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Three Point Shot

Written by: Darrel Fetty
Directed by: Danny Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Clyde Drexler (Orvelle Wallace), Mitch Richmond (Dwight Roshman), Kurt Rambis (Coach), Malik Sealy ( ), Lorenzen Wright ( ), Bill Walton ( ), Hubie Brown ( ), Ralph Lawler ( ), Tom McBeth (Arthur Dell), Samaria Graham (Shelley Wallace), Michael Warren (Ray Krause), Benz Antoine (Jerome Burke), John Tierney (Glimmerman), Neil Denis (Carjacker Kid #1), Adam Harrison (Carjacker Kid #2), Mi-Jung Lee (TV Reporter), Rhys Williams (Kid #1).

Summary: On the eve of a crucial playoff game for the Cascade Jags basketball team, Ellison investigates the murder of a young man closely associated with the team. He is led to a deadly feud between a legendary player, Orvelle Wallace and his flamboyant, hot-shot teammate Dwight Roshman. Ellison finds evidence pointing to Wallace as the murder suspect, but Sandburg, who holds Wallace as his childhood idol, refuses to believe it and his objectivity is called into question. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on September 17, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Jim and Blair driving up to Cascade sports arena in Jim's '69 blue and white pickup.~

Radio voiceover: And that was the story in Portland last night as once again the sensational Dwight Roshman comes through in the clutch for the Jaguars' second straight win on Rapids' turf.

Jim: They don't build them like this anymore, eh, Chief? Good ol' 60's sheet metal.

Blair: I would have laid money on you trading up for this year's model.

Jim: That was the original plan until my insurance agent told me I had to practically take out a second mortgage to pay for the premium. Simon told me I could forget about filing for line-of-duty compensation.

They get out of truck and walk toward entrance.

Jim: Two cars totaled in two years. So I figure if I toast this one, my out-of-pocket expenses are minimal. You know what I mean?

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: All she needs is a little T.L.C.

Blair: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. I never would have pegged you for a retro man.

Jim: Are you kidding? '69 was a very good year for me.

Blair: Yeah, yeah. I was born.

Blair: Except for that.

~Cut to inside arena; Jim and Blair walking.~

Radio voiceover: Today the Jags are back in Cascade. With two wins already in hand, they're heavily favored to sweep their best-of-five series with Portland.

Blair: Wow. I've never been to one of these places when there's no one here. Jim. (to a bunch of passing women) Hey, how you doing?

Jim: (grabbing Blair's shirt to haul him along) Listen to me. Sitting in on a Jags practice is a privilege. You just behave yourself.

Blair: I know, I know. How'd you swing this, man?

Jim: Thank Simon -- he set it up through Arthur Dell.

Blair: Simon knows the owner of the Jags? Can he get playoff tickets?

Jim: No, sold out weeks ago.

Blair: You know what? This is just as good. Just as good. No, no. This is better.

They enter main arena and head down to court area.

Dell: Detective Ellison? Arthur Dell.

Jim: Hi Arthur. Nice to see you. Simon Banks sends his regards.

Blair: Blair Sandburg. How you doing? Pleasure to meet you guys. This is an honor. I've been a Jags fan since way back.

Dell: Well, thanks. This is Ray Krause, head of arena security.

Jim: Ray, nice to meet you. Jim Ellison.

Dell: I got to go. You need anything, ask Ray. Enjoy yourselves.

Jim: Thanks very much. We appreciate it.

Blair: How you doing? Blair Sandburg.

Krause: Good.

Blair: We've met before, haven't we?

Krause: I don't think so.

Blair: Yeah, we have -- Oh, I know. At the University, outside the coach's office. You're the point guard in the display case. Trophies around him; it's like a regular shrine.

Krause: Yeah, that was me.

Blair: You went pro right after college?

Krause: Yeah, that was the plan.

Jim: Listen, Sandburg--

Krause: It's okay, Detective. It was years ago. You probably don't remember. I was going to be a first-round draft choice. The last night of finals I was heading up to my dorm room, the light was out in the hallway and -- bam. Went down a flight of stairs. Left elbow, right knee, smashed like china cups.

Jim: I remember reading about that. Saw you play a few times, Ray. You had the goods.

Blair: Sorry about that.

Krause: Forget it. I have. Anyway, I ended up with work that's good past 35.

Coach: That was great. Let's take a break.

Krause: You guys want to meet the players?

Jim: Oh, yeah.

Blair: Sure.

Krause: All right.

Krause leads them further down to courtside.

Krause: Hey, Dwight, you got a minute to meet some of your fans?

Roshman: What do you think? (keeps walking)

Orvelle comes over.

Orvelle: Dwight likes to stay focused. Distractions confuse him.

Krause: Orvelle Wallace. Detective Jim Ellison, Blair Sandburg.

Orvelle: Nice to meet you.

Krause: They came by to watch the practice. (his phone rings) Yeah, this is Krause. Excuse me. (steps away)

Blair: Thanks, Ray. I'm a big fan of Orvelle Wallace. You're my favorite player of all time. I still got a card you signed when I was in junior high.

Orvelle: Hey, you trying to make me feel old?

Blair: Oh, no. I'm sorry.

Orvelle: It's okay.

Blair: Sorry, I'm just a little nervous. I'm sure this is just practice to you but to us this is something really special.

Orvelle: Hey, it means a lot to me, too.

Coach calls them back to practice.

Orvelle: Excuse me, guys. Nice meeting you. (walks off)

Blair: Nice meeting you.

Jim: You, too.

Blair: Orvelle Wallace.

Jim and Blair watch more of the practice.

Blair: Man, is Orvelle Wallace a class act or what?

Jim: I wish some of it would rub off on Roshman.

Blair: I know.

