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Inside Man

Written by: Harv Zimmel
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Stephanie Romanov (Michelle Lazar), Robia La Morte (Erika Lazar), Larry Holden (Vincent Lazar), Bill Switzer (Edward Lazar), Donnelly Rhodes (Dominick Lazar), Philip Maurice Hayes (Terry Neff), Malcolm Stewart (Agent Frank Mulroney).

Summary: After Ellison saves the life of a mob chief's grandson, he's offered a job as a reward --- and goes undercover to investigate the crime family. Working as a bodyguard, Jim tries to help the boy and his mother escape from the life of the mob. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on October 15, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Old man (Dominick) and a boy (Edward) walking down by the docks. Day.~

Dominick: Grandfather was a fisherman -- in the old country, not here. He had big hands and a loud voice. (to a man on a fishing trawler) You had a good day, huh, Frankie?

Frankie: Uh-huh.

Dominick: God loves a fisherman.

Frankie: He sure does.

Dominick: (to Edward) You see what I did? I called him by his first name. That's very important because it builds loyalty. You never know when you're going to need somebody's help.

~Cut to inside a surveillance van where a fed (Mulroney) is watching Dominick and Edward with a camera. Jim and Blair are with him.~

Mulroney: The boy's name is Edward -- Dominick's only grandchild. The heir apparent. Since Vincent's untimely demise, Dominick's pretty much taken over raising the boy. There's a big bone of contention with the boy's mother.

Blair: Looks like a pretty neat relationship.

Mulroney: Yeah, well, don't be fooled by the sentimentality. Dominick can be sweet and gentle with people he cares about. But you get in his way, he'll kill you, then go out for an ice cream cone.

~Cut to Dominick and Edward going up to a food vendor on the docks. One of Dominick's thugs (Terry) is standing nearby.~

Dominick: Hey, you hungry? You want something to eat?

Edward: Sure.

Terry: Dominick.

Dominick: Yeah, I see her. (to Edward) Listen, I got some business to take care of.

~Cut back inside van. The camera shows a woman getting out of a car.~

Blair: Whoa! Who is that?

Jim: That's Michelle, Edward's mother. The late Vincent's widow.

~Cut back outside as Dominick gets into another car while talking to Terry.~

Dominick: You stay a couple of hours, buy Edward anything he wants, and don't let him eat too much of that crap.

Terry: I'll look after him, Dominick.

Edward looks over the edge of the dock.

~Cut to inside van as Dominick's car pulls away.~

Mulroney: Unit two. Subject's on the move.

Woman: (on radio) Copy that, unit one.

Jim: I need some way to get closer to Lazar.

Mulroney: They're probably heading back to the compound. What do you say we call it a day? I mean, unless you can think of something else.

Jim: No. Maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow. Thanks, Frank.

Mulroney: Yeah. You bet. Let's wrap it up.

Jim and Blair exit surveillance van. Jim picks up an umbrella and opens it as he and Blair walk towards Blair's car.

Blair: He seems like a nice guy. Not your normal fed. You know, not that usual superiority trip.

Jim: Well, we both want the same thing -- to take down the Lazar crime family.

Blair: Hey, Jim, correct me if I'm wrong here, but you seem kind of intense about this one. Is there something else pushing you?

Jim: You're pretty savvy, Kemosabe. Someday ask me about Jimmy Finetti, all right?

Blair: Hey, Jim... Who's Jimmy Finetti?

Jim: I said someday, not today. I'm going to take a walk.

Blair: All right.

Jim walks off into the rain.

~Cut to Edward still wandering along docks by himself.~

~Cut to Michelle and Terry.~

Michelle: Terry, where's Edward?

Terry: I don't know.

~Cut to Jim walking up to the food vendor as he lowers and closes umbrella.~

Jim: A cup of coffee, please.

~Cut to shot of Edward turning and heading back along docks.~

~Cut to Jim taking a few steps over to a hot dog grill.~

Jim: What have you to munch on over here?

Jim starts to hear the echo of metallic creaking. With his sight, he looks across docks to see a cable on a crane which is holding up a heavy pallet starting to tear and rip. Underneath the pallet is Edward, unaware of what's happening above him. Jim starts to run through crowd, pushing people aside.

Jim: Hey! Hey!

Cable rips and pallet begins to fall.

Man on docks: Look out!

Jim grabs Edward and moves them both away from the pallet as it smashes into the dock. Michelle and Terry see and start over to them.

Jim: Are you all right?

Edward: Yeah, I think so.

Michelle and Terry join them.

Michelle: Edward! Oh! (hugs Edward) (to Terry) This never should have happened.

