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Finkelman's Folly

Written by: Harold Apter
Directed by: Michael Lacoe
Transcribed by: Becky

~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer ~~~~~~~~~~

I do not own the characters in this story, nor do I own any rights to the television show The Sentinel. They were created by Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo and belong to them, Pet Fly Productions, UPN, and Paramount. This is not a novelization or a script. It is simply a transcript of the episode. It also includes descriptions of the settings, action scenes and camera movements where needed. If you notice anything that is transcribed incorrectly, please let me know and I will post an update.

Lead cast: Richard Burgi (James Ellison), Garett Maggart (Blair Sandburg), Bruce A. Young (Simon Banks).

Guest cast (in order of credits): Shareen J. Mitchell (Sarah Finkelman), Justin Louis (Arthur Sabin), Steve Bacic (Joe Brock), Peter Wilds (Rick Brock), April Grace (Amy), Ken Earl (Joel Taggart), Iris Quinn (Julie Chaney), Michael St. John Smith (Burt Phelps), Stacy Fair (Laura Quint), Angel Gann (Susan), Stuart O'Connel (Intern), Kevin Blatch (Bill Thompson), Dan Plechat (Harry), Andrew Guy (Glenn), Khaira Lee (Teller), Rif Van Rij (Detective Rafe).

Summary: While Captain Banks is recovering in the hospital from a gunshot wound, Sarah Finkelman-an attractive, intelligent woman with a chip on her shoulder-is called in as a substitute. To "prove" herself, she sets up an undercover sting operation alone, but soon finds she's in over her head and needs Ellison and Sandburg's help to bust the local drug distributor she's targeted. Meanwhile, Banks, dazed from all the painkillers, accidentally overhears two doctors plotting to murder a colleague and must thwart their efforts before it's too late. (Source: UPN Press Release.)