Jim: Guy's got some kind of attitude, man. And all this talk about wanting to be traded. There's no pleasing the guy. Wallace retires next year? It ain't looking too good, let me tell you.

Blair: That's not even the worst of it. You hear the rumor that if Roshman gets his wish, Dell's thinking about selling the team?

Jim: Let me tell you something. The Jags leave Cascade, this city is losing a big part of its history.

Blair: I know. Like when the Browns left Cleveland. Better bust out the riot gear.

Jim: (referring to the practice) That's me and that's you. You're the one who just fumbled.

Blair: Yeah. (steps onto court) I'm on the court. I'm on the court.

Jim: Come on, get off. I told you, behave.

~Pan to on court. Roshman is refusing to give up ball.~

Players: "Dwight, Dwight, I'm open!" "Pass it, Dwight! It's a team game!" "Position, look out, look out. I got you covered." "Oh, oh!"

Play missed. Roshman and another player start to argue.

Roshman: Come on, man! I had a free lane. What you trying to do -- put the franchise on day-to-day?

Player: I had position -- franchise.

Roshman: That's a bunch of bull.

Player: Look, I'm not even trying to hear that.

Orvelle: Guys, chill out.

Roshman: Get off me, Wallace.

Jim: This is getting ugly.

Orvelle: Chill out, man, it's just a scrimmage.

Jim starts to listen with hearing to argument.

Roshman: What? This game too physical for you, old man? You need a wheelchair?

Orvelle: I ought to do the game a favor and take you out.

Roshman: Any time, grandpa, any time.

Coach: Knock it off. All right, that's enough. (to Orvelle) You all right?

Orvelle: Yeah, I'm fine.

Coach: The rest of you knuckleheads get on the line -- let's go.

Blair: That's the same injury Orvelle had in '94. His ankle.

Krause comes over.

Krause: Uh, listen, I hate to tell you this, but the practice is closed for visitors for the rest of the day.

Jim: I appreciate it.

Blair: Is everybody all right?

Jim: Thanks.

Krause: Just a little hyped for the game. That's all.

~Cut to locker room.~

Roshman: What's up?

Jerome: You still got some reporters waiting out there, man.

Roshman: Man, I don't want to see a reporter tonight. You got to be my decoy tonight, man. Bring my car around the side and I'll meet you around there.

Jerome: All right.

Roshman gives keys to Jerome.

~Cut to garage. A shadowy figure shoots Jerome (in a hooded cloak) as he approaches Roshman's car. Figure takes keys and drives off in car.

~Cut to garage next day. Police and media.~

Reporter: After a tumultuous year of trade rumors, relocation talks, and player discord, another shadow has fallen across the Jaguars. Someone has murdered Dwight Roshman's assistant Jerome Burke in the service entrance of the sports arena. At this time, Cascade police are not releasing any more information.

Simon: At about midnight, Roshman sends his assistant for his car. When the kid doesn't show, security guard finds him here shot. The car is gone. We found casings from a .32 auto.

Jim: Sounds like your basic carjacking.

Simon: Yeah, except that the kid was wearing Roshman's jacket coming out to pick up Roshman's car. He even had his hood up.

Blair: So someone could have thought it was Roshman.

Simon: Yeah, especially since he's been talking about leaving the team. Dwight's gotten death threats. Now, if there is some psycho fan who has it in for Roshman, we've got to find him and fast.

Jim: Where's Roshman now?

Simon: We asked a few questions and sent him home. You might want to take a stab at it. He wasn't exactly forthcoming.

Blair: Too shook up?

Simon: No, too busy telling us what a low class, crime-infested city this is and how he can't wait to get out of it.

Jim: Looks like he lives up to his reputation.

Dell: (to reporters) Jerome Burke was a good kid. What happened here is tragic. Sorry, but any other questions you're going to have to talk to the police. (joins Simon) Simon, just tell me you'll nail the low-life that did this.

Simon: We're already working on it, Arthur.

Jim: Mr. Krause, don't you generally have men patrolling this area?

Krause: Yes, but--

Dell: Give Ray a break, Detective. Can the Cascade P.D. cover every place at once?

Jim: Apparently Mr. Roshman received some death threats. Were they in the form of letters, phone calls...?

Krause: Both, but talk to Dwight about that.

Dell: Are you suggesting Jerome's murder is connected?

Simon: Unfortunately, that's a possibility we have to look into.

Dell: I've got a murder at my arena and now some nut case may be stalking my star player?

Jim: I don't mean to alarm you, Mr. Dell, but if somebody has it out for the team, that makes you a target as well.

~Cut to Jim and Blair at Roshman's house. Daytime.~

Shelley: Dwight's over there on the court.

Jim and Blair go to court.

Roshman: Shelly, I thought I said no more reporters.

Jim: I'm Detective Ellison, Cascade P.D. This is my associate, Blair Sandburg.

Blair: How you doing?

Roshman: (to Blair) Vice squad, right? (to Jim) You found my car yet?

Jim: No, and we haven't found who killed Jerome either.

Roshman: Man, you can't bring Jerome back. You need to find my car, then you'll find the guy who's done this.

Jim: Mr. Roshman, we understand that you received some threatening letters.

Roshman: I tossed those letters.

Jim: You remember something about them, something to help us identify who wrote them?

Roshman: What the hell difference does it make? You need to get out there and find this loony tune before he hurts someone else. I'm going to go shoot ball, man. You guys need to get out of here.

Blair: Hey, wouldn't you get a better workout with a little competition?

Roshman: With you?

Blair: Yeah, I was all-city point guard.

Roshman: I don't think so, Tiny Tim.

Blair: That's funny. How about a little two-on-one, then? My partner played a little college ball. (pull Jim aside) If we don't do this, the Q&A's over, all right? (to Roshman) What do you say -- a little two on one?