Terry: I just turned around for a couple seconds. He just disappeared.

Michelle: (releases Edward) I don't know how to thank you. If you hadn't been... Edward, don't you have something to say?

Edward: Thanks.

Jim: You're welcome. I think he's just a little shaken up. We're probably both a little shaken up. He'll be all right.

Michelle: Are you hurt?

Edward: No, I'm fine, Mom. Just wasn't watching, is all.

Michelle: Go home with Terry. I'll be along soon.

Terry: Come on, kid. You've been in enough trouble today.

Terry and Edward leave.

Michelle: I hope this doesn't sound presumptuous, but I'd really like to reward you in some way. I don't even know your name. I'm Michelle Lazar.

Jim: Uh... I'm Jim. Anybody would have done the same thing.

Michelle: You just saved my son's life. I can't just thank you and walk away. At least let me feed you. I know a great restaurant.

Jim: Uh, that's really not necessary.

Michelle: It's not far from here.

~Cut to quiet restaurant. Jim and Michelle at a table.~

Jim: So, I guess...

Michelle: So, do you do this...?

They laugh softly.

Michelle: I was going to ask if you perform heroic acts on a daily basis.

Jim: I usually take Sundays off. How old is Edward?

Michelle: He's 12 -- going on 30.

Jim: He seems like a regular kid.

Michelle: I hope so. I'm afraid he keeps a lot of things locked inside. It's not easy being who he is. (pause) We're part of a very well-known family. Edward's father is Vincent...

Jim: Lazar. Dominick Lazar's the boy's grandfather. You were right -- it's a pretty well-known family.

Dominick enters restaurant and goes over to their table.

Dominick: I hope I'm not interrupting anything. I owe you a debt of gratitude. I'm Dominick Lazar.

Jim: Jim, uh, Lawson.

Dominick: Well, I see the two of you have become fast friends.

Michelle: I was simply thanking Mr. Lawson.

Dominick: I'm sure you were. (to Jim) So what can I do for you? It seems like dinner in a fancy restaurant is not enough.

Jim: I could use a job.

Dominick: Doing what?

Jim: At this point, anything with some future.

Dominick: You know who I am?

Jim: Yes, sir.

Dominick: Well, you have me at a disadvantage. So how do I find out more about you?

Jim: I'll send you some references.

Dominick: You do that. If I like what I see, then we'll continue this conversation. Enjoy your dinner. Try the Tuscan lamb. Michelle, don't stay too long. Remember, you have a son to take care of. (leaves)

Michelle: Well, you're just full of surprises. (pause) Look, I don't know what kind of problems you have, but getting involved with this family is not the answer.

Jim: Michelle, I'm an ex-convict. Jobs don't come too easy to my type.

Michelle: Working for the Lazars is not easy either.

Jim: Why do I get the feeling that you're not very content with life in the family?

Michelle: You know that old saying -- be careful what you wish for.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Simon, Jim, Blair, and Mulroney in Simon's office.~

Simon: Look, you want to sling bull, do it with the guys in the break room -- not me. Now, how could you make a decision like this without consulting me first?

Jim: Because it fell into my lap, and there wasn't time. How long have we been after the Lazar family? Six, seven years? I'm telling you, Simon, it's reaching critical mass here.

Simon: You don't know that for sure.

Jim: I believe in my information.

Mulroney: So do we. Just follow this for a second. Since Vincent's death, there's been a power vacuum. The Asians, the Latinos, the Lazars, they're all taking shots at each other. Now Dominick isn't going to live forever. Some say he's starting to show his age. His only other kid is Erika. And being a woman, there's no way they'll let her take over.

Simon: So what's your point, Mulroney?

Mulroney: My point is somehow, the don is trying to consolidate his power. He wants to preserve his family fortune for Edward and he wants payback for killing his son. Now, if that happens it's going to be a real bloodbath. We need somebody on the inside.

Blair: Now how you gonna make that work? Once Jim's in there, he's going to be completely cut off.

Mulroney: I didn't say there wasn't going to be any risk. If I'd saved the kid, I'd be the one volunteering.

Simon: Are you sure this isn't about something else?

Jim: Like what?

Simon: Like Jimmy Finetti?

Jim: This is about the Lazars and nothing else. Now, Frank, I'll need a record. GTA, burglary perhaps, a dishonorable discharge. Whatever you come up with has got to be good or else I'm done before I even start, you got me? Let's go, Chief.

Jim and Blair leave office and go over to Jim's desk. Jim starts cleaning out his pockets, putting things in his desk drawers. Blair watches him.

Blair: All right, this is the second time I've heard the name Jimmy Finetti. Who is this guy?

