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Mirror Image

Teleplay by: David H. Balkan
Story by: Rich Tabach
Directed by: Tony Westman
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Lisa Akey (Cassie Welles), Colin Cunningham (Dr. Burke), Brion James (Warren Chapel), Anthony Ulc (Harris), Jen Jasey (Alex), Andre Benjamin (Reggie), Ben Cardinal (Dan Wolf).

Uncredited: Ben Derrick (Joseph Bellini), Mike Dopud (O'Doyle).

Summary: When the unique marks of a known serial killer are left behind at a murder scene, it is up to Ellison and Sandburg to find out how they got there -- since the suspect is incarcerated in a maximum security mental hospital. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on February 11, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Night. A man (O'Doyle) walks out of a building and heads toward a parking lot. No one else around. He stops at his car and pulls his keys out to open the door. Someone hits him from behind and he turns around to see a person standing behind him in black, including a ski mask.~

O'Doyle: Listen, pal, you're making one hell of a mistake.

Person hits him again, knocking him to the ground.

O'Doyle: Hey, wait a minute!

Person hits him again, hitting his throat. O'Doyle starts to choke and gasp. Person pulls out a gun, affixes a silencer to it, then shoots O'Doyle once through the hear. He falls to the ground. Person walks off.

~Cut to next day. Murder scene. Jim, Blair, and Cassie walk over to join Wolfe next to the body.~

Cassie: We'll try to get some prints, but I'm not very optimistic.

Jim: An ID on him?

Cassie: It's Ben O'Doyle, the union guy.

Wolfe: Whoever did it knew what he was doing -- a couple punches to take him out of action, then a bullet in the heart.

Jim: Any ideas on the gun?

Wolfe: Judging from the exit wound, it could be a .357 or a .45. Whoever did this didn't need the gun. Look at the bruising on the throat. My guess is the windpipe is crushed. He would have asphyxiated.

Cassie: (staring off into the distance) Maybe the killer was putting the victim out of his misery.

Jim: Well, whatever the reason, there's no loss of motives. O'Doyle was accused of whacking a union rival. You guys do the math.

Blair: Yeah. I remember that case. He got off.

Cassie has a flashback memory of being shot and seeing a large gun with a silencer on it.

Cassie: People don't always agree with verdicts. Uh... I got to go. I got some work to do. (walks off)

~Cut to Cassie and a man (Burke) walking through a gated doorway in a hallway in a psychiatric institution -- Conover. A buzzer sounds as the gate opens.~

Cassie: Thank you so much for seeing me on short notice, Dr. Burke. I realize you're probably quite busy.

They walk down a long hallway. A guard follows them down.

Burke: Well, when I get a call from the local police department saying it's urgent, I tend to make time. Now we keep him segregated except when he's in group therapy, but that's a couple times a week. Otherwise, he's pretty much by himself.

Cassie: What about visitors?

Burke: No visitors. He doesn't have phone privileges either and all of his mail is screened.

They reach another gated doorway. The guard (Harris) knocks on the cell wall and calls inside.

Harris: You got company, Warren. Try to act like a gentleman.

They go through the next gated door and into the next room.

Burke: Harris will be watching you on a closed-circuit monitor.

Harris: If you need anything, just call.

Cassie: Thank you.

Burke: Good luck.

Harris and Burke go back through gated doorway. Cassie walks over to look through window that separates the cell from the outside. Warren Chapel is inside. He looks up as she comes into view.

Chapel: How's life in the bay area, Cassie? Still hanging out in the clubs off the square?

Cassie: I don't live in San Francisco anymore. I work in Cascade now.

Chapel: Life is full of little ironies, isn't it? You're here. So am I. How's the shoulder? Still bother you on rainy days?

Cassie: Someone is killing again. They're using your signature.

Chapel: (stands) Who was killed?

Cassie: He was a union boss tried for murder.

Chapel: And the courts let him off. Was he killed with a .45-caliber bullet?

Cassie: Yes.

Chapel: What about the gun? Was it chrome-plated?

Cassie: I don't know. I don't have it yet.

Chapel: Pity. Well, it certainly sounds like me. How do you think I'm doing it?

Cassie: I told you it was someone else, someone who knows about you.

Chapel: (standing right on the other side of the glass) Possible, but not likely. This kind of a thing can't be duplicated. It's too DNA -- one of a kind.

Cassie: So how are you doing it, Warren, huh? Are you sneaking out in the middle of the night?

Chapel: The man who was killed, his name was O'Doyle, wasn't it?

Cassie: You could have read that in the newspaper.

Chapel: He likes expensive shoes -- tasseled loafers. They're made for him in Milan. The shoemaker's name is sewn in the instep. Did I read that, too? Hmm? Well, you better check and see. In the meantime...worry about tonight, say, 9:00.

