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Storm Warning

Written by: Peter Lance
Directed by: Oley Sassone
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Brittney Powell (Monique), Eric Keenleyside (Rucker Ellison), Danny Mora ( ), Jesus Nebot ( ), John Henry Canavan (Eddie Hicks), Edward Diaz (Martine), Alfonso Quijada (Hernando), Bob Neve (Guzman's Pilot), Greg Bennett (Team Commander).

Summary: Ellison's visit with his cousin, a Coast Guard officer on a remote island, turns into a nightmare after he helps rescue a woman at sea. She turns out to be the mistress of a drug czar who has stolen incriminating evidence. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on November 12, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day over the ocean. A plane flies up to island and lands on the water before pulling up to the shore. Jim, Blair, and the pilot (Eddie) get out. Jim steps away from the plane and turns his back on the water. Blair and Eddie unload Jim and Blair's luggage.~

Jim: Oh, man.

Eddie: You okay there, Jim? Brought her down as smooth as I could.

Jim: Yeah, I know. It wasn't the landing, Eddie. Just all those miles of open water. I got this slight phobia.

Blair: I suppose that's why you chose the army over the navy, right?

Eddie: Good thing you boys brought your tackle boxes. The salmon are running.

Jim: Could we, uh, back off the seafood chitchat?

Blair: Come on, Jim, buck up. You know, "the time a man spends fishing is not deducted from his life."

Eddie: Isaac Walton, The Compleat Angler. He wrote it back in, uh...

Blair: 1653. That's great, man. So, theoretically, if you fish every day you're going to live forever.

Eddie: Sounds good to me.

Jim: Yeah, well, Sir Isaac must have run out of bait 'cause the last time I checked, he was still dead.

Rucker Ellison, a Coast Guard, comes down to the dock to greet them.

Jim: Hey, cuz. How you doing?

Jim and Rucker hug.

Rucker: You didn't have to do this, you know, Jimmy.

Jim: Well, I couldn't let you see another birthday go by on this rock alone. Oh, this is my partner, Blair Sandburg. This is my cousin Rucker.

Blair: How you doing?

Rucker: Good. Good to meet you. I, uh...I thought you were coming alone.

Jim: Well, I figured with Andy gone you'd need a couple of extra hands to blow out the candles.

Blair: Who's Andy?

Rucker: My first mate. Father took sick in Cascade. Be back next week.

Blair: That's too bad. So it's just gonna be the four of us then?

Eddie: No, not me. I got to head up to the res at Taholah and drop off some medicine. I'll pick you guys up tomorrow afternoon as long as that storm that comes in blows over. No way we're going to make it across this channel in a 40-knot gale. Hey, buddy...Happy birthday, man. (tosses Rucker a small package)

Rucker: Thanks, Eddie. Plain brown wrapper, huh?

Eddie: It's not what you think. I'll catch you later.

Rucker: Take care, Eddie. (looking at the storm clouds rolling in) South-southeast.

Blair: Suppose it's going to be a big one?

Rucker: Well, they don't call this Storm Island for nothing, huh?

They all laugh.

Blair: Ooh...

They pick up their gear and luggage and follow Rucker.

Blair: All right.

~Cut to Coast Guard station. Main room. Wind is kicking up outside.~

Rucker: This thing came up on us fast. Weather service had it blowing a hundred miles south.

Jim: Think your launch is okay out there?

Rucker: She's on a hurricane anchorage. I'm more worried about the power in here. The lighthouse got a systems upgrade a couple of years back. But the Guard hasn't put this place on a priority list yet.

Jim: Oh, yeah. Well, here's something for your troubles. For the man who has everything. It's from me and Sandburg. (hands him a box, then sits down on couch)

Rucker: Thank you. (opens box and takes out gift, laughing) An extendo-flexo mini fishing rod.

Blair: Isn't that great? You know, like, "as seen on tv." Speaking of which if we're cooped up here all weekend, where is your television?

Rucker: We don't have one.

Blair: (goes over to computer) Oh... oh, hey. You got an internet link on this computer here?

Rucker: (opening Eddie's gift) This is a working US Coast Guard substation, kid. We pull 12-hour staggered shifts, search and rescue and we don't get HBO. (looking at package) Oh, all right, books on tape. Short stories of Jack London, David Copperfield...

Blair: I've always wanted to read Copperfield.

Rucker hands Blair the tape.

Blair: Right on. (pause) But... this is in Chinese.

Jim is chuckling in the background.

Rucker: Yeah, I'm learning Mandarin. I don't like to waste my downtime.

