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Blind Man's Bluff

Written by: Daniel Levine
Directed by: Tony Westman
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Rebecca Rigg (Margaret), Scott Haven (Drug Boss Guy), Robert LaSarda (Muscle Guy), Paul Raskin (Drug Scientist), Benjamin Ratner (Sneaks), Garry Davey (Arthur Hughes), Elisabeth Rosen (Lisa Hughes), Henry Brown (Detective Brown), Mina E. Mina (Dr. Lee), Chris Wilding (Delivery Man), David Fredericks (Forester), Howard Siegel (Officer Carpenter).

Summary: While working undercover to nab the makers of a deadly new "designer" drug, Jim gets the substance in his eyes and is blinded. But with Blair's help, he continues the investigation and confronts the dealers. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on January 8, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Jim and Blair standing in front of a hot dog stand, getting hot dogs. ~

Vendor: Here you go.

Jim takes his hot dog.

Jim: (to Blair) She loves Thai food. We like the same books. I mean, she even listens to R&B. I just wanna meet this woman. Okay?

Blair: I just don't think it's gonna be a good idea, Jim. (vendor hands him his hot dog) Thanks, man. (pulls out a laser pointer from his pocket, shining it at a dog standing next to them) Check this out. (they walk over to a empty picnic table and sit down) Isn't it pretty cool? It's a laser pointer. It's great for my lectures.

Jim: Look, why don't we try and stick to the subject here, okay? (looks at the dog) Whose dog is this? (gives dog a bite of his hot dog) I just want to keep it casual with her. You know, go out for a cup of coffee, a drink, something like that.

Blair: Jim, what if you two don't hit it off? She's a friend of mine. You're a friend of mine... Your feelings get hurt, then I'm caught in the middle.

Jim: We already like each other.

Blair: On the phone.

Jim: Yeah, so?

Blair: We're male animals, right, Jim? Attraction is partly intellectual, but the visual components are a major aspect to it. Without the physical thing, we don't have the whole package.

Jim: What are you saying? Margaret's not attractive?

Blair: I'm saying that... she has an inner beauty.

Jim: (pause) I like her voice. I'd still like to meet her. (his cellphone rings and he answers it) Ellison. ... We're down in Holden Park, Simon. ... Responding.

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: Cascade Reservoir. There's a jumper on the dam

~Cut to Cascade Reservoir. Police vehicles are on the road. Jim and Blair walk up to an officer. A young woman stands right on the edge of the dam, leaning out past the railing.~

Jim: How ya doing? I'm Detective Ellison.

Officer: She's over there. She's keeps talking about a castle in the sky and a golden bridge.

Blair: Must be whacked out on something.

Officer: Looks that way. Every time I get close, she leans a little farther over the edge. Fire department rescue unit's on its way.

Jim: Nah, that'll be too late. (goes over to girl, stands just a few feet away)

Girl: Isn't it beautiful?

Jim: Yeah. Yeah, it's beautiful.

Girl: At first I didn't believe it.

Jim: Didn't believe what?

Girl: The castle here, the bridges of gold, and the people here. They shine.

Jim: What's your name?


Girl: Lisa.

Jim: Lisa, I can't see the castle from here. But maybe if you come down, you could tell me about it.

Lisa looks back to the water and the distant mountains

Jim: Lisa...

Lisa: Come with me. (leans forward, falling off the railing)

Jim: Lisa! (grabs her jacket as she goes over) All right, I've got you.

Emergency crews head toward Jim.

Lisa: (looking at Jim, then the mountains) But I want to go to the bridge. (unzips her jacket and falls down into the water far below)

Jim: No! No!

~Cut to Simon's office. Simon stares out the window at the rain. Jim sits on the edge of Simon's desk. Blair's sitting on the table.~

Simon: Lisa Hughes. Sixteen years old. High school honors student. (turns around, walks over to stand next to Blair) Played cello in the school orchestra. Tox report came back positive, but no exact match with any known drug or combination of drugs.

Blair: It could be Golden.

Simon: Dare I ask how you know that?

Blair: The university... Rumors about a new designer drug.

Jim: Vice reports this stuff appeared in the area about three weeks ago, sir. One of the side effects that people experience is this luminescent golden quality to their vision. And Lisa Hughes was talking about this golden bridge.

Simon: It's an hallucinogen?

Jim: Yeah. Golden makes angel dust look like light beer. It affects each user differently. Three days ago an employee at Walkerville Steel decided to take a plunge into a vat of molten iron. He was stoned on the stuff.

Simon: All right, what's the game plan here, Jim?

Jim: I'm gonna check with my source, sir. The, uh, specialist in the field.

~Cut to diner. Jim and Blair at a table.~

Blair: So how come I've never heard of this guy Sneaks?

Jim: Never came up before.

Blair: So what is he? Like a professional snitch?

Jim: One of the best.

Blair: Very undercover. Very invisible. That's why they call him Sneaks, right?

Jim: Well not exactly. Sneaks is short for--

Another man shows up, dressed in a long coat and a knit hat and scarf. He sits down next to Jim.

Sneaks: Hey, excellent timing. (they talk for a bit over each other, then Sneaks looks at Blair) Who's this?

Jim: This is my associate, Blair Sandburg.

Blair waves briefly.

Sneaks: So... uh... what do you got on?

Jim: Hmnnn? Nope, sorry, just some hiking boots.

Sneaks: A couple of stompers. No sale! (to Blair) What do you got on your feet?

Blair: Excuse me?

Sneaks: (after peering under the table) Oooh, Nike Severes.

Blair: Oh yeah... okay.

Jim: We're here about Golden.

Sneaks: Oooh. Hey. The yellow powder. That's a hot ticket, and it's gonna get hotter. (to Blair) Hey, how's that molded-on mid sole? I guess it's, ah, pretty soft, huh?