~Cut to Major Crime. Still day. Jim's desk. Jim is on the phone. Blair is sitting next to him.~

Jim: Well, when she gets back would you have her return my call as soon as possible? I need that ballistics report. (hangs up) She said she had some personal business to attend to. Nobody knows where she is.

Cassie comes into bullpen and goes over to Jim's desk.

Cassie: I think I know who killed Ben O'Doyle.

~Cut to Simon's office. Still day. Raining outside. Jim, Blair, Simon, and Cassie.~

Cassie: His name is Warren Chapel. He killed three people in San Francisco. I, uh, I worked on the case. The newspapers would call him "the avenging angel" because all of his victims were men who had committed crimes and had walked on a technicality. Chapel would first inflict physical punishment and then take them out of their misery with a single gunshot wound to the heart -- a .45 from a chrome-plated automatic. I just found out that he's been transferred to Conover as of three months ago because of overcrowding. Now, look, he knows things he shouldn't. He knew O'Doyle's name. I didn't tell him who the victim was.

Simon: He could have found that out. Cassie. He could have read it in the papers, saw it on TV.

Cassie: No, he told me that O'Doyle liked Italian loafers and that the shoemaker was from Milan and that the shoemaker's name was stitched into the instep of the shoe. I went to evidence. I checked it out. It's just as he said it would be.

Simon: Yeah, he could have found that out, too. I mean, come on, Cassie. He is playing with you. Conover is a maximum-security institution. There is no way that he could get out or even contact anyone.

Blair: Simon, what if he's not playing? What if he somehow is involved?

Jim: Captain, I don't think we can leave this to chance. Now, all of Chapel's victims were high-profile. We spent the last two hours going over trials where the accused walked. One seems to stand out. (gets a newspaper from Blair and shows it to Simon) Thanks very much.

Simon: Joseph Bellini?

Jim: Yeah, this prince, as you can see was accused of white slavery and murder, but he walked on a technicality.

Simon: All right, tell you what: Why don't you put a surveillance team on him? But you wrap it up at midnight. I still think we're chasing our tails here.

Jim: We might be, Captain, but thank you. (to Cassie) Thank you very much.

Cassie: You're welcome.

Jim and Blair leave. Cassie pauses a moment. Simon looks at her, then she leaves.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the truck. Night. Outside of Bellini's house. A patrol car goes by.~

Blair: I hate stakeouts.

Jim: You're not having a good time? Come on. Just relax. Think of it as a meditation.

Inside view of house shows Bellini walking around in a robe, then someone coming over a high wood fence into the property.

Blair: (chuckles) How can I think of it as a meditation when my stomach's all in knots? I think of it as anticipation. Is something going to happen? Is something not going to happen?

A patrol car goes down the street, passing a blue van. After it goes by, Cassie sits up in the van. She has a police-band walkie.

Blair: You know, if Chapel does show up, he's better than Houdini. Simon's right -- you don't walk out of Conover.

Jim: How do you know that?

Blair: Well, I've got some history there.

Jim: (chuckles) I m sure you do.

Blair: (grins) Well, it's not what you think.

Jim's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Ellison.

Simon: (in his office) Yeah, Jim. It's Simon. I just had a visit from Bellini's lawyer. We've been served with a cease and desist order signed by Judge Weaver. Surveillance is over. He feels our protection is an infringement upon his client's privacy. Evidently, his client has a problem with the police. Bottom line is if we don't leave we're in violation of a court order.

Inside view of house shows someone in black breaking in.

Jim: (looking at his watch) Captain, it's almost 9:00. Can you buy us some time somehow?

Inside view of house shows the person in black watching Bellini through some inner windows into the study.

Simon: I've used up all my chips. Now pull the damned plug! (hangs up)

Blair: What's going on?

Jim: Simon pulled the plug -- court order. (into walkie) This is Detective Ellison. The stakeout has been officially terminated. All units are requested to disperse. Thank you. Good night.

Cassie is listening to walkie. She looks at her watch -- it's 9 p.m.

Quick shot of the end of a barrel of a gun.

Man: (on radio) This is unit four. We copy. Head back in.

Patrol car goes by and Cassie ducks out of sight.

Jim starts up the truck and prepares to pull away from curb.

Blair: I got a bad feeling about this.

Jim: Yeah, well, tell your rabbi.

They pull away.

Cassie gets out of her van and heads toward the house.

Inside view of the house shows Bellini sitting down, his back to the door. The door opens and the person in black enters.

Jim and Blair stop the truck next to Cassie's van.

Blair: Hey, what's she doing here?

