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Private Eyes

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Raymond O'Connor (Charlie Spring), Ever Carradine (Greta), Suki Kaiser (Trish Angeloni), Katie Stuart (Gwen Angeloni), Tom Cavanagh ( ), Leigh Taylor-Young (Naomi Sandburg), Jonathan Whittaker (Fred Angeloni), Alex Diakun (Tom Gruenditch), Dean Aylesworth (Chet), Rick Burgess (Tanner), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Patricia Idlette (Ms. Russo), Tamara Stanners (Reporter).

Summary: When Blair's mom comes to town with a psychic friend, a distraught woman recruits him to find her kidnapped child. Ellison's powers and patience are tested --- he wants to reject the psychic's input outright, but Sandburg wonders if his abilities are any less valid than Jim's sensory powers. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on March 26, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Cascade Art Museum. Day. School bus with children getting off. Female teacher is with them.~

Teacher: Remember, boys and girls, stay with the group. They've opened the museum just for us and we have a lot to see in a short time.

~Cut to inside museum. Teacher is talking about a painting.~

Teacher: This kind of modern art is called an abstract. It's how the artist tells a story with shapes and colors And then, we get to fill in the details with our feelings.

Teacher and children continue down the hall. One girl remains behind.

Gwen: This looks like it was painted by a gorilla who needs glasses.

A woman comes up to Gwen before she can join the others.

Greta: Gwen. Hi. I'm Greta. I'm a friend of your mom's. A new friend. Listen, sweetie, I was having lunch today with your mom and she got kind of sick and had to go to the hospital and she told me to come here and get you and take you there.

Gwen: I'll go tell my teacher.

Greta: Uh, no. Um...your mom called the school. They're going to beep her. Listen, honey, I don't want to freak you out, all right? But we got to go.

Gwen: How sick is she?

Greta: Don't worry, all right? They said she'd be fine. She just wants to see you.

Greta leads Gwen out. She drops an envelope in a sculpture as they pass it.

~Cut to Greta and Gwen exiting a back door of the museum where a car waits for them.~

Gwen: So where'd you get that wig? A garage sale?

Greta: Get in the car.

Gwen: I want to sit in the front.

Greta: No. (shoves Gwen into the back seat)

Gwen: Hey!

In the back seat, a man grabs Gwen and holds his hand over her mouth. Greta gets in the front seat, behind the wheel.

Man: Get us out of here.

They take off.

~Cut to a shoot-out scene in the country. Same day. Jim and Blair pull up in the Expedition. Lots of police already there, surrounding a building. Lots of gunfire. Jim and Blair get out of the truck and run closer to the scene and duck behind a squad car for cover.~

Officer: (on a bullhorn) This is the Cascade police. Come out with your hands up. We have you surrounded.

Jim's cellphone rings as they run and he answers it as they hide behind car, trying to hear over the noise.

Jim: Yeah. Ellison.

Officer: Come out with your hands up.

Jim: What?! Yeah. He's fine, Naomi. Hold on a second. (hands cellphone to Blair)

Officer: Nobody needs to get hurt.

Blair: Mom. No, no. What? What makes you think we're in some kind of danger?

A man comes out of the building and starts shooting, hitting squad cars. Jim and other officers return fire.

Blair: No. That's just Jim watching television. Jim, turn that down. I'm talking to my mom.

Officer: Put your weapons down and come out.

Blair: We're fine.

Another man comes roaring out of the building on a motorcycle, breaking through a wall. Jim sees him coming and lunges for Blair, pulling him down to the ground.

Jim: Get out of the way!

Blair: I got to go, Ma!

Jim takes a shot and hits the motorcycle's tire. The bike skids out, the rider goes up and over.

Man: Ah!

Officer: All right, men, move in.

~Cut to Simon's office. Same day. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Jim: Well, we heard the call for backup and stopped to help. The whole thing was just a fluke.

Simon: Except you ended up confiscating enough arms and ammo to start a small war.

Naomi rushes in and hugs Blair.

Naomi: Oh, you are all right. Oh, thank god.

Blair: Mom...

Naomi: Oh, honey, I'm so glad to see you. I was so worried. You can't imagine. Oh, hi, Jim. (releases Blair)

Jim: Hi, Naomi. Sorry I couldn't talk before. I was a little preoccupied.

Naomi: That's all right. Hello, Captain.

Simon: Ms. Sandburg, nice to see you again.

Naomi: Thank you. I heard shooting. You are all right?

Blair: Mom, I'm fine.

Naomi: Okay.

Blair: Would you cut it out?

Naomi: Right. Sorry.

Blair: Excuse us, guys.

Blair and Naomi leave the office.

Blair: Mom... what are you doing here?

Naomi: Blair, you lied to me. You were in a very dangerous situation.

Blair: I didn't want you to worry. And besides, how do you know that?

Charlie: I told her.

Naomi: Oh, uh, Blair, this is Charlie Spring. We just drove up together from Big Sur.

Blair: Hi, Charlie.

Brown: Excuse me, Mr. Spring. My name is...

Charlie: Brown. Detective... Junior grade.

Brown: Damn, you're as good as they say.

Charlie: As good as I say, Henri.

Charlie signs a book for Brown.

Naomi: He's a world-renowned psychic.

Charlie: Keep the pen.

Brown: Thanks a lot.

Jim comes out of Simon's office.

