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Dead Certain

Written by: Gail Morgan Hickman
Directed by: Bruce Bilson
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Lisa Akey (Cassie Welles), Richard Sali (Steven Morrow), Nancy Hower (Sheriff Kelli McNeil), Robert Lewis (Dietz), Dave "Squatch" Ward (Bob Leland), Ben Cardinal (Dan Black Wolf), Henri Brown (Detective Brown), Matt Hill (Deputy Tolliver), Sean Day Michael (Deputy Nichols), Kit Mallet (Balducci), Sheelah Megill (Woman).

Uncredited: Maureen Caine (Nurse Sandra).

Summary: While investigating the bizarre death of an unidentified man, Jim faces a new challenge --- the arrival of a female forensics officer determined to work on the case. The unusual murder case leads to a corrupt plastic surgeon who gives wanted criminals new identities. (Source: Stefan's Sentinel Episode Guide)

Trivia: Maureen Caine was Garett's stand-in during lighting set-ups and such.

This episode was originally broadcast on November 26, 1997.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. A woman walks out to her van and gets inside. As she gets ready to start her car, something lands on the top of her car and rolls off -- it's a body. She rolls down her window, looks outside, and screams.~

~Cut to a bit later. Police crews have arrived. Brown is leading Jim and Blair over to the body.~

Brown: Right over here. And I hope Sandburg didn't just eat.

Jim: Well, he knows the drill, H.

Brown: Sharon, would you please...? (motions to another officer)

Sharon: Sure. (pulls back the tarp covering the body)

Blair takes a look, then blows out his breath as he looks away.

Jim: Just breathe deep. Breathe slow. You'll get used to it.

Blair walks off.

Brown: Now this woman was on her way home from work when out of nowhere this guy drops onto the roof of her car from this bridge up above.

Jim: That's quite a surprise. Anybody see him jump.

A woman walks over and start talking before Brown can. As she talks, Jim and Brown look at her, then at each, then at her again.

Cassie: Nobody saw anything. It was closed for roadwork. I just talked to the bridge supervisor. The road crew was down at the south end of the span when he jumped. Cassie Welles, new chief of forensics.

Jim: Oh, I got a memo.

Cassie: Yeah, today's my first day....with the Cascade PD, not the first day in forensics. I used to work with the San Francisco police.

Jim: I'm Detective Ellison. This is Detective Brown. Nice to meet you. (to Brown) We got an ID on the victim?

Cassie: None that I could find. His pockets were empty.

Jim: You went through the victim's pockets before the detective on the scene?

Cassie: I was here first.

Jim and Brown look at each other. Brown is shaking his head.

Cassie: What? What is there a problem?

Jim and Brown crouch down to look at the body.

Jim: Well, in the future, I'd appreciate if you waited for one of us to get here before you touch anything. This looks like some...

Cassie: (joins them in crouching) ...Mud, mixed in with some kind of fiber. Carpet maybe. I already took the scrapings. So, what do you guys think? Accident, suicide or murder?

Jim: Why don't you tell us your theory? I'm assuming you have one.

All stand up.

Cassie: I do. The fence on the bridge -- too high to accidentally fall over. As for suicide, we haven't been able to find a car parked nearby, so it looks like he didn't drive here. The carpet fibers on his shoes indicate he didn't walk here on his own. Besides it's pretty chilly out and all he's got on is a t-shirt. All things considered, I think somebody took him up on that bridge and threw him off.

Jim: You've all the pieces of the puzzle right in line, don't you? There's just one thing.

Cassie: What's that?

Jim: The bridge was closed, so there's nowhere to park in the north end. And what your theory is suggesting is the killer parked on the south end and carried the body past the work crew without anybody noticing.

Blair joins them.

Blair: Well, maybe the crew was on a break or something.

Cassie: Good point. And you are...?

Blair: Blair Sandburg. How you doing?

Jim: Okay, let's go with the "work crew on the break" theory, shall we? So the killer carries the victim who's got to weigh 200 pounds give or take, up to the bridge to throw him over to meet his death. Why?

Cassie: Why what?

Jim: Why go through that trouble? I mean, if you're going to kill somebody, there's got to be an easier way, wouldn't you think?

Cassie: What are you saying, it's not murder?

Jim: I'm just saying your theory has all the pieces, but it doesn't make sense. Let's take a look at the bridge.

Jim, Blair, and Brown head over to look closer at the bridge.

Jim: (to Blair) The workmen were on a break, huh? How could she resist that?

~Pan to two men in car watching the proceedings. One of them dials up on a cellphone and starts talking.~

Man: We found him. But so did the cops.

They take off.

~Cut to next morning. Jim and Blair enter ME's office.~

Jim: Hi, folks. Dan!

Dan: (calling from inside another room) In here!

Jim and Blair go into the autopsy room. Cassie is there watching Dan as he autopsies.

Cassie: Hi, guys. Thought I'd sit in on the autopsy.

Dan: Hey, Jim, Blair. Haven't seen you down here since that autopsy last year -- the one where you passed out.

Blair: Well, uh... I was new back then. I'm thinking that maybe I can handle it now.

Jim: What are we looking at, Dan?

Dan: What we've got is one seriously traumatized corpse. Your report says he fell from the Cascade Narrows Bridge onto a parked car.

Jim: That's right.

Dan: In my estimation that wouldn't account for the massive physical damage he suffered.