This episode was originally broadcast on February 18, 1998.
Last updated: 7/8/01


~Opening theme plays as credits roll. Opening monologue by Blair Sandburg: "In the jungles of Peru the fight for survival heightened his senses. Now, Detective James Ellison is a sentinel in the fight for justice. Seeing before others see. Sensing what others can't. An ever-vigilant watchman in the war against crime."~

~~~~~~~~~~ Act I ~~~~~~~~~~

~Day. A busy bank. Simon is at a desk. A financial guy (Thompson) comes over and sits on the other side of the desk.~

Thompson: I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Captain Banks. I wanted the branch manager to go over this.

Simon: Of course. So, do I get the mortgage?

Thompson: Well, that depends.

Simon: On what?

Thompson: Your ex-wife.

~Pan to a young man going up to a teller.~

Man #1: Hi. How you doing?

Teller #1: Fine. Thank you. And you?

Man #1: Well, actually, I could use some help.

Young man pulls up the corner of his shirt to reveal a gun tucked into his waistband. He pulls a cloth bag from his pocket and slides it across the counter to the teller, then pulls out the gun, keeping it mostly hidden.

Man #1: Everything in the drawer in the bag.

Teller #1 starts to comply. At another teller station, another young man slides a bag across the counter to another teller.

Man #2: Everything you've got in the bag.

Teller #2: (panicking) Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Man #2: Let's go, lady.

Teller #2: Okay, okay, I will. Okay.

~Pan back to Simon and Thompson.~

Simon: Look, Mr. Thompson, what exactly does Joan have to do with this? I mean, you've seen my portfolio. Are you telling me a captain's salary isn't enough?

Thompson: Well, with your outstanding debts and child support we feel that you might have a hard time making the mortgage payment.

Simon sorta chuckles.

~Pan back to second man and teller.~

Man #2: Hurry up. (pulls out his gun)

Teller: Okay, okay. (stuffing the money into the bag)

~Pan back to Simon and Thompson.~

Thompson: Now, if your wife... (off Simon's look) ...ex-wife were to agree to indemnify the bank in the event that you were to "default"... I mean, you must understand that we can't be responsible for your debts.

Simon turns sideways in the chair, rubbing his head.

Thompson: Truly you understand the bank's position on this, but we still do want your business and will endeavor to do everything to make it possible....

Simon's attention is drawn by the teller counter and he see the second man (with his gun) and the teller. He turns back to Thompson.

Simon: Do you have a silent alarm here at your desk?

Thompson: What?

Simon: A silent alarm- - do you have one here?

Thompson: Yes.

Simon: Use it. Your bank is being robbed.

Thompson sees where Simon is looking, then inches his hand down to hit the silent alarm.

At the teller counter, man #2 shakes his gun at teller #2 to go faster.

Man #2: Come on!

Teller #2: Oh, my god.

Next to the door, the lone guard is reading his paper. He looks down to see a red light flashing, indicative of the silent alarm. Teller #2 finally loses it, beginning to scream.

Teller #2: He's got a gun! He's got a gun! He's got a gun!

Guard stands up, pulling out his gun and heading toward the counters. Man #1 grabs a customer and puts his gun to her neck, using her as a shield.

Man #1: (to guard) Put it down! Now!

Thompson: (to Simon) Do something.

Simon: I can't. It's too dangerous.

Man #1: I said put it down.

Guard puts the gun on the floor.

Man #1: Kick it over to me.

Guard kicks it over.

Man #1: Now, face down! (leans over to pick up guard's gun, releasing woman) I said face down!

Guard gets down on the floor.

Thompson: Please do something.

Simon: Will you just stay calm? Try not to let them know I'm a cop.

Man #1 walks closer to the door and sees the red light flashing. He turns back to look at man #2.

Man #1: Let's get out of here, man!

Man #1 leaves just as tires screech to a halt outside. Gunfire sounds outside. Man #2, still by the counter, points his gun at the ceiling and fires twice, then points it around.

Man #2: Everybody on the floor! Let's go! Do it!

Everyone gets down on the gorund.

Man #2: Nobody move! (heading toward door)

Guard on the floor reaches down to get his ankle gun. Man #2 sees him and points his gun at him.

Man #2: I said nobody move! (gets ready to fire)

Simon: No!

Simon moves out and sweeps a leg under the man, knocking him to the floor. The man's gun goes off anyway, but doesn't hit the guard. Simon falls back to the ground as well. Man, still with his gun, gets up and runs outside. The guard gets up to follow him. Some gunfire is heard outside, as well as an officer's voice over a bullhorn.

Officer: Put your gun down. You're surrounded. Face down on the sidewalk...

Simon stands up and looks toward the door. Then he stops and looks down at himself -- to see a blood seeping through his shirt on his lower right side. He puts a hand over it.

Simon: Oh...this really is not my day.

Simon sees officers starting to come inside as his vision starts to blur. He lifts a hand to wave at them.

Simon: Hey... (falls backwards onto the ground)

Officer #1: Is everyone okay?

Officer #2: (with Simon) Let's get an ambulance here now!

~Cut to Major Crimes, 6th floor. Day. Jim and Blair coming out of the elevator .

Jim: Just don't say anything.

Blair: It wasn't my fault. What are you talking about?

Joel and Rafe join them as they walk into bullpen.

Joel: Hey, guys, how's Simon?

Jim: Still totally out of it. They've got him doped up. We didn't see him for too long.

Blair: Yeah. They're only letting immediate family in so we had to sneak in.

Jim: We didn't really sneak in. We just didn't tell anybody we were there.

Blair: (chuckles) Yeah, we really snuck in. And that's why we almost got arrested.

Rafe: Hospital security's a joke.

Joel: Our new captain doesn't think so.

Camera shows a woman in Simon's office. Lots of plants are now inside.

Joel: Since Simon's out of commission, they assigned us a substitute.

Rafe: She's already laid on all kinds of new rules and regulations.

Joel: Yeah, get this, starting this afternoon, all detectives must wear a tie and jacket on duty.

Rafe: Yeah. And if you don't you get sent home to change.

Jim: Right.

Jim and Blair head over to Jim's desk. Jim sits down.

Jim: Wonder if she's going to be giving out spankings. (puts his feet up on his desk and starts bouncing a ball against the wall)

Blair: (still standing in front of the desk) Ooh, yeah. This is going to be fun.

Jim: Look, she's just a sub, right?

Blair: Yeah. So what do you want to do? Start throwing spitballs and paper airplanes at her?

Jim: Not a bad idea.

Jim's desk phone rings and he answers it.

Jim: Ellison. We'll be right in, Captain. (hangs up) Let's go, Chief.

Blair: Here we go.

They walk over to Simon's office. Jim knocks.

Finkelman: Come in.

They go inside.

Jim: You wanted to see me, uh... (sneezes)

Finkelman: God bless you.

Jim: Oh, excuse me. I think it's the flowers.

Blair: Yeah, he's allergic.

Finkelman: I'm sorry. Just thought I'd brighten the place up a bit. I'm Captain Finkelman.

Jim: I'm Jim Ellison. This is Blair Sandburg.

