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Red Ice

Written by: Richard Maxwell
Directed by: William Gereghty
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Eliza Sroka (Micki Kamerev), Aleksandra Kaniak (Inspector Major Katrina Vaslova), Bjorn Johnson (Yuri), Malcolm Stewart (Agent Frank Mulroney), Dmitri Boudrine (Dmitri Gordievsky), Raoul Ganeev (Father Kasporev), Ben Cardinal (Dan Wolf), David Kaye (Agent Danforth).

Summary: Ellison tracks down a Russian assassin who is an enemy from his past. After witnessing the slaying of a Russian activist, Jim struggles to understand why his hyper-senses didn't detect the killer --- until he learns that the sniper is an old nemesis known for his high-tech tricks. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

This episode was originally broadcast on November 19, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. Steps of a large building. A crowd gathers to hear Father Kasporev introduce someone. Banners with Russian writing on them are strung up on the building.~

Kasporev: Today, a great man emerges from the darkness of our homeland to join his comrades in the light of God and community. He is a poet, yes -- but also a saint of the dispossessed -- a prophet of the imprisoned -- the broken, the poor left behind. He is the voice for those who cannot speak. Most of all, he is a conscience for those who have none.

~Cut to a someone listening to this on a radio. Fingers raise a bullet up to the light.~

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Micki walking up to join crowd.~

Blair: Hey, will you guys hurry up? I don't want to be late for this.

Jim: When did you get so into Russian poetry?

Blair: Dimitri Gordievsky is more than just a poet. I mean, his gulag diaries are a primary source on neo-tribal adaptation.

Micki: When you meet him, Blair, you'll see -- Dimitri is a very simple man.

Blair: Oh, yeah, sure. Just an everyday Nobel prize winner. What could be simpler than that?

~Cut to person listening to speech. Gun is loaded.~

Kasporev: To mark the opening of Cascade's Russian arts festival, he will read from his works.

~Cut to front of building.~

Kasporev: Welcome him -- Dimitri Gordievsky.

Gordievsky steps up to the podium. Everyone applauds and cheers.

Gordievsky: Thank you, Father, For your kind words. But you embarrass me. I am no saint.

~Cut to person with gun.~

I am just a mirror who reflects the frailties of our imperfect world.

~Cut back to building.~

Gordievsky: But now perhaps there are a few questions?

Reporter: Professor Gordievsky, you supported political reforms in Russia. Now you seem to think the Russian church is the only answer. Why?

Gordievsky: Ten years ago things were so bad even Gorbachev knew we needed democracy. Now they are so bad, any fool knows our only hope is prayer. But the truth is that the same ones who run the gulag, now secretly run the stock exchange. They were thieves then, and they are thieves now. Our Lord died between thieves. Perhaps he can forgive them. I cannot.

~Cut person with gun. Gloves are put on. Gun is ready.~

~Cut back to building.~

Reporter: Will you name names?

Gordievsky: Of course. In America, I name names, yes.

Jim, Blair, and Micki are now at the back of the crowd. Gordievsky sees Micki.

Gordievsky: Wait, wait, wait, wait. There is someone who should be up here with me.

~Cut to gunman. He looks through gunsight and gets Gordievsky in the crosshairs.~

~Cut back to building.~

Gordievsky: She is the real reason I and many other Russian writers come to Cascade. Micki. Come up. Come up.

To the applause of the crowd, Micki starts to move toward the platform area.

~Cut to gunman. Camera angle switches to show barrel of gun pointed out a small cut circle of glass. Gunman fires.~

~Cut to building. Bullet hits Gordievsky in the upper chest. He falls backwards and collapses facedown on the outside entryway of the building. Micki runs up to him, Jim and Blair following her. The crowd is confused. Micki puts a hand under Gordievsky and brings it back out again, covered in blood. The press there starts to flash lots of pictures.

Micki: (screaming) Doctor... Please someone get the doctor! Somebody get a doctor!

Blair: Looks like someone shot him, Jim. I didn't hear anything, did you?

Jim: No, I didn't hear anything.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Day. Simon drops several newspapers on the desk.~

Simon: Cascade just made the front page center of the Times -- that would be the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Times, New York Times. The mayor's real happy with the publicity. Come on, Jim, you mean to tell me you didn't see or hear anything unusual?

Jim: Nothing, sir.

Blair: I don't get it. How many times have you heard a gun being cocked, a trigger being pulled...?

Jim: Look, I don't know what to say. I didn't hear or see anything.

Simon: Look, right now, we have a high-profile murder with no suspects, no clues, or no motives.

