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Written by: David Thoreau
Directed by: Tim Van Patten
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Cameron Dye (Dan Freeman), Holly Fields (Melanie), Derek Phekman (Robert Crown), John Oliver (Trent Leeds),  Gavin Buhr (Security Guard), Claude de Martino (Mr. Thomas), Carolyn Tweedle (Maid), Gary Jones (Mr. Jones), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Ryf Van Rij (Detective Rafe), Kendall Cross (Rhonda), Mike Dopud (Tony), Wren Roberts (Tow Driver).

Summary: While Ellison works undercover to bust a safe-cracking ring, a computer hacker suffering from "road rage" stalks him --- seeking revenge after the two men have a near-collision on the road. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on October 29, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. A woman gets out of a car in front of a huge apartment building, then walks inside. She goes up to a guard at the front desk. The guard stands up and walks around to meet her.~

Woman: Hi.

Guard: What can I do for you?

Woman: I'm here to see my aunt. She's staying with friends. I wrote the number down here somewhere. (drops her keys on the floor) Oops.

Guard: I'll get those. (bends down to pick up keys)

Woman: Thanks. (zaps the guard on the neck with a taser)

Guard: Ow!

Woman knees guard and he falls backwards onto the floor. Woman goes up to him as she collects her keys.

Woman: Chivalry's dead. Haven't you heard? (pulls radio from her purse) Clear.

Three men get out of a window washer van out front and come inside. All the men are dressed in coveralls and nylon masks. The woman changes into a guard's outfit. One man cuts the wires to the security monitors as the other two drag the guard out of sight. Then all three men head upstairs as the woman sits behind the desk.

~Cut to an apartment in the building. There is knocking on the door and the older woman maid heads over to answer the door.~

Maid: Yes? Yes, who is it?

Outside, one of the men puts his hand over the peephole. Another man pulls out a gun. The maid looks through and can't see anything. More knocking. She pauses a moment, then puts the chain on the door and opens it.

Maid: Hello?

The door is kicked inward and they rush inside. One of the men grabs the maid and holds the gun up to her neck as he grabs her.

Man: Where's the safe? Where's the safe?!

Maid: I don't know.

Man: Lady, you tell me where the safe is or I'll blow you away right now. Tell me where the safe is.

Maid: It's over there. (beginning to cry)

Man: Show me!

Maid: It's here.

Man: Go (to the maid) Man: Shut up!

One of the other men starts to open safe.

~Cut to somewhere else in the city. Still day. Jim and Blair walking down sidewalk towards truck. Busy street.~

Blair: Hey, Jim...

Jim: Chief, I'm not in the mood for one of your touchy-feely lectures.

Blair: I'm not going to give you a lecture. Look, just because the DA is not going to press charges, do not take it out on me.

Jim: Look, I saw the perp, he snatched the purse, he knocks the old lady down, breaks her hip. What do you want from me?

They reach the truck and get inside.

Jim: I say I saw the whole incident from three blocks away, they're going to toss the whole thing out of court.

As Jim starts up the truck, a black BMW comes screeching around the corner behind them. Jim pulls away from the curb, slightly cutting off a red car behind him. The black car is behind the red car and nearly hits the red as it stops.

Jim: Whoa! Man! Somebody ought to tell that clown to slow down. He's going to kill somebody around her.

Lots of horns blaring. Jim pulls out all the way and keeps going down the street. BMW zooms up next to the truck on Blair's side. The driver (Freeman) rolls down his window as he honks and starts calling out of the windows.

Freeman: Hey! Did you see me?!

Jim: Idiot. Why didn't I hear him?

Blair: Maybe it's 'cause you're so angry, you had a minor, temporary zone-out -- the opposite effect of what you're used to.

Jim: That's fascinating, Chief.

Blair: Actually, that is something we might want to take a look at.

Jim: I'll file it away for future reference.

They stop at a stop sign. Freeman pulls his car right up next to them on Blair's side and gets out, starting to yell. Blair slams his arm down on the lock on his door as Freeman starts to beat on the window.

Blair: Whoa, Jim! Hey! (leaning away)

Freeman: Did you notice that you almost totaled me and my car?!

Jim opens his door.

Jim: Back off, jackass!

Freeman: Didn't you see me?

Jim: (walks around to other side of car) Hey, buddy, back off!

Freeman takes a swing at Jim, who ducks. Jim pins Freeman to the hood of the truck.

Jim: Cascade police. Keep your hands on the hood. I could take you in right now for assaulting a cop, buddy. (shows him his badge)

Blair gets out of the truck. Jim starts coughing.

Blair: You all right?

Jim: Yeah. It's this tough guy's cologne. You get more than one application per bottle, sport.

Freeman: It's imported. Let me see your badge again.

Jim: Stay where you are. (pulls out his badge) Take a good look. (slaps badge on hood of truck and goes about patting Freeman down)

Freeman: "James Ellison." Good. I want to know where to send the harassment charges.

Blair: What?!

Freeman: Who's your wannabe hippie friend?

Blair: Hey, man.

Jim: I can handle this. You're lucky you're not packing. I could haul your ass in.

Jim's cellphone rings.