Blair doesn't answer, just sorta smiles.

Jim: Why's it gonna get hotter?

Sneaks: It's scarce. And it's pricey, too. I tell you, they get their act together, they build that pipeline... the trickle is gonna be a flood.

Jim: Who's they?

Sneaks: You're... uh... eight, or an eight and a half?

Blair: Eight and a half.

Jim: Okay... All right Sneaks, look, if I don't get a little, you know, solid information here, nobody's gonna walk away with anything.

Sneaks: (to Blair) How's that, uh, defense-mesh tongue working for you?

Blair: Tongue is great.

Sneaks: (to Jim) Word is, you go for the Gold, go to Slicks.

Jim: The amateur drag strip.

Sneaks: Plus, whoever's cookin' that stuff is looking to make a major connection overseas.

Jim: You got a name?

Sneaks: Cyrus. Who else? So! Do I earn my pay or what?

Jim: Yeah, all right, all right. Settle down. This is a family establishment here, okay? (opens billfold and Sneaks takes a few bills) Go ahead, help yourself. (Sneaks takes a few more bills.)

Sneaks: (looking at Jim, then Blair) Hey, no, uh... bonus?

~Cut to Sneaks exiting diner, his old shoes over shoulder, now wearing Blair's Nikes. He walks off, grinning. Jim and Blair exit a moment later. Blair, in socks, watches Sneaks walk off.~

Blair: Sneaks. Short for sneakers. Why didn't you tell me?! (smacks Jim on the arm, then walks toward truck parked on the curb)

Jim: You'll be reimbursed from the snitch fun.

Blair: Well, I hope they cover socks, too, because these are my favorite Argyles!

~Cut to loft. Jim sits at table, cleaning his gun while Blair puts on his shoes.~

Blair: So Cyrus is a myth?

Jim: Two years ago the DEA and Interpol created an international drug distributor with an appetite for big money deals. Cyrus is an Athens mail drop, a Swiss Bank account, and a dozen-man support group. The scam has already netted dozens of busts.

Blair: And they don't mind if you use him?

Jim: Well they did until I brought the DEA in on the deal. The fact that they're trying to contact Cyrus is an indication that the Golden is still localized. (gets up, holsters gun and heads toward door) With any luck, we can stop it here. (hands Blair his jacket)

Blair: Great.

They leave.

~Cut to Slicks drag strip. Night. Jim and Blair watch two cars (blue and purple) revving their engines, then speed off.~

Blair: The blue one!

Jim: Nope. Purple one.

Winner announces purple is winner.

Jim: Looks can be deceiving, huh?

Jim starts to scan the conversations around him, picking up bit and pieces. "Double or nothing on the next race, okay?" "You're on." "You're lying." Sees middle-aged man on sidelines. "Yeah, my Chevy could have blown his doors off." "How much do they want?" "A quarter of a ki." "Half the Golden now... The rest in, uh, two days. The money upfront." The last conversation catches his attention and he zeroes in on a group of three men working on a car.

Blair: Anything?

Jim: Come on.

They walk around strip to the group of men. A man (the muscle man) stops them.

Muscle man: You want something?

Jim: I thought maybe we could take a look.

Muscle man: I never seen you around here before.

Blair: Yeah, that's right, first time.

Muscle man: Another night.

Jim: Nah, that wouldn't be good for us. Our business won't wait.

Muscle man: We don't have any business.

Jim: Oh no?

Another man (the boss) looks up from beneath the hood of the car.

Jim: (to the boss) Ten minutes of your time, huh? You can call off the pit bull.

Muscle man: I don't know him.

Boss: Then tell him to leave.

Jim and Blair look at each other a moment, but don't move.

Boss: Call security.

Jim: That's a big mistake.

Boss: Why's that?

Jim: Cause you're lookin' for Cyrus.

Boss: You're Cyrus?

Jim: Nah. It doesn't work that way. See, I'm Cyrus' point man for the area. You need negotiating, you go through me.

The third man (smallest of them, nervous man) walks up over.

Third man: Yeah, why should we trust you?

Jim: You put out the word. You need connections. I'm here. (no one says anything) Okay, three blind mice. Your loss. Very good. (turns to leave)

Boss: Wait!

Jim and Blair stop and turn back.

Boss: Let's just say I might happen to know what you're talking about. What could Cyrus do for us?

Jim: Distribution. Turn a mom and pop organization like you got here into General Motors if you got the product. (pulls a card from his pocket and hands it to the boss) Give me a call before Cyrus changes his mind.

The third man tosses a small bag on the ground as Jim and Blair start to walk away.

Boss: Hey wait! You dropped something.

Again, Jim and Blair stop. Jim picks the bag up and hits a few times with his fingers.

Third man: We got the product.

~Cut to Jim and Blair walking down the road. Jim is still flicking the small bag of golden powder with his fingers.~

Blair: Watch it Jim, you're getting that stuff all over your hands.

Jim notices an older man watching them.

Jim: Hey, you see that guy?

Blair: Who?

Jim: (pointed to the man) You see that guy over there? He's been watching us. That guy right there? Middle-aged, medium build, medium everything. (he rubs his fingers together, then his nose)

Blair: Where?

Jim: He's right-- (starts to walk toward the man)

Engines sound behind them and Jim turns. Headlights flash and flare, shining off his face. He rubs his eyes.

Jim: Whoa.

Blair: You okay?

Jim: Man, that's weird.

Blair: Jim, what's wrong?

Jim looks around. We see from his POV that golden light is pretty much all he can see.

