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Red Dust

Teleplay by: David Balkan
Story by: Ann Powell and Peter Lance
Directed by: William Gereghty
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Levani (Anton Mayakovsky), Eliza Sroka (Micki Kamerev), Christian Svensson (Sergei Tomsk), Natasha Ivonova (Katria Kamerev), Gillian Barber (Dr. Gladstone), Terry Arrowsmith (Lt. Boyer), Donald Fong (Kim), Gavin Buhr (Nickoli), Bill Croft (Ivan), Robert Saunders (Larabee).

Summary: International gangsters use the Russian emigre community as a conduit for stolen uranium. A shipment is hand-carried into Cascade, where it poses a lethal threat to anyone who comes near it for several minutes. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on February 26, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Blair: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Restaurant. Night. Crowd is singing "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow" to a young woman. A cake with candles all over it is brought out and placed in front of her and another woman. She blows out the candles. At another table across the restaurant, three men watch. One of the men (later known as Mayakovsky) calls over a waiter.~

Mayakovsky: The birthday celebration...send them a bottle. Something expensive. And make sure they know it's from me.

Waiter: Yes, sir.

~Pan back to birthday table.~

Micki: To you, Katrina. My baby sister. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to follow.

Katrina: Many more will follow. My time is just beginning.

They toast glasses. A few moments later, the waiter brings over the bottle of champagne. He motions behind Katrina to Mayakovsky and his men.

Micki: Thank him for us.

The waiter walks away.

Micki: You pig.

~Pan to Mayakovsky.~

Mayakovsky: What time?

Man: 11:30. He is late.

Mayakovsky: He'll be here. Where else is he going to go?

~Pan to doors where a young man (Sergei) enters, carrying a silver case. He goes upstairs. Another man comes in behind him, following him up the stairs.~

Man: Happy birthday, Katrina.

Woman: Happy birthday.

Katrina sees Sergei as he nears them.

Katrina: Sergei (gets up to greet him)

Micki: Katrina, no!

Katrina: Sergei. I thought you'd never get here. (touches his face which looks flushed)

Sergei: It took me much longer than I thought.

Katrina: Are you okay?

Sergei: Yeah. Go back to the table. Let me do this.

Sergei heads over to Mayakovsky's table. As he approaches, the other man who had followed him, comes up behind him, pushes him down, and pulls out a gun. He fires at Mayakovsky's table repeatedly. Mayakovsky's men fire back. Then the shooter takes the silver case and leaves.

~Cut to later. Simon (in a tux) is on the scene as well as several other officers.~

Simon: Everyone take your time. I don't want any mistakes on this. And no one, I repeat, no one gets onto this crime scene without authorization.

Jim and Blair come in and join Simon.

Jim: Captain?

Blair: Oh, ho, nice threads. What are you, moonlighting as a maitre d'?

Simon: I was at a dinner for the commissioner. I got paged while the mayor was in the middle of one of his captivating speeches. Needless to say, it got everyone's attention.

Jim: What happened?

Simon: Oh, he was going on and on about before his re-election...

Jim: I mean here, Simon.

Simon: Yeah, well, some guy came in and shot the place up. We've got two dead. We're lucky there weren't more.

Jim: Witnesses?

Simon: Oh, yeah, plenty of them. You passed them on the way in. But this is little Moscow, remember? Nobody's talking.

Officer: Captain? We'd like to bag them and take them downtown. The sooner we do some autopsies, the sooner you can get some answers.

Jim: Anything you can tell us so far?

Officer: Well, this is really preliminary, but there's something odd about their teeth.

Simon: What about their teeth?

Officer: The fillings -- they're steel and they're crudely placed. Not exactly the kind of work that would give you a perfect smile.

Jim: He was in a gulag. Probably a guard.

Blair: What are you, working on your sixth sense, Jim?

Jim: A guy I knew in the CIA told me about someone he was interrogating one time. This guy had a mouth full of steel fillings. All courtesy of the Russian prison system.

Blair: Tough way to get a dental plan.

Simon: Well, if both of these victims were guards, this could be some sort of payback, getting even.

Jim: A lot of fire power. Could be a mob hit.

Blair: Like the Russian mafia? It doesn't make sense, Jim. Why do it in a public place?

Jim: Keeps everybody in line. Everybody's too terrified to talk.

Simon: Whatever it is, we need answers. (his pager goes off) I've got to call the mayor. You keep me posted. I don't want any surprises. (walks off)

Jim: (to officer) Let me know as soon as you come up with a report, okay?

