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Teleplay by: Harold Apter and David Balkan
Story by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Steven Ford (Colonel Norman Oliver), Alan Toy (Jack Kelso), Kate Hodge (Tanya), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Brian Jensen (Sam Holland), David Palffy (Beck), Garvin Cross (Crisp), Aaron Pearl (Harley), Lesley Ewen (Serena), Bob Wilde (Agent Cameron), Jonathon Pallone (Bus Driver).

Uncredited: Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe).

Summary: A former military intelligence officer kidnaps Ellison, fearing that he knows about the ex-officer's involvement in drug smuggling. Ellison tries to escape, Banks and Sandburg fight to locate him. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

Trivia: Episode written to give Richard less screen time due to his wife having their first child.

This episode was originally broadcast on February 12, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Blair: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Early, early morning; still dark outside. Jim comes down the stairs and watches the news on TV. Duffles and fishing equipment are piled in the room.~

Reporter on TV: The mystery continues regarding the disappearance of drug enforcement agent Ben Chavez. Last week, the D.E.A. revealed that Chavez vanished after his identity as a deep cover agent inside the Cali drug cartel was discovered. The cartel ordered Chavez's death. Although a rumor persists that the agent may have fled to San Jose, Costa Rica, most sources believe the D.E.A.'s move to crack this vicious cartel has met a tragic end. And now with the sports, Tony.

Jim turns off the TV. Blair comes out of his room with a long spear.

Jim: And, uh, what, pray tell, Is that thing?

Blair: This is a Cree Indian Fishing spear. I thought I'd give it a shot.

Jim: Oh, really? Well, you'll be doing it downstream from me, Hiawatha. Because I hate the sound of trout laughing.

Blair: That's funny. You know, Jim, all this modern gear -- it's great but sometimes traditional methods are just as effective and a little more satisfying.

Jim: Good. Well, you won't mind if I take the raft while you chip yourself out a log for a dugout, huh? (starts picking up a duffle) Oh, man. (holds his shoulder and rotates it a little)

Blair: You all right?

Jim: Hey, give me a hand with this thing, would you? (together they move duffle) I hurt my shoulder working out. It just hasn't gone away. I mean, I've tried liniments and painkillers, muscle relaxers... Man, it's just persisting. It all started when my senses started to go crazy.

Blair: Why didn't you tell me?

Jim: I didn't think it was any big thing.

Blair: This is exactly the kind of stuff that I need to know. I mean, if pain relievers don't work, what about novocaine at the dentist? Or, for crying out loud, you're having surgery -- what about anesthetics?

Jim: Don't you think you're overreacting a little?

Blair: No, I don't think I'm overreacting. We've got to do some research. We to need to prepare for stuff like this.

Jim: If you want to do pain research, you experiment on yourself, all right?

Phone rings and Jim answers it. Scenes during phone conversation cut between Jim and Holland (who is in a car driving).

Jim: Ellison.

Holland: Jim, it's Sam. Sam Holland.

Jim: Sam?

Holland: I'm probably the last guy in the world you want to hear from in the middle of the night, but we need to talk.

Jim: Where are you calling from, Sam, Florida?

Holland: Cascade. Listen, there's a parking garage on 8th and Waterman. Meet me there in 20 minutes on the fifth level.

Jim: Sam, what's this about?

Holland: It's about the colonel.

Jim: All right. I'll be there but, Sam, why did you come all the way out...?

Holland: We need to do this in person.

Jim: I'm on my way.

~Cut to another car where two men are listening to conversation.~

Man #1: Garage at 8th and waterman. 20 minutes.

Man #2: Call Harley. Tell him we might have two in the bag now.

~Cut back to loft.

Blair: Where are you going?

Jim: A buddy of mine from the service called. He said it was important. I'll be back in a little while.

Blair: Just remember, 3:00 a.m., you and I, we're on the road, man.

Jim: This shouldn't take long. (leaves)

~Cut to parking garage. Jim pulls up in the Expedition next to a open parked car, then gets out.~

Jim: Sam!

Holland stands from where he was hiding next to the car and walks around to Jim.

Jim: Hey, buddy. What sort of trouble you in?

Holland: The kind with no bottom.

Jim: How's the colonel involved in all this?

Holland: I never meant to get in so deep with him.

Jim: I told you a while back he's trouble.

Holland: I didn't listen. I wish to God I had. Look, I know you're with the police now. I figured maybe you could help.

Jim: Yeah, I can help, but you got to tell me what's going on here.

Holland: Okay, but if it goes any farther than us, I'm a dead man.

Jim starts to hear something.

Jim: Are you expecting company? I hear somebody coming.

Sam: I don't hear anything.

Two vans roar up the ramp and come around the corner. Holland panics and gets back in his car to drive away.

Jim: Sam! Sam!

Someone shoots a dart at Jim, hitting him in the neck. Jim pulls it out, then falls to the ground unconscious. Holland gets shot and he and his car go off the edge of the parking garage, landing upside down on the street below.

Man: Nice shooting. The colonel wanted him alive.

Harley: Well, should we get what's left of him and get out of here?

Man: What do you want, Harley? You got a jaws of life on you?

Another man pulls out Jim's ID

Crisp: He's a cop.

Harley: You think Holland spilled?

