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Written by: Howard Chaykin
Directed by: James Marshall
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): John Pyper-Ferguson (Dawson Quinn), Deeny Dakota (Lisa), Duncan Fraser (Sheriff Tennyson), William MacDonald (Dell), Anne Farquhar (Mara), Marshall Teague (Wade Rooker).

Music notes: Featured song was "No Mercy" sung by J. Bradley Sevy. Words by Carleton Sevy and J. Bradley Sevy; music by John Keane. Found on The Sentinel soundtrack. (No lyrics written out as of yet.)

Summary: A criminal mastermind escapes custody and takes Banks hostage on his way to recovering $5 million in stolen money hidden in an old mine. The guys have to catch up before Banks is killed while fighting off a group (sic) of survivalists following the chase. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 7, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Jim and Blair in the hallway.~

Jim: You got some kind of death wish here?

Blair: I didn't know it would backfire.

Jim: Let me tell you something. When my ex-wife and I first started to get serious, I burned all the old letters from all the old girlfriends.

Blair: Purification ritual.

They go into the bullpen.

Jim: No, preemptive strike. No matter what they say, every woman you're involved with is going to want to believe that there was no one before her. What were you thinking of, letting her read all that stuff?

Blair: Jim, I actually thought that honesty would strengthen our relationship. I'm stupid, I'm stupid. (knocks on his forehead)

Jim: How detailed were these diaries?

Blair: Jim, I'm an anthropologist.

Jim: Detailed.

Blair: Yeah.

Simon goes by on his way to his office.

Simon: Jim, can I see you a minute?

Jim: Yeah, sure, sure. (to Blair) Hey. Let me tell you something. Your love life is criminal. You've got to destroy the evidence.

Blair: Yeah.

Jim joins Simon in his office and closes the door.

Jim: What's up?

Simon: Ryan called in sick. I'm a man short for the Dawson Quinn escort team. I was hoping you could take Ryan's place and ride up front with Quinn in the transport vehicle.

Jim doesn't say anything.

Simon: Look, Jim, I know how you feel about Quinn, but right now you're the only one I can pull off the roster. You don't have a problem, do you?

Jim: No. No problem at all, sir (starts to leave)

Simon: Jim...

Jim: Simon, what do you want me to say about this, huh? You know how I feel.

Simon: All right, this whole thing shouldn't be anything more than a milk run. I'll ride up front with Quinn. Why don't you take up the rear of the convoy? Do you mind taking up the rear of the convoy?

Jim: No.

Simon: Great. You can take the kid along with you.

Jim: For what?

Simon: Because he'll talk your ear off. The distraction will do you good.

Jim: Simon, that won't be necessary.

Simon: Humor me on this one.

~Cut to three-car convoy on a country road. Day. Police squad car first, the transport vehicle in the middle, with Jim and Blair in the Expedition taking up the rear. First scene begins in the Expedition.~

Jim: His name was Gil Brody. He was only 24 years old and on his way to becoming a good cop. His dad was a cop. Kinda watched out for me when I was just starting out. I wanted to do the same for his son.

Blair: So how did it happen?

Jim: Quinn and his gang, they busted open the federal reserve. They got trapped inside with half a dozen hostages and five million bucks. I was assigned to the negotiating team, as was Brody. We negotiated for 12 hours. Finally, we got Quinn to agree to a trade -- the hostages for a cop.

Blair: Wait a minute. Jim, you sent in a rookie?

Jim: No. I was supposed to go in but Brody wanted to prove something to his father. He convinced me to let him take my place. All it was supposed to be was an exchange.

Blair: So, what happened?

Jim: We screwed up...I screwed up. Quinn managed to get out through a storm drain in the back of the building. He took Brody with him. Three hours later we found his body in a trash bin.

Blair: Oh, man.

Jim: I was the one who had to tell his old man.

~Cut to transport vehicle. Simon and another officer are inside the back of the van with Brody, who is chained up.~

Quinn: I don't suppose there's any point in apologizing. I am sorry about what happened to Brody. Things just got out of hand. If I could bring that kid back...

Simon: Quinn! Why don't you just save it?

~Cut back to Jim and Blair.~

Blair: What happened to the rest of them?

Jim: They disappeared. So did the five million.

~Cut to outside view of two people firing machine guns at the vehicles, hitting the squad car in the front. Inside the van, Simon bangs on the wall separating the back from the driver's section.~

Simon: Floor it!