Blair: Hey, how you doing?

Finkelman: Nice to meet you. Mr. Sandburg, I've heard a lot of good things about you.

Blair: Really? Thanks.

Finkelman: I'm pulling his ride-along authorization. Effective immediately.

Blair: What?

Jim: (chuckles) Relax, Chief. That won't happen.

Finkelman: As you know, Captain Taggert's recently transferred back to the detective squad. He'll need someone to reacquaint him with proper procedure.

Jim: That's terrific. He can ride along with the both of us.

Blair: Yeah.

Finkelman: Mr. Sandburg...wait outside, please.

Blair: No, no, no, you don't understand. See, Jim and I have this partnership and I haven't finished my thesis yet.

Finkelman: Mr. Sandburg, normally a ride-along authorization is good for 90 days. Yours has been outdated at least 19 months. Please.

Jim: It's okay, Chief. I'll handle it. I'll catch up with you later on. (guides Blair out the door, then turns back to Finkelman) Aw! You talk to Captain Banks and any detective in the department here. Sandburg is an asset, besides, he's got the full cooperation of the division here.

Finkelman: And he's had it for the last two years. Right now, I need you to ride with Taggert.

Jim: And if I say no?

Finkelman: I'll have no problem suspending you.

Jim: I'm sure you won't.

Finkelman: You're correct.

Jim: Is that it?

Finkelman: That's it.

Jim: It's been a pleasure. (leaves)

~Cut to hospital. Simon's room. Night. Simon is mumbling as a nurse (Amy) injects something into his IV.~

Simon: No, no, not now. Not now. Go away. All right, come back later.

Amy: Mr. Banks? Simon?

Simon: Go away. Go away.

Amy: Mr. Banks...

Simon: Look, I...Joan? Joan, what are you doing here? What do you want now?

Amy: Mr. Banks, it's just me, Amy. Your ex-wife left hours ago.

Simon: Where's Daryl? You said you were going to bring Daryl!

Amy: She brought your son to see you. Relax. I'll be back to check on you soon.

Simon: (grabs her hand) No. Joan... Joan...Mm-hmm Joan, I'm sorry. Ever since the divorce, it's's just crazy. Daryl so angry...messing up in school. We...we should've tried. We should... (drifting off)

Amy: You'll get better, Mr. Banks. (leaves)

Simon: Joan? Joan... (feels around the bed and picks up a small device, hitting a button, then picking it up to hold to his chest)

~Cut to outside to a nurse's desk area. A red light is blinking on a panel. A microphone sticks out next to the panels. Two doctors, a man (Phelps) and a woman (Chaney) are talking as they walk into the area..~

Chaney: Look, the bottom line is if we don't do something, our careers are over. We could even go to jail.

Phelps: Well, maybe if we gave her more money...

Inside Simon's room, the voices can be heard. Simon, still just a bit awake, can hear them.

Chaney: No. It's too late. She's committed now and the review board meets tomorrow.

Phelps: But she's a doctor, too. She'll only be implicating herself. There has to be another solution.

Chaney: We've been through this, Burt.

Phelps: So you want to compound things by killing her, too?

Chaney: There's no other way out.

Phelps: Well, how are we going to do that? I mean, this is crazy...

Chaney sees the red light blinking.

Chaney: Shh. Shh.

Camera moves closer to see the red light and the name next to it -- Banks. Chaney and Phelps look at each, then at the door to the hospital room just a bit from the desk. Chaney presses the red-lit button, turning it off.

~Cut to Simon's room. He reaches over and drags the phone receiver to him.~

~Cut to Jim, Blair, and Joel in the truck driving along the road. Night. Blair is in the middle.~

Joel: Look, guys, you know this was not my idea.

Jim: I know, Joel.

Joel: The last thing I want to do is replace Blair.

Blair: We know, Joel.

Joel: It's just not my style, okay?

Jim and Blair: We know, Joel.

Joel: Glad you guys are taking this thing so well.

Jim's cellphone rings and Jim answers it.

Jim: Ellison.

In his room, Simon drops the phone on his chest and drifts back off again. Jim can hear his heartbeat.

Jim: Hello? (hangs up) That's weird.

~Cut to Simon's room. Chaney comes into room. She walks over to Simon and starts to ease the phone away from Simon's hands. Simon wakes up again and clutches at it, startling Chaney.~

Simon: No! No, I...have to make a call. Have...tell Jim...tell...

Chaney: Tell him what?

Simon: Going to be murder.

Chaney: He doesn't know about it yet?

Simon: (shakes his head) Hmm-mm. Call my office, Cascade PD.

Chaney: Okay, I'll do that, Mr. Banks. Let me have the phone. The phone, Mr. Banks. That's right. (takes phone away and hangs it back up)

Simon: Thank you. Thank...

Chaney: That's right.

Simon: Thank you.

Amy comes in.

Chaney: Amy...I thought Mrs. Leavitt was in this room.

Amy: Till this morning. They moved her to seven west.

Chaney: Oh, boy. They never let us lowly doctors know anything. (leaves)

Outside, Chaney meets up with Phelps and walks down the hall.

Chaney: We have a big problem.

~Cut to Major Crimes. Next day. Jim is at his desk -- in a tie, a suit jacket and a baseball cap. Finkelman comes in the bullpen by his desk.~

Finkelman: Hmm... Step in the right direction, Detective. But lose the hat.

Jim stands and takes off the hat.

Jim: Captain...could I have a private word with you?

Finkelman: If it's about Blair Sandburg, the answer's still no. (walks to her office)

Jim pulls off the clip-on tie and drops it in the trash can.

Jim: Right. (puts back on the hat)

He watches as Finkelman sits down at her desk and makes a phone call. He listens in.

Finkelman: I'm not some cheap trick. You want something out of me, you show me some respect. Tonight? When? Five thousand cash. Right.

~Cut to hospital. Amy in nurses' area, talking another nurse.~

Amy: I can't find one of my charts.

Nurse: Maybe you forgot to put it back.

Amy: Not a chance. (finds it on another counter) What's it doing over here?

Nurse: Ah, this place has been a zoo tonight.

Amy: Isn't it always?

Amy gets some medicine ready, then goes into Simon's office, changing the saline bags for Simon's IV. She leaves the room, then looks at his chart more closely.

Amy: Oh, my god.

She opens the door to see Simon in convulsions. She unhooks the IV, then grabs the call button and talks into it.

Amy: I need a doctor in 7009 stat!

Simon is still convulsing and then having troubles breathing.

Amy: Damn it! Don't die on me.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act II ~~~~~~~~~~

~Same scene a bit later after Simon is stabilized again. Doctor, Amy, and other nurse are in there.~

Doctor: Looks like we got him stabilized.

Amy: Oh, thank god. (to doctor) What were you thinking when you wrote that order? It's a good thing I took a closer look at the chart.

Doctor: I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.

Amy: (handing him chart) That combination of drugs would've killed him if I hadn't caught it.

Doctor: I didn't write this order.

Amy: Then who did?

Doctor: I don't know. Well, look at the time at the top of the chart. I was in 2114 on a code blue. Maybe somebody picked it up by mistake.

Amy: All right, well, I'm going to check it out. (leaves_

~Cut to Jim and Blair parked in the truck outside Brock & Sons meat packing plant. Night.~