Roshman: Two on one? I can do that.

They play two-on-one basketball. Roshman steals the ball from them most of the time and is winning. The ball hits the rim at one point, bouncing a lot. Jim shakes his head, touching his ears.

Roshman: It's all one-hand. Ah, that's 12-nothing. I thought you guys could play.

Blair: Well, you know we're seeing what you got before we take you to school.

Roshman: Yeah, right. Losers' out.

Blair: (pulls Jim aside) We got to get it together before we lose this guy's respect.

Jim: You've already lost mine. Stop throwing the ball away.

Blair: What are you talking about? That was a great no-look pass. You should have been ready.

Jim: You should have looked.

Blair: All right. Whatever. What I'm saying here is you got some special skills. Start using them.

Jim uses his sight to aim perfectly and hits a three-pointer.

Roshman: Man, what kind of shot was that?

Blair: That's a three-pointer, man. Come on.

They keep playing. Jim and Blair start to get actual shots. Jim starts to hear something creaking and looks up to see the backboard breaking away and starting to fall.

Blair: Hey! You see that? Told you we'd take you to school.

Jim: Dwight! (runs over and tackles Roshman to the court, away from backboard just before it falls)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

Blair: jam.

Roshman: My next move is a monster lawsuit against the company who made that piece of junk.

Shelley: You all right, baby? Your trainer's on his way over with the doctor. How you feeling?

Roshman: I feel like I just got hit by Reggie White.

Jim joins them.

Roshman: You sure your game isn't football?

Jim: Uh, sorry about that. This bolt looks like it was scored nearly all the way through so it would snap.

Roshman: You mean this thing was rigged?

Jim: Well, a forensics team is gonna have to determine that.

Roshman: That was Orvelle.

Shelley: Dwight, you're crazy.

Roshman: Hey, no. This morning, I saw Orvelle shooting baskets out here by himself.

Shelley: Well, he probably came to see me, but I wasn't here. (to Jim and Blair) Orvelle's my uncle. I'm the only family he has.

Blair: Come on, Dwight. What in the world makes you think Orvelle would come over here and sabotage your hoop?

Roshman: "O" hates me, And he hates to see me get glory on the court.

Shelley: Dwight, you're just being paranoid.

Roshman: The first night Shelley moved in, he busted down my back door.

Shelley: He heard us arguing. Sometimes Uncle "O" can be overprotective.

Roshman: The guy swung at me in my kitchen and almost knocked me out. And this is not the only time he's threatened my life.

Jim: Like yesterday, in practice.

Roshman: How do you know about that?

Jim: I overheard some of the players talking.

Roshman: Look, the guy despises me. And if you want to know about this, talk to Orvelle.

~Cut to sports arena. Jim and Blair walking toward the Jags locker room.~

Blair: Roshman's full of it. That stuff about Orvelle -- that was just trash talk.

Jim: Maybe not. Last summer, a domestic dispute call came into dispatch. I had just talked to the uniform on the scene. He said Roshman's living room looked like a tornado hit it. Shelley's eye was all swollen.

Blair: Well, did she file charges?

Jim: No. Apparently, Dell called in a few chips -- kept it out of the papers. Now if Roshman's swatting Shelley around, our man Wallace could be grinding a heavy ax.

Blair: What are you talking about? You think he wants to add murder to his career stats? Please. Come on, Jim, he's a six-time all star....

~Cut to inside locker room with Jim, Blair, and Orvelle.~

Orvelle: Shelley told me you guys whupped up on my teammate so bad, he got mad and broke the backboard.

Blair: Well, you know. So, how are the ankles?

Orvelle: They'll be all right. The collision with Dwight aggravated an old injury.

Blair: The separated shoulder from last year, right?

Orvelle: It's my back.

Blair: Oh, right. From the Lambeer collision over the broadcasters' table in '91. Man, the guy's like a viking. You got battle scars. Your threshold for pain, it's gotta be amazing.

Orvelle: You get used to it. And besides, this is my last year. I'm not about to let anything keep me off the court.

Jim: Mr. Wallace, if you've talked to your niece probably, you know why we're here.

Orvelle: Well, Dwight thinks I set him up. There was some bad blood, but murder? That's ridiculous.

Jim: He also claims that you disapproved of his relationship with Shelley.

Orvelle: I love her like a daughter, but she's an adult. And as long as he treats her okay, it's not for me to approve or disapprove.

Jim: Does he treat her okay?

Orvelle: Well, in my opinion, he pushes her around, but not in front of me. Of course, she denies it but how many times can you walk into a door? You know what I'm saying?

Jim: Yeah. What were you doing on his court this morning?

Orvelle: I was waiting for Dwight. I was gonna offer my apologies for the fight and offer my condolences for Jerome's death. But Dwight wouldn't see me, so I left.

Jim: Yeah. I apologize for the inconvenience but would you come down to the precinct so we can get a formal statement? Your whereabouts at the time of the murder -- that sort of thing. It won't take long.

~Cut to outside locker room where Jim and Blair are waiting for Orvelle.~

Blair: See. I told you he'd have a good reason for being at Roshman's.

Jim: He still could have sabotaged the backboard. And you heard him yourself. He's got a possible motive.

Blair: Jim, we know he couldn't have done the carjacking. I mean, he left practice early to get his ankle x-rayed.

Jim: Chief, that was 45 minutes prior to the time of the murder. I'm a fan of the guy. I'm just trying to do my job here.

Blair: I know, I know.

Orvelle comes out.

Orvelle: Bye, Bennie. Oh!

Blair: What is it?

Orvelle: Muscle spasm, muscle spasm.

Blair: Should we get somebody?