More gunfire. Squad car's hood blows off and the car crashes. Van screeches past, clipping the squad car as it passes. Simon is tossed around inside, falling to one side, semi-unconscious. Jim pulls the Expedition to a sideways halt near the squad car. Van keeps trundling down road. Quinn knocks out the other officer. Simon still stunned. One of the gunmen takes out the Expedition, shooting nearly all the windows out. The other gunman keeps firing at the van until it halts. Jim's voice can be heard over the noise calling for back-up.

Jim: This is David-1-5-2. Requesting backup to highway 91 in Leonard's pass. Heavy gunfire. Officers down.

The gunmen (a woman and a man) move down to the van. A helicopter comes in from the distance. Helicopter lands in front of the van. Woman (Lisa) breaks open the doors the van. Male gunman points his gun inside.

Man: Nobody move!

Lisa goes inside and cuts Quinn's chains. Simon slowly coming around.

Lisa: Time to go, baby.

Quinn: Ah, it's so good to see you. Let's go.

Simon (still mostly lying down) manages to pull his gun out and point it at Quinn.

Simon: Quinn...

Quinn tears the gun from his hand and points it at him.

Quinn: You should have accepted my apology.

Jim puts the Expedition in gear and backs it up onto the road again.

Man: (seeing Jim) We got company!

Jim speeds down the road toward the van. The male gunman fires at the Expedition as it approaches, hitting the grill and taking out the front tires before it stops.

Man: Quinn, come on!

Quinn grabs Simon and pushes him toward the van doors.

Jim: Keep your head down, Chief!

Jim exits the truck, with his gun out. He sees Quinn exiting the van with Simon in front of him, holding the gun on him. Quinn smiles at him as Jim moves closer, lowering his gun as he does. In the background, Lisa gets on board the helicopter. The male gunman stays with Quinn who has his gun in Simon's back as they back slowly toward the copter.

Quinn: What are you going to do, Ellison? Huh? Ain't we the hero? You're going to screw up, Ellison. Now, careful...unless you want your boss to get the Brody treatment.

Jim: Just put the gun down and step away from him.

Simon: Come on, Jim, take him out.

Jim raises his gun again.

Quinn: You don't learn, do you?

Simon: Take him out, Jim! Take him out now!

Quinn: Yeah, yeah. Go ahead, do it! Go ahead, come on, take me out. The second I'm gone... (looks at other gunman) you're gone. Captain's gone. Think about it.

Quinn shoves Simon into the copter, then turns back to Jim.

Quinn: All you need's a cape, Ellison. (gets in copter, then calls to other gunman) Come on.

The transport driver, who has a head wound, gets out of the van; at the same time, Blair gets out of the truck in the background, behind the van. The driver pulls out his gun and aims toward the male gunman, who has his back turned.

Jim: No! (runs toward driver)

The driver fires, hitting the gunman who falls to the ground, just next to the copter. Jim holds the driver against the side of the van and lifts his gun to keep an eye on Quinn.

Quinn: Come on!

Gunman rolls over and grabs the landing strut of the helicopter, holding on with his good arm as the helicopter lifts off.

Man: Give me your hand, Quinn! Give me your hand!

Quinn: You're a liability now. You'll slow us down. (steps on the man's hand, stomping on it until he lets go and falls)

Man: Damn you, Quinn! (lands on the ground, not too far down) Quinn!

Helicopter speeds off as Quinn shuts the door. Jim runs over to the other gunman and rolls him over to cuff him. In the background, Blair runs up to the van's driver.

Jim: (to the gunman who is groaning) Do yourself a favor and shut up.

Jim cuffs the gunman and looks up after the helicopter, zooming in to see it leaking fuel near the back of the copter just a few moments before it disappears behind the tall line of trees.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Forested area. Crash site of the helicopter. A woman (Mara) is talking to man. Jim and Blair come onto the scene. Still day. And it's raining.~

Mara: Get back to me as quick as you can. Thanks.

Man leaves.

Jim: Have we got an ID?

Mara: It's not your captain, Jim. We think he's okay.

Jim: It's been a while, Mara. How you been?

Mara: Working too hard, but you know what that's like. (gestures to another man) You know Sheriff Tennyson, don't you?

Jim: I don't think so.

Mara: Detective Ellison.

Jim: This is Blair Sandburg. What have we got here?

Tennyson: The guy on the gurney is the pilot. The rest of them walked away. The chopper came down in the gorge. See those trees down there? Well, God and good deeds must have been on your captain's side because that's just about all there is that could havee cushioned his fall.

Mara: As you know the five million never showed up. We think they're headed for where Quinn hid it.

Tennyson: We're going to break out my wilderness team. They've got a couple of good tracking dogs.

Jim: All right, let's get on with the search.