Jim: What's she doing in a meat packing plant?

Blair: Jim, I know you don't like Finkelman, but, I mean...her being a dirty cop? Come on. It doesn't make any sense.

Jim: I know what I heard, Chief.

Blair: Well, maybe she just likes to buy wholesale.

Jim: Oh, shh-shh-shh-shh... (starts to listen and watch inside plant)

~Cut inside plant where Finkelman is meeting with two men -- Joe and Rick Brock.~

Joe: You look nice.

Finkelman: Thanks. You have the cash?

Rick: It's behind the bar.

Finkelman: It's not going to do me much good back there.

Joe: She's something, huh, Rick?

Rick gives her an envelope with money in it.

Joe: You're cute.

Finkelman: Hmm...

Joe: And you got backbone. A real nice backbone.

Finkelman: Focus. Business.

~Cut to truck.~

Jim: They just gave her an envelope. There's got to be several thousand dollars in cash inside.

They look at each other.

~Cut to Finkelman in her car pulling up outside the 2400 Court Motel. Jim and Blair her in the truck. Finkelman gets out of car and goes up to a room and knocks. Jim and Blair pull up in the truck into the lot a bit aways, watching her. The door opens and Finkelman goes inside.~

Blair: What's she doing?

Jim: Beats me. (starts to listen and watch again)

~Cut to inside room. Finkelman hands a man (Sabin) the envelope. Two other men (Sabin's thugs) are there with them.~

Finkelman: 5,000. That's a ten-percent down payment.

Sabin: Question is, uh...who are you?

Finkelman: Trudy Marshall.

Sabin: (to one of this thugs) Oh, Trudy Marshall over here. (to Finkelman) I was contacted by a guy named Brock, Joe Brock.

Finkelman: Mm-hmm. I work for him.

Sabin: Sorry. I don't do business with woman.

Finkelman: This is the '90s. Get with it.

Sabin: I don't wanna get with it. Brock wants his stuff, he can come get it himself -- like a man.

Finkelman: You'll deal with me, or you'll find another buyer.

Sabin: I'll deal with who? Get out of my face.

Sabin pushes her back to one of the thugs who grabs her. The other goes over to pat her down and takes her gun.

Sabin: I'll deal with you...see, I think your boss needs to know exactly who he's dealing with. Hey! (puts the gun to her neck) You see, Arthur Sabin isn't just some small-time guy that he can play with.

~Cut to truck.~

Jim: Arthur Sabin?

Blair: Who's that?

Jim: I'll tell you later. Stay put. (gets out of truck)

~Cut to motel room.~

Finkelman: Is this really worth killing me over?

Sabin: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

There's a knock on the door.

Sabin: Who's that? (steps away from Finkelman) Who's that?!

Finkelman: I don't know. I don't know!

Sabin and two thugs all get their guns out and point them at the door. One of the thugs opens the door and Jim steps inside.

Jim: Trudy, are you all right?

Thugs and Sabin push Jim further inside.

Sabin: And who might you be?

Jim: Brock. Joe Brock.

Sabin: You always send a woman to do your dirty work?

Jim: I thought she could handle it.

Sabin: You were wrong.

Jim and Finkelman exchange looks.

Sabin: (to a thug) Get the stuff. (to Jim) Joe.

Jim looks over.

Sabin: Just checking.

Thug hands Jim a cannister.

Sabin: That's just a sample.

Jim: When do we get the rest?

Sabin: Tomorrow. I'll tell you when and where. Get the hell out of here.

Jim and Finkelman leave.

~Cut to a bit later. Finkelman is in her car, followed by Jim and Blair in the truck as they pull into a circular dead-end street and park. Finkelman gets out of her car; Jim and Blair get out of the truck. They meet in the middle and proceed to argue.~

Finkelman: Son of a...! (slams car door)

Jim: What the hell was going on there, Finkelman?

Finkelman: Damn you! You could've blown my whole set up.

Jim: I think I also could've just saved your life!

Finkelman: My hero!

Jim: It appeared to me you were in over your head. In what, I don't know. Now what the hell was in that cylinder?

Finkelman: Don't change the subject. You barged in on an undercover operation without authorization, and you bring him along to enjoy the show.

Blair: Hey, wait a minute, lady, look, I don't know what your deal is here, but give it a rest!

Jim: Let me handle this, Chief.

Blair: No, I'm okay, I'm all right. You know what? This is his personal car. It's his personal time. We're friends. If he invites me along, guess what, lady, I'm going.

Finkelman: You are not a cop!

Jim: What kind of cop goes into an undercover sting operation without a backup contingency?! Would you answer me that? Not only is it stupid, it is in violation of department policy! I squawk to the brass about this, you're going to be out.

~Cut to Major Crimes breakroom. Jim, Blair, and Finkelman. Still night.~

Finkelman: I met Joe and his brother by accident. I was waiting for a friend. Heard them talking about smuggling freon gas.

Blair: Freon gas? What do you mean -- like what goes in refrigerators?

Finkelman: Mm-hmm. That's what's in the canister. They still manufacture it offshore, but it's now illegal to sell in this country and the profit margin is actually higher than drugs. The Brocks own a meat packing plant. Their equipment is 30 years old. A total retrofit for a new ammonia-based system would bankrupt them. Anyway...Joe was giving me the eye so I let him pick me up. I convinced him I could act as a go-between with their freon connection. Keep their company's hands clean.

Jim: So you'd do the deal for them and nail Sabin for selling contraband.

Blair: Who's Sabin?

Finkleman: Local distributor for the Montecruz cartel. They run two-thirds of the drugs out of Mexico. I nail him, and we can start to break the Montecruz operation.

Jim: But why would you go in without backup, huh? Why put yourself at that kind of risk?

Finkelman: Because I wanted to prove that I am worthy of being more than just a substitute captain. (pause) Maybe that sounds...drastic, try being a woman who has to take charge of a totally machoed-out department for a day.

Blair: Well, that explains a lot to me. Come into a new social structure, trying to gain control. It's an uphill battle. You don't gain that control right away, odds are, you probably are never going to.

Finkelman: So, you understand separating you two was nothing personal. It's just awfully dangerous for a civilian who's untrained...

Blair: I think I've proven myself.

Jim: I'll help you collar Sabin. But Sandburg continues to ride along.

Finkelman: All right.

Blair: Good.

Finkelman: All right.

They start to get up from the table.

Finkelman: Uh, by the way, how did you know about Brock and that I was calling myself Trudy?

Jim: Oh, well, I...

Blair: Listening device. Latest technology. It's brand-new.

Finkelman: Hmm.

~Cut to next day. Finkelman in her office on the phone. Door is open. Jim and Blair enter as she talks. Jim is looking pained again from all the plants.~

Finkelman: Right, yeah. Good, Joe. I'll be there. I'm wearing clothing. Well, I am offended. Dinner? Maybe. Yeah. Okay, I'll see you in a bit. (hangs up) I'm going to Brock's office to wait for Sabin's call. I'll be in touch as soon as I have instructions for the buy.

Joel knocks on the open doorjamb.

Finkelman: Come in.

Joel: I just got a call from the hospital. Simon is missing.