Cassie: Maybe he was beaten before he fell.

Dan: It's possible, but it'd have to be one hell of a beating. We're talking every major bone broken, every major organ shattered, arteries and blood vessels burst. Take a look. (shows them a piece of...something from inside the body)

Blair: Oh, that's...that's beautiful. (leaves room)

Dan: See what I mean? Good thing we were able to get fingerprints. Even his own mother wouldn't be able to ID him.

~Cut to Jim and Cassie in the hallway as they exit ME's office.~

Jim: Do you always come to the autopsies?

Cassie: Oh, well, depends on the case. I find this one particularly interesting, don't you?

Jim: You know, Welles...

Cassie: Cassie. Welles is too formal. I hate formality.

Jim: Okay, Cassie...

Cassie: Do you mind if I call you Jim?

Jim: No, not at all.

Cassie: Do I make you nervous, Jim? Because I'm definitely getting the feeling I'm making you nervous.

Jim: Cassie, I'm sure you're good at your job...

Cassie: You know, I'm glad you say that because you are really good at your job, too. I know we're going to do some great work together.

Jim turns away, heading for the elevator, but Cassie keeps talking. He pushes the button for the elevator.

Cassie: Anyway, about our John Doe -- I was thinking maybe we should check out the tourist information because this guy's shoes were made in Milan and his belt had one of those little Paris labels on it.

Jim: You know, I really enjoy your enthusiasm. I want you to know that.

Cassie: Uh-huh. But...?

Jim: But you're not a detective.

Cassie: And you feel like I'm stepping on your toes here, right?

Jim: A little, yeah.

Cassie: You know, it's funny, 'cause I thought this job was about solving crimes, but it's really about ego and turf.

Jim: Egos? That's not it at all.

Cassie: Did it ever occur to you that I might have something valuable to offer here. You know, you don't have to carry a gun and a badge to solve a crime.

Jim: All I'm trying to say is...

Cassie: I know what you're trying to say. I had hoped things would be different here in Cascade.

Elevator dings its arrival.

Cassie: I'll take the stairs. (walks off)

Jim: Whew, man! (gets in elevator, passing to other officer exiting) Watch out for the she-devil around the corner.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Simon, Jim, and Blair.~

Simon: All right, all right, so she's a little eager.

Jim: Try pushy.

Simon: Look, why don't you give her a break. She's been here less than 48 hours. From what I understand, she's very good at her job.

Jim: I wish she would do her job, instead of trying to do my job.

Blair: She's all right. She's smart, she's aggressive, she knows what she wants. Personally, I kind of like her.

Jim: Okay, D'artagnan, back off on this one. You've already dated half the eligible women in the department. Leave her alone.

Simon: Why don't you give her a break. You know how it is first week...

There's a knock on the door and Cassie enters a moment later.

Cassie: Captain Banks, excuse me for interrupting. I think there's something you and Detective Ellison should see. (goes over to the table)

Jim is smirking a little at Simon.

Simon: Come on in.

Blair closes the door as Cassie sets up a laptop on the table.

Cassie: Uh, Dr. Wolfe said that the physical damage to our John Doe was so intense that a physical identification would be difficult. I've got this new computer program I've been beta testing. It's designed exactly for this kind of situation. Here's what it does: It builds a three-dimensional re-creation of the victim's face based on data extrapolated from measurements of the skull. So you add in known hair color, skin type, et cetera.

A face is forming on the laptop screen.

Blair: You know, I've seen computer modeling used to reconstruct early hominids based on skull fragments, but man, never with this level of sophistication. That's incredible.

Cassie: Yeah, it's pretty cool, isn't it. Obviously, there's room for error here, but I think this is a pretty good facsimile of what our John Doe looked like before he died.

Simon: Well, I'd say that was a pretty impressive piece of police work. Wouldn't you, Jim? I'd also think that you'd want to get a copy of that picture over to the medical examiner as soon as possible.

~Cut to Jim and Blair entering ME's office. It's empty inside.~

Jim: Dan? Hello? Anybody here?

Blair: Maybe they're out to lunch. Why don't we just leave the reconstruction on the table?

Jim puts the reconstruction picture on the table, then he pauses.

Jim: I hear breathing.

They go into the autopsy room.

Jim: Dan?

A muffled voice can be heard. Jim heads over to the wall of freezers, then pulls one open and brings out the slab. Dan is on it, mouth taped shut.

Jim: Aw, man. (rips off tape)

Blair: Man, what happened?

Dan: Two guys...they took the body.

Jim: What body?

Dan: John Doe. And they grabbed all the files including the fingerprints. They just ran out.

Jim: All right, we'll send somebody back for you.

Jim and Blair hurry away.

~Cut to Jim and Blair exiting a side door of the precinct. They run down the alleyway. Jim has his gun out. They come around the corner to see two men running away from a station wagon in which they'd just put the body.~

Jim: Police! Freeze!

The two men stop and turn around. One of them holds up a small device. He pushes a button. Jim sees him do it and shoves back against Blair, pushing them both back around the corner as the station wagon explodes. The two men run off before Jim comes back around corner again.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes bullpen. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Jim: .... Unfortunately, so were the ME's files.

Simon: So all the fingerprints are gone.

Blair: Yeah, Wolfe didn't even nave a chance to send them off to the FBI.

Simon: What about the vehicle?

Jim: Stolen from an impound yard early this morning.