Inside view of house shows Bellini turning just as the other person comes up behind him. He stands.

Bellini: Hey!

Person hits him, knocking him over.

Outside, Jim is out of the truck. He hears the struggle from inside as Bellini is knocked around by the intruder. Blair is still inside the truck, but gets out and takes after Jim as Jim runs up to house. Jim pauses outside and then hears the gunshot as the intruder shoots Bellini once.

Jim enters the study a bit later, gun out. Bellini is dead. No one else is there. Blair comes in a few moments after him, followed a bit after that by Cassie. Jim checks Bellini just to be sure, but he's gone. The clock on the wall dongs 9 p.m.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Conover. Next day. Cassie talking to Chapel through the window.~

Chapel: Back so soon, Cassie? You'll spoil me.

Cassie: There was another killing last night. You still going to tell me you did it?

Chapel: Well, let's see. By now you've checked on O'Doyle's loafers. Didn't you just love the tassels? tell me. (walks over to the window)

A view of Jim and Blair watching whole proceeding through a monitor.

Cassie: Will there be more?

Chapel: Oh, yes, Cassie. There will be.

Cassie: Who?

Chapel: That would be too easy. Let's just say it will be those who have managed to elude justice. So, I have my work cut out for me, don't I?

Cassie: You know what I think? I think you enjoy this too much. I think you'll tell me because you'll miss these little conversations of ours. When you're ready to talk, have someone come and get me. (starts to walk away)

Chapel: Oh, uh, by the way, Cassie...I still hold you responsible for my incarceration. Someday we'll have to reconcile that. Hmm?

Cassie walks away. She leans against the outside wall for a moment, again seeing a brief flashback of the gun firing at her.

~Cut to Cassie entering the monitoring room where Jim, Blair, and Burke are.~

Cassie: Sorry, you guys. I thought I'd get him to say more.

Jim tunes into her and hears her beginning to wheeze.

Jim: Are you all right?

Cassie: Yeah. Yeah, fine, just, um...just my asthma, that's all.

Jim: I mean, I wasn't talking about that. He threatened you.

Cassie: Oh...that's just his way of playing. You know, he thinks it'll keep me off balance.

Jim: (to Burke) Any chance he's getting off the grounds somehow?

Burke: No. It's impossible. Security's way too tight. Even if he did get out, why would he come back?

Blair: What about on the outside? He could be pulling strings in here.

Burke: No, no. I don't know how he'd be doing it.

Jim: Well, he's doing something. That's for sure, and he's going to continue to do it until we stop him. I need to get somebody close to him.

Blair: I could do it.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon's office. Still day. Simon, Jim, Blair, and Cassie.~

Simon: No way. Absolutely not.

Blair: Come on, Simon, why do you always say that? Why is that always your first reaction?

Simon: Three reasons, Sandburg: One, you're not a cop. Two, you're not a cop; Three, you're not a cop.

Blair: Jim, come on, help me out here, man. Talk to him -- one cop to another cop.

Jim: Simon, I've given it a lot of consideration. I just think you should hear him out, please.

Simon: All right, Sandburg, you got one shot. You better make it convincing.

Blair: Okay. Um, when I was an undergraduate, I did a paper on the social structure in institutions to see if the same sort of pecking orders that exist in our society find their way into the microcosmic societies in prisons and mental institutions. Anyway, I spent a semester working nights at Conover. I know the facility. I'm familiar with the case studies and the therapeutic practices.

Simon: So what are you saying, you want to go in as a staff worker?

Blair: No, as a patient. It's the only way I'm gonna get close to Chapel. He won't let his guard down unless he thinks I'm mentally ill.

Simon: You being mentally ill is the only part of this that's believable.

Jim: Now I'm not crazy about it, but the kid has proved himself to be pretty damn resourceful. I think it's worth a shot.

Simon: Jim, there has got to be another cop somewhere in this damn city with enough experience to pull this off.

Cassie: It can't be a cop. Chapel will know; it's instinctive. He will smell a cop, and he will kill him.

Blair: I'll be fine, all right? My door's going to be unlocked. I'm gonna have access the whole place. There's video surveillance cameras all over. I'm gonna be fine. I can do it.

~Cut to Conover. Chapel's cell. Chapel is watching the video surveillance above him. There is a red light blinking as it goes -- it stops. Harris (the guard from earlier) comes into the hallway and goes up to gated doorway.

Chapel: You're late.

Harris: I had to wait till the shift changed. You know, I can't control these things. (opens cell door)

Chapel: Seems we're all dependent on things we can't control.

~Cut to forensics laboratory. Cassie is looking into a microscope. The door opens and she gasps, looking up. For a moment, she sees someone in black with a gun. Then she realizes it's Jim, walking into the lab and over to her.~

Cassie: Scare a girl, why don't you?

