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Fool Me Twice

Written by: John Vorhaus
Directed by: John Connor
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Kira Arne (Genevieve Benet), Clifton Davis (President Lemec), Tony Perez (Gustavo Alcante), Jake T. Roberts (Janover), Andrew Johnston (Wade Caldy), Andy Marshall (Christophe), Gloria Krichlow (Clarice), Donna Yamamoto (Elizabeth Chin).

Summary: While looking into the murder of an unknown man, Ellison finds a connection to a plot to assassinate a Caribbean human-rights activist --- with whom Sandburg is infatuated. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on November 5, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. A man with an yellow envelope runs down a crowded sidewalk. He keeps looking behind him. A homeless women with a grocery cart full of stuff appear in his path and he bumps into her cart, knocking it over and dumping the contents. He stops to help her reload the cart.~

Woman: My things! My things! Look what you've done. Look what you've...

Man: I'm so sorry. It was an accident.

Man takes off again. He no longer has the envelope. He runs around a corner onto an empty street. A car screeches around the corner after him. The car pulls to a stop and another man (Christophe) gets out, grabbing the first man.

Christophe: You are a hard man to find! Where is it?!

Man: I have nothing.

Christophe shoves first man against a wall and hits him twice, then grabs him by the collar.

Christophe: Now this can go either easy or difficult! One way or the other, you will tell me!

Man focuses on a round green pin on Christophe's jacket collar. Man grabs the jacket collar and the pin, holding onto Christophe, who then hits the aan, then pulls a knife from a hidden spot on his ankle.

~Cut to a bit later. Still day. Same spot. Police crews are there as the first man's body is found. Jim and Blair are taking to a woman.~

Elizabeth: Detective, I told you everything that happened. You have my name and number. Can't we do this later? This really freaked me out.

Jim: I understand, Ms. Chin. We just need to ask you a couple questions. Here's our captain now.

Simon walks over to join them.

Simon: Sorry. I got here as quick as I could.

Jim: That's all right, sir. This is Elizabeth Chin. She was the lady who was driving the lunch wagon here. This is Captain Simon Banks. Would you tell him what you told me, ma'am?

Elizabeth: I didn't even see him at first. He kind of just lurched off the sidewalk. He hit the corner, uh, of the truck. I slammed on my brakes and I ran around to see if he was all right. That's when I saw all the blood.

Simon: I understand he said something to you before he died.

Elizabeth: Yeah, uh, he... I could barely hear him, but... It sounded like he was worried about someone named... Benet? He said she shouldn't come here. He gasped and...then he was gone.

Jim: Thank you very much. I appreciate your time. Any more questions, we'll give you a call.

Simon: Thank you.

Elizabeth leaves.

Simon: Benet, Benet... Why does that name sound familiar?

Blair: Genevieve Benet from St. Germaine. The peace activist.

Simon: Right, right. Probably has something to do with that Amnesty International conference this week. Dignitaries from all over are coming in for the lighting of the torch.

Blair: Yeah. It's her style to show up for this. I mean, she'll take on anybody.

Simon: All right, Jim, what else do we know about the victim?

Jim: Oh, well, we don't have an ID. I'll run the prints through NCIC, see what we get.

Simon: All right. Let's also check with the airlines and immigration. If Benet is coming into town, I want a couple of uniforms to meet her at the airport. Last thing I want is this international conference to turn into an international incident.

Jim: All right, sir.

Jim sees something on a manhole cover next to the sidewalk.

Jim: Hang on a minute. (walks over to the street and picks up a round green pin and bags it)

Blair: What is it?

Jim: Some kind of pin.

As the man's body is loaded into the coroner van, camera pans to watching crowd. The woman with the cart that the man had run into is watching. She looks very upset.

~Cut to a strip of grass and trees next to a river. Still day. A 4-Runner and another car are parked there with two men standing next to it. One of the men is Gustavo Alcante. The other is Janover. Gustavo opens the back of the vehicle and pulls out huge blanket-covered cases. He opens one to show missiles inside.~

Gustavo: Little blanket to keep them warm, huh?

Janover: I told you I need surface-to-surface, not surface-to-air. If this is some kind of bait and switch...

Gustavo: Senor, please, I don't sell shoes to a fish. I have what you need.

~Cut to across river where two men (feds) are watching and listening to exchange with binoculars and mics.~

~Cut back to Gustavo as he hands a missile and launcher to the Janover.~

Gustavo: These missiles have been modified. Their sensors can lock on to virtually any reasonable heat source. Even on the ground. Even against strong background clutter.

Janover: Is that so?

They walk to the bank of the river.

Gustavo: I earned my reputation by dealing in the finest merchandise.