Simon: Somebody's going to an awful lot of trouble to keep us from finding out who our John Doe really is.

They enter Simon's office.

Blair: Well, maybe they're scared if we find out who he is we'll find out who they are.

Simon: You know, there are times when the kid actually sounds like a cop. Look, we're at a dead end here, Jim. You know what that means.

Jim: Back to the beginning, sir, yes.

Simon: Watch yourselves out there. Whoever these guys are, they've already killed one person. I don't think they'd mind killing a cop. Or an anthropologist.

They leave.

~Cut to Jim and Blair pulling up in the truck under the bridge where the body fell. Still day. They get out to take a look around.~

Jim: See, the problem with the crime scene is you got cops, bystanders, reporters, what-have-you who come back during the day when there's nobody around. Looks a whole lot different, wouldn't you say?

Blair: Looks the same to me, man.

Jim: What about the bridge?

Blair: (chuckling) It pretty much looks the same, too.

Jim: You're looking, but you're not seeing, Chief. Let's suppose our killer takes John Doe onto the bridge. He knocks him out and tosses him over the side. He hurtles 100 feet through the air and lands right here on top of the car and you don't have a problem with that?

Blair: Wow, that guy'd have to be pretty strong or have a catapult to get him over those wires, huh?

Jim: Exactly. (sees something far in the distance on a tree)

Blair: What is it?

Jim: I'm not sure. Come on.

~Cut to further down the road. Blair is up in the tree. Jim is on the ground. Blair gets the item out of tree branches.~

Blair:'s a man's suit coat. Looks like it matches our John Doe's pants. (tosses it to Jim, then climbs down)

Jim goes through the coat pockets, finding money in a clip.

Jim: Swiss Francs.

Blair comes up to stand next to him.

Jim: You all right?

Blair: Yeah, yeah.

Jim: (finds a passport) A European passport. Jean Duval from Marseilles, France. I'd say this is our John Doe.

Blair: What's it doing a quarter mile away from where he fell?

Jim looks up in the sky.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Simon.~

Simon: Fell out of an airplane?

Jim: When I was in the military, Captain, we were doing parachute training and this poor kid's chute didn't open one time. His body was so badly mangled they wouldn't let us look at him. Broke every bone in his body.

Blair: Which would explain why the body missed the telephone wires and why the jacket was so far away -- I mean, the wind speed could account for that, just torn it right off -- and also why the body was so physically traumatized.

Jim: We checked with the airport. There were no scheduled flights at the time of the incident over the crime scene.

Blair: Which means it was an illegal flight and probably below radar.

Simon: What do we know about Jean Duval?

Jim: Well, US immigration has no record of issuing him a visa. I have a phone call into the police at Marseilles.

Simon: Here's another interesting piece to our puzzle. Just before you came in I had a visit from your new favorite forensics chief.

Jim: Ms. Welles.

Simon: She ran an analysis on that soil sample found on the bottom of Duval's shoe. Appears it had high traces of iron and copper -- definitely not from around Cascade.

Jim: Where would it be from, sir?

Simon: According to her report, the only place that fits the profile is an area east of Lake Quincy -- the Watumsa Basin.

Blair: Wa-toom-sa. Watumsa Basin, sir. Yeah, I did research on the Watumsa Indians a couple years back. There's not much out there. I mean, there's some farmland and a couple of abandoned copper mines, but that's about it.

Simon: The breadth of your knowledge never ceases to amaze me.

Blair: Yeah, well... (chuckles, then stops) Oh, wait a minute, you know what? I'm wrong. There is a town out there. A really small one. Out there in the middle of nowhere. Uh...pine something. Pine tree, pine sol... I don't know. Something.

Simon: Pinecrest?

Blair: Yeah. That's it.

Jim: Pinecrest. So, a Frenchman falls out of a plane over Cascade with dirt on his shoes from a place 200 miles away. Time for a road trip, Chief. Thank you, sir.

~Cut to Jim and Blair driving into Pinecrest. Still day. They pull up to the Sheriff's office and get out.~

Blair: Place hasn't changed much.

Jim: Yeah, places like this usually don't.

Blair: Small towns like this are really just modern-day variations of tribal organizations -- like the mayor's the chief, the doctor's the medicine man, the police are the lawgivers and the warriors.

They stop at the door to the building.

Blair: Oh, god, I remember the last time I was here, there was this sheriff with his gut hanging out over his belt -- an old geezer, looked like an extra from Deliverance.

They go inside.

~Cut to inside where a woman comes out to greet them.~

McNeil: I'm Sheriff McNeil. How can I help you?

Jim looks at Blair, who ducks his head, trying to hide a grin and a laugh.

Jim: Um, I'm Detective Ellison with the Cascade police department. This is Blair Sandburg.

McNeil: Cascade PD. We sure must be on your popularity list today.

Cassie comes out of the back of the office.

Cassie: Hi there. I was just telling Captain McNeil about our John Doe case. (hands McNeil the paper with the face on it)

McNeil: Got to say he doesn't look familiar.

Jim: Well, what Ms. Welles isn't aware is that we've already made a tentative identification. (hands McNeil another piece of paper)

Cassie: You have?

Jim: Yes. His name is Duval. He's a French national. I don't suppose you have any idea why or if he'd been in the area recently.

McNeil: No, I sure don't. But if I could keep this, I'd be glad to ask around.

Jim: I hope you don't mind if we do some checking around ourselves.