Blair: Uh, don't get me wrong -- I've done time in some isolated places myself -- but how in the world did you pull a duty like this?

Jim: He asked for it. Ruck's always been kind of a loner.

Blair hands the tape back and sees a name tattooed on Rucker's arm.

Blair: Who's Jennifer?

Rucker: Big mistake. I don't know what I was doing with that one. But that's not why I live here.

Jim: Hey, Ruck, why don't we get down to business and play a little poker so I can relieve you of some hard-earned government money?

Rucker: I'll get the deck.

Rucker goes over to get the deck of cards while Blair joins Jim on the couch. As Rucker comes back, he stops to look at a radar display.

Rucker: This guy's got to be doing 40 knots.

Jim and Blair join him.

Jim: Go to more detail.

Blair: What is it?

Rucker: Muscle machine. Maybe a cigarette boat. (goes over to storage closet to pull out rain gear)

Blair: Look at that. That bleep is all over the place.

Jim: Could be pilot error or a damaged craft.

Rucker: Either way we better pull her in before that storm hits. Visibility is gonna be zip. (hands rain gear to Jim and Blair)

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Rucker in a boat speeding out to the other craft. Still day. Rain and wind everywhere.~

Jim: I think she's headed for the other side of Long Point.

Rucker: Yeah, we should get a visual as soon as we make the turn. (on a radio bullhorn) This is the Coast Guard calling the unknown craft. You are traveling on an unsafe course at an unsafe speed. Heave to immediately. Repeat, heave to.

Jim uses his vision to spot boat -- no one is driving.

Jim: It's a sea ray running at full tilt. There's nobody at the helm.

Rucker: How can you tell that without glasses?

Jim: Just a guess.

Rucker: (looks through binoculars) Damn... You're right. (into radio bullhorn) This is the Coast Guard, do you read? Repeat, do you read?

Boat ahead swerves.

Rucker: Ah, she's made a turn for the shore. We got to intercept before she racks up on the rocks.

Jim: All right, pull up next to her, Ruck. Get as close as you can.

Rucker: You be careful.

Blair: What are you gonna do?

Jim: I'm gonna board her.

Blair: What?!

Jim: (gets on the front of the boat) Pull over to her, Ruck. Come up a little closer, Ruck. Bring it up! Bring me closer.

They reach the side of the boat and Jim jumps across and pulls himself on board. Once inside, he stops the boat. Rucker and Blair pull up next to him.

Blair: Jim! Jim!

Jim appears, holding an unconscious woman.

Blair: Man, is she all right?

Jim: I don't know. Let's bring her in.

~Cut to station house. Main room. Woman (Monique) is wrapped in blankets. Blair is pouring coffee. HE brings cup over to Monique and hands it to her.~

Blair: How you feeling?

Monique: Better. Thanks.

Jim: What's your name?

Monique: Monique.

Jim: Monique, what were you doing out in the middle of nowhere?

Monique: Running away.

Blair: What were you running away from?

Monique: My boyfriend. He's, um...he's a powerful man.

Jim: And what's his name?

Monique: Enrique... Mendez. He's, investment banker.

Jim: So why were you running away from him?

Monique: Because today he started drinking, and he said he was going to get a gun. Then he passed out. So I slipped out a window and ran down the docks to his boat.

Jim: Where were you going to go?

Monique: Anywhere. I don't know. I just headed out to the open sea. I saw the lighthouse so I figured, well, I'll head that way, but then, I don't know, I hadn't slept or eaten, so I guess I just...guess I just passed out. (pulls out an empty pack of cigarettes) Out of cigarettes. Great. Great. Guess I'll be quitting after all.

Blair: I can teach you some meditation tips. Helped my mom out big-time.

Lights flicker and go out.

Rucker: Oh, great. The power's down. We got propane lanterns for the light. Going to have to do without everything else.

Jim: What about communications?

Rucker: Radio link's protected. Separate system coming down from the tower. (pulls on a heavy coat) With a little sweat, we could probably jury-rig something for our power down here, but not until the weather clears. We're just going to have to sit her out a while. I'm going to go double up the moorings on the boats. You better finish dogging this place down, Jimmy. (leaves)

Jim: Very good.

Monique: I'm so cold.

Jim: Sandburg, why don't you rustle her up some dry clothes? I hope you like flannel. (walks off)

~Cut to outside. Rucker is mooring the boats to the dock. He goes over to Monique's boat and looks around inside. In one of the open cupboards, he finds a briefcase. He opens it, looks inside, and gets a surprised look on his face, then looks back toward the station.~

~Cut back to inside station. Monique is coming out in dry clothes, presumably a set of Blair's. She has bare feet.~

Blair: Oh, hey, all right. Grunge looks pretty good on you.