Janover: How'd you get your hands on them?

Janover starts to scan area with launcher site.

Gustavo: A Chilean soldier went AWOL with a truckload of experimental weapons.

Janover spots the car on the opposite bank and focuses on it. He arms the missile and keeps aiming at the car.

Janover: It's a nice story, Gustavo. Wish I believed it. (fires missile)

As missile heads toward the feds' car, Gustavo backs away. Feds' car blows up. Janover turns around to see his car being pushed off the road toward the bank by the 4-Runner. He pulls out a gun and fires, but doesn't hit the 4-Runner as it drives away.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Simon. Jim plops down the file folder for the case on Simon's desk.~

Jim: The ME put a rush on these. Cause of death is a knife wound. Due to the damage, the doc said it was a miracle the guy made it out into the street and then lived long enough to give out the warning.

Blair: Has there been any word on Benet?

Simon: Her plane got in about an hour ago. I imagine they're getting her checked her into the hotel now.

Blair: You know what's bugging me about all this is? Feliz Lemec will be at the peace conference, too.

Simon: What's so strange about that. He's the president of their country.

Blair: "President" by way of street thug. I mean, he completely stole the last election. He and Benet couldn't be any further apart.

Jim: Welcome to the world of politics, Chief. I mean, this is a big event. There's gonna be a lot of people that will try and bask in the light of that torch.

Genevieve bursts into the office.

Genevieve: Which one of you is Captain Banks?

Simon: I'm Captain Banks.

Genevieve: (closes door and walks to Simon's desk) Well, Captain...I'm Genevieve Benet.

Simon: Yes. Dr. Benet. This is Detective Ellison, Blair Sandburg.

Blair: Hi. Welcome to Cascade.

Jim and Blair both hold out their hands. She ignores both of them.

Genevieve: I would expect this in St. Germaine, not America.

Simon: Expected what?

Genevieve: This armed escort. It wasn't requested. It's not appreciated.

Simon: Dr. Benet, if we've offended you in any way, I apologize. It's just that we feel there's been a threat to your life.

Genevieve: From whom?

Jim: A man was killed today. We believe he was trying to get a warning to you.

Genevieve: Who was killed?

Jim: We don't know that, ma'am.

Genevieve: It sounds like you don't know very much.

Jim: Well, maybe you can help us. Please -- could you step over here? Sit down. Would you take a look at these pictures? Do you know this man? (shows her pictures of dead man)

Genevieve: No. I've never seen him before.

Jim: How about this pin -- do you recognize it? (shows her pin)

Genevieve: No. Sorry. You have to understand. I get death threats all the time. If I succumbed to them, my work would be finished.

Simon: I understand that, Doctor. We can't force you to take our help, but I strongly suggest that you do.

Jim: It'll be a plain clothes detective. Nothing intrusive, ma'am.

Genevieve: Thank you, but I must refuse. (starts to leave)

Blair: Uh, excuse me. Ms. Benet, I was just wondering what you'd be doing while in Cascade?

Genevieve: What?

Blair: I'm sorry. My name's Blair. And, uh, since the peace conference isn't for a couple of days...staying in a hotel room in a strange city, that can't be too stimulating, can it?

Genevieve: Are you a tour guide, Mr. Sandburg?

Blair: No. Actually, I'm an anthropologist.

Genevieve: You should have been a diplomat. (pause) Okay. Why don't we grab a bite to eat?

Blair: Good, good. Anything you say. After you.

Blair and Genevieve leave.

Jim: Now this insignia -- it appears to me it's military. I want to check all the insignias of St. Germaine.

Simon: All right, whatever you do, do it quick. Clock's ticking on this one.

~Cut to Blair and Genevieve walking down busy sidewalk. Still day.~

Blair: I look at a city and I see it as a mosaic for humanity. I mean, you have your different ethnicities, your cultural rites, your rituals, your ghettos, your factories, your rich, your poor, your in-between. It's like a bunch of little villages all tied together, you know.

Genevieve: You are very passionate about your work. I like that. So, what's your connection with the police?

Blair: I'm a consultant and I'm also working on my doctorate.

Genevieve: Oh, really? On what?

Blair: Uh... well, uh...I'm studying the social structure an urban police department. It's sort of dry and academic, really. It doesn't compare to what you've done -- like Bosnia and Yemen and East Timor. You don't just observe, you get right in the center of things. Oh, god, listen to me. I bet you think I'll ask for your autograph any minute now.

Genevieve: I hope not. I have terrible penmanship.

They stop at an ice cream vender.

Blair: Is there anything special you wanted to do while we're here? (to vender) Two please.

Genevieve: You're the tour guide.