McNeil: Not at all, though, frankly I think you're wasting your time. Truth is, nothing much ever happens here in Pinecrest.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Cassie exiting building.~

Cassie: I was just assisting on the identification of a corpse. What's wrong with that?

Jim: Since when does a forensics chief drive 200 miles to confer with local law enforcement?

Cassie: I thought you might be too busy to come out here. I was trying to save you some time.

Jim: Well, why didn't you tell me?

Cassie: Because I thought you might say no.

Jim: Yeah, I probably would've.

Cassie: I'm sorry. (walks off)

Blair: (laughs a little) Wow, come on, Jim. She was just trying to help us out, man.

Jim: All right. I'll talk to her. (walks off after Cassie as she reaches her van) You know, this isn't some competition to see who could solve the case first. You're not a detective.

Cassie: (beginning to wheeze) I know I'm not. You don't have to keep saying that.

Jim: Why don't you go to the Academy like everybody else. Make it easy on yourself.

Cassie: I can't. I tried. (turns away to use an inhaler)

Jim: Hey, are you all right?

Cassie: I have asthma. They won't let me into the Academy.

Jim: I'm sorry. You know, I just...

Jim sees one of the men from the car explosion scene walking down the street toward them. The man sees him and turns around to leave. Jim chases after him.

Jim: Hey! Hold it! Hey, stop! Police!

Man bumps into something and falls. Jim is there, with his gun, pointing it at the man.

Jim: All right. Get up! On your feet!

The man gets up, but brings up a shovel as well, using it to knock Jim's gun away. They start to struggle. People gather to watch. More struggling, arguing over the shovel, falling onto a car, exchanging a few blows. A local cop holds people back as

Cop: Stay back.

Man gets a hold of Jim's gun. Jim rushes him and forces him through a pane glass window. They struggle for the gun a few moments, then the man slumps over Jim. Jim looks down at the man's back to a see a small trowel sticking out of it. Sheriff McNeil, a deputy, and Cassie come rushing over.

Bystander: What's going on?

Jim: Nothing ever happens in Pinecrest, huh?

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~McNeil's office. Jim, Blair, Cassie, and McNeil. Jim's cuts on his face getting fixed up.~

McNeil: ...Baldacci. Only been in town a few weeks. I've seen him around. Never talked to him, though. Let me take a look at this. (pats at a cut on Jim's forehead)

Jim: What did you do with the body?

McNeil: Oh, county coroner's way over in Lake Quincy, so we took it over to our local clinic. Mm...

Jim: Thanks. I appreciate that, but I'd like to examine the body if I may.

McNeil: Well, I'm sure Doc Morrow wouldn't mind if we dropped by.

Blair: Uh... I'm going to wait right here.

Jim: Suit yourself. Let's go, Welles.

They head out.

~Cut to clinic. Dr. Morrow is in his office. There's a knock on his door.~

Morrow: Come in.

His nurse (Sandra) opens the door to show in Jim, Cassie, and McNeil.

Sandra: Steven, these are the detectives from Cascade.

Morrow: Steven Morrow. Good to meet you both. Sandra, would you mind telling Mr. Eccles I'll be with him in about ten minutes?

Sandra: Yes, doctor. (leaves)

Morrow:'re the big city detectives.

Jim: I'm Detective Ellison...

Cassie: I...

Jim: And this is Miss Welles.

Morrow: Whole town's talking about you. Hasn't been this much excitement around here since Bob Haskell said that aliens abducted his cow.

McNeil: Everybody knows Bob Haskell drinks too much of his own home brew.

Morrow: Oh, maybe, but they never did find that cow, did they? Body's in the back where I keep my medical supplies.

~Cut to them entering the back room where the body is laid out on a table.~

Morrow: I turned the air conditioning on full blast to keep the body from decomposing.

Cassie: Sure is plenty cold in here.

Morrow: Anything I can get you?

Jim: No. I think we have everything we need. Thank you. (putting on gloves)

Cassie: We'll take some pictures first. (starts taking pictures with a digital camera)

McNeil: What kind of camera is that?

Cassie: Oh, it's camera. Doesn't use any film.

McNeil: What will they think of next? Guns without bullets?

Jim: (examining hands) We can forget about fingerprints. They've been surgically removed.

Cassie: Hmm. Hmm... yep, you're right.

Jim: (looking at face) That's not the only surgery he's had. You see these scars around his...his eyes and his ears here? There's some up by the hairline, too.

Cassie: Hmm. Facelift, right?

Jim: I'd say more like complete reconstructive surgery. This chin -- this is an implant. His jawline's been reconstructed. My guess is that's not the original nose. What do you say, Doctor?

Morrow: Well, I'm no plastic surgeon, but, my professional opinion I'd have to agree. This man's had a lot of facial work done.

Cassie: Well, now if he went to all the trouble to change his looks it's a pretty good bet that the, uh, ID is fake, too.

Jim: (feeling arm) He's had some kind of surgical procedure on his forearm as well.

Cassie: What is it?

Jim: (using sense of touch) Uh, feels like a tattoo that's been removed. Of a... upside down cross and a star.

Cassie: (feeling arm) I can feel something but how can you possibly make out what that is?

Jim: Well, whoever it is, we know he's done a little time. This is a prison gang tattoo.

Morrow whistles.

~Cut to outside clinic. Jim, Cassie, McNeil, and Morrow.~

McNeil: Thanks, Steven.