Jim: Aww man! (falls to his knees on the pavement)

Blair: Jim! (grabs his arm) Jim, what's wrong? Jim, are you okay? Jim, is it the drug?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Doctor's office. Day. Jim is sitting in a chair; Blair stands behind him. A doctor is checking Jim's eyes with a penlight.~

Doctor: What do you see, Detective?

Jim: Not much. A lot of golden light, shapeless forms, and a lot of nothing.

Doctor: I can find no obvious neurological or traumatic injury to your eyes.

Jim: Then why am I blind?

Doctor: In the conventional sense, you're not. You see light, not darkness.

Jim: Well, isn't that what happens with everybody? Who sees in the dark? It's the same thing.

Doctor: Your pupils react normally to visible light. The problem may be neuropsychotic in nature.

Blair: What, like, hysterical blindness?

Doctor: Of a kind I'm unfamiliar with.

Jim: Then it's possible I'm gonna get my vision back, right?

Doctor: Yes, it's possible. But without extensive tests and time, I really don't know. We need to get you admitted to the hospital, and I'd like to call in some consulting physicians.

Jim: I... It's... um... It's not gonna work for me, Doc. I just don't have time. I appreciate... I appreciate your time. (he turned his head as Blair walked around behind him) Blair...

Blair: (taking Jim's arm as he stands) It's all right, buddy, come on. Thanks, Doc. (they leave)

~Cut to Simon's office. Simon is at his desk. Jim and Blair come in. Jim has sunglasses on and is carrying a coffee mug. He walks in first, bumping into the table before sitting down. Blair closes the door and remains standing.~

Simon: Too bright in here for you?

Jim: Oh sorry, sir. (removes sunglasses)

Simon: So any progress?

Simon: We met with three men at Slicks who are involved in the sale of Golden. Uh, one of them appears to be the hired muscle. The other two we're not sure yet.

Simon: Did the thing with Cyrus work?

Jim: Like a charm, yeah.

Simon: Did you get a sample?

Jim: I did, sir, but I, uh, lost it.

Simon: Lost it?

Blair: In a crowd.

Simon: Well, did you follow them? Find out who they were?

Jim: Uh, no that wasn't possible, sir, not without compromising my cover. I gave them my cell phone number, so I'm sure they're gonna call me. I wanna hold off on making any arrests until we're positive that we're dealing with the principal players here.

Simon: Yeah, well, that makes sense. (pours himself a cup of coffee, then holds out the pot)

Seconds pass before Blair notices the pot.

Blair: Uh, coffee? No thanks, I'm fine here, Simon, thanks.

Jim: Yeah, no, thank you, Simon. You know me and that flavored stuff. What is that? Hazelnut? Thank you.

Simon: You feeling okay, Jim?

Jim: Fine, sir. Hey, maybe we should get on it.

Blair: Yeah.

Jim stands up.

Simon: Hand me that file there, Sandburg.

Blair: Okay. (moves back to grab file from table)

Jim: Just the cigar's getting to me.

Simon picks up unlit cigar and eyes it a moment.

Jim moves toward the door just as Blair turns around the file. They bump into each other. The file opens and scatters paper all over the floor.

Jim: Sorry.

Blair: I got, Jim. I got it. (bends down to get papers)

Jim opens the door, smacking it into Blair's head.

Blair: Ow!

Jim: Oh God! I'm sorry. (stopping, door half open)

Blair: Ow...

Jim fumbles around and touches Blair's head.

Simon: All right. One of you tell me what the hell is going on.

Blair: Uh...

~Cut to Simon's office a few minutes later. The door is closed. Jim (with sunglasses back on) sitting on edge of Simon's desk; Blair on the edge of the table. Simon standing, pacing a bit.~

Simon: Look, Jim, I want you in the hospital. The whole case will just get reassigned.

Jim: Sir, I had to work pretty hard to get them to accept me as Cyrus' contact. Now, we bait and switch now, game is over, man.

Simon: We'll take our chances. If they make us, we'll bust them.

Jim: Charge them with what? Simon, just let me handle this, okay?

Simon: It's too dangerous.

Blair: Hang on. Simon, we did fool you. (Simon glares at him.) For a little while. And with Jim's sensory powers and a little practice and some help from me, I, uh, I think we can do it.

Simon: Do what? Pretend that Jim can see?!

Jim: My sight will return eventually, sir.

Simon: Jim, what if it doesn't?

Jim: (pause) Look, there is one thing I can see over and over again. It's the face of that girl going down the edge of that dam. (stands) Now they've done this to my eyes. I don't want to stop this case right now, sir! I'm sorry.

Simon: Jim. It is over. One fumble and I lose you. It is not worth it!

Jim: Look, Simon--

Simon: You are off active duty until you get better. Is that clear?

Jim: Sir--

Blair: Hey, how 'bout, uh, we have a trial run out in the bullpen?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: He can't get hurt out there.

Jim: That's a great idea.

Blair opens door.

Simon: (sighs and agrees) No sunglasses. (takes sunglasses from Jim) (to Blair) And no help from you.

Jim: All right.

Simon: Go ahead.

Jim walks toward the door and promptly bumps into the frame. He moves over and continues through the doorway into the bullpen. Simon and Blair follow and stand in the doorway to watch.

Brown walks through the bullpen, carrying a cup, stirring it. Jim pauses.

Jim: Hey, Brown, you keep hitting that cocoa, you're gonna stretch the waistband of those fine corduroy slacks you're wearing.

Brown: It's the sugarless kind. Okay?

Jim: It's your figure. (moves away)

Refreshment lady wheels her cart in through the side doorway and Jim stops the cart.

Jim: Oh, boy, doesn't this smell good. I'd like the poppyseed, please. You can put it on the desk right behind you. (pulls out a wallet and take out a bill, handing it to her) Keep the change.

Woman: Gee, thanks.

Blair: I think that was a twenty.

