hug)

~Cut back to Jim and Gustavo. Gustavo stands in front of the feds' car.~

Jim: Sorry it had to end this way.

Gustavo: Well, when a man's story ends, he always gets what he deserves. Adios.

Jim: Adios. Take care of him, huh?

Feds puts Gustavo in the car and they drive away.

Blair and Maya exchange one last kiss, then Maya goes off with other officers.

Jim goes over to join Simon.

Jim: Man was a pure felon and a world-class pain in the ass.

Simon: I'm with you there.

Jim: So, why do I feel like I let him down?

Simon: (laughs) I don't know. (walks away)

Jim walks over to join Blair.

Jim: You okay, Chief?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll be all right. It's just hurts a little.

Jim: You'll get over it.

Another car pulls up next to Jim and a man gets out, pulling out an ID.

Fed: FBI -- we're here to take Gustavo Alcante into custody.

Blair: What?

Jim: Gustavo Alcante.

Jim and Blair look around, then down the road. Then they start to chuckle.

Fed: I say something funny?

Jim: I... think you want to talk to, uh, my captain, sir.

Blair: He's over there. (points across the way)

Jim: Simon!

Blair: Simon!

Simon looks back at them. Jim and Blair continue to laugh.

Jim: Oh, yeah.

~ The End ~