Man: I don't know. (to two other men) You two, take him back to base. (takes ID) 852 Prospect. Crisp, you and Harley sweep the place. Anything and anybody. Now move it.

Crisp: Let's go.

~Cut to loft. Blair is pacing and staring out balcony windows.~

Blair: Come on, Jim. Where the hell are you?

~Cut to a shot of Harley and Crisp parked outside the loft and heading toward the building.~

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Simon is preparing to leave. Joel is dozing in a chair.~

Simon: Joel!

Joel: Hmm? What?

Simon: Come on. Wake up, man. We are done and we are out of here.

Joel: What's the rush? We've been here all night.

Simon: If I don't get home soon, I'll never be able to fool my body into my usual eight hours.

Joel: Fool yourself?

Simon: Oh, yeah. As long as I'm home before the sun's up, I'm fine. If not, the body says, "oh, no."

They put on their coats.

Joel: You remember Hauser in Vice?

Simon: Yeah.

Joel: He had the same problem. He used to catch z's in a morgue drawer.

They reach the door and Simon's phone rings.

Simon: No. Hang on. (goes back and answers phone, hitting the speaker phone button) Banks.

Phone conversation goes back and forth between Simon's office and the loft.

Blair: Captain, this is Blair.

Simon: Ho, ho, ho. Hold it right there. Taggert and I have just spent all night working on a court brief for a hearing and now, we are going home, so whatever it is, it can wait.

Blair: I can't do that, Captain. You see, Jim and I, we were going fishing this weekend and some old army buddy of his called -- some guy named Sam -- and he went out to go meet him hours ago. And he hasn't come back.

Simon: Did it ever occur to you that Jim might just be knocking back a few and reminiscing with an old army buddy? I mean, he doesn't have to report in to you.

Blair: No, you see he knew that we were going fishing this weekend. He wouldn't just disappear on me like that.

Loft doorknob starts to rattle.

Blair: Oh, wait a second. I think I hear him at the door. Hang on a second.

Harley and Crisp come in. They see Blair and bring up their guns. Blair turns and runs into his bedroom as they start shooting. In his office, Simon picks up the phone receiver.

Simon: Sandburg!

Harley and Crisp follow Blair, banging inside to see the back door open.

Crisp: Let's go.

Simon: This is Captain Banks. I need all available units at 852 Prospect. Crime in progress. Now! (gets his gun) Let's roll.

~Cut to Harley and Crisp leaving and getting into their van.~

~Cut to Blair on the street. He sneaks out from next to a building and spots a payphone. He goes over to it, then sees that the cord from the receiver to the phone is broken. He slams it back down.~

Blair: I don't believe this!

He sees the van, with a big spotlight shining outward, headed toward him and hurries inside a bakery. The van passes without seeing him. Blair sees a bus on the other side of the road, exits the bakery and quickly makes his way across the street (dodging a car in the process) and stops the bus' doors from closing and climbs in, sitting on the steps.

Blair: Excuse me.

Driver: No loitering in the vestibule, ace. Come on. you want a ride, stand and deliver.

Blair: You guys, you got communications gear on board, right?

Driver: Meaning what?

Blair: Meaning that this is a police emergency. And I need to get in touch with central precinct.

Driver: You a cop?

Blair: Not exactly. I work with the Major Crimes division. (pats down his jacket pockets) I don't have any identification on me right now, but there's two guys out there that are trying to kill me.

Driver: Oh, of course. Look, feed the kitty or hit the bricks.

Blair stands and pulls a wrinkled bill from his pocket.

Driver: Exact change only.

Blair: This is all I got. Come on.

Blair sits down, waits for the bus to start up. As he sits down, the van goes by them, shining their light inside. He stands again.

Blair: Hey, does anybody have a cell phone? I will trade this handmade Bantu bracelet for two minutes on somebody's cell phone.

Driver stops the bus and looks back at Blair.

Driver: Excuse me. Did I miss the sign that says "trading post"? Sit down or get off.

Driver picks up his radio.

Driver: This is northbound 51. I'm at Oakwood and Hill. I have a disruptive passenger; possible substance abuse.

Drover starts up the bus again.

~Cut to loft. Simon, Joel, and police crew are looking through the place, which is trashed.~

Simon: Joel.

Joel: Yeah. (coming down the stairs)

Simon: Anything?

Joel: Yeah. It's trashed up there, too. And there's no sign of Blair or Jim.

Simon: I just put out an APB on both of them.

~Cut to bus. Bus stops and Harley and Crisp get on the bus, one from each end. Blair looks from one to the other. Then two transit officers come in. Blair gets up and goes forward quickly.

Driver: That's him Back there. Long hair.

Officer: Hold it! (grabs Blair by the jacket0

Driver: Think he's on drugs or something.

Officer: This your problem rider?

Blair: Yeah, I'm the problem. Screw the pigs! (spits on the officer)

Officer: Okay, smartass. You're under arrest.

Blair: Yeah, well, arrest those guys in the black suits, too.

Harley and Crisp are gone.

Officer: What black suits? Let's go. (hauls Blair out)

Driver: Fried like an egg.

~Cut to holding cell area. Blair in the cell as Simon and Joel come in.~

Blair: Oh, Simon. Hey, good to see you.