Orvelle: It'll go away in a couple of seconds. Ahh... ahh... there it goes. Oh!

Blair: You okay?

Orvelle: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Blair: Well, uh, maybe you shouldn't drive. Maybe you should come with us, in my car.

Orvelle: That might be a good idea.

Jim: All right. We're parked out this way.

Blair: Right out front.

~Cut to parking lot.~

Blair: That bracelet -- it's from Tanzania, right? Made by the Masai?

Orvelle: How did you know that?

Blair: I did a paper on the tribe once.

Orvelle: No kidding. I went to Africa a few years back. Greatest trip of my life. The bracelet was given to me from the Samburu clan. It's about to fall apart now-- just like me.

Blair: What are you talking about?

They arrive at Blair's green Volvo and all get in.

Blair: Let me get you in here. You can have the whole backseat.

Jim: You might need a can opener.

Blair: Squeeze in there. Orvelle Wallace is in my car.

Jim: Let's hope you get him out before tomorrow night's game.

Jim: You got enough room back there, Orvelle?

Orvelle: Yeah. Yeah, I'll be fine.

Jim: Is that as far forward as you can move?

Blair: Yeah, just about.

Blair starts up the car and they drive out of the parking lot. Jim's cellphone rings. He answers it.

Jim: Ellison. All right, got it. Notify all the units that we're in a 1968 green Volvo.

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: Just got word all unit's are in pursuit of a blue Viper with white stripes.

Orvelle: Roshman's?

Jim: I believe so.

Blair: Jim, this is not a pursuit vehicle.

Jim: It is now.

Blue viper comes tearing around corner.

Orvelle: Hey, there it is!

Blair speeds after it.

Blair: Orvelle, you all right?

Orvelle: Slow down, slow down! My back!

Blair: Take it easy, Jim. You know how much time and money I've put into this car.

Jim puts his foot on top of Blair's on the gas pedal.

Blair: What are you doing?

Jim: Come on, this thing can do it.

High speed chase scenes. Lots of police cars.

Orvelle: Oh, no! Oh, please! Hey, you guys are dangerous.

Viper gets trapped by several cars and comes to a halt. Jim gets out of the Volvo, gun at the ready.

Jim: Get out of the car and put your hands up!

Two kids get out of the car.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon's office.~

Jim: Their story checks out. They found the car abandoned with the keys in it so they took it for a joyride. All the fingerprints match up.

Simon: Makes carjacking for the motive pretty thin. Nobody kills for a ride like that, then dumps it in an alley.

Jim: Not unless someone thought Roshman was the victim.

Simon: Guess that makes Orvelle Wallace our number one suspect.

Jim: Right, unless you consider the "battered girlfriend" angle. That's the report on the domestic dispute call we received August 4.

Simon: So she decides to take out her old man with a rigged basketball hoop? Has Wallace given us a statement?

Jim: He's finishing up just now.

Simon: Is there something else?

Jim: Yeah, Captain. I don't think you're going to like it too much but there's somebody else who stands to benefit from Roshman's death -- your friend Arthur Dell.

Simon: Come on, Jim.

Jim: Simon, team owners usually have big insurance policies on their star players. Now maybe Dell figured that the insurance payoff would be better than trading Roshman or moving the franchise.

Simon: I'm as cynical about professional sports as the next guy, but what you're talking about makes the Tonya Harding incident look like model sportsmanship.

Jim: I said you wouldn't like it.

Simon: Yeah, well, I don't like it. Arthur had nothing to do with this.

Jim: Simon, you know as well as I do that he could've hired somebody... You know I've got to follow up on this.

Simon: All right. I want it done discreetly. You hear me? Arthur's having a reception tonight for the team -- something about getting their spirits together for tomorrow's game. Maybe you could come along, keep your eyes and ears open.

Jim: I don't know if that's such a good idea, Captain, do you? I mean, Dell's going to be a little pissed off when he finds out we brought Wallace in for questioning without consulting the Jags front office.

Simon: I'll smooth everything over with Arthur. This, uh, ticket will get you in tonight.

Jim: Jaguar Club. Huh. Guess Sandburg's going to have to press his tie.

Simon: I guess that means you'll be needing both tickets.

Jim: That's very generous of you, sir. (leaves)

~Cut to breakroom with Orvelle and Blair.~

Blair: Hey, Orvelle.

Orvelle: Hey.

Blair: I'm sorry about your back, man.

Orvelle: Sorry about your car.

Blair: Oh, don't worry about that. You kidding me? There's something I want to show you. Take a look at that. (hands Orvelle a signed basketball card)

Orvelle: If you had sold this thing a couple of years ago, you could've made some money on it.

Blair: Sell? What are you talking about? No way. No way. I remember the day you signed that thing. There was like 50 of us kids out there after the game. And all the other players...some of them signed, but most just walked by. But you -- you took your time with each one of us. I mean, you asked us how we were doing; you told us to stay in school, stuff like that. It was funny. It seemed like you really cared.

Orvelle: I look like a kid. My manager keeps telling me I should've retired before people started saying I was over the hill.

Blair: Nobody says that, Orvelle. Nobody. I mean, you're the glue that keeps those guys together out there.

Orvelle: But Roshman is the franchise and if he and Dell can't work this thing out, you can bet this team will be playing somewhere else.

Blair: Yeah, but you're staying with them, right? You're moving up to assistant couch.

Orvelle: If the team is sold, my deal with management is null and void. And besides, this is all I know how to do. Nobody's going to put me in a sportscaster's booth or in some movie with a cartoon rabbit. (gets up and heads toward door)

Blair: Hey, Orvelle. Can I have my card?

Orvelle: Oh, sorry.

~Cut to team party at Jaguar Club.~

Dell: Everyone seems to be having a good time.

