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His Brother's Keeper

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Brian Fitzpatrick (Steven Ellison), Tyler Layton (Pat Reynolds), Bruce Kirby (Herman Franklin), George Touliatos (Ben Prince), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Lesley Ewen (Serena), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Darcy Laurie (Tony Grant), Patrick Stevenson (Pete Winslow), Paul Batten (Mayor).

Summary: Jim suspects foul play when a racetrack owner and a construction foreman are found dead, but the evidence points to Jim's brother as the main suspect. (Source: TV Guide Online episode blurb)

This episode was originally broadcast on May 14, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Lastings Park (in construction). Night. Pickup pulls up, a man gets out with a flashlight, goes over to a large metal container, unlocks and opens it. Inside are papers. He starts filling a box with those papers. He closes case up and starts to back to his pickup with the box. Camera angle switches to above and behind him where a dark figure points a gun at him and shoots him twice in the back. Camera switches to show body being dragged away. Then box is put into the pack of the pickup, someone gets in the pickup and drives away.~

~Cut to Lastings Park. Day. Horses run by on the track. Sign reads "The Pacific Racing Assoc. invites you to join us for opening day of the live racing season tomorrow." One horse (with the jockey on him) is being particularly skittish. Simon, Ben, and Herman are standing behind a fence to watch.~

Jockey: (to horse) Whoa! Whoa. Easy. Easy.

Simon is standing behind the fence watching the horse with two elderly gentlemen.

Simon: That's him. A little skittish, but, uh, what do you think?

Ben: Horses are like kids. Some are destined to go to Harvard from the day they're born. With a little bit of work, we might get this one into junior college.

Herman: You ain't really experienced at this game, huh, kid?

Simon: Well... no. My uncle was a trainer. He passed away and left me the horse. I was gonna sell him but the guys in my cigar club thought it'd be a good idea to sponsor a horse. Besides, we couldn't resist the name.

Herman: Little Stogie. (pause) Wasn't it Shakespeare who said "A rose by any other name is still a rose"?

Simon: (laughing) Yeah, something like that.

Ben: So what do you say, Herman? Can you do anything with him?

Herman: He travels okay. Maybe with a little work... Why not? I like a challenge.

Simon: Oh great. Thanks, Herman.

Herman: Hey, he's breaking off. (clicks the stopwatch as Little Stogie runs by)

Jim and Blair walk up to fence.

Blair: Sport of kings, huh?

Jim: Yeah. Rather be home watching a basketball game. And this betting on helpless animals thing -- it's ridiculous. I don't know.

Blair: What? Helpless animals? What are you talking about? These are superior athletes. These horses are bred for sport. They lead lives of total pampering. The best food, the best medical care, and then they get to go out and stud.

Jim: A little jealous there, Chief?

Blair: Yes, I am. Hey, Simon.

Simon: Oh, guys. Look, I'd like you to meet a couple friends of mine. This is Jim Ellison. Blair Sandburg. This is Herman Franklin. Ben Prince.

Herman: How're you doing?

Ben: Gentlemen.

Simon: Herman is Little Stogie's new trainer.

Blair: Great! Which one is Little Stogie?

Ben: The one on the back stretch.

Simon points out Little Stogie.

Simon: Ben here owns the track. He's gonna let us use the turf club for the Policeman's Benevolent Association Benefit tonight. (to Jim) Oh, uh, by the way... I'm in charge of putting together a special security detail for the mayor's appearance. He's requested you personally.

Jim: He requested me? Simon, he doesn't even like me. Come on, you know I hate those things.

Simon: Jim, nothing I can do about it. He insisted.

Jim: (to Blair) You knew about this?

Blair: (looking intently off toward the track with a suppressed smile on his face) Oh hey look at that! Here he comes! (pointing to the horse)

Jim hears strange dry crackling noise with his sentinel hearing and turns back to look at stadium.

Blair: What's the matter?

Jim: I'm hearing this sound. I can't identify it. It's annoying as hell.

Blair: Can you describe it?

Jim: Well it's a cracking sound like rice krispies in a bowl of milk, only softer.

Blair: Maybe it's it's the vibrations of the track or something, you know?

Simon: C'mon, Little Stogie. C'mon. C'mon. C'mon, push. That's it... that's it!

Franklin clicks the stop watch, shows it to Prince, who makes a face. Simon grins eagerly at Franklin.

Herman: Maybe you guys can open a pony ride.

Simon deflates, looks at his stop watch again. Jim and Blair leave.

~Cut to Benefit at night. Camera pans across turf club to Brown, Taggert, and Rafe standing in a group talking to Ben and Herman. Everyone's wearing tuxes and has cigars.~

Joel: C'mon Ben. There's no way he could be that bad.

Ben: In this life, some do the taking, others get took.

Rafe: C'mon. Oh no.

Ben: You just got took my friends.

Brown: Oh no, no.

Ben: See ya later. (leaves)

Brown: All right.

Blair walks in wearing tuxedo, talking to a woman in a short black dress.

Blair: It's quite an adrenaline rush, isn't it? The horses coming around the clubhouse turn...

Waitress: (holding out tray) Care for an hors d'oeuvre?

Blair: Uh, no thanks. ...The crowds going crazy and everything?

Pat: Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to be a jockey.

Blair: You used to be a jockey?

Pat: Mm-hmm. Well, now I find my excitement in... (fixes Blair's tie) in other places.

Blair: Really?

