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Written by: David L. Newman
Directed by: Danny Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Pato Hoffmann (Incacha), Christopher Allport (Gerald Spalding), Dawn Stern (Janet Myers), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Jim Davidson (Mitch Yeagar), Eclilsen De Jesus (Ali), Dario Jaquez (Moi), Gonzalez Solorio (Nanto), Edson Tavares Ribiero (Amo), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Gary Lauder (Shuster), Mark Fielding (Billings), Bill Lawrence (Wayne), Bruce Harwood (Barry), Kendall Cross (Rhonda).

Uncredited: Tim Thomerson (Man on industrial vehicle in jungle).

Summary: After nearly killing an innocent man while responding to a robbery, Jim loses his extrasensory powers. Meanwhile, members of the Peruvian tribe that helped Jim gain his heightened senses seek vengeance on the oil company that's destroying their jungle home. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on September 10, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Peru. La Montaña region. A Chopec Indian, face painted nearly all red, is looking at dirt, speaking in Quechua. A large industrial vehicle goes through the jungle. A man (Crilly perhaps?) with a rifle sits on top of it. A second Chopec Indian spots it, aims arrow at vehicle. Man on vehicle shoots Indian with gun. The Indian falls back onto the ground. The first Indian stops and checks the second one, then looks up, following industrial vehicle with his eyes, sees Cyclops Oil symbol on vehicle.~

~Cut to night scene in Cascade. Hollander's Department Store. Two men are inside, robbing the jewelry cases.~

Dispatcher: All units respond to a silent alarm at Hollander's Department Store.

Jim pulls Expedition to a stop in front of glass doors of store. He gets out of truck and goes inside. Thieves see him and stop, then attempt to hide. Jim stops just inside and listens. Hears heavy breathing of thieves as they empty out jewel cases. Jim finds first thief near perfume counter.

Jim: Throw your gun on the other side of the counter and put your hands in the air.

Second thief fires gun, breaking all perfume bottles. Long fight scene as Jim takes out one of the thieves near the perfume counter, getting knocked off balance by bottles of perfume getting spilled. He takes out another at the top of an escalator.

Jim: Let's see if there's any more late-night shoppers. (goes back down to main level)

Jim sees movement near doors; sees a gun and fires, only to have a night watchman step out in front of the bullet; watchman falls to ground.

Jim runs down to watchman and kneels next to him.

Jim: Oh God. It's all right. I'm a police officer. Don't... don't move. Just relax. I'm sorry, sir. All I saw was your gun. (pulls off the man's shift to see a kevlar vest) I'm sorry.

Guard: You're a hell of a shot.

Jim: I hope you'll forgive me. I never saw your badge.

~Cut to loft. Blair meditating on the floor with didgeridoo music playing. Jim comes in, slams door. Blair startled out of meditation.~

Jim: What the hell is that? (referring to music)

Blair: It's Australian aborigine music. It's supposed to get my internal rhythms in harmony. It's a meditation aid sort of like the outback version of biofeedback.

Jim: (turns off stereo system) Well, it's a little annoying.

Blair: What's the matter with you?

Jim: I shot a man today. He was a security guard. My eyesight kicked in. All I saw was a gun.

Blair: Did you kill him?

Jim: No, no. There's been a couple of break-ins at the mall. He was wearing a kevlar vest. He's got a couple broken ribs, but he's gonna be all right.

Blair: How are you doing?

Jim: I can't get it out of my head.

Blair: It was an honest mistake, right?

Jim: One I made because of my senses.

Blair: You can't blame it on that.

Jim: Blair, I nearly killed an innocent man today.

~Cut to Jim dreaming of being in the jungle and hunting the black jaguar with a rifle. He shoots and then wakes up.~

~Cut to loft next morning. Jim (in towel) in bathroom, preparing to shave. He wipes off the mirror and then starts to feel the shaving cream in his hands. Steps out of bathroom into main room.~

Jim: Hey, Sandburg.

Jim doesn't see Blair around anywhere, then smells smoke and goes into kitchen, sees toaster smoking. Grabs a towel, gets in wet and starts hitting the toaster with it, putting out the sparks. Blair comes in front door.

Blair: Whoa. Hey, Jim, what's up? Did you burn something?

Jim: No, Sparky. You did.

Blair: Oh, no! I just went down to go get the paper. I'm sorry! I've done it a million times, man.

Jim: Well, once you buy a new toaster, don't make it a million and one, all right.

Blair: Hey, Jim, I said I'm sorry. What's with the attitude?