Officer: Got it. Bag 'em, boys.

~Cut to another part of restaurant. Micki is talking to an officer.~

Micki: I told you everything we saw. How much longer are you going to keep us?

Jim comes up to them.

Jim: As long as necessary. This is a murder investigation. I'll take it over from here. Thank you. I'm Detective Ellison. This is my associate, Blair Sandburg. And you would be...?

Micki: Micki Kamerev. Look, we were here to celebrate my sister, Katrina's, birthday. A man came here and started shooting. That's all we know.

Jim: You ever see him before?

Micki: No, he was a stranger.

Jim: What did he look like?

Micki: Six feet, 200 pounds, brown hair.

Jim: Any scars, tattoos?

Micki: I don't know. I don't remember. Everything happened so fast.

Jim: How about the rest of you? Anybody see anything?

Katrina: I was having a party. I don't know what happened.

Blair: We're just trying to get information, but if you don't feel comfortable speaking here, maybe we can go someplace private.

No one says anything.

Jim: Why don't I give you my card. If you or anybody else remembers anything, please don't hesitate to call me.

Jim and Blair walk away.

Blair: Jim, they're scared. They don't trust us. I mean, the last cops they talked to were probably KGB.

Jim: They're not in Mother Russia anymore. You think this is the first time I'm down here? I'm still working on three unsolved homicides.

Blair: All I'm saying is that you got to find some way to break through the barrier.

Micki comes up behind them.

Micki: Detective Ellison! I am the editor of a neighborhood newspaper. People talk to me, so if I find out anything, I'll be in touch.

Jim: Thank you.

Micki: Thank you.

Blair: From Russia with love, I'd say.

Jim looks past Blair, staring at something. Blair looks to see what he's looking at. Jim walks past him.

Blair: Or not.

Jim puts on a glove and picks up something metal from the ground.

Jim: It's warm.

Blair: It is kind of hot in here.

Jim: No, not...the room. This. My fingers are tingling.

~Cut to Simon's office. Day. Jim, Blair, and Simon, who is on the phone.~

Simon: You're sure about this? Your tests couldn't be wrong? I know you know your job. It just wasn't the answer I was expecting. All right. This information is need-to-know. Until I decide how to handle this, I don't want anybody down there talking about it. All right. Yeah, I'll let you know. (hangs up) That hot little charm you found? It's radioactive.

Blair: Radioactive? You mean like Chernobyl radioactive?

Simon: It's not dangerous but enough to get readings. You think this has anything to do with the shooting?

Jim: I don't know. I mean, you know what people are like down there. They won't talk.

Simon: You better start shaking the tree. If I don't get some answers, I'm gonna have to give this to the feds and once they get in there, we'll be playing catch-up.

Jim: I'll get some answers, Simon. (he and Blair start to leave)

Simon: Jim. Don't take too long. This one has hair on it.

Blair: What'd he mean by "hair"?

They leaves office.

~Cut to Jim and Blair driving in Expedition and parking outside Micki's newspaper office. They walk toward the door.~

Blair: That's wild.

Jim: What?

Blair: That sign -- it's the name of the paper. (sign is in Russian) Must be a play on words.

Jim and Blair go inside.

Micki: I thought you'd give me a little more time. I have nothing else to tell you.

Jim: Well, I have something to show you. Do you recognize this? (shows her the metal charm)

Blair goes over to look at other counter.

Micki: No, should I?

Jim: It's radioactive.

Micki: And you think I know something about it?

Jim: I think you can help me and you're not. This came very close to something hot from radiation. And so did whoever that was wearing it. It may have something to do with the shooting.

Micki: What's the expression? "Grasping at straws"?

Jim: Even if it is a coincidence, someone may be very sick. Your sister, a friend, perhaps.

Blair: It's "The Rumor."

Micki: Excuse me?

Blair: The name of your paper, it's "The Rumor," right?

Micki: Very good, Mr. Sandburg. I'm impressed.

Blair: I know a little bit about the Slavic languages. But why do you call your newspaper "The Rumor"? It's kind of a contradiction in terms, isn't it?

Micki: Actually, it's more of a reminder than anything else. Where I come from, we didn't have a free press. Our truth came from rumors. The world might have changed, but we still remember how it was like. Does that answer your question?

Blair: Oh, yeah. Absolutely. So maybe there's a rumor that you've heard that might help us.

Micki: I told you -- I don't know anything.

Blair: But we don't need anything concrete. Just something to get us started. I mean, after all, we are talking about rumors, right?