Pat: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Well, that's funny 'cause I'm an anthropologist and alternative social environments happen to be my specialty.

Pat: Oh.

Blair: My name's Blair.

Pat: Oh, Pat Reynolds.

Blair: Nice to meet you.

Pat: Yeah, you too.

Blair: So what do you do now?

Pat: I'm vice president of a corporation.

Blair: Really?

Pat: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Oh, wow.

Jim enters, walks towards Blair and taps him on the shoulder.

Jim: (to Pat) Would you excuse me for a moment? (to Blair) Chief, I gotta talk to you. (calling to Simon) Captain Banks? Sir?

Simon: Yeah?

Blair: Jim, I had something going on over there, man.

Jim: The mayor has no special security detail needed here, sir.

Simon: It's a P.D. event, Jim. The place is crawling with cops.

Jim: (to Simon) Y-you lied to me.

Simon: Uh-huh.

Jim: (to Blair) And you knew.

Blair: But I didn't lie, though.

Jim: But you knew.

Blair: But I didn't lie.

Jim: Yeah, but...

Mayor: (speaking into microphone at front of room) Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention for a moment.

Simon grins and holds up a hand for them to be quiet.

Mayor: There's a man here ...

Jim: (whispering and pointing to Blair) You knew!

Mayor: ... I'd like to thank personally for the great service he's done for this city. It will come as no surprise to most of you that he will be honored as Officer of the Year at our upcoming civic recognition banquet.

Jim: (whispering to Simon and Blair) I could be home watching a basketball game!

Simon: Shhh!

Mayor: ... It therefore gives me great pleasure to announce this year's honoree will be Detective James Ellison.

Jim gives Blair a confused, surprised look as everyone applauds.

Blair: That's great.

Jim walks to the front. He pauses to turn to look at all the guys from Major Crimes.

Jim: (pointing at all the Major Crimes officers) I'm going to get you guys. All of you. You're done.

Blair and Simon give each other a high five.

~Cut to outside balcony scene; balcony is above the turf club area. Ben Prince walks outside, pops a pill in his mouth and takes a sip from a glass of water.~

~Cut back to inside turf club. Jim shakes the mayor's hand.~

Jim: (to mayor) Thanks very much, sir.

Jim walks back over to Simon and Blair. Blair is chuckling. Simon raises both hands as Jim approaches.

Simon: (to Jim) Sorry about the deception, Jim. I just wanted it to be a surprise.

~Cut to balcony. Someone has come up behind Ben Prince, covered his mouth with their hand. Grunting and struggling noises are heard.~

~Cut to inside scene. Jim turns at the sound. He moves to the window. Simon and Blair follow him.~

Simon: What? What is it?

Jim looks upward, out the window.

~More scenes of the struggle outside. Then screams are heard and a body falls down from above, passing in front of Jim, Blair, and Simon as it falls. The three men leave to go downstairs.~

~Cut to a bit later. Outside scene. A blanket is being pulled up over the body's face by forensics workers. Another man in a tuxedo walks up to stand next to Pat Reynolds in the crowd of on-lookers.~

Man: It's Ben Prince.

Pat: Oh my God.

Simon: (talking on his cell phone) I'll deal with the media. Thank you. (hangs up)

Jim: (with Blair, walks up to Simon) I think he was pushed.

Simon: Do you have any evidence to back that up?

Jim: (looking upwards to the balcony) They were right above my head, Simon. I heard what sounded like a struggle -- some muffled sounds, maybe somebody trying to yell.

Simon: Take a look around up there -- you find anything?

Jim: Nothing conclusive. Just some possible scuff marks. I know what I heard, Simon.

Simon: This is just great. Can you imagine the field day the tabloids are gonna have with this? Track owner murdered at a party hosted by some of the highest-ranking members of Cascade P.D.

Jim looks across the way and sees the man who was standing with Pat Reynolds. They make eye contact.

Simon: Not to mention the mayor, city council... Look. Do me a favor. Keep a lid on this until you can bring me something concrete.

Jim: (somewhat distracted) Yeah.

Man: Jim! (starts to walk toward Jim)

Jim: (starts to walk toward the man) Steven.

Steven: It's amazing how two guys can live in the same town and never run into each other.

Jim: Yeah. And suddenly the world gets very small. You were at the party?

Steven: I work here. Our company has a long-term lease on the property.

Pat: (walks up behind Steven and interjects) We take care of all the maintenance and track operations in exchange for exclusive rights to the races here. Ben got a percentage of the gate and concessions. (extends her hand to Jim) Pat Reynolds.

Jim: Jim Ellison. We'll be in touch. (walks away from Steven and Pat, back to where Blair is talking with Brown and Rafe)

Jim: (puts a hand on Blair's shoulder) Chief. (to Brown and Rafe) See you guys later.

Blair: Who was that guy?

Jim: My brother.

Blair: You never told me you had a brother.

Jim: There's nothing to tell.

Blair: What do you mean there's nothing to tell, Jim? I mean, your sentinel abilities could be hereditary. What if he's got it too?

Jim: All right. We'll pack him up and ship him off to Peru for eighteen months, see what happens.

Blair: Well, you know, I could apply for a grant.

~Cut to next day. Jim and Blair are in forensics talking with Serena. They are looking a video from the surveillance camera at the horse track as Serena clicks through the different shots.~

Serena: Track security only tapes the main feed. This is all they were able to give us.

Blair: 7:22.

Jim: I looked at my watch after it happened. It was about 7:30.