Freeman: I was defending myself.

Jim: You were looking to start a fight and creating a public nuisance. Now stay where you are. (answers cellphone) Ellison.

Simon: (at the apartment building) There's been another high-rise invasion job about a half hour ago. I'm at the apartments at the end of Nelson. Get here as soon as you can.

Jim: All right, I'm on my way. (hangs up) I'm going to let this one go. In the future, try practicing a little self-restraint.

Freeman: Wait a minute. You're the one who almost ran me off the road.

Jim: Almost doesn't count, Ace. Now get out of here.

Jim and Blair get back inside truck as Freeman hurries back to his car.

Jim: The guy smells like he bathed in insecticide.

They take off down the road. Behind them, Freeman sits in his car and writes down Jim's license plate number. Horns honk all around him.

Driver: Move it! (horn blaring) Move it! (horns honking)

Freeman: Go around! (waves other cars forward)

~Cut to apartment building. Jim and Blair enter building where a guard holds a door open.~

Jim: (to guard) Thank you, sir.

Jim and Blair join Simon at the front desk.

Jim: What have you got, Simon?

Simon: Well, it looks just like the other ones. A woman comes in looking for a relative. Next thing this guy knows he's got a taser in his neck and a kick to his face for his trouble.

Jim: Anything you can tell us?

Guard: Yeah, a lot.

Jim: Blonde?

Guard: Uh-uh. Brunette.

Blair: You think it's the same one?

Jim: Who knows. Next time, it could be a redhead.

Simon: The cameras are disconnected, the phone lines cut. It had to be the same people.

Jim: Real pros.

~Cut to Freeman entering his own apartment building. He stops at his door where a "Notice to Vacate" is on the door. He stares at it a moment, then rips it off. He goes inside, where it is quite a disaster area. HE goes into an office area and starts to listen to his voice mail on his computer.~

Voicemail: Mr. Freeman, this is Bob, the building manager. I've had it with you, okay? Get me a check for the rent, or you're locked out.

Freeman: (yells) Wrong! I know my rights.

Voicemail: Dan, this is Dr. Black. You haven't shown up for your last three sessions and, well, frankly, I'm concerned. Please call me as soon as you can.

Freeman: Don't even pretend to care, you... (looks on his desk area which has a revolver and the notebook he wrote Jim's name and license plate on) You're all the same.

He picks up gun and empties all the bullets, then sticks one back in. He stands and aims gun at notebook.

Freeman: "Almost doesn't count," huh?

He fires gun at notebook -- it goes off. He then sits back down at his computer and starts working on it. He gets into the DMV and starts hunting for the password.

Freeman: Come on, let's go. Give me the password. Come on.

Jim's DMV registration comes up as the correct password is inputed.

~Cut to high-rise apartment. Jim, Blair, and Simon enter apartment that was robbed. Maid is still crying. The owner of the apartment is there as well.

Owner: The coins they took are worth over a quarter of a million dollars. (to maid) That's okay. It wasn't your fault. (to Jim) My father started the collection when he was a boy. It's a big loss.

Jim: Is there anything else missing?

Owner: My late wife's jewelry.

Jim: And how much was that worth? (pause) I'm sorry. I have to ask these questions, sir.

Owner: A couple hundred thousand dollars, but it's not the money, Detective. (walks off with maid)

Jim starts to examine the open safe. Simon and Blair watch.

Blair: That poor guy. How do these thieves -- how do they live with themselves?

Simon: Sandburg, for someone with as much education as you have, you have a lot to learn.

Blair: Well, as an anthropologist, I have to wonder what it is about our culture that breeds these type of criminals.

Simon: I think it's money.

Jim zooms into see a partial print on the safe door.

Simon: You got something, Jim?

Jim: Well, the safe has been wiped clean like the others, but they missed one. I think we got a partial right here, Captain.

Simon: I'll have forensics check it out again.

~Cut to loft. Still day. Jim and Blair in elevator as it rises to their floor.~

Blair: All I'm saying is, that these kind of crimes, they factor into a bigger problem.

Jim: There have always been criminals.

Blair: Yeah, no kidding, Jim. But today, more and more people are getting pissed off at their lack of control.

Jim starts to smell something and looks at the bottom of his shoes.

Blair: And the fact that they don't have a healthy place to vent frustration. I mean, take this freak show on the road today.

Jim: Let me see the bottom of your shoes.

Blair: (shows Jim the bottom of his shoes as he keeps talking) Do you know how many people have been hurt or killed because of road rage?

Elevator doors open and they go into the hallway.

Jim: All right, I'll drive safer in the future. What do you want?

Blair: Oh, come on, don't be a wiseass. I'm just making an observation about where today's society is going.

They walk down hallway toward their apartment. Jim starts to cough.

Blair: What's the matter?

Jim: (pulling his shirt up over his nose) God, you don't smell that?

Blair: Yeah, actually, I do.

Jim: The sewers must be out or something.

Blair: Oh, no. The guy who keeps pigeons on the roof next door. It's got to be that.

They reach the loft door. Blair starts feeling across the top of the front door jam.

Blair: Oh, where is it?

