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Hear No Evil

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: John Connor
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Jamie Rose (Sheila Irwin), David A. Brooks (Dave Brooks), Charles S. Chun (Tommy Yuan), Daniel Zacapa (Cesar Fuente), Robert Neve (Jenning), Peter LaCroix (Brent Marten), Brett Stone (Dr. Linda Grant), Dominique Adam (Detective Brown), Mylene Ava Pilutik (Mrs. Marten), Angela Moore (Receptionist), Peter Mustapic (Sheriff's Deputy).

Summary: After a physical exam dramatically enhances his hearing, suspicious sounds lead Ellison to a murder scene --- where the victim is a narcotics cop killed by corrupt colleagues. But when Ellison brings the case to an internal-affairs investigator, she refuses to give him any help unless he can produce more evidence. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on January 15, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cascade. Day. A man (Brent Marten) stands at the top floor of an empty building. Another man (Dave Brooks) comes out of an elevator.~

Marten: We have to talk, Dave.

Brooks: So, she finally told you, huh? (picks up a crowbar from a nearby box)

Marten: Leave her out of this. Let's cut to the chase.

Brooks: So, what do you want?

Marten: End it. Now.

Brooks: Not a chance.

Brooks attacks with the crowbar. He misses. They fight. A helicopter lands on the roof. A man gets out and walks into the building. Marten seems to be getting the upper hand when the other man comes in and they overpower Marten.

Brooks: Let's get him to the chopper.

~Cut to Jim and Simon walking down Major Crimes hallway toward elevator.~

Jim: So that's the final word?

Simon: You were supposed to show up for your yearly physical over three months ago. Now I can't keep putting them off forever. What's up with you, anyway?

Jim: Simon, my sentinel know...

Simon: Oh, yeah. I see. You mean, what if the doctor figures out you're not normal? I thought everyone knew that. (pause) All right, all right, I get your point. But isn't that the whole reason why I have to put up with Sandburg? Let him figure out how to deal with it. Have a nice time. (walks off)

Jim: That's very kind of you, sir. (enters elevator)

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering waiting room at doctor's office.~

Blair: We knew this time was coming. You put it off for as long as you could.

Jim: Excuse us.

Blair: We'll just have to do the best we can.

Jim: What do you mean by "we"?

Blair: I got something at stake here, too. What if the world finds out about your sentinel abilities prematurely? There goes my thesis, my book -- the movie rights alone..

Jim: You're kidding me.

Blair: It could happen.

Jim goes up to reception desk.

Jim: Hi. My name's Jim Ellison. I have an appointment...

Nurse: Take a seat. The doctor will be with you shortly. (hands him a form to fill out) Both sides.

Jim and Blair sit down. An older couple is also waiting.

Blair: Okay.

Jim: What am I going to do?

Blair: Just stay calm. Your body should respond normally to the tests as long your senses don't get over...

Jim: Stimulated.

Blair: Right.

Jim: How do I guarantee that's not going to happen?

Blair: A mantra.

Jim: A mantra.

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: Like what those people with the orange robes at the airports do?

Blair: Come on, Jim. Meditation is not only about spirituality. It affects the body in many different ways, including the senses. Now don't fight me on this one. Just work with me. I'm trying to help you. Now first off take a deep, cleansing breath. (closes his eyes and breathes)

Jim: (to older couple) He's here for ongoing therapy.

Blair: Come on. Repeat after me. I am...

Jim closes his eyes.

Jim: I am...

Blair: Relaxed.

Jim: Relaxed.

Blair: Yeah. Is it working?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Bah!

Jim jumps, as does the older couple.

Blair: Sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Let's start over again. Sorry. I am...

~Cut to Jim in a hospital gown in an exam room sitting on the bed.~

Jim: ...Relaxed. I am...relaxed. I am...freezing. (turns around to look at temperature control just as female doctor enters room)

Grant: Detective Ellison. I'm Dr. Grant.

Jim: Hi, Dr. Grant.

Grant: Hi. How are you feeling today?

Jim: No complaints.

Grant: Well, that's good. We're just going to do a little routine physical here. I'm sure you've been through this before.

Jim: Yeah, more times than I care to remember.

Montage of shots follow that show Dr. Grant examining Jim.

Grant: And again, real deep.

Jim: Your eyes match your dress.

Grant: Say "ahh."

Jim: Aahh...

Grant: "Ahh." Very good. Why don't you stand up for me, if you would?

Jim: Oh. This is my favorite part.

Grant: Mine, too. This may hurt just a little. Just turn your head to the side and cough.

End of montage. Dr. Grant stands looking at a chest x-ray as Jim pulls on his shirt, finishing getting dressed.