Jim: I'm sorry, man. I'm just going through some stuff. I didn't even smell it.

Blair: What do you mean you didn't smell it? What's up? You're usually a human smoke alarm.

Jim: Yeah, well, that's not all. I was just about to shave and I had some cream in my fingers. I was going to put it on my face and it just felt totally different -- like it wasn't the same.

Blair: The same as what?

Jim: It felt like it used to before this sentinel stuff.

Blair: You mean, like, it felt normal?

~Cut to Jim and Blair exiting elevator outside of Major Crimes and going into bullpen, talking.~

Blair: I'm sure it's possible that with the psychological trauma -- I mean, you're subconsciously suppressing your sentinel abilities.

Jim: Whatever. It's no big deal.

Blair: Yeah, you're right. I mean, we have been through two or three of these situations before. We'll get through it.

Jim: You're missing the bus here, Chief. Maybe this time I don't want to get through it.

Blair: What? What are you talking about?

Rhonda: Jim? Captain's holding on line two.

Jim: Thank you, Rhonda. (picks up phone at his desk) Yeah, Simon? ... Where? ... All right. I'll be there in ten minutes. (hangs up) Don't take your coat off, Chief. We got a body at Bayside Park and the Captain's requested that you be there.

~Cut to Bayside Park. Day. Jim and Blair walking from truck towards crime scene where pictures are being taken of dead body.~

Blair: Come on, Jim. You can't deny that your sentinel abilities gave you an edge.

Jim: Let me tell you something, Chief. I was a good detective before the sentinel thing kicked in...

Blair: I'm not implying you weren't!

Jim: ...and I'll be a good detective if it never comes back. You savvy?

Blair: I'm sure you will, but...

Simon joins them.

Simon: I read through the report from last night. He should be okay. I want you to take some downtime this afternoon and talk to the department shrink.

Jim: That won't be necessary, Simon.

Blair: It's nothing we can't handle, sir.

Simon: Sandburg, just a second. Are you taking classes in psychology now?

Blair: Yeah, I've taken a few.

Simon: Well, I've had a few in anatomy, but I don't think you'd want me performing bypass surgery on you, now, do you?

Jim: There's no problem, Simon. I'm a hundred percent.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Simon around a body of a man on the grass. Man has a dart sticking out of his neck.~

Simon: Victim's been I.D.'d as Bud Torin, vice president of Cyclops Oil. Apparently, he was walking his dog. Motive doesn't appear to be robbery. Cash was still in his wallet. What I wanted you to see was the cause of death. M.E.'s preliminary report suggests that the victim went into almost instant paralysis.

Jim: You recognize it?

Blair: Yeah. Looks like it could be from the La Montaña region in Peru.

Simon: Jim, you're on the case. Copy Sandburg on everything.

Blair: Copy Sandburg? What do you mean, like an official assignment?

Simon: Well, that toy in his neck would put this into your area of expertise, wouldn't it?

Blair: Well, uh... yeah. Yeah, it would.

Simon: Great. (leaves)

Jim: It's been quite a while since I've seen one of these.

Blair: Yeah. It looks authentic, but who would use a blowgun in the middle of Cascade?

Jim: You got me. But you see these marks?

Blair: Uh-huh.

Jim: This is a Chopec dart. The tribe that took me in.

They get up and walk away from body.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same scene. Jim and Blair standing alone to one side, talking.~

Blair: I'm having a hard time understanding why a Chopec Indian, one of the last primitive people left, is going to up and travel 5,000 miles from a rain forest in Peru and land here in Cascade.

Brown comes over to join them.

Brown: This is the gun Torin was carrying. He had a permit for it. (shows them bagged gun)

Jim: Fired recently?

Brown: There's an empty shell in the chamber, but no sign of the slug. Now his right hand tested positive for powder, but forensics will have to take it back to the lab to do a full test on it.

Jim: Thanks. (gives bagged gun back)

Brown: All right. See you guys. (walks away)

Blair: Jim... you should go over that gun.

Jim: Why? I doubt I'd find anything he missed.

Blair: Come on.

Yeagar joins them.

Yeagar: Excuse me. Detective Ellison?

Jim: Yeah.

Yeagar: I'm Mitch Yeagar, vice president in charge of security for Cyclops Oil. Officer said you were in charge.

Jim: Yeah, that's right. This is my associate, Blair Sandburg.

Yeagar: I'm here to extend my company's resources. Anything we can do to help find Bud's killer.

Jim: Was Mr. Torin in South America recently?