Jim: Where's what?

Blair: I hide a key on the door, so I don't get locked out.

Jim: Like now, huh?

Blair: Yeah. (checking his pockets) You got yours?

Jim: Yeah. (hands Blair his keys) Good god.

Blair: Look at that. It's open.

Door opens and they step in to see a huge pile of ... manure in the front room. Jim is still coughing.

Blair: Oh, man. What is that?

Jim: That's horse manure, Chief.

Blair: Whew!

Jim leaves the loft.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Next day. Simon, Jim, and Blair walking down hallway.

Simon: Do you have any idea who did it, Jim?

Jim: Not so far.

Sandburg: Sandburg, you piss off any sorority girls lately?

Jim: That's pretty malicious even for the ones he goes out with.

They walk into bullpen as Simon chuckles. Jim motions to H as they pass him on their way to Simon's office.

Jim: Hey, I gotta talk to you later.

Simon: Hey, look, did he really have a key over the door?

They enter Simon's office.

Simon: This just came in from research. Evidently a number of the robbery victims gad work done at the same jeweler, over on Fifth -- Crown Jewelers. The guy's name is Robert Crown.

Jim: All right, I'll check it out.

Jim and Blair leave and Simon sits down at his desk.

Simon: (laughing) Horse manure.

~Cut to Jim and Blair walking down sidewalk toward jeweler's shop. Still day. They go inside and head over to the manager (Crown).~

Crown: Good afternoon.

Jim: Hi. (shows his badge) Uh, I'm Detective Ellison. This is Blair Sandburg.

Crown: Robert Crown. What can I do for you?

Jim: We're investigating a string of robberies. Uh, several of the victims are customers of yours. (shows him a list)

Crown: Hmm. What a shame.

Jim: So this is all news to you?

Crown: Are you suggesting it should be otherwise?

Jim: I'm not suggesting anything. I'm just here to gather information.

Blair: This is really beautiful stuff, man.

Crown: Oh, yes. Thank you. I do a small business in aboriginal jewelry. Well, you know, it's more like a hobby really.

Blair: Do you mind if I take a closer look?

Crown: Sure.

Jim: We're not here on a shopping spree, Chief, okay?

Blair: Right. I'll come back later.

Jim: That'd be a good idea. (to Crown) Any other employees besides yourself?

Crown: On, no. It's a one-man operation. I like it that way. It keeps things simple.

~Cut to outside where Freeman watches from further down street as a tow truck hooks up Jim's truck.~

~Cut back inside Crown's shop.~

Jim: Well, why don't you take my number. If anything occurs to you that might be of any help, please don't hesitate to call. (gives his car)

Crown: Of course.

Jim: Thanks.

Blair: Really nice.

Crown: Thank you.

Jim and Blair head out. After they're gone, Crown picks up his phone and starts dialing.

~Cut to outside as Jim and Blair head back to the truck. They round the corner to see the tow truck getting ready to take off with Jim's truck. Jim runs up to them, pulling out his badge.~

Jim: Hey! Hey, buddy! You must have a pretty good reason for towing a police vehicle.

Man: Yeah. It was reported stolen, Detective.

Jim: What do you mean, reported stolen?

Jim hears a distant engine starting and uses his sight to look down the street to see Freeman's car.

Jim: I'll be damned.

Blair: What is it, Jim?

Jim: It's that jerk with the bad cologne. (gets license as Freeman pulls away) O-8-2...F-R-I. (starts pulling on the two truck levers to get his truck loose) What, do I got to call Monty Hall for this? Come on.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Simon's office. Same day. Simon, Blair, and Jim. Simon's on the phone.~

Jim: I accidentally cut him off in traffic the other day and he went postal on me.

Blair: Well, Jim, you got a little crazy with him, too.

Jim: The guy had it coming, you know that.

Simon: All, right, as soon as you get anything on those prints Let me know. Great. (hangs up) Sorry, guys. Just because this Dan Freeman cut you off in traffic doesn't mean it's the same guy who phoned in the phony stolen vehicle report.

Jim: No, I saw him in his car taking off, sir. I called in the registration on the vehicle.

Blair: The fertilizer fits, too, Simon. I mean, Jim was making cracks about the guy's cologne, how it smelled and stuff like that.

Simon: Did you provoke this guy?

Jim: I got a little ticked off.

Blair: Yeah, well, you've been getting a little ticked off a little too easily lately.

Jim: Was I talking to you?

Blair: That's it right there.

Simon: All right, look, guys, anybody can have a bad day and, frankly, Jim, your driving skills could use a little improvement. How many vehicles have you cracked up in the past year -- is that three, four?

Jim: No, it's the past two years and how did this get turned around on me?

Simon: Because I expect my guys to set an example. There's a lot of nuts out there. Somebody cuts somebody off in traffic, next thing you know, one of them is dead. They even have a name for it. It's called...

Blair: Road rage.

Simon: Was I talking to you? (to Jim) Now as far as Dan Freeman is concerned, until you can prove he pulled those pranks...

Jim: They were more than just pranks. This guy's screwing with me. And I don't intend to let him get away with it.