Mara: It's a kidnapping now, Jim. That makes it a federal matter.

Jim: Yeah, I understand that, Mara. We not gonna have any jurisdiction problems here. We're talking about my captain.

Tennyson: Well, good. Now that we're all friends and neighbors, can we get down to business? The way I see it, they got to get out the gorge. Now, the weather and the terrain being what it is, they must be heading due east.

Jim looks off another direction, then walks that way a few feet.

Jim: No. I think they doubled back, headed up north.

Mara: Based on what, Jim?

Jim: Call it a hunch.

Tennyson: Son, I've lived in these hills since before your mother started telling you bedtime stories. I see nothing to suggest any doubling back.

Jim: Like I said, Sheriff...

Tennyson: (into his radio) Dennis. Yeah. Get the K-9 squads to rendezvous with me and the FBI lust above Point Lobos, would you? Hang on a minute. (to Jim) You coming with us?

Jim: I'm heading up north.

Tennyson: Oh, suit yourself. (looks over to see Blair getting a large backpack and gear for two people) (into radio) Better have a rescue unit stand by. We got a couple of city cops poking around the north woods.

Mara: I wouldn't worry about Detective Ellison. He was a ranger.

Tennyson: Oh, yeah? Lone or space? (walks off)

Mara: If you change your mind...

Jim: Yeah, yeah, I know -- due east. It's nice to see you again, Mara.

Mara leaves. Blair comes over and hands Jim a second pack.

Blair: Here. Hey, Jim, how do you know they doubled back?

Jim: Those cigars that Simon smokes? He must be carrying them, 'cause I can smell the tobacco. I can follow the scent.

Blair: Right. Let's get going.

Jim: Look, Chief, I think I want you to take a squad car back into town, okay?

Blair: Come on, Jim, you can't do this alone. I'm your backup. You need me. And besides, I'm not a novice at this wilderness thing, all right? All right?

Jim: All right.

Blair: All right. Now, which way is north?

Jim gives him a look.

Blair: (laughing) I'm just kidding. I'm kidding. (heads in a direction)

Jim whistles at him to go the other way.

Blair: Right.

~Cut to Simon, Quinn, and Lisa. Quinn watches from a little bit aways while Lisa scouts out a cabin. Still day.~

Lisa: (calling out) Nobody's home!

Simon: (laughing) I don't know, Quinn. Didn't plan this very well, did you?

Lisa: (calling out) Quinn, come on!

Quinn: I didn't plan on crashing in the middle of nowhere.

Simon: Sounds like you didn't plan on much of anything. I don't know, what do you have so far? You screwed over your best friend, got your pilot killed, and what now? A little petty larceny? I don't know, buddy. If I were you, I'd be looking for a new line of work.

Quinn hits Simon across the face, knocking his glasses to the ground.

Lisa: (calling out) Quinn, come on.

Quinn grabs Simon around the throat and holds him against a tree.

Lisa: Stop. You'll kill him.

Quinn: So what?

Lisa: Like you said we need him healthy.

Quinn: Well, she's right. Wouldn't hurt to have you healthy. (releases Simon)

Lisa: The cabin's well stocked.

Quinn: All right, we'll get food, something warm. (holds gun at Simon's torso) From now on whatever we're going to carry. Let's go, Banks. (hauls him up) Haven't got all day. Go! (shoves him down toward cabin)

~Cut to a bit later in cabin. Wade and Dell are standing inside. Still day.~

Wade: What else did they take?

Dell: I told you, Wade -- blankets, canned food and canteens. Oh, and the, uh...the portable stove, there.

Wade: Damn them to hell. They come in my house...take what doesn't belong to them.

Dell: Well, what are you going to do?

Wade: I'm going to find them. Then, I'm going to teach them a real lesson. You don't take from Wade Rooker.

Dell: At least, they didn't take the TV.

~Cut to TV broadcast in cabin. TV pictures show a picture of Quinn., then the helicopter crash site. Also shows Jim getting out of a squad car. And a picture of Simon.~

TV: Authorities have begun a massive search for escaped fugitive Dawson Quinn. Quinn is alleged to have hidden the $5 million from the payroll robbery somewhere in the northern wilderness. Quinn, who with the aid of a female...

Wade: That's who did it.

TV: ...daring escape from the Cascade police taking a police officer as hostage -- Captain Simon Banks of the Major Crimes unit.

Wade: (turns off TV) They take from me...I'm going to steal from them. I figure $5 million ought to just about square it.

Dell: Suppose it ain't them?