Yeagar: Yeah, he was down there overseeing our operations. Got back about six weeks ago. They said he was killed by some kind of blow dart. You don't think it--?

Jim: I don't think anything yet.

Yeagar: Gerard Spalding, Cyclops' president, was a close friend of Bud's. He'd like to meet with you. (hands Jim a card)

Jim: Here? (motioning to card) I can be there in an hour.

~Cut to Cyclops Oil. Blair waiting outside of office where Jim is talking with Spalding.~

Spalding: I've been pals with Bud Torin since the tenth grade, Detective. His wife and mine are best friends. Our kids play together. Whoever did this thing, nobody wants him caught more than I do.

~Cut to Blair. A woman hands something to a receptionist and walks away. Blair notices her.~

Woman: Thanks, Martha.

Receptionist: Oh, sure.

Blair: Janet?

Janet: Blair Sandburg? (they shake hands) Hey. What in the world are you doing here?

Blair: My partner, he's a detective. He's in a meeting with Gerard Spalding.

Janet: Oh, about Bud Torin. What a nightmare.

Blair: Yeah.

Janet: Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me you're a cop now?

Blair: No, no, I'm not a cop. I'm more like an advisor to the police. I don't get a gun or a badge or anything cool like that, you know. But about you? I mean, who would have thought after chaining ourselves to redwoods that you'd end up working here.

Janet: Actually, I'm vice president in charge of environmental affairs. You know, the company's handling of those issues set a standard for the industry.

Blair: Well, you've changed a lot. Doesn't mean I don't like the change.

Janet: Thanks. Torn jeans or business suit, underneath I'm still the same person.

Blair: I'm still sorry I never got to find that out first hand.

Janet: Sorry. Engaged.

Blair: That's terrible. Not for you, of course. It's terrible for me.

~Cut to Jim and Spalding.~

Jim: Do you know if he had any enemies or, uh...alienated anybody while he was running things down in Peru?

Spalding: No. Bud was a straight shooter. Course there's always the chance he might have stepped on a few toes.

Jim: Well, it appears from the murder weapon that was used, our killer has some connection to the local tribes down there.

Spalding: Our relationship with the indigenous people couldn't be better. When they see us coming, boy, they just roll out that red grass mat.

Jim: Even if it means stepping on a few toes.

Spalding: Figure of speech, Detective.

Jim: Right. We'll keep you updated.

Spalding: Sure. And anything I can do, please call.

Jim: There is one more thing. Any idea why Torin was carrying a gun last night?

Spalding: I didn't know Bud owned a gun. (leaves)

~Cut to Blair and Janet.~

Janet: I don't know, Blair. I'd probably have to get access to some pretty confidential materials.

Blair: All I'm asking you is to pay a little attention to your company's involvement down in Peru. We're just trying to find Bud Torin's killer.

Janet: I'll see what I can do.

Blair: Good, good. (sees Jim coming) I got to run.

Janet: Hug?

Blair: Uh, yeah. (they hug)

Janet: I'll call you.

Blair: Okay.

Janet leaves, Blair and Jim walk down hallway.

Jim: Who was that?

Blair: It's an old friend of mine.

Jim: Working hard to renew an old friendship, huh?

Blair: Jim, what kind of dog do you think I am?

Jim: One that would jump a table leg.

~Cut to Chopec with red face paint climbing along top of building. He looks up to see the top of the Cyclops Oil building across from him. Looking down, he sees a big blue Expedition leaving the parking garage. Sirens go off and he clutches his hands against his ears. He keeps going on top of building, then climbs down fire access ladder, jumps to ground.~

~Cut to Major Crimes. Jim and Blair at Jim's desk, looking at large map.~

Jim: An army buddy who works at the Pentagon now got me these satellite photos of the La Montaña region. This here's the Yucayali River which means that this town here is Pucallpa. All this land here is Chopec territory.

Blair: Hey, uh, what's this line snaking through the jungle?

Jim: What line are you talking about?

Blair: Here, Jim. Why don't you use the magnifying glass? (Jim takes glass to look at map.) Come on, man this problem is all psychosomatic. Why don't you let yourself off the hook. Now think about how many times your senses have helped you and saved the lives of other people.

Jim: If they lead me to one fatal error, none of it has been worth it, you follow?

Simon comes in, sees Jim using magnifying glass.

Simon: Hey, what's this? Magnifying glass?

Jim: My vision's been downgraded to normal, Captain.

Simon: What's going on here, Sandburg? Are you okay, Jim?

Jim: Yes, I'm fine, sir. There's no problem. I'm...