Jim: Sorry... But I wanted to talk to you about something. I put a call into the San Francisco police department to do some, uh, background check on our friend Chapel and I realized that he tried to kill you. I'm wondering why you didn't tell me.

Cassie: What's the point? Wouldn't make any difference.

Jim: Sandburg is risking his life here. I need to know these things.

Cassie: Okay. You're right. You're right. What had happened is, uh, that I was doing my usual impulsive investigation. And I, uh, I had figured out where Chapel lived. I decided to go over and make the arrest, show everybody what a great cop I could be. I, uh...was walking in the hallway of his building...and he came out of his apartment and he looked right at me, and me made me. (sees flashback memory of being shot again, this time with Chapel's face and his gun) I don't know how he did it, but he did. I saw the reflection off of his gun, and I moved. He got me in the shoulder.

Jim: Why didn't he finish the job?

Cassie: Oh, well, um..I think that he probably would have, but the arresting team had figured out where he was living, too, and they got there right behind me. Chapel finally ran out of ammo, and he, um...he surrendered.

Jim: Is there more?

Long pause.

Cassie: Yeah. In his own sort of psychotic way, Chapel, uh...he blamed me for the arrest. Scared the hell out of me. Oh...after I got out of the hospital, I decided to take a permanent leave of absence. You know, I thought that I would go someplace new start again, get him out of my head. Funny how life has its little ironies, huh? Living my nightmares all over again. You know, maybe...maybe it's a good idea that I'm not getting so involved, you know? Somebody else might get hurt.

Jim: Well, you want to know what I think?

Cassie: Hmm?

Jim: We're pretty damn lucky to have you. (walks off)

Cassie: Thanks.

~Cut to Harris and Chapel in a storage area of Conover.~

Harris: What the hell do you do down here?

Chapel: That's really none of your business now, is it?

Harris: I'm starting to think we should change our arrangement.

Chapel: I think it's a little late for that. You'd have a hard time explaining all that money that's been transferred to your personal account. Run along, Harris.

Harris leaves. Chapel lifts a ceiling panel and pulls out some things. He hooks some wires up to a box, then dials up on a phone.

Chapel: (into phone) You were wonderful. Now tell did it feel? I want every last detail.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Conover. Day. Group therapy room. Blair (as a patient) comes in, joining a small circle of men. Therapist is talking.~

Therapist: We have a new member of our group here today. Everybody, this is Blair Sandburg. Why don't you have a seat there, Blair, next to Warren?

Blair walks over to empty chair next to Chapel.

Blair: Uh...Is it clean? The chair. I have to know if it's clean because, uh...'cause sometimes, uh...staphylococcus bacteria lives in upholstery and I have to know if it's clean or not.

Therapist: I-I think the chair's okay. No one's ever gotten infected.

Blair: Okay. Uh, I'm just going to put this down just in case. (puts a handkerchief over seat of chair) It's nothing personal, of course. (sits down)

Therapist: Great. Okay. Uh, we were just discussing anger. Perhaps you'd like to contribute?

Blair: Mm-hmm. Okay. (chuckles) Um... well...anger has nothing to do with it. Yeah, um...uh, mad has nothing to do with it. Nothing.

One of the other inmates (Reggie) a few seats down leans forward and looks at Blair.

Reggie: Mad had nothing to do with what?

Blair: Getting what I'm entitled to.

Therapist: Perhaps you could explain.

Blair: Um, you see, enjoy the good life, to, uh, enjoy the material wealth that was promised me.

Therapist: Who promised you, Blair?

Blair: Uh... well, that'd be my higher power, you see. (chuckles) Yeah. You see, I have a covenant with her and she tells me what I can take, when I can take it, and from whom I can take it.

Reggie: Oh...yeah. Uh, that's right. Your higher power. He's got a higher power. (getting upset)

Therapist: Reggie...

Reggie: That only talks to him! (stands up)

Therapist: Reggie, calm down...

Reggie: Doesn't talk to anybody else! Like he's something special. Like he got some personal membership to the higher power club!

Therapist: (goes over to Reggie) Reggie! Enough.

Reggie: I was just...I was just making a point. I was... just making a point. (sits back down)

Therapist: We, uh, appreciate your insight. Um... why don't we let someone else comment? (sits back down) Warren. What do you think about all this?

Chapel: I don't know. If the man says he has a higher power that tells him things to do...I guess it's true. (looks at Blair) Why would he lie?

Blair looks away, running his fingers over his lips.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Still day. Jim and Simon walk into bullpen.~

Jim: There were 17 staff members at Conover when Chapel first arrived. Fourteen are still there; the other three have moved on.