Simon: Sandburg, what the hell is going on here?

Blair: I will tell you all about it once you get me out of here.

Simon: Well, if people are after you, maybe this is the safest place for you. (signs a form)

Blair: Simon...

Simon has the officer open the cell door; Blair exits.

Blair: (to other prisoner) See you later, man.

Joel: Simon, they found Jim's truck. Empty parking garage over on 8th. There's a smashed sedan five stories below that went through the wall, and there's a body inside.

Simon: Jim?

Joel: No. It's not Jim.

Simon: Thank God.

Blair: That's great, but if it's not Jim, where the hell is he?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim waking up from laying on a concrete floor. His ankles and hands are tied, his hands behind him. He looks over to see a woman behind a chain-link door watching him.~

Tanya: Who are you?

Jim: I'm Jim. Who are you?

Tanya: Tanya.

Jim: Well, how long have you been here?

Tanya: I don't know.

Jim: Why'd they take you?

Tanya: I don't remember.

Jim: What the hell do they want?

Tanya: I don't know.

~Cut to Simon and Blair entering Simon's office.~

Simon: Taggert is getting the full report now.

Blair: That's just great. I'm supposed to be fishing this weekend and instead I've been shot at, I've been on the skid row express all night long, and then thrown in jail. And we still don't know where Jim is. What are you going to do about that?

Simon: Will you just give me a minute to think?

Blair: May I have a cup of coffee?

Joel comes in.

Joel: Simon, forensics hasn't put a name on the body in the sedan yet. He didn't have an I.D. on him. This tattoo is the most distinguishing mark. (shows a picture of Holland's arm)

Blair: Jim said they were in the service together.

Simon: Sandburg, lots of guys have been in the army and a lot of them have tattoos. Until we find something more too on than this, we don't have zip.

Blair; Simon, I want to help on this one. I know I'm not a cop, but Jim and I -- we're a pretty good team. Maybe I could work with you.

Simon: At this point, you are a protected witness and that is all you are.

Blair: Protected witness? What's that supposed to mean?

Simon: What that means is Taggert is going to take you home, stay there, keep an eye on you until we find out who these guys are, why they want to kill you, and what that has to do with Jim's disappearance. I'll keep you posted.

Joel and Blair leave.

~Cut to loft. Blair and Joel are cleaning up Jim's bedroom.~

Joel: You know, I don't understand. What could they have been looking for?

Blair: I don't know. (picks up a picture from the ground) Take a look at this. Jim's old army ranger unit.

Joel: Hmm.

Blair: Wow. Look at that. (points to the picture, to a man's arm where the same tattoo is) Right there.

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Rafe enters with a paper and hands it to Simon.~

Rafe: Captain? This just came off the fax.

Simon: Thanks, Rafe.

Rafe leaves. Phone rings and Simon answers it.

Simon: Banks.

Blair: Simon, this is Blair. I got picture of the guy they found in the car. He's from Jim's army ranger unit seven years ago in Peru. And he's got the same tattoo. His first name is Sam. It can't be that difficult to find out his last.

Simon It's Holland... Sam Holland. We ran his prints through the FBI computer. Works for a Florida-based import company named Graf Technologies.

A man enters the office.

Cameron: Captain Banks?

Simon: Hang on a second, Sandburg. (to man) Is there something I can do for you?

Cameron: Yes. Special Agent Tom Cameron -- FBI. I have a federal order authorizing me to pick up the body of Sam Holland and all personal effects.

Simon: Sandburg, I'm going to have to call you back. (hangs up) What the hell is this all about?

Cameron: Sorry, Captain, I'm not authorized to say.

Simon: You're not authorized to say. Look... one of my detectives is missing and this guy is somehow involved. His body is evidence.

Cameron: I understand your problem, but a federal warrant supersedes local authority.

Simon: I know that, I... Can't you at least tell me what the hell is going on?

Cameron: At this time, we've been told to keep a lid on it. All I can say is it involves national security. Now, if you'll just point out the body, I'll be out of your hair.

Simon: The morgue is in the basement. I'll see that my people give you full cooperation.

Cameron: Thank you, Captain.

Cameron leaves and phone rings again.

Simon: What?!

Blair: Simon, this is Blair again.

Simon: Not now, all right? I have problems here!

Blair: Well, I think I might have the answers. This Holland guy, I bet he was involved in covert ops somehow.

Simon: Yeah. I know. The feds are here right now picking up the body.

Blair: What are they doing that for?

Simon: It's classified. Look, I will call you later, okay? (hangs up)

~Cut to loft.~

Blair: Some guy out of Jim's past shows up out of the blue. He's dead, Jim's missing and now the feds are down at the morgue taking his body. This is all a little too cloak-and-dagger for me, man.

Joel: You've been reading too many mysteries, my friend.

Blair starts to dial again.

Joel: Don't call him back.

Blair: I'm calling a buddy at the university. (into phone) Jack Kelso, please.

Joel: That CIA whistle-blower in the Brackett case?

Blair: That's the one. If this is covert ops, he'll put it together for us.

Phone conversation goes between Jack (in his university office) and Blair.

Kelso: Jack Kelso.

Blair: Hey, Jack, this is Blair.