Simon: Neither will I, but I want you to back off! Now are you listening to me? Let's let the guys down at patrol handle this, all right?

Blair: Yeah, Jim, just let it go, you know. I mean, this isn't exactly Major Crimes.

Jim: Well, it is to me. The guy takes a swipe at me. He dumps this manure in my apartment. He gets my car towed. I can get this guy, Simon. I saw the plates on his car, for god's sake.

Simon's phone rings and he answers it.

Simon: Banks. What? All right. No, no. Great, great. Can you fax me a hard copy of that right away? One to the DA as well. Save time on the warrant. Great. Thanks. I owe you one, buddy. (hangs up) That was Interpol. You know that partial print you found? It belongs to Bobby King. Safe cracker. Outstanding warrants in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia. Had an alias. Robert Crown.

~Cut a bit later. Crown in the interrogation room. Jim and Simon watching from adjoining observation room.~

Jim: He refused to make a statement about the robberies. Says he wants us to ship him back to Australia to face charges there.

Simon: Pack up and leave without a fight just like that, huh? Well, the DA's willing to deal. He'll waive extradition and reduce the charges in return for information on the gang.

Jim: Crown won't admit he had anything to do with them.

Simon: Well, keep pushing his buttons. I'm not going to let him leave without drawing a little bit of blood.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, Brown, and Rafe at Crown's place.~

Rafe: Crown's apartment upstairs is clean. (walks off)

Jim: Thanks, Rafe. (goes up to Brown at a computer) What do you got, H?

Brown: Looks like an address book.

Jim: Business or personal?

Brown: He got it all mixed up.

Jim: (turns to talk to Blair) You talk to the landlord, Chief?

Blair: Yeah, yeah. He said he's been here about a year and always pays his rent on time. There are a couple of messages on the machine. (pushes button on answering machine)

Leeds: (on machine) It's Leeds. I got your message. Call me.

Leeds: (on machine) Crown? Leeds. You got ten minutes, babe.

Jim: (to Brown) Run Leeds.

Leeds: (on machine) Okay, I've got something to do now. Call me at 11:00 sharp. Not before.

Blair: Another satisfied customer.

Jim: (goes back to Brown) Anything on him?

Brown: Got a Lane, Leavitt... Here it is -- Leeds, Trent Leeds. This guy must move around a lot. He's got three telephone numbers, seven addresses.

Jim: Run them all.

Brown: Done.

~Cut to interrogation room. Simon watches through glass as Jim talks to Crown.~

Jim: Trent Leeds was arrested in San Francisco in 1991 for a high-rise home invasion robbery. He's been picked up in several other states, but he's never been convicted.

Crown: I told you -- he's a customer. I don't know anything about him.

Jim: Another member of Leeds' team, who was also a safe man was set to testify against him a couple of years back. Guy wound up short a right hand.

Crown: Okay. So now you know why I'm not talking.

Jim: It's too bad the minute you hit the street, I'm gonna have to put out the word that you sang like an opera singer.

Crown: You'd get me killed to solve your case?

Jim: Turnabout is fair play.

~Cut to Jim and Simon walking down hallway.~

Jim: Well, he took my bluff. He admitted he was working with Leeds on these apartment invasion jobs, but we'll never get him to testify.

Simon: Too scared?

They enter bullpen door next to Jim's desk.

Jim: Well, we could probably book Crown for the Thomas burglary and maybe even get a conviction, but Leeds and the other guys are going to walk. I got it right here, sir.

Blair comes in and joins them.

Blair: Hey, guys. (to Simon) So you going to let him do it or what?

Jim: We were just getting there.

Simon: Do what? I don't like the sound of this. What's going on?

Jim: Crown's willing to hook me up with Leeds if the DA allows him to go back to Australia to face charges there.

Simon: (looks at Blair, then Jim) You want to go in undercover?

Jim: If we want to take down this gang, it's the best chance we have.

Simon: How the hell do you expect to pull this off?

Blair: Uh, Simon, actually, with Jim's abilities, he should be able to hear and feel the safe's tumbler falling into place. He's done it before. And with a little practice...

Simon: We don't have time for practice.

Jim: I can do this, Simon. I've beaten other locks. How much different can this be?

Long pause

Simon: I'll think about it. (walks off)

~Cut to Jim and Blair in truck going down road. Still day. Blair is looking at a case file.~

Blair: You sure you want to go through with this undercover thing?

Jim: I thought you were on board, especially after that little speech to Simon.

Blair: Well, I am, I guess.

Jim: What do you mean, you guess?

Blair: It's just that everything I'm reading here about Trent Leeds and his crew says that even if they suspect you're a plant, you're dead.

Jim: If they check me out, they're gonna find a record a mile long on Bill Murdock.

Blair: Yeah, but the real Bill Murdock is some howdy-bob cowboy from Texas. I mean, how are you going to pull that off?

Jim: I got a plan, Chief. I got it all worked out.

Blair: That's beautiful.

Horns honk behind them. Jim looks in the mirror and sees the black BMW a couple cars back swerving back and forth in the lane. Jim uses his sight to look back to see Freeman behind the wheel.