Blair: Right. Uh...

Camera pans back to show Christophe on a phone a bit aways from Blair and Genevieve.

Christophe: The police met her at the airport. There's somebody with her now...

Lemec: (at his embassy) Where are they?

Christophe: On the street corner -- eating ice cream.

Lemec: How charming. Stay with her. Find out where she's staying. She can afford to relax. We can't.

Christophe: Oui, mon presidente. (hangs up)

~Cut to St. Germaine embassy. Lemec hangs up and saunters through office to talk to another man -- Janover.~

Lemec: It seems she's keeping herself occupied. At least that buys us some time.

Janover: Why don't we just kill her now?

Lemec: Because that would just rid me of her. It would not...elevate me in the eyes of the world. When that missile detonates, the world will see it as an abject act of terrorism. I will seize that moment...and over her dead body I will demand strong sanctions as a safeguard...against terrorism. But in order for that to happen I need that missile.

Janover: We have a contract, Mr. President. I will live up to my end.

Lemec: I hope so. For your sake as well as mine. Find that missile. I want her dead.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Loft. Morning. Blair coming out of his room. Jim behind the kitchen island, pouring coffee.~

Jim: Good morning. Well, what time did you get in last night?

Blair: About 2:00.

Jim: Yeah? Didn't think she was such a party animal.

Blair: She's not. (picks up coffee) Thanks. We mostly just walked and talked.

Jim: Did you get her to accept our protection?

Blair: Well, actually, to tell you the truth, I didn't even bring it up.

Jim: Why not?

Blair: Well, first of all, Jim, I don't think she'll change her mind and besides that, my interest in her is not about that.

Jim: Oh... oh, really? Well, what is it about, Chief? Ah! No, don't tell me. It's, uh...Saturday night.

They sit at the table.

Blair: No. It's not about Saturday night either. You know, I just don't think that you appreciate who this woman is and the impact that she's had. She's got the most beautiful way of looking at the world with this moral certainty that I've never experienced before. I tell you, man, I could sit there and just listen to her talk all night long.

Jim: So, I guess you trust her?

Blair: Yeah, I trust her. Haven't you been listening?

Jim: Yes, I heard what you said, that you could listen to her all night long. But I don't think she's telling us the truth. When I showed her the picture of the victim, I had this feeling about her behavior -- that she knew him somehow. Same thing with the pin.

Blair: Jim, you know...far be it for me to ever doubt your instincts here, but why in the world would she lie?

Jim: Maybe she's trying to protect somebody, I don't know. Maybe she's frightened.

Blair: No, no... I don't buy that. She's not scared.

Jim starts to look around, then he gets up.

Blair: What? You hear something?

Jim walks over to the loft door, Blair following him.

Jim: No. I smell something. (opens door and looks outside) A scent...I smelled it before, but I can't place it.

Blair: Well, just relax, calm down. You're trying too hard.

Jim: It's gone.

Blair: Well, I got to go, too. I told Genevieve I'd meet her down where they're holding the ceremony. She's going to be one of the speakers. And, uh...Jim...I really think you're wrong about her.

Jim: I've been wrong before. All I know is I got a body down at the morgue and the last thing he said was her name.

Blair leaves.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Jim and Simon.~

Jim: Hey, come on, Captain, it's the coat of arms of the presidential guard and in order to get it you got to be a part of Lemec's inner circle.

Simon: Yes, Professor Ellison, but you must understand that Lemec is a sovereign state leader. I can't have you hassling him over some damn pin!

Jim: I'm not gonna hassle him. I just want to talk to him. He's the best lead I have.

Simon: Aren't we forgetting someone?

Jim: Benet.

Simon: It is the emblem of her president. You'd think she would have recognized it.

Jim: I'm gonna get there, sir.

Simon: What does Sandburg say? Has he even left her side yet?

Jim: Sandburg is not the most objective person to talk to at this point. I don't think he knows whether to worship her or date her. I'm telling you, Lemec is our best bet.

Simon: All right, you can talk to him, but do not interrogate him, please.

Jim: I'll be using my best diplomatic skills, sir. (salutes)

Simon: (holds hand to his heart) God, that's what I'm afraid of.

Jim: Trust me.

There's a knock on his office door.

Simon: Yeah?

Door opens and a man (Caldy) steps inside.

Caldy: Captain Banks.

Simon: That's me.

Caldy: Wade Caldy, federal weapons task force. We need to talk. (closes door)

Simon: Well, come on in. This is Detective Ellison. Why don't you grab a seat.

Caldy: You'll forgive me if I don't waste time with pleasantries. In a manner of speaking, I'm under the gun here. (shows them a picture) This is Tom Janover. He's a mercenary. He also deals in weapons. My agents set up a sting, but it went wrong.