Jim: Missing?

Joel: Yeah. They moved him last night and lost his paperwork. Now they can't find him.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act III ~~~~~~~~~~

~Hospital. Still day. Jim, Blair, and Joel at the nurses' area, talking to Amy.~

Jim: Things are just a little bit odd around here, huh? How do you lose 6 foot 4, 225-pound man?

Amy: It's the new managed care system. Everything is computerized. Sometimes people slip through the cracks.

Blair: Well, when was the last time you actually saw Captain Banks?

Amy: Last night around midnight, before I went off shift. He was resting comfortably after...

Nurse: He was fine.

Jim: After what?

Amy: There was a mix-up in his medication, but we caught it in time. He was okay when I left.

Jim: Who is responsible for this, um...mix-up?

Amy: I don't know.

Blair: What do you know?

Amy: Look, I am so sorry.

Nurse: Security has been alerted. Your captain will turn up eventually.

Jim: Well, that's very comforting. Thank you very much. Look, Taggert, why don't you and Sandburg scour the lower floors? I'll check around up here.

Blair: Okay.

~Cut to Finkelman at Brocks' plant. The phone rings and she picks it up. It's Sabin.~

Finkelman: Joe Brock's office.

Sabin: Yeah, hello, Trudy.

Finkelman: When and where?

Sabin: There's a car ferry leaving for Bear Island at noon. You tell Brock to bring the cash and meet me inside at the snack bar on the top deck. Then we'll do our thing. I'll get off the boat before it leaves the dock. Now the truck is a rental. He'll turn it in on the other side and transfer the freon to another one. Everything nice and clean. Okay? But Brock delivers the stuff personally or there's no deal. You got it?

Finkelman: Yeah. I got it. (hangs up)

Joe: Is everything okay?

Finkelman: Mm-hmm. You got the rest of the cash?

Rick gets out a briefcase of cash and shows it to Finkelman.

Finkelman: I'll have the stuff this afternoon.

Joe: That's my girl.

~Cut to hospital. Jim is walking down a hallway. He hears the intercom going, as well as beeping, water dripping, oxygen tubes pumping, a baby crying. Then he starts to hear Simon's voice as he approaches a door labeled "Exit 7."~

Simon: Daryl, Daryl, we gotta talk, son.

Jim pushes through the doors and heads down the stairs. He enters another hallway through a doorway labeled "Authorized Personnel Only." Hallway is empty of people. He follows Simon's voice.

Simon: Oh, damnit Joan, give me break. We're going down to Peru...some fishing...what could go wrong?

Jim finds an operating room and looks through the window to see several doctors and a man on the table, being prepped for surgery.

Doctor: All right. Yeah, I see it.

Jim zooms into the ID badge on the man's arm -- it reads Banks, Simon J., Dr. Jeffers, 11/20/59 (birthdate), 01/05/98 (admission date). Jim knocks on the window and holds up his badge.

Doctor: Let me see your graph...

One of the doctors (Quint) goes to the door opens it. She steps outside.

Jim: I'm Detective James Ellison with the Cascade police department. I think you have the wrong patient on that table in there.

Quint: That's impossible.

Jim: This man just had major surgery for a gunshot wound.

Quint: I think you've made a mistake. This is an emergency surgery. The patient has a malignant brain tumor. I did the pathology myself.

Jim: A malignant brain tumor? That's impossible. This man is a friend of mine. He's never exhibited signs of a brain tumor. There's been a big mistake here. Can't you see it?

Quint: Wait here. (goes back inside)

Quint goes over to the operating table and starts to pull back the sheets covering Simon's side.

Nurse: I don't know.

Doctor: I'll find out. Is there a problem, doctor?

The bandage on Simon's side is revealed.

Doctor: What's going on?

Nurse: I don't know.

Quint looks back Jim.

~Cut to Simon waking up in his bed in the hospital room. Still day. His sight is fuzzy, but he can see Jim, Blair, and Joel standing above him. Amy is there as well.~

Simon: Jim?

Jim: You're okay, Simon.

Simon: What happened?

Jim: You're in the hospital. You were shot.

Simon: How long?

Amy: Three days.

Simon: Three days? (turns to see Amy) That...oh...I remember you. Amy, right?

Amy: This will help you rest. (injects something into IV)

Jim: They'll be here to pick you up in a couple of hours, Simon.

Simon: Pick me up? Why?

Blair: Well, we're going to move you to a different hospital.

Simon: What's wrong with this hospital?

Jim: You'll get better treatment there, sir. Why don't you just try to relax?

Simon: Yeah, good idea... Oh, Jim, Jim...I have to tell you what I heard. There was this...this woman, she...

The room phone rings and Amy picks it up.

Amy: Hello? This is Simon Banks' room. Detective Ellison, it's for you. (holds phone out to Jim)

Jim: (takes phone) Thank you. (into phone) Ellison. I can't use my cell phone. I'm in the hospital here. I was just about to call you... All right, all right. We'll meet you over there. (hangs up) That was Finkelman. We got to go. Would you stay with him, Joel?

Joel: Yeah. You really think something's going do here besides incompetence?

Jim: First, they give him the wrong medication, then they almost give him a lobotomy. This is a little too much of a coincidence, even for a bad hospital. And this is supposed to be one of the good ones. I'll send some uniforms to back you up.

Joel: Thanks.

Jim and Blair leave.

~Cut to Brocks' plant. Joe and Rick.~

Rick: It would cost us at least 350 grand to retrofit. Couple years we sell, let the next guy worry about it. You are a genius, man.

Phone rings and Rick answers it.

Rick: Rick Brock. What? Well, he's right here. I'll put him on. Okay...

Joe: Give me the phone.

Rick: No problem. He'll be there. Relax, man. I said he'd be there. (hangs up) That was Arthur Sabin. He said it was nice meeting you last night.

Joe: What? That's nuts!

Rick: He also Trudy that he wouldn't deliver the freon unless you were there in person. He wanted to make sure you got that message.

Joe: Where the hell are they?

Rick: Noon ferry to Bear Island.

Joe: Let's get out of here.

~Cut to the ferry. Cars going inside. Jim and Blair pull up in the truck. They park, get out, and walk over to meet Finkelman who has the briefcase of money.~

Finkelman: It's a good thing I got through to you. Sabin's expecting me to bring Joe Brock.

Blair: Why does he want to do this on a ferry?

Finkelman: Because he's planning on taking the cash and getting off before it leaves.

Jim: Smart.

Finkelman: Except he doesn't expect to be wearing cuffs.

Jim: Come on, let's go.

The three of them head into the ferry.

Camera pans behind them to show the Brock brothers in a car in a line going onto the ferry.

~Cut to Simon's hospital room. Amy is setting up another bag on the IV pole. Joel is there as well.~

Amy: Okay, you'll be all set in just a minute.

Simon: I said I don't want it.

Joel opens the curtains to let in the sunlight. Amy starts to inject something into Simon's IV.

Simon: What is that?!

Amy: It's just something to calm you down for the ride in the ambulance.

Simon tries to pull on the IV.

Simon: No! I don't want to be calm. (falls back onto the bed)