Simon: Yeah, yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah.

Jim's desk phone rings. Jim answers it.

Jim: Ellison. (holds out phone without looking) It's for you, Chief.

Simon takes receiver.

Blair: Uh, I think he's talking about me, Simon.

Simon hands the phone to Blair, then leaves.

Blair: Thanks. Sorry. (into phone) Uh, yeah, hey, Blair Sandburg. ... Janet, how you doing?

Janet: I checked the inventory records of our Peru operations. A lot of big equipment has disappeared over the past several months. There are inconsistencies in the payroll records, but they're written off as accounting errors. I also found a couple of references to a company I've never heard of before. Hale Corporation.

Blair: Well, I'm just looking at a satellite photo of the La Montaña region and it looks like there's roads cut right in the middle of the rain forest.

Janet: La Montaña? That's not possible.

Blair: Janet, I'm looking at the picture right now.

Janet: No. There's an oil field underneath that region, but it's protected by environmental laws. It can't be exploited.

Blair: Well, then somebody's breaking the law.

Janet: Let me do a little more digging. I'll get back to you.

~Cut to Chopec with red face paint going along street, carrying a box of cast-off food. He enters a building (sorta a greenhouse) where other Chopecs are. They all speak Quechua as they eat the food. Chopec with red face paint goes over to wall to look out crack in wall toward distant Cyclops Oil building.~

~Cut to loft balcony. Night. Jim is already there. Blair comes out to join him.~

Blair: Hey, did Janet call?

Jim: No. (pause) There's something I've been meaning to tell you about that dart that killed Bud Torin. The markings that were on it...

Blair: It was Chopec, right?

Jim: Yeah, but each individual in the tribe has his distinct markings that he puts on the weapon.

Blair: Well, do you know whose dart it is?

Jim: The markings are Incacha's.

Blair: Incacha's?

Jim: Yeah

Blair: The shaman who guided you?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: You think he's the one who killed Torin?

Jim: I don't know. (looks off balcony) Let's ask him.

Both look down off balcony to see a Chopec with red face paint -- Incacha -- near the Expedition. Incacha looks up and smiles at them.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft, continuing scene. Jim, Blair, and Incacha.~

Incacha: (speaking Quechua )

Blair: Uh, I recognized, um... "shaman"... "the great village"... but what's uh, uh... what's "Enqueri"?

Jim: "Enqueri" is my Chopec name. He wants to know if you're gonna be my spiritual guide in the city.

Blair: Tell him that I learn from him. He learns from me. It's more like a partnership. (Incacha laughs a little) He doesn't buy that, does he?

Jim: (speaking Quechua)

Blair: What did you say?

Incacha walks further into loft and begins exploring.

Jim: I said, "my house is yours. Look around." (pause) He said he and four other Chopecs stowed away on a freighter. They came to Cascade in search of the Chief of the Great Eye.

Blair: What's the Great Eye?

Jim: Cyclops Oil. The Great Eye has been responsible for the death of several of his tribesmen. It's been cutting down forests, killing the water and land with its black poison. He's afraid the Chopec are going to vanish forever. They've come here to capture the Great Chief to bring him back to stand trial in front of the tribal elders.

Blair: Well, do they even know who they're looking for?

Jim: Yeah. (pulls out a newspaper clipping with Spalding's picture on it) Gerard Spalding.

Blair: If the Chopec catch him and actually get him back to Peru, what...?

Jim: For killing their land? They'd probably kill him.

Blair: What about Torin?

Jim: They confronted him in the park, hoping he'd lead them to Spalding. Torin pulled out a gun and shot one of them in the shoulder. Incacha hit him in the neck with a dart from his blowgun. Self-defense.

Blair: What are you going to do?

Jim: Legally, I have to arrest him.

Blair: Jim, you can't do that. Prison environment will kill him.

Jim: Why do you think I even avoided telling you about the markings on the dart? But if I don't arrest him and the brass finds out...

Blair: You're in pretty deep.

Jim: I can't do that.

Blair: Ah... I never thought I'd see the day you'd throw out the book.

Incacha accidentally turns on stereo system. Blair's didgeridoo music starts to play.

Incacha: (speaking Quechua)

Jim laughs.

Blair: What did he say?

Jim: "Earth music."

Blair: Yeah.

~Cut to Janet at Cyclops Oil with a computer tech guy.~

Computer tech: You say this is a password problem?

Janet: Yeah. If I don't download Mr. Spalding's files to a zip drive and get it to him at the airport by midnight....