Jim: Maybe the motive was political. Gordievsky talked about government corruption. I would think the assassination was to keep him quiet.

Blair: I don't think so. Corruption in Russia is no secret. I mean everybody knows who's involved there.

Simon: Jim, I want you to clear your boards and make this top priority. We need to get our homework done and fast before the feds come in and take over. The way this is drawing ink the feds will be all over this like a cheap suit.

Mulroney (a fed) and a woman come into Simon's office. Blair tries not to smile.

Blair: Nice suit.

Mulroney: Captain Banks?

Simon: (smiling) Agent Mulroney. We were just talking about you.

Mulroney: Detective Ellison. Meet Inspector Major Katrina Vaslova. Moscow Metro Militia. Inspector Vaslova's Russia's official liaison with the Bureau.

Vaslova: It is a pleasure to meet you, Captain. Detective.

Blair: Uh, I'm Sandburg. Blair Sandburg. Nice to meet you. Consultant to the police department. (to Mulroney) Hi.

Simon: I suppose you're here, Mulroney, to tell me the Bureau is going to be taking over jurisdiction in this case?

Mulroney: Well, actually, Captain, the Bureau doesn't want this case. We have every confidence in your department.

Simon: (laughs) That's a good one, Mulroney. What do you want?

Mulroney: We want Inspector Vaslova here to assist you with the investigation.

Simon: Why?

Mulroney: Captain, the victim was a Russian national. Inspector Vaslova could be invaluable to us. Now, given the circumstances we think it would be pretty good politics.

Simon and Jim exchange a look.

Simon: Very well then. Welcome, Inspector Vaslova. Detective Ellison here will fill you in on the details.

Vaslova: Captain, I promise to keep a low profile and not to step do you say...? Your shoes.

Blair: It's toes.

Vaslova: Yes. Toes.

~Cut to Jim and Vaslova at Jim's desk. Jim shows Vaslova a bagged bullet.~

Jim: This is the round that killed Gordievsky. Our ballistics lab has never seen anything like it.

Vaslova: It's a 7.62 dragunov sniper round. Military issue. Our special forces use them.

Jim: Spetsnaz.

Vaslova: Yes. They have appeared in several recent killings in Moscow.

Jim: I'll need to see all those files.

Vaslova: That will be difficult.

Jim: I thought we were cooperating here?

Vaslova: Of course, but, you see the bureaucracy back home is complicated. I will do what I can.

Micki and Father Kasporev enter the bullpen.

Micki: Jim?

Jim: Excuse me. (stands and walks over to her) Micki, I'm sorry I haven't called. I've just been very, very busy.

Micki: It's all right. I understand. You remember Father Kasporev from the rally?

Jim: Hi, Father.

Micki: We must see Dimitri's body. He was a deeply religious man. There are certain rites we must perform.

Jim: I'll see to it that, uh...

Vaslova: (coming over to join them) I am afraid that will not be possible.

Jim: This is not your call, Inspector.

Vaslova: Actually, it is. (shows them a paper) This federal warrant issued by your justice department gives me the authority to take possession of the body as soon as the autopsy is finished.

Micki: I was not aware that the KGB now tells the Cascade police what to do.

Vaslova: I am with the Moscow police. KGB no longer exists.

Micki: How silly of me -- I meant FSB. You see how easy it is to be democratic? All you need is to change your initials.

Micki and Father Kasporev leave.

Jim: I thought we weren't going to step on each other's toes here?

Vaslova: I apologize. It cannot be helped. (walks off)

~Cut to Jim and Blair at crime scene. They watch a man cleaning up the body site, then walk away.~

Blair: You know, Jim, I don't get it. I mean, even with the crowd here, how in the world can a gun go off and you not hear it?

Jim is looking off in the distance.

Blair: What is it?

They walk down the steps of the building and onto the street. Jim points to a piece of cloth tied to a high wire.

Jim: See that? That's a telltale. Sailors use it to tell which direction the wind is blowing.

Blair: Sailors?

Jim: And snipers. His line of fire's this way.

They keep walking, following the trail of telltales.

Blair: Hey, come on, Jim, what's...? I mean, we're half a mile away from city hall. Who in the world can make a shot from that distance?

Jim: Only the best.

Jim uses his vision to look up at the top floor of a building where he can see a small cut circle in a window.

Jim: Top floor, corner window. That's where the shot came from.

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering building for a door that opens immediately to a set of stairs.

Jim: You stay put.

Jim goes up the stairs, gun out. He enters a room and finds the inside walled with mattresses. Blair comes in a few moments later.