Jim: Okay Jimmy Finetti was a friend of mine who was a cop. Hell, he was a damn legend around here. He could infiltrate anything. He went after the Lazars with an obsession. He worked his way deep into the organization and one day he just disappeared. That was about four years ago.

Blair: Well, you know, I've always wanted to do a study on a family like the Lazars. You know, the way they interact with each other, with society, their arcane codes of conduct -- things like that.

Jim looks at him.

Blair: Jim, you need me in there to watch your back.

Jim: I appreciate the offer, Chief...just not this time.

~Cut to Jim driving up into Lazar compound in truck. He pulls to a stop in the driveway. Terry is waiting for him.~

Jim: Mrs. Lazar told you I'd be coming, right?

Terry: Yeah. There's a place above the garage for you.

Jim gets out of the truck and Terry shoves him against the side of it, starting a search on him.

Jim: Whoa, whoa, easy. I guess you couldn't hear me. I said I was a guest.

Terry: Everybody gets searched. I don't care if you're the pope.

Jim: All right, you made your brownie points for the day. Why don't you take your hands off me.

Terry: When I'm done.

Jim moves around and attacks, reversing the hold, holding Terry over the back of the truck side.

Jim: I don't like people handling me. So maybe you'll just want to tell Michelle Lazar that I'm here and we'll both go on with our day. Huh? All right?

Another woman (Erika) comes around the corner and joins them.

Erika: Okay, that's enough.

Jim releases Terry.

Erika: Terry, my father wants to see you. It's okay. I think we're safe out here. Thank you.

Terry leaves.

Jim: Sorry about that. I'm Jim Lawson. I...

Erika: Saved my nephew's life. Thank you. We're all very grateful to you. I'm Erika, Dominick's daughter. My father's very impressed with your resume. He wants you to be Edward's personal bodyguard.

Jim: I'll try not to disappoint your father.

Erika: Do more than try. Edward is the most precious thing in my father's life.

~Cut to two men entering the back of a semi. Day. They open up boxes and get out automatic weapons. Then one of them lights the edge of a photo of Dominick and Edward, sets it down, and watches it burn.~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Playground. Jim and Edward walk down the sidewalk as they watch a bunch of kids playing football.~

Jim: (to player) That's a nice run. Good wheels. (to Edward) Pretty good, huh?

Edward: Sports are for jerks.

Jim: Not where I'm from. Where'd you get an idea like that anyway?

Edward: My dad. He said it's a waste of time to do something unless you know you're going to win.

Jim: I guess that's one way to look at it. I always thought the whole idea was to just get out and have some fun, some exercise.

Jim and Edward sit down at a picnic table to keep watching.

Jim: Some of the best times I had growing up were playing sports with my friends.

Football comes their direction. Jim gets it and holds it out to a boy who comes up to get it.

Jim: Here you go.

Boy: Thanks. (to Edward) Hey, you want to play? We need other guy.

Edward: Uh-uh.

Boy goes back to playing football.

Jim: I know how you feel, Edward. I got scared a lot when I was a kid. Some big boys out there.

Edward: I'm not afraid of those guys.

Jim: That's okay. I understand.

Edward: I said I'm not afraid.

Jim: Okay. Whatever.

Edward: Hey! (goes out to play football to the rest of the boys)

Michelle comes onto scene, walking over to join Jim. Jim stands up to greet her.

Michelle: Hi. I heard you came here for a little male bonding. Where is Edward?

Jim: He's doing a little bonding of his own. (motioning out to the boys playing)

Michelle: You call that protection? (starts to head toward field)

Jim: (grabs her arm) No, wait. Wait a minute. I'd like to think I can offer him a little more than protection. He's having a good time out there.

Michelle: I'll decide what my son needs.

Jim: (grabs her arm again) Michelle, I'm trying to help him. He's going to be all right.

View of football field. Edward takes a hit and goes down. He gets back up and goes after the person who knocked him down.

Jim: Eddie! (whistles) Come here!

Edward comes over to them.

Jim: What was that?

Edward: You saw.

Jim: I saw you take a good hit and you were about give a cheap shot. All that would have done is show them you couldn't take it. Come on. You're better than that.

Edward runs back out to join the other kids.

Jim: (to Michelle) Trust me on that one.

Boy: Set... hut!

Edward is thrown the ball. He catches it and makes a touchdown.

Michelle: Edward! Yeah! Edward! Yes! Yes! Okay.

Edward is happy until he sees his mother there, then his smile fades as he rejoins the play.

~Cut to Lazar house. Night. Erika and Dominick in a room. Erika is preparing to give Dominick a shot.~

Erika: We're running low on your medication. I'll have Dr. Barlow phone in another prescription.