Grant: Your chest looks great.

Jim: Thanks.

Grant: Considering your age, you're in perfect shape except for one thing.

Jim: What's that?

Grant: Your ears.

Jim: They've always been kind of sensitive.

Grant: Really? With all that wax in them, I'm surprised you can hear anything at all.

Jim: Wax?

Grant: Haven't things been sounding kind of underwater lately?

Jim: Yeah, now that you mention it.

Grant: Well, when I get through with you, it's going to be a whole new world. Have a seat.

Jim: No. My ears are fine, really.

Grant: I'll tell you what, you don't hear a difference, I'll owe you dinner.

Jim sits.

Grant: Hold this for me. (gives him a cup to hold under his ear)

Jim: Easy, easy.

Dr. Grant begins washing out Jim's ears, fade-out as scene changes.

~Cut to Jim upstairs in bed, with earplugs in. Night. He tosses and turns as he hears every little sound. Water dripping. Car horns blaring. More water dripping. Then pen scratching noises.~

~Cut to downstairs where Blair is writing with a pen on a clipboard. Jim appears over the back of the couch and grabs Blair's pen as he goes by.~

Jim: Oh, man.

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: Do you have to write so damn loud?

Blair: Jim, you got...

Jim throws the pen onto the table -- it echoes and he winces.

Blair: Man, get a grip. Use those earplugs I gave you.

Jim: I am wearing them. (pulls out the earplugs)

Blair's clock alarm goes off, making Jim wince again and hold his hands to his ears. Blair smacks it, turning it off.

Blair: I'm sorry. Sometimes, I got to remind myself to stop studying and go to bed.

Jim sits down and throws the earplugs on the table -- they echo as well and he holds his hands on his ears again.

Blair: Jim, you suffered from impacted wax. It's no big deal. So do a lot of other people. In your case, your sentinel hearing compensated and we never knew how powerful it actually was. You'll have to start at the beginning again.

Jim: Oh, that's great. That's really encouraging.

Blair: Come on, Jim. It'll be fun. I mean, your hearing is one of your greatest assets. And if you've only been using it at half speed, think about what you can do.

Jim: Yeah. Spend the rest of my life being tortured by dog whistles. (pulls a pillow up to each side of his head)

~Cut to a helicopter flying overhead. Same night. Cut between it and Jim (in bed again) as hears the helicopter.~

Marten: Think about what you're doing for a second. Is this really worth it?

Brooks: Yeah!

Brooks and Marten start to fight in the back of the copter. Marten falls out, screaming all the way.

~Cut to Jim as he jerks upright after hearing the scream. Cut to him downstairs by the door, finishing pulling on his pants and shoving his feet in his shoes. Blair comes over to him.~

Blair: Jim... what's going on?

Jim: You didn't hear that?

Blair: What, the choppers? They're flying over us all the time.

Jim: No, there were screams.

Blair: What?

Jim hears one of the voices from the helicopter again.

Brooks: Down! Get him down!

Jim: It's landing. (leaves the loft)

Blair: Jim!

~Cut to scenes of police helicopter landing and Brooks grabbing Marten's body to haul back into the chopper.~

~Cut to Jim racing out of the building, pulling on his coat on as well. He looks around for a moment. Blair comes out after him.~

Jim: Come on. I think it's over here.

They start to run out to where Jim is hearing the chopper. The chopper lifts off and flies over the bay.

Jim: Come on. They're taking off.

Blair: Jim, what are you talking about, screams? What's going on?

Jim: Shh! (uses his vision to see the chopper over the bay and sees a body fall from it) Oh, my god!

Blair: What?

Jim: They just threw a body into the bay.

Blair: Jim, what are you talking about?

Jim: It was a police chopper. I couldn't make out the numbers.

Blair: You sure?

Jim crouches down on the ground and picks up a glove.

Jim: The body was right here.

Blair: Jim, come on. How can you tell that?

Jim: Heat pattern. It's still warm. (looks at the glove) There's blood. (looks over the bay again) Son of a bitch.

~Cut to next morning. Jim (wearing earplugs again) and Blair are watching the recovery of the body. Simon comes onto the scene.~

Simon: Ellison! Ellison! Ellison!

Jim doesn't react. Blair goes over to Simon.

Simon: (to Blair) What's up with him?

Blair: He hasn't taken his eyes off the recovery operation, Simon. He's totally zoned out.

Man: Make sure you get a sample of that.

Simon goes over to Jim, nudging him.

Simon: Jim? Jim? Jim! You okay?

Jim: Yeah. My ears are just a little sensitive today.

Simon: You were right about the body.