Computer tech: This is an after hours call, you know. Double time.

Janet: Whatever it takes. Just, can you please hurry?

Computer tech: I told Mr. Spalding a hundred times -- you got a password, you write it down, and keep it in a safe place. Sometimes your own hard drive can crash, too, you know.

Janet: Look, my job is on the line here. Do you think...

Computer tech: Done.

Janet: Thank you. Just put the bill in my box.

Tech leaves and Janet sits down and starts typing on computer.

~Cut back to loft.~

Incacha: (speaking Quechua)

Jim: He says he needs me to help the tribe capture Spalding.

Blair: Jim, you got to tell him that you can't just go around capturing people. We have laws.

Jim: (speaks Quechua, then translates Incacha's words) There is no American law. There is no Chopec law. There is only justice. I was accepted into the tribe as a Chopec. That's where my allegiance lies. My people are in jeopardy. My obligation is to help the people, stop the killing, and save the land. (speaks in Quechua to Incacha) I just told him that I will help stop the killing, but there will be no capturing Spalding or anybody else.

Incacha: (speaking Quechua)

Blair: He doesn't look convinced, Jim.

Jim: He just said he can't believe these words are coming from me. (speaks Quechua, then translates) I just told him I have no more power.

Incacha: (speaking Quechua)

Incacha walks away from Jim. Jim just stands there a moment. Blair raises his hands in questioning. Jim walks over to stand in front of Blair.

Jim: He said a sentinel will always be a sentinel -- if he chooses to be.

Cellphone rings. Blair picks it up.

Blair: Hello.

Janet: It's me, Janet.

Blair: Hey, Janet. How you doing?

Janet: We're talking about a huge operation in a protected reserve.

Blair: Okay, remember, the most important thing is physical evidence.

Janet: I'm printing out pages of it. What they're doing down there is completely illegal.

Blair: Janet, are you still in your office?

Janet: Yeah, but it's just me and the cleaning crew.

~Cut to shot of Yeagar listening into conversation, then back to Blair and Janet's discussion.~

Janet: Listen, Blair, I've worked for this company for three years. I can't believe they've lied to me the entire time. Worse than that, they made me a part of their lies. Look, can you meet me at my car in the company garage? I still have the Mustang.

Blair: Same Mustang? Wow. Remember when we took that up the coast to the anti-nuke rally? Top was down, wind in our hair. It was beautiful.

Jim: Here you go with the table leg.

Blair: Uh... Janet, look. We can be there in 15 minutes. ... Okay. ... Bye. (hangs up) Looks like she found a paper trail a mile long.

They look around and realize Incacha's gone.

Jim: Check the rooms.

Blair: Right.

~Cut to outside of loft. Jim tears outside and looks up and down street. Blair follows.~

Blair: Any sign of him out here?

Jim: I feel like I'm wearing blinders and I got earplugs in.

Blair: I'm really wishing you had your senses back.

Jim: Well, I don't. I just got to get used to it. Let's go.

~Cut to Jim and Blair inside truck, driving along roads.~

Jim: He couldn't have gotten far. Just one more time around the block.

Blair: We've been around the block five times.

Jim: I know we can find him.

Blair: We got to go meet Janet. I told her 15 minutes.

Jim: All right. I'm not getting anywhere this way.

Blair: You know, I'm really wishing you had your senses back.

Jim: It's over. The sentinel thing is dead.

Blair: Dead.


Jim: All right, man. What's bugging you?

Blair: What's bugging me?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Do you think Simon Banks is going to let this partnership continue if there's no legitimate reason for me to be here?

Jim: I don't know. I think the captain's developed kind of an abiding tolerance for you.

Blair: What about you? You sure as hell don't need me if you don't have sentinel abilities.

Jim: What? Were you worried you're not going to complete your dissertation?

Blair: Come on, Jim. I got enough information for ten dissertations. I could have finished months ago.

Jim: So, you've been stalling?

Blair: Yeah. You know, I mean, what do you expect? For me to just jump back into my academic life? Come on -- that would be like jumping off a roller coaster and spending the rest of my life on a merry-go-round.

~Cut to Expedition pulling into Cyclops Oil parking garage near mustang. Jim and Blair get out of truck.~

Jim: You know we're late, Chief. I don't know where this Janet could be right now.

Blair goes around to other side of Mustang. Finds Janet's body with a long arrow sticking out of her back.

Blair: Oh, my god.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene.~

Jim: Looks like it's Chopec.

Blair: Jim, what the hell is going on here, man? Are these Indians going to kill everybody associated with Cyclops Oil or what?