Monique: Thanks.

Blair: Oh, here. I got these up in Alaska. Might be a little big, but they should fit. (hands her a pair of moccasin boots)

Monique sits down and starts to pull on moccasin boots. Rucker comes back inside.

Blair: (to Rucker) Hey, how you doing?

Rucker nods at them and goes across the room where Jim is. He shows Jim the briefcase and its contents.

Blair: The Dene Indians, they swear by these things.

Monique: I heard it's beautiful up there in Alaska. I've never been anywhere. Well, Mexico. What's it like?

Blair: Oh, it's beautiful, it's beautiful. I spent a couple of months in an igloo.

Jim and Rucker come over to them.

Jim: What is your full name?

Monique: St. James. Monique St. James.

Jim: Monique St. James... You're under arrest. (pulls out his cuffs)

Blair: What are you doing?

Rucker: She came in with a little package. (opens briefcase to show two wrapped packages)

Jim: Heroin, Mexican brown. Get up.

Monique: (stands up) No, no, I swear. That is not mine!

Jim: I didn't see anybody else on that boat. (cuffs her)

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Much later. Dark outside. Lots of rain pouring. Power still out.~

Jim: Tell me about the heroin.

Monique: I don't know anything about that. I don't know, maybe Enrique...

Jim: Enrique, what? He just had it lying around for some of his investment clients?

Monique: Look...I am tired and I am scared. Enrique threatened to kill me! I ran away to save my life! God!

Jim, Blair, and Rucker step away from Monique.

Blair: Look, Jim, I know this looks pretty bad, but maybe we should cut her some slack.

Jim: And why is that?

Blair: Look, Jim, I know that you have great cop instincts, but I think I know people. If we give her the benefit of the doubt maybe we'll get to the truth, you know? So why don't you let me talk to her?

Jim: See what you can get.

Blair goes back over to rejoin Monique.

Blair: Hey. Uh...I know you're scared. But, uh, I mean, come on, you got to admit all this looks pretty weird, right? And, Jim, now he's not a bad guy, but he is a cop.

Monique: Oh, and you're not?

Blair: (laughs) No, actually, I'm an anthropologist. I'm serious. I'm strictly a consultant -- no badge, no gun, no nothing.

Monique: Joe Friday from Alaska, huh?

Blair: Yeah, I guess. Monique, we're not going to get anywhere on this unless you start with the truth.

Monique: Okay, but don't ask me about the heroin. Enrique would kill me if he thought I talked. His real name's not Mendez. It's Guzman.

Jim comes back over.

Jim: Guzman? Enrique Guzman? (pushes Blair aside)

Blair: Hey, Jim, what are you doing?

Jim: Your boyfriend is the Mexican heroin czar?

Monique: Yes. Yes. Enrique Guzman. I am his mistress and he threatened to kill me! But I swear to God I don't know anything about any dope! Why can't you believe me?

Jim: 'Cause you lied to us once before.

Monique: To protect myself. I haven't exactly had the best luck with men lately. I like the money and the boats, yeah. I'll admit that, okay? By the time I found out the truth, it was too late. I couldn't get away. (stands up) Would you like to see what a belt buckle does to a woman's back?!

Jim: No, that won't be necessary. Enrique Guzman works out of Guadalajara. What is he doing in Washington?

Monique: He had paid off some Mexican judges and they wanted a bigger cut, so...he had them killed. The federales that he'd bought off couldn't protect him anymore, so he had to move his operation to the states. But about a week ago he heard that the DEA was closing in, so...he freaked. And when he beat me, I knew I had to get out somehow.

Jim: (to Rucker) What do you think?

Rucker: Well...that case was the only thing I found on board the sea ray. The tank was almost empty.

Blair: Doesn't really sound like a well-planned trip.

Jim: Yeah. (walks over to Monique) I hope you understand why we had to do this. We'll see that you're well taken care of. (takes the cuffs off Monique)

Monique: I've heard that before.

~Cut to next morning. Rain has gone away. Sun is out.~

Jim: Well, it looks like it wants to clear.

Rucker: Don't count on it.

Jim: I'm going to take a look at that sea ray.

Rucker: I don't think I missed anything, Jim.

Jim: Probably not, but just the same I'd feel better if I check it out myself.

Rucker: All right. I'll see what I can dig up in the mess.

Jim leaves. Rucker walks across the room to where Blair is. Monique comes out of the curtained-off bedroom.