Serena: Let's see what I can find. Here we are. (goes through security tape to a scene of the balcony with the door closing)

Jim: Can you slow it down?

Serena: Sure. (tape is slowed)

Jim: Now run it again. The door was closing. Take it back frame by frame. I'll tell you when to stop. Right there. You see that shadow on the glass?

Blair: Prince?

Jim: The guy who pushed him. Could you enhance that image for me?

Serena: I'll see what I can do.

Jim: Let me know, would you? Thanks.

~Cut to Lastings Park. Day. Outside. Jim and Blair (with a betting paper) walk up to join Simon. Herman somewhere just beyond them.~

Simon: Hey, glad you could make it. You know, it looks like Prince might have been a suicide after all. Medical examiner found out he was dying of pancreatic cancer.

Blair: Man, that's almost understandable, huh?

Simon: They found a medical report in his pocket dated yesterday morning. Maybe he just couldn't take it.

Herman: Hey. That's like saying "The triple crown winner is afraid to run." Ben was a fighter. He wouldn't ever just give up.

Simon: I'm sorry, Herman. I really didn't know him that well.

Herman: He and I went back 50 years together. We met in a foxhole in France. When we came home, he bought this track. It didn't look like much in those days, but he loved racing and he wanted to be a part of it.

Jim: You have any idea why someone might want him dead?

Simon: Jim!

Herman: Why would anybody want him dead?

Simon: (to Herman) Excuse us. (pulls Jim away a few steps) Hey, I thought I told you to keep a lid on this.

Jim: With all due respect, Captain, that autopsy report is just a prelim. Uh, I'd like to continue with my investigation.

Simon: Look, even with your heightened senses, you're not infallible.

Jim: Neither is the medical examiner.

Simon: You're not going to let go of this, are you? (pause) All right, look, keep turning over rocks. Just tread softly, okay?

Jim: Don't I always?

Simon: (chuckles) Yeah.

Announcer: Riders up.

Herman: That's us. I want a winner this time.

Rafe: Go for it.

Blair: I got to get a bet down.

Simon: Blair, look you don't have to make a bet just 'cause...

Blair: What, are you kidding? I've been doing some handicapping. Flashbang's a sure thing at seven-to-one. Look, your horse looks good, but I got a sure thing. (leaves)

Simon starts to say something, then decides not to.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Excuse me, sir. (into phone) Ellison.

Simon walks off.

Serena: (at forensics) Jim, Serena Chang. I've been working with the security tape. The computer enhancement clearly shows a face reflected in the glass.

Jim: You got a clear picture?

Serena: Enough for a positive ID.

Jim: Of Ben Prince?

Serena: Nope, definitely somebody else. I'll modem it to your laptop.

Jim: All right. I'll take a look at it.

~Cut to Blair running down the steps into the stadium seating to get into the Cigar Club box. Blair sits between Simon and Joel. Rafe and Brown are behind them. The four of them have matching red jackets on.~

Blair: Hello, boys. (sits down)

All: Hey.

Simon: Get your bets down all right?

Joel: What's this nag he's betting on called again?

Brown: Flash in the pan?

They all laugh.

Blair: Come on, guys, let's not be bitter, let's not be bitter. I put some money down on Little Stogie, too.

Simon: Really?

Blair: To show.

~Cut to Jim in the Expedition. He connects his phone to his laptop.~

~Cut back inside park. Horses take off out of the gate.~

Announcer: They're in the gates and they're off.

Simon: Come on! Wah-hoo! Come on, baby. Come on, baby.

Joel: Did you see that? Stogie's in the lead.

Simon: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Yeah! Come on!

Announcer: And Stogie's in the lead. Can he catch the turn?

Simon: Come on, Stogie, come on!

Blair picks up a pair of binoculars (not his) to watch the horses round the corner.

Simon: That's my horse! Hang on. Where's my glasses? Where's the glasses? (looks over at Blair) Give me those. (takes binoculars from Blair)

Joel: Come on, Stogie.

Rafe: Stogie!

The four others are all using binoculars. Blair digs out his glasses case and puts on his glasses.

Simon: That's my horse! There's my horse! There's my horse! There he goes! There he goes! Come on, Stogie! Come on, Stogie! Go, go, go!

~Cut to Jim still in the truck, waiting for picture from Serena.~

~Cut back to inside stadium.~

All: Yeah!

Simon: Looking good!

Announcer: Twice Johnny overtaking...

Blair: (grinning) Uh-oh! What's happening to Stogie?

Simon: Come on! No! No! Come on!

Brown: Who is that? Who is that?

Joel: Flash in the pan!

Simon: Come on, Stogie! Stay with him, Stogie! Go, go, go!

Announcer: Twice Johnny on the outside....Danny's Pride now fading back....Flashbang...

Simon: Whip him! Whip him!

Joel: Make the horse run!

Blair: Looks like somebody's getting tired.

Simon: No! (sits down)

Blair: (laughing) Flashbang!

Announcer: Coming for the wire. Twice Johnny. Flash Bang on the outside.

Blair: Stogie... got swallowed.

Announcer: Twice Johnny. Flashbang. Flashbang and Twice Johnny. Flashbang by a nose...!

Blair: There we go! Well, boys... Oh, look, this is worth some money now, isn't it? (laughs and leaves)

~Cut to Jim in the truck. Picture is forming on the screen.~

Jim: Steven?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Lastings Park. Still day. Steven's office. Jim inside with him.~

Jim: You were on the office balcony right after Ben Prince fell to his death. I just want to know why you didn't come forward. Steven, Steven, you were seen on the surveillance camera for god's sake.