Jim: Whoa, whoa. These people are here for justice, not murder. They'd never shoot anybody in the back, let alone an unarmed woman.

Blair: Well, then who the hell did this then?!

Jim: Just... just settle down.

Blair: All right. (pause) I should never have gotten her involved in this.

Jim: There's no documents on her or in the car. Now, my guess is that whoever did this, wanted to make damn sure that we don't get near those files.

~Cut to Spalding's office next morning. Spalding is inside. Yeagar comes in.~

Spalding: What is it, Mitch? I'm addressing the shareholders at noon. Two executives have been killed in the past two days. Our stock is going right through the damn basement.

Yeagar: Last night, Janet Myers had computer services crack your code. Then she downloaded everything on Block 18.

Spalding: What?

Yeagar: Don't worry, Ger. No one will ever tie her murder to us. I made it look like the same Indians that got Bud.

Spalding: You killed Janet Myers?

Yeagar: She was taking the files to the cops. That would have cost you, me, and a few dozen other people a long stretch behind bars.

Spalding: No, no. Whatever you did, you did on your own. I am not involved in murder.

Yeagar: Not unless the victim's skin is brown, he lives in a hut, and he's standing in the way of your bulldozers.

Spalding: I'm late. (leaves)

~Cut to garage. Spalding and Yeagar.~

Yeagar: In any case, she never should have had access to those files. We need to tighten things up around here.

Spalding: What if Myers already went to the cops with information about the operations in Peru?

Yeagar: They never got that far. And I destroyed the files. You just deal with the stockholders, Ger. I've got everything else under control.

Chopec Indians appear, holding weapons on Spalding and Yeagar. Semi-fight. Car alarm goes off. Startles Chopec. Yeagar shoots Incacha. Another Chopec nails Yeagar in back of head with hatchet. He falls to the ground unconscious. Incacha motions for the other Chopec to go. Chopec shove Spalding into a car.

Spalding: What are you doing? All right. Take it easy. Take it easy. Easy, easy. Yeah, yeah. Okay, all right.

Chopec and Spalding drive away. Yeagar wakes up, gets into his own car, and takes off. Incacha struggles to stand.

~Cut to Simon's office. Jim and Simon.~

Simon: So Bud Torin and Janet Myers were not killed by the same person.

Jim: Whoever killed Myers was after documents that she was trying to get to us. Papers that implicate people within Cyclops. I think our suspect is somewhere in the company.

Simon: But this Inchaca, he is Bud Torin's murderer?

Jim: Incacha, sir. His name is Incacha. And he's already confessed to me with a strong claim of self-defense.

Simon: So we have him in custody?

Jim: Uh, he was, but, uh, he's managed to slip away, Captain.

Simon: "Slip away"? Jim, you let a confessed murderer, a primitive one at that, escape? The minute he confessed you should have had him in cuffs and on his way to the station.

Joel comes in with a package.

Joel: Hey guys. Jim, I found this in my mailbox this morning. It's addressed to Blair. (hands Jim a large envelope) Sandburg, Taggert. I guess it's all the same to the mail room.

Simon: Sandburg's mail's been showing up all over the station. What, is this from a woman, too?

Joel: It looks like it.

Jim: (opening envelope) Sandburg gives out the station as his address. He thinks it impresses the girls.

Joel: Well, I'd be impressed if you'd get Sandburg his own mailbox. (leaves)

Simon: What is it?

Jim: These are from Myers. These are copies of the documents she said she was going to get to us. Check them out.

~Cut to Yeagar on phone as he drives.~

Yeagar: It's me. Round up Shuster and Wayne and I want everyone packing. The Indians have Spalding and I'm not taking them on alone.

~Cut to loft. Blair pacing around while listening to didgeridoo music.~

Blair: Oh, man. Why am I so stupid? Why am I so stupid? Why did I get her involved?

Something bangs on the door.

Blair: Hello? (goes over and opens door to see Incacha on floor, bleeding)

Incacha: (speaking Quechua)

Blair: Oh, my gosh. Oh, no. Oh.

~Cut to Simon's office with Jim and Simon looking at documents.~

Jim: The gist of this seems to be something about Block 18 which is an illegal oil operation on protected land in the La Montaña region.

Simon: Looks like they've been using the assets and machinery of Cyclops to exploit the oil and then they funneled the profits into this Hale Corporation.

Jim: Janet's note says that Hale's a phony company owned by Gerard Spalding. (his cellphone rings, he answers it) Excuse me. (into phone) Ellison. ... All right, Blair, just calm down. I'm on my way. (hangs up) Looks like our murder suspect's been shot.