Blair: Good morning.

Monique: Is it?

Rucker: Oh, sure it is. We got dry froot loops for breakfast.

Monique and Blair walk back into the main room.

Blair: Looks like the storm's almost over. Then we'll get in touch with Cascade PD and get you out of here.

Monique: You don't know Enrique. You know, one time one of his men stole a single balloon of dope. Cost maybe $5,000. He hunted him down. Cost him about $100,000 to do -- about a dozen men. But he found him. I won't tell you what he did to him.

~Cut to Jim walking down the dock to Monique's boat. He stands next to it and listens. He hears a beeping and goes on board boat. He follows sound to a hidden hatch. He pulls out a boxy device with an antenna.~

~Cut back inside station.~

Rucker: Look...I don't see how Guzman can track you down. You're on an island at a Coast Guard station.

Blair: And if you testify, you can enter the witness protection program and you could start a whole new life.

Jim comes inside and plops device down on desk. Blair picks it up.

Blair: What's this?

Jim: I found that on the sea ray. Some kind of transmitter. It was in some hidden hatch.

Rucker: (takes device) This is an electronic beacon. Did you activate this thing?

Monique: I didn't even know it was there.

Rucker: Damn. A remote command then.

Monique: Wait, I don't understand what's wrong?

Jim: It gives an exact fix of the boat.

Blair: Which means that Guzman knows she's here.

Monique: Oh, god.

Jim: All right, it's 6:30. Why don't we get the launch, head for the mainland. We'll make contact with the Coast Guard and headquarters en route, all right?

Rucker: We can leave now. (gets up)

Jim turns toward the door, then stops, hearing something.

Jim: It's too late.

Rucker: What do you mean?

They hear a helicopter arriving above them.

Monique: Oh, no. Enrique's here.

~Cut to outside where men are climbing up toward the lighthouse and station area from a boat on the water. One man sets a charge on a tall metalwork. Helicopter lands with Guzman and right-hand man, Raoul.~

~Cut back inside station.~

Jim: How much firepower you got around here?

Rucker: Well, we got two M-16s and a few mags. Plus, we got a flare gun in the kit.

Jim: I've got a mag and a half. How many ways in or out of here?

Rucker: There's a front door and a back door. There's a trap door down to the crawl space, really.

Jim: Lock them down. Put whatever you can in front of the doors. Sandburg, give him a hand.

They start barricading the inside.

~Cut to outside. Guzman and Raoul get out of helicopter.~

Guzman: Revisa la lancha. Cubre la estacion. La quiero viva.

Raoul: What about the Coast Guard?

Guzman: What about the Coast Guard? (to helicopter pilot) Get out of here.

Helicopter takes off.

~Cut back inside. Jim goes over to the comlink system.~

Jim: I'm going to send out a distress call. Get some backup out here.

Outside, the charge blows on the tall metalwork.

Monique: What was that?!

Rucker: (looks out window) Jim, they blew the comlink. We're cut off.

Monique panics.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same scene a bit later. Jim and Blair looking out through window blinds to where Guzman and Raoul are standing on the dock.~

Blair: You see him?

Jim: Yeah. Recognize him from his mug shots.

Outside, Raoul calls all the men back to their position on the docks. Raoul has a bullhorn.

Rucker: Jim. How many guns?

Jim: I make six, plus Guzman and some other tough guy.

Monique: That's Raoul. He's the worst of them.

~Cut to outside. Another man comes up to Guzman.~

Man: Jefe. There's nothing in the sea ray. She must be in the station. (walks off)

Guzman: Dile que estan reados.

Raoul: Si. (into bullhorn) Coast guard, we have your island. You are surrounded. If you send out the woman, we let you live. You have two minutes.

~Cut to inside. Rucker is breaking out the M-16s. Monique is panicking.~

Monique: You better let me go.

Blair: What do you mean? What are you doing? Are you crazy? That guy's going to kill you. No, hey, Jim, what are our options here?

Rucker: (handing Jim one of the M-16s) Well, we could make a break for the launch and set up the deck gun.

Jim: We got eight guys on full auto between us and the water. What about that trap, any way through the crawl space?

Rucker: Yeah, we could kick out a vent screen. That would make us come out under the north side of the station.

~Cut to outside.~

Raoul: Coast Guard. Your time is up. Senor Guzman wants you to look out the window.

Inside, everyone looks through the blinds. Outside, a man comes over to Guzman and hands him a small device.

Man: Senor Guzman.

Guzman pushes a button on the device. The Coast Guard launch blows up.