Dominick: You make sure you pick it up yourself. I don't want anybody else finding out about this. Things are too important right now.

Erika: Don't worry, Daddy. Nobody is going to know. I wish you would let me help. (gives him shot)

Dominick: This is not for you.

Erika: It's my family, too.

Dominick: What are you going to do -- run around with a gun in your hand?

Erika: I did once.

Dominick: That couldn't be helped. I got some calls to make. Go make sure everybody's here for dinner. I'll be there in a minute. Princess -- if you really want to help me, find yourself a husband and make me another grandson.

Erika leaves. Dominick picks up the phone and dials. Jim is walking by outside and hears phone call.

Dominick: Hey, it's me. I talked to Dixon and Madsen. they were suspicious, but we knew that. They took some convincing, but they'll come. I'll personally guarantee their safety. Uh-huh.

~Cut to dining room. Jim enters as Erika puts a bowl of something on the table.~

Jim: Sorry I'm late.

Erika: You just made it. We're waiting for my father.

Jim sits down next to Edward. Michelle and Erika sit across from them.

Jim: You must have a pretty good appetite after all that exercise today, huh?

Edward: Yeah.

Dominick comes in and sits down at the head of the table.

Dominick: Everybody's here. Good. (to Edward) Well, I heard you played football today. How did you do?

Edward: Okay, I guess.

Jim: Okay? He scored the winning touchdown.

Dominick: He did? That's good. That's very good.

Erika: We expect nothing less. He is a Lazar.

Michelle: But he should be playing more. I'd like to enroll him in a school where he could be with kids his own age.

Dominick: My daughter-in-law has good intentions, but her view of life is naive. Here, try some of this. (pours some bottled water into Jim's glass) It's from a little village south of Sorrento. Everybody talks about the Italian wine. Me, I love the water. It reminds me who I am.

Jim drinks the water.

Michelle: Dominick has a way of romanticizing everything -- like the life we live.

Dominick: That's enough, Michelle. We talked about it and I told you it was impossible.

Michelle: Why? We keep losing tutors because they're terrified to be here. Edward needs to live a life outside of these walls.

Dominick: He's with his family. Family is everything. Do I need to remind you that the safety of all of us is dependent on the security that we provide?

Michelle: Like it was for Vincent.

Dominick: That was an accident.

Michelle: A car bomb is not an accident.

Dominick: (slams his hand on the table) Enough! This conversation does not take place at my table.

Erika: Michelle, some things should be left alone.

Michelle: You stay out of this. He is still my son. (stands) I've lost my appetite. Come on, Edward. We'll eat later.

Dominick: No. He stays.

Michelle: Edward, come with me, please.

Edward: I'm going to stay with Grandpa.

Michelle leaves.

Dominick: Come on, let's eat this. It looks delicious. You scored a touchdown, eh? (chuckles)

~Cut to outside of house. Same night. Jim walks up to Michelle.~

Jim: He's just a kid. He needs time to sort things out.

Michelle: I'm losing him. Every day, a little bit more. Maybe Erika's right. Maybe I'm pushing too hard.

Jim: You're not pushing. You just want what's best for him.

~Cut to Dominick and Edward going into a room. Same night.~

Dominick: Okay. What game are we going to play tonight?

Edward: Uh, Formula One Monster.

Dominick: All right, but I get the red car this time.

Edward: Okay.

Dominick: Last time you had the red car, you won every game. I figure it's that car.

They sit down in front of a computer.

~Cut to bushes outside house. The two men from earlier that got the guns are skulking about it black clothes.~

~Cut to Jim and Michelle.~

Jim: What does Edward know about all this? I mean, what does he think his grandfather does?

Michelle: I told you. He keeps a lot of things locked inside. I wish he would talk to me.

Jim: He certainly knows how his father died. I think he's figured out quite a lot.

Michelle: I don't know what else to do.

Jim: There's...there's a way out. (starts to hear weapons being cocked) (to Michelle) Stay here. (takes off)

Jim runs across the grounds, heading for the sound. He sees the two men with guns aimed toward Dominick and Edward through the windows. Then his senses start to blur.

Jim: Dominick, get down!

The two men fire their weapons just as Dominick and Edward drop behind the desk. Windows and walls are shot up. They stop to reload.

Jim: All right. Drop your weapons! (senses fuzz out again)

The gunmen start to fire at Jim. Jim dives for cover behind a low stone wall. Jim leans around, trying to fire, but can't get his vision to cooperate long enough. He watches as the gunmen fall, hit by bullets from somewhere else. He comes out, looking at them. Then he looks up to see Erika with a gun.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Dominick and Edward come out from under the desk as Jim enters the room.~

Jim: Is everybody all right?