Jim: Hang on. (yanks the truck sideways on the road, blocking traffic)

Blair: Are you nuts?

Jim: Yeah, a little.

Jim gets out of the truck and jogs down to Freeman's car. Blair follows him, holding up his hands at the other honking drivers on the road.

Jim: Get out of the car. Get out of the car! (hauls Freeman out of the car and holds him by his lapels) What is your problem, Freeman?

Freeman: (staying calm) I don't know what are you talking about?

Jim: (very upset) Why are you following me?

Freeman: I think you're a little paranoid. This is a public street.

Jim: My living room is not a public street!

Freeman: Unless you want to get hit with a major, major harassment suit, you'll take your hands off me.

Blair: Jim! (pulls Jim away) Hey, buddy, don't let him bait you. Come on, man!

Jim: This time, I'm going to take the high road, Chief. Don't worry.

They start to walk away, but Jim goes back to point his finger in Freeman's face.

Jim: You consider this a warning, punk. Any more practical jokes and I'll be on you worse than that cheap bug spray you're wearing, you got me? By the time I'm done with you, it'll be you who can't prove a thing.

Jim and Blair head back to the truck.

Blair: Is that what you call taking the high road?

Behind them, unseen, Freeman pulls a mini-tape recorder from his pocket and smiles.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Day. Jim is on the couch, watching Bonanza episodes. Blair comes out of his room as the theme song starts to play again.~

Blair: How many episodes is this?

Jim: Five. Did you know that each of the sons had a different mother?

Blair: (sits down on arm of couch) Oh, man...

Jim: This is the one where Hop Sing gets pinned with a murder rap.

Blair: (clicks off TV and turns to Jim) Look, man, uh, you can't learn an accent by watching episodes of Bonanza, okay? The Ponderosa, it's not even in Texas, Jim, and Lorne Greene is about as old west as William Shatner. (pause) Well, actually, that's pretty fitting considering that they're both Canadian, Jim.

Jim: Well, you got a better fix than that there, Little Joe?

Blair: Yeah, I do. Um, I got some cousins that live in Fort Worth and they don't really, uh... They don't really talk like that down in Texas. You either got yourself... You either got yourself a little lilt or you got yourself a twang, right?

Jim: I don't really see myself as a "lilt" kind of guy.

Blair: Well, then, I guess that makes you a twanger kind of guy, huh, Hoss? (chuckles and walks away) Good. That's good.

Jim turns the TV back on.

~Cut to a fancy hotel/restaurant. Jim (as Bill Murdock from Texas) is sitting at a small table, reading a paper. A woman (the one from the robbery) walks up to him.

Melanie: Bill Murdock?

Jim: (lowers the paper) That's right.

Melanie: (giggles and hands Jim a card that says "Trent Leeds" on it) He's waiting for us in his suite.

Jim stands and goes around to her.

Melanie: I'm Melanie.

Jim: Hi, Melanie.

~Cut to Leeds's suite. Jim and Melanie enter. Leeds and another man are waiting for them inside.~

Jim: After you.

Melanie: Thank you.

Leeds: Good you could come on such short notice, Murdock. (walks over to a safe)

Jim: Glad to do Bobby Crown the favor. You see, Bobby and I did a little time together down in Australia before they, uh...escorted me out of the country. (chuckles) It's too bad he had to leave.

Leeds: He's a practical guy. Cops were asking him questions I didn't want answered. He did what I told him to do.

Jim: Well, I can be on a plane as soon as we're done with the job back to Dallas. I mean, if that's what you want. I mean, uh...

Leeds: Let's see if you're as good as Bobby says. You've got one minute. (motions to safe)

Jim: And if it takes me longer?

Leeds: (pulls out a gun) Then we've got a problem.

Jim: Oh, easy there. That seems a little extreme, wouldn't you say?

Leeds: Nope. You see, I like people that work well under pressure.

Jim walks over to safe and starts turning the tumbler, using his hearing to find the right combination. He opens the safe door.

Leeds: Well, well. 42 seconds. Uh, part two. The timer inside is rigged to ten grams of C-4. You got...25 seconds to disconnect it or, uh, your hands are going be hamburger. Drop it and,'re dead. Clock's ticking, Murdock.

Jim opens the inside safe as well.

Leeds: Ten... nine... three...

Inside box has an explosive charge inside. Jim lifts it out and disconnects the charge.

Leeds: You pass.

Melanie: Hm, that's brilliant.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Same day. Jim is coming out of the elevator and meets up with a laughing Brown and Joel in the hallway.~

Joel: Hey, Jim. I just wanted to tell you, man that, uh, you know, you really are great person, man. A beautiful guy, man.

Jim: What do you guys need?

Joel: Show him the watch, man.

Jim: That's a nice watch. You win the lottery?

Joel: What?! Jim...don't be so humble.

They go into the bullpen and everyone inside starts clapping.

Officers: All right. It's beautiful. All right!

Blair walks up to Jim as Simon comes out of his office.

Simon: Excuse me, everyone! Everyone! Please, please. Quiet down! Quiet down! There's been a terrible mistake. These aren't gifts. I mean, uh, it's...isn't that right, Jim?