Krause: This party was the perfect thing to do, Mr. Dell.

Blair: Oh, Jim, I forgot to tell you. My cousin Robert called and said the odds on the Jags winning the playoffs this year are 6-1. You want any of the action?

Jim: Isn't that great. Your cousin the bookie.

Blair: Yeah. It's just a gentleman's bet. I used to do it all the time. How else do you think I put myself through school?

Jim: You realize you've just admitted the commission of a misdemeanor to a police officer. I could bust you right now.

Blair: It's a victimless crime.

Jim: Except when you lose.

A group of Jags cheerleaders go by.

Blair: Oh, my god.

Jim: Hey, hey, keep it together.

Blair: Did I ever tell you the story about Alexander the Great and how he used to travel with seven maidens?

Jim: Is that so?

Blair: Yeah, yeah. They used to encourage him with incantations from the battle lines, sorta like ritual cheerleaders, you know.

Jim: Is that a fact?

Blair: No, none of it. But I bet they've never heard that pickup line before.

They walk to bar. Krause and Dell are watching them.

Blair: Is Arthur Dell still a suspect?

Jim: Uh... no. He checks out clean so far.

Blair: What about Krause?

Jim: What about motive?

Krause: Maybe Arthur didn't want to get his hands dirty and dropped a big bonus on his chief of security.

Jim: Yeah, I thought about that. I'll check it out.

Orvelle: Almost didn't recognize you two in ties.

Blair: Hey, how you doing?

Orvelle: Pretty good. How's it going?

Jm: Nice to see you.

Orvelle: You sweeping the party the for usual suspects?

Jim: Strictly a social call on Mr. Dell.

Orvelle: Good, good. Let me introduce you around.

Blair: Can you start over there? (pointing at group of cheerleaders)

Jim: Easy, easy, okay?

Shelley: Uncle O?

Orvelle: Excuse me.

Shelley: Uncle O, look at my engagement ring.

Orvelle: Oh, that's great. But are you happy?

Shelley: Mm-hmm.

Orvelle: That's really all that matters. (to Roshman) You be good to her.

Roshman: Orvelle, we've been through this. I messed up with Shelley just once. She doesn't need you to look over her. No matter what you say or what you do, I love her. (holds out his hand, but Orvelle ignores it) You just can't give it up.

Orvelle: Not when you're telling anyone who'll listen, that I'm trying to kill you.

Roshman: I didn't say that.

Orvelle: Then how did I become a damn suspect?

Roshman: 2 + 2, baby. Even cops can add.

Orvelle: Are you trying to set me up?

Roshman: I'm not trying to set you up, old man. I thought I told you...

They start pushing at each other. Jim runs over as well as a few others to break it up.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, set-settle down.

Roshman: Hey, you saw him. I tried to shake his hand and he blew up.

Krause picks up Orvelle's bracelet (which is broken) from the ground.

Krause: Orvelle, I think this is your bracelet.

Orvelle: Thank you.

Krause: You all right?

Orvelle: Yeah. I'll be okay. (leaves)

~Cut to scene of janitor finding Roshman's body in a shower.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Simon and Jim with Roshman's body as it's being taken out. Blair coming through hallway to join them.~

Blair: Excuse me. Excuse me. I'm with Detective Ellison.

Jim: I remember when he was in college. I saw him score 60 points in a game one time.

Blair: What happened?

Simon: Shot twice. .32-caliber automatic. Same as Jerome Burke. It looks like they backed him into the shower got him at point-blank range.

Jim: (sees something on the floor of the shower) Wood. Excuse me. (goes into shower to crouch next to forensics guy) Can I use your tweezers for a second? Can I have the bag? (picks up something from shower floor, then walks back out)

Simon: What do you got there, Jim?

Jim: I'm not sure. Looks like a piece of porcelain or something. It's not tile or grout, judging by the texture.

Blair: Let me see that. (looks at bagged evidence)

Jim: Thank you. (hands tweezers back to forensics guy before they leave)

~Cut to Simon's office with Jim and Simon.~

Newscaster: As the investigation into the murder of Dwight Roshman continues league officials announced that after a week-long postponement, Game Three in the division playoffs pitting the Jags against the Portland Rapids will finally take place tonight in the sports arena. Critics have charged team owner Arthur Dell with exploiting the tragedy that stunned fans and players throughout the world. Mr. Dell has responded that the best way to honor Roshman was quote "get the ball back into play and win the championship." end-quote

Jim: Why am I not surprised?

Simon: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Jim: Simon, this whole thing is about money.

Simon: Yeah? Well, I don't need to remind you how powerful Arthur Dell is in this town. I have a stack of messages on my desk from the Chief. Dell is already asking for a new investigator.

Jim: Is that what you want?

Simon: No, it's not what I want. But unless we get some hard results, pretty soon the decision isn't going to be up to me.

~Cut to breakroom. Blair is getting a snack from the machine. Jim comes in..~

Jim: Spot me one of them Bronco Bars, Chief. I hear chocolate's good for depression.

Blair: What's wrong?

Jim: If I don't crack this case, I'm going to be replaced.

Blair: We still have leads -- like the insurance angle. (sits down at table)

Jim: (sits down at table as well) Dell's policy only paid off in the event of accidental death. Murder doesn't qualify, so good-bye motive. I checked on Ray Krause. Aside from a misdemeanor gambling charge 20 years ago, he's clean.

Blair: What about Shelley Wallace? If Roshman was beating her...

Jim: There was no sign of any recent abuse. Roshman's a big guy. That body was dragged about 20 feet into the shower. There's no way she could have done that by herself.

Blair: Maybe she had help, Jim. Maybe she was seeing somebody on the side.

Jim: Look, Chief, you're reaching for this one. Like it or not, at this point, Wallace is our only suspect.