Amy: Don't touch that. I'm here to help you. That's not a good idea.

Joel: Simon, we have to get you out of here.

Simon: Why? (looks at Joel) Why?! (looks at Amy) Will one of you please tell me what is going on?

Joel: We think somebody's trying to kill you.

Simon: I knew it. It's them. They think I can identify them.

Joel: Who? Who are they?

Simon: I don't know, Joel. I'm just starting to remember I overheard a conversation. They were...planning to murder someone in the hospital -- another doctor.

Joel: Are you sure? I mean, you've been pretty doped up, man.

Simon: You just said someone was trying to kill me.

Joel: Yeah. But it could be anybody with a grudge. After all the collars you've made.

Simon: No, it has to be them. It was a man and a woman. It sounded like they were doctors, too. The person they were going to kill was going to turn them in for something.

The room door opens and two people bring in a wheeled gurney.

Simon: Hey... Hey, what's going on? Look, Joel...I am not leaving this hospital till I find out who those people are and what's going on.

Joel: Come on, man.

Simon: I'll be fine. There's another life at stake here. I got a whole police department looking after me, but I'm the only one who can save whoever this is.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act IV ~~~~~~~~~~

~Ferry. Sabin and three of his guys get out of a truck that is parked inside. He motions to one of the men (Al).~

Sabin: Al, this way. We'll be right back.

Thug: All right, man.

Sabin and Al take off.

Camera pans to show the Brock brothers pulling up in their car to park in the ferry in the same area. They get out of car.

~Cut to an upper deck inner room of the ferry. Jim, Blair, and Finkelman (still holding the briefcase).~

Finkelman: Sabin should've been here by now.

Jim: It looks like we got company. (points out the Brock brothers outside the room) The Brocks are here.

Blair: What the hell are they doing here?

Jim: Stall them as long as you can. I'll go make the buy and collar Sabin.

Finkelman: No. Sabin's mine. Besides, the Brocks'll want to make sure I still have the money. I'll hold onto it until you make contact with Sabin and find out where the freon is. (to Blair) Come on.

Finkelman and Blair take off, heading down the room to the other end.

Finkelman: I hope you learned something in your last two years with Ellison.

Blair: You have a plan, right?

Finkelman: Yeah. We improvise.

Blair: Oh, that's great.

~Cut to the Brock brothers in a hallway outside the room.~

Rick: Where we meeting him?

Finkelman and Blair come around the corner to see them.

Joe: What the hell you trying to pull, Trudy? (grabs the briefcase and gives it to Rick)

Blair: Hey, hey, take it easy.

Joe: And you would be...?

Finkelman: Arthur Sabin.

Blair: Yeah, that's right. It's about time you two showed up. I was getting ready to tell your girl here to go fish. Now, come on.

They all head down another hallway.

~Cut to Jim still in the upper deck inner room, his back to the outside windows. Sabin and Al come up on the other side of the windows. Sabin knocks on the window. Jim turns and sees him. Sabin and Al go inside.~

Sabin: Glad you could make it, Brock. Where's your girlfriend?

Jim: Well, where's the freon?

Sabin: Well, where's the money?

Jim: It's downstairs. Don't worry.

Sabin: No games. Go get it. You've got five.

Jim: Well, I would really like to see the freon.

Sabin: You know, you're a very interesting man to figure out because first you send a woman to do your business and then all of a sudden you get this huge set of, uh...

Jim: If you want to get off the boat in time before it sails, you don't have much time. Now do you want to argue or get paid?

Sabin: I don't argue. You give me a sec?

Jim: Sure. Yeah.

Sabin walks over to Al and talks quietly to him. Jim listens in.

Sabin: Now, listen to me. I want you to go look for Trudy. I bet she's got the cash, okay?

Al heads off.

Sabin: Tough guy. Let's go.

Jim: Okay.

They head out the other way.

~Cut to Simon's hospital room. Simon, Joel, and Amy.~

Simon: Now the woman said the doctor was set to testify at some sort of board.

Amy: Medical review board. It meets today.

Simon groans in pain.

Amy: Please let me give you something.

Simon: No, no. I want to be alert to figure this out.

Joel: Look, Simon, they've already made two unsuccessful attempts to kill you. What makes you think they haven't committed the other murder yet?

Simon: It's too obvious. The doctor's set to testify. They'd want to make it look like an accident.

Joel: Or a suicide?

Simon: Yeah. Whoever the intended victim is, they're implicated somehow, so they'd want to make it seem like the person got cold feet. Why don't you talk to the hospital administrator. See if you can get names for everybody that's supposed to be at this review board.

Amy: Mm-hmm.

Joel: Okay.

Simon: Hey, if they give you any flak about secrecy, throw in that line about court order from downtown. That always works.

Joel: (chuckles) Okay. (leaves)

~Cut to ferry. Upper deck inner room. Finkelman, Blair, and the Brock brothers.~

Joe: What the hell's going on here?

Blair: Just relax. He'll be here.

Rick: Joe, you know, this guy -- he sure sounds different in person.

Joe: Ah. There's something fishy about this whole setup.

Finkelman: Look, what will I do with a truckload of freon?

Joe: Not a thing. But 50 grand? You could do a whole lot with that. Let's get the hell out of here.

Rick: Yeah.

Joe and Rick start to leave. Finkelman goes after them, Blair following.

Finkelman: Look, wait. Wait.

Al comes onto the deck as Finkelman and Blair leave.

~Cut to lower deck with Sabin's truck. One of the thugs is closing the back door. Sabin goes up to Jim.~

Sabin: You satisfied?

Jim: I'm satisfied. (pulls out his cellphone) Hold on. I'll get you your money.

Sabin's cellphone rings. He steps around the other side of truck to answer it.

Sabin: Yeah? Huh-huh. Okay, keep an eye on her. I'll be right there. (hangs up)

Jim's cellphone beeps at him and he closes it as Sabin comes back around.

Jim: The call didn't go through. I'm gonna have to try again.

Sabin: There's no more time.

Thug brings out a gun.

Jim: What's going on here?

Sabin: Oh, the boat's leaving. I'll have to get the money from your girl myself, but don't you worry about anything. Tommy here is going to keep you company. Nice doing business with you. (leaves)

Jim: I still have to make that call.

Tommy: Forget about it.

The ferry horn blows, distracting Tommy. Jim punches him, taking him out. Then Jim gets out his cuffs as the ferry parking doors close.

~Cut to hospital laboratory. Quint is inside. Chaney and Phelps come in.~

Chaney: Laura, you wanted to see us?

Quint: You set me up. You made bad investments and when you found an easy way to make back that money you took home most of it. If that man Banks had died, you could have blamed every unnecessary surgery that you've performed on my "inaccurate" pathology reports.

Chaney: And we still can and unless you agree not to talk to the board tonight, we will.

Quint: No, my decision's made.

Chaney: Then so is ours.

Phelps grabs Quint as she turns away. A muffled scream can be heard.