Jim: Yeah, I know, sir. Any I.D.?

Simon: Undercover cop by the name of Brent Marten. Worked Narcotics.

Jim: I knew my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, Simon. That was a police chopper.

Simon: Hey, hey, back off on that, all right. Cops killing another cop are heavy-duty charges unless you can prove it!

Jim: Well, I intend to, sir.

Simon: You listen to me. You just don't go off half-cocked. Now I'm not saying I don't believe you...

Jim: What are you saying? Say it.

Simon: I checked the flight records. No department choppers were in the area at the time.

Jim: Simon, you know as well as I do that records can be tampered with.

Simon: Yeah. Well, I talked to the watch commander personally. He's a friend of mine. Beyond reproach.

Jim: All I know is I saw what I saw, sir.

A woman in a car pulls up.

Simon: Somebody called his wife. All I'm saying is you better have some hard evidence or we are dead in the water. (goes over to join woman)

Jim: Like our friend here.

Simon: (to officer) No, it's okay. Let her through. (to woman) I'm sorry. They shouldn't have called you.

Woman sees body and starts to cry, turning to Simon.

Blair: The guy had a wife.

Jim: And 1100 brothers in uniform. And one of them murdered him.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim at his desk. He is hearing everything in the office. Lots of tapping and talking and screeching, etc.~

Simon: (on phone in his office) All I am asking is one extra day with my son.

Joan: (on phone) Look, Simon, Daryl has piano lessons.

Simon: It's my birthday, for god sake!

Male officer: ...get to know each other better.

Blair comes over, fiddles with a device in his hands, then puts it on the desk. A white wash of soft static overrides all the other noises. He bounces, waiting.

Blair: Well?

Jim: Well, what?

Blair: Does it work?

Jim: Oh, yeah, yeah. I'm all ready to wax my board and hit the surf. You're kidding with this, right? What is this?

Blair: What else do you hear, Jim?

Jim: Office sounds. (pause) At normal volume.

Blair: Yes! It works! That's a white noise generator. People use it to block out unwanted sound, like if you have trouble sleeping at night.

Jim: Or if you have sentinel hearing on the fritz.

Blair: Exactly. Try these on.

Blair gives Jim a small case (looks like a ring case) which have two earplug-shaped objects in them. Then he comes around to sit next to Jim.

Blair: Each one of these is more than just an earplug; it's a white noise generator.

Jim: These are attractive.

Blair: Aren't they?

Jim puts the earplugs in.

Blair: Yeah, just put those on in there.

Jim: Nice.

Blair: Uh-huh.

Jim: Not bad. Now I can get some work done, huh? Were you able to contact Marten's wife?

Blair: A "thank you" would be nice.

Jim: Thank you. I'll remember to send you a card, okay? Anything?

Blair: You're welcome. Nothing.

Jim: Well, keep trying. I'm sure she'll be able to tell us something.

Blair: What's that?

Jim: Lab reports from the blood I found on that glove. It's type O-positive. DNA typing takes a couple of days, but it's useless without someone to match it to.

Blair: Well, what about Marten?

Jim: He's type "A." The blood probably came from one of the killers.

Blair: Type O-positive's a pretty common type. It'd be like looking for...

Jim: ...A needle in a haystack.

Blair: Exactly.

Jim: I want to find out everything we can on this guy.

Blair: What do you got so far?

Jim: He was highly decorated, by all account, he was some kind of hero cop.

Blair: Sounds like there's a lot of people out there that would want him dead.

Jim: Criminals, yeah, but why would another cop want him dead? He was ordered to report before Internal Affairs, but it never states why he was ordered to report.

Blair: Maybe he was testifying against another cop.

Jim: Or he was being investigated himself.

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Simon's on the phone. Jim is sitting in front of the desk.~

Simon: Tommy, come on, man. I'm working on a murder case here. He was one of your guys. Any information you can give me, I would... Yeah, yeah. No, no, no, absolutely right. Uh-huh. All right. Oh, thanks. Sure thing. Bye-bye.

Jim: Sounded like a waste of time.

Simon: Marten's captain wants to be kept up to speed on the case.

Jim: But he won't confirm or deny Marten's involvement in an I.A.D investigation.

Simon: Absolutely not. Refused to discuss it. And he sure got defensive when I brought it up.

Jim: So we're have to contact Internal Affairs ourselves.

Simon: You want me to make that call?

Jim: No, I can handle it, yeah.

~Cut to Sheila in her office.~

Sheila: Yes, Louise? ... Okay, send him in.

Jim comes in.

Sheila: Have a seat. I'll be with you in a second.

Jim sits down in front of her desk.