Micki: There's this boy... He's my sister's friend. They like the same music, the same lifestyle. He thinks he's living the American dream. He was there last night. I think that's his bracelet.

Jim: What's his name?

Micki: Sergei Tomsk.

Blair: Tomsk... Why do I know that name?

Micki: You might find him here. (writes something down and hands it to Jim)

Jim: Thank you.

They leave.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in a tenement building. Jim is showing Sergei's name around. No one is listening or talking to either him or Blair.~

Jim: Excuse me, gents. I'm looking for this man, Sergei Tomsk. Do you know him? This man's supposed to live here.

Blair: Hey, hey, this is really important. This guy could be really sick, here.

Jim: Sergei...

Blair: Ma'am, we're only trying to help, okay?

Jim: Miss, if we could just have a second... Maybe another time.

Blair: We'll get back to you.

They go back and stand in the lobby area.

Blair: All right, let's forget about them and work with what we have here.

Jim: Which is what?

Blair: Your senses. Now, if this guy Sergei's here, he's probably leaving a trail of hot spots.

Jim: Quite the optimist. Say, would you...?

Blair: Hey, forget about him. Metal's a good conductor.

They go over to a set of inset mailboxes and Jim starts to run his hands over them.

Jim: It's quite a reach, here, Chief.

Blair: You getting anything?

Jim: I'm not sure. This is not an exact science. (stops on a box)

Blair: Yeah?

Jim: This one's hot.

Blair: Yeah, some reach.

Jim: 208, second floor.

~Cut to Jim and Blair on the second floor, heading for room 208.~

Blair: What we're witnessing here is two very different and distinct cultures bombarding each other in a cataclysmic space. Kind of like, you know, critical mass.

Jim: And when things reach critical mass, don't they usually explode?

Blair: Yeah.

They reach 208 and Jim tries the doorknob.

Jim: Hmm.

Blair: Is it hot?

Jim: Yeah, like a toaster. (uses his coat to handle the knob, then knocks) Cascade P.D. Open up!

They enter the apartment. Loud rock music is blaring. Jim winces and holds his ears as they go down the hallway. Blair, on the other hand, smiles and nods his head in time to the beat. They enter a bedroom to mind Sergei and Katrina making out (both mostly nude) on the bed. Jim goes over and turns off the stereo. They stop and turn to look.

Jim: (holding out his badge) Sorry to break up the party, folks. I know you you don't know me, but I'm Detective Ellison, Cascade P.D., and you must be Sergei.

Katrina: He didn't do anything.

Jim: I didn't say that he did. (shows the bracelet) I think you dropped this last night.

Sergei: No, it's not mine. Uh, I don't know what you're talking about.

Jim: So these number sevens must just be some cosmic accident, right?

Katrina: How did you find us?

Jim: Your sister. She's worried about you.

Katrina: She has no right.

Sergei: Okay, it's my bracelet, but if this is about shooting, I have no idea who did it or why.

Jim: We'll talk about that later. Right now, I want you two to get dressed. We're going down to the emergency room.

Sergei: Why?

Jim: This bracelet is contaminated. It's radioactive and you two need to be examined. Please.

Katrina wraps the sheet around herself and leaves the room. Sergei has boxers on. Jim wanders into the next room. Blair stays where he is and talks to Sergei.

Blair: So that band you were listening to when we came in, that's Dread, right?

Sergei: You like them?

Blair: I'm a big fan -- especially their Frankfurt concert.

Sergei: Oh, I was there.

Blair: Oh, get out of here. You were there when they recorded that?

Sergei: I have CD, bootlegged out of Germany. Listen to this. (turns on the stereo again)

Blair: Hey, that's great.

Jim: Sandburg, this is getting a little painful.

Blair: Come on, Jim, just one more minute. Relax! This is great, man

Katrina comes back, all dressed, and stands near Jim. Music is still playing.

Jim: All right, you're next. Let's go.

Sergei leaves to get dressed.

Jim: We're doing this for your own good.

Katrina: Yes, I know. Everyone is always worrying about my own good. Especially my sister.

Jim: Well, you're lucky. Your sister cares for you. (starts to try to listen to something) Cut the music!

Blair turns off the music, then Jim takes off down the hallway.

Blair: Don't worry about that. He does it all the time. You get used to it.

Jim goes down the hallway and knocks on bathroom door.

Jim: Sergei?