Steven: What difference does it make? Ben committed suicide.

Jim: I think Ben Prince was murdered.

Steven: That's ridiculous. He was old and sick and angry and he had lost control of his track. It's the only thing he ever cared about. Are you accusing me of something here, Jim?

Jim: What were you doing on that balcony?

Steven: Ben was threatening to file a lawsuit against the company. I saw him go up there, I went after him. I figured maybe I could talk him out of filing the lawsuit. But when I got outside, he was gone.

Jim: And you didn't see anybody else?

Steven: No, and now that he's dead, I feel real guilty about pushing his buttons.

Jim: You sure that's all you pushed?

Steven: Oh, this is great. I run into my big brother for the first time in years and he accuses me of murder.

Jim: What would you like me to believe, Steven, huh? You were the last one to see Ben alive. In my book, you're a prime suspect.

Steven: "Cop of the year." Just how many heads did you have to bust to get that little honor, bro?

Jim: You just keep available for questioning. I'll be in touch. (leaves room)

~Cut to grandstand where Blair is getting his money at the betting window.~

Man: 20, 40, 60, 80...

Blair: That's right. Thank you. (takes money and leaves window; Jim is a few feet away) Hey, Jim, where you been?

Jim: I was taking care of some business. I see your pony paid off.

Blair: Seven-to-one, my friend, seven-to-one. The Sandburg system is foolproof. And it looks like Pig and Son's a sure thing in the next race.

Simon: Sandburg...we'd like to have a word with you.

Simon, Joel, Brown, and Rafe all approach, in their red coats, in a line. Blair looks at them and slowly ducks around behind Jim.

Jim: Don't you guys have anything better to do? All the kid did was make a bet on a horse.

Blair: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the right horse. (cackles)

Jim: Remind me to call you when we need a hostage negotiated, huh? (walks off)

Blair: Well, come on... Hey, Jim, where you going, man?

Simon: Blair, my boy, you know what? (puts his arm over Blair's shoulders) We're not that mad at you.

Blair: You're not?

Simon: No, sure, betting on somebody else's horse stings, but we're practical men.

Joel: That's right.

Blair: Practical.

Rafe: Yeah.

Simon: And we have all these expenses.

Joel: You know, oats and hay, lots of oats and hay.

Brown: Stable costs.

Rafe: Entry fees.

Simon: So we figure, since we work together we would pool our resources -- you know, you tell us what horse to bet, we lay down a few bets together...

Blair: Yeah, well...

Simon: You'll tell us the horse to bet....

Blair: Uh...

Simon: Give me this! (rips betting sheet from Blair's hands)

The four of them go to betting window, leaving Blair behind.

Joel: Ten dollars on, uh...

Simon: ....Pig and Son.

Brown: I'm in for 20.

Rafe: I'm in for 30.

Blair: Put 20 down for me, all right, Simon?

The four of them look at Blair, then back at the betting window. Blair wonders over to join Jim. Jim is looking around the grandstand building, looking somewhat boggled.

Blair: (chuckling) I can't believe those guys, man. What's up? You hearing that noise again?

Jim: Yeah. I've been hearing it the whole time. Sometimes it's more intense, other times it's quiet, but this is different. It's coming from this direction down here somewhere.

Jim zooms with his sight further down the way to see large cracks appearing in a pillar. He starts running that direction.

Jim: Hey! Move away! Cascade P.D.! (pulls out his badge) Hey!

Blair, Simon, and the others run after him.

Jim: Get away from that pillar!

Jim grabs a woman and her child who were in front of the pillar and hauls them aside as the outside of the pillar cracks open. Jim rejoins the others and looks at the pillar to see a body inside.

~Cut to same scene a bit later. Police crews there. Body has been taken out of pillar and being taken away in a body bag..~

Simon: (to officer) Make sure you get some good pictures of this. (walks over to join Steven and Pat) So, do you have any idea who he was?

Steven: Pete Winslow.

Pat: We had the grandstand renovated a couple of months ago. He was the construction foreman.

Simon: Anything else you can tell me.

Steven: I'll dig up everything we've got.

Simon: Thanks. We'll be looking into this. (walks over to Jim and Blair) Hell of a place to end up, isn't it?

Jim: Probably never knew what hit him. Two shots in the back and then they dumped him in.

Simon: So, Jim, that's your brother, huh?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: I could sort of see the family resemblance.

Jim: I never could. (walks off)

Simon and Blair exchange a look.

~Cut to Steven in Pat's office, getting something out of a desk drawer. Pat comes in.~

Pat: What are you doing in my office?

Steven: Just getting Winslow's information for the police.

Pat: That's okay. I can take care of it myself.

Steven: Great! I got tons of stuff to do. (stands up and heads to the door)

Pat: No, you don't. Actually, I want your resignation on my desk by the end of business today.

Steven: What?

Pat: I have no choice. The company is sitting on a merger worth over half a billion dollars to the stockholders. You supervised the renovations.

Steven: Supervised, yeah, but I don't think the specs on that pillar call for adding a body to the concrete. Nobody's going to hold me responsible for that.

Pat: No, maybe not, but I can't take that chance. I can't have anyone on my team who is tainted in any way. It could jeopardize the merger. Look, you've got your own stock options to think about. You'll lose them if I'm forced to fire you.