Jim: Can't I be generous? (to woman as he passes her, bumping into her cart a little) Excuse me.

Simon: He's gonna go broke.

Blair: Yeah. (he sees another woman entering the bullpen)

Margaret: Blair?

Blair: Margaret. (goes over to meet her)

Margaret: Hey!

Blair: How you doing? (they hug)

Margaret: Good. So, I have an appointment in the neighborhood and I-- That's a lie. I, um... I came here to meet Jim.

Jim hears the conversation from a distance and walks over to join them.

Margaret: (to Jim) And I guess that's you. (holds out her hand; then drops it when Jim doesn't respond)

Blair: Uh, Jim, have you washed your hands since you came back from the morgue?

Jim: Of course I have. (extends hand; they shake after a bit of fumbling)

Jim: Nice to see you.

Margaret: You know it's funny, you're... you're so like I pictured.

Jim: You know when I imagined your voice, well I pictured you to look just like you do.

Margaret: Well, good, I'm glad I did this.

Jim: I am too.

Margaret: So you wanna give me a call and we'll make some plans?

Jim: Yeah, I'd like that. I'd like that. Let's do it soon.

Margaret: Okay. (to Blair) And thanks for trying to keep us apart. It worked beautifully. Bye. (she leaves)

Simon joins them.

Blair: Bye, bye. (pause) Well, so far, so good.

Simon: Yeah, right. (to Jim) All right. I want you to set up the next meet. We'll just take this one step at a time.

Jim: Okay.

Simon: Wear the glasses. (hands Jim his sunglasses back)

Jim: Okay. (puts glasses on)

~Cut to loft. Jim on one couch. Blair in the opposite chair, playing a tape on a boombox. Rain drizzles outside.~

Blair: There you hear that?

Jim: It's giving me a headache.

Blair: No, no. The echoes, not the sounds. That's how bats navigate. Sound waves bounce off solid objects. You can approximate the size, the shape, the distance of an object by the echo.

Jim: If you're a flying rodent.

Blair: (stops tape) The blind do it, too, by tapping their canes.

Jim: No. No canes. It's a give-away.

Blair: I agree, but even if you can't see it, smell it, or taste it, you can still know it's there.

Jim: I thought we were gonna work on some simple verbal cues here.

Blair: (moves over to sit next to Jim on the other couch) Oh we're gonna do that, too, but first, listen to the way the sound reverberates in a room, the ambiance, and concentrate on a given sound environment, you can make a mental map of your surroundings.

Jim: All right. I'll deal with that, but at the risk of being a pessimist here, what happens if my vision doesn't come back?

Blair: Jim, you had a power surge, and your lines weren't built to take that much current. They're in shock, but they will recover, especially if you help the process.

Jim: How can I help the process?

Blair: By trying to see. Remake the connection by an act of will.

Jim's cellphone rings on the coffee table. Jim doesn't move. Blair finally picks up phone and hands it to Jim, who answers it.

Jim: Yeah ... Well, that's an awful lot of good faith ... All right ... fine. (hangs up, then stands and walks over to balcony windows, tripping slightly over Blair) They want a hundred thousand dollars in good faith-- We get a sample kilo of the Golden. They'll call and tell us when and where. If the deal goes smooth, we negotiate from there.

~Cut to outside meeting place. Day. Blair pulls the Expedition to a stop on a dirt road. Jim is in the passenger seat. Bushes are all around them.~

Blair: I don't like this, Jim. Can you see anything?

Jim: Nah. Right now it's just a whole lot of nothing.

Blair: This isn't gonna work!

Jim: All right, Chief, in this black bag here, get me out that little black case.

Blair does so, pulling out a few things and giving them to Jim.

Jim: There's a pair of binoculars and a radio transmitter for you. There's also a pair of gloves for me, get them out, too. You're gonna be able to communicate with me via this two-way earpiece. You're gonna be able to hear most of what I hear, and I want you to watch where I go with the binoculars, and I want you to see where I'm going, tell me who's coming, that sorta thing. (puts on radio transmitter earplug, sunglasses, and gloves)

Blair: You know, it's not too late just to call for some back-up.

Jim: Yes, it is. Let's do a radio check.

Blair: (into radio) Check.

Jim: (flinches) Just turn it down a little, please, would you? (gets out of vehicle, with a briefcase in one hand) Guide me on this, will you.

Blair: Okay, Jim, I'm with you.

Jim trips on a bush as he rounds the truck.

Blair: Watch out for the bush. Sorry.

Jim: (walking out in front of the truck) Sandburg, which way?

Blair: A little to the right.

Jim goes left.

Blair: The other right!

Jim goes the correct way and keeps walking, tripping once or twice. In the truck, Blair looks through the binoculars and sees a van parked underneath a bridge ahead of Jim.

Blair: The van's right there. I don't see anybody.

Jim: Check the plates.

Blair: They're out of state.

Jim: I hear somebody.

Two men appear from behind the bridge pillars. The boss and the nervous man (third one) from Slicks.

Blair: Okay, Jim. There's two of them. They came out from behind the pillars. One's on your right. The bigger one's on the left. He's got a gun in his belt, and I'll keep watching. It's the guys from Slicks, not the muscles, the other ones.

Third man: What's in the case?

Jim: What you asked for Where's the product?

Boss: Front seat.

Blair: Okay, Jim, the van is a little to your right and the window's open. (Jim walks to van) You keep going ahead. Okay, you're right there, now reach in. (Jim reaches in and grabs cylinder, opens it to show a bag of golden powder) Yep. Yeah. Yeah. That's--the drugs are there. Uh-huh.

Meanwhile, the other two man are opening the briefcase, checking the money.

Third guy: Okay, what's step two?

Jim: Cyrus wants a hundred kilos a month to start distribution.