Simon: You think he's in Cascade?

Caldy: He was. I'm hoping he still is. I'm also looking for this man. (shows them another picture)

Simon: Isn't this, uh...?

Jim: Gustavo.

Caldy: You know him?

Jim: Well, he helped us with a kidnapping last year and in the process of full confusion, he managed to slip away.

Caldy: Hmm. He's a slippery guy. He was my middle man in this deal. I gave him two missiles to bait Janover. But something went bad at the buy and he used one to kill two of my men.

Jim: I think you might be mistaken, sir. Gustavo would con you out of your gold teeth, but he's no killer.

Caldy: My men were wired. I don't make those kind of mistakes.

Simon: All right, look, you said there were two missiles. Where's the other one?

Caldy: Either Janover or Alcante has it. One way or the other, I'm going to get it back. And both of them are going down for murder.

~Cut to Blair and Genevieve at the torch lighting site. Still day.~

Blair: Pretty impressive.

Genevieve: It should be. It was paid for with a lot of pain.

Blair: So how long have you worked for human rights?

Genevieve: I thought you knew everything about me.

Blair: Only what I've read. And you can't believe everything you read, right?

Genevieve: No. You can't. Most of what you've read is true. My father was a university professor. He was an activist and he believed very much in the dignity of all people. And that's why they killed him. I guess I inherited his idealism and his stubbornness.

Blair: Yeah. You know, Lemec is going to be there tomorrow.

Genevieve: I know.

Blair: That man represents everything you hate. How in the world can you even...

Genevieve: Smile at each other? Make pleasantries?

Blair: Yeah.

Genevieve: The day will come when Lemec's government will fall. In the meantime, I must be free to travel and speak out.

Blair: Why do you think he tolerates you even though he knows you despise him?

Genevieve: Right now, he has no choice. He needs American trade agreements. He doesn't want to be portrayed as the dictator he is.

Blair: Right. You're not holding anything back, are you? That man who died -- we think he knew you.

Genevieve: A lot of people know me, Blair...or think they do.

Blair: That's not an answer.

Genevieve: No. I didn't know him.

Blair: Okay.

Genevieve: Hey, I thought we were going to go sailing.

Blair: We are. Just relax. We'll get there.

~Cut to Jim in the St. Germaine embassy talking to Lemec. Christophe is in the room as well.~

Jim: Thank you for agreeing to meet me, Mr. President.

Lemec: And I'm sure you wouldn't be here if it weren't important. How can I help you?

Jim: It's about this, sir. (shows the pin) It was found next to the body of a man who was murdered yesterday. I understand these are only given out to a select few.

Lemec: That's true. But, unfortunately, there's a black market in these kinds of insignias. Every now and then, one gets lost or stolen. Are you sure it's even authentic?

Jim: Well, as far as we can tell, sir, yeah.

Lemec: They're very easy to copy. I can assure you that none of my men would be involved in anything like this.

Jim: Well, I just want you to know this is an ongoing investigation and we'll do everything we can to apprehend the killer, sir.

Lemec: I'm sure you will, Detective. If that's all...

Jim: Thank you for your cooperation. (turns to leave) He was from St. Germaine. The man who was killed. You didn't ask about him. I guess you weren't curious. (leaves)

Lemec looks at Christophe.

~Cut to Jim leaving the embassy. Still day. He pauses on the sidewalk and looks around. Then he jogs across the street to the 4-Runner and latches onto Gustavo's arm through the open window.~

Jim: Hey-hey! You're under arrest, Gustavo. (pulls Gustavo from car and pats him down)

Gustavo: Oh, is this how you greet an old friend, huh?

Jim: You have a loose way of defining friend.

Gustavo: I could be halfway around the world by now, but I came to talk to you, eh? At least be gracious enough to let me explain.

Jim: You can explain downtown. I got two federal officers who are dead and some guy named Caldy who's dying to get his hands on you.

Gustavo: Caldy was not there. I didn't kill anyone. Oh, for god's sakes, Ellison. Do you really believe that I would murder two men in cold blood? Please -- I need your help. You could save my life.

Jim: All right, you've got ten minutes.

Gustavo: How did you know I was here?

Jim: Your gloves are lined with alpaca.

Gustavo: So?

Jim: So alpaca gives off an unusual scent.

Gustavo: I don't understand.

Jim :You're not supposed to. Let's go.

~Cut to St. Germaine embassy. Christophe enters Lemec's office.~

Christophe: You called for me, Excellency?

Lemec: Time is running out.

Christophe: I do not think the package is here.

Lemec: It's here. The courier gave it to someone else.