Wade: Of course it's them. Who the hell else would it be? (turns on a police band radio)

Man on radio: This is Deputy Holden. Sheriff Tennyson's orders are to rendezvous at 0800 at Point Lobos. Over.

Woman on radio: Roger that. We also have two city cops heading north against the boss's better judgment.

Wade: See, all we got to do...all we got to do is let those feds go off on their little wild goose chase and those other three will lead us to the money. The tracks all go north which means that Quinn has to cross the river. That means...he's got to cross at Yellow Rock. Of course, we can't let those other cops beat us to the punch. (brings out two big guns)

Dell: can't take out a couple of cops.

Wade: I'm talking about $5 million. There's no way I'm going to let anybody get in my way. I will take out anybody who gets in my way. Just get ready to go. (gives gun to Dell)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Jim and Blair standing on a cliff above a waterfall. Still day.~

Jim: They crossed the river.

Blair: How can you tell?

Jim: I can see their tracks...down there.

Blair: Uh...I'm going to have to trust you on this one, Jim. You know how I am about heights.

Jim: Yeah. We'll have to find an easier way down. This place is just a little too hairy.

Blair: Right.

~Cut to Wade and Dell somewhere behind Jim and Blair, watching them.~

Wade: Those are the cops.

Dell: You sure?

Wade: I recognize them from the news show.

Dell: Wade, I don't know about this.

Wade: Look...

~Cut to Jim starting to hear them talking.~

Wade: I told you, nobody's getting in our way.

Jim: Somebody's up there.

Wade: Besides, everybody's going to think Quinn did it.

Wade starts firing. Jim pulls Blair down behind a fallen log. Jim returns fire with his handgun. Blair stays hidden behind the log, holding his hands over his ears.

~Cut to Quinn's group. They can hear the gunfire. Quinn is looking around with binoculars.~

Lisa: See anything?

~Cut to Jim and Blair. More gunfire exchange.~

Blair: Is that Quinn?

Jim: It's different voices. Whoever it is has got the higher ground and more fire power.

Blair: Well, what are we going to do?

Jim: Well, we've got to hit the river.

Blair: I can't do that, man. I can't do that.

Jim: Look, don't worry about it, Chief, it'll be over before you know it.

Blair: That's what I'm afraid of.

Jim: Forget about the jump -- we'll probably drown.

They jump over the edge of the cliff into the river. Jim loses his Jags cap and Blair screams the whole way down.

Blair: Oh... my... god!

~Cut to Wade and Dell looking over the cliff.~

Dell: Think they're dead?

Wade: If they are, it's no thanks to you. Come on, let's go get our money.

~Cut to Quinn's group.~

Lisa: Those were gunshots, Quinn.

Quinn: I know, Lisa, I know. Don't tell me what I already know.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the water, struggling to get to the shore. They finally make it and crawl onto the rocks.~

Jim: You all right? Oh, man! We lost everything. The map, the compass... (checks gun) I got one bullet left.

~Cut to Quinn's group.~

Lisa: You think it was hunters?

Simon: (laughing) Hunters? With automatic weapons, right?

Quinn: If that was the police, what were they shooting at? Or maybe they're just making enough noise to let me know they're here, right? Keep the play-by-play to yourself. I want your opinion, I'll give you a yank.

Quinn yanks Simon after him by the rope he has tied around him.

~Cut to Jim and Blair, still on the shore.~

Blair: Jim, who the hell were those guys?!

Jim: You got me. Let's go.

~Cut to a shot of Wade and Dell tracking.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair running through the forest. Night. They cross a short jump and then Blair stops by a tree and slides down it to sit down.~

Blair: Jim! Hey, buddy, hang on, man. I need a couple minutes. My head is killing me, man.

Jim runs back to him, crouching next to him.

Jim: What's going on? Is your vision okay? (touches Blair's forehead, Blair winces) Ooh, yeah, you got pretty well banged up there. All right, this is a good place. It's good shelter. I'm gonna see if I can get back on their trail. And I'm gonna double back for you in a little while.

Blair: All right. Are you going to think less of me if I actually take you up on that offer?

Jim: I'll probably think of you as some self-serving, spineless goober.

Blair: I can live with that.

Jim: All right. (stands and starts to head off, then pauses) Oh, stay awake, all right? No campfires. (runs off)

Blair: Yeah. No campfires. What am I going to burn, man? Cold and wet is my world.

~Cut to Quinn's group. Still night. Quinn is sleeping. Simon is sitting up. Lisa hands him a mug.~

Simon: Thanks. Hey, if you're really cold, you can have my coat. Just got to loosen up the ropes a little bit.

Lisa: Sorry, I can't do that.