Boss: No problem. It's twenty-five thousand dollars a ki.

Jim: With that kind of quantity I'd say fifteen.

Boss: Say twenty.

Jim: Deal.

Boss waves at someone behind Jim. Blair swivels his binoculars to look.

Blair: Uh, Jim. Jim the muscle just got here.

Muscle man: (walking up behind Jim) Hold it. (waves a device over him, which beeps as it goes by the transmitter in Jim's ear) He's wired!

Boss and Muscle man both pull guns and hold them on Jim.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene.~

Jim takes out the muscle man, holding him to the ground with his own gun.

Boss: Drop it!

In the distance, Blair gets out of the truck, watching.

Jim doesn't move.

Boss: I said drop it! Drop it.

Jim: You drop it or I'll shoot him.

Boss: And I'll shoot you.

Jim: You think Cyrus is gonna let you live? You can't hide from him.

Muscle man: You tried to rip us off.

Blair pulls out his laser pointer and props it up on top of the binoculars, then he looks through them to make the red dot appear on the boss' chest.

Blair: Jim, tell the man with the gun to look on his chest.

Jim: Look on your chest.

The boss looks down and sees red light.

Third man: What is it?

Boss: Laser sight.

Muscle man: Are you fu-- You waste him!

Boss lifts his gun again.

Jim: My man'll take you out before you can even blink. Cyrus can hire the best.

Blair: Come on, put it down.

Boss lowers the gun.

Blair: All right, it's down.

Jim: (to muscle man as he backs off) Get up. (to boss) Yeah, I'm wired. You think I'd come in here one-on-three without any back-up? Now why don't we just try and stick to business, okay? I'll await your call. (turns away, heading back to truck)

Muscle man moves toward his gun.

Blair: Oh wait! Look out man! (moves red dot to land on muscle man)

Jim pauses for a moment.

Boss: Chaz!

Chaz freezes, leaves gun be.

Blair: I got him. You're okay.

Jim keeps going.

~Cut to loft. Jim sits at the table, moving salt and pepper shakers in front of him. Blair walks over and clears the plates from the table.~

Blair: Maybe you're trying too hard.

Jim: Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.

There's a knock on the door. Jim puts shakers down.

Jim: Are you expecting somebody?

Blair: No, I'm not. (goes over to door) Who is it? (looks through peephole to see Margaret)

Margaret: It's Margaret!

Blair: Yeah... uh....Hang on just one second. I gotta... um... put a shirt on.

Jim stands from the table and walks toward couch.

Jim: Get... Get me a damp washcloth.

In the hallway, Margaret continues to wait, a bottle of wine in her hand. Blair finally opens the door.

Margaret: Hi. So, you know Jim didn't call, so I just I thought I'd, you know. (looks inside, sees Jim on the couch, washcloth over his eyes) Oh. Is he okay?

Blair: Oh yeah, he's fine. Migraines. Stress from the job, you know. Cold towel on the head's the only thing that seems to work. Maybe you should come back some oth--

Margaret: (moves in past Blair) No. No. No.

Blair: Come on in. (closes door)

Margaret sits next to Jim on the couch, setting bottle on coffee table. Jim removes cloth from his eyes.

Margaret: Hi.

Jim: Hi. How are you?

Margaret: I'm okay. My father used to get migraines.

Jim: Ah.

Margaret: I can... I can take care of you. (starts to rub Jim's shoulders)

Jim: That would be the nicest thing I've heard in quite awhile.

Margaret: (to Blair) Do you have any liniment?

Blair: Uh, no, we're out.

Jim: Oh, I bought some just the other day. Lemme go get it. (gets up, walks to Blair's side)

Margaret: No, no. I'll get it.

Jim: Oh. No. No. No. You, you, don't be silly. You stay put. Um, can I get you something to drink?

Margaret: Well I brought--I brought wine. (lifts bottle briefly)

Jim: Oh yes, of course. Excellent choice. I'll get some glasses. (walks into kitchen with Blair)

Jim: Get some glasses.

Blair: Uh, they're right here.

Jim: (takes out his wallet) Why don't, um, why don't I treat you to a movie? Huh? Can you get out of here for a little while?

Blair: What and leave you here alone with her? (looks at bill Jim handed him) A buck?! (Jim starts to open his wallet again; Blair stops him) Uh, no. Never mind. What if she finds out?

Jim: I'll keep things simple.

Blair: Simple for you, maybe.

Jim: Blair, if I'm gonna be blind, I might as well start getting used to it, and I might as well start with Margaret.

Blair: Trust me, Jim. She's not your type. I mean, you don't even know what she looks like.

Jim: I don't care. I mean, how many times do I have to tell you? I just wanna spend some time with her -- alone. Okay?

Blair: (pause) Okay. All right. Gimme your hand. (puts glasses in Jim's hands) The Godfather movies are playing down at the Rialto. (heads toward door, grabbing his jacket from the hooks)

Jim: Why don't you see if you can stay for parts two and three?

Blair: Three? The one without Robert Duvall? Are you kidding me? (to Margaret) Um, Margaret? I forgot. I'm gonna go meet some friends at the movies. I'll see you later, okay? (opens door, accidentally smacking it into Jim, then slips out and leaves)

Jim: Great guy.

~Cut donut shop. Day. Jim and Blair are seated at a table.~

Jim: Mmmnnn. I detect glazed buttermilk.

Blair: (looks at counter) Yep. (gets up and goes to counter)

Jim: It starts right at the tip and works all its way back.

Blair: (gets donut on a plate) Can we put this on the bill, please?

Jim: It's an explosion. Just an explosion.

The older man from Slicks that Jim saw watches them from another table.