~~~~~~~~~~ Act V ~~~~~~~~~~

~Ferry. Parking level. Brock brothers, Finkelman, and Blair get out of elevator.~

Joe: Damn it!

Finkelman: Look, Joe, it's too late to get your car off the boat.

Joe: What about him? (pointing to Sabin) How's he getting off?

Blair: There's still time for me to walk off.

Joe: Okay, so where's the damn freon?

Blair's cellphone rings and he answers it.

Blair: Hello?

Jim: (still by the truck) I'm on the lower car deck, just outside of Section B.

Blair: You've got some explaining to do, pal. You want to work for Arthur Sabin, you've got to quit screwing around.

Jim: Now listen to me, Bogie. Are you doing okay up there?

Blair: Fine. We'll be right there.

Jim: The real Arthur Sabin is up there looking for Finkelman somewhere, so be careful.

Blair: All right. Fine. (hangs up) This way.

They head off. A few moments later, Al comes out of the elevator. He gets out his cellphone and dials.

~Cut to Simon's hospital room. Amy is helping Simon out of bed and into a wheelchair.~

Amy: Captain Banks, you really shouldn't be out of bed.

Simon: Yeah. Then why are you helping me?

Amy: Because you're trying to save a life and I admire that.

Simon: Guess I must be feeling better.

They smile at each other. Amy reaches down to adjust his robe. The door opens and Joel walks in.

Joel: Am I interrupting anything?

Simon: Get out of here. All right. What did you find out?

Joel: Well, the hospital administrator was very helpful. She was unable to give me the agenda for the meeting, but she did cut loose with a couple names.

Simon: Okay, let's hear them.

Joel: Well, it's two surgeons. Julie Chaney and Burt Phelps. And also, there's a pathologist named Dr. Laura Quint. Now the first two, Phelps and Chaney, are partners. I called down to their office but they've been in surgery all afternoon.

Simon: What about the other name? What was it... Quint?

Joel: Yeah, Laura Quint. I called down to the lab, but the voice mail was on.

Simon: All right, well...let's go down to the lab.

~Cut to the three of them entering the lab.~

Simon: Anybody home?

Joel: Doesn't look like it.

Simon: Where's her office?

Amy: Down at the end of the hall.