When there is no answer, he forces the door open and goes inside. Sergei isn't there and the window is open. Jim checks outside -- he's gone.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Same day. Simon, Jim, and Blair walking down hallway outside the bullpen.~

Jim: We searched his place and found a passport. Sergei's been traveling.

Simon: Where?

Jim: Mostly Europe, Eastern block.

Simon: And you think he has radiation poisoning?

Jim: Possibly.

They enter bullpen.

Blair: Or at least been exposed to radioactive material.

Simon: From what and where? In Russia?

Jim: Till we find the kid, I can't tell you.

Simon: What about this woman? Katrina something?

Jim: Kamerev. She's at Mercy General. They're running some tests on her right now. That's all I've got; I'll know more later.

They go into Simon's office.

Simon: I've g something for you. The two victims from last night's shooting -- we ran their prints through Interpol. We came up with a match -- both are street thugs with active warrants. It's like a buffet: drugs, smuggling, trafficking.

Jim: They connected or free lance?

Simon: The guys are too dumb to be free lance. They work for this man -- Anton Mayakovsky. Mayakovsky was on his way to the top of the dog heap when the communists were in control. Lost it all when he fled the new regime. Evidently, he's here to reestablish a power base.

Jim: Hmm. You think he's in Cascade?

Simon: Either that or his victims had a new employer. Question is, does he connect with your guy Sergei?

Blair: "Tomsk."

Simon: You're welcome.

Blair: No, "Tomsk." Forbidden city. That's it.

Simon: What are you talking about?

Blair: Sergei's name, I remember it from a lecture on microcosmic societies -- you know, a society within a society.

Simon: I'm sure there's a point to all of this.

Blair: Tomsk is the name of a city -- one of the seven cities, actually. That's why the number seven. You see, these cities are where the Soviets made their most potent nuclear weapons. There was leaks, lots of accidents. It got so dangerous that they evacuated everybody and sealed off all the cities. But it's not unusual for an immigrant to take on the name of his home city. That's why he calls himself Tomsk -- it's where he's from.

Simon: I have no idea how he knows all this. If he's right, there's no telling what he could have brought out with him. I don't know what you have to do, Jim, but I want this guy found and found fast.

Jim: Right. We'll see you.

~Cut to hospital. Jim and Blair exit elevator to see Micki standing in hallway. They join her.~

Jim: Hi.

Micki: They won't let me see her.

Jim: They're running a lot of tests. You'd just be in the way.

Micki: What about Sergei? Did you find him?

Jim: Not yet, but we will. Do you know where Sergei was from in the Soviet Union?

Micki: I hardly knew him.

Blair: Come on, your sister and he were a lot more than friends. She must have told you something.

Jim: Does the number seven ring a bell?

Micki: Why are you pushing this?

Blair: 'Cause right now we need information. And you're the only one that's talking to us.

Dr. Gladstone (a woman) comes up to them.

Gladstone: Miss Kamerev? I'm Dr. Gladstone.

Micki: My sister?

Gladstone: She's had a heavy dose of radiation poisoning. When we were examining her, she spiked a high fever. We gonna have to bring that down.

Jim: I'm Detective Ellison. When can I see the patient?

Gladstone: Not until she stabilizes.

Blair: When do you think that'll be?

Gladstone: 24 hrs, maybe a bit longer. (leaves)

Jim: Listen, if you know something, you've got to tell me.

Blair: Micki, please. If you're trying to protect someone, you're not doing them any good. You could be jeopardizing their life right now.

Micki: It's complicated. My sister and I see the world very differently. The night of the party Sergei came in, and he was carrying a briefcase.

Blair: Do you know what was in it?

Micki: No.

Jim: What did it look like?

Micki: Metal. He was going to give it to a man named Anton.

Jim: Mayakovsky. I-I know him. Did Mayakovsky take the briefcase?

Micki: No. The man who did the shooting grabbed it.

Jim: Well, do you know where I could find this Mayakovsky?

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck driving along road. Same day.~

Jim: Whatever was in that briefcase was worth killing someone for.

Blair: It could have been anything, drugs, counterfeit money, security secrets. It doesn't have to be radioactive.

Jim: But Sergei had it, and we know he's been contaminated.

Blair: I keep trying to imagine where... where he'd go, what he'd be doing.

Jim: And...?

Blair: I don't know. It's bugging me. It's like we know the answer, but we're not looking at it.

Jim: Sounds like your brain's working overtime. I mean, he could be anywhere.

Blair: No, we are creatures of habit. There's definitely a pattern here, Jim. Do me a favor. Drop me off at home. I got an idea I gotta follow up on.