Simon: You know, you can still get out of this, Lisa.

Quinn: Oh, you really are a piece of work, aren't you, Banks? (yawning) The minute I close my start talking behind my back, making trouble with my woman. Oh, soup for you. Pour it out.

Simon continues to drink soup.

Quinn: (sits up) I told you to pour it out.

Simon: I heard what you said.

Quinn stands up and goes over to stand in front of Simon.

Simon: Or what? What are you going to do? Shoot me? Go ahead. The gunshot will bring anybody within ten miles!

Quinn: I don't need to use a gun.

Lisa: Quinn...

Simon keeps drinking his soup.

Quinn: Get up. Get up. Get up

Simon: Soon as I finish my soup. (a moment's pause, then he splashes soup up into Quinn's face)

Simon attacks, fighting for the gun. The gun goes off.

~Cut to a brief shot of Jim who hears the shot.~

~Cut back to Simon and Quinn, still fighting for the gun. Simon has Quinn pinned on the ground when Lisa gets a rifle and holds it to Simon's back.~

Lisa: Get off him! I'll shoot you, I swear I will. And don't try any of that cop psychology on me. It's not going to work.

Quinn shoves Simon aside and stands up, leaving Simon laying on the ground. Quinn kicks Simon several times, then holds the gun on him.

Lisa: Don't do it, baby. Think about the money. We can't get it without him. Somebody could've heard. We've got to go.

Quinn: We'll have our day, you and me. You can count on it.

~Cut to Blair. Still night. He wakes up when he hears movement. He pulls out a lighter from his pocket and lights it.~

Blair: Jim? Jim, is that you? Oh, man.

~Cut to Jim. He finds the campsite and the mug and picks up mug.~

Jim: Still warm.

~Cut to Blair still looking around the area with the little lighter.~

Blair: Jim? Jim, come on, is that you? Please...please be you. Jim... Jim, buddy? Is that you?

Blair turns once more in a small circle. A rifle comes out at him and hits him on the face. He goes down.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Blair wakes up. Day. He sees a boot and looks up to see a man (Wade) watching him and chewing on some jerky. Dell is off to the side.~

Wade: Morning, sunshine. Where's your buddy?

Blair: (sits up against a tree) He drowned, man. He didn't make it out of that river.

Wade: Drowned, huh?

Blair: Yeah.

Wade: Well...I guess that leaves only you. (points his gun at Blair)

Blair holds up his hands in front of his face.

Dell runs over and stands in front of Wade.

Dell: Wade...we could just tie him up.

Wade: I can't take that chance, Dell. We're in too deep.

Dell: You can't just kill him.

Wade: I can do anything I damn well please. Look, I want to be rich and that means they all have to die. Starting with Mr. Mozart there.

Blair's hands go up again.

Dell: This ain't right, Wade!

Wade: Get out of my way, Dell. Get the hell out of my way!

Wade grabs Dell and shoves him away, going with him as Dell moves. Blair takes the opportunity and runs. As Dell and Wade go backward, the gun goes off -- into Dell. Dell falls down and rolls down a few short feet into a stream. Wade goes after him. Dell is dead.

Wade: Dell? Dell. Dell. Dell? You old, stupid son of a...

~Cut to Blair running through the forest. He runs up through some trees and promptly runs into someone -- Jim.~

Blair: Oh! (looking semi-terrified as Jim grabs him)

Jim: Whoa. Whoa. Easy. Easy. Chief. Chief. It's me. Settle down. I heard a shot. What happened?

Blair: It's those guys from the river, man, from the river. They shot at us. It's gotta be them. They knocked me out, man.

Jim lifts one hand to look at Blair's face. Blair just keeps talking.

Blair: They were going to kill me. But they got in this fight and they were...

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Shh-shh. They're moving away.

~Cut to Quinn's group. Still day. Quinn is leading Simon (hands tied behind him again) by the rope again, Lisa bringing up the rear.~

Quinn: We're close. I recognize the terrain.

They pause for a few moments.

Simon: This is crazy, Quinn. Where the hell are we going?

Quinn: Oh, it's a surprise. You don't like surprises?

Quinn yanks on the rope and Simon falls down on the ground. Quinn looks down to see a soft leather cigar case on the ground.

Quinn: My, my, my. You've been holding out on me. (picks up case and opens it) Nothing I like better than a hand-rolled cigar. (takes out cigar and drops case back to the ground) Sorry, I can't offer you one. (stands back up and lights the cigar)

Simon: Pick it up. (stands up) I said, pick it up! That was a present from my son.

Quinn: Save the sentimentality for someone who cares.