Steven: I know, but this...

Pat: Then do the right thing. You'll save us all a lot of trouble.

Steven leaves, slamming the door behind him. Pat picks up the phone calls someone.

Pat: Hey, I need to see you right away. No, um, the usual place is fine. 8:00.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Simon, Jim, and Blair walking through bullpen and into Simon's office.~

Jim: Winslow's killer probably figured the body would never be found.

Simon: Like Jimmy Hoffa.

Jim: Double-pouring is what made the column unstable.

Simon: Why would anybody want to kill him?

Blair: Uh, maybe he knew something.

Simon: About what?

Blair: I-I don't know.

Simon: Sandburg, if you don't have anything useful to contribute, why don't you just sit down?

Blair: Well, I did have a hot tip on a horse in the fifth tomorrow, but... (sits down)

Jim: The ME's final report came in, Simon. Prince had bruises on his body that were inconsistent with the


Simon: Hey, come, on, Jim. That doesn't prove anything. He could've tripped getting out of the shower.

Jim: It happened on his balcony. And we have a suspect. This is an enhanced image taken from a security camera. (gives Simon the security camera picture of Steven)

Simon: Isn't this your brother?

Jim: He admitted to being there.

Simon and Blair exchange a look.

Jim: He went out to talk to Prince, but Prince vanished. He claims nobody else was there.

Simon: Claims? What, you don't believe him? Come on, Jim, he's your brother.

Jim: It's a long story, Simon. The fact is, I really don't know him all that well. At this point, he's just another suspect to me.

Simon: All right, well, you have opportunity. What about motive?

Jim: Uh, I...don't know. I'm working on that.

Simon: So you're willing to implicate your brother on one piece of circumstantial evidence to tie him to a crime that we can't even prove took place?

Jim: Look, until this afternoon, I haven't had a conversation with him in the last 15 years.

Simon: Look, if there is a murder, he's definitely a suspect. But come on, Jim, he's family. If this gets serious, I'm gonna have to pull you off the case.

Jim: I hope you don't do that, Simon.

Simon; Jim, I tell you what -- why don't you go home and get some rest, huh? This whole thing will look better in the morning. Trust me.

Jim: I hope so, sir. (leaves)

Blair looks at Simon, then heads out after Jim.

~Cut to miscellaneous large room where Pat is counting some money in an envelope. A man (Grant) comes in and goes over to her.~

Grant: Hey, Betty. After I took care of Prince, you said you never wanted to see my face again. You said that after Winslow, too. It's not that I don't find your company enjoyable, I just get a little confused.

Pat: I have another job for you.

Grant: Of course you do. It's an addiction.

Pat: (gives him money) Get rid of Steven Ellison.

Grant leaves.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Pat's office. Night. Steven enters and puts a box down on her desk, then flips on her desk light to sign something he is leaving at her desk, presumably his resignation letter. He hesitates a moment, then sits down and starts going through her files.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering loft.~

Blair: Come on, buddy. People change, man. I mean, look at you. Your experience in Peru -- it changed you, right? So maybe your brother changed, too.

Jim doesn't say anything, just gets a beer from the fridge and goes into the living room.

Blair: Oh, man. Whatever he did, it must have been pretty good, huh? All right, look, if you don't want to tell me, I'll understand but let me just say one more thing. When you get something out into the open, sometimes it's not as bad as you originally thought it was.

Jim puts a CD in the sound system and wanders over to the balcony windows.

Jim: My dad raised us 'cause my mom was gone. He was always pitting us against one another, you know. He was really into the competition thing. One year he bought season tickets to the Jags. I mean, he only bought two. So whoever was in favor that week would get to go. I know it's a little thing...

Blair: That doesn't sound little to me. That sounds pretty harsh, man.

Jim: I guess he figured the competition would toughen us up for the real world but in reality, it just drove us further apart. My dad had this car. A '65 Cobra. You know that ride?

Blair: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Jim: If my dad was in a good mood, he'd let me drive it every now and again, but only when he was with me. Once I backed it out of the garage myself. Out of nowhere pops up my old man. I thought he would split a gasket. He wanted to rip my head open, man. It was so crazy. He forbid me to even go near the car again. He was going to go on this business trip. Japan, Australia -- I don't know where it was, but he had promised Steven that he was going to take him on this trip if he kept his grades up. One day Steven comes home with a "B." A "B." The old man says "Steven, sorry, the deal's off. Jimmy, pack your bags."

Blair: So he punishes him by rewarding you.

Jim: Yeah, Steven was pretty pissed off. He was jealous. He was really hurt. I guess he wanted to get the old man back or maybe he was trying to get me back, but he took a crowbar to the Cobra. The old man must have figured I'd taken it out for a joyride and dinged it up. I said, "I had nothing to do with this, Pops." He just wouldn't believe me. I wasn't going to rat Steven out. He never came forward and told the truth.

Blair: So, he got to go on the trip?

Jim: Yeah, and I got to go on one of my own.

Blair: Right. Join the army, see the world. (sits down)

Jim: (sits down) Something like that. The bottom line was that I realized that I couldn't change the relationship I had with my old man. It was what it was. I couldn't make him trust me. We just couldn't communicate.

Blair: What about Steven?

Jim: What about Steven?