Raoul: (over bullhorn) There is no way off this island for you.

~Cut back inside as they walk away from the windows.~

Rucker: Son of a bitch.

Blair: Well, so much for Plan A.

Jim: There's got to be some way we can get an SOS out.

Rucker: There's no phones with the power still out. We're way out of range for a cellular. (pause) The lighthouse still has power. There's a radio there in the shed. I'll have to take the back trail up and around through the woods.

Blair: Well, that'd be smart seeing they have the easy way covered.

Jim: Maybe we can create a diversion somehow.

Monique: What?

~Cut to outside. Guzman and men still on docks, standing behind bunch of crates. Raoul looks up to see a station window opening a sheet with writing on it draped out. It says "Drugs for Monique.~

Raoul: Jefe, mira... (into bullhorn) The jefe says he'll talk to anyone with the cajones to come out here and face him.

~Cut to inside.~

Rucker: That'd be you, boss.

Jim: All right, I'll hold him off as long as I can. I want you to get to a radio. Call Simon Banks at Cascade PD and get a hold of the Coast Guard, all right?

Rucker: Roger that.

Jim: And, Ruck, next time we celebrate your birthday, let's do it on the mainland, okay?

Rucker goes into crawl space. Jim hands Blair the M-16.

Blair: I don't know about this, Jim.

Jim: It's our only shot. Take it.

Blair: (takes gun) All right. Good luck.

Jim leaves.

~Cut to Rucker in crawl space. He waits till a guard has gone by, then kicks out vent and crawls outside.~

~Cut to Jim walking out onto dock. Blair and Monique watch from inside station through blinds.~

Raoul: Stop there. Where is your uniform?

Jim: I'm not in the Coast Guard. I'm a cop. Right now, half of Cascade PD is on its way out here.

Raoul: (laughs) How do you call them? We knocked your radio tower down.

Guzman: I want Monique. Bring her to me.

Jim: So you can beat her again? Maybe break her legs, so she can't run away this time?

Guzman motions to Raoul. Raoul hits Jim over the head with his gun. Jim goes down, but not all the way.

In the station, Blair winces and draws back for a moment. Monique whimpers a bit.

Blair: It's all right. He's going to be okay.

Guzman: Beat her? I loved her. I gave her everything. But she's a whore, a liar, and a thief!

Jim: (stands up) You got the dope. Why don't you just let her go?

Guzman: I don't care about the dope! (throws briefcase in water) I want my book.

Jim: What book?

Guzman: Ask Monique. Ask the whore. If you don't bring her out here with my book, I burn this whole place down to the waterline.

~Cut to inside station. Jim comes in.~

Blair: Hey, Jim, how you doing? What did they say?

Jim doesn't answer, just grabs Monique's small backpack and dumps it on the table, searching through the contents.

Monique: Well, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Jim finds her passport, but no book. He gets her coat and checks it -- nothing.

Jim: Where's the book?

Monique: What book?

Jim: Raise your arms.

Blair: Hey, Jim...

Jim: Give it a rest, Chief. Come on, let's go. Bring them up. (pats her down -- still nothing) All right.

Blair: Jim, what the hell is going on here?

Jim: Guzman accused her of stealing some book. If you know anything about this, you gotta say something.

Monique: Enrique doesn't believe in computers. He puts everything in little books...

Blair: What do you mean, "Everything," like what?

Monique: Um, he left one open once. It had numbers and names, stuff, I don't...

Jim: Phone numbers, accounts, what?

Monique: I don't know. I didn't understand it.

Jim: Whatever it is, he thinks we've got this information.

Blair: Well, that might not be a bad thing, right, Jim? We can use it as a bargaining chip. Get us a little more time.

Jim: Yeah. Maybe. It'll be all right. Once Rucker gets to the lighthouse, help'll be on its way.

~Cut to outside. Rucker watches the men the docks through binoculars. Light reflects off the lenses and Guzman's men see it.~

Man: Jefe...

Guzman: Go! Check the lighthouse!

Man: Si, jefe.

Men take off down docks. Rucker sees them heading his way.

~Cut to Rucker going into lighthouse and sitting down in front of radio, looking for a channel.~

Rucker: Come on.

~Cut to docks.~

Guzman: They've had enough time. First, we do this with guns. After we have the book, we burn it all down.

Raoul: What about Monique? You want us to just...

Guzman: That woman is dead to me now. Kill them all, comprende?

~Cut to inside station. Jim is bringing one of the guns over to Blair again.~

Jim: All right, Chief, it's time you got ready to use this thing.