Blair: I read his statement. He went right home after the party. He was asleep at the time of the murder.

Jim: There were no witnesses; only his word. Come on, nobody wants to see his hero fall but it happens.

Blair: Uh... I've been holding something back from you and I was meaning to tell you, but I was hoping if I waited long enough, things would turn out differently. You remember that pebble-like thing you found next to Roshman's body?

Jim: Forensics said it was an animal hoof or antler or something.

Blair: Rhino horn. It's an ornamental bead. It's made by the Samburu Masai in Tanzania. It was on Wallace's bracelet.

Jim jumps up and slams the breakroom door shut, then sits back down.

Jim: You realize what you've just done?

Blair: Yes. I have willfully withheld information vital to an ongoing investigation. Jim, I know.

Jim: You can't even claim ignorance on this. Simon's going to kick your ass. I should kick your ass. (stops and takes a breath) It's not too late to do some damage control on this. I know why you did it. We just got to keep it between us, all right?

They leave the breakroom.

Blair: Look, Jim, one stupid bead isn't enough to arrest someone on.

Jim: No, but it's enough to get a search warrant.

Jim goes to Simon's office. Blair goes to Jim's desk. Radio is on.

Sportscaster: ...and in a couple of hours we'll answer the big question-- can the Jags pull their team together and advance to the playoffs? Only a week ago, after two straight wins, the Jags were favored to sweep the series. But following the tragic murder of Dwight Roshman, oddsmakers give a 5-1 edge to Portland. Even Jags fans must wonder if the team can rally one more time.

Blair turns off radio and picks up phone.

Blair: Robert? ... Hey, this is Blair. How you doing? ... No, I don't want to double my bet. I need a favor. ... Yeah, I know you're busy. I'm sure tonight's a bookie's dream. But you got to come through for me on this one, cuz.

~Cut to Blair knocking on a door and entering an office. Night skyline in window behind desk.~

Blair: Thanks. Uh, Mr. Glimmerman?

Man turns around to face Blair.

Blair: Hi. How you doing? Robert sent me.

~Cut to Cascade Sports Arena.~

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Cascade Sports Arena for game three in the division semi-finals Portland Rapids versus your Cascade Jaguars!

Players are practicing.

Announcer: Before the playing or our national anthem please join us in a moment of silence for a great man t/ and a great player, Dwight Roshman.

~Cut to Major Crimes where Simon and others are watching the event on TV. For a moment, the cameras focus on Shelley seated in the audience. Jim is at his desk~

Jim: (on phone) Are you sure about that? All right, thanks. (hangs up) Simon.

Announcer: And now our national anthem with 29th Street recording artist...

Simon joins Jim at his desk.

Jim: Search and seizure unit found a pair of gloves in a trash can behind Wallace's place. Traces of powder and also traces of blood on the fabric. Blood is the same type as Roshman's.

Simon: Damn it. We have to bring him in. It's going to kill Sandburg. Where is the kid anyway?

Jim: Ah, he went home. He's on a serious downer.

Simon: He was my hero, too.

~Cut back to arena.~

Announcer: At forward, from the University of Houston six-time all-star and Jaguar Captain Orvelle Wallace!

Dell: Orvelle looks good. Doc says his ankle should hold out.

~Cut to Blair with Mr. Glimmerman. TV is on in background.~

Blair: My God. I... I had no idea that Krause was in so deep.

Glimmerman: Submarine deep. Lose-the-farm deep. The guy's been hooked for years. With him, it's like a disease. If you can't pay for your thrills, it gets terminal. You follow my meaning?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I do. But, uh... You don't actually think that Krause could kill somebody, do you?

Glimmerman just looks at him.

Blair: All right. I withdraw that question.

Glimmerman: Let's just say he's taken out some of his debts in trade. Muscle stuff. It's a talent with him.

Blair: Right. Right. Hey, look at that. The game's started. (stands up) Well, look, thanks for your time but I got to go.

Glimmerman: Wait a minute, kid. One more little amusing anecdote. Even up at the U, Krause was heavy into the action and a serious welcher. He didn't fall down those dorm steps. I heard he was tossed.

~Cut to Cascade Sports Arena.~

Announcers: Jags lead by three as Lockwood brings the ball into Sloman. He goes behind his back, looks into the corner, and finds Wallace. He'll rise for three. It's in the air! Bingo! Yeah! The Jags take a six-point lead as the Rapids bring the ball up court. If the Rapids thought they could just come into this building and run all over the Jaguars who are playing without Dwight Roshman tonight, they're in for a big surprise. Orvelle Wallace has absolutely taken his game to a new level. No question, Ralph. He's definitely leaving us with a game to remember. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this. Wallace goes to work again. Gets the ball to Sloman on the sideline. And it's down the lane, back to Wallace. Slam dunk! Oh, me, oh, my. Wallace is loving it, and this crowd is loving it, too.

Krause: Mr. Dell, sir, uh, there's a problem with Portland press credentials. I better go check it out.

Dell: Go, go, go.

Krause leaves.

Announcer: Rebound comes to the Jaguars. Ramsey rebounds the ball for the Jaguars who will bring it up court now for one final shot as the first quarter winds down. Wallace has been the man; he gets the ball up. He'll get it back and go for the final shot of the period. And he gets it! Wallace again! The Jaguars a tremendous first quarter. Whoop, there it is...

Orvelle sits down. Someone hands him a cellphone.

Orvelle: Yeah, Krause. What's up? Something wrong?

~Cut to Krause in stairwell hallway in arena. Alone.~

Krause: Yeah. Something's wrong. The point spread. When you go back out on the court, you're going to make some changes. You understand? I need you to start losing.

Orvelle: What the hell...?