Kelso: What can I do for you?

~Cut to Jim and Tanya.~

Jim: They were after a friend of mine named m Holland. You know him? (pause) How about an army colonel named Norman Oliver? Does that name ring a bell?

Tanya: Leave me alone!

Jim: Look, Tanya...if we could trust each other here a little bit, it would really help me to try to get us out of here.

Tanya: You think you can do that?

Jim: I don't know. Maybe.

~Cut to loft. Joel is at the table, eating. Blair is cleaning up. He picks up a bowl to move it into the kitchen.~

Joel: Whoa. Where you going with that?

Blair: Joel, you've had three bowls.

Joel: Yeah. It's really good chili. It's made with ostrich meat?

Blair: Yep. It's low in fat, low in cholesterol, but that doesn't mean you have to eat the whole bird. (goes into kitchen)

Phone rings and Blair answers it.

Blair: Hello?

Kelso: Blair... Jack Kelso. I just got some really interesting information.

Blair: Great! What?

Kelso: Not over the phone, all right? I have an appointment at the student union in a couple minutes. Why don't we meet out front afterwards? Say, half an hour?

Blair: Yeah, okay. I can do that. (hangs up, looks over at Joel) What's a matter, Joel, that bird coming back up on you?

Joel: Yep. You got some bi-carb or something?

Blair: Yeah. In the bathroom.

Joel goes into bathroom. Blair grabs his coat leaves the loft.

~Cut to university. Day. Blair and Kelso meet outside the student union. Harley and Crisp are in their van are watching them.~

Crisp: (into radio) Jack Kelso's been talking to Langley, making inquiries about Sam Holland. Yes, sir, we've got him under surveillance.

Harley: Guess who just joined the party? Ellison's roommate, Sandburg.

~Cut to Blair and Kelso.~

Kelso: Come up to my office. There's some stuff on my computer you've got to look at.

Blair: Okay.

Kelso: You were right about Holland. Seven years ago, he was supposed to be with Ellison on that army mission in Peru, but he got sick, dropped out. And then shortly after, he left the service, went to work for Florida-based company called Graf Technologies -- which, by the way, is a CIA front.

Blair: Covert ops -- I knew it!

Kelso: Graf Technologies is run by Colonel Norman Oliver -- longtime company guy. I remember meeting him once in 'Nam. He was a sniper -- best I ever saw. He could shoot a man out of a tree at 1200 yards.

~Cut to Harley opening the back of the van and aiming outside with a long sniper rifle.~

~Cut back to Blair and Kelso.~

Kelso: And get this! Oliver was the CIA contact who provided Ellison and his team with their intelligence for the mission.

Blair: Which landed them right in the middle of the insurgence where they got shot down.

Kelso: And when Ellison got rescued eighteen months later, he put the blame on Oliver for the screw-up. Oliver has hated his guts ever since.

Blair: Of course.

Harley starts shooting. Blair pushes Jack behind a short wall on a pathway, dumping him out of his wheelchair as they both duck.

Harley: Go!

Van speed off.

Blair gets up and reaches over to Jack, pulling him over

Blair: Jack! Jack, you okay? Jack... (sees that Jack has been shot and is unconscious) Oh, god. Hey, somebody get an ambulance! Somebody, please get an ambulance, now! Oh, god! Oh, god!

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hospital. Kelso in a bed. Joel and Blair watching through a window. Simon comes up to them.~

Simon: The doctor says none of Kelso's internal organs were hit. He should be out of the woods in a couple of days -- which is more than I can say for you.

Blair: Come on, Simon, I was worried about Jim. Besides, I was right about Holland. He was involved with Jim in covert ops in Peru. Then there's this other guy, Colonel Oliver...

Cameron comes up behind them. A doctor follows him, bringing along a gurney.

Cameron: Captain Banks.

Simon turns to face Cameron.

Simon: Agent Cameron. I had a feeling you'd be showing up.

Cameron: I've been ordered to place Mr. Kelso under protective custody. We'll move him to a safer location.

Blair: What for?

Cameron: Well, somebody tried to kill him.

Simon: Uh-huh. And who exactly would that be?

Cameron: I'm not at liberty to say. (crosses his arms)

Simon: (crosses his arms) Well, until you are, he stays right here.

Cameron: No, I don't think so. (heads over to Kelso's door)

Joel moves over to stand in front of the door.

Cameron: Oh, come on. (goes back to Simon) I can get an order.

Simon: Then do it. I don't see a federal crime here and until I do, this is still my jurisdiction.

Cameron leaves.

Simon: You know, Sandburg, you might just be right. I haven't had this much dialogue with the government since I got audited.

~Cut to Jim and Tanya. Jim hops over to stand in front of chain-link door, putting his hands up to the door.~

Jim: Why don't you see if you can loosen the straps somehow?

Tanya: There's no way -- it's got to be cut. (it's plastic)

Jim: If there were some way I could break the housing on that light... (feels combination lock on door) Give me a second.

Tanya: What are you doing?

Jim: Just... I need some quiet. (unlocks combo lock)

Tanya: (opens door) How did you do that?

Jim: The best way to catch a thief is to learn his techniques. I used to work in burglary. Now if we could just...break that housing somehow...

Tanya: It's pretty high.