Blair: I don't know, man. The idea of actually killing somebody...

Jim: All you got to do is spray a burst over their head. Anything to keep 'em back, okay? (shows him how to use it) All you got to do is rack the slide... Hold down the trigger and point.

Blair: All right.

Jim: (to Monique) Come over here. Anybody gets inside this door, you shoot them with this. (hands her the flare gun) Can you handle that?

Monique: I think so.

~Cut to lighthouse. Rucker is on the radio.~

Rucker: Mayday, this is Coast Guard substation tango, bravo, delta on Storm Island to all open police channels. We are under attack from a heavily armed drug gang. Repeat, we are under attack...

Two of Guzman's men break in and start firing with their automatic weapons. Rucker dodges and jumps out a window. Men go over to look out the window.

Man #1: Ivamos! Vente. Adonde estara?

Man #2: No se.

Rucker nowhere to be seen. Only rocks and water.

~Cut to station. Jim and Blair look at each other, but don't say anything.~

~Cut to lighthouse. Two men smile and walk out of radio room. Behind them the radio connection still flickers.~

~Cut to docks.~

Guzman: (yelling) Monique!

All the men start firing at the station , taking out the windows.

~Cut to inside station. Jim, Blair, and Monique all duck as shots go over their heads. Everything inside is destroyed.~

Blair: Hey, Jim!

Jim: Yeah?

Blair: I just want you to know that this doesn't change my opinion on gun control.

Jim: I'll keep that in mind.

Jim and Blair start firing at men on docks. Jim takes out a few gunmen. Then they both pull back inside.

Blair: Jim! I'm out of ammo, man.

Jim: Me, too.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Station. A bit later. Guzman, Raoul, and men break inside. No one is inside.~

Raoul: Jefe.

Another man finds the open hatch.

Man: Que paso?

Raoul: No one could have survived this.

Guzman: Then where are the bodies? Where is Monique?

~Cut to forested area outside. Raining again. Jim, Blair, and Monique on the run. Jim is at point. He looks around, then whistles for Blair and Monique to come out. Monique is holding her arm.~

Blair: You okay? Oh, hey, Jim, she got hit.

Jim: What?

Blair: She got hit.

Jim: Looks like a surface wound.

Monique: It's okay. I'm just...

Blair: Uh-oh. Come on.

Jim: Let's set her down over here. Easy... easy.

They set her down next to a tree.

Monique: Ow... ow!

Jim: All right, take it easy.

Blair: Jim, we got to bind that.

Monique: I've got a bandanna in my day pack.

Jim: Let me have the pack. Take her jacket off, and cover her up. Keep her warm. Just keep breathing. (takes out bandanna, hands it to Blair) Here you go. (sneaks something out of the day pack) I'm going to make sure we weren't followed. You stay with her. (walks off)

Blair: All right. (binding wound) Why in the world didn't you tell us that you were shot?

Monique: What would you do, stop and give me first aid? Oh, god.

Blair: Don't worry. Don't worry, we're going to get out of this.

Monique: Thank you. Not just for today, but... You were the one that wanted to believe me. It's funny.

Blair: What's that?

Monique: Well, here we are on...what really is a very beautiful little island and...I just keep wondering when I'm going to get one of those little drinks with the umbrellas in it.

Blair chuckles. Jim comes back.

Jim: We got to move, get to the lighthouse. Go through the brush to avoid the chopper. If he made it, we'll hook up with Rucker.

Blair: What if he didn't make it?


Jim: (to Monique) Think you can keep moving?

Monique: Yeah, I think so.

Jim: All right, let's go. Watch it. Here we go.

Monique: Thank you. (starts walking)

Jim: (stops Blair for a moment) Just watch yourself around her, Chief.

Blair: What? Oh, come on, you still think she's trying to scam us, Jim?

Jim: Wouldn't be the first time one of us got hung with a good line.

~Cut to Jim scanning the area in front of the lighthouse, seeing two guards posted around it. Blair and Monique join him as his motion. They start to creep closer.~

~Cut to the walkway that leads up to the lighthouse. A stone skitters on the walkway and both men go down to check it out. Neither sees anything.~

Man: No veo nada.

Jim comes up behind them and knocks them both out.

Blair appears at the edge of the walkway, on the other side of the railing.

Blair: Where'd you learn that, the army rangers?

Jim: Hope and Crosby. Get up here.

Blair: It was beautiful. (climbs over railing)

Jim starts to collect guns from unconscious men. Another man with a gun appears and Jim stops, looking at him. Monique appears and holds flare gun at man's neck.