Blair: My god. This is like a big padded cell.

Jim: Yeah, or a big silencer.

Jim sees two coins on the cut glass circle. He picks up a coin.

Blair: What's that?

Jim: It's a Russian coin. Some snipers -- usually the good ones -- have a signature. This is Yuri's.

Blair: What, you know this guy?

Jim: Yeah. We tried to kill each other in Peru.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Simon's office. Still day. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Vaslova. They're looking at files.~

Vaslova: Igoravich Goragoff. Code name Yuri. Spetsnaz sniper... Eight years Afghanistan...hero of the Soviet Union. Retired in 1993 with 122 confirmed kills.

Jim: It's 127.

Vaslova: How is it that an American detective has the knowledge of a spetsnaz sniper?

Jim: Our paths have crossed.

Vaslova: Ah, so, you also have a history.

Jim: None to speak of, no.

Vaslova: Those are the most dangerous kinds.

Jim: Snipers usually work in tandem with spotters. Does he have any known associates?

Vaslova: Yuri is unique. He is a master of surveillance -- radio links, data intercepts, night vision. It allows him to work alone. And he's now a free-lance assassin who contracts his services to the highest bidder.

Simon: Any idea who that bidder might be?

Vaslova: A man as outspoken as Gordievsky has more than a few enemies.

Blair: Aw, come on, even I know for a pro like this to be involved, there's more than just a grudge going on here.

Vaslova: Perhaps.

Jim: I'm just wondering if you have any information about this case that you're not sharing with us.

Vaslova: I am cooperating to the best of my ability.

Simon: I'm sure you are, Inspector. Look, why don't you take this photograph and show it around Little Moscow? Perhaps Yuri was interested in a home-cooked meal.

Vaslova: Very good, Captain.

Simon: Sandburg, you remember the neighborhood? Perhaps you could you draw up a list of establishments for the Inspector?

Blair: Right, right, of course. It's a classic American ethnic zone there. It's sort of like a little piece of Russia right here in Cascade. Borscht meets cafe latte.

Blair and Vaslova leave.

Simon: What do you think?

Jim: I don't trust her. Not as far as I could throw you.

Simon: Which ain't too far.

Simon's phone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Mm.

Simon: Yeah? Banks. All right, Doc, great. We're on our way.

~Cut to forensics office. Jim and Simon come in, greeting Dan Wolfe. Vaslova is there as well.~

Jim: Hey, Dan, what do you got?

Dan: Hey. I found these in Gordievsky's intestinal tract during the autopsy. (holds up a small bag of rocks)

Simon: What are you saying? He had rocks in his intestines?

Dan dumps bag on a specimen tray, then picks one up with a pair of tweezers, giving it to Jim.

Dan: I cleaned one up.

Jim: This looks like an uncut diamond.

Dan: Yeah, not your usual airline meal...even in first class.

Dan's phone rings and he steps away to answer it.

Dan: Yeah?

Simon: What are you saying? Gordievsky was a diamond smuggler?

Dan: Okay, good. (hangs up) I got another customer waiting. Excuse me. (leaves)

Simon: Well, I guess the first thing we do is get these things appraised.

Vaslova: If cut correctly, they would be worth about $2 million. Perhaps more.

Simon: You could tell all that just by looking at them? (to Jim) I don't know, Jim, I think somebody knows more about this than they're letting on, don't you?

Jim: Mm-hmm.

Vaslova: For sometime we have known that large diamonds were being smuggled out of our Siberian mines. We traced the pipeline to Cascade.

Simon: And you didn't think it was important to tell us that?!

Vaslova: Until I was sure that Gordievsky and the diamonds were connected, I had orders to be quiet.

Jim: Oh, so much for a level playing field.

Vaslova: We come from very different worlds, Detective. I told you what I could.

Simon: All right, look, the important thing is to find out why Gordievsky was killed. It's time to smoke out his contacts. You know what to do.

Jim: We'll spread the word we're shipping the body back to Moscow. His connection -- whoever it is -- will probably want to make a play for the stones. Let's go.

~Cut to outside of a shipping warehouse. Night. Jim and Blair further up the street in an alleyway in the truck.~

Blair: Jim, you've been putting me off all day, man. You going to tell me about Yuri?

Jim: There's really nothing to tell.

Blair: You went up against him as a ranger. You even knew how many kills he had. Come on, what went on down there in Peru?