Christophe: He would have told me.

Lemec: I think Benet already has it.

Christophe: But why would she be so casual about strolling around the city?

Lemec: To create an illusion. That's what we do, Christophe. We all create illusions. Go to her hotel. Search her room again.

Christophe: And if it's still not there?

Lemec: Hope that it is. Hope very hard...that it is.

Christophe: Oui, mon presidente. (leaves)

~Cut to Blair and Genevieve parked in the Volvo next to the river. Night. They look at the city lights.~

Genevieve: It's beautiful.

Blair: Yeah. Isn't it? I used to come here all the time when I first moved to Cascade.

Genevieve: Just for the view?

Blair: (laughs) Uh... no. Not always just for the view.

Genevieve: I want to thank you for what you've done.

Blair: Thank me? I haven't done anything.

Genevieve: Oh, yes, you have. You've helped me forget that part of my life that's so demanding. For these past few days, I've been...just a tourist.

They laugh.

Blair: That's good. (watches her)

Genevieve: What?

Blair leans over and kisses her. She kisses back, then pulls away.

Genevieve: I'm sorry. I can't do this. I can't let myself get involved. It has nothing to do with you, Blair. It has nothing to do with you.

Blair: It's okay, it's okay. It's all right. It's no big deal. It's okay.

~Cut to Jim and Gustavo in the loft. Night. They're sitting at the table talking.~

Gustavo: When Caldy found out that I knew Janover, he promised that he'd get all my old charges dropped if I would help him.

Jim: How do you know Janover?

Gustavo: He used to buy weapons from my brother Hector. With Hector in jail, I convinced Janover that I'd taken over the business.

Jim: But the sting went wrong.

Gustavo: Somehow Janover knew about the surveillance team. He fired the weapon, and he killed them.

Jim: What do you want, Gustavo?

Gustavo: My only way out of this is if Janover is arrested. I can't do this alone.

Jim: But you skipped out on me once before.

Gustavo: That was out of survival, my friend, eh?

Jim: Where's the other missile?

Gustavo: It's in a safe place. Let's call it my, uh...bargaining chip, eh?

Phone rings and Jim gets up to answer it.

Jim: Excuse me. (into phone) Ellison.

Simon: Someone just broke into Benet's hotel room. A maid spotted him and called security. They think they sealed the building before he got away.

Jim: All right, I'll be right over. Where's Benet?

Simon: Don't know. Must be with Sandburg.

Jim: All right. (hangs up, then pulls out his cuffs) Gustavo, could you come here for a second?

Gustavo: Yes, yes.

Jim starts to cuff Gustavo.

Jim: I've got to go out for a little while. We'll continue this when I get back.

Gustavo: Amigo, come on. Is this necessary, huh?

Jim: Well, I think it is. (fastens cuffs so Gustavo is hugging the wood support next to the kitchen island) I really think you just look very good in silver.

Gustavo: Oh, that's nice.

Jim: Mi casa es su casa.

Gustavo: Gracias, hombre... Para tu casa, eh?

Jim leaves.

~Cut to Jim getting out of his truck at Benet's hotel. He gets on his cellphone.~

Simon: Banks.

Jim: I'm at the hotel, Captain.

Simon: Great. No sign of the suspect yet. Our guys are searching floor by floor.

Jim: Very good, sir. I'll start at the roof. I'll work my way down from there.

Simon: Be careful, Jim.

Jim hangs up, and enters building through a side door where an officer is standing.

Jim: (to officer) Thanks, man.

~Cut to rooftop. Christophe is running along edge, looking for away to get away. Jim climbs up the side from a ladder. He pulls out his gun and runs after Christophe.~

Jim: Hey! Stay where you are! Hey, man, take it easy.

Christophe keeps running.

Jim: There's nowhere to go. Hey! Hold on! Where you going?

Christophe stops, then turns to run again, tripping and falling off the side of the building, hitting the pavement below. Jim leans over to look, but he's dead.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Jim, Blair, and Simon walking down hallway.~

Jim: He grew up on the streets. He survived by being a dope dealer and hustler. Lemec recruited him when he was 16 years old.

Simon: You think he killed our John Doe?

Jim: He was one of Lemec's personal hit men. The guy's very loyal. It think it all points at him, Simon.

Simon: No, now, wait a minute. Let's say you're right. He kills someone who's trying to warn Benet not to come to Cascade, then he goes to Benet's room. What's he after? Is he after Benet, or something she has?

Jim: Or both. Whatever it is, he took a seven-story swan dive rather than be questioned.

They enter bullpen.

Simon: Well, I think it's time to bring Benet in from the cold. Sandburg, do you think you could talk to her?