Naomi: You know, the most far-out thing is we were driving up the interstate, Charlie suddenly got this hit...

Blair: What's a hit?

Naomi: Well, a hit's...

Charlie: Stuff pops into my head. I call it a "hit." Like, I could see you behind a police car, someone shooting, glass shattering, a couple of old run-down buildings, yes?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, that's...that's pretty good.

Charlie: It's a gift. Don't ask me how. I just knew you were in danger.

Jim: Not a big stretch for somebody riding along with a cop.

Charlie: Ah, a skeptic.

Jim: Let's just say I like a logical explanation for things, yes.

Charlie: And you would be wrong.

Charlie: Charlie Spring. And you are, uh...Jim Ellison.

Jim: And you would have a little birdie telling you all this.

Charlie: Not at all.

Naomi: Charlie is also a detective. I mean, it's not official, of course.

Charlie: You remember the Bramford murder case a couple of years ago? City councilman disappeared; no one could find the body. Hell, they didn't even know if he was alive or dead till finally...

Jim: A psychic gave the detective information about the location -- some place nobody would look in a million years, yeah. I imagine that would be you?

Charlie: They didn't call the psychic hot line.

Jim: Geez, and that couldn't be, uh...just a lucky guess, perhaps?

Charlie: I respect a man who knows what he doesn't believe in. But I'll give you a copy of my new book anyway. Note the title. (gives Jim a book titled "Doubting Thomases")

Jim: Just what I need.

Simon: Ellison! (comes out of his office)

Jim: Yes, sir. (hands off book to Blair)

Simon: We just had a kidnapping of a little girl. Went down at the Art Museum an hour ago. Kid's teacher was the one who discovered her missing. There was a note from the kidnappers said they'd get in touch.

Charlie: There was no ransom demand.

Simon: (sees Charlie) Who the hell are you?

Blair: Uh, Captain, this is Charlie Spring. He's a psychic.

Jim: So he says.

Simon: Look, Jim, I want you to go over to the victim's house, set everything up. Try to keep the parents calm until the call comes in. I'll set up the monitoring situation here.

Jim: Very good, sir. Let's go, Chief. So long, Naomi. (walks off)

Naomi: Bye, Jim.

Blair: I got to go, Mom.

Naomi: Here's Charlie's card. And call me later, okay?

Blair: Yeah, sure, sure. (puts card in book) As soon as I get a chance. (hugs Naomi) Nice meeting you. (walks off)

Charlie: Yeah.

~Cut to Jim and Blair driving up to Angeloni's house. They get of the truck and head inside. Other police follow them inside to set up phone taps and so forth.~

~Cut to inside.~

Fred: Look, I'll pay them anything they want.

Trish: According to your lawyers, you're practically broke.

Fred: I have some cash put aside.

Trish: I'll bet you do. Excuse me. (walks off)

Fred: Uh, we're, uh, separated and,'s just the icing on a very bad cake.

Jim: Well, we're here to help.

~Cut to Trish doing Tarot cards on the coffee table. Blair watches from behind couch. Jim stands nearby.~

Blair: Those are 18th century Napoleonic, right?

Trish: You know the Tarot?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah. My mom, she's a fanatic.

Jim: So you, believe in all this hocus-pocus so-called psychic stuff?

Blair: Jim, come on, it's not all hocus-pocus. I mean, there are people out there that have a genuine gift like Charlie Spring. (pulls out book)

Trish: Funny. I thought I'd read all of his books.

Blair: This is an advanced copy. Charlie and my mom are friends.

Trish: You know him?

Blair: Yeah.

Trish: Why don't you call him? I mean, he could probably help us find Gwen.

Jim: Come on, the guy's a charlatan.

Phone rings.

Jim: (to Fred) All right, you pick up the phone on my signal. You tell them you won't do anything unless you talk to your daughter, all right? Make sure she's okay. Pick it up.

Fred: (into phone) Yes. (to others) It's them.

Simon: (back at the station to Ray) Check the trace.

Ray: I'm on it, sir.

Phone conversation goes between house, kidnappers, and station.

Fred: Yes, I'm listening.

Greta: I want $100,000.

Fred: Tell me when and where. I...

Greta: Tomorrow morning. I'll call again with the location.

Jim: (whispering to Fred) Daughter.

Fred: Before I do, I want to speak with Gwen.

Kidnappers go into another room where they're at. Gwen lays on a bed inside.

Greta: All right, you have five seconds. (puts phone to Gwen's ear)

Gwen: Mommy?

Fred: Gwen, sweetheart, it's Daddy.

Gwen: I don't like it here. These people are stupid.

Trish: Gwen, don't make any trouble, okay?

Gwen: Sorry, Mommy. They said you were sick. Please, come and get me, Mommy. Sorry, Mommy.

Trish: Oh, baby, I'm sorry.

Male kidnapper: All right, that's enough. (rips phone away)

Gwen: No! (kicks out, getting the man in the groin)

Man groans and bends over.

Greta: Oh, god, honey, breathe.

Phone line goes dead as kidnappers go back out into other room.

Trish: That's it. She's... she's gone.

Greta: Relax and breathe, okay?

Trish: Our baby...

Simon: (at the station) All right, we've got the bastards.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Yeah.

Simon: They're calling in on a stolen cell number. The cell is stationary. It looks like it's in the middle of the Cascade National Forest. We'll never get a search team in before dark.