Monique: Drop it, Hernando or you're dead.

Man stops. Jim comes up and gets him, taking his gun away. Blair goes up to Monique, helping her not to panic as she breathes hard.

Blair: It's okay.

~Cut to station. Raoul is talking into radio.~

Raoul: Jorge, Ramiro, do you copy?

~Cut to outside. All three men are tied up and gagged behind some rocks.~

~Cut back to station.~

Raoul: Hernando! (to Guzman) No one answers, Jefe.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Monique going up to lighthouse. Jim goes inside and checks things out.~

Jim: All clear.

Blair and Monique come in. Jim wanders over to broken window and listens. He hears heavy breathing and a heartbeat.

~Cut to outside. Jim, Blair, and Monique walk to the edge of a big rock and see Rucker, injured, just on the other side, lying down. They go down to join him.~

Rucker: Damn! Took you long enough. Tried to get a message off. I don't know if it got through. Not as bad as it looks, right?

Jim and Blair stop next to Rucker. Monique goes a little further on. She still has the flare gun.

Jim: Well, you're going to probably walk a little bit funny, but you'll be all right. We got to get you out of here.

Flare gun goes off.

Jim: What the hell did you do that for?

Monique: I'm sorry. I-I don't know. I... I was scared. It just went off.

Jim: Come on, let's go. (helps Rucker up)

Rucker: Ow!

They take off into the cover of the trees as the helicopter comes near them, guns firing.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same continuing scene. Guzman and Raoul in helicopter. Raoul firing an automatic weapon, but not hitting a thing.~

Guzman: Hit something!

Jim, Blair, Rucker, and Monique disappear into woods.

Guzman: Get this thing down. We'll take them on foot.

Pilot: Roger that.

~Cut to Jim's group. Still raining.~

Jim: Settle down. Settle down. Over here, Ruck. Take a load off your feet for a second. (sets Rucker down for a moment)

Monique: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I never meant for any of this to happen.

Jim: Is that so?

Blair: Come on, Jim. I mean, she was running for her life. She didn't ask to come to this island, right?

Jim: She sure as hell ain't helping us get off of it.

Monique: Why won't he believe me?

~Cut to Guzman and Raoul getting out of helicopter at entrance to woods. Guzman waves helicopter away.~

Guzman: Get out of here! Go on! (to Raoul) Come on. We stay 50 meters apart. Now, go!

Raoul: Okay.

~Cut to Jim's group as they go through forest again.~

Jim: Hang in there, Ruck, Hang in there. That's bleeding pretty badly. We can't keep walking on this any longer. Set down by this log over here. (sets Rucker down)

Rucker: I'm only going to slow you down. There's thicker forest north a ways.

Jim: Easy.

Rucker: It's better cover. I'll stick here. You keep going.

Blair: Come on, what're you talking about, we can't do that.

Rucker: You have to, kid.

Monique: We can't leave him behind alone.

Jim: Look, he's a military officer. He knows that it gives us our best chance to survive.

Monique: No, we should stay here with him.

Jim: Oh, that's a good idea. Just sit here and wait until they find us and shoot us to pieces. Why are you trying to stop us from getting rescued?

Monique: Oh, you're crazy. Uh! I saved your life!

Jim: Maybe. But then again, they would have gunned you down, too.

Blair: Hey, hey. Where's all this coming from, man?

Jim: Lot of places: Rome, Athens, Bangkok.

Blair: What?

Jim: Those places are stamped on her passport.

Blair: Her passport? I thought you said the only place you'd ever been was Mexico. (to Jim) What else?

Jim: Guzman looked surprised when I accused him of smacking her around. He even denied it.

Monique: And you believed him?

Jim: Maybe now is a good time to show us those bruises on your back.

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: Come on.

Monique: Go to hell. (shoves past them back toward Rucker)

Jim: You know, your friend was no choirboy, but he nailed you on two things. Being a thief and a liar.

Monique: Look, I told you. I don't have his damn book.

Jim: Of course you don't. Because you transferred it onto this. (pulls out an audio tape) I got it out of your walkman.

Rucker: What's on it, Jimmy?

Jim: Haven't played it yet, Ruck.

Monique picks up the gun Jim had laid down on the ground next to Rucker.

Monique: Hand it over.

Blair: Oh...

Monique: Do it! (holds gun on Rucker) Or I put him out of his misery.

Jim: (tosses tape to Monique) You know, there's other pieces to this puzzle. I just haven't been able to put it all together.

Monique: You just weren't smart enough to figure it out, were you?