Blair: (sits down again) All right. All right. All right. Here's your donut. You got your donut. (moves Jim's hand to plate)

Jim: Of course. (hits a bit of it)

Blair: Now, let's get back to Margaret here. The other night, you just talked, she got tired and she went home?

Jim: Right. Right. And she still doesn't know that I'm blind.

Blair: And you didn't hit on her at all?

Jim: No, I didn't hit on her. All I did was whistle.

Blair: Whistle?

Jim: Yeah. (whistles) Whistle. (his cellphone rings) Like a bat.

Blair: Like a bat.

Jim: Go ahead. Have it. You gotta try some of that. (pushes plate over to Blair as he pulls out his phone)

Blair takes a piece of donut, sniffs it and makes a face before dropping it again.

Jim: (into phone) Yeah.

Drug boss: If you've got the money, we're ready to meet.

Jim: Okay.

~Cut to empty amusement park. Day. Streets are wet. Jim stands near his truck while Simon and Blair and rest of SWAT team watch from above behind a set of railings. Blair has binoculars; Jim has an earpiece connecting him to Blair and Simon.~

Simon: Okay, we're holding our position, Jim. When the deal goes down, we're there with you.

Jim: Something's coming.

Blair spots the van heading toward Jim.

Simon: All right, this is it, people. Let's look sharp. (to Blair, next to him) Will you get down?

As the van stops just a bit away from him, Jim takes a briefcase from the seat of the truck. Chaz and his boss step out of the van, leaving the sliding door open.

Chaz: You first.

Jim: One-point-nine mil. (opens briefcase to show them)

Boss: One hundred kilos.

Simon: Are the goods there, Jim?

Jim: Open the cases.

Chaz: (gesturing to the van) It's in there, man. Why don't you check it?"

Jim: I don't wanna touch the stuff. I just wanna look at it.

Boss: Go ahead, Chaz, open the cases.

Chaz goes to Jim instead. He cocks and aims his gun at Jim who doesn't react.

Chaz: Nah, man, something ain't right. (steps back)

Blair: Hey, Captain, what are they doing? What's going on?!

Simon: It's a set-up gone bad.

A gunshot rings out, causing everyone to duck. Jim heads toward his truck. Bad guys head for their van.

Boss: Get in the van!

Simon: All units! Go! Go! Go! (takes off, leaving Blair by railing)

Chaz: Move it! Move it! Come on! Get us out of here! Go! Go! Go! (both get inside and tear out of park)

Jim finds the front driver's window of his truck and tosses briefcase inside, then pulls out his gun.

Jim: Sandburg, I've got sniper fire. They're behind me and to my right.

Simon: (at his car) We're on our way, damnit! You just hold your position.

Jim follows the sound of the gun cocking again, stumbling on the pavement as he half-runs toward the sound.

Jim: Sandburg, help me out here. You see the shooter?

Blair: (still looking through binoculars) Uh, yeah, Jim! Jim, I got him! He's about twenty yards to your left!

Jim goes into a run again, letting the sound lead to the shooter. He runs up a set of stairs and holds his gun at a Golden-blurred figure.

Jim: Freeze!

The man tries to get away, but Jim tackles him, then holds him up against a railing.

Jim: Who the hell are you?

Man: Arthur Hughes! You killed my daughter with your dope! You killed Lisa!

Simon and the others arrive in time to hear this. Jim just looks surprised.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Interrogation room. Day. Jim, Simon, and Arthur Hughes. Jim and Hughes are sitting at a table, while Simon stands.~

Simon: These are very serious charges, Mr. Hughes. You almost shot a detective on an undercover assignment.

Hughes: I didn't know. I swear I didn't know.

Jim: I mean do you realize that we would have had the men responsible for the death of your daughter apprehended if you hadn't interrupted, sir? Are you aware of that?!

Hughes: I realize that.

Simon: Any information you can give Detective Ellison and myself would only help your case.

Hughes: You're Ellison?

Jim: That's right.

Hughes: Then you're the one who tried to save Lisa at the dam?

Jim: Yeah.

Hughes: You spoke to her last. (pause) Thank you.

~Cut to Simon's office. Evening. Jim at window. Simon standing in middle of office. Blair seated on edge of table.~

Jim: Well, after his daughter's death, Hughes talked to several of her friends. Apparently, uh, some of them have tried this Golden. He asked them where they got the stuff from, and that led him to Slick's. He saw me there with the dealers, put me together with them, figured I was a corrupt cop and made me a target.

Simon: If I lost my son like that... (pause) I don't know what I'd do. I'll ask the D.A. to go easy on him.

Blair: So they give you anything you can use?

Simon: Well the kid who scored the drugs for Lisa apparently bought them from that guy Chaz.

Jim: Yeah, the kid couldn't tell us what kind of car he drove, or a license plate or anything, but he did notice this parking sticker on the bumper. It was faded, but it had a double helix on it, he said.

Blair: Double helix. DNA molecule?

Jim: Right. And above this double helix was this word. It was, uh, maybe a company name, or something. It began with the letter 'B'.

~Cut to outside fence of Bio-Helix lab. Overcast day. Then to inside.~

Boss: We nearly turned over one hundred ki's of the last Golden we had to Cascade PD. (slaps down a police picture of Jim)

Nervous guy: You didn't see it coming? This thing has gotten out of control. I am a PhD, a biochemist, for God's sake. I am not a drug lord!

Boss: If I left it to you we'd still be slaving away making someone else rich.

Nervous guy: Oh yeah, we're a great big success story.

Boss: We caught some bad breaks. To get back on top, we need capital, and for that we need Golden! (to Chaz at nearby bench) Chaz! (Chaz walks over) How long to move all one hundred ki's on the streets?

Chaz: The usual price?

Boss: Half off.

Chaz: Less than a week, man. We got hungry mouths to feed.