Blair: I mean, Jim, we all make mistakes, you know. Kids do stupid things when they're scared. (pause) Once when I was 14, I went to this store and I stole this microscope, right? Yes, a microscope. Jim, I was a science nerd. (laughs) Anyway, um... the cops caught me and I swore up and down that I'd paid for the thing and I kept lying and getting in deeper and deeper and finally I just couldn't take it anymore and I had to come out and tell the truth. But by that time, nobody was listening.

Jim: What's your point here?

Blair: My point is, I saw the look on Steven's face the other night when you two ran into each other and he was really glad to see you. You ever think that maybe you're the one that stopped listening?

Jim: I'm going to go out and take a walk, all right? (stands)

Phone rings and Jim answers it.

Jim: Yeah? Ellison.

Steven: (in Pat's office) Jim, it's Steven. We have to talk. It's important.

Jim: Steven, it's been a long day.

Steven: I'm sitting here with a stack of documents that proves everything you think about me is true.

Jim: Oh, then why aren't you calling your lawyer?

Steven: Come on, man. It's all a lie. Look, I'm at the track... (hears something)

Jim: Steven?

Steven: Hold on a second. (puts down phone and goes to look out door; nothing; goes back and picks up phone again) Jim, you still there?

Jim: Yeah. What's going on?

Steven: Just meet me here. You don't believe my story, you'll have more than enough evidence to arrest me.

Jim: Oh, you're willing to take that chance?

Steven: I'll be waiting in the executive parking area under the grandstand.

Jim: I'll be there in 20 minutes. (hangs up)

~Cut to Steven. He gathers up papers. Behind him, a shadow of a person appears in the glass of the door. Then a gun. Figure slowly opens door.~

~Cut to Lastings Park. All the lights are being turned off. Cut to inside horse stall areas. Herman goes up to Stogie's stall to feed him something. Stogie eats it.~

Herman: How you doing, Stogie? Hey, look what I've got for you. Attaboy, attaboy. Eat it up. I got to make you strong if I'm going to save you from the glue factory. Attaboy. All right, all right, all right. Hey... I'll see you tomorrow, pal. Good night. (walks off)

~Cut to executive parking area. Jim pulls inside in the Expedition. He's alone. He gets out of car and walks toward another car.~

Jim: Steven? Steven?

A gloved hand pushes a remote button. Bright lights on car go on, blinding Jim a little. Jim hears a gun cocking and pulls his own gun in response as a few bullets come his way. He returns fire, taking out the front lights of the car, plus the windshield. Then he runs to the car and opens the driver's door. He pulls the figure up who is laying across the seats -- it's Steven. His forehead is bleeding.

Jim: Steven... (puts gun away)

Steven: Jim...

Jim: What the hell's going on here? (pulls out his cellphone and dials)

Steven: I'm not sure.

Jim: You hit anywhere else?

Steven: No, I don't think so.

Jim: (into phone) Yeah. this is Detective James Ellison. Lastings Park -- I need an ambulance. We got a gunshot victim. Executive parking.

Jim's eyesight opens up and he sees a gun barrel, then a shooter (Grant) hiding further back in the shadows. Grant fires, the bullet pinging off the car frame. Jim pulls out his gun and returns fire.

Jim: Hold it! Police! (to Steven) Stay put. (runs off)

~Cut to Herman (who has heard gunshots) getting ready to get in his car. Grant comes around the corner.~

Grant: Hey, you, out of the way! (shoves Herman aside)

Grant gets in the car and takes off. Jim comes around the corner, taking a couple shots at the car as it screeches out of the parking area.

Jim: (to Herman) You all right?

Herman: The son of a bitch stole my car!

Jim: Come on.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Day. Jim and Steven walk into an office where another officer is working.~

Jim: Carter, could you excuse us for a moment?

Carter: Sure, Jim.

Jim: Appreciate it.

Carter leaves.

Jim: (to Steven) Sit down.

Steven: (sits) If I had been sitting up straight, you probably would've killed me.

Jim: (pacing) I had no other choice. I had to protect myself. You know all about that.

Steven: And you're still bearing a grudge.

Jim: Right now I'm not feeling much of anything. You say you have no idea who that other guy was?

Steven: Pat must have hired him. She's the one behind all of this. I figured it out about an hour before I called you. Now, listen to this. Winslow quits on the 24th. I know that because I saw him leave. But in his personnel file, there's a typed resignation signed and dated on the 25th.

Jim: The next day.

Steven: Right. Now, if you check the construction records you'll see that that pillar was also poured on the 25th.

Jim: But he's already dead.

Steven: (hands Jim papers) Now, this is a record of all the funds spent on the grandstand renovations. Pat was using my computer access number to change the purchase orders after I had entered them. Substituting cheaper materials for what is in the architect's specs. But the full amount of money authorized by the company was actually spent.

Jim: So what you're saying is that she was skimming money off the top.

Steven: Right. Now, our company is about to merge with a big European conglomerate. Pat's stock options would be worth millions. Now, if she's caught stealing and fired, she could lose it all.

Jim: How does Ben Prince factor into all this?

Steven: His legal action against the company could hold up the merger indefinitely. Now, if you're right about him being pushed off that balcony, Pat is probably behind that, too.

Jim: Let's say this is all true. This does not look good for you, either. These printouts...they implicate you in an embezzlement scheme. And since you have stock options in the company, when this merger goes down, you'll make a pretty penny. You follow that logic? You were on the balcony minutes after Ben Prince falls to his death. You just admitted that he was in the way of the merger. I've got opportunity and I've got motive.

Steven: And I've got trouble.