Jim: That's probably what they're counting on, Simon. Mr. Angeloni's gone to the bank to get the money. There's nothing for us to do, except wait for the call.

Simon: I'll check back with you.

Jim: Right. (hangs up)

Trish: So that's it? You're just going to sit and wait by the phone?

Jim: Right now, ma'am, our options are limited.

Trish: Well, you have to do something.

Jim: Mrs. Angeloni, I realize this is a very difficult time for you, but we're doing everything in our power to get your daughter back here safely.

Trish: Excuse me.

Blair: Um... I don't know -- this might help you pass the time.

Trish: Thanks. (walks off)

~Cut to Jim and Blair in a different room of the house. Both have headphones in front of them as they prepare to listen to the tape of the phone conversation.~

Blair: Okay, now we already know they're somewhere in or right around the Cascade National Forest. Now all we have to do is find out where they were calling from.

Jim: How?

Blair: By separating out the background noise. You can do that.

Jim: It's worth a shot.

They put on headphones and Blair starts the tape.

Fred: (on tape) Yes. It's them.

Jim: Some kind of...generator or engine.

Greta: (on tape) I want a $100, 000.

Fred: (on tape) Tell me when and where.

Jim: Perhaps.

Fred: (on tape) I want to speak with Gwen.

Jim: I heard a door open just before they put the girl on. And footsteps. I heard some footsteps.

Blair: So wherever they are, it's got to be big enough to walk around in.

Jim: The door sounds kind of tinny. Flimsy. Like it's a...

Blair: A trailer.

Jim: Yeah, or a motor home or something like that.

Blair: Good work.

They stop the tape and take off headphones.

Jim: Good work? That's useless. How is that going to help us?

Charlie comes in, Naomi right behind him.

Charlie: Ah, you see, there's your problem, Detective. Limited thinking. There's only one kid. She's in only one place and now you've got me.

Trish: I called him.

Charlie: And we came right over.

Naomi: And, honey, it looks like you and I are going to be working on another case together. Talk about good karma. Hi, Jim.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Angeloni house. Still day. Charlie is looking around in Gwen's room, with Trish. Jim, Blair, and Naomi stand in the doorway, watching.~

Charlie: "Familiarization." It's like by touching her stuff, I can sometimes get a...a whatchamacallit? A vibe. Like a tingling sensation at the base of my spine and then... pow! a hit

Jim: This is snake oil.

Naomi: Shh... you're going to disturb his concentration.

Charlie: (holding a stuffed animal) Oh, my god. Oh, this kid is scared out of her wits. But she's okay. Trish, she's okay. She thinks you're mad at her because she went with the lady.

Jim: I hate to burst your bubble, Mr. Wizard, but anybody could get that from the phone call.

Charlie: But I wasn't here for the phone call, remember? Now, quiet. I'm getting an image. Uh...a cat? No, a kitten.

Trish: She was wearing her kitty sweatshirt.

Charlie: Yes. Something underneath it. Uh...tiny...tiny...close to her heart. Silver...a lock...a tiny silver locket.

Trish: We gave it to her for her birthday. She never takes it off.

Charlie: I know.

Blair: We didn't know about the locket, Jim.

Trish: She's not hurt?

Charlie: She's all right. She's fine.

~Cut to kidnappers' place. Greta checks on Gwen, who is sleeping, then comes back out to main room and takes off the wig, hanging it on the door. Man is lying on the couch.~

Man: Well, you really picked us a winner, babe. Surprised her...her dad isn't making us pay him to take her back.

Greta: You know, I'm nervous. This isn't as easy as you said it would be. What if they figure out it's me?

Man: You do temp work for Fred Angeloni's accountant. No one's going to figure it out. Besides, if I don't pay to Tom Gruenditch the $80,000 I owe him, I'm dead.

Greta: You were supposed to give that to him last week.

Man: So now he'll get $90,000. You think he won't settle for $90,000?

Greta: You know what? Let's leave right now. All right? Tell the kid's parents where she is.

Man: Gruenditch will find us. He's got contacts everywhere.

Greta: Even Mexico?

Man: I don't want to take any chances! Sorry. Sorry. Sorry, hon. It's my fault. I just...I wanted to save the business.

Greta: Some business. You take some cheesy real estate seminar, you spend $400 on a do-it-yourself kit and then you spend every penny you can borrow on houses no one will rent.

Man: I thought they would once we fixed them up. (pause) Oh, god.

Greta: What?

Man: I left the passports back at the apartment. It's okay. Look, the morning, I'll go by, I'll pick them up.

Greta: What if they're watching the place?

Man: Hey, don't worry. I'll be careful. (tries to get up, but can't) Okay.

~Cut to Angeloni house. Still day. Simon has joined them now. Phone rings.~

Jim: George, let's get to it. I'll give you the signal.

Fred: Yes.

Gwen: Daddy?

Fred: Gwen, sweetheart, are you all right?

Gwen: I want to go home. When can I go home?

Greta: All right, put the money in a small duffle or flight bag -- something that fits under an airplane seat. Take it to the Portsmith Hotel. Take the elevator to the top floor and wait for further instructions. If I see anything even resembling a cop, the deal's off. You have 20 minutes. (hangs up)

Simon: Ray, did you get it? (hangs up) Same phone, different location. Somewhere out near Kenmore.

Fred: I have to find something to put the money in.

Trish: I'll help you.

Fred: All right.