Boss: Do it.

Biochemist: We can't stay here! They're onto us!

Boss: Look! I handle the business, you handle production! Get the equipment packed up!

Biochemist: What about the cops?

Boss: (holding up a big bag filled with Golden) It's time they sampled the merchandise for themselves.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim and Blair are at Jim's desk. Jim sitting; Blair standing just next to and behind him, holding a folder. Bullpen appears to be empty except for them.~

Blair: They got the analysis on that Golden sample and it turns out that most of the chemicals are controlled substances. You need a special permit to buy them, store them, or use them in any way, and the rest are just, uh, are just rare.

Jim: Well, good. Good. It makes them easier to trace. Better go ask Simon to have a squad run down local shipments. I need to get a list of permit holders. (gets up, takes folder Blair hands him) Thanks. (goes to Simon's office, entering and shutting the door)

Blair watches him go, noting the time to be quarter to twelve just as a teenage boy walks in, carrying a huge stack of pizzas.

Boy: Major Crime?

Blair: Yeah, you're there.

Boy: (raising pizzas) Where do you want 'em?

Blair: Uh, over here. How much?

Boy: (brings them over and sets them on Jim's desk) All paid for.

Blair: All right. All right. Great. (pulls note from top box and reads it) 'To the hard-working officers of Major Crime -- Continued success. Chief of Police Warren.' See that? That's good. All right. (starts to open box, then realizes kid is still standing there, waiting) Oh yeah, right. (pulls a single crumpled bill from his pocket and hands it to the kid)

Boy: You guys got it rough? (leaves)

Blair: (laughs) (takes a piece of pizza from box) Oooh. Nice.

~Cut to a fifteen minutes later (as noted with a view of clock), still in bullpen. Jim and Simon come out of Simon's office, heading to Jim's desk.~

Jim: What's on my desk?

Simon: Pizza. Why?

Jim: No, I know that, but something else. It's uh-- (they stop at the desk)

Simon: Ooh, lemme see. (moves to open box)

Jim: (stops him) No! No! No! Don't touch it! It's got that Golden stuff on it. I can sense it.

Simon: (picks up the desk phone, punching a few buttons) This is Captain Banks, Major Crimes! I need a HazMat disposal team up here. Stat!

Jim moves around his desk, bumping into an open desk drawer. He shuts it and stands in front of his chair. Simon opens the box of pizza with a pen.

Simon: Jim, there's a piece missing. Someone ate this.

Jim: Oh God. Where's Sandburg? (yanks out the drawer that had been open, starts to search through it with both hands.

Simon: What?! What is it?!

Jim: My backup .38 is missing. I keep my service revolver right here.

Brown rushes in.

Brown: Captain, we have a serious problem in the garage!

~Cut to police garage. Simon and Jim (hand on Simon's shoulder) hurry past the doors, then stop next to another officer. Other officers are scattered throughout the garage, hiding behind vehicles. Blair is standing on the hood of a police car, a gun in his hand, pointed outward as he moves, tracking things and noises.~

Simon: (to officer) Carpenter, what the hell is going on here?

Carpenter: He keeps yelling about demons. He dusted or what?

Simon: He's been dosed with Golden.

Another voice: Take cover! Get down! Get down!

Blair fires a wild shot, hitting a police car.

Jim: (crouched next to Simon behind a car) Simon, what the hell's going on?

Simon: He's got your gun. He's on a car about twenty yards away. One o'clock.

Blair: You get away from me! You keep back! (fires again, hitting the hose of the gas pumps making gasoline spray into the air)

Carpenter: He fires again, this whole garage could go.

Jim: Let me talk to him.

Simon: Are you crazy?! He won't even recognize you, Jim!

Jim: I gotta try. (stands and makes his way around car toward Blair)

Simon: Hold your fire! Everyone, hold your fire!

Jim: (claps a few times as he approaches Blair's Golden-blurred image) Blair? It's Jim. What's going on, buddy?

Blair: There's no need for applause, man. I got it all covered.

Jim: What's going on?

Blair: You don't see them? They're coming through, through the walls and the floor, man.

Jim: Who are?

Blair: The Golden fire people. You don't see them, man? (voice shaking; tears in his eyes; scared) They're made out of fire and they're burnt. You think they're ashes, but they're alive, man. And we gotta send them back! (fires another shot which hits a car)

Jim: Blair! Easy, buddy! Easy, buddy! Whoa! Blair, listen to me!

Blair looks at him again.

Jim: Your gun isn't gonna work with the fire people.

Blair shakes his head.

Jim: They're not gonna be afraid of your fire. It's only gonna make them stronger.

Blair continues to shake his head.

Jim: You've gotta use the bat echo trick.

Blair: What trick?

Jim: You know, the one you taught me. Uh, you close your eyes, and you clap your hands. (claps hands again)

Blair: No, man, that is not gonna work here!

Jim: Blair, come on. Try it. Trust me. You can save the world here. Come on.

Blair: I don't think that's gonna work here, Jim. (holding gun out toward Jim)

Jim: Come on, give me the gun. Blair. (slowly reaches toward gun)

Blair: I just don't think that's gonna work here. (cocks gun)

Jim: (touches Blair's hand) Trust me. That's right. (takes gun away) You gotta clap your hands. You gotta clap your hands.

Blair slowly clapped his hands. Simon runs over to them.

Jim: You did it! You did it! You did it! You did it. (he and Simon help Blair off the car)

Blair: I'm sorry.

Jim: That's okay.

Blair collapses in Jim's arms, passing out as they hit the ground.

Simon: We need a medic over here now!