Blair: I don't think that's going to do any good. She's really committed to giving that speech and she's not gonna do a thing to jeopardize it.

Jim: Where is she now?

Blair: She needed time alone to prepare for the ceremony, you know, so I left her at the hotel.

Jim: Sandburg, we can't protect her unless she as for it. I think it's time to be a little bit more persuasive, okay?

Blair: All right, I'll try. (walks off)

Jim: All right.

Caldy walks up to them.

Caldy: Where's Alcante?

Simon: He's in our lockup.

Caldy: Just give me the papers to sign and I'll take him off your hands.

Simon: Not so fast, Caldy. He's made us an offer, and I think we ought to consider it.

Caldy: He belongs to me.

Simon: He belongs to both of us. We can fight about it or we can work it out -- your choice.

Caldy: What's his proposal?

~Cut to Genevieve standing outside in a park area. Day. The woman with the grocery cart walks up to her. Now she is more well-dressed and looks different. She has the yellow envelope. She holds it out to Genevieve.~

Genevieve: I'm so sorry about Henri.

Clarice: Then, you know?

Genevieve: Yes.

Clarice: My son died for these. Use them well.

Genevieve: I will, Clarice. I promise. (starts to walk off)

Clarice: Genevieve. In that envelope, there are pictures of Martin. Take care.

Genevieve continues.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon, Jim, Caldy, and Gustavo talking in an interrogation room.~

Caldy: Why the hell would Janover agree to another meet? He'd be crazy not to smell a trap.

Jim: As far as Janover knows, Gustavo is still on the run.

Gustavo: I'll tell him I'm desperate. I need money to leave the country.

Caldy: Oh, and he's going to help you 'cause he is such a humanitarian.

Gustavo: No, because I have something he wants, huh? The other missile.

Caldy: I got a better idea. You give me the missile right now and maybe -- maybe -- you won't rot in prison for the rest of your life.

Gustavo: We do this my way or you never see it again.

Caldy: The hell with this. (grabs Gustavo)

Simon and Jim intervene, pushing them apart.

Simon: Back off, Caldy! What the hell's the matter with you? You want Janover or not?

Caldy: When did this weasel become your pet? (pause) This goes wrong you don't have to worry about prison, because I will fry your ass myself.

Gustavo laughs.

~Cut to Genevieve's hotel room. Still day. She is looking at a small locket picture of her and an older man. She has been crying. The doorbell rings and she turns as she hears Blair's voice.~

Blair: Genevieve, it's Blair.

Genevieve wipes her tears away and walks over to open door.

Genevieve: Hi.

Blair: Hey, what's the matter? (closes door and follows her inside)

Genevieve: It's nothing, nothing. Allergies. What do you want, Blair? I have a speech to prepare.

Blair: Actually, that's what I wanted to talk to you about. Look, I have no right to ask you this, but please don't go to the ceremony.

Genevieve: I won't be bullied by threats. I'm sorry.

Blair: What the hell is the matter with you? These aren't just threats anymore. Do you realize that two people are dead and we don't even know who one of them is?

Genevieve: His name was Henri Tusseau. He was only 26 years old.

Blair: You knew him. Why did you lie to us?!

Genevieve: Because I didn't have a choice! (pause) This...this is more important. You said so yourself, Blair. I'm in the center of things. I don't have the same luxuries as everyone else does.

Blair: Yeah, but if you hadn't lied to us, maybe we could have...

Genevieve: What? Arrested Lemec? Do you really believe your state department would have allowed that? You don't even have a witness.

Blair: We still could have done something.

Genevieve: Perhaps in your world. Not in mine. (hands him the open yellow envelope)

~Cut to Jim, Gustavo, and Caldy in a warehouse/garage area. Crate with missile is there.~

Jim: All right, Gustavo Here's the drill. When Janover shows up, you stay under cover. You let him approach the missile and we'll take it from there.

Gustavo: Ellison. Thank you, eh?

Jim: Don't thank me till it's over.

Jim walks off with Caldy to get under cover.

~Cut back to Blair and Genevieve. They are looking at contents of envelopes.~

Blair: Oh, my god. Names...dates, photos... Where'd you get all this stuff?

Genevieve: The refugees have a kind of underground railroad for atrocity reports, but we've never had evidence like this before.

Blair: You're going to use all this stuff today, aren't you?

Genevieve: Yes. Under the glare of public spotlight. When this gets out, your country will withdraw its trade agreements. St. Germaine's economy can't survive without them. This will topple Lemec's regime.

Blair: If he doesn't get you first.