Jim: Yeah, thanks, Doc. Appreciate your time.

Cassie: Thanks a lot.

Morrow: I'm glad I could help.

The three of them leave while Morrow heads back inside.

~Cut to Morrow's office. He enters to find another man waiting for him.~

Man: How much do they know?

Morrow: A hell of a lot more than they should.

Man: What do you want to do? We got a client coming in.

Morrow: It's too late to cancel now. Afterward, we just lay low and hope it all blows over.

Man: What if they get too close?

Morrow: Then we handle it. That's what I pay you for, isn't it?

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Cassie going up to Cassie's van. Still day.~

Blair: Is this yours?

Cassie: (opening up the side door) Yep. I, uh, took out the old engine, put in one from an old Porsche that I rebuilt myself.

Blair: Oh, very impressive.

Cassie: (gets inside) Look what I've got in here. Spectrographic analyzer, full lab capabilities. I've even got one of those little portable x-ray machines. I've got more stuff in here than the department's forensic van has. Some of it I built myself, some of I'm testing for some manufacturers, but...

Jim's cellphone rings and he steps away to answer it.

Jim: Excuse me. (into phone) Yeah. Ellison.

Simon: (in his office) Jim, I just got a call from Interpol. Our dead man, Jean Duval. He was one of theirs.

Jim: Duval worked for Interpol?

Simon: Well, he disappeared two weeks ago in Switzerland while on a case. You ever hear of Luc Resnais?

Jim: The terrorist involved in that Paris bombing last year.

Simon: Yeah, Duval had been trailing him for months. Last week, he followed a lead to Geneva and then he vanished.

Jim: So, how did he end up in Cascade?

Simon: Well, I think you'd better find out.

Jim hangs up. Inside the van, a picture is coming up on a computer monitor.

Blair: Hey, Jim, you should come here and take a look at this.

Jim goes back over to the van.

Cassie: I took the photo of Baldacci and programmed in the adjustments for the surgery to his nose and his jawline. What do you think?

New picture forms to replace Baldacci's photo.

Blair: Wow.

Cassie: You know what? If you're right about that tattoo, I could modem his picture up to some of the prisons in the northwest. Somebody might recognize him.

Jim: That's a good idea. That's nice work.

Cassie: Does that mean I can stay?

Jim looks away.

Cassie: Aw, come on. Just give me a chance. You guys need me on this case. Just give me chance, okay? If I get in the way, you can send me home.

Jim: All right. It's a deal.

An airplane passes overhead and Jim looks up. He stops a woman passing by them.

Jim: Excuse me. The only airport around here is way over in Lake Quincy, right?

Woman: Except for Bob Leland's.

Jim: Bob Leland's?

Woman: He runs a crop dusting service. He's got this little airfield north of town. Well, it's just a dirt strip, really.

~Cut to Jim and Blair pulling up to the crop dusting service. A prop plane is parked outside a large barn-like building. They get out of the truck and pass by the plane as they walk to the building.~

Blair: Wow, look at that. Planes like this, man -- beautiful. That's when flying was flying, you know? Wind in your hair, heart in your throat...

Jim: Bugs in your teeth.

Blair: Yeah, I suppose. (chuckles)

Jim: Hello? Hello?

They go up to building and try to look through windows, which are blacked out.

Blair: The windows are blacked out. That's weird. That's pretty strange.

Blair keeps walking down side of building until he comes to a corner where a man (Leland) appears.

Leland: Looking for something?

Jim joins up with Blair.

Blair: Uh, yeah. Afternoon. Are you the owner?

Leland: Maybe.

Blair: Well, we were just wondering how much you charge for your services.

Leland: You don't look like farmers.

Jim: Actually, we were looking for someone to fly us into Cascade.

Leland: Why?

Jim: Business.

Leland: I can't help you. You fellas have a nice day.

Jim: We'll pay cash.

Leland: I don't need the business. (walks off and enters buidling)

Blair: Friendly. (laughing)

They walk away from building, heading for the truck.

Blair: Hmm. Now, that's funny.

Jim: What is?

Blair: Well, that's the beautiful thing about these biplanes is they can land and take off on a dime, but check it out -- look how big his runway is. Look at that. Huh.

Jim keeps walking past truck, looking at the ground.

Jim: Huh... Check out these tracks. Something's landed here, all right. You see these double lines? Something a lot bigger than that crop duster.

Leland watches them a moment from inside the building, then slides the doors shut again.

Jim: Let's go. Come on.

~Cut to Cassie's van. She's inside, working on something. Jim and Blair appear outside, knocking on the door. They open the door.~

Cassie: Yeah?

Jim: Hey, Cassie, can you see what you can pull up for a guy named Bob Leland? And find out whatever you can on his crop dusting business.

Cassie: Okay, but first, let me show you this. Come here.

Jim gets inside van as a prison record scrolls by on the computer monitor.

Cassie: You were right about Baldacci. His real name's Ray Loomis. He was paroled in January from Duellmont Penitentiary.

Jim: For what?

Cassie: Get this -- seven years ago Loomis went to jail for his involvement in an organ transplant scheme. They were smuggling foreigners into the states, drugging them, taking out their kidneys and selling them on the black market.

Jim: Who else was involved?

Cassie: Um...the ringleader was a doctor named Vern Delanian. Released from prison last year.

Jim: Bring up his record.