Fred and Trish leave.

Jim: Let's keep on it, gents.

Simon: Look, Jim, I'm gonna to want you to deliver the money. You can take the kid along with you.

Charlie comes in.

Charlie: I'll go with them.

Simon: What the hell is he doing here?

Jim: Mrs. Angeloni asked if he could be brought in on the case.

Simon: She what?

Charlie: Captain, I'm totally keyed into this kid. I've been up all night pacing and pacing. I couldn't settle down. Poor Naomi just got to sleep. You know, anyway, I keep getting hits. Right now I've got the image -- a black car. A dog.

Simon: So?

Charlie: So, I don't know what it means either, but it could be important, and if I with you guys, I might get more.

Simon: (chuckling) Look, Mr. Spring, we're professionals.

Charlie: I'm a professional also, Captain. Granted, my business is somewhat more esoteric than yours, but I take it just as seriously and quite frankly, I'm tired of all this negative attitude.

Jim: I thought you liked a good skeptic.

Charlie: Not when I'm trying to help them save a life.

Jim: Captain...

Blair: If the idea here is to track these guys down, why not let him come along? Maybe he can help.

Jim: Bad idea.

Simon: No.

Jim: I agree.

Charlie walks away.

Blair: (lowers his voice) Throughout recorded history there have been documented cases of psychic phenomenon that can't be explained. Primitive people also believe in the powers of their sentinels. Now, you can't tell me that those powers don't exist.

Simon: Okay. The kid's right.

Jim: All right, you can come, but you stay in the truck.

Charlie: You got it.

~Cut to Portsmith Hotel. Charlie sits outside in the truck. Inside, Jim and Blair exit an elevator on the top floor. Jim, carrying the duffle bag, is coughing as he exits.~

Jim: Oh, man, what did they keep in this bag?

Blair: I don't know. Maybe you're allergic to money.

Jim: Old socks. Hold it. (gives bag to Blair)

Blair: What are we going to do now?

Jim: We're a couple of minutes early. (dials up Simon on his cellphone)

Simon: (in his office) Banks.

Jim: All right, Simon, we're in position.

Simon: Good. So is your backup. They've been instructed to keep their distance.

Jim: Keep them there.

~Cut to outside hotel. Charlie sees a black car driving into the parking garage with the license plate T-DOG.~

Charlie: Oh, man, when you're're good. (pulls out cellphone)

~Cut back to Jim and Blair.~

Jim: We don't want our friends to think we're not playing fair.

Simon: But if there's any way to track her, I want you to do it.

Jim: That's what we're here for, Simon.

~Cut to Charlie. Phone line is busy.~

Charlie: Aw, come on, Ellison.

~Cit to male kidnapper pulling up in another car in parking garage. He takes out a phone and dials.~

~Cut back to Jim and Blair. They can hear a phone ringing. Jim turns and follows sound to a small metal box on the wall between the elevators.~

Jim: It's in there. (picks up phone with a handkerchief) Hello.

Man: There's a laundry chute around the corner on the right. You have one minute to drop the money. Bring the phone with you. I'll call again with the girl's location. Remember -- one minute.

Jim: (hangs up) We've got one minute. (hits the down button for the elevator)

They start to walk down the hallway.

Jim: They want us to drop the money down a laundry chute around the corner here.

Blair: So they can split before we get down there.

Jim: Right. Only I'm going to hop in the elevator. You wait until the last possible second. This way maybe I can get a good look at him.

They open a really big door and squeeze by, going into the laundry chute room.

Jim: Come on, come on.

~Cut to garage. A man walks up to the black car where two other men are. He gesture to the kidnapper's car.~

Man: He's just over there. I wonder why the dumb jerk went back home?

~Cut back to Jim and Blair.~

Jim: All right. We've got 40 seconds. Then drop it.

Blair: Jim, I don't have a watch.

Jim: Start counting. (leaves to go back to elevator, listening to Blair the whole way)

Blair: Uh, one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Mississippi, four Mississippi, five Mississippi, six Mississippi, seven Mississippi...

Jim gets in elevator.

~Cut to Charlie, who dials up Jim again.~

Charlie: Come on, come on, come on.

~Cut to Jim in elevator (passing 10th floor) who answers his phone.~

Jim: Ellison.

Charlie: Yeah, Ellison, Charlie Spring, I just saw...

Jim: Not now, Charlie. (hangs up)

~Cut to garage. Male kidnapper gets out of car and immediately runs into Gruenditch and one of his henchman, both of whom hold a gun on him.~

Man: Whoa, Tom, wait! Look, I have your money. Here, it's just inside. Don't kill me! I have the money. I do. $100,000. You can take it all.

Gruenditch: Where the hell did you get $100,000?

Man: Kidnapped a kid. See, I told you, Tom. I'd do what it took to get you your money back, huh? And her old man's loaded. Half a million in cash just sitting in a safety-deposit box. Piece of cake, really.

Gruenditch: Until now, huh?

Man: What? Yeah, right, until now.

~Cut to Jim in elevator. Doors open on bottom level.~

~Cut to Blair.~

Blair: 39 Mississippi... Forty. (drops duffle down chute) Look out below. (sticks his head in the chute)

~Cut to garage.~

Gruenditch: So where's this kid?

Man: With...with Stevi in a motor home.

Gruenditch: Where?