Jim: I sent you over a report on the death of a Detective Brent Marten. Were you able to look at it?

Sheila: You believe he was thrown out of police chopper by other cops?

Jim: Yes. And I'm guessing it has something to do with your investigation.

Sheila: What investigation?

Jim: Come on, Sheila, you don't have to be coy with me. We're on the same side this time.

Sheila: Maybe. But I'm not at liberty to confirm or deny an Internal Affairs investigation. You know that.

Jim: According to my scorecard, you kind of owe me.

Sheila: Yes, but that has nothing to do with this case. And for your information, Detective, I don't trade favors.

Jim: All right, I'm sorry. That comment was out of line.

Sheila: After the Pendergrast case, I left you a dozen messages. I wanted to clear the air between us, to apologize for making you a suspect. You never returned my calls.

Jim: I was rather busy.

Sheila: You were unforgiving. And under the circumstances, I don't blame you. But that's why I'm being careful now. I don't throw around accusations anymore, not without substantial evidence.

Jim: Was Marten under investigation at the time? Can you tell me that?

Sheila: No, but if he was, I'd only be legally compelled to give you access to my files if you gave me evidence the two cases were related -- something more concrete than a fantasy of seeing him tossed out of a department chopper.

Jim stands up and walks toward door.

Sheila: It happened a half mile out over the bay at night.

Jim leaves.

~Cut to Jim and Blair standing outside a room where Tommy and his crew are getting ready for a bust.~

Jim: Marten's squad call themselves "the crew." Collectively, they've got about 200 years of experience on the job. They've had more convictions and confiscations than any unit in Cascade P.D. history.

Blair: So what, you think some of them are dirty?

Jim: Anything's possible, especially when you've got overworked, underpaid cops handling millions in undocumented dope and cash.

Tommy: Okay, people, listen up. Remember, if it comes down to you or him, make it you. I'm not losing any more guys this week.

Officers: Right on. Yeah.

Tommy: Let's do it!

All: Do it! Do it!

Blair: Oh, god, oh, man, this reminds me of this warrior tribe in New Guinea. They'd kill everything in their path on the way to a battle...

Tommy: Assemble at your vehicles.

Blair: And on the way back home....

Jim and Blair go in.

Jim: Jim Ellison, Major Crimes. This is Blair Sandburg.

Tommy: Tommy Yuan.

Jim: Tommy.

Tommy: I resent the implication that any of my men are dirty.

Jim: As far as I'm concerned, everybody in this room is a hero.

Tommy: Bet your ass. (pause) I'd love to stay and chat with you, but this is kind of a bad time. Been working on this bust for six months. Expect to haul in 30 million in heroin.

Blair: Wow. That's a lot.

Tommy: What did you say his name was?

Blair: Blair Sandburg.

Jim: He's an aide to the department.

Blair: Mind if we come along and watch?

Tommy: This is a tight operation. No place for spectators.

Jim: I understand, Captain. Thanks.

Tommy: Call me when you find out who killed Marten.

Jim: Right.

~Cut to Jim and Blair watching drug bust from across the street on the roof of a building. Day. Blair has a zoom lens camera he is using to watch the proceedings. The limo goes into a garage.~

Blair: It's too dark in there. I can't see anything.

Jim: Well, I can. (looks inside) Looks like 30 million was a conservative estimate.

Garage door comes down, knocking Jim's eyesight out. Garage door has small glass windows in it.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, man. My eyes. That light just knocked the hell out of me. Whoa. Well, that's a new one.

Blair: You okay?

Jim: Yeah, it just whacked out my senses for a moment. Wow. I'd like to get in there with my hearing, but if I take out my white noise generators, I'm screwed.

Blair: You know, I got an idea. You see what just happened to your sight? It was kind of like a zone-out, right?

Jim: Yeah, but I'm still aware of my other senses.

Blair: Right. Let's try a little experiment. When you take out your white noise generators and see if you can consciously make your hearing piggyback on your sight into the warehouse. See if you can get the two to link up. Let your eyes guide your ears.

Jim does the piggybacking trick and it works.

Man 1: Let me see the cash.

Man 2: It's all there, buddy.

Man 1: trust you. There's other people I answer to.

Man 2: Let's get out of here.

Gunfire starts as cops move in. Jim's senses are knocked out again.

Blair: Jim! You all right?

Jim: Yeah, that wasn't so bad then, huh?

Blair: Were you able to see through that glass and hear what they were saying?

Jim: Yeah, until the shooting started and then I just lost my bearings.

Blair: It worked. All right, we're learning something. So we're starting to get back to normal.

Jim: I don't need these anymore. (puts earplugs in pockets)

Blair: That's not a good idea here. Cold turkey?