Cassie: Yeah. Easy.

Blair: You know, I remember reading about that. They'd bring in these foreigners, and they'd promise them jobs and a new life. And the next they'd know, they'd end up in some alley with one of their kidneys gone. I mean, could you believe that?

Cassie: Yeah. Here it comes.

New record comes up, along with a picture.

Jim: "Vernon Charles Delanian." Hmm.

Blair: Hey, wait a minute. Isn't that...?

Jim: Pinecrest's finest physician himself -- Dr. Steven Morrow.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV~~~~~~~~~~

~McNeil's office. Jim, Blair, and Cassie are inside with McNeil.~

McNeil: People around here love Doc Morrow. I just can't believe he's a criminal.

Jim: Well, what about this? (shows her the prison record)

McNeil: So there's a resemblance.

Cassie: A resemblance.

McNeil: Look, I am not going to put a man in jail based on a...on a photograph.

Jim: Well, then why don't you just bring him in for fingerprints.

McNeil: I don't have to. Got them right here. Took them last spring when the doc applied for his hunting license. (brings over a fingerprint card)

Cassie compares two sets.

Jim: Well?

Cassie: They don't match.

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Cassie exiting building.~

Cassie: So, you think she switched them?

Jim: I don't know. Something about this whole thing just doesn't sit right with me.

Blair: So, what are we going to do now?

Jim: First, I got to put in a call Interpol about Jean Duval, then you and I got to have another talk with Dr. Morrow.

Cassie: Oh, great. While you guys are doing that, I'll go check out the airfield at Leland's.

Jim: No. Right now is a good time for you to head back to Cascade.

Cassie: What? Why?

Jim: Because I got a funny feeling about this place and if something gets weird around here, I don't want you to get hurt.

Cassie: Look, I got a .357 in my van, okay? When I was with the SFPD, I used to go to the range and shoot. My scores were higher than most of the cops I knew. Come on. I can take care of myself.

Jim: I'm sure you can, but this isn't open for debate. Now come on.

Cassie: Wow! I thought we were working something out here. I guess I was just kidding myself.

Jim: Cassie, our agreement was if you got in the way, that you would head home and I think it's time you head home.

Cassie: Fine. (walks off)

Blair: Wow. That was pretty harsh, man. I mean, I understand you're trying to protect your territorial imperative but come on.

Jim: I'm not trying to protect my territory. I'm trying to protect her.

~Cut to Morrow's office. Morrow is putting some things in a briefcase. McNeil comes in and closes the door. She stands in front of the door.~

Morrow: Kelli. Come on in.

McNeil: Who are you?

Morrow: What are you talking about?

McNeil: I know you switched the fingerprints in my office. The Cascade cop says you're somebody named Vern Delanian.

Morrow: And how did he find out?

McNeil: Your friend Loomis's prison record.

Morrow: Who else knows?

McNeil: I do. (takes out her gun and points it at him) You're under arrest, Steven.

Morrow: Kelli, come on.

McNeil: Which of my deputies did you pay off to help you? Toliver or Nichols?

Morrow: Both of them.

McNeil: You bastard.

Morrow: Look, I can explain everything.

McNeil: I'm not interested. Whatever you're involved in, Steven, it's over. You're going to jail.

Morrow: Kelli, I may have lied about who I was, but I never lied about my feelings for you.

Morrow fires a gun through the open briefcase, then lifts it into view.

Morrow: You're such a girl scout.

McNeil falls to the ground.

~Cut to Cassie driving down road in her van. She stops as she passes the Leland Crop Dusting sign, then backs up to head down that road.~

~Cut to Cassie sneaking around at the crop dusting building.~

~Cut to Jim and Blair parking in the clinic lot. They get out of truck. There's a police car parked there as well.~

Jim: McNeil's already here. (stops) I smell blood...and gunpowder. You smell that?

Blair looks at him.

Jim: Pop the trunk on this.

Blair goes around and pops the trunk on the police car. McNeil is inside. Jim checks her, but she's dead.

Blair: Oh, my god.

Jim: This makes three.

Another police car pulls up. Two deputies (Toliver and Nichols) get out and point their guns at them.

Toliver: Get your hands up now!

Jim: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We found her like this.

Toliver: Get your hands up!

Jim: There's a mistake here.

Toliver: Hands against the car. Let's go.

Blair: (to Nichols) Come on, hey, don't point that thing at me. Come on.

Jim: Take it easy, all right?

The deputies pat them down and cuff them.

Blair: We didn't shoot her, guys.

~Cut to Cassie sneaking into crop dusting building. She shines a flashlight around the darkened interior.~

Cassie: So, what is the big secret here?

She sees a door and heads to it.

Cassie: Aha.

She enters the room, and turns on a light. Inside is an operation table and instruments and other medical stuff. She hears a vehicle approaching from outside and quickly exits the building. A truck pulls up and she stays out of sight around the corner. Leland and another man get out of the car. A plane flies overhead.

~Cut to sheriff's building. Jim and Blair are shoved into the small jail cell by Toliver. Nichols sits at the desk to watch them.~

Blair: This is crazy. What are you doing wasting time with us when the real killers are getting away?

Jim: Save your breath, Chief. They know we didn't kill her.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Jim: Morrow must be paying you a hell of a lot to throw away your careers, huh?

Blair: Is that why he killed McNeil? 'Cause she wouldn't go along?