Man: There's a rest area on the 95, just past the Kenworth exit. That's the whole story, Tom. They're dropping the cash down a laundry chute right inside here. You can take it all.

Gruenditch: I plan to. (shoots man)

~Cut to Jim on his way to the garage. He jerks, pulls out his gun and moves faster.~

~Cut to outside where Charlie hears the shot and gets out of the truck.~

~Cut back to garage.~

Henchman: I don't get it. You killed him. Why don't we just get the money?

Gruenditch: Why settle for a lousy hundred grand when you can have 500? His wife's still got the kid. Then it's over, we get rid of them both and everyone thinks she did it. (they get back in their car)

Jim enters garage and points his gun at the black car as it speeds out of garage. Charlie comes in at the same time.

Charlie: Hey. Hey. Detective.

Jim kneels down to check the man, then pulls out his phone and dials.

Charlie: Yeah, that was the car. That was it. (runs over to join Jim) Oh, god.

Simon: This is Captain Banks.

Jim: Simon, I've got a man down in the garage.

Simon: I'll send out an ambulance.

Jim: Also, I need an APB on a black Cadillac, license plate T-D-O-G. T-DOG.

Simon: You're kidding.

Jim: No, sir, I'm not kidding.

Simon: Right. (hangs up)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene a bit later. Jim runs over to the bottom of the laundry chute to get duffle bag. Blair comes up next to him, then Charlie.~

Jim: It's all there.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim and Charlie exit the elevator and head into the bullpen.~

Charlie: I am not going to apologize for being right.

Jim: You should have stayed in the car like I asked you to.

Charlie: If I had gotten out of the truck sooner, that guy might not be dead.

Jim: (goes to coffee cart) You want coffee?

Charlie: No. So why do you think they shot him like that?

Jim: You're the psychic. You tell me.

Charlie: Oh, so now you believe.

They head to Jim's desk.

Jim: Let's just say I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. You were right about Gwen's clothes and you were right about the car.

Charlie: Ah, T-DOG. Sometimes I even shock myself.

Jim: Listen to me, Kreskin. The only reason I'm keeping an open mind because I need all the help I can get on this case. I don't have to go throwing you a bone every time you're right about something, okay?

Simon comes in.

Simon: Oh, Jim, I got the report back on the prints lifted from the victim. His name is Bill Collins. No record, but just one misdemeanor and that was a couple of years ago, but he is definitely one of our kidnappers. It was his partial print that was found on the phone that you got that call on.

Jim: What about the license plate?

Charlie: T-DOG.

Simon: Yeah. Registered to a phony corporation. We have an APB out.

Jim: All right, thank you, sir.

Simon: Oh, here's that other report you might want to take a look at. Makes for very interesting reading, but, uh, nothing conclusive.

Charlie tries to look, but Jim won't let him.

Jim: Would you mind?

Jim's phone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Ellison.

~Cut to Blair at the Angeloni house.~

Blair:'d better get up here pretty quick, okay?

Jim: Would you mind telling me what's going on?

Blair: You'll find out when you get here.

Jim: I'm on my way. (hangs up)

~Cut back to Jim and Charlie.~

Jim: Come on. Let's go.

~Cut to Angeloni house. Jim and Charlie arrive. Hordes of reporters and TV crews and vehicles are around the house.~

Reporter: Detective Ellison! We have some information there's been a kidnapping. Can you give us more information. Mr. Spring, are you on this case? Do you have a statement?

Jim and Charlie go inside. Fred and Trish meet them just inside the door.

Fred: This is outrageous. We were told that your investigation would be kept secret.

Jim: The investigation was to be kept a secret. I don't know where the leak came from.

Trish: Well, then how do you explain this?

Jim: I can't.

~Cut to Charlie in Gwen's room. He is holding stuffed animals and concentrating on them. Meanwhile, the TV is showing a report on the kidnapping case.~

RV: Sources tell us the ten-year-old girl was kidnapped yesterday afternoon....

Charlie: (to stuffed animal) Oh, thank you, thank you.

TV: she toured the Cascade Museum of Art with her school class.

Charlie: (to stuffed animal) Thank you.

Reporter: Celebrity psychic Charlie Spring was seen entering the home accompanied by Detective James Ellison of the Cascade P.D....

Charlie turns off the TV, then pulls out his cellphone and dials.

Charlie: Okay.

Woman: (on phone) Channel two hot line.

Charlie: Hello. I have another tip for you...

Woman: Oh, yeah?

Charlie: ...on the Angeloni case.

~Cut to motor home where Stevi (aka Greta) is waiting with Gwen. She is watching the TV.~

TV: Once again, details are sketchy at this point, but, to repeat, the child was apparently led out of the museum by a woman with dark, curly hair and dark glasses. Neither the police nor the family have been willing to comment at this point. If you have any information on the whereabouts of this girl contact the Cascade Police Department's Major Crimes division.

~Cut back to Angeloni case. Charlie talking to Jim.~

Charlie: I know where Gwen is. Hit me two minutes ago -- boom, like bricks falling off a wall. You were right, Detective. It's the Cascade National Forest.

Jim: No, we've had Search and Rescue teams there all morning.

Charlie: But now I have an exact location.

Blair: Hey, hey, wait a second. I thought psychics never claimed to be a hundred percent on this kind of hit.

Charlie: Blair, I'd stake my reputation on this one.

Trish: Detective, please, it's been over three hours since we heard from them.