Inside, truck is sealed up by Tommy. He goes over to a limo where Brooks and another man are waiting.

Tommy: Take off.

Blair: Jim, I think you should get yourself off of them gradually.

Jim: No, I'll be all right.

Limo pulls out of garage and leaves.

Blair: There goes the limo. They're getting away.

Jim: There's at least 2 kilos of heroin in that car. It was never logged in. Come on.

~Cut to Jim and Blair following the limo in the Expedition.~

Blair: Jim, I don't see the limo.

Jim spots Brooks walking on an overpass.

Jim: There he is. Up on the overpass.

Blair: What is he doing?

Jim stops the truck and Blair pulls out his camera to film Brooks. Brooks takes a bag from the back of the limo and drops it over the edge. Then he gets back in and drives away. A police chopper appears overhead. Blair continues to record. Noise starts to get to Jim and he scrambles to find the earplugs.

Blair: You okay? Put the earplugs in. The white noise generators.

Jim finds the plugs and puts them in as chopper lands just long enough to get bag from the ground.

Blair: Are you okay? You all right?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Blair in Sheila's office with her. They are watching the tape that Blair recorded.~

Sheila: And what's with the duffel bag? For all we know, it could be his laundry. You run the numbers on the chopper?

Blair: Yeah. It was officially down for service.

Jim: No police units were supposed to be in the area.

Sheila: Just like the night Marten was killed.

Jim: You asked for something more than fantasy.

Sheila: I guess this a start.

Jim: Well, good. So maybe now you can give me something.

Sheila: Look, the rules say I can only share information with another cop.

Blair: Jim, It's all right. I got some papers I can grade. I'll catch up with you later. I got it. (leaves)

Sheila: Ellison...

Jim: Jim.

Sheila: you think we can do this without coming to blows?

Jim: I don't know. Can we?

Sheila: As long as you stay on your side of the desk.

Jim: That would be the right thing to do.

Sheila: I've had my eye on the crew since the Nowatny bust.

Jim: Sixteen million in drugs and cash, right?

Sheila: Nowatny decided to rat out his suppliers in Mexico and became a government witness. One of the things he claimed was more drugs and money should have been recovered. That's why Marten was interviewed. That's why they all were. But nothing concrete ever turned up, so the file was closed. Maybe it was just their arrogance, but I never stopped wondering if what Nowatny said was true.

Jim: You can stop wondering.

Sheila: We just have to prove it.

Jim: "We"?

Sheila: I'm going to reopen my investigation. I want to run it concurrently with the Marten case. I don't want us getting in each other's way.

Jim: Oh, what about Sandburg?

Sheila: He's in.

Jim: Are you sure about that?

Sheila: No. Maybe we can discuss the details over dinner?

Jim: You like Italian?

Sheila: Sure.

~Cut to loft the next morning. Blair comes out of his room to find Sheila making breakfast in the kitchen. Jim is by the stairs.~

Blair: Good...morning.

Sheila: Hungry?

Blair: Oh, yeah, that would be great. Thanks. (goes over to Jim) Hey, Jim.

Jim: Good morning.

Blair: You, didn't come home last night.

Jim: Nothing happened, Chief.

Blair: Is that officially or unofficially?

Jim: We went out to dinner. We started to talk about things. She's a very interesting woman once you get to know her. She invited me over to her place for a drink. It got late. I fell asleep on the sofa. She came over to start work on the case.

Blair: She'll share her information with both of us?

Food is on the table and they all sit down.

Sheila: However, if you talk, I'll be forced to kill you.

Blair: What did you do to the real Sheila?

Jim: Thank you for putting this together. It's very nice.

Sheila: You're welcome.

Blair: Check this out. Personnel files on the crew. I stopped by records last night to see if you can identify the guy the bridge.

Jim starts looking through files.

Sheila: Impossible. Your tape's too blurry even with computer enhancement.

Blair: Right.

Jim: Bingo. (picks out Brooks)

Blair: Hmm? Dave Brooks. You sure that's him?

Jim: 99.9%.

Sheila: How? That bridge is a half mile long and you were at the other end.

Jim: Process of elimination.

Blair: Right.

Jim: We saw everyone else. He must have been working undercover. You have any luck reaching Marten's wife?

Blair: Zero. Last time anybody saw her, they were pulling Marten's body out of the bay.

Sheila: This is interesting -- when we interviewed Marten and the others, we did complete background checks on them. Marten's wife, Barbara, her last name used to be Brooks.

Jim: Brooks's sister?

Sheila: Ex-wife. She married Marten six months after the divorce.