~Cut to loft. Incacha is laying on couch; Blair sitting next to him. Jim bursts in through the door and goes over to crouch near couch. Jim places hand at top of Incacha's neck.~

Blair: Ambulance is on its way.

Incacha: Enqueri...

Jim: Incacha... (speaks Quechua)

Incacha: (speaks Quechua)

Jim: They, they captured Spalding. They're taking him to some boat that leaves tonight.

Blair: Who shot him?

Jim: (speaks Quechua)

Incacha: (speaks Quechua)

Jim: From the description it sounds like Yeagar. He followed Spalding and the Chopec. Uh... (speaks Quechua)

Incacha: (speaks Quechua)

Jim: They're taking him to a... a forest in the sky.

Blair: What the hell does that mean?

Jim: I don't know.

Incacha: (speaks Quechua)

Jim: He-he wants me to become a sentinel, once again to help save the tribe.

Blair: Good, good. It's about time.

Incacha grabs Blair's arm.

Blair: Hey, hey.

Incacha: (speaks Quechua)

Jim: (translates) He passes over the way of the shaman to you. He wants you to guide me to my animal spirit.

Blair: Jim, ask him how I do that. I don't know how to do that.

Jim: Incacha... (speaks Quechua) Incacha!

Incacha dies and Jim looks at Blair.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft, continuing scene. Jim and Blair near kitchen area. Forensics is there. Voices raised, lots of emotion.~

Jim: Whoa! Listen to me. You are not taking this body to the morgue. I will arrange for...

Blair grabs Jim as he starts toward main room.

Jim: Sandburg, there are rituals! There are things a Chopec must do to prepare a body after death. Now, you know that.

Blair: Yes, I know that. Of course I do. But right now these people have to do their job.

One of forensics people takes a picture.

Jim: Hey, no photos! I'll break every... stop those cameras!

Blair grabs Jim again and hauls him back.

Jim: I want these people to understand! I want this man respected! You tell these people! I want this man respected!

Blair: I'll call Simon. He'll take charge of the body...

Jim: That's not gonna work.

Blair: Jim! I need you to listen to me!

Jim: What the hell are you going to do? You going to tell me to calm down?!

Blair: No! I need your emotions up and I need them open. You got to get your senses back. You heard what he said. You got to become the sentinel to save the tribe.

Jim: What the hell am I going to do? I don't know where anybody is. Forest in the sky -- where the hell is that?

Blair: I don't know, either, all right. Right now, we do know there's at least one gunman on their path. He told us what to do. Come on! (shoves Jim out the door)

~Cut to roof. Bright sunlight. Blair standing, pacing a little. Jim sitting in a chair.~

Blair: Jim, we have got one shot here at stopping the bloodshed. Now I can help you, but really it's up to you.

Jim: How? What if I can't do it?

Blair: You can do it. Now a sentinel will always be a sentinel as long as he chooses to. So make that choice, damn it. Now, put this on. (hands him a headset)

Jim: How many times are we going to go through this?

Blair: Put it on. (Jim puts on headphones and Blair turns on didgeridoo music) Can you hear me?

Jim: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Blair: Okay, now... picture Incacha's spirit. Okay? Now, he wants you to help the tribe. Now travel to where the animal spirit lives. Okay? I want you to see it.

~Cut to dreamscape. Jim is running through jungle after the black jaguar (his spirit guide) which leads him to a large altar. Jaguar jumps up on it and morphs into Jim as he looked during his time in Peru. They stare at each other.~

Spirit Guide: What do you fear?

Jim: I fear... being a sentinel.

Spirit Guide: What do you fear?

Jim: I fear responsibility.

Spirit Guide: Sentinel or not, your responsibility is to be accountable for your actions and to learn from your mistakes just like any man.

Jim: And my senses?

Spirit Guide: Reject them and the responsibility remains.

Jim: Accept them and you accept the gift.

Spirit guide morphs back into black jaguar, which roars and jumps at Jim, jumping into his chest.

~Cut back to roof. Jim takes off headphones and stands up. His hearing is back to normal. " Come on, Jessie. Get your coat. They say it may rain." "Stop it, Dad. It's a sunny day." Seagulls. A man sweeping. Traffic.~

Blair: Forest in the sky, Jim.

Jim: Yeah. Forest in the sky. (looks around and then sees something way in the distance)

Blair: Did you find it?

Jim: Yeah.