Jim: All right, but I want you to be careful. We don't know how desperate this guy is or what he's capable of doing So just stay alert.

~Cut to boxing in a building. Mayakovsky is sparring with another man who has a knife.~

Mayakovsky: Come on, come on! Come on, come on. Come on, man, you have the knife, so use it.

Man lunges. Mayakovsky punches him and shoves him back

Mayakovsky: Huh?

More lunging and fighting.

Mayakovsky: You fight like a bitch.

Man lungs and Mayakovsky takes him down to the floor, holding the knife to his throat.

Mayakovsky: Never let your opponent dictate your emotions.

Jim: Easier said than done.

Mayakovsky turns to see Jim outside the ring.

Mayakovsky: I never said it was easy. (goes over to Jim) Do we know each other?

Jim: Not yet. (shows his badge)

Mayakovsky: Mmm. What do you want, Detective?

Jim: I'm looking for him. (shows Sergei's passport)

Mayakovsky: He means nothing to me.

Jim: He was at a cafe the other night. He had a metal case and he was there to give it to you. He was relieved of it by somebody else and in the process, they killed two of your men. Is any of this coming back to you now?

Mayakovsky: I think you have me confused with someone else.

Jim: I don't think there's any confusion. See, I don't know what you're involved with yet, but I know you're in it up to your eyeballs. We'll see each other again. (leaves)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Blair getting into the truck. Day. Jim picking him up. They start driving.~

Jim: Okay, Professor Darwin, what's this big discovery?

Blair: I was doing a little surfing on the net and the countries that Sergei visited. There's a common denominator. The Dread.

Jim: The Dread.

Blair: Yeah. They played in the same countries, the same dates that Sergei was there.

Jim: Are you saying this guy is some sort of rock groupie?

Blair: No, no, I'm saying the band originated in East Berlin. They know what it's like to be repressed. And I think he feels their music speaks for him.

Jim: You might be right. But what does that give us?

Blair: A lot! The lead singer's doing a one-nighter at a local club. And I'll bet you anything that Sergei will be there.

Jim: But why would he take the risk? He knows that we're looking for him.

Blair: Jim, his whole life has been a risk. Besides, I don't think he's counting on us being there. At least not you.

Jim: Great.

~Cut to club. Night. Dread's lead singer is singing. Music is loud. Lots of flashing lights. Tons of people bouncing away to the music. Jim and Blair enter. Jim winces, holding his ears. One of Mayakovsky's men enters from another door, unnoticed by them, also looking for Sergei. Jim sees Sergei at the second level of the club. He and Blair head up to him. Sergei sees them and runs. Jim and Blair chase him. Mayakovsky's men chases also. Sergei exits out the back door into an alley way. A car comes from the opposite direction. A man on a motorcycle pulls around next to Sergei. Sergei looks relieved. Jim and Blair exit the building. The man pulls out a gun. Jim looks behind him, sees Mayakovsky's man. He grabs Blair and shoves him out of the way as the two men exchange gunfire. Mayakovsky's man goes down. Sergei gets on the motorcyle and they take off. Jim and Blair get up and watch motorbike leave.~

Jim: You okay?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Jim goes over to check the other man.

~Cut to next morning. Jim and Blair pull up outside Micki's newspaper office. Jim watches another car (with darkened windows) that is parked in front of office.~

Blair: What's wrong?

Jim: The car.

Blair: What about it?

Jim uses his sight to cut through darkened windows to see Mayakovsky talking to Micki. He listens to conversation.

Micki: Too much has happened already.

Mayakovsky: You better find me that case. Now get out!

Micki gets out of car.

Blair: Who was she with?

Jim: Mayakovsky.

Blair: Mayakovsky?

Jim pulls the truck up a little further, and gets out to talk to Micki.

Jim: You know, if he's leaning on you, I can help.

Micki: What are you going to do, arrest him? Arrest him for what? You don't know what he's done.

Jim: We'll find out.

Micki: By then it will be too late. You're a nice man, Detective Ellison, and I believe you really do want to help, but you can't. No one can. (goes inside her office)

Jim goes back to the passenger side of the truck. Cellphone rings.

Blair: That looked like it went real well.

Jim: (takes phone from Blair's hand) Give me that. Ellison. When? All right, I'm on my way.

~Cut to hospital. Simon is waiting in the hallway as Jim and Blair come in.~

Simon: Hey!

Jim: How is he?

Simon: Alive... barely. He's got enough juice in him to light up a city.