Simon: This isn't going to end the way you want it, Quinn. You know it, and I know it. You're a cop killer. But the way I see it, you got one chance. Release me now, give yourself up and I will try to make a deal for you. You got to know life in prison is better than the death penalty.

Quinn: And if I don't?

Simon: I'll make sure you get the same consideration you gave to Officer Brody. You can count on that.

Quinn: (laughing) You got big ones, Banks, I'll give you that.

Lisa laughs.

Quinn: Here's my deal: you do right by me, help me get what I want, I'll let you live. Screw'll never see your boy again. Now, let's go. (yanks Simon after him again)

~Cut to a brief shot of Wade tracking.~

~Cut to Quinn's group entering an abandoned mining area.~

Quinn: This is it.

Lisa: You buried it here?

Quinn: Can you think of a better place? My old man used to work this mine. Used to go down in the shaft when I was a kid. I knew no one would look here. I buried it in the wall of the equipment shaft. Thing damn near caved in on me. That's why we need him. (to Simon) You got a lot of work to do. I hope you're up to it. Your boy is depending on you.

~Cut to Jim and Blair.~

Blair: You sure we're headed the right way?

Jim: (picks up the cigar case) Yep. Positive. I've been smelling Simon's cigars for the last half mile. They're close.

They take off again.

~Cut to Simon being lowered into the equipment shaft. Quinn and Lisa are above, holding onto the rope that he is being lowered on.~

Simon: I don't see anything down here, Quinn.

Quinn: We'll lower you down another couple of feet on three. One. Two. Three.

Rope goes down a bit further in a rush. Simon bangs against a wall or two; debris falls on him.

Simon: What are you doing up there, Quinn?!

Quinn: (shining a flashlight inside) What do you see?

Simon: There's a piece of wood covering part of the wall here.

Quinn: That's it. Just rip that sucker off of there.

Simon starts to do so.

Quinn: Won't be long now, baby. We're almost home.

~Cut to Wade tracking.~

~Cut back to equipment shaft. Simon gets the wood off and pulls out the bag, which sticks a little.~

Simon: Damn!

Quinn: Come on, Banks. Move it. Let's go.

Simon: All right...I got it.

Quinn: Good. Good. You just hang onto it. We'll pull you out.

They start to pull on rope.

Simon: Wait a minute. (fumbling with bag a moment and not having a grip on the rope attached to the harness)

The pulleys give way and the rope plays out, sending Simon further into the shaft. Simon bangs around some more in the shaft before Quinn and Lisa get a hold of it and start pulling him up. They get him almost all the way to the top, Simon helping by climbing up the sides. They get the rope secured and Quinn reaches down his hand.

Quinn: Give me the money.

Simon: You help me out.

Quinn: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah. Money first. Money first.

Simon: Give me a hand, damn it! Get me out of here quick!

Jim and Blair come into the area from behind a building. Jim holds his gun on Quinn while Blair keeps an eye out around them. They both walk toward the equipment shaft.

Jim: Do what he says. You heard the man -- do it! Get him out of there now! I said bring him up.

Quinn reaches in and helps Simon out. Simon climbs out and keeps the money bag with him as he takes off the climbing rope.

Jim: (to Quinn and Lisa) All right, back up.

Wade appears off in the trees and starts shooting at them. One bullet hits Blair in the leg, sending him falling to the ground. Quinn and Lisa duck for cover as gunfire continues. Jim and Simon grab Blair and haul him into the regular mining shaft. Wade runs into the mining area.

~Cut to inside the shaft. Jim and Simon settle Blair onto the ground.~

Blair: Oh, god. Oh.

~Cut to outside. Quinn and Wade exchange gunfire across the camp. Lisa is with Quinn.~

~Cut back to inside. Jim examines Blair's leg.~

Jim: It went all the way through. Just relax. Keep breathing, okay?

Simon starts to rip strips of material for Jim. Jim takes off his belt to use as a tourniquet.

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: (to Simon) How you doing?

Simon: Never been better. What took you so long?

Jim: (to Blair) This is going to hurt a little. (wraps material around Blair's leg)

Blair winces and emits a pained sound.

Jim: (to Simon) We went for a little dip in the river. (tightens belt over the makeshift bandage)

Blair makes another pained noise.

Simon: Well, the good news is...I still got the money. (holds up money bag)

Jim: Yeah, well, the bad news is I've only got one bullet left.

Simon: What?

~Cut to outside. More gunfire exchange.~

Wade: Hey, Quinn...? Dawson Quinn... Is that you?

Lisa: It can't be the cops. See what he wants.