Jim: Maybe you can get on my shoulders.

Tanya: Oh, no, wait, wait, wait, wait. (undoes his belt and pulls it out) It's not what you think, Jim.

Jim: I trust you.

Tanya uses belt to hit the glass casing on the light.

Jim: Nice shot.

Tanya picks up a piece of glass and uses it to saw at the plastic tie holding Jim's hands together.

Jim: So how are you connected with all this?

Tanya: I work for Graf Technologies. Sam Holland is my supervisor.

Jim: And Holland worked for Oliver. So this whole thing is a front for the CIA? Are you an agent?

Tanya: No, I'm just a secretary.

Jim: Whew. (pulls hands in front of him and starts rubbing his wrists) Thanks. Are you going to be able to tell me why they were after Sam?

Tanya: Well, have you ever heard of Ben Chavez?

Jim: I think... yeah. I heard of him on the news. He was that D.E.A. agent that, uh, infiltrated the Cali cartel, right? (sits down to work on the tie around his ankles)

Tanya: Well, last week Sam was in Oliver's office. He noticed Chavez's file on Oliver's desk -- a classified D.E.A. document unlikely to have been circulating at the agency. Oliver claimed a courier delivered it by mistake and was returning to pick it up. Two days later, Chavez's cover is blown. Sam goes ballistic on Oliver. Accuses him of selling out Chavez. Then that night, somebody jumped me in my driveway, stuck a needle in my arm, and I woke up here.

Jim: Well, how long after did I come in?

Tanya: One, maybe two days. What do you know?

Jim: (stands up) I knew Holland and Oliver in the service. (goes over to examine doors) Last night, or at least I think it was last night, Sam called me and said he needed help. It had something to do with Oliver. Said he'd gotten in too deep and he didn't know how to get out. All hell breaks loose, and...I don't know whether he's dead or alive.

Tanya: What about Chavez?

Jim: Like I said, I only know what I saw on the news and what you told me right now, but I'm sure this is all connected to Oliver and Holland somehow.

~Cut to Blair and Simon entering Kelso's office. Still day.~

Simon: You said Kelso wanted to show you something on his computer.

Blair: Don't we need a warrant or something?

Simon: This office is part of the university, right?

Blair: Yeah.

Simon: You're a university employee. (sits down at Kelso's computer) Well, you're consenting to the search. No warrant necessary.

Blair: Yeah.

Simon: All right, let's see what he has. (turns off the screen saver) Someone's already on-line.

Blair: They're sucking the information out by modem!

Simon: Where's the phone line?!

Blair: Uh... here it is. (pulls out phone line) Got it. Simon, what is going on here?

Simon: All of the directories are empty.

Blair: Let me give it a shot.

Simon: Sandburg!

Blair: Please?

Simon gets up.

Blair: Thank you. (sits down)

Blair punches a few keys and another list of files pops up.

Simon: How'd you do that?

Blair: There's some other directories. Look, there's one called "Ellison."

Simon: Right. Let's pull it off.

They put a disk in the computer and start saving the files. Then the files start to vanish off the directory listing.

Blair: Oh, no!

Simon: What? Everything's disappearing in alphabetical order! Whoever called activated a virus.

Simon: Can't you stop it?!

Blair: I'm trying! Come on... Come on. It's gone.

Simon: How much did we get?

Blair pulls out the disk.

Blair: I don't know. We're going to need another computer and me kind of monster antivirus program to sort it out.

~Cut to Simon and Blair in Simon's car driving down a road.~

Blair: I know this guy. He lives in a cellar with 15 cats, but the man is an absolute genius hacker. (tosses disk into the air)

Simon: Forget it, Sandburg. I don't want any more civilians involved in this. Whatever the hell this is. Stop fooling with that!

Blair: There's no telling what dark agency files are in here. Hey, did you know the CIA had Jim Morrison whacked for backward-masking nuclear secrets in Doors singles? It's a joke. It's... funny...

Simon: I think we picked up a tail. That black van has been following us since we left the university.

Blair turns slowly to stare out the back window.

Simon: Why don't you just wave at him, Sandburg?

Blair: Simon, that's one of the guys who shot at me at the apartment.

Simon: You sure?

Blair: Yeah.

Simon: Okay. (into radio) This is Captain Banks. I need an immediate roadblock and backup at the east end of Channing Street. That's Channing Street.

Simon pulls his car into Channing Street and stops, putting on his hazard lights. Van stops behind him. Simon waves him to go past them. Then Simon pulls out after him, following him. A police car pulls in at the other end of the street. Van screeches to a halt.

Simon: (to Blair) You keep down! (gets out of car)

Crisp gets out the van and faces Simon.

Simon: (gun out and pointed at Crisp) Cascade P.D.! Freeze!

Blair peeks upwards from where he ducked out of sight in the car. Crisp sees him, raises his gun, and fires. Blair ducks back down as two bullets strike the windshield. Simon fires back at Crisp, taking him down. After Crisp is down, Simon looks back into his car at Blair.

Simon: You all right?

Blair: Yeah. I'm all right.