Blair: We've got to talk to him, Simon. We got to find out what he knows.

Simon: Sandburg, you always did have a firm grasp of the obvious

Dr. Gladstone comes up to them.

Gladstone: You should have given me more information, Detective. Maybe I would've had a leg up on this.

Jim: I don't have more information. That's why I'm here.

Gladstone: We're dealing with a very sick man.

Simon How sick?

Gladstone: You want a rundown? Okay. Severe internal bleeding, endotoxins leaking into his abdominal cavity, infections, septicemia, and massive bone marrow destruction. This is scary stuff. We've isolated him in a wing we don't use anymore.

Jim: I need to talk to him.

Gladstone: Didn't you hear what I said? He's disintegrating.

Jim: And there'll be more like him. Whatever he came in contact with is still out there. I need to find it before somebody else does.

Gladstone: We're working in a clean room. You're going to have to suit up.

~Cut to a hospital room. Gladstone and Jim enter, both suited up.~

Gladstone: Any change?

Man: Still the same. BP's in the cellar and he keeps going into v-tach.

Gladstone: I want a set of lytes drawn. 100 milligrams lidocaine. Start lidocaine drip stat.

Patient wakes up, gasping.

Patient: Get out! Hold him down. Is not safe! Too much! Is not safe! Is too much! Too much!

They get him to lay down.

Man: BP's falling. We're losing him.

Gladstone: Damn! He's going into v-fib. One milligram epi. Stat!

Man: Right.

Gladstone: Nothing. Paddles. Fast, damn it. Charge. Clear. Let's do it again. Charge. Clear.

Man: He's flatline.

Gladstone looks at Jim. Jim leaves.

~Cut to Jim exiting room. He takes off the scrubs. Simon and Blair waiting for him. They walk down the hallway.~

Jim: He didn't make it.

Blair: Well, who was he?

Jim: One of the guys we saw last night when we were chasing Sergei. He was the one on the motorcycle.

Simon: I think that guy's your shooter from the other night.

Jim: What makes you think that?

Simon: When the EMT found him, he was carrying an uzi. Now I got the report from ballistics. It matches the slugs taken from two DOA's.

Jim: Hold this. (hands Blair his jacket so he can put on his sweater) Maybe that's what he was doing at the club. He went there to meet Sergei, so he could deal with that briefcase.

Simon: Look, Jim, I have got to call in the NRC on this. They have special teams standing by. They can have somebody here in a few hours.

Jim: I just need a little more time.

Simon: Will you take a look around? We are out of time!

Jim: Listen to me. That girl, Micki Kamerev...whatever her name is, she knows something. I know it. I think I can get her to talk to me, but if the feds come in on this one, se's going to clam up.

Simon: I hate it when you do this. Look, you have a few hours. Nail down whatever leads you can, but I have to make the call, Jim. My hands are tied.

Jim: Mine aren't.

Jim and Blair leave.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. A man knocks on Simon's door.~

Simon: Come!

Boyer: Captain, I'm Lieutenant Michael Boyer.

Simon: Oh, Lieutenant Boyer. Welcome. Grab yourself a seat there.

Boyer: Let me say this off the get-go. I'm not here to step on your toes, but, for all the obvious reasons, the NRC is very nervous about this.

Simon: Well, sir, my toes are just fine. Why don't we get down to it, hmm?

Boyer: Okay. We did an analysis of the particles that were found on the victim's clothes. We're dealing with PU 239.

Simon: I'm afraid you had me there, Lieutenant. I only got a gentleman's "C" in physics. Could you put it in layman's terms?

Boyer: It's a high-grade plutonium. We think they ground it down into a powder state.

Simon: Does that make it more volatile?

Boyer: Not volatile, but dangerous. If it were to be leaked into the atmosphere, it would be catastrophic. One speck of PU 239 is lethal. Who's the detective working on the case?

Simon: That would be Jim Ellison. He's one of my best men.

Boyer: I should talk to him then.

Simon: I'm afraid you can't do that right now. He went out for a newspaper.

~Cut to Micki entering her newspaper office. Night. Jim is inside.~

Jim: You should be more careful about locking your back door.

Micki: You frightened me.

Jim: A lot of people are frightened. I talked to Katrina's doctor today and something's bothering me. The complications that she mentioned. (pause) Nothing to say. Okay. The tests that she was waiting for -- they came back. I asked her if you had called to find out what they were and she said you hadn't and I was thinking to myself why wouldn't you call about your own sister? Unless you already knew -- that Katrina had leukemia.