Jim: Yeah. Big time.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim and Simon watching Steven leave.~

Simon: All right, you brought him in. Do you believe him?

Jim: I don't know what to believe.

Simon: What does your heart tell you?

Jim: My heart tells me that he's my brother. He wouldn't try to kill me or anybody else.

Simon: Look, Jim, if you want me to take you off the case, just say the word.

Jim: No. No, no, I'm fine.

Simon: You sure?

Jim: Yeah. Appreciate it.

Blair goes over to the open office door.

Blair: Hey, guys, why don't you come on out here? We think we got something.

Jim and Simon follow him out to join Herman with Brown looking at mug shots.

Jim: What's up?

Herman: That's the guy.

Jim: You sure?

Simon: Tony Grant.

Blair: You know him?

Simon: Yeah, second-rate hood. He'll kill anybody for a hundred bucks.

Jim: You think he knows you saw him?

Herman: Looked the little weasel right in the eyes.

Simon: Thanks, Herman. You've been a great help. (pulls Jim and Blair aside) Look, Jim, if he's responsible for Prince and Winslow, he's not going to want any witnesses. He'll go deep, surface when he thinks he can finish the job.

Jim: If we can control where and when, we can take him down. We can get him to roll over on Reynolds.

Blair: We can use Herman as the bait.

Herman: He's right.

Simon: Oh, no way. It's out of the question.

Herman: Ben Prince was the best friend I ever had and if you think this kid killed him, I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

Brown: Captain, you know we'll be there.

Simon: Herman, do you have any idea how dangerous this is?

Herman: I'm an old man. Better that than spend what little time I got left looking over my shoulder.

Blair: We can set it up the next time Little Stogie runs.

Herman: He'll know I'll be there.

Jim: Look, what we can do, we can keep him on protective custody until that time. The day of the race we're going to put him in a bulletproof vest. We'll surround you with men. We'll give Grant one opportunity to strike. In the meantime, we'll stir up the soup a little bit. We'll tell Reynolds that Herman gave us a description of the suspect. We haven't made a positive ID yet.

Simion: Reynolds'll tell Grant, he'll get itchy... Hey, it could work.

~Cut to Lastings Park. Day. Brown, Rafe, and Joel with Herman in a locker room. Herman is being fitted with vest.~

Joel: (to Herman) How's that?

Herman: Feels like a corset.

Joel: Are you sure you want to go through with this?

Herman: Hey, if they catch the bastard, maybe I'll get my car back.

~Cut to outside. Jim is standing a bit above the stadium area to get a better view. He has a radio earpiece. Simon and Blair are below, nearer the locker room area.~

~Cut back inside.~

Joel: Let's go.

Herman and his entourage leave. Jim starts scanning.

Simon: Anything?

Jim: No, not yet.

Blair: If he's here, I hope you find him soon.

Jim: (sees Grant) Got him. Everybody stay loose.

Jim jumps off the high area and tackles Grant. They struggle. Above them, Pat appears. She watches for a few moments, then pulls out her own gun and fires at the two of them. Jim dodges aside one way. Grant gets up and runs.

Jim: All right, get down! Everybody! (gets out his gun and scans for second shooter)

Simon: Get him under cover!

Joel: Get him back in the building. Come on. (he, Brown, Rafe, and Herman head back inside)

Simon and Blair run through crowd toward Jim.

Simon: Cascade Police! Police! Clear the way! Jim! What the hell happened?

Jim: We've got ourselves another shooter, Simon. It came from somewhere up there. I was grappling with the guy, the shots came and he took off through the crowd. You see anything?

Blair: I didn't see a thing, man.

Simon: (into radio) All right, Brown, you keep Herman inside. We have another shooter. I'll be right in. 9to Jim) You keep looking.

Jim: You got it.

~Cut to room where Pat and Grant had met earlier. Grant comes in. He's wounded.~

Grant: What the hell were you doing out there? If something went wrong, you're supposed to create a diversion.

Pat: That was your plan, not mine.

~Cut to outside. Jim zooms in to see a bloody handprint on a white staircase railing across the way.~

Jim: He's wounded.

~Cut back to Pat and Grant.~

Grant: I should've never taught you to shoot.

Pat: That was your tough luck. (pulls out her gun and aims it at Grant)

~Cut back to Jim and Blair. Two gunshots are heard. Jim and Blair run toward white staircase.~

Jim: Watch out! Police!

They enter room and find Grant on the floor. Jim goes over to him.

Jim: He's still alive. We've got to keep him that way. Get the track ambulance.

Blair runs out.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Lastings Park still. Simon, Jim, and Blair. Grant is being loaded into an ambulance.~

Jim: So much for our brilliant plan. Now what?

Blair: You know what, I've got an idea here. Now, it's a little crazy -- we've never tried anything like it before.

Simon: This ought to be good.

Jim: I'm open for anything as long as it works.

Blair: Jim, track the gun that shot him. It wasn't fired too long ago. You might be able to smell the gunpowder.

Jim: She might still have it on her.

Simon: She? She, who?

Jim: Pat Reynolds.

~Cut to Pat in her office. She cleans the gun with a silk scarf, then wraps it in the scarf and stuffs it in her purse before leaving her office.~

~Cut to Simon, Jim, and Blair entering grandstand. Jim is trying to find a scent of gunpowder. Instead he hears something.~

Simon: How about it, Jim? Anything?

Blair: What?