~Cut to Jim and Tanya. Jim is seated against a wall. Tanya is in the caged-off area. Harley opens the room door and enters with a tray of food. He goes over to the caged-off area and picks up the lock, seeing it's open. Jim jumps up and decks him, knocking him out. Jim gets his gun and set of keys, then he and Tanya leave the room, going down the hallway. At a locked door, Jim pauses to find which is the right key.~

Jim: Now, which one are you...?

Tanya strikes Jim on his upper back, stunning him. He falls back against the wall. She grabs the gun and points it at him.

Tanya: Get up.

Jim: Just when we were starting to trust each other. (moves and rolls over to get up, picking up a nail on the ground as he does, palming it)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Harley, Tanya, and another man hauling Jim down the hallway, back to where he'd come from.~

Jim: You people went through a lot of trouble here. Precise operation...phony prisoner to gain my trust -- what else are we going to think of?

Harley handcuffs Jim to a pipe along the wall.

Jim: Are you military or CIA or both? What do you think, I know something?

Man: The on thing you're going to know is a hole in the ground. Let's go.

Jim: And we just started to get along so well.

They leave and Jim starts to work on the cuffs with the nail.

~Cut to forensics lab. Simon and Blair walk with Serena toward her work station.~

Serena: Sounds like somebody inserted a search-and-destroy virus through the modem line, which means any information you've got on this disk could be thoroughly trashed.

Simon: Serena, we have millions of dollars of state-of-the-art equipment. Are you telling me we don't have a retrieval program?

Serena: Yeah, but I just can't guarantee I'll come up with anything. There's a good chance the information on here is useless.

Simon: That is not an option. One person has been murdered. Another is in critical condition. And I have a detective missing. Now that disk is the only lead we have. You better find me something.

Serena: I will do the best I can, Captain.

Simon: Just do your job. (walks away)

Blair: Hey, wait a second. (catches Serena's arm) We know you're under a lot of pressure here, were the first person Simon thought of to bring this to and we're depending on your legendary expertise.

Serena: Okay. Give me a few hours. I'll know more by then.

Blair: Thanks. (goes to join Simon near the door)

Simon: You, uh...!

Blair: Okay, okay.

Simon: Forget it. (walks the rest of the way out)

Blair: Just trying to help out.

~Cut to Simon and Blair in the hallway.~

Blair: Whoo-hoo, Captain, you really know how to massage your staff.

Simon: Look, Sandburg, I don't have time for popularity contests, okay? These guys have been one step ahead of us from the beginning and after that kamikaze on Channing Street, who knows what we're up against?

Blair: Yeah, I know. I mean, that guy knew the second he pulled the trigger, he was dead. (pause) Hey, uh...

Simon: What?!

Blair: Look, Simon, I didn't say anything before, but, I mean, you don't think...?

Simon: You're wondering if Jim is already dead.

Blair: Yeah.

Simon: Whoever these guys are, if they wanted him dead, we would have found his body in that garage. So, at least for the time being, he's probably still alive.

They enter Major Crimes. Joel pulls something from the fax and hands it to Simon as he comes in.

Joel: Hey, Simon, we got an I.D. on the Channing Street shooter.

Simon: Steven Crisp, ex-mercenary, Florida address. Guess who his most recent employer was.

Blair: Wouldn't be Graf Technologies, would it?

Simon: There's hope for you yet.

Blair: CIA cover, mercenaries -- I knew this had something to do with covert operations.

Joel: Wait. There's more. Forensics found this map on the underside of his wallet.

Simon: "Olympia 3300, Chavez 714, Federal building..." What's all this mean?

They enter Simon's office.

Blair: Olympia 3300. Uh, could be an address.

Joel: It's not an address, and it's not a phone number.

Blair: Chavez 714. Chavez, Chavez -- I know that. Ben Chavez, that D.E.A. agent everyone's looking for. It could be him.

Simon: Yeah, maybe. You know, the feds know more about this than they've told us. The FBI's played this close to the vest since they got here.

Blair: Yeah. If it is Chavez, what's the 714 mean?

Joel: The airport's marked. How about an arrival time?

Simon: Or a flight number, locker, or a damn parking space. Taggert, see if you can put together a team on this.

Joel: Done. (leaves)

Simon: You're with me.

Blair: Where are we going?

Simon: To the other place that's marked -- the federal building. If Agent Cameron wants to play games, he's going to have to start dealing from a clean deck.

Blair: Yeah.

~Cut to Blair and Simon entering an office in the federal building.~

Secretary: May I help you?

Simon: Captain Banks, Cascade P.D. (shows his ID) I need to see Agent Cameron.

Secretary: Do you have an appointment, Captain?

Simon: No.

Secretary: I'm afraid that's impossible, Captain. He asked not to be disturbed.

Blair: You don't understand. This is really important.

Secretary: He said no exceptions.

Simon: Well, he damn sure better make one. (moves toward the inner office)

Secretary: Sir! Sir! (gets up and blocks his way)

The inner office door opens and a man steps out -- not the Agent Cameron we knew.

Cameron: Tracy, what's the commotion out here?

Secretary: I told them you were busy, sir.

Simon: Oh, I'm sorry. It's my mistake. I need to talk to Agent Cameron.

Cameron: I'm Agent Cameron. Who the hell are you?

~Cut to Simon and Blair entering forensics lab.~

Blair: If the guy that came here wasn't Cameron, he wasn't even an FBI agent, then who was he?