Simon: It will take a while to go through them.

Jim: How ever long it takes, we got to go through the process. Now if Chapel isn't leaving the hospital, which is highly unlikely, then he's got a relationship with somebody on the outside, right?

Simon: You could use some help on this one. Why don't you work with Cassie?

Jim: Uh, sir, back in San Francisco, Chapel almost killed her. Now I think that's pushed her pretty close to the edge. I don't think we should push her any closer.

Simon: When did you become her mother? Let her decide. (goes into his office)

Jim just nods.

~Cut to outside. Another murder scene. Jim is already there as coroner is bagging the body. Cassie comes onto scene from behind~

Cassie: (to an officer) Excuse me. (joins Jim) Same as the other guys, right? Jim, look, you got to pull Blair out of Conover, okay?

Jim: Why? What do you mean?

Cassie: Something is going to happen. Okay? Just -- just trust me.

Jim: All right. Well, what about you? I-I'm...I think I cod use you.

Cassie: I, uh... no, I can't.

Jim: Why not?

Cassie: You remember that nightmare I was telling you about that I was having? Well, it's back, and it's real and every time I turn around I feel like Chapel just chasing behind me.

Jim: But you don't see that's all in your head? You don't see...

Cassie: No, it's not!

Jim: Cassie, we -- we all have our stuff that we have to deal with, but if you don't control it and face it, it controls you.

Cassie: Look, Jim, I would really like to help you, okay? I can't. Okay? I'm sorry. (walks off)

~Cut to a house. Night. A woman inside is talking on the phone. She is lifting weights as she talks.~

Woman: It was wonderful -- even better than before. Every time I do it, I feel more complete. And he was happy for me to end it. Not just to stop the pain but because he knew he had to pay the price. And I was happy to do it for him. And when I did it...I felt so close to you.

~Cut to Chapel on his phone in the storage area.~

Woman: We have so many more to do.

~Cut to Blair looking out of his room through a large peephole. When he doesn't see anyone, he leaves room and heads down the hallway.~

~Cut back to Chapel.~

Woman: (on phone) The only thing I really miss is not having you with me.

Blair is creeping around. He starts to hear Chapel talking and follows the voice to get closer. He edges around a shelf and sees Chapel talking on the telephone.

Chapel: I've had a visitor. Someone from my past. She's working with the police. Right now they're just guessing but pretty soon they'll put us together. It may be time to move on.

Blair hurries away.

~Cut to Blair yanking a receiver off a payphone in the hallway.~

Blair: Operator, I'd like to make a collect call. It's an emergency.

Chapel appears and slams his fingers down on the hang-up switch. Blair presses himself against the wall and stares up at Chapel; he still has the receiver.

Chapel: You think you're so clever, don't you? A little obsessive-compulsive behavior, throw in the ravings of a schizophrenic and we're all supposed to buy into your little charade. Who sent you?

Blair: Nobody sent me.

Chapel: Then who were you calling?

Blair: (looks at the phone, then at Chapel) My higher power. That's how we communicate. She let's me call collect.

Chapel: (holds Blair up by his neck) You're my little friend Cassie's idea, aren't you? Hmm-mm. Tell me!

Blair hits Chapel on the head with the receiver. Chapel releases him and Blair runs down the hallway. Chapel lumbers after him. Blair reaches the stairwell doors and tears up them. Chapel follows him. Blair exits a few floors up and runs down that hall. Chapel sticks his head of the door as well. Blair runs around the corner and runs almost smack into Jim. He grabs Jim and hauls him back with him to the wall.

Blair: Oh, J... Jim! Oh, my god, he's over here.

Jim: Who? What?

Blair: (peers around the corner) Where'd he go?

They both walk around the corner, heading slowly back to the stairwell door.

Jim: What's going on, man?

Blair: Chapel. I'm not imagining this. He was just trying to kill me. Go look!

Jim: (walks toward stairwell door) All right, all right, I believe you. Take it easy. (opens door)

Blair: Be careful.

Jim: I don't see or hear anything. (walks a bit down the hallway)

Blair: Oh, man, maybe I am going crazy. What are you doing here anyway?

Jim: We had another murder. The consensus was that you're in over your head. (walks back to Blair)

Blair: Well, I'll tell you what, I am down with that majority. Oh, god, get me out of here.

Jim: All right, settle down.

Blair: Oh, I know how he's doing it. He's using a special phone and he's tapping into the phone lines. Now I overheard part of the conversation. I don't know who he was talking to, but whomever it was sounded like they were getting ready to get out of town.

Jim: Which means if we don't unravel this soon, we may not get another chance. Come on.

They jog down hallway.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Conover. Chapel's cell. Jim is talking to Chapel through window. Chapel is laying down.~

Jim: Hello, Warren.