Jim: Those crackling noises. I hadn't heard them for a while, but now they're back, louder than ever. (zooms in to see ceiling supports cracking) Hey, Simon, we've got to evacuate the building.

Simon: Why?

Jim: The whole damn thing is coming down. It's beginning to crumble.

Simon: All right, I'll get on it. You keep looking. (walks off to a security officer) Excuse me, sir, Simon Banks, Cascade PD. I need to find your security office right away.

Man: Follow me, sir.

Announcer: (in grandstand) Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? This is a special security announcement. Because of a minor electrical problem, it has become necessary that we clear the grandstand immediately. Please proceed slowly to the nearest exit. Your cooperation is appreciated. To repeat -- this is a special security announcement. Because of a minor electrical problem it has become necessary to clear the grandstand immediately. Please proceed slowly to the nearest exit.

Pat walks through grandstand, listens for a bit, then walks out with the rest of the crowd. Jim and Blair come out a bit later, going along with the crowd.

Jim: Excuse me, folks. Excuse me. Pardon me. I can smell the gun powder.

Blair: Great.

Jim: But it's fading fast, Chief. (sees Pat on stairs heading toward riding area) There she is. (he and Blair go down stairs)

Jim: Excuse me, folks. Pardon me. Pardon me. Excuse me.

Blair: Police business.

Pat reaches the bottom of the stairs and drops her purse in a garbage can.

Jim: Pardon me, folks. Chief, get the gun. It's in there.

Blair stops to look in trash can while Jim heads off after Pat.

Pat runs onto the track and hauls a jockey off the nearest horse. Joel, Brown, and Rafe are at the fence and just watch her incredulously.

Pat: Get off.

Jockey: Hey, hey. Hey! Hey! Hey!

Pat gets on the horse and takes off.

Pat: Go, go, go. Come on.

Jim comes running up the track.

Joel: Jim, what's going on?

Jim: She took out Grant.

Joel: Take little Stogie! Give him the horse!

Jim runs over and climbs onto Stogie.

Joel: Yeah!

Jim: Here we go. Come on, boy. (they take off after Pat)

Joel: Get her, Jim!

Jim chases Pat through the back part of the track.

~Cut to Simon, just outside the grandstand. He's on the phone.~

Simon: This is Captain Simon Banks. I need the entire area sealed around Cascade Amusement Park. The suspect is attempting to escape on horseback. That's right, I said horseback.

~Cut to Jim still chasing Pat. They're on a sidewalk on a main road near the Park.~

Jim: Come on, Stogie.

Pat: Go, go, go!

The chase leads inside the Park. Police cars are following after them. They reach a grassy area. Jim rides up next to Pat and jumps across, pulling them both from their horses. Pat gets up and attempts to run, but Jim grabs her.

Jim: Not so fast. You're not going to pin this one on my brother. Give me your hands behind your back. (cuffs her)

Two officers come up to them.

Jim: All right, take her out of here.

Officer: All right. Come with us.

~Cut to Lastings Park. Outside, near track. Night. Blair, Brown, Rafe, and Joel (all with cigars) singing as they walk with Stogie toward Jim, Simon (with cigar), and Herman.~

Singing: "A horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can count on a horse, of course, that is, of course, unless the horse is the famous little Stogie."

Jim goes over and pins a medal on Stogie's bridle.

Jim: Now this goes to its rightful recipient.

Blair: So you think he knows he's a hero cop?

Jim: Well, that's what we're here for now.

Joel: Look, Jim, you're the real hero. I can't believe you just jumped on that horse and rode off.

Simon: Jim's been holding out on us. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Joel: You had horses, Jim? You think you know somebody, Simon, but you really don't. They fool you every time.

Herman: This guy sure had me snookered.

Simon: Who would have thought he'd finish in the money his last five times out. Huh, Blair?

Blair: Hmm...!

Simon: Jim...where's your brother?

Jim looks around and sees Steven standing closer to the track, just looking out at the night.

Joel: He was here a minute ago.

Rafe: Maybe the singing scared him off.

Jim: Excuse me. (goes over to join Steven) Little bit of a hawk out here tonight.

Steven: Yeah.

Jim: I'm amazed at how fast you got this place up and running again.

Steven: Because we found the weakened areas of the grandstand in time, we were able to make the repairs. Luckily, nobody got hurt before that happened. I never did ask you how you figured out it was about to go?

Jim: It's a trade secret. (pause) I really appreciate you coming to the awards dinner tonight, Steven.

Steven: Actually, I was kind of surprised you invited me.

Jim: You know... I...I've been doing a lot of thinking. I realized that, uh...growing wasn't us. It was Dad. Making us compete against one another. He kept us from really knowing each other. Kept us from trusting one another. What you did back then...

Steven: ...was unforgivable. I've spent my whole adult life trying to deny it. Telling myself that you had made your choices and I had made mine and all was right with the world. But it wasn't. I always looked up to you. Always wanted to be like you. And then, one day I woke up and realized that you were gone for good and it was my fault.

Jim: And all along, I thought you hated my guts.

Singing: "Go right to the source and try the horse..."

The others start to leave.

Jim: You know, it's never too late to learn how to cut loose a little bit.

Steven: How about we start right now?

Simon: Come on, Jim.

Jim: You really want to be seen with those clowns?

Simon: Who's buying the brews?

Steven: Yeah.

Jim and Steven put their arms around each other and start to walk out after the others.

Jim: You know, all my friends aren't like this.

~ The End ~