Simon: I don't know. One of the bad guys?

Blair: And the FBI doesn't even know anything about this.

Simon: Look, I wouldn't be too sure about that. I got the feeling Cameron was holding something back.

Serena comes up to them.

Serena: Captain Banks, I've got something for you. Took a while, but I managed to get this. (shows them a roster of people on her computer screen; she pulls up one picture labeled "Oliver, Norman.")

Simon: I'll be damned.

Blair: It was Colonel Oliver.

Simon: Whatever he's up to, it must be bad to risk impersonating an FBI agent. Thanks a lot, Serena. I appreciate the extra effort.

Serena: You're welcome.

(Simon's cellphone rings)

Simon: Excuse me. (into phone) Banks. When? (to Blair) Kelso just regained consciousness. (into phone) All right, I'm on my way.

~Cut to Jim who is still working on the cuffs. The door starts to open and he hides the nail as Tanya enters.~

Tanya: You miss me, Jim?

Jim: Oh, yeah, like a toothache.

Tanya: Oh, I'm hurt.

Jim: You'll get over it.

Tanya: You know, if circumstances had been different, who knows? We could have shared some, uh, special moments together.

Jim: Oh, stop. I'm starting to get nostalgic.

Tanya: Be a little more grateful, Jim. I voted to keep you alive. now things could have gone the other way.

Jim: But you didn't. 'Cause you still want something so why don't you spit it out?

Oliver enters the room.

Oliver: You know the drill. Full disclosure's got to be earned. Hello, Jim. What's it been, seven years? Given the situation, you look pretty good.

Jim: I knew you would eventually show up, Colonel.

Oliver: Nice to know I never left your thoughts. I apologize for the bait-and-switch with Tanya, but I need to know what Holland gave up.

Jim: You'd be wasting your time. Those half-wits that work for you showed up before Holland told me anything. Why don't we put an end to this do-si-do and get to the bottom line here, Colonel?

Oliver: Okay. It gets down to two words -- two innocuous little words -- Ben Chavez.

~Cut to Kelso's hospital room. Simon and Blair are there, showing him the printouts from his computer.~

Kelso: Yes. That's what I wanted you to see. That was Ellison's team that went into Peru.

Simon: Mr. Kelso, do you have any idea why Colonel Oliver would be in Cascade?

Kelso: I haven't a clue.

Simon: Could there be any connection between him and a man named Ben Chavez?

Kelso: The D.E.A. agent?

Blair: Yeah., we think he's involved with this.

Kelso: For years, there have been rumors about a group of rogue CIA agents working with the Cali cartel. From what my sources have been telling me, Chavez identified those agents, but unfortunately, they found out about him, too, so the cartel ordered Chavez killed.

Simon: Well, if that's true Chavez must have fingered Oliver. That's what this whole thing has been about since the beginning.

Blair: Simon, the map with the airport and the federal building on it. Chavez is coming in from the cold.

Simon: We're gonna have to have to check with all the airlines, see if there's a flight number or arrival time 714 coming in from Central America.

Blair: Right, right. Hey, how would the feds transport Chavez?

Simon: Low-profile motorcade, probably.

Kelso: A motorcade? And Oliver's an expert sniper. It smells like a classic assassination scenario to me.

~Cut to Jim. Harley and the other man are holding on to him while Oliver is filling a needle with a drug. Tanya is there, holding the tray with the drug stuff on it.~

Oliver: There's kind of a poetry to all this, huh, Jim? Just at the moment when Ben Chavez needs to be erased, you come back into my life to help me clean it up.

Jim: Chavez was going to nail you, wasn't he?

Oliver: Oh, he tried but he's way out of his league. I've been doing this too long to get caught, Jim.

Jim: So it was you seven years ago when my team w shot down. It was no intelligence screw-up. You set us up to protect your pipeline, didn't you?

Oliver: Of course I did. What good's a war without a profit?

Jim: So you kill Chavez and you walk away...and now what? You want to do away with me, too?

Oliver: No, not quite. I got better plans for you. Your corpse is going to be found at the scene of the crime with the rifle that kills Ben Chavez in your hands. (gives Jim the injection)

Jim: They'll never believe it.

Oliver: Well, maybe not, but just imagine all the theories -- army vet goes off the deep end, unsuspected cartel assassin,

Jim starts pushing the nail into his thumb.

Oliver: or maybe just a good cop with really bad luck. This puzzle will play out for years, Jim, and I'll be far away before the first piece ever fits.

Shot of blood appearing between Jim's thumb and finger on his hand. Also, he hears Blair speaking about pain from earlier.

Blair: (voiceover) I mean, if pain relievers don't work, what about novocaine at the dentist? Or, for crying out loud, you're having surgery -- what about anesthetics?

Jim: It won't work.

Oliver: I love happy endings. Good-bye, Jim.