Dominick: Yeah.

Michelle runs in and grabs Edward.

Michelle: Edward!

He's all right.

Michelle: He is not all right! He won't be until we leave here!

Jim: Get him upstairs and put him under some blankets.

Michelle: Come on, honey.

Michelle and Edward leave.

Dominick: You were outside. What happened?

Jim: They came over the south wall and somehow penetrated security. They knew exactly where you'd be, sir.

Erika comes into the room.

Erika: They're both dead. They were Asian.

Dominick: Who killed them?

Erika: I did.

Dominick: You?

Erika: I didn't have a choice. He hesitated.

Dominick: What were you waiting for?

Jim: I thought you wanted them alive, sir. It was my mistake. It won't happen again.

Erika: Daddy, the police are going to be here. We really need to talk with our lawyers.

Dominick: I'll take care of it. Don't you worry. This assault on my home will be dealt with! (leaves)

Erika looks at Jim as Jim leaves as well.

~Cut to Jim going up staircase to Edward's room. He knocks. Michelle opens the door.~

Jim: How is he?

Michelle: He's going to be all right. He's sleeping. You said there was a way out. (comes out and closes door)

Jim: Yeah. For both you and your son.

Michelle: Who are you?

Jim: All you need to know is that you can trust me.

Michelle: But if they find out...

Jim: They won't. I can make this happen.

They kiss.

Jim: I'd better go.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Night. Jim, Blair, and Simon in Simon's office.~

Simon: We always assumed the Asian gangs took out Vincent. This could have been a preemptive strike: get Dominick before he gets them.

Jim: I think there's more to it than that. I heard a phone conversation that Dominick was having with somebody regarding protection for Dixon and Madsen.

Simon: From Seattle?

Jim: You know two other mob guys with the same name?

Simon: Oh, we have a real love affair. Why would Dominick be offering them protection unless he's setting a trap?

Jim: Or a peace treaty.

Simon: No, no. The blood feud's too deep for that. Look, Jim, this is getting real hairy. You could have gotten yourself killed last night.

Jim: Yeah, I understand that. Uh, but something else came up. I had this, uh, attack of some sort -- kind of like vertigo. Dizzy, I couldn't focus.

Blair: What are you talking about? When did this happen?

Jim: Just before the shooting started.

Blair: Well, it's got to be an allergic reaction to something on the grounds. I mean, I don't know, but whatever it is, we got to find out what.

Simon: Sandburg's right, Jim. This is nothing to screw around with.

Blair: I'm gonna need a list of everything you ate, touch, smelled, I mean, everything, Jim. And I can't help you from out here. Simon, there's got to be a way to get me on the grounds.

Simon: Over my dead body.

~Cut to Jim in his quarters over the garage. Shirtless, he is heading for bed. There's a knock on the door and he goes over to answers it. Michelle is there.

Michelle: Don't say anything. Just be with me.

Jim pulls her inside. They kiss. And go to bed together.

~Cut to early, early next morning. Jim is standing at the window as Michelle wakes up. He goes over to the bed and sits down on it. He kisses her.~

Michelle: Hi.

Jim: Good morning.

Michelle: How long have you been up?

Jim: A little while. The sun's almost up.

Michelle: I guess I have to leave, don't I? I wanted last night to last forever.

They kiss some more.

Jim: Michelle...

Michelle: Shh... Jim, it's okay. I don't expect you to promise me anything. I'm a big girl. I knew what I was doing.

Jim: No. I only was going to say that this complicates things. I think we've got to be really careful.

Michelle: I'm not sorry about what happened.

Jim: No, neither am I. Not in the least bit.

More kissing.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Lazar house. Day. Jim exits his quarters and jogs out to join Edward who is sitting on a swing in the yard.~

Jim: You're up early. Quite a day, huh?

Jim: Edward: I've got a tutor coming today. He's a... a real fun guy. Your mom knows all about him. He's real smart. I think you'll like him. (pause) Edward, I know what's been going on around here is a little confusing and, and scary for you. Your mom's been going through a tough time, too and she really needs your help. So when this tutor comes here today would you just, uh...cut him some slack and, uh, give him a fair shake?

Blair comes up to them.

Blair: Hey! How you doing, Jim? Hey, I'm Blair, your new tutor.

Edward: Great. Another dweeb. (walks off)

Blair: (laughing) That is one charming kid. Any of your influence?

Jim: We're working on it.

Blair: I can see that. Uh, any more episodes? You know, the vertigo stuff?

Jim: Not since the other night.