Officers: We can't keep them? I thought Jim gave this to us.

Jim looks around, very confused.

~Cut to a bit later. Simon's office. Jim, Blair, Simon, and another man who is closing up a case with all the watches inside.~

Jim: $23,000!

Man: A number of your credit cards were used to make the purchase.

Jim: My god, that's got to be all the credit I have in the world! How long will it take to clear this whole thing up?

Man: At least 48 hours. I'd cancel all my cards immediately if I were you.

Jim: I plan to.

Man leaves.

Jim: What's he getting in a huff about? It was my money. Can you believe this? This bastard maxes out my cards!

Simon: You think it's this Freeman character?

Jim: No, sir, I don't think -- I know.

Blair: We did a background check on him. It turns out this guy's some sort of a computer genius. He used to design operating systems. And before that he worked for a bankcard company. So he does have the expertise.

Simon: What else did you two find out?

Jim: Well, he was fired from his last job when they discovered he'd hacked into the accounting data base system and cut himself a big check. He claimed it was for royalties he was owed on a programming design.

Simon: The company didn't prosecute?

Blair: Well, technically, he was owed the money. They let him go, he sues them for wrongful termination. Word gets around the industry that he's bad news, and now he can't get arrested. (off Simon's look) No pun intended.

There's a knock on the door.

Simon: Come on.

Rhonda enters and hands Jim a paper.

Rhonda: Jim, the Marshall's office just delivered this. I sign for it, okay?

Jim: Thanks, Rhonda.

Rhonda leaves. Jim opens the paper.

Blair: What is that?

Jim: It's a restraining order against me.

~Cut to fancy hotel/restaurant. Day. Jim (as Bill Murdock) heads up a flight of stairs, then stops at the top as he begins to smell something. He turns to see Freeman lounging on the opposite side of the wide staircase. He takes a few steps forward, but Freeman holds out a hand, stopping him.~

Freeman: (laughing) I wouldn't go closer than that, 'cause if you do, I'll have to call the cops. Also, I'd be real careful of anything you say because... (holds up the tape recorder, turning it on)

Jim's voice: ...any more practical jokes and it'll be you who can't prove a thing.

Jim: What the hell are you doing here, Freeman?

Freeman: This is America. I can hang out pretty much anywhere I want to.

Jim turns to walk away.

Freeman: Hey, Ellison? Can I ask you a question? Do you always park three blocks away to avoid valet parking? (laughs)

Jim: (walks toward Freeman) You know, stalking's a crime in this state.

Freeman: Okay, wait a minute. You're getting a little too close. I'll count to ten. When I get to ten, you have to be 100 feet away from me 'cause otherwise, I have to call 911.

Jim looks over to see Melanie appearing.

Jim: Just remember, 100 feet cuts both ways.

Jim walks over to join Melanie. Freeman watches them walk away.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hotel/restaurant bar. Jim and Melanie.~

Melanie: Thanks for meeting me.

Jim: You said it was important.

Melanie: Yeah, well, uh...I lied...a little.

Jim: Okay, shoot.

Melanie: Why are men so dumb? I mean, here I am practically throwing myself at you and you don't even know it.

Jim: Sorry.

Melanie: Well?

Jim: Well, what?

Melanie: I, uh...I hear this hotel has beautiful rooms.

Jim: Now, Melanie, there's nothing I'd like more...

Melanie: But?

Jim: My wife wouldn't understand, you see.

Jim's cellphone rings.

Melanie: If that's her, I'll shoot myself.

Jim: (answers phone) Hello.

Blair: (at loft) Hey, Jim, it's me.

Jim: Hi, honey.

Blair: Huh?

Melanie strokes a hand down Jim's face.

Blair: Jim? Hey, Jim?

Jim: Yeah, Sugar.

Blair: Honey, sugar?

Melanie leaves.

Jim: I was with Melanie. I'm sorry.

Blair: You told me to call. I hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Jim: No, no, no. I was on my way home. I got a phone call from her to meet me at Leeds' hotel. I've got a big problem. Freeman's here.

Blair: Freeman? What, is that guy following you?

Jim: Yeah. Sandburg, if I wasn't a cop, man, I would pummel that putz into a coma.

Blair: Just calm down, man, just calm down, all right? I've never seen anybody get to you like this. Don't let your anger take you out of the game.

Jim: Now listen to me. Call Simon and have him pick up Freeman on a stalking charge. This way we can keep him off the streets until we take down Leeds. You got me? Tell him we're good for tomorrow morning as well.

Blair: All right, I will. You be careful.

Jim: Thanks for calling. I love you, too. Bye-bye. (hangs up)

Melanie returns and sits down again.

Melanie: Well, I've decided not to shoot myself.

Jim: Well, good news.

Melanie: Give me her address in Dallas and I'll have somebody shoot her.

Jim pauses and then chuckles.

~Cut to Jim and Melanie walking down staircase.~

Melanie: Well, that was fun.

Jim: I'll have one of the folks out front call you a cab.

Melanie: Sweet, but I think I'll walk. Got to get rid of all my nervous tension.

Jim: Suit yourself.