Jim: (cradling Blair again him, resting his cheek on Blair's head) Hang in there. It's all right.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hospital ICU room. Jim sits in a chair next to Blair's bed, holding a magazine in his hands. Blair is unconscious and intubated. Simon walks by the windows, then enters, going to stand on the opposite side of the bed.~

Simon: Jim? How's he doing?

Jim: He's fading in and out, sir. Doctor says it's gonna take some time for the drug to work its way through his system.

Simon: I got the reports back on those chemicals contained in Golden. They're pretty rare. And there's no record of any significant shipments of those chemicals to any company here in Cascade.

Jim: Well, what about controlled substances?

Simon: The same.

Jim: They're legal transactions, Simon. What about theft?

Simon: I checked into that, too. There's nothing. (moves around bed to sit on the edge of it in front of Jim) How you doing, man? You don't look so good.

Jim: Oh, I'm all right, man. I was hoping maybe he'd come to, you know? This Golden crap. This is insidious stuff, man. I mean, there must have been ten to twenty times the amount that would kill a person on that pizza.

Simon: They were sending a message: Don't screw with us or we'll hit you right where it hurts.

Jim: I got a feeling these creeps haven't left town. They've got a hundred kilos of unfinished business.

Simon: I just wanna know how the hell they found out who you were so fast.

Jim: Well, obviously, sir, they've got some kind of access, right? Now we're talking controlled substances here. Come on, what about, what about government contracts?

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Jim and Simon.~

Simon: All the companies that use these chemicals are mostly involved in biological research.

Jim: Those are public records, sir, but there's another category -- companies working under government contract. Many of them are not on public record, and some are classified.

Simon: How are we gonna check up on those without getting caught up in all the bureaucracy?

Jim: Uh... Is there a company logo?

~Cut to Simon's office a bit later.~

Simon: (talking into phone) And you're sure that's Bio-Helix? ... Great ... Thanks. (hangs up phone) About two years ago, Bio-Helix Incorporated, was heavily involved into biological weapons research. Then they lost all their government contracts. Some kind of phony billing scandal. The company went belly-up. The two owners were -- (looks at some papers) Paul Jacobs and Andrew Kaminski, and they're a match for the drawings we've got.

Jim: I bet the government never got around to revoking their security clearances, which is how they got access to the police files.

The phone rings and Simon answers it.

Simon: Bank ... Great ... I want a five-mile perimeter around the structure. No one in or out. (hangs up) The assault team will be in position by the time we arrive. Let's roll.

~Cut to Bio-Helix. Day. Outside. Jacobs (boss), Kaminski (biochemist), and Chaz are loading up the van.~

Jacobs: Chaz, I'll meet you in a half an hour at Interstate Five.

Chaz takes off in the van and gets just past the gate when police vehicles start to arrive. Gunfire is exchanged. Chaz pulls the van around, trying to escape. Van tilts, falls, and explodes. Jacobs and Kaminski head back to building.

Police vehicles pull up outside building. Officers pour out. Jim and Simon pull up in Simon's car. Jacobs makes it inside building before officers can get him, slamming the door shut behind him. Kaminski can't get inside and surrenders.

In Simon's car, Jim gets ready to get out, but Simon stops him.

Simon: Look, Jim, I have an army of cops, here, I need you to sit this one out, all right?

Jim: Whatever you say, sir.

Simon gets out of car and takes the lead in the operation. Jim stays in the passenger seat, alone in car, trying to get his vision to work as Golden images fade in and out.

Jim: Come on! (hits the dashboard; starts to hear the revving of a motor inside the building)

Simon: (from outside) Two guys on the door now! Go in!

Jim moves over to the driver's seat of Simon's car, still focused on the car engine inside the building.

Simon: You guys on the door. Now. (bomb on door) Three... Two... One!. (door blows; Jim flinches slightly) Okay! Okay! Let's go!

Jim hears the car engine speed up and then hears the racing car burst through the building. Jim starts up Simon's car and tears after Jacobs, following the sound. Simon turns around and stares after Jim.

Simon: Ellison!

Jim chases after Jacobs, going around building, crashing into things here and there. His vision is still gold, but clearer as he can almost see. Their cars collide finally. Jacobs (with a gun) gets out and runs into nearest building. Jim gets out of Simon's car and follows, gun in hand. He follows him inside, seeing Jacobs' shadow as he reloads his gun. Jim moves around the other way, sneaking up on Jacobs, placing the barrel of his gun at Jacobs' head.

Jim: You remember Blind Man's Bluff? You're it.

Jacobs lowers gun and they move toward the door.

~Cut to loft. Jim lays on couch. Blair stands just behind it, jacket on.~

Blair: How are your eyes doing?

Jim: Almost clear. Just have this, you know, residual kinda fringe...

Blair and Jim: Glow.

Jim: It's kinda nice, actually.

There's a knock on the door.

Blair: That'd be Margaret. (moves toward door)

Jim: (stands up, stopping Blair) What is she doing here?

Blair: Well, you know what, I just realized it's crazy for me to try to keep you guys apart. So, uh, I'm giving you both my blessing.

Jim: Wait. Wait. Wait.

Blair: What's the matter? Are you afraid that her inner beauty just isn't going to be enough for you, Jim.

Jim: No. Come on, man. I lied to her. I mean I deceived her.

Blair: So make it up to her.

Jim: Well, tell me, honestly. How unattractive is she? (pause) No. Forget it. Forget it. I don't care. (another pause) No, should I?

Blair: No. You shouldn't. You ready?

Jim: No, it's... (stammering)

Blair: You ready? (blows out three puffs of air, then yanks open the door)

Margaret stands in the hallway.

Margaret: Hi.

Jim: Hi. (sees Margaret surrounded by that golden glow)

Blair pats Jim on the shoulder and disappears down the hallway as Jim looks at Margaret.

Jim: How you doing?

~ The End ~