Blair: You got that list?

Jim: Oh, yeah. (gives him list)

Blair: Great. Now, is this everything you came in contact with here?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Everything. How's the lovely widow?

Jim: Give me a break, huh?

Blair: I'm just asking. Come on. Okay, all right. All right, I'll go over this list and see what I can come up with. And, uh, Simon needs to see you. He's going to meet you on Green Street across from the park. Something's come up.

Jim: Put your stuff upstairs here.

~Cut to Jim walking out to parking area. Terry is there, standing in his way.~

Terry: Where you going?

Jim: I, uh, I got some personal things I gotta take care of.

Terry: Well, nobody leaves the compound. Dominick's orders.

Jim's senses start to fuzz again.

Jim: He never said anything to me about it. How about this? I'll leave, and you can follow me. I'll even drive slow so that I don't lose you. (walks past Terry)

Terry: That's it. (hits Jim once, knocking him over) You want a piece of me?

Blair comes running out.

Blair: Hey, no, no!

Terry shoves Blair aside.

Terry: You want a piece of me? Come on!

Jim attacks, taking out Terry. Then he goes to his truck. Blair goes over to him.

Blair: Hey, you okay?

Jim: Yeah, I just had another of those episodes. I mean, you gotta find out what's going on with me.

Blair: You okay to drive?

Jim: Yeah, it's passing. I'll be all right.

~Cut to Green Street. Jim pulls up and parks behind Simon's car. He gets out and walks up to Simon's car, getting in the front passenger side. Simon is inside. Mulroney wanders over from the park and gets in the car as well, in the back.~

Jim: They're making it harder to leave the compound. I hope this is worth it.

Mulroney: You tell me. (hands Jim a photo of Erika with the two dead gunmen) I was going through surveillance shots we took a few weeks ago. They didn't mean anything to us then.

Jim: Erika, Erika, Erika... Guess she wasn't satisfied with traditional roles of women in mob families.

Simon: She hired these two guys to do the hit.

Jim: Yeah, Erika wants power. She's not going to get it unless she takes it, I guess. She couldn't take the chance of these two guys getting captured.

Simon: Man, oh, man. So she puts a contract out on her own father. Man, that's cold.

Mulroney: Yeah, well, who said blood is thicker than water?

Simon: Hey. How you feeling?

Jim: Uh, I can handle it.

Simon: Well, look, things have gotten too dangerous. I'm pulling you out.

Jim: Simon, I said I can handle this.

Simon: Jim...

Mulroney: No! We all agreed we'd yank you if conditions changed. And they have changed.

Jim: I can't walk. Not now. (gets out of car)

Simon: Jim! Wait a minute. (gets out of car as well, going after Jim) What the hell is going on? Why are you being so damned stubborn?

Jim: There are other people involved.

Simon: What people? What are you talking about? Hey, something else is going on here.

Jim: It's gotten a little complicated, sir.

Simon: It's her, isn't it? (pause) Why, Jim?

Jim: Why? What do you want me to say? It happened.

Simon: I hope she's worth it. (walks off)

~Cut to Lazar house. Jim drivers into driveway. A whole bunch of people are there, mostly in suits. Caterers are unloading food to go inside. Jim parks and gets out as Erika and a suited thug comes over to him.~

Jim: What's going on here? What's all this?

Erika: You left the compound. My father's not happy about that. (to man) He stays in his room. No exceptions unless my father says so. And get this piece of junk out of here.

~Cut to Jim being shoved into the room above the garage. Blair is inside, watching from the windows. Man outside closes door.~

Blair: They're either getting ready for a war outside, or we're going to have ourselves one hell of a block party. Oh, hey, I think I found out your problem. I went over the food on the list and there's nothing you haven't eaten before. It's not the foliage either. It's common and indigenous. (holds up bottled water) But this, this right here comes from a spring south of Sorrento. Now the rocks there have alloys which are high in magnesium. For the rest of us, the effects are negligible. Maybe we get a little high or something like that. But to you, to you, your senses go overboard.

Jim: And that's it?

Blair: That's it. That is it. Gives new meaning to the expression "Don't drink the water."

They hear a car pull up outside and go to look

Jim: Hey, check this out. See this guy right down here? That's Renfocia from Ecuador. The guy back there stepping out of the car -- his name is Toshio Nuri. He's from Japan. He never leaves Tokyo. There's a lot of heavy hitters here.

Man outside: Get away from the window.

They back away from window.

Blair: It's like a crime lord convention, huh?

Jim: Is that what's going on here? Some sort of pact? (looks around room) I got to find a way out of here.

Blair: There's too much security out there. You're crazy.