Krause: Damnit. I've gone through some trouble here. I need you to throw the game.

Orvelle: It was you?

Krause: I did them both. And if the cops hadn't been so damn stupid, you'd be in a cell right now instead of rebounding. So get your ass back out on the court and start shaving points.

Orvelle: You're crazy.

Krause: You listen up, boy. I'm holding the big card here, so you better keep our arrangement quiet. I don't think Arthur wants to explain another stiff in his arena.

Orvelle looks back and notices that's Shelley's seat is empty.

Krause: Yeah, you make sure Portland takes this game or your little niecey-pie is going to end up in a box next to Dwight. You got it?!

Announcer: Whoop, there it is hey...

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Continuing scene in Cascade Sports Arena.~

Announcer: Well, we're heading down the stretch now. The Jaguars have not led this game since the first quarter. Orvelle Wallace -- usually the team's spark plug -- definitely has lost his charge. I feel it could be that ankle again. As much as I'd hate to see the great man pulled from the game right now, these fans are not happy. Jaguars are really struggling. Sloman will bring the ball in. Wallace wants it. He gets it. Returns to bring the ball up. But he bounces it off his foot -- it's out of bounds and the Jaguar troubles continue to mount.

Dell's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Dell: Yeah, Arthur Dell. ... What? ... Now? I'll be right there.

~Cut to Dell standing with Simon and Jim behind stands.~

Dell: Damn it, Simon, is this how the department treats a major supporter?

Simon: Arthur, we now have enough evidence to arrest Orvelle Wallace on suspicion of murder. I'm sorry.

Announcer: Goes for the jump shot. It's a brick but slam dunk! The Jaguars are back...

Dell: You're not going to do it now in front of 15,000 fans?

Jim: We'll do this thing as discretely as possible, Mr. Dell.

Dell: Look we still have a chance to win. If you take Orvelle out the whole game's going to fall apart.

Announcer: Wallace was hot earlier, not now. Shoots. Hits an air ball. Push the ball. Let's go.

Simon: Looks like it already has.

Dell: A jury will decide whether Orvelle's guilty. Just let him finish his last night here.

Simon: Do we have guards posted at all the exits?

Jim: Yes, we do.

Simon: Okay.

Jim: I think we should alert arena security.

Dell: (to another man) Where the hell is Ray Krause?

~Pan upwards to rafters where Krause is watching with binoculars. Shelley is tied to rafters, her mouth taped.~

Krause: Funny where life leads you, huh? What can turn a winner into a loser can be one point, one card or a trip down a staircase.

~Cut back to game.~

Announcer: Right back in the basketball game as Sloman goes to work. He'll look up court. He'd love to find Wallace -- Wallace on the sideline. Wallace righthand dribble. He loses the ball. Another turnover for Orvelle Wallace. A slam dunk for the Rapids! Timeout taken by the Jaguars. They're in trouble now. Wallace coming over to the sidelines.

Coach: Wallace, what the hell's with you?

~Pan to sidelines. Blair runs up to Jim and Simon.~

Blair: Hey, guys, guys...

Jim: Where the hell have you been?

Blair: I've been talking to an informant.

Simon: An informant?

Blair: It's not Wallace we're after. It's Krause.

Simon: Sandburg, it's a bit late for speculation.

Blair: No, no, no, I'm not speculating. What are the odds on the game?

Jim: Five-to-one, Rapids.

Blair: Five-to-one, Rapids. That's right. Last week, before Roshman was killed, weren't the Jags favored six-to-one?

Simon: What is your point?

Blair: My point is if you locked in your bet before last week, with Roshman dead and the Rapids suddenly favored, you'd stand to make some major league coin.

Jim: Enough to kill two people? Chief, where'd you get this information?

Blair: All right, let's just say the guy I'm getting this information from is pretty heavily connected, okay? He says that Krause is no armchair gambler here. He's got serious debts with some pretty serious people leaning on him really hard. And get this? Last week, the day that Jerome Burke died, guess who lays 20 grand on the Rapids?

Simon: I don't care if it was Santa Claus. We have enough evidence to arrest Wallace. We found the gloves at his house and Roshman's blood type was on them.

Blair: Then Krause planted it. These guys get tested for drugs, right. He could go in there and steal a sample of Roshman's blood.

Jim: Come on, Chief, That's getting far out there in the ozone. Like it or not, tonight we got to take Wallace in.

Blair: But Wallace is innocent.

Simon: Sandburg, I don't--

Blair: At least question Krause, okay? Please?

~Cut to Jags coach.~

Coach: Keep him over here! Good job. Hands up. Hands up! Foul? Are you kidding me? He didn't even touch him.

~Cut back to Simon.~

Simon: (into cellphone) This is Captain Banks. Sergeant, I need you to find and retain Ray Krause. He's head of arena security. Contact me A.S.A.P. (to Jim) You keep an eye on Wallace. I'll contact you later.

~Cut to sidelines.~

Orvelle's cellphone rings. He answers it.

Krause: I need you back in the game, Wallace.

Orvelle: Damnit, if I played any worse, I'd have been benched before the half.

Jim begins to hear conversation.

Krause: Wallace, I need you back on the court keeping the lid on this thing, you understand?

Orvelle: I've done what I can. What can I say? Let Shelley go. I'll get you the money -- all you want.

Krause: Let me explain the gravity of the situation. The seriousness of it, all right? If the Jags win, I'm dead... and so is your niece.

Orvelle: Krause, don't do this, man.

Krause: Shut up! Wallace... I can see everything from up here.

Jim looks upward, following Krause's voice, and sees him in the rafters.

Krause: I'm watching you and I don't care if you have to beg, swear, or crawl to get back in that game, but you tell them that you're back in the game.