Blair: That's pretty incestuous. Actually, that's fairly common in closed social structures. You know, like in police departments.

Jim: She dropped out of sight because she knows something.

Sheila: There's some property out in the country -- a cabin. Barbara got it from Brooks in the divorce settlement. There's no phone listed.

Jim: You know where it is?

Sheila: Mm-hmm.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Sheila pulling up outside the cabin. Still day. They go up to the door. Jim knocks and finds the door open. They go inside.~

Jim: Mrs. Marten? (pulls out his gun) This is Detective Ellison, Cascade P.D.

Sheila: (her gun out as well) Mrs. Marten? Barbara? (opens a room door) Oh...!

Barbara Marten's body is inside. Jim goes inside and checks her.

Jim: She's dead.

~Cut to a bit later. Same scene. Jim hangs up cellphone.~

Jim: Must be out of cell range. (to Blair) Take the truck. Wait until you get into cell range or get to a pay phone and call the local authorities, all right?.

Blair leaves.

Quick shots of someone digging outside.

Jim starts to hear something.

Jim: Do you hear that?

Sheila: What?

Jim: Digging. Somebody's digging.

They exit cabin.

Sheila: Where?

Jim: Over here in these woods.

Sheila: I don't know what you're talking about, Jim.

Jim: You stay here and just wait until Sandburg comes back. I'm going to go check it out. (heads out to woods, gun out)

Someone is walking away with a silver case. Brooks comes up behind Jim and hits him across the back of the head with a shovel. Jim goes down.

~Cut back to cabin.~

Sheila: Jim? Jim?

Brooks comes out from beside the cabin.

Sheila: Hold it right there.

Brooks: Sorry, babe. We've got you surrounded.

Tommy appears on the porch of the cabin.

Tommy: Put it down, Lieutenant. Now.

Brooks takes Sheila's gun.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Shot of Jim still unconscious in the woods. Cut to Tommy and Sheila getting into the helicopter. Cut back to Jim. Jim wakes up as Brooks walks over to him and holds out a gun. Cut to scenes of Tommy handcuffing Sheila and then of helicopter taking off. Jim picks up one of the earplugs from the ground, wincing as the helicopter takes off in the distance.~

Jim: Oh, damn, it's busted.

~Cut to a bit later outside the cabin. Simon drives up just as Jim is putting Brooks in the back of a patrol car. Simon gets out of car.~

Simon: He say anything yet?

Jim: Nothing worth repeating, sir. You get any information on the helicopter?

Simon: Fuente, the watch commander is checking on it now. Computer problems.

Jim: Big surprise.

Simon: Suddenly, all the schedules got fried.

Officer from cabin door: Detective Ellison? You better see this.

~Cut to inside cabin. Jim is looking at a bagged piece of paper. Simon and Blair are with him.~

Officer: It was hidden in a jar of coffee.

Blair: Are there names?

Simon: Tommy Yuan, David Brooks...

Jim: Members of the Squad, plus this Rob Jenning.

Simon: He could be a helicopter pilot. Fuente's on his way up here to pick us up. I'll have him check it out.

Officer: Captain Banks?

Simon: Yeah.

Officer hands Simon the silver case. Simon sets it down and opens it.

Blair: Looks like you kept them from getting away with their stuff.

Jim: When Brooks owned this property, he probably stashed his drugs here.

Simon: Looks like heroin.

Blair: Why would he do that?

Jim: Safekeeping, most likely. Odds are that we never figured his ex-wife would rat him out to her new husband.

Simon: You think that's what happened?

Jim: Well, Marten isn't on this list. I'd be willing to bet Barbara told him what was going on and got them both killed.

Simon: Tried to handle it himself.

Blair: Like a code of silence. (pause) It makes sense -- you know, a tightly knit unit. You're constantly in dangerous situations. They depend on each other to stay alive.

Simon: What, Jim, you been teaching the kid all our secrets, eh?

Jim gets distracted by something he hears.

Simon: Jim. Jim!

Jim: You hear that?

Blair: Do you hear something?

Jim: You don't hear that?

Blair: It's working? You can totally control it?

Sounds of helicopter approaching can be heard.

Simon: Wait a minute. What's working?

Blair: Here comes Fuente now.

Jim: Chief... Good job!

They slap hands.

Blair: Yes!

They all run outside and pile into the helicopter. Simon sits in front with Fuente. Jim and Blair take the back, Blair behind Simon.

Fuente: How you doing, Simon?

Simon: Cesar.

Fuente: You guys buckle up.

Jim: All rihgt, let's go.

Fuente: All righty, here we are.

Blair: Oh... (looking down)

Jim: You all right?