Long pause

Jim: The army advisers were training the locals in anti-insurgency techniques. It was starting to work out until the other side sent in Yuri. He killed anyone with the guts to stand up to the rebels...judges, city officials, priests. All very public hits. My unit was sent in to take him out. We never even got close. My best friend down there was this guy named Hector Fernandez. He was a judge. Totally fearless. We all knew he was on Yuri's hit list. He and his wife had just had a baby girl. The baptism seemed like the sort of thing that Yuri wouldn't be able to pass up. We had him tracked into the mountains 100 miles away. Figured...not going to happen at the baptism...but we were wrong. He doubled back, came into town, took Hector out right on the cathedral steps.

Blair: Oh, man. I'm sorry.

Radio goes off.

Man: Zebra six: we have activity in the alley behind the building. There are intruders on the premises.

Jim: Roger that, edgar nine. I have a visual on the suspects.

Two people can be seen breaking into building. Inside, they creep down the hall in the dark, using a flashlight to enter a caged off area. Once in there, they open a casket and peer in side. Suddenly the lights go on. Vaslova jumps out with a gun, aiming it at the two people.

Vaslova: Freeze!

Simon, Mulroney, and other cops appear as well as Vaslova herds them out into the open hallway. Simon walks over closer, then lifts his radio.

Simon: We got 'em, Jim. I think you better get in here.

~Cut to Jim and Blair. They get out of the truck and head toward the warehouse, jogging down the street. Camera angle changes to show Yuri watching them from inside another building.~

~Cut to inside warehouse. Jim and Blair enter and stop next to Simon. Jim and Simon look at each other a moment, then Jim continues on. He reaches the side of one of the thieves -- Micki -- as another officer takes the other one -- Father Kasporev -- away. Jim takes Micki aside.~

Jim: Just tell me why.

Micki: You wouldn't understand.

Jim: I thought I was your friend.

Micki: You are, but you are also a policeman.

Jim walks away. Vaslova comes up to Micki.

Vaslova: Don't worry, you can talk to me. Won't that be nice, huh? Let's go. (takes Micki and walks away)

~Cut to them all leaving warehouse. Above and down the street, Yuri watches them through the site of his rifle. He spots Jim and pulls back a moment.

Yuri: Ellison!

He aims again, getting a lock on Micki. He clicks back the hammer.

Below, Jim hears the click and focuses in to see Yuri in the window of the building. He yells, shoving everyone aside as the shot goes off.

Jim: Get down!

Shot takes out Kasporev instead.

Vaslova: Take cover!

Micki tries to go to Kasporev. An officer holds her back.

Simon: Get her back inside now!

Jim: Shooter's down the alley! Second floor!

Simon: Go!

Jim and Simon tear down alleyway toward building.

Inside building, Yuri sets down the gun and hurriedly sets up an explosive charge. He sets it down, letting it count down from 60 seconds.

Jim and Simon enter building, going up stairs. They reach the second floor landing, but Yuri is nowhere in sight. They hear a beeping noise and Jim follows the sound across the room. Simon stays by the stairs. Jim lifts the cover and sees the red LED display of the charge. He turns back and rushes at Simon.

Jim: Get down!

Jim tackles Simon and they crash on the other side of the raised wall next to the staircase. They wait. Nothing blows up. The beeping stops. They look over the edge of the wall, then stand up and go back over to the charge. Jim takes off the cover to look at it again, at the street of numbers on it. Simon reads them off.

Simon: 0-5-1-7-7... (turns over charge which now reads...) "Ellison."

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Yuri at a computer. He's looking up Jim's house on a street map.~

~Cut to Major Crimes. Day. Interrogation room. Vaslova is questioning Micki. A female officer stands inside as well. Simon is in the next room, watching through the glass.~

Micki: I do not know him. And if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Vaslova: (speaking in Russian) On khotel ubit' tebia.

Micki: He is my enemy. What are you?

Jim and Blair enter the viewing room to join Simon.

Vaslova: You think I am your enemy too? I am a Russian trying to find the murderer of another Russian.

Jim: You letting her interrogate Micki alone?

Simon: She thought she could get more out of her.

Jim: Bad move, man. She's not get a thing.

Vaslova: Your father -- he was political, right?

Micki: My father was in the camps, if that's what you mean. That's where he met Gordievsky.

Vaslova: And where did you meet him?

Micki doesn't answer.

Vaslova: It would be easier to speak Russian, you prefer in English. Why?

Micki: Russian in a police station brings back bad memories.

Vaslova: Do you think that just because you live here and your friend is an American policeman that we cannot touch you or your family? (grabs her by the chin) How is your mother in Smolensk? Or your grandparents in Vilnius? Where will your American friend be when we visit them in the middle of the night?