Chapel: Do we know each other?

Jim: Now how'd you manage to get out of your cell, hmm? My guess is that it's somebody who works here.

Chapel: You must be mistaken. I only go out of my cell for therapy sessions.

Jim: Someone saw you, Warren.

Chapel: Who? That little weasel, Sandburg?

Jim: Who? Name doesn't ring a bell. You're killing people in my city, and I'm going to stop it. (walks away)

Chapel: Nice talking to you.

~Cut to loft. Day. Jim and Blair. Blair is one the couch, going through files. Jim comes over to join him.~

Jim: You know, Chief, you're going above and beyond the call on this one. I mean, somebody else could be doing this work here. (hands Blair a cup of coffee)

Blair: No. Uh-uh. I want this one. This guy, he tried to kill me, man. It's just all fun an games, you know? I'm going to find out who he's calling.

Jim: Well, how's it going?

Blair: It's going pretty slow. I mean, these things are really detailed. Take this guy, uh...Jed Harris. "Draft pick, NFL third round. Injured his leg in a car accident. Ruined his career." I mean, even with all this extensive information here, I'm still looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

Jim: Make that two needles: The one Chapel was talking to and the one who let him out of his cell.

There's a knock on the door. Jim goes over to answer it. It's Cassie.

Jim: Hi.

Cassie: Hi. I, uh, decided you were right. I've been spending a lot of time looking over my shoulder.

Jim: Come on in. Let me take your coat.

Cassie: (comes in) Thanks.

Jim: You want some coffee?

Cassie: Yeah. You got some decaf?

Jim: Black?

Cassie: Cream.

Jim: Black.

Cassie: Black is good. (chuckles) Hey. (goes over to Blair)

Blair: Hey.

Cassie: I, uh, heard what happened last night. Are you all right?

Blair: Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm fine. No big deal. Thanks.

Cassie: Yeah. Okay. (pause) These the, um, personnel files?

Blair; Yep. A whole mess of 'em. They're all checking out, though.

Jim: I have two teams doing interviews -- friends, relatives...nothing out of the ordinary yet. Here you go. (hands Cassie a cup of coffee)

Cassie: Thanks. (looking at a file for a woman) You guys I think I know her. Yeah. Her name wasn't Alex Walsh either.

Jim: Who is she?

Cassie: Okay, Chapel's first victim was a guy by the name of Luther Van Owen. He was a...he was a petty thief. He had...he had robbed and killed this gas station owner. He walked on a technicality. Now the gas station owner had a sister. She'd just gotten out of the army. God, what was her name?

Jim: It'll come to you. Keep going.

Cassie: Okay, okay, uh, when Chapel was arrested and was put on trial, she was there every single day. She was absolutely fixed on this guy. God, what was her name? Janine Carpenter. That's it.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Simon and Jim walking down hallway.~

Jim: Janine Carpenter was discharged from the army because of a psychologic imbalance.

Simon: What was her specialty?

Jim: Communications. The army taught her how to shoot a gun, fight with her hands, and tap into phone lines.

Simon: "Be all that you can be." All right, let's bring her in.

Jim: Very good, sir.

~Cut to Conover. A guard is bringing Chapel down the hallway. Harris stops them.~

Harris: There's a psychiatric panel here to evaluate Chapel. I'm supposed to take him to the interview room.

Guard nods and hands Chapel off to Harris, then leaves. They walk down the hall and around a corner. Harris looks around and doesn't see anyone.

Harris: Now! (shoves Chapel into a corner against the wall) I just spent an hour being grilled by Burke. They know you're using a phone. He wants to know who let you out.

Chapel: (shoves Harris away into another wall) Don't lose your head. Everyone's being questioned.

Harris: Yeah, but I did it. You didn't tell me you were on some kind of killing spree. I'm an accessory to murder.

Chapel: There is a way out. I've been thinking about it for a while. This just pushes the timetable. This facility is only as good as its security system. They're going to put me in deep lockdown. It's only a matter of time until they find out everything. Help me now, and we solve both our problems.

Harris: Yeah, okay.

~Cut to Jim and Blair in the truck pulling up outside Carpenter's house. Day. Rainy. Other police cars and SWAT teams are pulling in as well.

Jim: This should be by the numbers, but just in case, keep your head down. (gets out of truck)

Blair: Thanks for the tip.

Officers set up outside the house, getting out their guns. Simon gets out of his car. Cassie is with him in his car and remains inside.

Simon: (into walkie) All right, gentlemen, just like we talked about. Let's go!

A cellphone rings.

Simon: That your phone?

Cassie: Nope. It's yours.