Micki: I don't have to listen to this.

Jim: You have been telling half-truths the whole time. I think you knew what was in that briefcase, but you just didn't say a damn thing.

Micki: How dare you judge me? We are talking about my sister's life.

Jim: And the lives of a lot of other people.

Micki: I don't know... I don't know what's in the case. All I know is that Sergei was going to sell it to Mayakovsky for a lot of money.

Jim: Maybe you should just start at the beginning here.

Micki: The beginning is with my sister. Katrina met Sergei at one of those concerts. She fell in love and everything was wonderful. Then she started getting pains in her joints. She went to the hospital. Had tests. That's when her leukemia was diagnosed.

Jim: Why didn't you say this before?

Micki: I was trying to protect her. A bone marrow transplant costs $250,000. Sergei's going to pay for it.

Jim: Yeah, from what he sells. Did he tell you what his business was?

Micki: I didn't want to know. Katrina's only 23. She's all I have left.

Jim: The other day with Mayakovsky -- what was that about?

Micki: Anton desperately wants what's in the case. He needs it to complete something and because of Katrina, he thought I might know where it is. But I don't and if I did, I would die before I tell him.

Jim's cellphong rings and he answers it.

Jim: Yeah.

~Cut to Blair in the truck behind the newspaper office. Someone is walking down alley carrying a briefcase.~

Blair: Somebody's coming down the alley, Jim. It looks like Sergei, and it looks like he's in pretty bad shape.

A car whips around the corner behind Sergei. Sergei runs.

Jim: Stay right there.

Blair: There's no time.

Blair climbs over into the driver's seat and drives the truck forward, screeching a halt just a few feet before Sergei. The other car screeches to a halt as well and Mayakovsky gets out.

Blair: Sergei, get in! (shoves open the passenger door) Get in!

Sergei moves to get into the Expedition. Mayakovsky shoots him and he falls. Another man gets out of Mayakovsky's car, runs over, grabs the briefcase, and goes back to the car. They leave. Blair gets out and hurries around to the other side of the truck and kneels next to Sergei. Jim and Micki come out into alleyway.

Blair: Don't worry, don't worry. We're going to get help!

Jim: Just settle down a second. Keep him calm.

Micki kneels on Sergei's other side.

Jim: Detective Ellison. I need an ambulance at Market and Seventh. A man has been shot.

Blair: Don't speak, don't speak.

Sergei: No. You must know. Anton needs more plutonium.

Jim: Why?

Sergei: He's selling it. A man named Kim, North Korean...but he doesn't have enough.

Jim: The shooting at the café. What was that?

Sergei: Made it like I was being robbed. I was going to sell directly to Kim. All set up, meet tomorrow.

Jim: Where?

Sergei: Dock area near airport. Katrina got sick because I exposed her to radiation. This was my way to help. (moves to get something)

Blair: Wait, wait. Don't move. I'll get it. (pulls out backpack and hands it to Jim)

Jim opens backpack to show two canisters of PU 239. Sergei looks up at Micki, says something in Russian, and then dies. Micki leans her face on his.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office. Simon, Jim, Blair, Micki, and Boyer.~

Jim: This is how I think it stacks up: Kim wants to build a nuclear bomb. He's buying the plutonium from our friend Mayakovsky, but Mayakovsky doesn't have enough. He's still missing two containers. He, uh... can't make his big payday until he delivers the rest of his goods.

Blair: Don't you have enough to arrest Mayakovsky right now?

Jim: Yeah, but we still need Kim.

Blair: Why?

Simon: Because we don't know which one of them has the rest of the plutonium.

Jim: Right. And if it's Kim, sooner or later, he'll find enough to finish his little project.

Simon: Jim, so what's the next move?

Boyer: We set a trap. As far as Kim knows, he's still meeting Sergei. We know it's at a dock area near an airstrip. This is the only one it could be -- here. It's a health resort but it's off-season.

Simon: I know that place. They use it for hovercraft tours. It has access to, air.

Blair: Wait a minute. I hate to be a drag but for this plan to work, Mayakovsky's got to show up. And without the containers he doesn't have anything to sell.

Boyer: I thought about that. We need someone Mayakovsky will trust. Someone he believes will sell out to him.

~Cut to Micki on the phone with Mayakovsky. Simon's office still.~

Micki: I have the plutonium.

Mayakovsky: How did you get ?

Micki: Sergei told me where he hid it before he died. He was going to sell directly to Kim. I'm going to take his place and I will include you. The price is $250,000. Anything over that is yours.