Quinn: Yeah. That's me. What do you want?

Wade: (laughing) Money. You broke into my house. You shouldn't have stole from me. That wasn't very smart. I'm gonna let you make it up to me.

Quinn: I don't have the money. They took it into the mine.

Wade: Well, that's too bad. I guess there's no reason for us to carry on this discussion. (fires at them some more)

Lisa: See if you can work out a deal. He can wait us out. He's got more ammunition.

Quinn: Okay. (stands and fires) Stop firing, damn it! (ducks behind cover again) Listen, we got three cops in the mine. We have no idea what kind of fire power they have. You take me out, you still got to deal with them. And you want to do that all by yourself? So, I'll tell you what -- how about I give you a third of the money?

Wade: I want half.

Quinn makes an amused face, then shakes his head to himself.

Wade: My buddy died because of this. This'll square it.

Quinn: Done.

Wade: Okay, how we going to do this?

Quinn: We'll meet at shed number one, lay our weapons down, shake hands on the deal. (grins)

Wade: Your woman comes, too.

Quinn: Let's do it.

They both comes out of hiding and walk toward the shed.

~Cut to inside mine.~

Blair: I can't believe I got shot, man.

Jim: You're going to be okay. We got to just get the bleeding under control, okay? (to Simon) Keep an eye on him for a while.

Blair: Jim, what's going on out there?

~Cut to outside where Quinn and Wade are approaching each other. They both reach the shed.~

Quinn: Okay, nice and easy. On the count of three, we put them down.

Both: One. Two. Three.

They lay down their guns and shake hands.

Wade: Wade Rooker. It's going to be a pleasure doing business with you.

Quinn: My friends call me Quinn.

~Cut to inside mine as Jim is listening to Wade and Quinn.~

Quinn: (voiceover) Well, Wade, let's take care of business.

Jim: Gentlemen, I think we've got ourselves a real problem here.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Jim is still listening. Outside, Quinn and Wade are loading up their guns.~

Quinn: I don't want any more surprises. (to Lisa) You stay here.

Wade: Let's flush them out.

Quinn and Wade start to walk into the mine.

Jim: You think you can move?

Blair: Yeah. Just give me a shoulder.

Jim: Let's go. Come on. Easy.

They move further back into the mine, behind some cover. Jim goes back to watch Quinn and Wade, then runs back to Simon and Blair as Quinn and Wade near them.

Quinn: There they are. Get them.

They both start firing. Bullets ping around the cover. Simon sits next to Blair, nearer to the open area of the cover. Jim sits across from them.

Simon: Oh, man!

Jim: Give me a wad of cash and a lighter.

Simon: Why? What are you doing?

Jim: Doing a little banking.

Wade: This will be easier than throwing rocks at a tree.

Jim lights a wad of cash and tosses it out at Quinn and Wade.

Jim: That's 25,000, Quinn! You come any closer, it's all toast!

Quinn fires several times, then stops.

Quinn: That's my money!

Wade: Our money.

Jim: Give me another wad. (lights the second wad of cash) Come on. Come on, baby. There we go. (tosses wad out) That's got to be 50,000 there, Quinn. If you're not out of here in 30 seconds, you've got one expensive bonfire on your hands!

Wade picks up burnt money and looks at Quinn.

Quinn: We got to have a plan "B."

Quinn and Wade leave.

~Cut to outside. Lisa walks toward them.~

Lisa: Where is it?

Quinn: We don't have it yet. We're going to fight fire with fire.

Wade follows Quinn, looking mournfully at burnt cash.

~Cut to inside. Jim stands and takes a few steps further back in the shaft.~

Jim: I feel an air current coming from deep in the tunnel. (turns back to Simon and Blair) Come on, let's go.

Simon: No. He's not going to make it. You can move faster without us. I'll stay here with the kid. Go!

Jim opens sight, then heads down into shaft.

~Cut to entrance of mine. Wade puts down a bunch of kindling. Quinn comes in behind him with a kerosene lamp and proceeds to empty kerosene on kindling.~

Quinn: Look what I found.

Wade: That ought to get her started. (lights kindling)

Fire starts up.

~Cut to inside with Simon and Blair. Simon now sitting across from Blair where he has a better view of entrance. Blair is dozing and trying to deal with the pain.~

Simon: Come on, stay awake, Blair.

Blair: did it feel when you got shot?

Simon: Oh, it hurt like hell. (laughs, then pauses) You smell that?

Blair: Yeah.

Simon turns to look toward entrance and sees smoke billowing their way.

Simon: Get down! (pulls Blair down so they're laying flat on the ground)

~Cut to Quinn and Wade outside watching.