Fred: How long must we stand here and do nothing?

Jim: Okay, but first we've got to get by our friends out front.

~Cut to Blair driving a big blue van out of the driveway, through all the reporters.~

~Cut to van going down a country road.~

Blair: Okay, guys, we're all right. There's nobody following us.

Jim and Charlie come from hiding in the back. Jim climbs into the front passenger seat.

Charlie: Turn off onto that road.

Blair: What road?

Charlie: Up there on the left.

Blair: Know this area pretty well, huh?

Charlie: I've never been here. There it is. Okay, go about a quarter of a mile...Uh, there's a bend. Right there there's a pond.

Blair: Hey, are you still that sure?

Charlie: Is the sky blue?

Jim: Not today.

Charlie: What?

Jim: Nobody wants you to be right more than I do. You wrap this up today, I'll pin a medal on you myself.

Charlie: Well, Detective, you better shine it up.

Jim: You'd just better be right.

Blair: Nobody's shining anything. Looks, guys.

Area in front of them is completely empty. They all get out of the car.

Charlie: No way. This isn't right. No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no. She's here. She's got to be.

Jim: All right, let's not make a big deal of it. So you were wrong. Let's move on.

Charlie: No! We have to find her. There's no time.

Jim starts to hear other vehicles coming down road.

Jim: Time for what? (uses vision so see media vans heading down road to them)

Charlie: She's a kid. She's alone. She's scared. She...

Jim: Hey, what the hell's going on here, Charlie?

Vans pull in around them.

Jim: Ah.

Reporters converge on them.

~Cut to motor home. Still day. Stevi watching the TV.~

TV: Earlier this afternoon, we were tipped off there might be a break in the case. Reporters sped off on a wild chase through the Cascade National Forest, only to find out the investigation has turned up nothing.

Stevi turns off TV.

Stevi: That son of a bitch took off on me. (pulls hair up into bun) Okay, relax. Be calm. Breathe. (puts wig on, then goes into Gwen's room)

Gwen: What are you doing?

Stevi: We're getting out of here. (untying Gwen)

Gwen: I want to go home. Are we going home?

Stevi: I don't know. All right, shut up.

Gwen: I want to go home! Ow! Ow!

Stevi: Come on. (hauls her out of the room)

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Charlie entering loft. Same day. Naomi already inside.~

Charlie: I've never been so far off before. I really thought we'd find her out there.

Jim: You know, you were lucky we don't charge you with interfering in a police investigation.

Naomi: Why? He was invited to participate.

Jim: Yeah. (pulls out a paper) Yes, but he was also indicted a year ago for telephone and mail fraud charges in connection with some psychic phone service. (gives paper to Naomi) Go ahead. t's right here. Read it.

Charlie: They used my name without my permission. I proved it. All the charges were dropped.

Jim: Defending the case cost him a lot of money. Some positive publicity right now could help boost the sales of his book.

Naomi: I'm sorry. I know Charlie and he wouldn't do that.

Jim: Oh, no, not Charlie.

Blair: Mom, Mom, you've known the guy a month.

Naomi: Well, so what? And so what if he has money problems? We all have money problems. I mean, here's this man -- he's come to give of himself and you march in and accuse him.

Blair: Hey, Mom.

Naomi: What?

Blair: He broke a cardinal rule. He believed he was infallible. What you have, man, it's a gift. It's not a science. And if you don't come clean, it may never come back.

Naomi: Blair, look, I hear you.

Charlie: Don't hear him, Naomi. I was too sure of myself. I didn't think there would be any harm if I crowed a little. What can I say? He's right. It was me. I screwed the whole thing up. Uh-huh.

Naomi: You sure did. Charlie...

~Cut to motor home. Stevi hauls Gwen outside and plunks her down on a picnic bench.~

Stevi: Knock it off, all right? It's over. You sit here and you wait, okay? I'll call your parents when I get a few miles down the road. Don't you move!

A black car pulls up next to them and Gwen runs over to it.

Gwen: Help, help, help! She kidnapped me. Don't let her get away!

Gruenditch gets out and Stevi runs. The other man goes after her, catching and pulling off her wig.

Gruenditch: Don't worry. Nobody's going anywhere. Nice to see you again, Stevi.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Angeloni house. Day. Jim is there. Phone rings and Fred picks it up. Stevi is on the other end, being held at gunpoint.~

Stevi: Things have changed. I want $500,000.

Fred: $500,000.

Stevi: Don't argue with me! I know you have it. I know you have the money.

Fred: All right, it's yours! Just give me back my daughter!

Stevi: Bring the money to the South Street bus station, locker 418. You'll find the key on top. You have two hours.

Jim: (to another officer) You got that?

~Cut to motor home. Gwen is inside the small room again. Stevi is pushed inside to other bed.~

Gwen: Did you talk to my parents yet?

Gruenditch: Yeah, I did.

Gwen: When are they coming?

Gruenditch: When I say so. (leaves and shuts door)

Stevi: It's okay, honey. Everything's going to be okay. You'll see.

Gwen: How would you know?

~Cut to Jim (in the truck) watching Fred enter the bus station. Still day. Jim talks to Simon (who is in his office) over a phone.~

Jim: All right, he's in, Simon.

Simon: Was there any problem in getting the money?

Jim: No, everything went according to plan. We snuck him out of the house in a police uniform. Nobody followed us. Simon, hang on a second.