They head down to the office.

Simon: Dr. Quint. (knocks on partially closed door) Dr. Quint...

Door opens to show Quint on the floor. Her sleeve is rolled up and a needle is laying on the floor next to her. Amy gasps and turns to Joel.

Amy: Go dial zero. Tell them we need a crash cart, stat.

~Cut to Chaney entering an nurses' office area. Phelps is closing up his briefcase. They start to walk out.~

Phelps: What time can we meet?

Chaney: (looks at her watch) 20 minutes.

Phelps: That'll be good.

They round the nurses' desk and stop when Simon rolls up to them in his wheelchair. Joel is behind him.

Simon: Excuse me. Dr. Chaney, Dr. Phelps. (holds up his badge) You're both under arrest for attempted murder.

Joel walks around the nurses' desk. Chaney tries to run, but runs into Joel who catches her.

Joel: Going somewhere?

Phelps starts to move, but Simon rolls his chair forward.

Simon: Don't you even think about it.

~Cut to ferry. Blair and others are approaching the truck. Jim is on the far side, putting the unconscious Tommy aside.~

Blair: Yeah, yeah, here's the truck. It's right over here.

Jim goes around to meet them at the back of the truck.

Jim: Sorry, boss. I tried to get through on the cell phone, but I couldn't. You told me to stand by the truck.

Blair: It's all right.

Joe: Can we get on with this, please?

Blair: Yeah. Relax. (to Jim) Let's open this up for him.

Jim opens the back of the truck.

Joe: All right, now we're talking.

Blair: Good. Now let's talk some money. Let's see it.

Joe gives Blair the briefcase. Blair takes it and turns to Jim.

Blair: Help me out.

Jim holds the briefcase as Blair opens it. Jim starts to hear Sabin and Al talking as they approach the truck.

Al: She went through there with three guys I never saw before.

Sabin: Cover my back, Al.

Blair closes the briefcase and takes it back. Jim ducks around the other side of the truck just before Sabin and Al appear with their guns out.

Sabin: Freeze! Right there! What's going on? Who are these guys?

Joe: Who are you?

Sabin: Arthur Sabin.

Rick: We thought he was Sabin.

Sabin: You thought who?

Jim comes back around with his gun out.

Jim: Drop the gun, Sabin.

Sabin: Brock, you slay me.

Joe: I don't even know you.

Sabin: Shut up!

Joe: This is nuts.

Jim: I'm Detective James Ellison with the Cascade PD.

Rick: Ah, geez.

Jim: Put the gun down! Let's go!

Sabin: Detective, huh? Is she one, too?

Finkelman: (moves her gun to Sabin) Captain... actually.

Rick: Ah, geez.

Jim: Put the gun down!

Sabin starts to lower his gun. Al bends to put his gun on the floor. Sabin moves, knocking Al into the path of the others, then Sabin takes off.

Jim: It's your call, Captain.

Finkelman: Go get him, Detective. Sandburg and I are fine.

Jim hands Blair another gun, then takes off after Sabin.

~Cut to upper deck area. Sabin grabs a passing crew member.~

Man: Hey!

Sabin: How do I get off this boat?

Man: Down the back stairs. The gangway may still be open below. Jerk.

Sabin takes off again, moving through people.

Sabin: Hey, out of my way. Excuse me. Hey! Excuse me, excuse me.

Sabin reaches the back stairs and turns to go down them. Jim comes up onto the deck close by. Sabin fires at him, startling people around them. Jim ducks back behind a wall. Jim gets out his gun and moves to fire at Sabin.

Jim: Get down! Police!

Too many people in the way, so Jim doesn't fire. Sabin, however, fires at Jim again. Jim ducks back behind cover. Jim sees a fire hose on the wall and starts to unroll it and turn it on.

Sabin: Out of my way! (trying to get down stairs)

Jim comes back around from cover with the hose.

Jim: Get down!

Jim fires the high-pressure water at Sabin. Sabin falls backwards and eventually goes over the edge of the ferry into the water below. Jim looks over to see Sabin treading water far below.

~Cut to Major Crimes bullpen. Lots of people there. Everyone celebrating Simon's return. The donut dolly girl holds out a cupcake with a fizzy sparkler on it.~

Donut Dolly: Welcome back, Captain.

Simon: Oh, thank you. (blows out sparkler) Woo-hoo.

Simon, Jim, and Blair walk toward Simon's office, passing Brown and Rafe on their way. Rafe hands Simon an open box of cigars.

Rafe: Good to have you back.

Simon: Thank you very much.

Finkelman comes out of Simon's office to greet him. She has a box of stuff.

Blair: Simon Banks, Sarah Finkelman.

Simon: (hands cupcake to Blair to hold so he can shake her hand) Oh, hello, thanks for minding the store while I was away. I hear you were busy.

Finkelman: I just got off the phone with headquarters. Since Sabin's been in custody, his dealers have been scrambling for product. Narcotics busted several of them. They got careless.

Simon: Well, congratulations.

Finkelman: Well, thank you. Wouldn't have happened without Ellison. (off Blair's look) And Sandburg. They're quite a team.

Simon: (laughs) Don't I know it.

Finkelman: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Any word on your new command?

Finkelman: They're giving me my own substation.

Blair: That's great.

Finkelman: Mm-hmm.

Joel comes over with a flowered plant.

Joel: Oh, Simon, these came from Amy from the hospital for you. (hands plant to Simon)

Jim sneezes.

Finkelman: Oh, so it is flowers. All this time, I thought it was me.

Jim: No, it's just captains in general. (walks off)

Simon frowns, looking at Blair.

Blair: These are nice.

Finkelman chuckles. Simon still looks befuddled.

~ The End ~