Jim: Smart enough to get you to show your true colors.

Monique pulls trigger on gun -- nothing happens. Blair flinches back.

Jim: Smart enough to put a blank clip into that Tec-9.

Monique screeches and throws gun at them. Then she takes off into woods. Blair starts to go after her, but Jim stops him. Jim starts to hear something -- guns cocking.

Jim: They're here. (goes over to pick up gun)

Raoul comes out from behind a tree and points gun at Jim.

Raoul: I wouldn't do that.

Jim backs up as Raoul comes at them with gun. Guzman comes into clearing as well with Monique. He is talking into radio as he forces Monique down to her knees on the ground.

Guzman: Come on. Robert, we have them. Take the chopper down to the beach and wait for us. (to Monique) Did you really think I wouldn't find you, carita? Why did you take my book? Blackmail? Extortion? Insurance? No matter. Now you'll tell me. Where is it? (holds knife to her throat)

Raoul shoots Guzman. Monique pulls away from Guzman and runs over to Raoul, kissing him.

Raoul: We did it.

Blair: You did what?

Jim: You don't get it, Chief, huh? Monique gets tired of the jefe, throws in with Raoul. She takes off with the boat, heads to a remote island where she can kill a very heavily protected man. She figures there won't be any cops around. Just a couple of Coast Guardsmen that won't be a problem to put away. Guzman tracks her with the transponder. She probably was going to drop him soon as the helicopter lands, only we showed up.

Blair: What about Guzman's book?

Monique: (smugly) Can't take over a man's business without his contact lists. You've got dealers, informants, bribed officials, delivery routes, drop-off points. (to Raoul) Well, I'm about tired of this backwoods stuff, baby. Let's get this over with and get the hell out of here.

Helicopter echoes overhead and they look up to see a Coast Guard copter flying over. Jim takes advantage of the distraction and attacks Raoul, shoving his gun up and out of the way. Monique runs and Blair takes off after her. Raoul's gun goes off. Jim struggles with Guzman. Blair chases Monique. Rucker gets into the act and helps knock out Raoul.

Rucker: Jimmy! Where's your partner?

~Cut to Blair and Monique. Monique trips over a log and falls. Blair runs and tackles her. They struggle. Blair gets her held down on the ground, then sees the tape. They both reach for it. Blair loses his grip on her.~

Monique: No! (punches Blair in the nose and knocks him away)

Blair: Oh...

Monique grabs tape and grabs a big rock. She comes back over with it, stands over Blair, and gets ready to smash him with it. He sees her, grabs a stick, and hits her on the back of the knee. He rolls away as she falls and drops the rock. Then he grabs her and holds her down again, this time facedown in the dirt. Jim comes into the clearing.

Jim: You okay?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, I got everything under control, partner. Give me a hand here. (motions Jim over)

~Cut to dock. Bad guys all tied up and being lined up for transport on a boat. Coast Guard is cleaning up. Raoul and Monique stand at one side as Guzman's body in a body bag is taken by. Jim and Blair stroll onto dock. Blair is holding a cloth to his nose.~

Jim: How's the nose?

Blair: Oh, it's all right, It's all right. Oh, hey, by the way. (hands Jim the tape)

Jim: (looks at tape, then Blair, then drops tape in Monique's hand) Here you go. Happy listening. (to Coast Guardsman) Thanks, guys.

Monique and Raoul are led away.

Blair: What did you do that for?

Jim: No, just relax. She never had the real one. I switched them -- I hope she likes David Copperfield. In Chinese.

Coast Guardsman comes over, handing Rucker a radio-phone.

Man: Rucker! It's mainland relay. It's your first mate.

Rucker talks on the phone. Behind him, Jim is trying to get a better look at Blair's nose. Blair pushes away his hand.

Rucker: Andy, how's your dad?

Andy: He's fine. He's out of ICU.

Rucker: Good.

Andy: What happened? Are you okay?

Rucker: No, no, I'm fine. It's the station that's a mess. Yeah, I miss you, too. Can't wait to see you. I love you. Bye.

Andy: Love you too. Bye.

Rucker hangs up.

Blair: Now, that explains a lot.

Rucker: Sandburg. Andy is my fiancee. Short for Andrea. (shows a picture)

Jim taps Blair on the head.

Blair: I knew that. Come on.

Rucker and Jim turn to go back to station. Jim pats Blair on the stomach as he turns.

Rucker: So, whatever happened to my birthday present?

Jim: Oh, Ruck...

Rucker: Did you bring me a birthday present?

Jim: Well, I did...

~ The End ~