Jim watches as Fred pulls down the key to the locker, opens the locker, and pulls out a bus ticket.

Jim: Looks like they want him to get on a bus.

Simon: You stay with him, Jim. I'll alert backup.

Jim: All right. Just make sure they keep their distance until I know what's going down.

Jim watches as Fred pulls a briefcase out of the locker, then shuts the locker.

~Cut to loft. Blair enters his bedroom and sees Naomi, with burning sage, meditating. He watches for a moment, then exits, closing the door quietly. He turns to see Charlie at the table with a stuffed animal.~

Blair: Hey. Hey, where did you get that?

Charlie: It's Gwen's. I figured I might need something of hers.

Blair: No, you don't need anything of hers. You know, you're off the case, remember? (takes stuffed animal) This is theft.

Charlie: Will you lower your voice? Blair, I feel bad enough as it is. I don't want to argue with you, okay?

Blair: Oh, you don't want to argue with me? Well, maybe I want to argue with you. Now, you got my mom totally snowed. She is hurting in there and you know what? I got a real problem with people who hurt my mom.

Charlie: So, let me make it up to both of you by helping you guys find this kid.

Blair: No!

Charlie: Look, I'll keep a low profile. Nobody has to know.

Blair: Do you hear me, Charlie? No!

Charlie: Look, I just got a tremendous hit. Gwen's nearby, but somewhere on the water. You can stay with me every minute. Okay, here. Take the phone. (gives him cellphone) Go ahead! Remove the battery. Lock it up. Throw it against the wall. Do whatever your paranoid little heart tells you to, but just give me a chance to make it right. Please.

~Cut to Jim watching Fred (still inside the bus station) move the money from the duffle to the briefcase, then close the briefcase. Outside, one of Gruenditch's henchmen gets on the Tacoma bus. A few moments later, Fred comes out of the bus station and gets on bus.~

Fred: Thank you.

Fred goes a bit back and puts his briefcase in an overhead bin, then goes back up to the driver.

Fred: You stop at Bush Falls, right?

Driver: Express, right through to Tacoma.

Fred: Sorry. I, uh, better get off.

Driver: Here. (hands him the ticket) You can exchange this inside.

Fred: Thanks.

Jim watches Fred go back and pick up another briefcase that is right next to the one he'd put in, then he leaves. Another man take the original briefcase and sits down with. Jim gets out of the truck and heads over to the bus. The man opens the briefcase to see that the money is there. The reflection of Jim's Jags cap can be seen in the bus window. The man takes out his cellphone and dials.

~Cut to motor home. Gruenditch answers. Jim is listening to conversation from right outside bus.~

Gruenditch: Yeah?

Man: We got our delivery.

Gruenditch: Call me when you get to Tacoma. Meanwhile, I'll take care of things here.

Man: She's just a little kid. You really have to whack them both?

Gruenditch: Price of doing business. Your share's 50,000. You got a problem with that?

Man: No. (hangs up and leans back in his seat)

~Cut to Jim inside bus, heading for the man. He hauls him out of his seat.~

Jim: Where is she?

Man: Where is who?

Jim: Gwen Angeloni.

The man hits him, knocking Jim back. Man leaves the bus, but Jim grabs him as he exits. They fight outside. Jim wins. A patrol car pulls up.

Jim: Where is she? Where is she?! Where's Gwen?!

Man is too unconscious to answer. A patrol officer comes up to Jim.

Jim: Get him out of here.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes hallway. Jim is walking with two officers who have Gruenditch's henchman between them.~

Jim: When you're done fingerprinting him, why don't you take him and get a little first aid on the back of his head.

Officers leave with man. Simon meets Jim at the doorway to the bullpen.

Simon: Is that the guy?

Jim: Yeah. Won't talk without his lawyer.

They walk into bullpen.

Simon: We have a lead -- Tom Gruenditch.

Jim: Who's that?

Simon: Loan shark. That phony corporation the Cadillac was leased to belongs to him.

Jim: Where is this Gruenditch now?

Simon: We're working with the feds on it.

Jim: Simon, we don't have time for that. We got to move on this.

Simon: Where's Charlie Spring?

Jim: No, no, no, just...forget Charlie, Simon.

Simon: You hear me out on this, Jim -- if there's even one chance he can help us find her...

Jim: Yeah, we got to take it. (picks up the phone and dials)

~Cut to loft. Naomi is at the table. Phone rings and she answers it.~

Naomi: Hello?

Jim: Naomi, it's Jim. Where's Charlie?

Naomi: Uh, Jim, I don't know. I was meditating and when I finished, Blair and he were gone. But you can try him on his cell phone. That's, uh, 555-2415.

Jim: All right. Thanks.

Naomi: You're welcome.

~Cut to Blair and Charlie (in Charlie's car) driving along the docks. Still day.~

Blair: Charlie, stop the car. Stop the car now.

Car stops.

Charlie: Why?

Blair: Why? We've been driving around in circles.

Charlie: So?

Blair: So, I'm getting dizzy.

A cellphone rings and Charlie lunges for it.

Charlie: That's mine.

Blair glares at him and Charlie moves back. Blair gets the cellphone from the glove compartment, then answers it.

Charlie: Opens from the bottom.

Blair: Hello?

Jim: Sandburg, uh...where the hell are you?

Blair: We're down by the water. Charlie got another hit. How'd the money drop go?