Blair: Yep.

~Cut to Tommy's helicopter where it's sitting on the top of a building. Sheila still inside, talking to Tommy who is standing just outside.~

Sheila: You're having a good year. Only question is, why didn't you unload the stuff before this?

Tommy: People like you, lady.

Sheila: I'm flattered. Personally, I don't think I'm that scary.

Tommy: I don't know. Cops who like to bring heat down on other cops scare the hell out of me.

Sheila: Look, if you think you can use me to make a deal, forget it.

Tommy: They'll never deal on a cop killing. Most you can do is buy me a little time, but I might let you go once we're done.

Sheila: If...?

Tommy: Somehow you and Ellison found out about Brooks. What else do you know?

Sheila: Everything -- who your buyers are, the numbers of all your off-shore accounts. Oh, by the way, they're all being frozen right now.

Tommy: Nice try. Okay, guys, let's wrap it up.

Man: What do we do about her?

Tommy: I'll drop her off on the way to the boat. She can swim home.

Tommy gets in copter and they take off.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim's copter. Simon has a laptop.~

Simon: Rob Jenning is a civilian mechanic. He's also a licensed pilot.

Jim: Does that record include his blood type?

Simon: Hang on. Yeah. O-positive.

Jim: That's our guy.

Fuente: Yeah. The birds you saw were both down for service. Our maintenance people don't require any special authorization to take them for test runs.

Jim: So Jenning could've borrowed whatever chopper he was working on to carry the drugs.

Simon: Or commit murder.

Fuente: That's about the size of it. Hangar said that he fueled and took off early this morning. Good news is that all our units have tracking devices. His was still activated up until about three minutes ago. We traced him somewheres downtown over this area here.

Simon: All right. Well, now what?

Jim: How far could heave gotten in three minutes?

Fuente: Six, seven miles.

Jim: What's our visibility?

Fuente: Maybe 12. But they're already too far away for visual contact. It would be like picking a speck of dust off your TV screen.

Blair: Uh... hey, can you just keep circling?

Simon: Do it.

Blair pulls off the copter earphones to talk privately to Jim.

Blair: Use the piggyback effect like we did at the drug bust.

Jim: How would I do that?

Blair: Locate that speck of dust with your hearing, then try to find the sound.

Jim: In this racket?

Blair: It's like white noise, man. You can cut right through it. That chopper keeps getting further away. I don't see other options staring us in the face.

Jim: All right, you got a point.

Jim starts to listen to noises. Hears construction, sirens, his ticking watch, cars, planes, and then the helicopter.

Jim: Out there.

Fuente: Out where?

Jim: Just jam it, babe. Straight ahead.

Fuente: I don't see anything.

Simon: Cesar, if he says he sees it, he sees it. Just go!

Fuente: Okay, amigos.

Blair: Oh, man, are we up here.

Jim: Where are you, you little rat?

Fuente: There it is. How the hell did he see them?

Blair: He eats lots of carrots.

Jim: Can this thing catch up?

Fuente: Yeah, but then what?

~Cut to Tommy and Sheila in airborne helicopter.~

Tommy: I love Cascade this time of year. Smell that great sea air.

~Cut back to Jim.~

Jim: To the right, to the right. Nice moving, Fuente. Ease up, ease up. Keep it steady. Can he tell we're behind him?

Fuente: Not if I stay here.

Jim: All right, stay put until I tell you to do something.

~Cut back to Tommy and Sheila~

Tommy: It's all over for you now.

Tommy and Sheila start to fight for the gun.

~Cut to Jim.~

Jim: Here we go. Easy does it.

~Cut to Tommy.~

Tommy: You can die up here or down there. Makes no difference to me.

Rob: There's a police chopper on our left!

Tommy: Damn! That's Ellison.

~Cut back to Jim.~

Jim: Peek-a-boo! Ha-ha! That son of a bitch.

~Cut back to Tommy.~

Tommy: Get us out of here!

Rob: Hang on.

~Cut back to Jim.~

Jim: Get your poles out, boys. We're going fishing.

Fuente: Here we go.

And then proceeds the helicopter chase over the city and onto the water. Scenes switch between Jim's helicopter and Tommy's.

Jim: Just jam it, pal, and keep on jamming it until I tell you to slow down.

Fuente: All right, man, I'm with you.

Tommy: Come on, you got to lose them.

Jim: Straight ahead. Faster, pal.

Fuente: Okay, babe. Hang on tight, guys.

Rob: I can't lose him.

Tommy: Go left, go left! Faster, faster. Come on!

Jim: Where are you, you son of a...?

Fuente: Right there in front.

Jim: Follow him.