Micki: Go to hell.

Vaslova hits Micki across the face.

Jim: That's enough. (tears out of the viewing room)

Micki stands and hits Vaslova back. The female officer cuts in and holds them apart. Jim breaks in, shouting.

Jim: (to Vaslova) You! Outside right now!

Vaslova storms out. Jim looks at Micki, then follows Vaslova into the hallway, slamming the door shut behind him. Simon and Blair come around the corner to watch their argument.

Jim: Just what the hell were you doing in there?

Vaslova: This is called an interrogation, Detective.

Jim: I don't know what kind of oppression goes on in the old country, but here, when you hit and threaten a suspect, it blows the case because they'll file charges.

Vaslova: She won't do that.

Jim: Why wouldn't she?

Vaslova: Because she won't give me the satisfaction. To you, she's a hero. She came to this country looking for freedom. Well, let me tell you something, Detective. The heroes are not the ones that run away, but the ones that stay behind.

Simon: All right, you two, knock it off. (to Jim) You go outside. Go on. (to Vaslova) You take a walk.

Everyone goes their separate ways.

~Cut to Jim and Blair leaving the PD building by a side door. They walk down sidewalk.~

Blair: I've been thinking about this Yuri guy.

Jim: Chief, I just need a little time right now, okay?

Blair: Jim, just listen to me. This is important. You've got your incredibly acute distance vision, he's got his scopes. You've got your night vision, he's got his night scopes. You've got your super hearing, he's got his radios and microphones, right?

Jim: What's your point?

Blair: Well, he's a sentinel.

Jim: Oh, is that so?

Blair: Well, sort of, right? He extends his senses through technology, but whereas yours are genetic.

Jim: Yeah -- I use mine to protect and serve people, he uses his to hunt and kill.

Blair: Right, right. Given, my analogy is not perfect, but in all predator combat, even with sentinels there's some ritual display.

Jim: Is this going somewhere?

Blair: Yeah. That's why he didn't explode the bomb, that's why he saved your life, because in some way he recognizes you as an equal and that was his way of showing it.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Yeah?

Yuri: (on the top of a building) I think the thing I miss most about Peru is the food. The trouble with Moscow is you just can't find a good tortilla. (looks through miniature binoculars to see Jim and Blair)

Jim mouths "Yuri" to Blair.

Yuri: It's been a long time, Captain Ellison. I didn't recognize you at first but then, a man in jungle fatigues looks very different from one in a stylish leather coat.

Jim looks down at himself, then turns around, lowering the phone as he zooms in to see Yuri standing on the distant building, watching them.

Jim: Now get back to the station. Tell Banks Yuri is on the roof of the Goldman Building. Now! Move it.

Blair takes off. Jim brings phone back up.

Jim: What do you want, Yuri?

Yuri: This is an interesting moment, don't you think? Here we are, two old adversaries facing off again.

Jim: Is that why you called -- to catch up on old times?

Yuri: I called to tell you to let the girl go. She's going to die anyway. There's no need to hurt innocent people.

Jim: Why do you want to kill her?

Yuri: Ask Vaslova. The death of Micki Kamarev was decided the minute she entered that warehouse. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. The smugglers will be stopped.

Jim: You killed a friend of mine in Peru. It's not going to happen again.

Yuri: I killed many people in Peru. I don't even remember their names.

Jim: It stops here.

Yuri: Then I wish you luck, Captain. But know this: the next time we meet...I will kill you. (hangs up and leaves Jim's sight)

Jim heads back into the PD.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Still day. Simon and Jim.~

Mulroney: We searched the rooftop, Jim. No sign of Yuri.

Jim: Where's Vaslova?

Simon: In the break room with Sandburg.

~Cut to break room. Blair and Vaslova.~

Blair: Moscow must be pretty exciting these days, huh? The divergent cultural pressures, they must be enormous.

Vaslova: "Cultural pressures," Mr. Sandburg? The city is falling apart.

Jim and Simon come in.

Jim: Yuri told me to ask you why Micki is a target. Now, what the hell does that mean? Now, no more lies!

Vaslova looks at both of them, then closes break room door.

Vaslova: The Russian economy, it is crumbling. Diamonds are one of our few stable sources of income. Smuggling threatens that stability. If too many diamonds are sold, the value of our stones goes down. They cannot allow that to happen.

Simon: They? They who? Who are we talking about here? The Russian government?

Vaslova: There is more than one Russian government. There are the leaders everyone sees and then there are the people who are behind them. These people will do whatever it is necessary to protect their interests even if that means hiring assassins.