Melanie: See you tomorrow? (hauls Jim down to kiss him) Thanks for the company. (leaves)

Jim looks around for Freeman, but doesn't see him.

~Cut to Melanie walking down sidewalk. Night. She steps out on street to cross. Freeman roars down the road and screeches to a halt just in front of her.~

Melanie: Hey! Man! Nice driving.

Freeman: (gets out of car) I'm so sorry. I wasn't even looking where I was going. (walks over to Melanie) Are you okay?

Melanie: Yeah, I'll live.

Freeman: Wow. Did anybody ever tell you how beautiful you are?

Melanie chuckles.

Freeman: I'm sorry. I am. (goes back to his car) Can I give you a lift?

Melanie: Yeah.

Freeman opens the car door for her.

Melanie: Thank you.

~Cut to a bit later. Freeman and Melanie parked on a hill overlooking the night city light. They're kissing.~

Melanie: You smell so good. You are just what the doctor ordered.

Freeman: You want to go back to your place?

Melanie: Maybe tomorrow. I have to get an early start in the morning.

Freeman: Oh, work.

Melanie: Uh-huh.

Freeman: What do you do?

Melanie: I'm a thief. (chuckles) I'm kidding. Actually, I'm in the insurance business and I have an early meeting. Maybe you should take me home. But you can't stay...for more than an hour.

More kissing.

~Cut to next day. Simon and Blair are in Simon's car. Jim is inside fancy hotel. Simon's cellphone rings and he answers it.~

Simon: Banks. Jim, where are you?

Jim: (inside hotel) I just got to the hotel, Captain. What's the word on Freeman?

Simon: There's still no sign of him. Look, I hate to say this, but I think we should call off this whole operation.

~Cut to Jim in fancy hotel.~

Jim: That's a bad move. I'm inside, sir. It's almost over. Anyway, it's too late. They're here. Blow them off now, we'll lose them forever.

Melanie, Leeds, and other man come down staircase.

Jim: All right, darling, I love you. Bye-bye. (hangs up)

Melanie: (yawns) Sorry. I was up all night. I met somebody nice. Are you jealous?

Jim: (smelling Freeman's cologne) Well, maybe.

They exit hotel. Freeman appears at the top of the staircase after they leave.

~Cut to a Zeus cleaning van pulls up outside an apartment building. Freeman watches whole operation from far away. Inside van.~

Leeds: All right, listen up. Everybody knows the drill. You packing, Murdock?

Jim: Sig-sauer. Nine mill.

Leeds: Hand it over. (holds up his gun) Hey, I got no problem blowing you away right now. You're still on probation.

Jim: Well, then you won't get the job done.

Leeds: Well, my loss.

Jim hands over his gun.

Leeds: (to Melanie, now in a blonde wig) Okay, baby, go do your stuff.

~Cut to outside. Melanie exits van and heads toward apartment building. Freeman is watching.~

~Cut to Simon's car. Simon (with binoculars) watches Leeds, Jim, and other man (all in Zeus coveralls) get out of van and walk toward building.~

Simon: All right, it's going down. (into a radio) Everybody in position?

A few shots showing SWAT teams getting in place.

Rafe: We're set on the ground.

Brown: The rooftop snipers are in place, Captain.

Simon sees Leeds' crew heading inside.

Simon: They're in. Stay alert, ladies and gentlemen.

SWAT guys move closer.

~Cut to Freeman who sees the SWAT teams moving and the police cars moving in as well.~

~Cut to inside. Leeds' crew is breaking through the security system.~

~Cut to front desk of building. Melanie is checking out the knocked-out guard. Her cellphone rings and she answers it.~

Melanie: Hello.

Freeman: (outside) Hi. Do you miss me yet?

Melanie: Hi.

Freeman: Did I call you at a bad time?

Melanie: Yeah, I'm at work. Can I call you later?

Freeman: Actually, no. I have to tell you something about, uh...your friend.

~Cut to Leeds and others breaking into apartment. Jim works on opening the safe.

Jim: Almost there.

Leeds: Good. Right on schedule.

Leeds' cellphone rings and he answers it.

Leeds: Yeah? (looks at Jim) Okay, relax. We'll be down in a couple of mines. (hangs up)

Jim opens safe and pulls out bag.

Leeds: I'll take that, Detective. (cocks his gun at Jim)

Man: Detective?

Jim: What are you, nuts?

Leeds: I hope so, pal. Because if I'm not, you're dead. Let's go.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene a bit later. Simon still watching from outside. As is Freeman. Inside, Melanie is pacing.~

Melanie: Come on.

Elevator opens on the main floor and Leeds, Jim, and other man get out. Leeds still has gun on Jim.

Jim: Take it easy with that, huh?

Jim: Come on, Melanie, do I seem like a cop to you?

Melanie: Yeah, well, you didn't seem married either.

Jim: Your friend from last night, his name is Dan Freeman, right?

Melanie: Yeah. He said to give you his regards.

Jim: The man's a practical joker. He's dogging me for days.

Melanie: I thought you just came in from Dallas.

Leeds: Let's go.

Jim: Uh, no... I come on, man.

They leave apartment.

~Cut to Simon's car.~

Blair: They're coming out.