Jim falls unconscious.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cascade International Airport. Still the same day. Four agents surround Chavez as they exit the back of the airport and go to a car parked just outside the doors. Two of the men get inside the car with Chavez and they take off.~

~Cut to Oliver's hideaway. Oliver, Tanya, Harley, and other man go down a hallway. The other man pushes Jim in a wheelchair.~

Oliver: Give me five minutes to set up and then bring him up. Once I've taken out Chavez, we'll finish off Ellison. (to Harley and Tanya) You two, no matter what happens, you wait for me by the car behind the building. You got it? All right, people, five minutes. Let's go. (gets in the elevator)

~Cut to Simon and Blair in Simon's car driving. Blair on the phone.~

Blair: Thank you. (hangs up) There was a flight 714 Oceanic Airlines that landed 15 minutes ago.

Simon: The feds would have hustled him right into the car. That means they're already en route. Try Cameron's office again, see if they'll put you through.

Simon's cellphone rings and Blair answers it.

Blair: Oh, hey. (into phone) Captain Simon Banks' phone. This is Blair Sandburg. Hey, Joel. What's up? Got it. (hangs up) "Olympia 3300" was part of an address. It's the old Olympia building at 3300 Bancroft.

Simon: That overlooks the expressway. That's a perfect place for a sniper.

Blair: And Bancroft is, uh, four blocks west of here, Simon.

Simon: (into radio) This is Captain Banks. I want all available units at 3300 Bancroft. Olympia building. (puts his red police light on the dash) Hell with the feds.

Blair: Yeah!

~Cut to Oliver walking onto the roof of the building. He sets down a case, opens it, and starts to assemble and load a sniper rifle. Below, Tanya and Harley exit building and head toward van.~

~Cut to inside of building where the other man opens the elevator and loads Jim (still unconscious in the wheelchair) into the elevator. Once inside, he closes the doors and hits the "up" button. After a few moments, Jim's hand opens and the nail drops to the floor. The man goes over to look and Jim attacks. They fight for a bit in the elevator. Eventually Jim gets the upper hand and knocks the other man unconscious.~

~Cut to the roof. Oliver has the rifle ready. He looks at a paper with the license plate of Chavez's car on it and starts to look for it through the site on the rifle on the expressway. Jim appears in the open entryway to the roof. He has a gun which he aims at Oliver. His eyesight is fuzzy. Oliver gets his site focused on Chavez and starts to pull back the trigger.~

Jim: Oliver, drop your weapon!

Oliver fires, but his bullet goes off somewhere else. Jim fires once, then ducks inside the entryway as Oliver turns the gun toward Jim, firing at him.

~Cut to below.

Tanya: Something's gone wrong. Let's start the car.

Harley and Tanya get into car.~

~Cut to roof.~

Oliver: What's it going to take, Ellison? What's it going to take to put you down?

Jim: I always wondered why I survived the jungle. But now I know.

Jim whips around the corner and takes aim, shooting once and hitting Oliver in the shoulder. The shot sends Oliver off balance and he falls off the roof. He lands on the front of the van and slides off.

Tanya: Go, Harley. Get out of here.

Jim runs over and sees the van leaving. He grabs the sniper rifle, takes off the site, and uses his own sight to aim at one of the back tires. He shoots, the tires blows and the van runs into a dumpster. Simon, Blair, and another police car arrive. Simon gets out of his car and goes over to the van, pulling Tanya out and pushing her against the side of the van.

Simon: Come on, out of the car! Where is he? Where is he?! You have exactly three seconds to tell me where Jim Ellison is.

Blair: Simon. (looks upward to the roof where Jim is watching)

Simon: (follows Blair's sight to see Jim as well and shoves Tanya to the other officer) Get her out of here!

~Cut to next morning. Major Crimes bullpen. Jim and Blair at Jim's desk when Simon walks into the bullpen.~

Simon: Good morning, Johnson.

Johnson: Captain.

Simon: Gentlemen! (joins them at Jim's desk) Good morning!

Blair: Oh, what is wrong with this picture?

Simon: What's wrong with this picture is that you are looking at a man that has just logged 16 hours of hard sleep, so enjoy my good cheer, gentlemen, while it lasts.

Joel comes over.

Joel: Simon... the apologetic and very grateful Agent Cameron -- the real one -- called. He needs to see Jim for one more statement.

Jim: Man, what is it with the feds and paperwork?

Joel: Man, they love you over there.

Jim: Yeah, it's nice to be loved.

Joel: You should have seen these two guys in action, Jim. They really make a great team.

Jim: No kidding. Does this mean I should I be looking for a new partner?

Blair: No.

Simon: No!

Joel leaves and Simon walks a few feet away.

Blair: He actually wasn't too bad once he started using a little finesse in his police work.

Simon: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Excuse me. (comes back over to stand in front of Blair) What did you say?

Blair: Uh, finesse. It works a little better than bullying people.

Simon: Are you saying I don't have finesse?

Blair: No, I'm not coming right out and saying that.

Simon: You know, you're lucky I even brought you along. I should have left your butt in that sub-station holding cell!

Blair: This is exactly what I'm talking about. How do you work with this?

Jim: Ladies, please, come on. You got to pick a better place to fight. I've got some statements to make. Lots of statements. (walks away, pauses by the door)

Simon: You know what, Sandburg? The reason this case was successful is because it was conducted the way we always do.

Blair: Sounds like a little revisionist history here, Simon. (laughs a little)

Simon: (laughs phonily) Revise this! It's Captain Banks to you! (walks away)

Blair: That's right. Okay, Captain.

~ The End ~