~Cut to sidelines with Jim and Blair.~

Jim: Krause is up in the rafters. From what I've gathered, he's holding Shelley hostage in order to blackmail Orvelle into throwing the game. I want you to get a hold of Banks, tell him what's going on. I'm going after Krause. (leaves) Pardon me, folks, pardon me.

Announcer: It has been an uphill battle for the Jaguars. They trail by seven, but now they have caught them at 79, and they have a chance to take the lead for the first time since early in the game. Sloman's going to have to be the man. He'll now work the baseline himself. Sloman cuts beneath the basket, gets the ball from Houston, goes up for the jump shot. What a ball game -- the score is tied.

Krause: Damn it!

Announcer: Here he comes and slam dunks!

Orvelle: (to coach) Put me back in. I want to be there for this.

Coach: I'm sorry, "O." You just didn't have it tonight and we need this win.

Announcer: And Chavsky scores!

~Cut to Blair running up to Simon who is talking to Brown.~

Brown: No sign of Krause.

Blair: Simon.

Simon: Not now.

Blair: Simon!

Simon: Not now, Sandburg! (to Brown) Just keep looking around. He's got to be in here somewhere, okay?

Brown heads off.

Simon (to Blair) All right, what?

Blair: Krause is in the rafters holding Shelley hostage. Jim went up after him.

Simon: Brown, hold up! (to Blair) Look, you stay here. Keep an eye on Wallace. (hands him cellphone) Keep this channel open, and the next time you have some information like that you tell me! (heads off to join Brown) Let's go!

~Cut to rafters. Jim spots Krause with Shelley.~

Jim: Krause! Stay where you are and put your hands where I can see them. Get 'em up! (goes to Shelley) It's okay.

Krause takes off after a bit of gunfire exchange. Jim goes up to release Shelley from being tied to the

rafter railings.

Jim: It's all right, it's okay. It's all right. Just relax. (hears someone come from behind and turns with gun pointed)

Simon: Whoa! Whoa! Hang on, cowboy, it's me. Where's Krause?

Jim: He took off over the catwalks. I think she's okay, sir.

Simon: Brown, give me your radio. This is Captain Banks. I need all available units to the rafters. We have an armed suspect... (to Jim who takes off) Jim! Where are you going? (back into radio) Just make sure all the roof access doors are covered. (into radio) I repeat, we have an armed suspect.

~Cut to court.~

Announcer: The Rapids drive and score. A foul's called.

Coach: You can't call that. Let's go, you guys, we need a basket.

~Cut to rafters.~

Simon: Cover all rooftop access doors and stairwells. Keep your eyes open, people. Detective Ellison is in pursuit. The hostage has been found and released.

Blair: (over radio) Captain, this is Sandburg. Is Shelley okay?

Simon: Yes, Sandburg, she's okay. We're bringing her down now.

~Cut back to court.~

Announcer: The Jaguars trying to mount a comeback now. Time is running down-- the Jaguars bring the ball into the front court.

Blair runs over to Orvelle at sidelines.

Blair: Orvelle, Shelley's all right.

Orvelle: What?

Blair: Shelley's okay, we've got her.

Orvelle: That's great!

Blair: Yeah.

Orvelle goes to coach.

Orvelle: Put me in. I've given my career and my life to this team. There's less than a minute. This is my time.

Announcer: 20-second timeout, Rapids.

~Cut to rafters where Jim is tracking Krause.~

~Cut back to game.~

Coach: Get in there.

Orvelle goes in the game.

~Cut back to rafters. Jim tackles Krause and they fight as last few seconds of games are being played and announcer is talking. Krause gets away. Jim chases him.~

Announcer: Hey, look at this. Wallace is going to come back into the game. He pulls off the warmups -- now hopes to pull off a miracle. The Jaguars down by three. The Rapids trying now to put this game away. He'll look up court; he'll drive to the goal. Blocked by Wallace! A great defensive play just coming on off the bench. Here's Sloman up court -- go long to Henderson. He'll do a slam dunk! We have a one-point ball game! The crowd is loving it as the Rapids bring the ball back up court. It's out of bounds! Rapids trailing now. The ball is up. It's no good. Rebound! Comes off to a Jaguar! Silvan will go all the way for the lead!

Jim tackles Krause again as they near the rafters above center court and the scoreboard. They fall on the catwalk. Krause falls flat on his back. Jim goes over the edge and holds on, then climbs back up. They fight for Krause's gun which goes off. Bullet strikes steel cable and cuts it completely.

Announcer: He drives! He scores! The Jaguars have regained the lead! The Rapids on top. Just six seconds to go in the basketball game. Here's Orvelle Wallace with the basketball. He was a hero early; he as struggled ever since. Can he pull out some late-game heroics and get the Jaguars to the next round of the playoffs?

Krause is shoved into another cable with also snaps.

Time is winding down! He's in the air! Makes the basket! The Jaguars win! The Jaguars win! The Jaguars win the basketball game!

Jim and Krause fighting for gun again. He starts hearing creaking of another cable snapping. The catwalk tilts. Jim grabs onto another cable and hangs on it. Krause holds on to Jim's legs. Scoreboard starts to fall.

Blair looks up and sees scoreboard falling.

Blair: Hey, guys, guys, get out! Move it!

Everyone moves just as scoreboard falls and crashes to the court. Simon is back on the court. Orvelle sees Shelley and goes over to hug her. Blair is estatic.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for your division champions Cascade Jaguars! Whoo-hoo!

Jim: (through radiolink) Uh, Simon... Can I get some help up here?

Simon: Can you hang on for a few minutes?

Jim: Guess so. Just one question...

Simon: Yeah, what is it?

Jim: Did we win?

Announcer: Your Cascade Jaguars will now advance to the next round of the playoffs!

~ The End ~