Jim: It didn't. Where are you on the water?

Blair: Sixth Street Pier.

Jim: All right. Stay put. I'll be there in five minutes. (hangs up) (to Simon) Charlie may be onto something.

Blair: "Opens from the bottom."

~Cut to the docks a bit later. Jim pulls up in the Expedition. They all get out of their vehicles to talk.~

Jim: Okay, Charlie, what do you got?

Charlie: Seriously?

Jim: Yeah, seriously.

Charlie: She's in this area -- no question -- and I keep getting a name... Rob M.

Jim: Who's that?

Blair: We don't know.

Jim: All right. Hang on a second. If Charlie is right, it's got to be down here on the waterfront somewhere. Come on, think, help me out, would you?

Blair: Uh... A marina.

Jim: Roberts Marina!

They all pile into the Expedition (Blair in the front passenger seat, Jim driving) and tear off, tires squealing. They get to Roberts Marina and stop and get out of the truck. Tons of boats meet their eyes.

Jim: Oh, man! Now what?! There's a million boats here. Now what?! Charlie, come on, buddy.

Charlie: Check that out. (points to an open motor home just a little bit away)

Jim goes over, looks into it, then comes back out.

Jim: It's empty. Nobody. Nothing. Nothing. Come on. What next?

Charlie: Okay, we're at second base.

Blair: Charlie, you got to get us home, man!

Charlie: Quiet! I'm thinking.

Blair: Come on, Charlie. Charlie. Come on!

Jim: Help us out here.

Blair: Come on, Charlie!

Jim: Charlie, come on.

Charlie: Two and one. I'm getting two and one.

Jim: Slip 21. Slip 21!

The three of them run down to the docking bays, going past some people coming up.

Jim: Excuse us.

Charlie: 21. Detective, huh?

They reach slip 21 -- which is empty -- but has a name of Top Dog on the slip.

Charlie: Uh-huh. Huh. T-DOG.

Blair: Where the hell is she?

Jim looks out to the open water and sees the boat labeled "Top Dog" with Gruenditch and another man on it.

Jim: Out there!

Charlie: As he slides across the plate... yes!

Jim goes over to someone getting their boat ready.

Jim: All right, police emergency. We need to use your boat.

Jim and Blair get into the boat.

Jim: Thank you for your cooperation. Sandburg, you know how to work one of these?

Blair: Yeah, yeah, I do.

Jim: Charlie, give him a hand. Let's go.

They take off -- leaving Charlie on the dock.

Charlie: Hey! Hey!

Jim: Give her a little juice.

They chase Gruenditch's boat.

Man: Hey, look, we got a tail.

Gruenditch: You take the wheel.

Man: What?! I don't know how to drive this thing.

Gruenditch: Just keep her steady.

Jim: Stop the boat! (holds up his badge) This is the Cascade Police!

Gruenditch hauls Stevi up to the top of the boat and holds her in front of him.

Gruenditch: Back off! Back off! (fires a gun several times at Jim) Back off, or she gets it! Back off!

Jim aims, but lowers his gun without firing. Gwen comes out from below and kicks Gruenditch's leg, makcing him lose his hold on Stevi.

Blair: There she is!

Gruenditch stands back up and aims at Jim. Jim aims back and fires, hitting Gruenditch and knocking him over. Gruenditch's gun clatters to the floor of the boat.

Jim: Stop the boat! Put your hands in the air.

Gruenditch's henchman slows and stops the boat.

Jim: (to Blair) All right, pull up next to her. (climbs on the boat) Put your hands where I can see them. Move to the front of the boat.

Gwen picks up Gruenditch's gun and points it at Jim.

Jim: Oh, honey, take it easy. I'm with the police -- I'm one of the good guys. Let me have the gun. I'm Detective Ellison. It's okay. Let me have your gun. Come on. Come on.

Gwen lets him take the gun, then she grabs onto him and holds on.

Jim: It's okay. That's okay. All right, we're going to get you home now. It's all right. It's all over. It's okay. We're going to get you home.

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Day. Gwen (wrapped in a blanket) is at Jim's desk. Charlie is with her. Blair and Naomi are by the door. Jim hands a mug of hot chocolate to Gwen.~

Jim: One cup of detective-strength hot chocolate. You want some marshmallows with that?

Fred and Trish walk in the doors.

Jim: Oh, guess who's here.

Trish: Gwen! Hi.

Gwen jumps up and runs over to her parents, hugging her mother.

Gwen: Mommy! Daddy!

Trish: Oh!

Everyone claps in the bullpen.

Fred: Thank you, Detective.

Jim: It's quite all right.

Fred: Beautiful.

The Angeloni family leaves.

Blair: Bye-bye. (waving)

Naomi: Oh, it looks like they're going to give their marriage another chance.

Blair: Yeah, doesn't it?

Naomi: That's really nice.

Blair: I hope it works out especially for the little girl 'cause it's not too often that parents stay together, especially these days.

Jim: Well, I guess I owe you an apology.

Charlie: Ah, forget it. You were right about me. There's a little bit of snake oil salesman in all of us.

Jim: Come on, there's no snake oil involved. I saw what you can do.

Charlie looks at Jim a moment, then throws his arms around him, hugging him.

Jim: Charlie, you want some hot chocolate?

Naomi: (chuckling) Isn't that cute?

Jim: Okay. All right, buddy. Okay.

~ The End ~