Toliver: I got to go find the girl. (leaves)

Nichols put a CD in a CD player.

~Cut to crop dusting place. Cassie watches as the plane lands. Morrow and Sandra pull up in a car. Leland goes over to the them.~

Leland: Here. Let me get that for you. How you doing?

A man (Resnais) gets out of plane. Morrow and Sandra go up to meet him.

Morrow: Welcome to America. How was your flight?

Resnais: Oh, long and tiring.

Morrow: Everything's ready as we agreed. All we need is the money.

Cassie moves to get closer.

Resnais: (shows Morrow a briefcase) One million dollars...American.

Morrow: (hands Resnais an envelope) These are your documents. As of tomorrow, you'll be Edgar Kleist, a naturalized American citizen born in Vienna and wanted terrorist Luc Resnais will cease to exist.

Resnais: (hands envelope to his man) Merci.

They all head toward the building to go inside. Cassie turns to leave. She comes face to face with a gun held by the man who'd ridden in with Leland. She stands, holding her hands up.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Sheriff's building. Nichols is listening to music on his headphones while flipping through a magazine. Jim watches him and taps on the jail cell bars. Nichols looks at Jim who looks back. Nichols tosses the magazine aside. He changes the CD and turns his back to the jail cell as he goes back to listening. Jim clears his throat, but Nichols doesn't twitch at all. Then Jim goes over to Blair who is sitting on the cot.~

Jim: Hey, give me Your glasses quick. Come on.

Blair hands Jim his glasses. Then they both go back over to the jail cell bars. Jim proceeds to twist off one of the arms of Blair's glasses.

Blair: What are you doing?

Jim: Shh, shh!

Blair: They cost 150 bucks!

Jim: Quiet! (hands Blair back the rest of his glasses) Take that.

Jim uses the glasses arm to unlock the jail door. He sneaks out and punches out Nichols just as he turns to look.

~Cut to Cassie being tied up, or rather taped up, in the building, just outside of the operative area. Morrow and Sandra are with Resnais by the operating table. Morrow leaves Sandra with Resnais and heads out to join Leland, Cassie, and the other man.~

Sandra: Now, you relax. You'll be asleep soon.

Morrow: (to Leland) Once we're gone I don't want anything left for the police to find.

Leland: Don't worry. That fuel burns at 3,000 degrees. There won't be anything left but slag.

Morrow: Good.

Leland leaves.

Cassie: You're quite the entrepreneur there, Doc. A witness protection program for wanted criminals -- plastic surgery, new identities. Very nice.

Morrow: Smart girl.

Cassie: You know, the only part I don't understand is the Interpol agent. Oh, come on. I mean, you said you're going to turn me into slag. Don't let me die confused.

Morrow: Actually, we took him on as a client. You can imagine our surprise when we discovered he wasn't who he appeared to be. I mean, after all that's our franchise.

Cassie: Right. And then you threw him out of the plane?

Morrow: I had planned to have him disappear over the ocean. Near Cascade, he tried to grab Dietz's gun and there was an accident.

Cassie: What happens now?

Morrow: First, I finish up with Monsieur Resnais here, and then, thanks to you and your friend, we pack up and move to a new location and you disappear. (to man) Call Toliver and Nichols. Tell them we've got the girl.

~Cut to sheriff's building. Jim is dragging Nichols into jail cell. Blair is on the cellphone with Simon.~

Blair: Yeah. Sure, Simon. We'll be standing by. (to Jim) Simon said he was going to call the state police for backup, but I'm worried about Cassie, man. She hasn't shown up. She hasn't even called.

Phone on desk rings.

Blair: Get it.

Jim goes over to desk.

Blair: Hold on, Simon.

Jim: (into phone) Sheriff's office.

Man: (standing near Cassie) Nichols.

Jim: Yeah.

Man: We've got the girl. Morrow wants you to bring those two cops to the airfield.

Jim: All right. (hangs up)

Jim: (takes cellphone) Simon, they got Cassie. They took her to Bob Leland's airfield which is two miles north of Pinecrest. It would help to get us some backup from the state police. A chopper would be nice. We'll check in with you in a while. (hangs up) Let's go.

~Cut to Morrow doing surgery.~

~Cut to outside building where Leland and two other men are bringing out bags and luggage.~

Man: Nichols and Toliver should've been here by now. We may have a problem. Take a look.

Leland: I'll check out back. (leaves)

The two men go over to the plane Resnais came in on. They stop when the prop plane starts to make noise and the propeller moves. They take out their guns and run over there. As they reach it, the spray jets at the bottom of the plane start to spray pesticide. The two men start to cough. Jim attacks from one side. Blair gets out of the plane and jumps down to the ground.

Jim: All right. Drop your weapons!

Jim handcuffs the two men to the plane struts. Leland appears and starts firing. Jim and Blair duck under the plane and get on the other side of it, laying on the ground for cover.

~Cut to inside building where they can hear gunfire.~

Morrow: What the hell was that?

Morrow and Sandra start to pull off surgical gear.

~Cut back outside. Gunfire still being exchanged. A helicopter approaches.~

Man: (over bullhorn This is the state police. Throw down your weapons.

Leland takes off, heading back into the building.

~Cut to inside. Leland brings Cassie into the operating area. Resnais is still unconscious on the table.~

Leland: The cops are here.

Morrow: Get the plane started.

Sandra: What about the patient?