Quinn: Well, now they got two choices -- come out and die or stay in there...and die. (laughs)

Wade: Either way, the money's still ours.

~Cut to Jim in the mining shaft. Eyesight and hearing cutting through darkness as he looks for the other exit.~

~Cut to Simon and Blair, both coughing.~

Blair: Simon, I can't take too much more of this, man.

Simon: Hang on. Let's hope Jim found a way out of here.

~Cut to outside.~

Quinn: (to Lisa) Don't sweat it, baby. At this point, time is on our side.

~Cut to Jim. He sees the exit and heads toward it.~

~Cut to Simon and Blair.~

Blair: Simon, I can't take any more of this. I've got to get out now.

Simon: I do, too. Come on, we'll have to chance it. Can you get your arm around my shoulder?

Blair: Yep. (moves his arm up)

Simon: (calling out) Quinn! We're coming out, Quinn!

~Cut to outside. Quinn, Lisa, and Wade move closer to the mine exit.~

Quinn: Come on. Time for us to get paid.

Wade: (walking by Quinn) I'm going to be rich.

Quinn: Not in this lifetime. (cocks his gun)

Wade: (turns around and yells) We had a deal!

Quinn fires several times and Wade goes down, dead.

~Cut to inside where Simon and Blair are making their way through the smoke.~

Simon: Quinn! We have the money!

~Cut to Jim exiting the mine.~

Jim: Smoke.

Jim runs up on the other side of the mine, heading around to the front. He gets there just as Simon and Blair come out.

~Cut to mine entrance. Simon and Blair come out, both coughing.~

Simon: Don't shoot! We're coming out, Quinn! Hold your fire. Here's the money.

Simon drops money bag. Camera switches to Quinn. Over his shoulder, Jim can be seen. Quinn moves toward Simon and Blair, raising his gun to fire at them. With his sight, Jim looks into a shed and sees stacks of dynamite. As Quinn prepares to fire, Jim fires his last bullet at the dynamite, blowing up the shed in a huge explosion. Simon and Blair both down, hitting the side of the entrance. Quinn and Lisa fall down, losing their guns.

Jim runs into the camp and attacks Quinn. Simon goes for Lisa, keeping her from getting her gun. Blair picks up Wade's gun and props himself up by the mine entrance. Jim and Quinn keep fighting. Then Jim picks up Quinn and holds him over the equipment shaft. Simon gets Lisa pinned down.

Simon: You stay down! Sandburg, over here. You got her?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: This is for Brody.

Quinn: Please, don't.

Blair: (to Lisa) Stay there.

Jim: It would be so easy...

Simon goes over to stand by the shaft. He just watches for a moment.

Quinn: Don't.

Simon: Jim.

Jim looks at Simon, then back at Quinn.

Quinn: Please don't.

Finally, Jim pulls Quinn up and cuffs him.

Jim: It's over.

Simon nods at him.

~Cut to sometime later. Helicopter comes in. Blair is strapped into an airlift gurney and is talking to Mara.

Blair: Agent Cale.

Mara: Yes?

Blair: Let me ask you something real quick. Um, I was ever been shot in the line of duty?

Jim and Simon are watching.

Simon: At the very least, we owe the kid dinner. Even when they were trying to smoke us out he kept his cool. He did okay. So did you.

Jim: You know, Simon, back there with Quinn... If you hadn't been back there... (shaking his head)

Simon: You would have done the same thing.

Jim: I don't know about that.

Simon: I do.

Jim: I got something for you here. (hands him the cigar case, then heads over to Blair)

Mara: See you Saturday, Blair. (walks off)

Blair: Okay.

Jim: (crouching down next to Blair) Hey, Romeo, correct me if I'm wrong but I thought you just made a date with her.

Blair: Yes, I did, man. I can't help myself. I got a problem.

Jim: Do yourself a favor and don't show her your diary this time.

Blair: Oh, yeah, no more diaries for me. I'll wait until I get old enough and write my memoirs.

Jim: Yeah, I can't wait for the movie version to come out. (motions for them to lift the gurney up, then stands)

Blair: Jim, I'm afraid of heights, man. Help me.

Jim: Nah, you're going to be all right.

Blair: I'm not afraid.

Jim: Here we go.

Gurney gets just above Jim's head. Simon walks over to stand next to Jim.

Blair: I'm not afraid. I'm scared!

Jim: You're fearless.

Blair: Jim...Jim!

Jim and Simon watch as the air lift goes up and helicopter flies away over the mountains.

Blair: Oh, Jim! Jim, get me down!

~ The End ~