Jim: I got to see what's going on. (checks room; finds a loose floorboard) Chief, come here. Give me a hand.

They start prying up the floorboard.

~Cut to outside.~

Dominick: Go on inside. The others are waiting.

~Cut to inside. Jim drops down hole in floor and exits garage.~

~Cut to Dominick and all the other mobster-types in a large room. Jim is sneaking around outside, listening.~

Dominick: Gentlemen. A few years ago my son Vincent put into motion a plan that many of us here thought will never work. A plan to consolidate our businesses and run them from a safe country. One man has worked harder and made more sacrifices than anyone here. If it weren't for him, we'd still be arguing. Or shooting.

They all laugh.

Dominick: But I never lost faith on that plan or in that son. Vincent.

Vincent enters the room to the applause of everyone else. Outside, Jim leans back, shocked.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Vincent hugs Dominick and greets Erika.~

Vincent: I'm sorry I couldn't tell you. It was better this way.

Erika pushes him away and Vincent goes to talk to the rest of the rom.

Vincent: Please, sit. Most of you already know what I've been doing. Two years ago, I died and went underground so that we could make this alliance work.

~Cut to Michelle and Edward in a bedroom. Jim is creeping up outside the windowed doors.~

Michelle: Honey, what's wrong? Talk to me.

Jim comes in.

Michelle: What are you doing? Are you crazy?

Jim: Michelle, your husband is alive.

Michelle: What?

Jim: They faked his death when they realized the feds were going to put him away. He and Dominick have been putting together some kind of alliance. I told you I could help you. That means we have to leave right now, though.

Michelle: I...

Jim: Michelle, I'm a cop. Either you can stay with the Lazars or you can leave and walk away from this forever. It's up to you.

Michelle: I want to leave.

Jim: Edward, trust is sometimes the most difficult thing you have to give but if you put your faith in me, I promise I won't let you down. Now, come with us.

Edward starts shaking his head. The door opens. Vincent, Erika, and two thugs enter. Edward runs over to Vincent, hugging him.

Edward: Dad! He's a cop. He wants mom to go with him. She said she would.

Michelle: I thought you were dead.

Edward: (to Erika: Take him out of here.

Erika: Edward, let's go for a walk.

Erika and Edward leave.

Vincent: You were going to leave with him? A cop?

Michelle: I was trying to save my son's life.

Vincent: You just gave up that right. (backhands Michelle)

Jim moves forward, but two thugs grab him. Vincent hits him twice, the second time in the gut.

Vincent: Get him out of here.

Thugs take Jim out of the room. Vincent hauls up Michelle.

Vincent: First, we're going to deal with him and then you.

~Cut to room above garage. Jim is shoved inside by the thug.~

Man: Go on!

Blair: Hey, man. You all right?

Jim: Yeah, I'll live.

Dominick (with a gun) and Erika enter.

Dominick: I wouldn't count on it.

~Cut to Vincent hauling Michelle outside by the pool.~

Vincent: All you had to do was wait and be patient. You made a big mistake, sweetheart.

Edward walks out by pool and sees them. Vincent shoves Michelle into the poolhouse, then locks it. He walks back to join Edward.

Vincent: You've grown. I'm sorry I missed that, son. It's going to be different now, okay? It's just going to be me and you.

Edward: What about Mom?

Vincent: Your mom and I got some things we need to work out. She may be going away for a while, kind of a...vacation. Hey. This life isn't for everyone, Edward. Okay? Someday you'll understand that. Come on.

They walk away from pool.

~Cut to Jim and Blair. They're sitting on the couch. Dominick stands talking to them, still holding gun.~

Dominick: What's your real name?

Jim: Jim. Jim Ellison.

Dominick: Is he a cop, too?

Jim: No. He's just a friend of mine helping me out.

Dominick: Well, that's unfortunate for him.

Jim: You think you can get away with killing a cop?

Dominick: Experience tells me I can kill anybody I want to.

Erika: They can't prove anything if you're never found.

Jim: Just like Jimmy Finetti.

Erika: That's right. Just like Jimmy Finetti.

Jim: (to Erika) So it was you. Wh-what gave him away?

Erika: He fell in love...told me things he shouldn't have.

The door opens and Vincent and Edward enter.

Dominick: Edward doesn't need to be here for this.

Vincent: This is what we're about, Dad. It's time he learned.

Dominick: He's still just a boy.

Vincent: No. He's my son.

Dominick gives Vincent the gun.

Jim: Hey, tell me something, Erika. What did you pay those Asian guys to try and kill your father?

Vincent: What the hell you talking about?