Blair: So, that's who hired Yuri, this shadow government?

Vaslova: Yes, to stop the smuggling!

Jim: Well, why didn't you tell us this before?

Vaslova: I come from a country of secrecy, Detective. In Russia, we thrive on suspicion. Being open is a sign of weakness. Perhaps there is something I can learn from you.

An intercom buzzes.

Woman: Captain Banks, you have a call on line two.

Simon: Excuse me. (answers phone) Banks here. What? Well, stall her, damn it! (hangs up) Micki Kamarev just made bail.

Jim and Blair leave.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Micki leaving through side door of PD. They walk rapidly down sidewalk.~

Jim: Come on, Micki, this is stupid. The guy that shot you could still be out there.

Micki: I'll take my chances.

Jim: He got Dimitri. He almost got you at the warehouse. I mean, at least at the station, you're safe.

Micki: When I left Russia, I swore I would never be in prison again.

Blair: Oh, good. A lot of good that's gonna do when you're dead.

Micki: Live free or die -- the American way.

Jim: This is suicide. This guy could be out here anywhere.

Two dark vans screech up on either side of them as they cross street.

Jim: Watch out!

Micki: Leave me alone!

Jim goes for his gun as men get out of vans, but one man stops him.

Man: No sudden moves! (takes Jim's gun)

Jim: What the hell's going on here? Who are you people?

Jim and Blair are pulled into one van. Micki is put in the other. Then each takes off in the opposite direction.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Two black vans pull up and stop outside a cabin in a wooded area. Still day. Everyone gets out. One of the men gives Jim's gun back to him. Jim sees Mulroney who is walking toward them and goes up to him.~

Jim: What the hell's going on here, Mulroney?

Mulroney: Sorry about the dramatics, Ellison. We weren't able to inform you of the operation.

Jim: And what operation would that be?

Mulroney: Well, as soon as we learned Ms. Kamarev had been released on bail, we decided to move her to a protected location. For her own safety.

Sandburg: Where are we?

Mulroney: Delta station. It's a safe house.

Micki: You had no right to bring me here.

Mulroney: Well, actually, we do, Miss Kamerev. Your green card has been temporarily revoked and we're taking you into custody pending the outcome of your immigration status.

Jim: Who you trying to kid here, Mulroney? I know what's going on here. The agency wants Yuri and they're going to use Miss Kamarev here as bait. Hell, they probably even put up her bail.

Vaslova comes out of cabin and comes over to join them.

Vaslova: You are right.

Micki: What's she doing here?

Mulroney: Inspector Vaslova is here as a consultant. This is now a joint FBI-CIA op. The agency has wanted a crack at Yuri for a long time. This is their chance.

Jim: And how do I figure into this?

Mulroney: Well, given your history with Yuri, we felt that your continued involvement might prove useful.

Jim: What makes you think I want to stay?

Mulroney: Because you want to protect Miss Kamarev and you want Yuri just as badly as we do.

~Cut to them entering cabin. Man is explaining to them the electronics.~

Man: Ground effect radar, random motion sensors, infrared scanners, and audio detectors inside and outside the house. (points to a monitor display) This is a geostationary platform with on-line, on-command image control. Gives us an infrared image of the house and surrounding area. That's us right there. If Yuri shows up within 2,000 yards, this'll pick him up.

Blair: Oh, very cool.

Jim goes over to look through window, sees van leaving.

Jim: Mulroney's pulling out? How many men is he leaving here?

Man: Agent Walker and myself.

Jim: I suggest you get a lot more up here.

Man: The idea is to draw him out. If we put a circus out there, he won't show. Besides, we've got a million dollars of state-of-the-art equipment there. There's no way he can get past all that.

Jim: He's done it before. Trust me.

Man: We can have people here within ten minutes on the scene.

Jim: In five minutes, Yuri could turn this place into a graveyard.

~Cut to outside where Yuri is watching and listening to the cabin. He has camou paint and clothes on. And he is under some sort of blanket cover.~

~Cut to outside cabin a bit later. One fed goes inside. Jim comes around the cabin from the other side, taking a look around.~

~Cut to inside cabin. Fed and Vaslova are watching monitor display.~

~Cut to Yuri. He pulls out a device, dials it, and a picture of that same monitor display shows up on his laptop.~

~Cut back inside cabin. Blair and Micki are in kitchen area.~

Micki: Where's Jim?

Blair: Uh, he's still checking out the perimeter.

Micki: Is he still...angry with me?

Blair: Yeah.