~Cut to rooftop covered greenhouse where Chopec Indians are. They have Spalding there. Yeagar bursts in with three other men. All have guns.~

Yeagar: Line them up over there like good little Indians. Hey, Ger.

One man goes up to an Indian and point-blank shoots him.

Man: Saw that in a movie once.

Spalding: What are you doing? Why didn't you just get the police, Mitch? This is a kidnapping!

Yeagar: It's more than that.

~Cut to Jim and Blair on ground at bottom of building. Jim points upward.~

Jim: There it is.

~Cut back to inside of greenhouse.~

Yeagar: Take them out.

Spalding: No, Mitch, you can't be serious.

Yeagar: Don't worry, Ger. We've got silencers.

~Cut to Jim and Blair on road below. Jim is listening.~

Jim: They're going to kill the Chopec.

Blair: We got to do something. We got to get up there.

Jim sights up to building and spots a fire sprinkler. He aims and shoots it, setting it off.

~Cut to inside of greenhouse.~

Chopec escape and rappel down sides of building.

Yeagar: Get out there!

~Cut to Jim speaking Quechua to the three Chopec who escape as they land on ground.~

~Cut back to Yeagar.~

Yeagar: I'll take care of him. You guys get out there. I said get out there!

Spalding: That could be the police out there!

Yeagar hits Spalding on the head, knocking him out.

~Cut to Jim at bottom of building as two of the gunmen come out.~

Jim: Freeze! Police!

Exchange of gunfire. Jim hides behind van. Chopec (on side of building) takes out one man with dart. Jim tackles the other. Yeagar fires at them from above, but misses. Jim takes off, going in to building.~

~Cut to road where one gunman runs down sidewalk. One of the Chopec is chasing him. Blair tears around corner in Expedition in gunman's path and knocks over a stack of wood chairs. Gunman stops and aims gun at Chopec. Blair exits truck, hits gunman over the head with piece of wood. Then ties him up. Chopec goes off to do something else.~

~Cut to Jim entering greenhouse. Sees someone.~

Jim: Put down your weapon and come out. Put your hands where I can see them.

Spalding comes out from behind a bunch of plants.

Spalding: I'm not armed.

Yeagar runs out from behind other side of room and shoots at Jim as he heads toward door. Jim goes after him, but door is locked from outside. Goes back to Spalding.~

Jim: All right, put your hands behind your head. Put them behind your head. Now drop them behind your back.

Spalding: I had no idea any of this was going on.

Jim: Right. You just collect the profits. (cuffs Spalding with plastic cuffs)

Jim then rappels down outside of building.

~Cut to street where Yeagar is running down sidewalks, evading Chopec arrows. Yeagar as he shoots one of the Chopec, then keeps going. He shoots another, goes over and grabs him to use as a shield.~

Yeagar: You're going to help me out of this.

Jim comes down street, gun aimed.

Jim: Let him go, Yeagar!

Yeagar: Drop the gun! (holds his gun at Chopec's throat) I said drop the gun! (Jim drops it) Now kick it in the storm drain! Do it! (Jim does so.)

Yeagar gets to driver's side of Expedition, then shoves Chopec aside. He gets in Expedition, reverses, then goes forward, heading Jim's direction. Jim grabs a discarded crossbow from the sidewalk and shoots out front left tire of Expedition. Truck flies up and over, landing on its side, and going through a window of a shop. Yeagar climbs out of back window of truck to see the three Chopec all waiting for him, arrows poised and ready.

Yeagar: Stay away. Get back!

Jim appears, stepping in front of Yeagar. He and Chopec exchange a few words in Quechua, and they back off. Yeagar tries to move away and Jim turns and grabs him.

Jim: Get back there!

Yeagar: Oh! Easy, man!

Jim: Get your feet back! You just wrecked my car there, buddy boy. Just shut up. (handcuffs him to truck)

Jim turns around. The Chopec are gone. Blair runs down street to join Jim.

Blair: Hey, Jim. I took care of that guy down there. Where did... Where did the Chopec go? What? Did they just take off without saying anything?

Jim: Well, not exactly. One of them told me I'm no longer the Chopec Sentinel.

Blair: What? After all we just went through?

Jim: No. He said now I'm the Sentinel of the Great City.

Blair: Oh, so I guess that makes me the Shaman of the Great City.

Jim looks over to see the black jaguar on top of a nearby car. Then Simon arrives, dragging his attention away.

Simon: Jim! Everything under control here?

Jim: Yes, sir. One hundred percent. (looks back at black jaguar which growls)

~ The End ~