Jim: Oh, you didn't know this was an inside job? How else would they know what room at what time your father and son were playing video games together? Come on, Dominick, you must have known this wasn't your guys. Is what you thought? It was your guys? What are you guys thinking around here? Poor Erika. It must be tough being the smartest one yet relegated to doing dishes and meals just because you're a woman.

Erika: What is this, a joke?

Jim: It's not a joke. We got pictures of you with them and you look great in profile.

Dominick: You did this?

Erika: No. He's lying.

Jim: No, I'm not.

Dominick: Why did you meet with them, then? Whoever paid them, I can trace the money. I can find out where it came from. (pause) Damn it, answer me!

Erika: You couldn't even tell me about Vincent? I took care of you. I kept your secrets. (to Vincent) He's dying...and I was afraid he'd give up everything we had worked for.

Dominick: But... to kill me?

Erika: Not you.

Dominick: Edward?

Erika: As long as Edward was alive, you'd keep nursing this dream that one day he would take over. It was for the family.

Vincent goes up to Erika, grabs her, and shoots her point blank. She falls on the ground. Dominick runs to her.

Dominick: No!

Jim attacks Vincent, knocking the gun away to skitter to land near Edward. Edward picks up the gun and points it at Jim who just watches Edward.

Vincent: Get it! Get the gun! Shoot him! (points at Jim) Shoot him!

Dominick: (rocking Erika's body) No, Vincent. No. Stop now. It's enough. Stop, please!

Vincent: Shoot him.

Dominick: Please!

Vincent: Shoot him. Edward, listen to me. Do it now. Pull the trigger. Shoot him!

Jim: You don't want to do this, Edward. You don't want to hurt anybody.

Dominick sobbing in the background.

Vincent: Listen to me. Do it now. Pull the trigger. Shoot him!

Jim: Come on, son. (walks toward Edward slowly, with his hand out) Give me the gun.

Vincent: Edward! Shoot him!

Edward lets the gun drop. Vincent shoves past them and runs out the door. Blair picks up the gun.

Jim: Stay with em! (takes off after Vincent)

Vincent runs by Terry.

Vincent: Take him!

Terry stands to fire, but another shot echoes and hits Terry first. Jim looks across yard to see a SWAT guy coming out of the foliage. Jim continues chasing Vincent.

Simon screeches up in his car. Mulroney gets out of the other side. Simon pulls out a bullhorn.

Simon: This is the Cascade Police Department! Throw down your weapons and come out with your hands up! The entire house is surrounded!

~Cut to poolside. Vincent (with a knife) has Erika as a body shield as Jim appears.~

Vincent: Don't do anything stupid. I got nothing to lose.

SWAT guys come around after Jim.

Jim: All right, nobody move. Everybody hold your fire.

Jim: I can't help you, Michelle. It's up to you.

Michelle moves, throwing an elbow back to nail Vincent in the face. He falls back, releasing her. Michelle gets out of the way. Jim runs at Vincent and knocks he and Vincent into the pool. They struggle for a bit. Jim finally gets him under control and hauls him to the surface.

~Cut to front of house.~

Simon: All right, jack 'em up and book 'em. Get 'em out of here.

Simon: What do you think, Frank?

Mulroney: I think we got the right house.

Simon chuckles.

~Cut to pool. Jim gets out of the pool and pulls Vincent up to the edge.~

Jim: All right, fish him out before he clogs the filter. (goes over to Michelle)

Michelle: You all right?

Jim: Yeah. You?

Michelle: Yeah.

They kiss.

Michelle: Thank you.

Jim: Thank you.

They both chuckle.

~Cut to a bit later as cops are putting Vincent in a squad car out front. Jim (wrapped in a blanket) walks out after Mulroney, joining up with Simon and Blair.~

Mulroney: While we were trying to keep an eye on you, we saw them getting ready for their summit meeting. We knew something was up.

Simon: With Erika dead and Michelle giving testimony, this is all over.

Jim: I doubt Dominick Lazar will live to face trial.

Pan to Dominick pausing to kiss Erika's sheet-covered body before he is put in a squad car.

Simon: Good work all around, gentlemen.

Jim (still in his blanket) goes over to talk to Michelle and Edward.

Michelle: I was trying to explain to him what's going to happen. I'm afraid I'm not doing a very good job.

Jim: Well, some things just take some time getting used to. It's all going to work out, Edward. You'll be all right. Just take care of your mom.

Edward walks off.

Jim: So're moving.

Michelle: I feel like we ended before we really got started.

Jim: Maybe someday we can pick up where we left off.

Michelle: I hope so. You were there for us. I'll never forget that.

They kiss. Michelle walks off.

Jim: And neither will I.

~ The End ~