Fuente: Okay. Hang on. Hold on. He's going hard right.

Tommy: Lose him, lose him! Come on, go, go!

They start flying around large tankers.

Jim: Easy does it.

Tommy: Faster, Jenning. Lose him.

Rob: I'll lose him. I know a spot over here.

Fuente: I didn't see him.

Simon: Where'd you go?

Jim: There he is.

Fuente: I'll put it on t other side.

Jim: Jam it quick. Jam it quick.

Fuente: I see him.

Jim: Nice moving, Fuente. He's opening up a bit.

Tommy: Easy. Watch out for the side of the ship.

Rob: I got it. Let's wait here, Captain. He'll fly right over us. (they hang out by tanker)

Fuente: Hang on amigos.

Rob: There they go.

Tommy: Okay, Jenning. Now! Go, go, go!

Jim: Stay on him. Drop down and catch up to him. Come on, baby. Come on, baby. Nice driving, skipper. Nice driving.

Fuente: Hijo de la...

Jim: Come on, Simon, it ain't that bad. Here we go.

Tommy: Come on, Jenning. We got to lose them.

Jim: This guy's good, Simon.

Tommy: I need you to go faster.

Jim: Nice move. Stay close.

Simon: Let's take the bridge.

Fuente: What'll it be, over or under?

Jim: Over.

Fuente: Okay, amigos.

Jim: Open her up, Fuente.

Fuente: Hang on to your breakfast.

Jim: Nice driving, skipper. Nice driving.

Fuente: Thanks, buddy. It isn't over yet.

Blair panting.

Jim: (to Blair) You all right?

Tommy: They're right behind us.

Jim: Nice driving, skipper. Jam it straight ahead.

Tommy: Come on, Jenning.

Jim: Move up alongside.

Fuente: I got it. I got it, I got it.

Simon: Get in position.

Tommy: Get in position so I can get a shot off.

Rob: Wait, now you can take a shot.

Simon: Watch it! Look out.

Tommy: Get us out of here. Time for your swim. It's over for you. (undoes Sheila's seatbelt)

Sheila: No! No!

Simon: Jim, can you get a clear shot?

Jim: Here we go.

Tommy tries to push Sheila out.

Sheila: No! No! No!

Jim: Move up alongside.

Simon: Go. Go.

Fuente: I got it, I got it, I got it.

Jim: Come on, come on. Just give me a look. Just give me a look.

Simon: Can you take him out?

Kiss this baby good-bye.

Simon: Do it.

Jim: Say good night.

Jim fires twice, taking out Tommy.

Rob: What the heck...?

Sheila gets Tommy's gun and points it at Jenning.

Sheila: What's the matter? Still got nothing to say? Get this on the ground. Now!

Fuente: Nice shooting, Detective.

Jim: All right. Let's take it home.

Simon: Good job, Fuente. (to Simon) How the hell am going to explain this? More carrots?

Jim: Yeah Simon, you should try it sometime. I hate carrots! Come on, let's go home.

~Cut to Jim and Blair standing just outside of Major Crimes, talking. Simon is inside, talking on the phone.~

Jim: You see, that was the beauty of it.

Blair: What was?

Jim: Well, there's no offshore accounts. There's no buyers. They knew if they tried to spend the money or sell the dope, somebody would eventually bust them, right? So they put it all into cold storage. They figured in a year or two, they'd be retired and they'd sell off the drugs, split the money and go their own separate ways.

Blair: Split.

Jim: Ba-bing.

Blair: Right.

Simon comes over to them, still talking on his phone.

Simon: Oh, no, that's great. He'll be happy to hear that. Thanks. (hangs up) They just caught the other three guys trying to board a plane to Mexico.

Blair: Vamanos.

Simon: Good work, guys.

Blair: Thank you.

They start to walk down the hallway.

Simon: So, Jimbo...

Jim: Yeah?

Simon: What's this I hear about you and Sheila Irwin doing a little internal investigating, hmm?

Jim: Who told you this?

Simon: Oh...

Jim: All right. Let me set the record straight..

Sheila: Jim...

Jim: Hi.

They hug.

Sheila: Hey. Thanks for today.

Jim: You're welcome.

Sheila: (to another man with her) This is Jim Ellison. The man who saved my life -- Literally. This is Stan Roberts....

Simon starts to hand Blair a dollar bill.

Sheila: fiancé.

Simon: (yanking the bill back) Oop!

Jim: Nice to meet you.

Blair: Fiancé? Stan the man. Nice to meet you. Just cost me a buck. (pulls out a buck from his wallet and gives it to Simon)

Blair: (to Simon) I need those for books, you know.

~ The End ~