Micki: There's something he must know...about the diamonds. They were not for me. They were for the future, for Russia. The Mirny diamond mines are the last of the KGB empire. They were dug by zeks -- prisoners like my father, like Gordievsky.

Blair: That's where your father died.

Vaslova stands by the doorway, listening.

Micki: Those who killed him still run the mines, only now the money doesn't go to the state. It goes straight into their pockets. So we decided to use their own diamonds to help build a new Russia. Gordievsky knew people in the mines. I knew people in the west.

Blair: Father Kasporev uses the church to filter the cash back home.

Micki: Yes.

Vaslova: We dream of the same thing. (comes in) A free Russia -- only our methods are different.

Jim comes inside.

Blair: Hey, Jim. Anything going on outside?

Jim: No, not yet, but he's out there. I can feel him.

~Cut to Yuri. He gets out from under cover and stands up. He pushes a button on his watch.~

~Cut to inside. A blip shows up on the monitor.~

Man: Code red! We've got something in the woods. Looks like an intruder.

Everyone comes over to stand by monitor. Blip vanishes as Yuri ducks back under cover.

Man: Damn it! It's gone.

~Cut to Yuri. He looks at the placement of the blips on the monitor, then aims his gun at the window of the cabin. He fires.~

~Cut inside. One fed goes down.

Jim: Everybody get down!

Everyone starts to drop to floor. Another shot goes off, taking out other fed.

Jim: Stay low! (starts to crawl toward the back of the cabin)

Outside, Yuri sees this and fires into Jim's path, making him backtrack.

Vaslova: The windows are covered. How can he see us?

Jim: (looks at monitor display) Son of a... Sandburg, gve me the walkie! Right above you.

Jim: (into walkie) Mulroney. We're under attack. Yuri's tapped into the security system.

Mulroney: (in the van) That's impossible.

Jim: Your two men have been hit. He's using your satellite to target our heat signatures. Now shut it off before somebody else gets killed!

Mulroney: All right, all right, I'll shut it down. I'll call you back. (clicks off)

More bullets go off.

Vaslova: I don't understand. The satellite picked him up only for a moment, then he disappeared.

Jim: He was probably covering up his body heat, a thermal blanket or something. He popped out long enough to get our attention.

Vaslova: Why would he do that?

Jim: To get us all in the same room so he could pick us off one by one.

~Cut to Yuri. Monitors go off. Yuri pauses only a moment, then reloads his rifle. He fires again.~

~Cut to inside as bullet goes over them.~

Jim: Everybody fall back! Get behind the couch! Stay low! Sandburg, stay low!

They all move behind the couch. Jim crawls over next to Blair. Another bullet crashes through the cabin. Mulroney calls up.

Mulroney: Ellison?

Jim: Mulroney.

Mulroney: All right, we turned it off. How bad is your situation?

Jim: He's using explosive rounds. He's firing blind. Now send backup.

Mulroney: We've got a team on their way. It's five minutes away.

~Cut to a white van heading toward a bridge. Van blows up.~

~Cut to cabin. They heard explosion.~

Blair: What was that?

Jim: Did you hear that, Mulroney? That's a land mine. Your men are going down. Now I suggest you send in the air support.

Mulroney: We can't do it.

Another bullet goes across the room.

Jim: (shouting into walkie) I'm telling you I need my people out of here now!

Mulroney: And I'm telling you, Ellison, we can't risk the men. He could blow my guys out of the sky. Sit tight, and we'll contain the perimeter. This is gonna be our last call. He's probably listening in. Over and out. (clicks off)

Jim: (shouting) Mulro... Mulroney! (throws walkie aside) We're on our own now.

Another bullet goes across the room. Jim looks around a moment.

Jim: All right. (points to Vaslova) You're in charge here. I want you to listen to anything she says, you do it, okay? You stay with Micki. I'm going after him. (moves past Blair a little as another bullet goes by)

Blair: You sure about this?

Jim: He's lost his sight. I got the advantage now.

~Cut to Yuri watching cabin outside, still listening to them inside..~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Outside cabin. Still day. Jim creeping around with his gun out. He finds the spot where Yuri used to be. He's not there now. He keeps going, heading deeper into the woods. Elsewhere, Yuri is creeping around in the woods as well.~

~Cut to inside cabin.~

Micki: It's been a long time. What's happened to Jim?

Blair: He'll be back.

Vaslova: If he was coming back, he would be here.

Micki: You're wrong. You don't know Jim. He saved my life before; he'll do it again.

Vaslova: If he is dead, Yuri's coming for us. We cannot wait for that.

Blair: I think we should stay here. That's what Jim told us to do.