Mayakovsky: And why this sudden show of generosity?

Micki: Katrina is sick. I need the money for an operation.

Mayakovsky: You still haven't told me why you need me.

Micki: Because I don't know Kim, and...and I can't do this alone. Do we have an agreement or not?

Mayakovsky: Yes, we have an agreement. Where do we meet?

~Cut to docks. Day. Mayakovsky shows up in his car. Kim shows up from a boat. Each has four other men with him. Kim and his men walk over to join Mayakovsky.~

Kim: Where is Sergei?

Mayakovsky: I'm taking his place. I assume the price you negotiated is fair to everyone.

Kim: Where is it?

Mayakovsky: It will be here soon.

Kim: Humph! I don't have time for this game. (turns to leave)

Mayakovsky: Don't let them reach the boat.

Mayakovsky's men stop Kim and his men. Everyone has their guns out and pointed at each other. They all look to one side when Micki, with the silver case of plutonium, exits a building and steps into sight.~

~Cut to inside of building where Simon, Boyer, and a SWAT crew stand ready.~

Simon: Jim, she just went out the door. Can you see her yet?

~Cut to Jim who is watching from the roof of a building on the other side of the dock.~

Jim: Yeah. She's on her way now.

~Cut back to dock. Micki walks over to join them.~

Mayakovsky: Give it to me.

Micki: Let me see the money.

Mayakovsky: You don't dictate to me. I dictate to you. Give it to me! (motions to another man who opens the car and pulls Katrina out into the open)

Micki: Katrina!

Mayakovsky grabs Micki and starts talking in Russian to her, then takes the case away from her.

Mayakovsky: Just give it to me!

The trade is made between Mayakovsky and Kim for the plutonium and the money. Kim and his men start to head back to their boat.

Jim: They've got Katrina. Let's move in! Go! (moves off the roof)

Simon: Now!

SWAT teams move out. Gunfire exchanged between SWAT and Mayakovsky and Kim's men. Mayakovsky grabs Micki and takes off with her. Katrina remains where she is, in the middle of the gunfire. Boyer starts to move out with them, but Simon stops him.

Simon: Hold it! This is my show now. (goes out to join the rest of the SWAT team)

Katrina stands by the car, hunching, whimpering as gunfire flies around her.

Mayakovsky and Micki enter the hovercraft parked by the dock.

Mayakovsky: (to hovercraft driver) You! Sit! Sit! Get us out of here!

Jim comes down and shows up just as Mayakovsky comes out to do one last check. Mayakovsky fires at Jim, making him duck for cover.

Blair tears out of the building and runs for Katrina to get her out of the line of fire.

Simon: Sandburg! Get out of there!

Simon fires at the man behind the car as Blair grabs Katrina and hauls her down.

The hovercraft takes off from the dock. Jim funs out and grabs the rope hanging from the back and skids through the water.

On the dock, all the rest of the bad guys surrender.

Jim climbs up on the hovercraft and goes through a window at the rear of the hovercraft. Mayakovsky fires at him. Micki fights him for the gun. The driver gets shot by mistake. He released the controls and slumps to the side. The hovercraft goes out of control. Mayakovsky tosses Micki aside and goes after Jim. First, he tries to harpoon Jim (Jim gets out of the way), then tries to hit with the harpoon gun. Jim fights back. They struggle. Jim sprays him with the contents of a fire extinguisher, then decks him with the container, knocking him out. Jim then goes forward to check the driver -- he's dead. He sees the hovercraft is heading for a bridge. He gets control of it and stops it.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Micki is coming out of Simon's office. Jim and Blair at Jim's desk; Blair is sitting behind it, Jim is standing in front of it.~

Simon: Good luck, Ms. Kamerev. I'm glad everything worked out.

Micki goes over to Jim.

Micki: Mr. Ellison...your government kept its promise. They will pay for Katrina's bone marrow transplant and any other medical expenses.

Jim: Well, that's the way it should be. You risked your life.

Micki: It wouldn't have happened without you. Thank you. (kisses his cheek) It would be nice someday to see you again.

Jim: That would be nice.

Micki leaves the bullpen, heading for the elevator. Jim watches her as Blair comes around from behind the desk.

Blair: Mr. Ellison... (impersonating Micki)

Jim: Ahh...

Blair: (chuckles) You said you wanted to break down some barriers, man. I think you just did.

Jim: Yeah, we'll see.

Micki gets into the elevator, turns to face Jim again, and waves as the door close.

~ The End ~