Morrow: Forget about him. Grab the money. Let's go!

Sandra grabs the money. The four of them head out.

~Cut to Jim breaking down the door of the building, his gun out.~

~Cut to outside. Morrow pushes Cassie out the door, the other two following as they run for the plane.~

Morrow: Come on!

~Cut to inside. Jim and Blair go through building and find operating room. No sign of the others.~

~Cut to outside. Helicopter files over them as they head toward plane.~

Man: (over bullhorn) Throw down your weapons now!

Morrow fires at the copter.

~Cut to Jim and Blair exiting building. Jim stops at the corner and points his gun at Morrow.~

Jim: Morrow!

Morrow: Back off, or I'll kill her! (fires a few shots at Jim)

Morrow and others all get in plane and it takes off.

Blair: Great. What are we going to do now?

Jim: Stay put.

Jim runs off, heading toward the copter as it lands.

Jim: I'm Detective Ellison with the Cascade PD. We got to stop that plane.

Jim grabs a hold of the copter strut and the copter takes off, heading toward the plane as it taxis out.

Jim: Hover over it. Lower.

~Cut to inside where Leland (piloting) sees what's going on.~

Leland: Oh, geez.

Morrow: Get us up!

Leland: I'm trying!

~Cut to outside where Jim drops onto the plane roof.~

Leland: God.

Jim walks along the roof to the back flap.

Morrow: What the hell is going on?

Leland: He's on the roof.

Jim grabs the back flap and wiggles it a bit, then sticks his gun in the hinge part to keep it from moving any other direction. The plane goes in a big circle. Inside, Cassie wheezes a little and fishes out her inhaler. Then she pops off the end and sprays it into Morrow's eyes. Morrow yells. She grabs his gun away and yells at Leland.

Cassie: Shut this puppy down! I'm getting dizzy.

Leland turns off the plane. Jim gets his gun again and jumps off, then opens the door, gun at the ready. The helicopter lands near the plane. Blair comes up in the truck. Cassie gets out of the plane first, pointing the gun at Morrow. Jim lowers his gun.

Cassie: Alright. Come on, Doc. Come on. Get out! Come on!

Morrow gets out.

Cassie: Up in the air. That's right. Get your hands up.

Cassie: (to Jim) So, do I, uh...get frequent flier miles for this? (to Morrow) Hey! Get your hands up!

Jim: Put your hands against the side here. Let's get them out of here!

~Cut to Simon's office. Evening. Jim, Blair, and Simon. Jim is looking antsy and is pulling on his coat.~

Simon: The best part is not only did we close down their entire operation, but we found computer files that listed the names and locations of all of their former clients -- 14 wanted criminals including a mafia don and some junk bond king who embezzled millions. All in all, guys, I'd say it was a pretty nice haul. Congratulations.

Jim: Thank you, sir. (heading toward the door)

Simon: Ellison. Am I keeping you from something?

Jim: Well, to be honest, sir, I have a dinner date.

Blair: You got a date? That's great, man. Me, too.

Jim: Terrific. Thank you, sir. Good night.

Simon: I'm glad some of us have social lives. You know, I was just...

Door shuts and they're both gone. Simon stops and looks away.

~Cut to Jim entering a restaurant. He stops at the front podium.~

Jim: Good evening. I'm running a little late. I'm meeting somebody for dinner. She has reservations. Her name is Welles.

Man: Right this way, sir.

Man leads Jim over to a table. Blair is already there, looking at a menu. They both sorta laugh.

Jim: Sandburg, what are you doing here?

Blair: What am I doing here? What are you doing here?

Cassie comes up to them.

Cassie: Hey, you guys. Sorry I'm late, but Friday traffic is a killer.

Jim: Cassie, what's going on?

Cassie: What do you mean?

They all sit down.

Blair: Well...what are we both doing here?

Jim: Yeah.

Cassie: You both asked me out. I didn't want to turn down either one of you, so I thought this would be a chance to sit, have some dinner... talk it out.

Jim and Blair: Talk it out?

Jim: What's there to talk it out? I just thought I'd like to tell you what a great job you did yesterday.

Blair: Yeah. Sure.

Cassie: Thank you, thank you. I, uh...look, you guys, um...I think you're both great. You're both smart and funny and good-looking. But, um... I have this rule that I don't date anyone I work with under any circumstances.

Jim: Oh, take it easy.

Blair: Gee.

Jim: Nobody's talking about dating here. I thought this would be a get-acquainted dinner.

Blair: Yeah. You know, a welcome wagon. Welcome Cassie to Cascade, right?

Jim: Yeah. Lighten up.

Cassie: All right. Well, you know, because the two of you are way too competitive with each other for this to ever work out, so this is a good thing.

Jim and Blair: Competitive?

Jim: Us?

Blair: Where do you get your information?

Jim: I think you got the wrong guys.

Blair: Yeah. Not us.

Cassie's beeper goes off.

Cassie: Oh, that's my pager. That's the lab. All right, boys. Be right back. (leaves)

Blair: All right.

Jim: Wow. Take it easy.

Blair: Get a load of the prices on the menu?

Jim: You know, Chief, I think the only way to show her we aren't competitive is to not fight and have her pay the check.

Blair: Yes, I am down with that, my friend. I am down with that.

They slap hands quietly.

Jim: Very good.

Blair: I wonder if the lobster's fresh.

Jim: Yeah...have two.

~ The End ~