Vaslova: I'm going outside to have a look around

Blair: You know, I really think that's a bad idea.

Vaslova: (checks her gun) I don't.

~Cut to Vaslova exiting cabin. Yuri targets her. Jim comes up and sees the barrel of Yuri's gun. He aims toward it, then sees Vaslova.~

Jim: Look out!

Yuri looks at Jim, then back at Vaslova. He fires, hitting Vaslova on the shoulder. Jim fires at Yuri, but misses. Yuri starts shooting at Jim. Jim rolls down a hill, losing his gun. Vaslova crawls back inside cabin.

Vaslova: Get out! He's coming!

Blair: What are you talking about? We can't do that.

Vaslova: Go! I can protect myself.

Blair: All right, come on, come on. Stay low, stay low.

Blair and Micki take off, leaving the cabin by the rear doors.

Blair: Look out. Come on. Uh... this way. Come on!

They disappear into the woods.

~Cut to inside cabin. Yuri comes in and stares down at Vaslova. He takes her gun and empties the clip. He nudges her head to one side with the barrel of his rifle. She opens her eyes to look at him.~

Yuri: (in Russian) Why should I kill you? I only want the girl. Live with your failure. (leaves cabin out the back)

~Cut to Blair and Micki tearing through woods. Yuri is chasing after them.~

Blair: Come on. Come on. This way, this way. Come on, come on. Look out.

They meet up with Jim.

Blair: Okay, Jim, what's up?

Jim: Get behind that stump. I need to know where you are. I'll distract Yuri.

Blair: All right. Come on. Come on.

Blair and Micki hide behind the stump. Jim takes off, calling out.

Jim: Hey! This way! Sandburg, Micki, come on.

Yuri follows the echo of Jim's voice through the woods.

Jim: Come on, you two. We got to keep it moving. Let's go!

The chase leads up to the dam. Jim runs out of the woods and stops for a moment, then walks closer to the edge of the dam.

A bit later, Yuri comes out of the woods as well. He looks around, but doesn't see anyone. He walks across the ground, heading toward a small, wall-less lookout building set above the ground. He looks underneath, but doesn't see anyone. He goes up the short steps to the inside. Jim swings down from behind the hidden area of the ceiling and attacks Yuri. They struggle and exchange punches for awhile. Yuri starts to attack Jim again; Jim grabs his arm and swings him toward the railing. Yuri goes through the railing. Jim keeps a hold of his arm as he hangs over the edge, dangling above the high drop-off to the water far, far below.

Yuri: Why do you save me?!

Jim: 'Cause you're going to stand trial!

Yuri: (laughs) Your country will trade me for the next kidnapped American. How will you feel to see me go free?

Jim starts to pull him up. There's a gunshot. Yuri jerks, then he looks up at Jim and smiles. His hand jerks from Jim's grasp and he falls, screaming all the way. He hits the concrete of the dam where the water flows over it. Jim looks up to see Mulroney and other feds standing on top of the dam.

~Cut back to outside cabin. Night has fallen. Feds, police, and an ambulance are now there. Jim storms up to Mulroney and grabs him by the lapels..~

Jim: Why did you have him taken out, Mulroney?

Mulroney: For god's sake, your life was in danger.

Another fed shoves Jim back.

Jim: I was trying to keep him alive, so he can stand trial! We could tear the lid off this conspiracy. But that's not what you want, is it? Who gave the order? The agency?

Mulroney: It's over, Ellison. You survived. Now let it go. (walks off)

Jim: You idiot.

Vaslova is wheeled out on a gurney. Micki walks beside it. Blair joins Jim.

Micki: I was wrong about you.

Vaslova: The world is changing. Perhaps we were both wrong. (turns to look at Jim) If you ever get to Moscow...

Jim: It's not very likely.

Vaslova: You never know. You might go there on a case someday. I know many good restaurants. There is one I like especially -- Burger King. (is wheeled away)

Micki: I seem to owe you my life...again.

Blair: Well, uh, that's our job.

Micki: About the diamonds...

Blair: I already told him.

Jim: I'm sorry about your father.

Micki: I shouldn't have lied to you. It was no way to treat angels.

Fed takes Micki off. Simon is there, lighting up a cigar. He walks over to join Jim and Blair.

Blair: You think she'll go to jail?

Simon: I doubt it. The powers that be want this whole thing swept under the rug. FBI won't prosecute and I have no problem with that.

Jim: What about Yuri?

Simon: So far, no sign of the body. He couldn't survive the shot and the fall.

Jim: You sure?

Last shot of the dam waterfall.

~ The End ~