Genevieve: It hasn't happened yet. showing you this, I've risked you'll go to the police. If you do, they'll stop me and all my people's deaths and pains will have been for nothing. Please. Allow me to do this. (walks away)

Blair looks back at the pictures and moves some aside. A silver locket falls to the ground. He picks it up and looks at the picture inside. Then he looks again and digs out one of the photos which shows a dead man -- the same man in the locket picture with Genevieve.

Blair: Oh, my...

~Cut back to Gustavo's group. Janover enters building. He has a gun.~

Janover: Alcante?

Gustavo: Over here.

Janover walks over to look at the missile.

Janover: Hmm. Beautiful.

Gustavo: It's the best, huh?

Jim and Caldy come out of hiding, their guns out and pointing at Janover.

Jim: You can look, but don't touch. Put the gun on the ground.

Janover puts his gun on the ground.

Jim: So, Gustavo, it looks like you land on your feet again.

Caldy belts Jim across the head with his gun. Gustavo takes a few steps back. Jim goes down, unconscious. Caldy picks up Jim's gun.

Caldy: You look surprised.

Gustavo: I must be losing my touch, huh?

Jim starts to come around, his eyes blinking.

Janover: Lemec pays off today. The money will be wired to your Cayman's account.

Caldy: I don't want to have gone through this for nothing. She's speaking in two hours. Don't miss.

Janover: I never do. (takes missile and leaves)

Jim falls back to unconsciousness.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Caldy shoves Gustavo down to his knees and holds the gun to the back of his head from behind. Jim starts to push himself up. Gustavo sees him.~

Gustavo: Satisfy an old man's curiosity. You and Janover...why did you pick me?

Caldy: Janover needed missiles; I needed someone to take the fall for a sting gone wrong.

Jim stands up. Caldy points the gun at him.

Caldy: Uh-uh. Over there.

Jim stumbles backwards a few feet, falling again.

Caldy: (to Gustavo) Janover remembered meeting you through your brother. He remembered how clever you thought you were.

Jim stumbles past an equipment table. He sees a pair of wire cutters and an outlet.

Gustavo: I'll tell you a secret, Caldy. I am that clever.

Jim grabs the cutters, then falls against the table, knocking it over. He shoves the cutters into the outlet, shorting out the electricity. It goes dark. Caldy fires blindly.

Caldy: Show yourself, Ellison, or what's left of his life is going to get even shorter.

Jim uses his sight to look through the darkness and tackles Caldy, shoving him away from Gustavo. They struggle for a little bit, but Jim gets the upper hand.

Jim: Janover didn't get lucky spotting that surveillance team. You told him where to look.

Jim cuffs Caldy to a pipe, then he and Gustavo leave the building.

~Cut to a bit later outside warehouse. Jim is talking to Simon (at his office) on his cellphone as he and Gustavo walk out to the truck.~

Simon: What about Janover?

Jim: Yeah. He has a missile and he's going to kill Benet. I want you to get everything you have to that park, sir.

Simon: All right, we're on him. What else?

Jim: Simon, I also need a squad car for Caldy.

Simon: I'll have somebody there in minutes.

Jim: All right. (hangs up) You know, I should arrest you.

Gustavo: The only one who knew about me was Caldy. If the feds get their hands on me, I'll go to jail for the rest of my life.

Jim: Well, I'm fresh out of handcuffs, and I'm going in the opposite direction. (hands Gustavo the keys to the 4-Runner) I want you to meet me back at headquarters when this is all done. But be careful. These roads are tricky. You don't want to lose your way.

Gustavo: Thank you, my friend. Adios. (drives off)

~Cut to Janover getting out of his car and then getting the missile out across the way from the park. He aims with the sight to get a view of the torch that will be lit.~

~Cut to park. Blair and Genevieve with a few uniformed officers are making their way through the crowds to the platform. Lemec appears.~

Lemec: Dr. Benet. I'm sorry we haven't had a chance to speak sooner. I thought I'd catch you at your hotel.

Genevieve: Must be your timing.

Lemec: Hmm. Perhaps when this is over, you and I can sit down and arrive at a position that would be to our mutual benefit.

Genevieve: Why wait? Join me on the platform, Mr. President. Show the world your commitment to human rights right now.

Lemec: No. This is your moment. (walks off)

Genevieve: (to Blair) Wish me luck

Genevieve gets up on platform. Gathered crowd starts to applaud.

~Cut to Janover. Still sighting. Missile is armed. His finger is on the trigger.~

Janover: Come on, come on. Light the damn candle.

~Cut to park. A helicopter lands and Jim steps out. He runs across park as the man on the platform announces Genevieve.~

Man: Many honored guests, some have come quite far, all to bring attention to Amnesty International, but none has worked so hard and risked so much as our honored guest. Ladies and gentlemen, Genevieve Benet.