Jim: All right, let's move out. Go! Go!

Police move in, Jim leading the charge.

Simon: (into phone) Captain Banks here.

Burke: (at Conover) Uh, this is...this is, uh, Dr. Burke. I'm trying to locate Detective Ellison, please.

Simon: Detective Ellison is a little busy right now. Can I take a message?

Burke: Captain, Warren Chapel has escaped from our hospital. Now if he and Alex Walsh are as psychologically fused as I think they are, he may try to join her.

One of the SWAT officers trips a land mind. Things start to blow. Explosions go off everywhere. Officers fly into the air.

Jim: Get down! Get down! Go back now! Fall back! Get back!

A green car tears out of the garage. Jim knocks a SWAT guy out of the way, then fires off a few shots at the car as it speeds down the road. A gun comes out of the car window and fires at them as it goes by. It's the woman firing. SWAT teams return fire. Jim manages to get a shot into the gas tank area. The car blows up, spinning into the air a few times before landing.

Simon: We have officers down! Get in there! Get our guys out of there!

Both Cassie and Blair get out of their respective vehicles. Jim walks toward the green car, as does Simon and other officers. Car explodes in a huge burst and continues to burn. They all watch it burn.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Major Crimes. Simon's office. Evening. Simon and Jim.~

Jim: She had the whole perimeter mined. It's a miracle we didn't lose more men.

Simon: Amen to that. What about the bodies inside the car?

Jim: Well, Wolfe is trying to get some dental records on them. The heat and the velocity of the explosion will make a conclusive ID nearly impossible.

Simon: Yep. His report said he sent metal fragments over to Cassie's lab for analysis. The one thing he is sure about, though: There was a man and woman inside that car.

Jim: We're going under the assumption that Chapel made it to the house before we did.

Simon: Well, this whole thing probably has Cassie breathing a lot easier.

Jim: Hmm. No pun intended, I'm sure, Captain.

Simon chuckles.

Jim: But I doubt she'll feel safe until she knows for sure. She and Sandburg are at the loft now. I'm going to pick them up for a little late-night chow. You want to join us?

Simon: Oh, no. I got to wade through this. I'll take a rain check though.

Jim: You got it. Check with you later. (starts to leave) Sir, did you say that Wolfe sent metal fragments over to Cassie's lab?

Simon: Yeah. Why?

Jim: There's something I want to check out. I'll talk to you later. (leaves)

~Cut to loft. Blair and Cassie. Blair is making coffee.~

Blair: Cassie, you going to want some of this?

Cassie: Uh, no, I don't think I want any more, uh, coffee. You're going to have to peel me off the ceiling.

Blair: Chapel really got to you, didn't he?

Cassie: Well...

Blair: You don't have to worry about it anymore. It's all over.

~Cut to forensics lab. Jim goes inside. He checks out the metal fragments, smelling and feeling them. He pulls one last one and looks at it, seeing something on it. He smells it as well. He picks up the phone and calls Dr. Burke at Conover.~

Burke: Dr. Burke.

Jim: Dr. Burke. This is Jim Ellison.

Burke: I was just heading out the door here.

Jim: I need to know something. Did Warren Chapel have any major surgery where a bone would've been replaced by a titanium rod?

Burke: No.

Jim: You sure about that?

Burke: I'm positive. He had a complete physical examination when he got here. There were no surgical scars.

Jim: There was a guard named Harris who was in a car accident. What about him?

Burke: Actually, as I remember, he had a hip replacement. It's interesting you should ask about him.

Jim: Why is that?

Burke: Well, he never showed up for the night shift. Nobody seems to know where he is.

Jim: Thanks. (hangs up)

~Cut to outside the loft. Night. Someone is running along the ground.~

~Cut to inside loft.~

Cassie: Shouldn't, uh...shouldn't Jim be here by now?

Blair: Yeah. Well, I'll give him a call. (picks up phone and dials) I know that he wanted to go talk to Simon.

~Cut to outside. Someone cuts phone wires in box.~

~Cut to inside. Phone isn't working. Blair taps at it.~

Cassie: What?

Blair: Uh, phone's dead.

Lights go off.

Cassie: Blair...

Blair: Just relax. It's probably just a fuse.

Lights go back on.

Blair: See that?

Cassie: Who reset the breaker? Blair, you got to cut the power to disarm the security system.

Blair: Get in the back. Quick.

They head toward Blair's room. Someone comes out dressed in black and with a gun.

Chapel: Hello, Cassie. (pulls off the ski mask)

~Cut to Jim driving down road in truck. He is talking into the police radio.~

Jim: The operator said the phone was out of order.

Dispatch: We're waiting for the utility company.

Jim: I don't have time to wait; now get me some backup. I'm almost there.