Simon: Looks like they got a gun on him. Damn it! They know he's a cop. (into radio) All right, this is Captain Banks. Sharpshooters, find your targets. Nobody else move until my say-so. Repeat, do not move in.

Blair: What are you talking about? You're not going to let them start shooting, are you?

Simon: Sandburg, if we don't take them out now, Jim is dead for sure. Now trust me. He knows the drill.

Jim sees the red dot on him, then sights up to see the sharpshooter on a building. He ducks as the man fires. The gunshot takes out the other thief. Jim attacks Leeds. Melanie goes for a dropped gun.

Simon: All units, get in there now! Now!

Rafe runs over.

Rafe: Drop it, lady! Drop it! Drop it now! (hands Melanie to another officer) Cuff her.

Simon screeches up and gets out of the car.

Simon: (to Blair) You stay in the car.

Jim: (handing Leeds off to another officer) Get them out of here.

Simon joins Jim.

Jim: Freeman got to the girl.

Simon: Almost got you killed.

Jim sees Freeman in the distance as he tries to run.

Jim: Son of a... (takes off running after Freeman)

Simon: Sandburg, let's go.

Simon gets back in and they take off.

Jim chases Freeman across a park. Freeman pulls out a gun.

Jim: Everybody, get down.

Freeman fires, but misses everything. He keeps running and Jim keeps chasing him. Freeman fires a few more times as the chase goes on down sidewalks and through streets. Freeman runs through a bar and Jim chases him through it. Freeman fires in their as well before he exits through the back and goes over a fence. Jim goes over the fence as well. They're in some kind of junkyard area. As Jim runs through (after losing sight of Freeman), a dog comes out and barks at him. Jim goes an alternate way out onto the street. No sign of Freeman. Simon screeches the car to a halt as Jim comes onto the street. Simon and Blair get out of the car and join him.

Jim: He's gone.

Simon: Lost him?

Blair: Hey, Jim, use your senses, man. Concentrate on his cologne.

Jim sniffs and follows scent to an open manhole cover by a park.

Jim: He went down the sewer. (takes off)

Simon: I'm going to call for backup. My cell won't work down in the sewer.

Blair starts to follow jim.

Simon: Sandburg, where you going?

Blair: He needs one of us with him. In the state he's in, who knows what he'll do to Freeman if he gets a hold of him.

Simon: You can go; I'm calling for backup.

Blair goes after Jim.

Simon: (into phone) Yeah. This is Captain Banks.

~Cut to down the sewer. Jim is coughing and trying to hide his face in his clothes.~

Jim: Now what?

Blair: All right. You've got to separate out all the smells down here and try to pick up his trail.

Jim: That's easy for you to say. I can hardly breathe.

Blair: I know, I know. But you can do this, man.

Jim sniffs the air.

Jim: It's down this way.

Blair: Good.

They run through the tunnels and find Freeman boxed in at an overhang of the sewer water far below. Freeman holds his gun at them.

Jim: Put it down, Freeman!

Freeman: How the hell did you find me?

Jim: Don't worry about at. You're done. (pause) Smell that? It's methane. One spark from one gunshot, the whole place is going to explode.

Freeman: Oh, really, then it's probably a good idea for you to get the hell out of here.

Jim: I don't think so. Give me the gun.

Freeman: Now I know there's one good one in here. (rolls the revolver mechanism) Let's have a little fun. (fires, but the barrel is empty)

Blair: Come on, Jim. (pulls at Jim) We don't need this.

Jim: We're under a main street! This place blows, it'll take out a half a city block.

Freeman: Whoo! Now that's what I call going out in a blaze of glory. (another empty shot)

Blair: Oh, come on, man.

Jim: Now, give me the gun!

Freeman: Third time's the charm. (another empty shot) Guess not. I said back off! (holds gun out at Jim as Jim approaches him)

Jim sights into the barrel to see the lone bullet loading in. He runs and attacks Freeman. The gun goes over the edge. They fight. Freeman loses his balance and falls over the edge. Jim grabs onto his hand and holds him there, but not pulling him up.

Freeman: God, don't let me fall. Don't let me fall.

Blair: (runs up to Jim) You got him?

Freeman: Please. Please. Please.

Blair: What are you doing? Do something, man. You can't let him go.

Freeman: I don't want to die. I don't want to die.

Blair: Jim, you can't let him die.

Freeman: Please, help me.

Jim pulls Freeman up.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the truck driving down a road. Same day.~

Blair: You all right?

Jim: Yeah.

Blair: Isn't it just amazing how someone can snap over a little traffic incident like that?

Jim: Are you talking about me or him?

Blair: I'm talking about Freeman. The guy had lost everything, and he wanted to die. That is, of course, until he was actually faced with death.

Jim: For a moment there, I was willing to let him.

Blair: Yeah, I know.

Jim: There's excuse for me losing control the way I did.

Blair: That's my point exactly here. In today's society, everybody is just stressed out, man. I mean, even the good guys. Until we start paying attention to that, more people are going to wind up hurt or dead.

Jim: Yeah, well, believe me, Chief, from now on, I'll be paying attention.

~ The End ~