Lots of applause.

Genevieve: Thank you. It's a privilege to stand here for Amnesty International speaking out for those that have no voice. Their future rests in what we choose to do. We can continue to allow the darkness of cruelty and indifference or we can reach out and light the world.

Genevieve presses a button on a small device she holds in her hands. The torch lights. More applause. Jim is still scanning the area.

Genevieve: When people are dragged away in the night, when they are tortured, when they are never seen again, then the country they live in is a living hell. Such a country is St. Germaine.

Janover is taking aim across the way. Lemec is looking nervous and stepping back from the platform.

Genevieve: In St. Germaine, many have suffered and died to bring the evidence I share with you today. Feliz Lemec -- the blood of St. Germaine is on your hands. And I have pictures of your hands. (shows pictures)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Everyone looks at the pictures. Lemec just stands there. Janover fires the missile. Jim sees it coming. He looks around for several moments, deciding what to do. Then Jim sees a Cyclops Oil barge in the water. He fires at it several times, getting it to light up. The crowd all duck. The missile diverges and strikes the barge. Jim sees Janover trying to get away, loading up the launcher to take off. Jim gets back in the copter and the take off. Blair goes up to the platform to Genevieve.~

Blair: You all right?

Genevieve: Yeah. Come on.

Blair: You okay? You sure?

Genevieve: Yes, I'm, I'm all right.

Lemec comes up to the platform.

Lemec: Those pictures were doctored. I was never there!

Genevieve: It's more than pictures. People will come forward, the tide has turned.

Lemec: But you may be wrong. Why take the chance? Here. Kill me now. (hands her a gun) Rid the world of this great evil. You see, Doctor, I'm willing to stare death in the face for my beliefs. Are you?

Genevieve aims gun at Lemec.

Blair: What, what are you doing? Genevieve, don't.

Genevieve: Blair, get back. He's right. No court will give him what he deserves, but I can right now.

Blair: Come on, Genevieve, listen to me. You don't want to do this. This goes against everything you believe in. What about the man in the locket -- the one who's dead? This isn't going to bring him back. Then he dies for nothing and Lemec wins. (pause) Genevieve, come on, don't throw all this away. Put the gun down. Come on.

Genevieve lowers gun.

Blair: Good. That's good. Yeah. Good, good Good, good.

~Cut to the copter chasing Janover's car. Janover gears by a roadblock, but the copter then lands in front of the car. Jim gets out, holding his gun on Janover. He walks up to the car. Janover is bent over the wheel. Another car pulls up on the other side and someone gets out.~

Jim: Get out of the car.

Janover shoves open the door, knocking Jim back. His gun falls to the ground. Janover gets out and kicks Jim's gun further under the car. Janover holds his gun on Jim. Someone else picks up Jim's gun and fires at Janover, hitting him in his gun arm, knocking his gun away. Person gets up from behind car -- it's Gustavo.

Gustavo: I may no longer be young, Senor, but I still know how to shoot, huh?

Jim: What are you doing here?

Sirens sound as other cars arrive.

Gustavo: I thought maybe you'd need my help.

Jim: This isn't like you.

Gustavo: Every now and then, some habits need to change.

Two feds walk up to stand behind Gustavo.

Man: FBI. We're looking for Gustavo Alcante.

Gustavo: Time to face the music, eh? Would you do the honor?

Jim: Gustavo Alcante, you're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right, anything you say can and may be used against you in a court of law.

Feds take off with Gustavo.

~Cut to Jim and Simon in Simon's office, drinking coffee, and watching a news broadcast.~

Newscaster: In the wake of the bloodless coup that swept him from power this week, Feliz Lemec was stripped of diplomatic immunity and will be returned to St. Germaine for trial. A judge rejected Lemec's request to face charges here first and ordered an immediate and binding extradition.

Jim: I guess he likes our jails better.

Simon: Speaking of jails, I thought you said the FBI picked up Gustavo.

Jim: Yeah, right after the shooting.

Simon: Well, I checked. Nobody called the FBI.

Jim: Are you sure?

Simon: Yeah. You know that's how he got away from us last time.

Jim: Well, he did say he was a creature of habit.

They look at each other, then go back to drinking coffee.

~Cut to Blair and Genevieve in the Major Crimes hallway.~

Blair: I wish you could stay.

Genevieve: So do I.

Blair: Let me know if you're ever up in Cascade again. I'm a hell of a tour guide.

Genevieve: You're much more than that. (kisses him)

Blair: Uh, let me get your bag. There you go. (hands her the bag) Be good.

Genevieve gets in the elevator. The doors close as Blair watches.

~ The End ~