Dispatch: All right. All units to 646 Marina...

~Cut to loft. Blair and Cassie are both tied up in chairs. Chapel talks right in Cassie's ear, resting the gun along her other shoulder.~

Chapel: You're getting to be a real nuisance, Cassie. You killed someone I cared about. She was an extension of me...and you tore her away.

Blair: Your friend killed herself.

Chapel: I don't think I was talking to you! I was right about you, wasn't I? (pokes Blair with the gun) You are Cassie's little friend.

Blair: Yeah, well, you remember my friend, don't you? He's coming here.

Chapel: That's what I'm counting on. (turns back to Cassie and sniffs along her shoulder)

~Cut to outside. Jim pulls up in his truck. He looks up toward the loft, then gets out of truck. He listens in and hears Cassie's voice.~

Cassie: How'd you know I'd be here?

Jim pulls the truck closer to the building, under the fire escape.

~Cut to inside.~

Chapel: Come on. That was easy. All I had to do was follow you.

~Cut to outside. Jim climbs on top of the truck, then up to fire escape ladder, heading toward the roof.~

~Cut to inside.~

Blair: The other body in the car? Who was it?

Chapel: Uh...a not very bright guard named Harris. I convinced him that his future would be best served by disappearing. He was at the house to get Janine, but you got there too quickly. Timing is everything, isn't it? Yeah.

In the upstairs bedroom, Jim (from the outside) opens the window and goes inside.

Cassie: You love the game, don't you? Huh? It's become more important to you than anything else.

Chapel: Are you sure?

Cassie: Well, if it wasn't, you'd be long gone by now. Why don't the two of us just take off, huh? Just me and you. You don't need Sandburg. What's the point of killing him? It's me you want.

Jim walks around above.

Chapel: That would be too simple. This is the best part of the game. (holds gun in front of Cassie) I'm going to work on your friends...and let you live with the memories knowing that one day...I'll visit you again. Hmm? (walks away from them) So, uh...where's our hero?

Jim goes over to the edge of the upper bedroom and looks over the railing to see Blair and Cassie. Blair glances upwards and sees him. Jim looks over to the kitchen counter and sees the water pot, seeing Chapel's reflection in it.

Chapel turns to look at Blair and Cassie. He sees Blair looking up. He looks up as well and immediately starts firing into the floor of the loft's upper bedroom. Jim sees Chapel firing in the reflection and rolls out of the way of the bullets as they strike the bed. As he rolls to the side, his hand hits the railing and he loses his gun which goes down the stairs. Blair and Cassie can only watch and wince. Chapel pauses to reload.

Above, Jim moves back from the edge of the upper loft. Feathers are flying everywhere from the bed comforter. Chapel starts firing again. Jim holds himself in the corner between a dresser and the wall. Chapel pauses to reload again.

Chapel goes up the stairs. Jim shoves the dresser towards Chapel. Chapel falls backwards, rolling down the stairs, never releasing his gun. Jim rushes down the stairs and tackles him, knocking his gun away. They struggle, banging around the loft. Chapel gets a few good punches in and knocks Jim away from him. Chapel sees his gun and grabs it, standing and laughing, holding it on Jim who also stands.

Chapel: Ha! I think it's about time I brought this little drama to an end.

From behind him, Cassie tilts her chair back just enough to hit Chapel, knocking him off balance. Jim attacks, taking him out with one punch and grabbing the gun. Then he starts to untie Cassie and Blair.

Jim: Are you all right?

Cassie: Yeah. Yeah, I'm all right. Finally. Ow. Gosh.

Jim: You okay, Chief?

Blair: Yeah.

~Cut to outside loft a bit later. Officers put Chapel into a squad car as Blair, Cassie, and Jim watch. Simon comes over to join them as the squad car drives off.~

Jim: You all right?

Cassie: Uh...I don't know yet.

Simon: I was talking to Dr. Burke over there. He's going to oversee Chapel's transfer to another institution out of state. He won't get out again, Cassie.

Cassie: That's what they said last time.

Blair: Yeah.

Jim: Well, what do you say we grab a bite to eat, huh?

Blair: I could eat.

Simon: All right, I'm buying. We'll go over to Bobby H's, get that steak sandwich.

Jim: See you there. Captain, is the department going to pick up the tab for the damage done to the loft?

Simon: You're joking, right? (laughs, then walks back to his car)

Jim: No, sir, I was dead serious.

Jim, Blair, and Cassie head toward Jim's truck.

Cassie: You know, I know a really good designer.

Blair: And I have to admit I took a couple classes as an undergraduate.

Cassie: So did I.

Jim: Well, good. Why don't you two start up a business? This'll be your first job.

~ The End ~